Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 47 "Hard Pounding Rhythm"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I hate mornings," I grumbled as I rolled out of bed, this time before Mickie's call, and decided a shower was a good way to get the morning started. But this time when I opened my door I stopped, looked down and then carefully stepped over Reggie as she lay sleeping. She snapped awake a moment later and scrambled to her feet and looked up at me with those pleading eyes. "Morning my Shaggy Waggy."

"Are you hungry?" I asked and was met by an immediate excited bark as her reply. "I kinda figured, come on I'll feed you."

Reggie followed after me and passed me on the way down the steps and whimpered when I detoured out to the front porch and grabbed the newspaper. Reggie was now waiting patiently for me in the kitchen. I poured her a bowl of the dog food that Carolyn now leaves in the kitchen and looked back as I heard the creaking of the stairs leading up from the basement signaling Grandpa's arrival. "Morning Grandpa."

"Morning my Taylor," he said as I leaned up on my tip toes and kissed his cheek. Reggie looked up and barked before going back to eating. "She says good morning too."

"I gathered as much," he said with a smirk. He sat down at the table and went about catching up on the news in the paper as I fixed myself some breakfast and let my thoughts roam. Coming quickly to the bizarre pair of phone calls that I'd received in the past few days.


"Yes?" He asked as he looked up from his paper.

"Can I ask you a question about Mischa?" I asked as I sat down opposite him.

"Of course, she's still to this day one of my favorite topics," Grandpa said with a sweet gentle smile. "A bit painful too but I still enjoy the good memories."

"Me too," I said with a smile. "Mischa was a lot like Laney."

"Indeed," Grandpa said. "What brings this to mind, my Laney struggling with it again?"

"No," I said all too quickly. Grandpa gave me a questioning look. "It's really not Laney, it's just... well..."

"Spit it out Taylor," Grandpa said firmly. "I'm an old man and don't cotton to someone beating around the bush."

"Someone has been trying to get in touch with Laney," I said. "And they call her by her full name, and to me, and this sounds crazy but it sounded like her Mom, Mischa."

"UMMMMMMMM..." Grandpa stammered.

"I know, it's probably just me being weird," I said and looking up as Laney waltzed in and gave us a strange look.

"What's going on?"

"Taylor was telling me about this lady trying to contact you," Grandpa said.

"Why are you bugging him about this for my girl?" Laney asked as I stood and she joined me. "Just one odd phone call."

"They called again and it was the same woman, at least I think it was," I said as Laney gave me a worried look. So of course I had to hug her. "It was last night at Mickie's, on my cell phone and you and Jessie had already gone to the movies and you never did come down to the storage unit so I couldn't tell you."

"Sound like my Mom again?"

"The first time it did, but last night I'm not so sure," I said. "The last time she called she had some guy screaming at her and demanding she hang up."

"Weird" Laney said as she hugged me.

"Charles and Nina," Grandpa said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Your Uncle Charles and Aunt Nina," Grandpa said to Laney.

"You mentioned him yesterday, he's the one that sounds like your Dad," I pointed out as Laney grinned.

"I'll second that assessment," Grandpa said. "That Charles is every bit the little brother of Baron. Loud, macho, anger issues and the picture of a life long military man."

"That's true," Laney said. "And he does sound a lot like Dad."

"And this woman who called sounded like my Mischa?" Grandpa asked.


"Could be Nina," Grandpa said. "She's the spitting image of her sister in almost every way."

"Nina is your daughter? Mischa's sister?" I asked. Briefly thinking back to my days at home in Arkansas and meeting Nina for the first time and thinking how she looked so much like Mischa. Though at the time (I was probably 7 or 8) I had no idea that Nina and Mischa were sisters.

"She is," Grandpa said. "Always followed her sister around like a lost puppy. Doing everything that Mischa did and of course when my Mischa married a military man, Nina had to follow her down that road too."

"Mom actually said that a few times," Laney said as we laughed. "And come to think of it she sounded a lot like Mom, that sweet gentle voice?"

