Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 50 "The One Where Laney Kisses Mickie"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey, my beautiful girlfriend," I said with my best smile as a still yawning and groggy Taylor opened the front door. She didn't exactly seem happy to see me nor did she sound that way when I woke her up via cell phone a few moments earlier.

"Don't start, I'm going back to bed," Taylor said through another major yawn. "There's the TV, remote and TV Guide."

"You are not going back to bed when I drove all the way across town to see you," I said and purposely kissed her on the lips. "EWWWWW, morning breath."

"You deserved that," Taylor giggled as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her again. "MMMMMMMMM."

"Now you were saying about going back to bed?"

"I only got like 7 hours sleep before you woke me up," Taylor grumbled. "I need another hour before you put me to work."

"No work today," I said. "I came to spend the entire day with you and that's what I intend to do."

"The whole day?" Taylor asked with a smile that made my heart beat faster. "No work?"

"Maybe some work that produces lots and lots of pleasure?" I asked in a whisper as Taylor giggled and let me kiss her cheek.

"Maybe," she said as I took off my jacket and kicked off my shoes (now in socks) and followed after her into the kitchen where Grandpa Hal (he said I could call him that) was sitting.

"Morning Grandpa," We said in unison as he sat at the kitchen table reading the paper and sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Morning," Hal said with a gentle smile. "Mickie's here early today."

"Mickie's Dad is a slave driver who refuses to let me see my girlfriend as much as I want," I said as Hal laughed and I sat down opposite him in one of the other kitchen chairs. "But today he couldn't refuse."

"And why not?" Taylor asked as she snagged a giant muffin from the basket on the counter and plopped down in my lap.

"Well..." I said as I put my arms around her. "... Alex and Ryan tried to tell my genius father that he was doing the plumbing to the shower wrong, but Dad refused to listen."


"Well, late last night when everything looked to be done Dad turned on the shower and something went wrong," I said and tried to keep from laughing. "So he and Ryan spent two hours tearing out the wall to fix it. They had it done and working again when Dad swung the hammer at a spider and busted the pipe all over again. Flooded the bathroom."

"OHMIGOD, I love you Michael James for being a klutz." Taylor giggled as Hal laughed along.

"He got mad at me for laughing," I giggled. "Said to come see you and not come back."

"Lucky me," Taylor said as I spread my thighs and let her slide down onto the seat in front of me. "You help me clean my room?"

"I'm yours all day," I said as she kissed my cheek and fed me a big bite of the by now half gone muffin. "MMMMMMM."

"Well how about starting your day by answering the telephone?" Hal asked as the phone began blaring in the background.

"I will," Taylor volunteered, kissing me with a smile before she got up to leave the room.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hello?" I asked as I snatched up the phone without even checking the 'caller ID'.


"Raegan?" I asked in shock and hoped that it wasn't her.

"Yes it's me, please don't hang up?" she asked in a rush. "I can't get hold of my Mom and I'm worried. You wouldn't go by and check on her for me would you?"

"First, why would I hang up on you?

"Well Mom said not to call you anymore and kinda made it known that you didn't wanna hear from me again," Raegan said. "When did you talk to her?"

"OK, slow down and let me answer the questions you've already asked," I said. "Carolyn is fine and she's been staying here the last week or so, as you know, she's dating my dad."

"Your Dad and My Mom?" Raegan asked in shock. "Is this some kinda cruel joke?"

"Nooooo," I giggled. "They really are dating."

"That's sick," Raegan said as I laughed out loud. Not knowing that Mickie was now listening from a few feet away. "Your Dad must be hung cause I bet Mom's gapped down there considering all the men she's fucked."

"EWWWWW now that's sick," I said as we both laughed. Reggie came down the steps from my bedroom where she'd been sleeping and no doubt waiting on me to come back. She rubbed on my leg as I squatted down and petted her. "Hey my shaggy waggy."

"Who is your... what?" Raegan asked.

"Reggie, Carolyn's new dog?"

"Not a clue," Raegan said. "Apparently when I left she cut me out of her life and yours completely. She's really dating your Dad?"

"About four months or so now," I said. "She's happy. And she's become a good friend."

"She's trying to replace me with you," Raegan said bitterly. "What does Viera the viper think of all of this?"

"She thinks nothing," I said. "She calls and I won't talk to her."

"Like me?"

