Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 49 "Ominous"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Who the fuck would be calling this early," I grumbled as I came out of my bedroom and heard the house phone in the hallway ringing off the hook. I smiled at Reggie as she was once again planted in front of Taylor's door waiting for the girl to get up. So, of course, when I finally reach the phone, it stops ringing. I snatched it up and cussed at it for a moment before checking the 'caller ID' and seeing it was marked private. "GRRRRR buncha stupid fuckers."

"Who was that?" Carolyn asked from the doorway to Richard's bedroom.

"Private number, hung up," I said with a yawn and stretch. Carolyn came to join me in the hallway. "Why you expecting someone to call?"

"As much as you'll hate to hear it, yes," Carolyn admitted. "Raegan."

"Almost forgot you were the mother of the she-devil," I spat. Carolyn laughed.

"You Laney McCoy are way too protective of Taylor to just be her best friend," Carolyn said. Confusing me until it dawned on me what she was suggesting.

"I'm not in love with Taylor," I repeated for what seemed like the millionth time in just the last six months or so. I seriously need to consider why people keep bringing this up. Think about it, Grandpa thought/thinks that, Becky Sue got that idea when me and Taylor went down home for a few days and most memorably was my apparently NOT SO dead mother, Mischa, offering that opinion to not only me but Taylor too (in a dream).

"Denial is a wonderful weapon of the human heart," Carolyn said. "Don't give me that look, everyone sees it."

"And every one them is wrong," I stated flatly.

"Hey, does an old man have to go hungry before a certain beautiful lady will feed him?" Grandpa asked from the bottom of the stairs. Carolyn and I both laughed.

"I'm coming Hal you old coot," Carolyn said, Grandpa laughing. Carolyn looked to Reggie and asked, "You coming too my shaggy?"

"She's waiting for Taylor to get up as usual" I said. Reggie never moving as Carolyn smiled and walked off down the steps. Reggie stood rubbing my leg and wanting me to wake Taylor up no doubt. "How about we wake Taylor up?"

"Hey, you up my girl?" I asked as I pushed her door open and found her still asleep. Not for long, as Reggie burst through and went crashing onto the bed shaking Taylor awake.

"What the fuck?" Taylor grumbled as she snapped awake and saw Reggie. "Get down. How the hell did you get in here?"

"That would be because of me," I said as Taylor sat up and saw Reggie now sitting in the floor looking pleadingly up at her. "She loves you. Only wanted you to get up."

"I know," Taylor said as she rolled out of bed. "Come here my shaggy waggy."

"She's easy to please," I commented as I watched Taylor pet Reggie.

"You hungry?" Taylor asked Reggie, who barked her response almost immediately.

"She wouldn't go with Carolyn when she went down to fix Grandpa some breakfast she wanted you to feed her," I said.

"Well I'll feed her," Taylor said as she walked by and into the hall. Her and Reggie walked off down the steps just as I was stopped by the ringing of the phone. I snatched it up on the first ring this time.


"I'm trying to reach Elaine McCoy," the VERY familiar sounding voice asked pleasantly. "Do I have the right number?"

"This is her," I croaked. "Who is this?"

"Oh joy," she said. "Have been trying to reach you for days now."

"I've heard," I said. "Now tell me who the hell this is?"

"Oh my dear, I'm sorry, my mind is not what it used to be," she said. "My name is Nina McCoy, I'm the youngest daughter of Harold McCoy."

"Grandpa Hal," I said and breathed a huge sigh of relief. "I know who you are, been years since I saw you though."

"This is true," she commented. "Sad state of affairs I've let my life get into when I can't even call my own beloved niece and have a conversation."

"Uncle Charlie giving you a hard time?" I asked.

"As per the usual," Nina said. "His annual review before the military is due and you know how they get around that time."

"Yeh I have some idea," I said as we shared a laugh. I flashed back briefly to several days before and the two straight days of Taylor getting weird phone calls asking for me, prompting me to ask after a few more moments of conversation, "Did you try and call me before?"

"I did, sweetie," Nina said. "I accidentally stumbled upon Taylor's phone number online as I couldn't find yours, and on the spur of the moment decided to see if I could get in contact with you. Unfortunately your Uncle came in and forced me to hang up on her."

"That explains it, she's gotten like two calls with people asking about me," I said. "Good to know they where from you."

"I've only called the one time before dear," Nina said as a cold chill ran down my spine. "I dug up Dad's old number in Arkansas and reached Purvis and he said Dad had moved to Cleveland with you. Gave me this number, that was only a few minutes ago."

