Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 5 "1-900-Sammi"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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"Pick up the phone you butt slut" I giggled as Laney's new cell rung for about the 7th or 8th time. I lay in bed this morning, the one of my first ever 'meet the parents' event. Mickie's parents that is. So needing someone to talk to, I decided to return the favor and try to wake Laney up this morning and see how she liked it. But as always is the case it seems when I try and shock someone, I get it in return.

"Hello?" A Voice said and I knew instantly it was not Laney's but it was another rather sexy sounding female voice. "Hello?"

"Laney McCoy, is this her phone?" I asked.

"Yes it is and may I ask who's calling?" She asked in a sweet voice.

"Maybe you could tell me who this is first" I asked.

"Sammi McNamara, Laney's new...new friend" She said and I noticed a definite stammer between new and new friend. "You?"

"Taylor Raynewater, her best friend who now lives in Cleveland" I said.

"Thought I recognized that hillbilly accent" She giggled as I rolled my eyes.

"Who is it?" Laney asked as she was apparently now laying next to Sammi on the bed.

"Your best friend in Cleveland?"

"I don't know anyone in Cleveland" Laney giggled. "Just hang up."

"You tell that whore she does to know me" I said as Sammi laughed.

"Whore you do to know her" Sammi said as I laughed out loud.

"Gimme that" Laney said as she took the phone, "What do you want?"

"Your body" I said.

"She wants to know if we can have a threesome" Laney said to Sammi as I just about fainted.

"Sure if she's as hot as you I'm sure the boyfriend wouldn't mind" Sammi said so I could hear.

"Anything else your big mouth wants to set-up?" Laney asked in a giggle. I wanted to kill her in that moment but was intensely curious about who this Sammi girl was. I thought Laney had mentioned that she was the girl with the idea of a threesome with Laney and the girls boyfriend.

"I'm gonna kill you" I said as she laughed. "So this Sammi girl is who? Your lover?"

"Pretty much" Laney said as I could swear I heard them kiss and giggle. "Why you jealous?"

"Is that the girl who had that threesome idea?" I asked and purposely trying to avoid the whole jealousy question.

"That would be her" Laney said simply.

"So what's she doing with you?" I asked and knowing she was gonna make me drag it out of her if I wanted the information.

"Her boyfriend had to work early so he got me to stay with her" Laney said, "And not like I could walk this morning anyway after what they did to me."

"MMMMMMM so good to you huh?" Sammi asked in a moan that made my body respond in an instant.

"You sure were" Laney said and this time there was no mistaken that they did kiss.

"You too you're the hottest girl I've ever been with" Sammi said.

"Ohmigod" I said as Laney laughed.

"What's wrong Tay? You mad cause I beat you to trying pussy first?"

"Nooo" I said as I blushed from head to toe. "I just didn't think you'd do it this fast."

"Well they came and got me last night after Gramps had nodded off and we went back to their place" Laney said. "Wanna know everything that happened?"

"Yeh baby tell her" Sammi said in a sultry voice. "Every detail."

"I don't know" I said.

"I'm laying beside of someone who turns me on more than any guy I've ever even flirted with" Laney said, "You have to try it Tay it was amazing and so good it almost hurt."

"Yep went both ways too" Sammi said.

"OH wow, so...go on" I said impatiently as Laney giggled.

"She kissed me and we just spent a few minutes doing that on the bed and taking each others clothes off" She said.

"What happened to the guy?"

"Watching at that very moment" She said, "And she went down on me first."


"No, more like mmmmmmmmm" Laney moaned. "She made it feel incredible."

"MMMMMM you say" Sammi moaned as my hand slipped down into my jammer shorts. I swear this was like a 900 call almost.

"Made me cum three times girl" Laney said as my mouth dropped open.


"Three" Sammi said as she was obviously listening from beside Laney. "I believe in being a good teacher and the only way to learn is to know how good it really feels."

"And trust me Tay after that I knew very well" Laney commented. "Cum number one was good but number two was body shaking and the last one just left me wanting more."

"Then she went down on me" Sammi said as my fingers found my slit and started to work it slowly. "I think she liked what she tasted cause she made me cum three times too. Eager little beaver had to be taught but once she found the right spot she was hard to stop."

"She hit all the right spots huh?" I asked as a light moan escaped my mouth.

"Laney I think you're friend is enjoying our conversation a little" Sammi said as my hand stopped and I knew I was caught. I jerked it out and sat up as I searched my mind for a reason to now get off the phone.

"Yeh and knowing Taylor she just jerked her hand out of her jammer shorts and sat up" Laney giggled as I blushed.