"You deserved better," I said. "You really didn't do anything wrong."

"Say that again?"

"You didn't do anything wrong," I said.

"I fell in love with someone who had a girlfriend and that was wrong," Raegan said. "So... how's Mickie?"

"Mickie is fine," I said and damn near jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my lower back and turned to see Mickie standing there nervously. "And she's right here."

"Someone important?" Mickie asked as she sat down on the floor and playfully pulled Reggie into her lap and started rubbing her belly. "It's Raegan, right?"

"Yeah," I mumbled.

"I'm gonna go before this turns ugly," Raegan said. "Tell Carolyn I need to talk to her desperately."

"Let me talk to her," Mickie said in a rush of confidence. "I wanna apologize."

"What did she say?" Raegan asked. My whole body by now had gone numb as I simply handed the phone to Mickie and sat down in the chair to the side of the table.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Don't say anything," I said calmly into the phone, hearing Raegan's rather labored breathing from the other side of the phone. "I want to apologize. I'm sorry."

"What could you possibly have to apologize for?" Raegan asked.

"For hating you," I said. "But recently someone... someone with a bit more life experience kind of opened my eyes to the fact that I caused the mess that resulted in and you Taylor's... what it was. Then I blamed you when it was my fault."

"Puhleaze," Raegan said. "Mickie you know as well as I do that I had as much to do with it as you did. Don't patronize me."

"You think so?"

"Yes I think so," Raegan said. "I should have backed off when I realized I had feelings for Taylor, but I didn't."

"Things were just so screwed up," I said. "I don't really care anymore."

"You just better be good to her," Raegan said. "And before you say anything else, I'm gonna go, the boyfriend is here."


"Yeah, I got a doctor's appointment," Raegan said. "Tell Carolyn to call me, please?"

"I will, bye," I said as I hung up the phone.

"That was interesting," Taylor said. "I'm impressed."

"You are the most important thing in my life," I said. "And me hating her was not helping us."

"I'm just glad that's over," I said as I rose and pulled Taylor up and into my arms.

"Oh yeah, did she say boyfriend?"

"She also said something about a doctor's appointment and something about Carolyn calling her," I said. "Think something is wrong?"

"Undoubtedly," Taylor replied. "But she is in California and I am not worrying about her and whatever lunacy she's involved in."

"Me either," I said. The creaking of the steps signaled the arrival of someone coming down. Richard (Taylor's Dad) and Carolyn being the source of the noise as they came down hand in hand and looking very much in love. "Morning!"

"Morning," Richard and Carolyn said in unison.

"Getting an early start to the day huh?" Carolyn asked me as I smiled and squeezed Taylor into my arms.

"Yes we are," I said proudly. "And seems you are too."

"Don't start," Richard said with a finger point towards me as Taylor and I laughed. "I think we can all see what is going on and we need not to elaborate on it."

"I do have a question though," Taylor said and looking directly at Carolyn. "Why don't you just move in already? You practically live here now."

"Taylor that is for us to discuss in private and not for you to decide," Richard said.

"I've been waiting for you to ask," Carolyn said to Richard. "My lease is up on my house in a few weeks and well... things are going great here..."

"They are at that," Richard admitted with a smile. "But I think we need a family meeting to let everyone have a say before making any decisions."

"Decisions about what?" Laney asked as she came down the steps into the living room. Seeing me and getting an evil grin on her face as she came over and kissed my girlfriend on the lips. "Morning my girl."

"Morning," Taylor grinned as both laughed.

"What nothing for me?" I asked and pooched my lips out. Laney grinned as she, to my shock, kissed me too. Her smug, "top that", smile was enough to send me into a fit of giggles. Taylor and me both laughed at the goofiness of the situation.

"Interesting way to say good morning," Carolyn commented with a questioning smile. "Should Taylor be jealous of you two?"

"Yes she should," I said as I grabbed Laney's arm and pulled her into my arms and hugged from behind. Taylor simply shrugged as she cracked the line of the day with, "Now what was Jessie's cell phone number?"

"You three pipe down," Richard demanded as everyone tried to get their giggles under control. "We need to discuss something."

"No we don't," Taylor said. Turning to Laney and asking, "You OK with Carolyn and Reggie moving in?"

"You want to?" Laney asked.

"If everyone is OK with it," Carolyn said. "Seems like the logical next step."

