Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 48 "See Told You So, She Loves Me"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I cannot believe the movie was sold out," Mickie complained as we pulled onto the road that lead to the Lake Erie storage unit. Sammi and Darcy were chattering away in the backseat. I said to Mickie, "Mikala is all you do is bitch?"

"Bite me girlfriend of mine," Mickie shot back as I laughed. "By the way, did Jessie and Laney say where they were headed?"

"Gonna hang out at the storage unit I heard," I said. "Who knows, why you wanna head down there?"

"After we get something to eat," Mickie said as she pulled into the parking lot of the Dairy Queen (the one near Clifton Blvd).

"Hey the guys are already here," Sammi pointed out as her and Darcy grinned. Those "guys" being her and Darcy's skater bois, Harry and Lloyd. "You guys wanna hangout for a while and meet them?"

"Sure why not," Mickie said as she parked and everyone piled out, to be met by the guys as they skated over.

"This is Harry and that's Lloyd," Darcy said as she pointed them out.



"Hey!" Mickie and I said in unison as she took my hand and laced our fingers together.

"Are two dating or something?" Harry asked me. This being the first inclination that Mickie or I had of how truly dumb these two were.

"Yes," I said as if that where a stupid question. "That's kinda why I'm holding her hand."

"Chicks dating are cool," Lloyd said as both laughed. "It's so modern."

"I know it's like, 1999 or something," Harry said.

"Don't you mean 2009?" Sammi asked.

"No why, should I?" Lloyd asked.

"Yes because it's not 1999," Darcy said. "Anyway, you guys hungry?"

"Always," Lloyd and Harry said in unison. "You're buying?"

"If I don't you'll starve," Darcy said pointedly.

"No we won't, we could go to Harry's and eat," Lloyd said as he and buddy smacked high fives and celebrated their moment of "smart".

"I meant you never have money pot head," Darcy said as Harry and Lloyd simply shrugged. Darcy turned to the rest of us asking, "Is everyone OK with ice cream?"

"Where we gonna get that out?" Lloyd asked.

"How about the Dairy Queen right behind you?" Sammi asked as Mickie and I tried to stifle a pair of giggles.

"Man you're one stupid fucker," Harry said to his friend as we all laughed.

"He said it, not me," Mickie whispered into my ear as I broke up laughing.

"What's so funny?" Darcy asked.

"Just a dumb joke Mickie was telling, anyway, the ice cream is OK with me Dar Dar," I said as we exchanged a goofy grin. "Mickie?"

"Oreo blizzard please, and I'm buying for me and Taylor," Mickie said.

"Well who's gonna buy for me I'm broke," Sammi asked with a puppy dog look that stole my heart. Darcy grinned and her and Sammi made dirty faces at each other before laughing. "Darcy don't love me no more."

"I never did love you," Darcy said. "You've got the wrong parts for me."

"Hey, that's a lie," Sammi said pointedly. "You do to love me, you said so."

"HMMMMMMMMM," I cooed as Darcy blushed from head toe. "Maybe she does have the right parts huh Darcy?"

"Parts?" Harry asked. "Like a motor and breaks?"

"They're even dumber than they look," I whispered to Mickie.

"Shut up," Darcy said to Harry and then turned to Sammi and said, "I said you're my best friend, not my girlfriend."

"But you still love me," Sammi said with a smug smile. "Huh Dar Dar?"

"I not only don't love you, I don't even like you right now," Darcy growled. "I'm gonna buy you an ice cream so I can fill up your pie hole."

"See told you so, she loves me," Sammi giggled as she followed after Darcy and the guys.

"WOW!" Mickie said. "Those two could have their own cartoon series. Harry and Lloyd I mean."

"Sammi and Darcy could do so much better," Mickie said. "I'm not even sure I wanna hang out with those two bozos."

"Well we could always head down to the storage unit and hide out for a while," I suggested.

"We will as soon as I get my ice cream fix," Mickie said. "You coming?"

"I dunno, maybe I'll walk on down to the storage unit and sort some boxes or something," I said. "Laney and Jessie might already be down there."

"You sure?" Mickie asked as I kissed her and nodded before we parted ways. She headed inside and I made my way across the two lane blacktop and down the road leading to the storage unit. Rounding the corner and seeing Jessie's Pink bug parked in front I smiled and slowed as I reached the car and noticed something wasn't right. Jessie's car keys were in the ignition, clothes were scattered all over the two front seats and opening the car door I found out it wasn't locked.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked as I picked up the package that lay on the center console and almost pissed my pants when I saw what it once contained. "The FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Harness Dildo? Laney girl you are a serious whore."