"That was your Mom, alright," I said as Laney grinned at me. "So what, Aunt Nina was trying to call you?"

"I bet she was," Grandpa inserted. "Been a long time since I heard from the girl, if she calls again you come find me?"

"Sure will Grandpa," I said. A feeling of ease came over me now as the apparent weirdness had passed and we were now able to move on with our lives. Reggie barked and signaled the arrival of the house lovebirds, Dad (Richard) and Carolyn, as they came into the kitchen arm and arm. "AWWWWWWW!"

"Morning my shaggy girl," Carolyn said to Reggie who excitedly jumped up to greet her. Carolyn kissed the dog on the head as Dad came around the corner. "Someone already fed you huh?"

"Guilty," I said. "I haven't even showered yet because of her."

"Really?" Laney asked as she then sniffed me and I knew one of her trademark smartass comments was on the way. "You sure ain't. You really stink my girl."

"Elaine Michelle," I said with a finger point. She gave me an almost evil grin that told me she was just getting started. "I can stop being your best friend at any time."

"Noooo..." Laney said before leaning in and kissing my lips and laughing at my shocked reaction. "... you won't."

"AWWWWWW!" Came the in unison response from Dad, Carolyn and Grandpa. I glared at my best friend as she smiled smugly. I gave her a dirty look and pretended to walk off in embarrassment, that is until she turned her back to walk off in victory, then I struck. A hand buzzing slap to her ass that she SOOOO deserved. She squealed and jumped away and looked back at me as she rubbed her ass. Everyone laughing at her now.

"That hurt?" I asked with a defiant look.

"It was supposed too, I know, you're dead," Laney said as I laughed and took off running as Laney chased after me. Reggie joined in the race as we went thundering up the steps with her barking. LOL. So much fun having a best friend forever.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Coming back from checking the mail on the first floor I saw that someone new was moving into Ms. Chan's old apartment. A family with at least two little rug rats it looked. I passed by and was busy looking through the mail when I passed by Mr. Powers as he stood in the doorway to his apartment watching the new people move in. He cleared his throat to get my attention and motioned me over, my stomach growing to knots almost instantly.

"Mr. Powers," I said. "Did you need something?"

"I haven't seen your friend Maria for a day or so," Mr. Powers said. "Is she gone?"

"Her Mom is going through some... ummmmm... medical problems," I said. "She's staying with her for a few days."

"Well you give her my best, Maria's mother, and tell her I'll be praying for her," Mr. Powers said.

"I'll be sure to pass along the message," I said.

"Also, and this is a topic I have mentioned before, but Ms. Chan's daughter is staying with you and Maria," Mr. Powers said. "Ms. Chan really left her behind didn't she?"

"She did sir, and Rae is... she didn't deserve that," I said. "Anyway, Maria made the commitment to let her stay with us. I guess this is becoming a problem?"

"I won't lie for you if the social services come in and tries to create trouble," Mr. Powers said. "But I don't see anything wrong with me turning a blind eye to it for now."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said excitedly as I literally bounced around. "We won't be any trouble I promise."

"Lastly, I have not received my rent this month," Mr. Powers announced which pretty much zapped my happy mood.

"You haven't?"

"It's a few days late," Mr. Powers said. "So if you could get that to me I'd appreciate it."

"I'll talk to Maria as soon as I can," I said as I turned and walked silently back up the steps to our floor and wondered what the world could do next to kick us. First the news about Maria's Mom losing her mind, which now that I think about it means that we may not be able to make rent at all (she does pay it). That thought almost made me cry. I slipped inside the apartment and found the TV in the living room was off. I took a deep breath as the worry really set in now. "Rae?"

"In here," Rae said from the vacant spare bedroom. I rounded the corner and found her busily working on something on the wall, a stunning portrait. Girl was an artist. She stopped and smiled up at me as I gawked in shock at the beauty she'd created on the wall of the bedroom. It was a waterfall scene with birds, trees, bushes, a stream and a Blue Lagoon type female figure standing just below the waterfall who looked like... me? "What?"

"You painted that?"

"Yeah, this the first time you seen it?"