"You know me to well" I said. "So enough of this sex talk..."

"Then Jeff, that's Sammi's boy toy, took my butt Tay" She said as I froze my protest and decided to listen just a little longer. "HMMMMMM interest."

"Maybe a little, did it hurt?" I asked.

"Sore now"

"Me too" Sammi giggled and I was dumbfounded at the thought of both of them giving up their butts in the same night. Little did I know this wasn't the last time I'd hear that idea proposed. More about that in a later chapter.

"Both of you?" I asked in almost shock.

"Well yeh, he was a good boy and didn't bug us so we could enjoy a little one-on-one time so we figured he earned it" Sammi commented. "And no Taylor it doesn't hurt if you got a person who can work a cock, well that is if they are caring enough to let you enjoy it."

"What do you mean?"

"If they just ram it in there you'll cry, but if they take the time work it in and out slowly you'll be losing your mind once you get it all the way in your butt" Sammi said, "Especially if you got a hot girl licking you at the same time."

"You and Laney did that..."

"It makes it feel so good you moan like your being hurt" Sammi said. "You wanna feel like that huh Taylor?"

"No she's a virgin and she thinks I'm crazy for wanting to try it" Laney commented.

"So maybe I was wrong" I said, "Besides what's happens when he goes...you know what I mean."

"In my mouth" Sammi said as my whole body went flush.

"And my mouth..." Laney said as both giggled.

"EWWWWWWWWW" I said as both groaned.

"What? You never tried it, I know that" Laney said, "Don't even give me that little girl virgin crap about what it taste like. Until you do it you don't get to comment."

"Yeh ok" I said softly. "So not bad?"

"No not at all" Laney said, "It's in the moment and it's so hot that you really do it without thinking about it."

I was almost ready to return my hand down my shorts when Mom tapped on my door. I rather abruptly ended my call with Laney and Sammi and scrambled to the door and stuck my head out. She, shockingly, was only making sure I was up and said that Mickie was waiting on me already and I had better get to the shower. Boy how times flies when you're talking with a couple of butt sluts like those two. I grabbed some clean clothes and literally took a 5 minute shower and came crashing down the stairs and jumped into Mickie's arms as we both went tumbling to the grass beside of the porch.

"You actually had that conversation?" Mickie asked a few minutes later as we sat in the school parking lot.

"Details and all" I said as she grinned. "This Sammi girl is like a 900 operator."

"Phone sex huh?" She asked as I laughed and nodded.

"If I wanted to get off I bet she could" I said as Mickie leaned across the car and kissed my cheek and shocked me when she said, "If you want, you can."

"Oh yeah I'm sure" I said as she smiled.

"I'm serious, but if you do I get to as well" She said as she grinned victoriously.

"Someone your wanting to have phone sex with?" I asked as she laughed.

"No not at all" She said as she opened the passenger side door and scooted out after me. Closing it and locking it before she went on, "I'm just saying, this Sammi girl might be fun for both of us."

"You wanna phone bone with a girl you never met?" I asked with a challenging expression.

"Again, no" She said. "But it is an option."

"I guess, I'm just getting lost in this" I said. "I mean we've not even slept together and we're already discussing..."

"I love you" She said with a soft kiss. "And we can talk about it and not do it."      

"True, but question, since we are on the topic, hypothetical" I said, "Three girls, yes or no?"

"Me and you are two of three?" She asked as I nodded. "What girl wouldn't like that?"

"Until I met you, me" I said as she leaned in and again kissed me. "But now a new world is opening up."

"Yes it is Taylor Raynewater" Mickie said softly. "Would you let me watch you and this other girl for a while?"

"Excuse me?" I asked as she grinned sheepishly.

"Watch, like you two...do whatever you like and I watch" She said and for some reason that insane idea kind of appealed to me at that moment. "But only if you let me."

"Bell" I said as the bell sounded in the background. "We'll talk later?"

"Ok" She said as she took my hand and laced our fingers together and we walked towards the school.

After school...

"OK Mom home by 6:30 gotcha and I'll bring her" Mickie said into the phone before hanging up. Turning to me and smiling as she said, "Todo and the bearded one wanna meet you tonight ok?"

"Yeh right" I said as she gave me a confused look as I took back my cell phone and backed away from the car and said, "You're just too weird for me Mikala I changed my mind I don't wanna be your girlfriend."

"Oh no you're stuck with me now" She said as she charged after me as I laughed and stopped and let her catch me. She did a few feet down the sidewalk with a warm hug from behind. "Is it ok though? The parents?"