I laughed at my accusation but still wondered where exactly my BFF and her girlfriend had run off to, thinking about the adventures I already known they'd shared and wondered what kind of craziness they could be up to this time. That's when the smog began to clear on this mystery and I heard some vague moaning sounds. I moved closer to the door and listened for a minute or so and was shocked to hear that the moaning was coming from inside the storage unit. My hand, moving on it's behalf, slid to the knob and silently twisted the knob all the way and before I knew it the door was opened slightly. Panicking and not wanting anybody else to hear the moaning that was now louder with the door open I jumped inside and carefully (and silently) closed it behind me. "OHHH boy that was really stupid."

"MMMMMM I need you inside me one more time baby," I heard Jessie moan and as I turned I saw the edge of the couch but no one was in sight. I moved closer to the edge of the first huge pile of boxes and peaked around the corner and oh my lord that was a sight I will never EVER forget. Jessie and Laney were both naked as the day they were born and Laney was sporting... wood, the feeldoe wood. My lip dropped open at the gorgeous tan Jessie was sportin, so dark and rich and NO tan lines (confirms what she had already told me). While Laney was beautiful too, my eyes never left Jessie's body and even though I knew what I was doing was an invasion of privacy, I couldn't move from the spot as the two made their way back to the couch.

"MMMMMMM god baby I already butt fucked you two times I don't know if I can go again," Laney moaned as Jessie laid down on her stomach and Laney stroked her lubed up FeelDoe (cock) and moved across the back of Jessie's thighs. To my shock she sunk inside her girlfriend's asshole. Laney leaned forward over Jessie's sweat covered back and to my thrill started pumping in and out, smacking her thighs at Jessie's ass cheeks and making the girl moan like she was being hurt. Laney's body was dripping with sweat as she turned to pounding her girlfriend's asshole and starting to moan out loud herself. My poor pussy was begging for attention by now. "MMMMMMMM baby you feel so good and you love it so much, huh?"

"MMMMMMMM yes I do, you're gonna be doing this a lot," Jessie moaned as both neared their reward for all this hard work: a familiar looking body tensing, pre-orgasmic tone to both of their bodies moments before a dual orgasm began. The next few moments though changed my mind, forever, about one thing, a certain thing that Laney had done that I thought was disgusting. But as I watched Laney pull out and get to her feet and Jessie eagerly started to suck my best friend's "cock", well that was so hot... hot as fuck.

"I need to cum so bad," I moaned to myself as I quickly snuck outside, still in shock at what I had just witnessed. WOW!

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"MMMMMMMMMM Rae like Pynsey one on one," Rae cooed as I kissed her good morning by the spare bedroom. In which she had been all morning working on the amazing mural that now graced the entire wall of the bedroom. A backdrop of mountains being her latest achievement. "I hungry."

"I'll fix some breakfast and you're gonna get back to work I bet?" I asked as she grinned.

"Unless you wanna do something else to distract me," she said as she slid her hand down and felt of my ass. "Huh baby?"

"I'm tired from this morning and I hungry too," I said as she giggled and turned back to her painting as I headed for the kitchen (across the hall) and was quickly stopped in my tracks by a knocking at the door. "Morning Mr. Powers."

"Morning Lynsey," Mr. Powers said with his tool belt in place.

"UMMMMMM if this is about the rent... I still haven't talked to Maria," I said.

"I'll wait until Maria returns from her family emergency and we'll go from there," Mr. Powers said calmly. "I am actually here on business of another kind. The busted electric outlet in your spare bedroom?"

"Sure come on, but I need to explain something before you go in... Mr. Powers wait... Ohmigod," I said in shock as he calmly walked past me and into the bedroom as Rae looked up in shock. I pushed the front door shut and arrived at the spare bedroom door to see Mr. Powers staring with an opened eyed shock at what Rae had done to the wall of the apartment. "Mr. Powers? We can cover it up as soon as you want. Right now..."

"Yeah, I was gonna paint over it anyway," Rae said. "Mr. Powers?"

"Mr. Powers?" I said and gently shook him as he snapped back to reality. "Are you OK? We'll cover it up."

"Simply the most amazing scenery I've ever witnessed," Mr. Powers said.

"This?" Rae asked as she pointed to the wall.

"Simply astonishing," Mr. Powers said, Rae and I sharing a nervous smile. "The trees, the mountains, the waterfall and even the girl who is barely dressed in the lagoon. Simply breath taking."

"Thank you," Rae said with a proud smile. "It was fun to do."

"Are you interested in doing this professionally?" Mr. Powers asked.

"Professionally as in being paid?"

"Yes being handsomely paid," Mr. Powers said. "I've known young men who made a comfortable living out of doing just this for companies and private citizens."