"You cook good, Reggie is a good girl..."

"Ruff!" came Reggie's immediate reply.

"Exactly," Laney said as she petted Reggie for a moment. "I don't see any problem with it."

"Are we gonna eat or do you expect an old man to starve to death?" Hal asked from the entrance to the kitchen.

"Only if you are OK with me moving in," Carolyn said.

"I don't care what you do," Hal said. "As long you're fixing breakfast that is."

"I guess I can do that," Carolyn said as she took Richard's hand and the pair walked off into the kitchen.

"You OK with this?" Taylor asked Laney.

"She's nice and her and Dad are doing fine," Laney said. "I'm glad to see him happy again."

"Me too," Taylor said. "Things are a lot better now than just a few short months ago."

"You gonna tell Carolyn about Raegan calling?" I asked.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Raegan called again?" Laney asked with concern on her face.

"Yes she did," I said as I pulled her away from Mickie finally. "Mickie was here and they made peace and I told her about what was going on here with Dad and Carolyn."

"She didn't even know they were dating," Mickie commented.

"Carolyn kept that from her?"

"Seems that way," I commented.

"I wonder if she's keeping any other secrets?" Laney asked.

"Now hold on, don't start that," I replied. "She chose not to tell her daughter one thing, not that big of a deal."

"OK fine, you love her already, but I don't and I'm still gonna keep an eye on her," Laney said. I offered no denial as I simply hugged my best friend and took Mickie's hand as we walked off into the kitchen with Reggie trailing. Carolyn fixed breakfast while Dad and Grandpa stood on the back deck discussing the politics of the day. Mickie and Laney joined the twosome out on the deck as I joined Carolyn.

"Raegan called," I said quietly as she looked at me in surprise. "You need to call her this time."

"I just don't wanna to screw up what's going on," Carolyn said into my ear. "You know?"

"She needs her mother," I replied. "She said she didn't even know you were dating my Dad. What's up with that?"

"Because it was none of her damn business," Carolyn said. "She ran off to California to be with her low-life of a father and I said I will not spend every waking moment of my life worried sick over her."

"So someone makes one decision you don't like and you cut them out of your life?"

"You pack up and move across the country on me? Yes" Carolyn said.

"She has a new boyfriend," I commented after a long moment of silence. "And said something about having a doctor's appointment."

"OK, fine, I'll call her," Carolyn said. "You happy?"

"She is still your daughter," I said softly. "Besides her and Mickie made up and everything is good now."

"Mickie? That Mickie?" Carolyn asked as she pointed with the spatula to my girlfriend.

"The one and only," I said. "Mickie talked to her and things ended up going pretty good."

"I know it can't be possible but... do you think my daughter is growing up?" Carolyn asked as I laughed out loud. I hugged her as she hugged me back and a long wonderful moment passed. The ringing of the doorbell broke up the moment as Dad, Mickie and Grandpa came back inside and watched me leave the kitchen. "Breakfast is almost ready!"

"OK!" I said as I made my way down the hall and hoping for a brief moment that the person on the other end of the door was not gonna bring bad news. It wasn't.

"You order an installation of DSL?" The Handsome guy in the AT&T shirt with the name tag "Alfred" asked me as I smiled and invited him inside.

"We did," I said with a smile. "You here to install it?"

"Nope just confirming," Alfred said with a smirk. "Be about four to five months before we get around to doing any actual work on it."

"Ha ha," I said as he grinned. "Don't quit your day job."

"The best part is you think I'm kidding," he said. I laughed. "Will someone be home for the next thirty minutes or so?"

"Sure," I said. "School starts tomorrow so I'm here all day."

"Well maybe I'll take my time," he said with a charming smile. Not sure why it was suddenly lost on me.

"I'm sure your other customers would love you for that," I said as he shrugged and seemed to take the hint. Reggie trotted down the hall and sitting down beside me and looking up at Alfred with a suspicious eye. "By the way, did it say I ordered a wireless network?"

"It does," he commented and looked down to see Reggie and smiled. "Boy or girl?"

"Girl, name's Reggie" I said as he leaned to pet her and was met by a low growl.

"Reggie!" I said in protest. She whimpered as Alfred quickly moved his hand away. "Bad girl."

"She's suspicious of the newcomer, that's makes her a good girl," he offered. "My dog is the same way and is a big shaggy one like her, names Annie."