"Been working on it for like three days," she said with a challenging smile. "Pynsey not pay good attention."

"Stop calling me Pynsey," I said as I sat down behind her and poked her tickle spots as she laughed and squirmed. "Anyway, who told you to paint over the nice clean wall?"

"You don't like it," she said with a really hurt look.

"What? No I love it," I said, sliding in behind her and wrapping my arms around her. "It's stunning."

"Was hoping you'd like it," she said softly, laying her head against mine. "Wanna know a secret?"


"That's you by the waterfall," she said as she pointed. "Or at least the way I see you."

"Naked, wet and looking slutty?" I asked as she laughed out loud.

"Not a slut to me," she said as she laid her paint brush aside and turned so she was now across my thighs, kissing me softly. "MMMMMMMM I just wanted you to know what you mean to me."

"I already knew that," I said with a soft kiss of my own. "But this confirms it."

I grinned one last time and soon, too soon, got up to go fix dinner, leaving Rae to her painting and as the apartment got rather quiet I once again began to worry about the rent and the possibility of us not being able to pay it. I'd have no choice but to move back in with my looney parents or live under a bridge. The bridge being a much more pleasant alternative. I must have looked depressed because when I looked up I saw Rae standing in the door to the spare bedroom.

"For fear of ruining a great night..." she said hesitantly, "...but I just got the weirdest feeling that something is wrong."

"Mr. Powers told me we were late on the rent," I admitted honestly. "And with Maria's Mom being in the looney bin, we don't exactly have any other way to pay it."

"So it's time for me to clear out?" Rae asked as I met her by the door and kissed her.

"Try it and see who ends up in pain," I said as she laughed.

"I know karate I can kick your ass," Rae said smugly. "Seriously I do, I took a whole year of it in prep school in Minnesota. I wasn't too bad at it either."

"Anyway..." I said in a deliberate 'that's too much info' voice. She giggled. "You're not going anywhere."

"Well I do have 75 dollars you guys can use for the rent," Rae said softly.

"You do?" I asked as she joined me in the kitchen. "Since when?"

"I've had it since I met you guys, last of my rainy day slash runaway from home cause my Mom is nuts fund," Rae said with a smirk. "I was gonna buy you a birthday present with it."

"Very good answer," I said as she grinned and let me kiss her softly. "MMMMMMMM girls who buy me things make Pynsey hot."

"Especially a certain Asian girl with a killer tan?" she asked.

"MMMMMM Asian girls are my favorite," I said as she giggled and kissed me again. And for that moment we forgot about the more pressing needs of the outside world (re: Terri's health) and slowly but surely got lost in each other for the rest of that night.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"This place is getting to be like a second home away from home," I commented from the passenger's seat of Jessie's loaded down VW bug. She giggled. We had just pulled into the lot that housed the Lake Erie storage unit and drove down the rows till we found the one that Michael had long ago rented. "Are Mickie and Taylor following us down here?"

"Nope, Mickie told me that her and Taylor are headed to Taylor's place and gonna spend the night in with a movie," Jessie said as she stopped and I joined her for the walk inside. Flipping on the lights, we saw that the place had opened boxes everywhere with piles of clothes, sorted magazines, letters and various other items that Michael seemed to be deciding on which to keep. "Looks like we're all alone."

"Yeah the place seems to be completely deserted," I commented as Jessie sat down on the long couch and gave me a seriously horny smile. "Jessie James... no."

"You don't want my butt no more?" Jessie asked as she turned and showed me her ass. I smiled and slowly, reluctantly, came over to join her. "Yes you do."

"Not here and in this place," I said as I sat down by her on the couch. She scooted close and kissed my cheek and asked, "Why not?"

"No privacy, anyone can hear us and it's just nuts," I protested.

"Like fucking while the parents are home?" she asked. "Or in the Janitor's closet? At school or the airport. You're the one who keeps feeding my addiction to pleasure."

"GRRRRRR," I said as she giggled. "Fine, you want it, then drive home and get the strap-on and you can have it. Solve that problem corn sucker."