"Then who else would be trying to contact me?" I asked. "And calls me Elaine."

"Beats me sweetheart," Nina said. "Male or female?"

"Female and Taylor said it sounded like Mom, Mischa."

"Oh dear that is odd," Nina said. "But then again I've always had my suspicions about their deaths."

"LANEY, BREAKFAST," Taylor screamed from the bottom of the steps. Punctuated by Reggie's bark. I laughed and motioned that I'd be down in a moment as I said my goodbyes with Aunt Nina, giving her my cell number and making sure she wrote it down before hanging up. The whole 'suspicious death' comment slipping my mind for the moment as my belly rumbled and informed me that it needed to be filled. And that's exactly what it got.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You workin before school?" I asked Rae as I came into the hallway from the apartment and saw her tracing out a rough outline of the design that she planned to do for the mural in the hallway.

"I am," she said without ever looking up. "I promised Mr. Powers that I'd get started right away."

"Problem is..." I said as I slipped behind her and slid my hands across the smooth tanned skin of her exposed tummy and hugged her, "...you didn't exactly give me much time this morning for any one on one with my favorite Asian cutie."

"MMMMMMMMM Rae like," Rae cooed as she relaxed back against me. "And what was this you say about me not satisfying you?"

"You heard me," I said as she grinned. "I need some more of you."

"Distract me with an offer like that and I'll never ever get done with the mural," Rae said as she looked back at me.

"MMMMMMMM," I moaned softly as I nuzzled her neck and squeezed her snugly in my arms. "Does Rae like my pussy?"

"Yes she does," Rae said as I smiled knowingly. "If you haven't figured that out by now you're clueless."

"I like to hear you repeat it," I said as I kissed her cheek. "So anyway, how are you gonna work on the mural when school starts in a few days?"

"We get out at four and after I do my homework I'll work on this," Rae said. "Plus weekends and off days, you just don't know how excited I am to be working on this."

"I understand it very well," I said as I slipped in front of her and kissed her softly. "And I'm gonna go and fix some dinner, OK?"

"Uh huh," Rae said. "Go with me later to the store to get the paint?"


"Mr. Powers gonna be mad, you drawing on the wall!"

"Huh?" Rae asked as we both turned to see a cute younger girl standing in the hallway and watching us. It was one of the neighbors' (Cierra Lopez') kids, I thought. She's about 8 years, maybe nine, with a mop of curly, Mickie-esque hair, skinny and a bit short for her age.

"You're drawing on the wall," she said. "Mr. Powers is gonna be mad."

"Actually he hired her to do that," I inserted. "She's gonna do a huge mural."

"Oh cool, the plain white really sucked," she said.

"I don't think I know you," Rae said. "Do you live in the building?"

"I do, my names KT," she said. "I live in the apartment at the end of the hall. And you used to live on the first floor?"

"And now she stays with us," I said. "Where's your Mom?"

"Still at work," KT said. "She's not feeling good but she keeps working."

"And you spend all day by yourself?"

"Latch key kid," KT said as she showed me her key on her necklace. "But Mr. Powers is nice and he lets me come down and watch TV with him lots."

"My Mom used to do me that way too," Rae said as she hugged the younger girl. "You like drawing?"

"I'm good in art at school," KT said. "Why?"

"You wanna help me with this mural?" Rae asked. "I'll teach you everything you need to know."

"That would be so cool," KT said with a bright smile. "We can start now?"

"You got your homework done?" I asked.

"I'll do it before bed like always," KT said with a shrug.

"How about you go get it and I'll help you with it while I fix dinner?" I asked. "Then you can help Rae."

"That's not fair..."

"I agree with her," Rae said. "Homework comes first."

"Take all the damn fun away," KT said as she turned and stormed off in the direction of her apartment.

"What just happened?"

"We just became parents," I said as Rae laughed out loud.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I took my position on the front porch steps, Reggie planted by my side, and started reading a magazine. I was still trying to get out of my mind the insanely erotic vision of what I had witnessed in that storage unit just days before. Laney didn't know that I knew and I'm pretty sure Jessie didn't. But OMG it's been so hard to look at the two of them the same way after that. The only answer I've found to work is masturbate immediately before I go to bed so I can sleep and then again first thing in the morning to relieve the pressure. Reggie's barks shook me back to reality.

"What is it girl?" I asked as she barked at a strange looking black cargo van, featuring black windows along both sides and the back, that was making it's way down our street at an ominously slow pace. I petted Reggie to calm her but felt my own nerves rising as the van purposely came to an almost complete stop in front of the house, Reggie barking in a nasty growl, but soon enough the van sped off after it had gotten a few hundred feet down the road. Reggie was still growling at the back of it as it disappeared. "It's OK my shaggy waggy, they're gone."