"I do it because I love it, not for the money," Rae said softly. "And with my Mom gone, she hated when I painted, I'm just starting to do it again."

"I'm so sorry for what she did to you child," Mr. Powers offered. "You know sometimes in life you don't realize what kind of damage has been done right under your nose. Meaning, what your mother did was inexcusable."

"But I'm doing good now," Rae said as she held her hand out for me and I took it as I rushed her and kissed her cheek, wrapping my arms around her and both of us smiling at the other. "Some people might not understand but we do."

"Yep," I said in agreement.

"I think I do too," Mr. Powers said. "I'll do anything I can to help."

"Like free rent?" I asked with a dorky smile.

"HMMMMMMMMM," he said and seemed to be considering it. "How about a trade of equal or more value?"


"I have been thinking for a while about doing something such as you've done to the wall," Mr. Powers said to Rae. "A mural that maybe extends the entire length of the hallway? And after seeing this remarkable work of art I'm thinking I've maybe found the right person for the job. Are you interested?"

"For the right price and creative control," Rae said with a suggestive tint to her voice.

"It is my hallway young lady and I do have some say so as to what goes up," Mr. Powers said. "And you begin with this mural right here."

"I could do that," Rae said as I squeezed her in my arms. "I would love that so much."

"I would too," I agreed. "She lets me watch while she works."

"So what's the deal?" Rae asked.

"1 month free rent in exchange for a hallway length mural with my input?" Mr. Powers said.

"Try six months," Rae fired back. "It would take that long to even complete, well, something like that."

"Two months..."



"Five, it's a big job and I wanna do it right," Rae said.

"Four months and a 50% discount on the fifth month?" he offered.

"Deal," I said as Mr. Powers smiled.

"Excuse me?" Rae asked.

"I said deal" I repeated to Rae as gave me a dirty look that made me laugh but didn't offer any other objections. "She'll get started tomorrow, and I will be her loyal assistant."

"OK, you win Lynsey, deal," Rae said as she caressed my cheek with the back of her hand and kissed me.

"Well I got off easy," Mr. Powers said. "I thought I'd have to give up at least a years free rent."

"You think you're funny and guess what? You're not," Rae said in a mocking voice to Mr. Powers. "Now you gonna fix that outlet?"

"My reason for the visit," Mr. Powers said as he turned to the business at hand. I dragged Rae into the hallway and kissed her softly.

"MMMMMMM what was that for?"

"Just me showing you how awesome I think you are," I said.

"Pynsey awesome too," Rae said as I laughed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Mickie I know you wanna see Taylor every single minute of every day, and please believe me that I understand that but you are needed here in this house tonight," Dad (Michael) said. "We have the bathroom to finish and your mother is still confined to the couch until further notice."

"I'll be back in a hour tops," I pleaded. "Besides I'm not doing anything right now."

"How about your bed?" Dad asked. "It still needs to be moved and all. Jessie's does too."

"Tell Ryan and the boyfriend to do it," I said with a point. Dad frowned.

"You will do it Mikala," he demanded. Mom came down the steps and sighed as she made her way by us and back to the couch.

"GRRRRRRR father figure," I said as Dad grinned and knew he'd won this battle of father versus daughter. He walked off back upstairs as I joined Mom.

"Another battle?"

"I wanted to go see Taylor and Dad's being impossible," I complained. "I would have been back in an hour."

"Mickie you spend more time with her now than you do with me or Jessie," Mom (Laila) said.

"I love her," I said.

"Are you afraid of something?" Mom asked and I knew exactly what she was referring to.

"Actually, no," I said. "Raegan is out of town and out of her mind."

"Brave girl that Raegan," Mom said off-handedly. I gave her a disbelieving look. "What?"

"She tried to steal my girlfriend," I said pointedly.

"And you were chasing after the little troublemaker Marty again," Mom said. "Taylor got too close and with no one around to distract her, you, she developed feelings for this girl."

"I still hate her," I demanded.

"You should be grateful to her for leaving," Mom said. I was taken aback by that comment and came to the realization that she just might be right. "She broke her own heart to give you back the girl you love."

"Good point," I commented. "Maybe you're right."

"Sometimes us ancient people have good ideas," Mom said as I laughed.

"Thankfully it's not very often," I said with a smirk.

"You think you're so funny and you're not," Mom said. "How about you go the store for me?"

"Can I stop by and see Taylor?" I asked with a hopeful smile.

"No you cannot," Mom said. "The magazine stand is down the street and you can walk. I want a copy of Baby Play magazine."

"UGH, me not like you," I said in a stubborn five-year old like voice.

"You can stop and call Taylor," Mom said. "But don't take very long."