"Yeh I just hope Todo has been house broken" I said as we both looked at each other and pointed and gave our best mock horror looks and broke up in laughter.

"I just realized I seriously need a cell phone" Mickie said as she took my hand and we walked slowly back to the car. "That way if you need me you can call me."

"Yeh I've needed you so many times since we met that couldn't wait" I said with a giggle.

"Yeh about two in the morning when you can't sleep from thinking about me?" She asked in a sultry voice.

"Oh lord I have not had those thoughts about you" I said and of course I wasn't lying, I hadn't, I had refused to let myself feel that part of this attraction.

"So you think you ever will?" She asked as we stood by the trunk of the car and she moved close. "Cause let's face it Taylor, that's apart of it."

"I just haven't till now" I said as I touched her face. "But I feel it so deep when you kiss me that I can't imagine the rest of it not being that good, you know?"

"Yeh I should have realized that I'm the first girl you've ever been with" She said softly. "So it might take a while to adjust."

"Duh" I said as she laughed. "I am so lookin forward to having those thoughts and maybe even doing those things with you."

"Go ahead, have one now, I'll wait" She said as she kissed me and what I thought to be a joke, soon turned much more serious as she pulled back and I felt my body coming alive in a way it never had. She had to have seen that look in my eye as I kissed her back softly and felt our lips almost sizzle against the other. "MMMMMMMMM wow."

"Yeh I know" I said as she smiled. "If you tried to seduce me now, you might just get laid."

"Go me, go me, go me" Mickie said as she danced around in front of me and I had to laugh. Feeling relieved too that the moment had sorta passed without anything real happening. But damn this girl has certainly made me think in a new way with just a few words. "Before you lay me how about we go and get you dressed to meet the parents?"

"You gonna help me get dressed?" I asked with a challenging smile.

"EWWWWWWW no way I don't like girls that way" Mickie giggled as I smiled and hugged her and we enjoyed a brief moment in each other's arms before heading back to my house and another meeting with my lovely mother. So as nervous as I was at the prospect of my first ever 'Meet My Parents' social event tonight I was even more nervous about seeing my mother after the explosion the previous morning and the mini fight over Laney. Thinking back on it I now realize it was no doubt my fault that it got started. That didn't change the fact that I was still mad as hell at her about the whole Alex/Mickie situation. "I'm walking in with you just so you know."

"You don't have to I can handle her" I said as Mickie pulled up in front of the house and parked and she touched my hand. "You know how easily you get your feelings hurt."

"Yeh, I know now you love me, so I'll be a lot more resilient" She said as she opened the passenger side door and playfully pushed me out as she slid out behind me. Stopping me by the hand as I started to walk off and to my surprise, kissing me softly on the lips as she moved in front of me. "Just so you know, I'm on your side too."

"Thank god" I said as I hugged her. "Don't be afraid to say something either, I'm your girlfriend now so that means you have a right to speak up on my behalf."

"Well apparently you two have not found the lord" A Voice said as both Mickie and I looked to see a short balding lady with a bible clutched in her hands and giving us a disapproving sneer.

"Don't tell me he wondered off by himself and went missing again" Mickie said with a smirk as I laughed and covered my mouth. The lady apparently not liking Mickie's attempt at humor.

"I'll have you know it's no laughing matter to think about the life..."

"Yeh, yeh, I know burning flames out my butt, whatever" Mickie said as she turned to me and obviously wanting me to play along as she said, "You know I did find the lord actually."

"Yeh?" I asked and barely able to contain my giggles.  

"He was working at 7-11 out on the highway with JFK, Elvis and Urkel" She said as I started laughing.

"Well I never..." The Lady said in a gasp as she stormed off.

"Can I ask one more question?" Mickie asked as I hugged her from behind and made a show out of kissing her cheek.

"What?" She snapped.

"Being creator of the world don't pay much does it?"

"What kind of a question is that?"

"Well if I was the creator of the world I'd demand a better salary than that" She said as I laughed again and the lady marched off in an absolute fit of anger. "Bitch."

"I hate people like that" I said as Mickie smiled.

"I did find god" Mickie said softly. "And no matter what she says he loves me."

"I know he does and so do I" I said as she smiled and Mom appeared on the porch and looked to be in one of her 'I'm gonna ground you' moods.

"Mom, Mickie's parents invited me to dinner to meet them tonight is it ok if I go?" I asked flatly as I laced my fingers with Mickie's and made sure she could see our hands. "Well?"

"I suppose so" She said in a barely audible voice. "Why don't you go and get ready and give me a chance to talk to Mickie."