A muffled whimper escaped her as she laid down across my legs protectively. I wondered what this was all about as she hadn't ever acted like this before. I petted her to calm her as I looked up and saw a very nicely dressed Mavis coming down the road towards our place with Darcy and Sammi trailing her on their skateboards. The creaking of the entrance way floorboards signaled Grandpa's arrival as he came out to join me, looking as handsome as I ever seen him in a proper dress suit. I stood as Reggie moved back to beside me.

"You look smokin Grandpa," I said as he smiled. "You and Mavis going out again?"

"We are," he commented. "Richard and Carolyn are taking us to dinner."

"That's sound exciting," I giggled.

"You'll one day appreciate the freedom of being able to go out to a nice dinner with two lovely ladies who are both intelligent, excellent conversationalists and easy on the eyes," Grandpa said. "And I also enjoy Richard's company very much."

"Not me," I said as Grandpa gave me a 'knock-it-off' look. "Evening Mavis."

"Evening sweetie," Mavis said as she made her way onto the porch and smiled at Grandpa Hal.

"Hey SammiKins," I said as she grinned and joined me on the porch, Darcy doing some tricks with her board on the sidewalk below.

"Can I hang out with you tonight?" Sammi asked with a hopeful smile. "Darcy has to go as soon as her Aunt gets here. Alex and Ryan are gone too."

"Spend the night if you want, they'll be out late," I said.

"Really?" she asked in surprise.

"I don't think it'd be a problem," I said as she grinned.

"Can I Mavis? Please?" Sammi asked. I already knew the forthcoming answer but loved the fact that Sammi seemed so at home with the Marvel's that she now looked at Mavis as her parent almost.

"I think so," Mavis said. "I worry about you home alone. Or home alone with Darcy."

"Me too," I inserted, Sammi pushing me away in protest as I laughed.

"Mavis means we wrestle rough and tend to get a little loud," Darcy said as she joined us. Sammi smiled smugly as she sat down on the steps and started wrestling with the always excitable Reggie. "Not what you want it to mean."

"I wasn't suggesting anything," I said innocently. "After all you two got boyfriends, right?"

"Harry and Lloyd?" Mavis asked. I nodded my head to confirm that's who I meant.

"Those troublemaking little good for nothings are not welcome in my house again," Mavis commanded.

"They busted a cookie jar in the kitchen acting stupid," Sammi said. "And then kinda got rude when Mavis confronted them about it."

"Just a cookie a jar?"

"A 200 year old cookie jar," Mavis said. "Belonged to my late husband Alfred. One of the few things I have left to remind me of him."

"Made Sammi cry over it," Darcy said. "Harry and Lloyd and the way they acted over it. I told them not to talk to me again."

"Enough of this talk," Mavis said as she fished 10 dollars out of her pocketbook and handed it to Sammi. "That's for pizza tonight and I want it to be spent on just that."

"You don't gotta give me money," Sammi said with a smile. Dad (Richard) and Carolyn appeared at the door, looking smashing.

"Are we all ready?" Dad asked.

"We are indeed," Grandpa said as the foursome left some final instructions for us and a few moments later drove off in the car.

"Looks like I'm headed out next," Darcy said as she flipped her skateboard up to her hand and pointed to a car making it's way down the street from the Marvel's place. "That's my Aunt."

"Walk on in when you're ready, OK?" I asked Sammi. She nodded and watched me and Reggie walk off inside and close the door. They didn't know though that I was listening at the door.

"You gonna be OK?" Sammi asked as her and Darcy stood facing each other on the porch.

"Of course, things aren't as bad at home as you think," Darcy said. "My Aunt don't beat me."

"She should with your mouth," Sammi said as the two began a tickle fight that featured Sammi squealing in laughter and becoming useless in the clutches of Darcy. "STOP! I love you!"

"No... you don't," Darcy said as she pushed a giggling Sammi away.

"Yes I do Dar Dar, you're my best friend," Sammi said. "You are."

"What about Taylor?"

"She has Laney, and Mickie, and Jessie," Sammi said. "I'm not as high on her list as I am on yours."

"Horn blows and since it's my Aunt I know the driver does," Darcy cracked as Sammi laughed out loud. A very convenient change of topic if you ask me. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I hope so," Sammi said as the two shared a long moment in a hug. One that featured Sammi sliding the 'pizza money' from Mavis into Darcy's back pocket and covered that sly move with a squeezing of the girl's perky ass cheek. "MMMMMMM Darc."