"It's not fair, but OK," I said as I took the money and slipped on my shoes and left the house in a pissy mood. I tried to call Taylor as soon as I got out of eye shot of the house but finding the call going directly to her voicemail. No doubt goofing with Laney, I thought, as I rounded the corner and found the newsstand was packed with customers. I made the quick decision to get a soda first from the 7-11 and come back once the rush had cleared out. That's when I saw HER for the first time. Daisy Duke shorts and a Cleveland Indians baseball jersey. I could have drooled as I walked by within a few feet of her and headed inside. "WOW, talk about hot."

"Hey Mickie," Sheree (the cashier) said as I smiled. I have known the girl for a year or so now, which is how she knew I was looking out the window at the girl I had just passed. "You have a girlfriend."

"I know that," I said defensively and reluctantly looked away. "Don't stop me from looking."

"Try drooling a puddle on my counter," Sheree giggled as she rang up my order and handed me the change. "I'm gonna tell Taylor."

"You can't cause her phone is busy," I said with a smirk. "I already tried."

"Besides that girl is not your type," Sheree said with a finger point. "She is seriously wild and might just be into some stuff that you wouldn't like. Lots of rumors."

"Taylor is my type," I said. "That girl just caught my eyes when I came in."

"Tell me about it," Sheree offered. "I'm straight..."

"Yeah right," I giggled as she blushed. A perfect payback.

"I am..." Sheree insisted. "...but that girl is hard to take your eyes off of with those borderline illegal shorts. Plus she's an Indians fan."

"Me too," I commented. "Never been to a game though."

"Kia has, that's her name," Sheree said as she pointed. "She's kin to one of the players, Carmona, he's a pitcher."

"Fausto Carmona," I commented. "18 wins a couple of years ago I think."

"Hey I gotta get back to work," Sheree said. I walked on outside and crossed the parking lot heading for the newsstand when the girl, Kia, smiled at me and asked me as I passed by, "You got the time?"

"Daytime..." I said with a giggle. But instead of giving me a dirty look, she played along as she went on, "...and soon it will be nighttime. How about being a bit more specific?"

"Almost 5:30," I said. "You waitin on someone?"

"The bus," she said. "Came down here looking for an apartment and didn't really find much worth looking at, so now I'm on my way home."

"You live far?" I asked as she walked the few feet back to the newsstand.

"Cuyahoga Heights," she said.

"The 15 miles away Cuyahoga heights?" I asked.

"That's it," Kia said.

"Gimme a copy of Baby Play," I said to the guy at the newsstand. I paid for it and tucked it under my arm a moment later. "So what you looking for a place all the way down here on Madison Ave?"

"Gonna be attending college a few blocks away, Virginia Marti College? I'm a part-time delivery girl for Papa John's also."

"I drive by that almost every day," I said. "So you'll be in the neighborhood?"

"Hopefully," Kia said. "You live close by?"

"Two blocks down that way," I said with a point. "I'm Mickie James."

"Kia Carmona," she said as she shook my hand. "We just might end up being friends if I move down here."

"If you don't mind me having a girlfriend."

"Are you kidding?"

"Nope, Taylor Raynewater," I said and showed her the background on my phone featuring a picture of Taylor. "My girlfriend."

"Very pretty," Kia said. "And no not a problem. Maybe can go out one night and have dinner or something."

"Might do that," I said. "You want my cell number?"

"Uh huh," she said as I gave it to her. "You wanna write it down?"

"Got a memory like a steel trap," Kia said. "There's my bus. I'll holla."

"You do that," I giggled as I watched her bus roll away and had the weirdest thought just as my cell started vibrating, "Could be my Raegan."

"Hello?" I asked as I flipped open my phone.

"I thought you were coming over?" Taylor asked from the other end of the line as I smiled and started towards home.

"Dad said no, chores and Mom sent me to the store on a magazine run," I said. "Feel sorry for me?"

"Of course I do," Taylor said. "So you can't come see me tonight?"

"Be tomorrow," I said.

"Maybe me and Laney will come over later if we get the chance," Taylor said. "Or would you like that?"

"I might just take you up to my new attic bedroom and make love to you," I said.

"But your parents are home!"

"It's sound proof, remember?"

"MMMMMMMM I can't wait for that." Taylor said. "Be just like Laney and Jessie and the crazy stuff they do."

"What crazy stuff have they been doing?" I asked.

"Nothing!" Taylor said all to quickly and alerting me to the fact that she did know something.

"Tell me?" I asked simply.

"UMMMMMMM are you sure you wanna know?

"Yes," I said nervously. She then blurted out the entire situation she had witnessed with Jessie and Laney at the storage unit a day or so ago. "Holy fuck!"

"Tell me about it!"