"Nope" I said as I pulled Mickie close to me and I could see Mom's anger rise, but I could have cared less.

"And why not?" She snapped.

"Because you are not gonna say something and hurt her feelings and you act all innocent and turn it around so it's her fault" I said in a rush. "If you got anything to say to her you say it in front of me or not at all. Cause as of this morning I am officially her girlfriend and you are not gonna screw this up."

"Taylor damn it, now cool it" Mickie said as she turned me around to face her. "Don't start with me, give her a chance to say something instead of biting her head off, please?"

"Why are you defending her?"

"Because I'm not, I told you I was on your side but I'm also gonna tell you when you're being a butt" She said as she stuck her tongue and despite myself I laughed. "Now listen, please?"

"Fine" I said and turned to find my dad standing in the door now behind Mom.

"You are getting to big for your britches" Mom snapped in her usual way.

"Yeh ok anything else? You said you wanted to say something to Mickie" I said in a direct attempt to make her even madder. "Tell my girlfriend anything you want."

"Your girlfriend?" Dad asked with a smile.

"Yes Dad my girlfriend" I said proudly as I showed him mine and Mickie's laced fingers.

"Well welcome to the family sport" Dad said as I smiled and he and Mickie enjoyed a laugh.

"I would think in my own home I would be able to talk privately with someone" Mom snapped.

"Anyone you want too" I said, "Your house I don't try to run your life, except this girl. Deal with it."

"I will so..."

"Ground me, I know" I said as Mickie laughed at my catching of my mother's reflex threat. Which sent mom into a fit.

"I am sick of your smart mouth" She said as Dad groaned and gave me a warning look to not say anything else. "You were never this way..."

"Go ahead say it Mom, say it's her fault, say it I dare you" I said as Mickie grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back as I started to cry. "I'll disrepect you in your own home if you blame her for this."

"Are you hearing this Richard?" She asked.

"Yes I for one am sick of you two fueding bitches" He said as Mickie laughed. "I am growing tired of your smart mouth, Taylor Mackenzie Raynewater, it only serves to make things more difficult. If you know what's good for you and your girlfriend, you will make a much more valid attempt to keep peace until everyone can adjust to this."

"Finally some sense comes out your mouth" Mom said, "I think a week's cooling off period will be good for those two."

"WHAT?" I screamed as I swear I saw Mom smile victoriously but I know my mother and she wasn't. It's just in my rage I remember that. I was about to scream my reply when Mickie covered my mouth and kissed my neck softly.

"That is a very good idea" Dad said as my heart sank and rage grew to the boiling point until he pulled the rug out from under everyone with his next comment. "Viera you will be ok at your sisters for the week I guess?"

"Why would you ask such a silly question?"

"Because that is where you're going" He said as her lip dropped and I started to laugh. "There will be a cooling off period and it'll be for you and Taylor."

"You have got to be kidding me Richard" She said in shock.

"No I am not, until you can grow up and be an adult and treat Taylor and her now girlfriend with the respect they deserve you are not welcome in my house" He said.

"You are letting her win like always" Mom snapped.

"You heard what I said to her" Dad said, "She has one more smart mouth comment to you and she will be grounded."

"Got it Dad" I said as Mickie hugged me.

"All I wanted to do was talk privately with Mickie for a moment..."

"And say what?" Dad asked, "Go on Viera."

"Well it slips my mind now" She said in a fit.

"No it didn't" Mickie said as Mom glared at her. "You wanted to talk to me, here I am you can say anything you want, cause unlike Taylor I have always shown you respect."

"Go on Viera right here in front of everyone tell that beautiful young lady what you think of her" Dad said, "You sure seem bound and determined to say something to her before. The only way you're gonna say it now is in front of me."

"Go ahead I can take it I'm tougher than I look" Mickie said as I turned around and hugged her and made sure both Mom and Dad could hear me when I said it this time, "I love you."

"I know" Mickie said with a smile. "I love you too."

"Fine" Dad said as a moment of silence lingered. "Pack your bags Viera and I'll drop you off."

"I am not leaving this house" She snapped.

"Then Taylor and I will go stay at the plaza for the week" Dad said. "I am damn serious woman I'm sick of your attitude. This girl has not done a god damn thing to you and you will not hurt her in your attempt to get back at your daughter."

"Well Richard Raynewater..." Mom said in shock.

"Well you're acting like a bitch I'll treat you like one" He said as he took her arm and led her into the house.

"What's wrong with her?"

"It's me, I'm standing up to her and she can't win so she's losing her mind" I said as Mickie and I walked up the steps and heard the screaming coming from behind the now closed living room doors.