"Fine then let's go," Jessie said as she took my hand and dragged me back outside.

"My girlfriend is fuckin nuts," I said as she giggled but never the less got back in the car. She then handed me a package. She gave me a victorious, horny as all hell, look. The package in her hand though quickly drew my attention. "What is that?"

"It's called The FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Harness Dildo," Jessie said in an announcer voice. "Strapless strap-on cock."

"Damn," I said as I took it and looked at it as she kissed my cheek and then my lips. "This one has no harness?"

"Uh huh, the big knob, it vibrates by the way, goes in your pussy, the ridges on the cock, right there," she said as she pointed down between my thighs. "They work your clit and the other shaft goes deep inside me. MMMMMMM huh?"

"I was kinda wondering if I was gonna get to come when I did use the harness," I said. "Never used one before."

"I was thinking that too," Jessie said. "And Sierra told me this one just came in and I went down and looked at it."

"And I'll just bet you charged it to my account?"

"Of course," she said as she giggled. "But with this one you are not gonna stand a chance. You'll be fighting back an orgasm the whole time."

"MMMMMMMM WOW!" I moaned as Jessie tore open the package and took out the dildo. The thing looked goofy as hell in reality, but with the moment at hand and the hormones flowing neither of us found time to giggle. We simply kissed for a long moment and then Jessie unbuttoned my pants and helped me slide them and my panties down to my thighs. Jessie grinned as she sucked on the knob for a moment and then leaned down and made me moan as she slipped the knob end of the 'feeldoe' inside my pussy. The effect was instant, a pulsating, vibrating sensation inside my pussy that made me moan. Jessie smiled victoriously as she slipped my pants and panties off and tossed them into the backseat then helped me skin my shirt. "MMMMMMMMM god I'm so fucking horny now. This thing feels amazing."

"MMMMMMM I'm gonna be so lucky," Jessie moaned as she raised her arms and I took off her shirt. Her own pants and panties went next as I took hold of my newly attached cock for the first time and moaned out loud as I felt the pleasure that it produced with a simple stroking of the shaft. "Now we go inside."

"We're naked," I said in protest as the cloud of hormones wore off somewhat and I finally realized where we were. "No way."

"Yes way," Jessie demanded as she opened the driver's side door and giggled as she ran for the door of the storage unit and disappeared inside. I groaned as I looked around and saw no one and with a mix of hormonally charged emotions I slipped out of the driver's side also (cock in place) and pushed the car door closed and ran for the door. Jessie smiled devilishly when she met me inside. "Yes way huh?"

"We are gonna get fuckin killed, our clothes are in the car..." I protested as she guided me into a long soft French kiss. Then to the couch before she placed a pillow on the floor in front of me, dropping to her knees on the pillow and grinning up at me and eagerly opening her mouth. I moaned as I laid the cock head on her tongue and she started to suck me. OH fuck that felt good. Her head started to bob up and down as she sucked my cock and made me moan louder than I wanted too. Her hands stroked my thighs and my hand in her hair and it was fucking mind blowing how horny that made me. She pulled off with a popping sound and looked up at me, "MMMMMMM now you Laney McCoy are gonna butt fuck me and I don't wanna hear anymore protest."

"MMMMMMM god baby you are not gonna get any," I moaned. I stroked my cock as Jessie laid down onto her stomach on the couch, putting several pillows under her head as I looked in awe at the tanned beautiful ass of my girlfriend that I was about to take. You just don't know how horny I was in that moment. Jessie, now resting on her elbows, looked back at me with a grin as I slid forward. Over the back of her thighs.

"Now kiss me and tell me you love me for letting you do this," Jessie said as I smiled.

"MMMMMM I love you," I said as I leaned over her back and kissed her.

"Love you too," Jessie said as she watched over her shoulder as I gave my cock a few last strokes, then carefully lined my cock up gently rubbed it at Jessie's asshole ring as she squirmed a bit.