"Knock it off lesbo," Darcy said with a smile that told me she liked it just a little. "And you don't need to keep giving me money."

"Just in case?" Sammi asked. "For me?"

"I'll hang on to it and buy you some pizza tomorrow at the skate park" Darcy said. "Bye."


"Smooth move there Lebron," I said as Sammi came inside smiling. "Got a feel did you?"

"She has the cutest butt I've ever seen," Sammi said as we exchanged horny grins. "And not a bad everything else."

"Oh yeah," I agreed as we laughed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"How's it coming girls?" I asked as I stopped at the door to the attic bathroom. Dad (Michael), Ryan and Alex looked up and gave me dirty looks.

"Only one girl here," Dad said as he pointed to Alex, Ryan falling against the wall of the walk-in shower laughing as Alex gave Dad a certain look that spoke volumes.

"Soooo funny," Ryan giggled. "And so right too."

"Next time we come to work I'm gonna wear a dress," Alex said as I laughed. "Would you like that Michael?"

"Well you do have great legs," Dad said. "But we might not wanna freak the wife out with her being pregnant and all."

"The tile is looking great," I said as I walked to the edge of the walk-in shower and looked in amazement at the virtually complete tile work. "Me and Jessie are gonna love having this all to ourselves."

"And the best thing is, Michael, you've probably raised the net worth of your home by about twenty five thousand dollars or more," Ryan said. "And with Jessie and Mickie up here you've got two free bedrooms."

"Yeah what are you gonna do with those Dad?" I asked. "Maybe a game room?"

"Nursery for your mother and new baby brother or sister," Dad said as he rose to his feet. Alex and Ryan went back to work on the last bit of the remaining caulking. "And the other is gonna be my new home studio."

"New home office?" I asked.

"I'm taking early retirement, Mickie," Dad said. I looked at him in stunned disbelief. "Your mother is gonna need me at home far more than my boss does at the office. So I'm taking a very lucrative retirement package and cashing in while I can."

"But why the home studio?"

"I'm gonna try and start a new production studio," Dad said. "Maybe do some photo shoots for local magazines or music videos. Always been a love of mine."

"Be good to have you around more," I said as I hugged him. "Music videos?"

"Yeah, some of the local bands have asked about that and I told them when I got everything sorted out that I'd try and help them," Dad said.

"That sounds like a plan filled with holes," I giggled, Ryan and Alex laughing along.

"Go get me and the boys some lunch?" Dad asked as he pushed me along. "And check on your Mom?"

"Will do," I said as I left the attic bathroom and went rumbling down the stairs to the second floor and then a few moments later to the first floor, finding Mom (Laila) relaxing on the couch and reading a magazine as I leaned over the back. "Dad said to get off your lazy butt and fix him and his two boyfriends upstairs some lunch woman."

"Go away adopted daughter," Mom said as I laughed. "You fix some lunch and leave me alone."

"You're milking this for every ounce of sympathy," I said.

"I sure am," Mom confirmed. Both of us laughing. "Ouch!"

"Something wrong?" I asked as I walked towards the kitchen to fix some lunch, thinking nothing was wrong at the moment due to the fact that she'd been doing this for the last several weeks on and off.

"Yes I'm beginning to think there is," Mom said as she got up and came into the kitchen and joined me. Sitting down at the table. "I'm getting worried Mickie."

"You think the baby's not gonna make it?" I asked with a knot of worry in my stomach.

"I want to have this baby more every single day," Mom said. "I don't know what I'm gonna do if it comes to the time when we have to..."

"Abortion?" I asked.

"I don't want to Mickie," Mom said in a voice filled with fear. "But I won't lose my life for this baby."

"I'll go with you if you have to," I said solemnly. "I will, I promise."

"Jessie will hate me if I do!"

"I don't think so but a lot of other people sure will," I said. "But a lot of those are the people who celebrated when that abortion doctor in Kansas was murdered in his church. I saw that on the news. Doctor Tiller?"

"Bunch of womb controlling terrorist thugs," Mom said as she violently slammed her fists into the table. "You don't take the life of someone and just celebrate it because you disagree with them."

"I know, Jessie agrees with me," I said as I sat down. "Dr. Tiller was a hero for what he did. He gave his life so a lot of other women could have one. What he did was legal."

"Randall Terry... that man is the American version of Osama Bin Laden" Mom said as tears came to her eyes and she began to cry in sobs. I held her hands and found them trembling in fear at what the future might hold. She was scared (so was I) but as you will soon see, neither of us could have predicted the outcome of this pregnancy.