"MMMMMMMM yeh, I want it so bad right there," Jessie moaned to me as I placed one hand on the couch by her shoulder and held my cock steady with the other and slid the head inside as she tensed up and moaned for me. Jessie's mouth opened in surprise as the sensations began to flood her body. I simply guided my cock in and out of Jessie's asshole ring a few times and watched her clutch at the pillows and moan for me. "MMMMMMMMM I'm finally getting what I wanted so bad."

"MMMMMMMM slow please Laney," Jessie said as I watched her moan as I started to ease deeper in and out, watching in awe as my cock sunk deeper in Jessie's backdoor for the first time. The sensations were already wracking my mind with pleasure and wanting me to give in and just go for it but I resisted a little longer. I moved my hand away from the cock and placed it by Jessie's other shoulder and stroked in and out a bit deeper. Jessie's whole body tensing each time in a wonderful show of pleasure. But just as suddenly as it began Jessie's hand reaching back to stop me meant it could be over. "MMMMMMM baby you're just too big I can't take anymore."

"MMMMMMMM yes you can Jess, just let me fill it all the way up for you," I moaned as I momentarily caressed my girlfriend's cheek and she nodded her head as I started pumping again, only fast in and out. Jessie clutched at the pillows and moaning out loud as she shook under me from the pleasure. I sank all the way inside of Jessie's wonderful asshole and pressed my thighs to her ass cheeks. The feeling of that was so wonderful I wanted to enjoy it for a long moment. "MMMMM yeah?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah, so fucking good," Jessie moaned.

"MMMMMMMM I so agree," I moaned as Jessie smiled back at me.

"I'm gonna love you forever if you make me cum like this."

"MMMMMMMM yeh Jess I'll make you cum so good butt fucking you," I moaned.

"Come on Laney, I know that feels wonderful but you haven't felt wonderful yet," Jessie moaned to me as I took her advice and pulled out and plunged back in, slapping my thighs at her ass cheeks, starting to absorb the truly wonderful sensations as I did it again and again in an all consuming rhythm of pleasure for both me and Jessie. Jessie squealed as she tensed up over and over and shook from the shots I was delivering to her asshole. I also realized how physically draining this is as I began to grow tired after only a few more strokes. Fortunately, another surge of adrenaline and hormones swept over me. "I know how hard it is Laney, concentrate on how good butt fucking feels."

"MMMMMMMM it feels so good, I mean like really sooo good," I moaned as the pleasure flooded my body. My toes curling and my arms, struggling to hold me above Jessie, felt like jelly now. The thoughts of stopping, despite the pleasure, flooded my mind in those few moments as I grew more tired with every passing second. I slapped my thighs at Jessie's ass cheeks harder and went faster as I felt my pussy spasming. Jessie clutched onto the pillows below her and moaned so loud I knew she was gonna cum any moment, being driven by now a hard pounding rhythm from above, just like she'd predicted a day or so before.

"MMMMMMM yeh so good up your little asshole Jess," I moaned. "Butt fuck my baby till she cums."

"MMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good," Jessie moaned as I delivered a few more thigh smacking ass cheeks shots to her asshole. Her whole body shook as her orgasm began like a thunder storm. Mine began shortly after that and I asked just as we peaked, "MMMMMMMM you gonna let me do that anytime I want from now on?"

"MMMMMMMM most wonderful feeling EVER," Jessie moaned as she came down on the other side of her orgasm. I did the same and pulled out carefully and just sat there as the sweat dripped off me. "MMMMMMMMM WOW! I wanna feel that that again so bad. It made my pussy cum so hard."

"Come here Jess," I said as I stood and took her arm and guided her to stand too, kissing her softly for a long moment. "Now Jessie, you remember what you said about wanting it in your mouth?"

"But it's really been up my asshole," Jessie protested.

"Exactly why you need it in your mouth now," I said as Jessie grinned and dropped to her knees and did just as I had wanted her to. She sucked my cock as I began to moan. Jessie sucked me harder as she moaned on my cock and made me jerk in pleasure. I reached down and gently stroked her hair out of her face as she sucked harder and harder and took me deep in her mouth. What a wonderful feeling.