"She belongs to my Dad's... ummmmmm... friend, Carolyn," I said as I petted Reggie's head. "She's appointed herself as my protector."

"And is doing a fine job," Alfred said. "So where do you want this network set-up at?"

"In the house," I said and then groaned at the stupidity of that answer.

"In the house," he repeated and pretended to write it down on his notepad. "Wanna be a bit more specific?"

"I don't like you," I said as he laughed. "Truth be told I know nothing about it. I just wanna be able to use my laptop without all the wires."

"Well you need a main computer, a desktop preferably to be able to set up a wireless network," he said.

"Not a problem," I said as I pointed to the living room at the desktop now sitting on the desk in the corner, Carolyn's. "That do?"

"I think it shall," he said as I lead the way and he sat down at the computer and brought it to life with a wiggling of the mouse. I blushed as the background popped up, a picture of me and Mickie on the couch with me wrapped in her arms and the words "TayMick 4 Eva" emblazoned across the screen. "A sister?"

"Nooooo," I said as he laughed. "She's my mother."

"That's a good one," he giggled as he checked the computer out to verify a number of things.

"Really my girlfriend," I said softly. "Mickie."

"I kinda gathered that much," he commented. Mickie came into the room as Reggie exited and went to fill her belly again.

"Hey," I said as Mickie smiled. "Worried about me?"

"When you didn't come back I thought maybe you'd run off with a handsome stranger," Mickie said as she bumped her shoulder against mine.

"I'm married," Alfred said without looking up.

"And no one even suggested it would be you," I said as he laughed out loud. "Get to work."

"On my way," he said as he jumped up and ran off still giggling.

"Finally getting DSL," I said excitedly. But Mickie, my goofy Mickie, just had to ask the dumbest thing she could think of with, "What's that?"

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I guess in life you don't realize how much you miss someone until that person is gone for say... 7 days and nights? That had been the case with Maria, helping her Mom settle in at the rest home had kept the girl I love (well one of them) away for seven days. But all that was ending today as Maria called a few minutes ago said she was on her way home and I'd better be home. I was on top of the world fifteen minutes later as I sat in the hall on a stool and watched the hallway endlessly and hoped every sound would be the signal of her arrival, Mr. Powers being the latest culprit.

"Morning ladies and little lady," Mr. Power said as he came up on me, Rae and KT in the hallway. Rae had just begun the painting of the actual mural on this the last day before school, and KT was still darkening in much of Rae's older work on the wall. Little girl has a talent for that.

"Morning," Rae and I said in unison.

"Morning Mr. Powers," KT chimed in from below.

"What a lovely mural this is shaping up to be," Mr. Powers commented. "I am certainly going to enjoy watching this come together. I hope you don't mind if I come by and watch on occasion."

"Not a problem," Rae said with a sweet smile.

"So how's your loved one's troubled family life coming?" Mr. Powers asked me.

"She's actually coming today and OHMIGOD there she is!" I commented as Maria came around the corner with bags in her arms. I squirted off the stool I'd been sitting on and ran to meet her. She dropped her bags and met me with a hug and soft kiss. "I missed you so much."

"MMMMMM WOW I missed you too," Maria cooed as she kissed me again on the lips. "Been working on your tan with Rae huh?"

"MMMMMMM yes I have," I said as I kissed her again. "You should see how dark it's gotten in the last few days."

"Well, welcome back," Mr. Powers said as he joined us. Rae was still working quietly on the mural as KT joined us. "How's your Mom?"

"On a lot of new medicine," Maria said. "But she's doing OK for now. Thanks for asking."

"I'll give ya a couple of days to settle back in before we discuss anything farther," Mr. Powers said. "Miss KT you coming?"

"Mr. Powers wants me to help him with his cats, OK?" KT asked.

"Sure, just knock on the door if you wanna hang out till your Mom gets home," I said as her and Mr. Powers left.

"Where's Rae?" Maria asked as I pointed and she blushed. "OH yeah."

"You gonna say hi?" Maria asked as she walked down the hallway and Rae turned and smiled nervously. I picked up Maria's bag and dumped it inside the door of the apartment.

"I didn't wanna ruin your moment with Lynsey," Rae said softly. "You'll get to me."

"Yan," Maria said as she leaned in and kissed Rae softly.

"MMMMMMM god I missed that," Rae said as she kissed my girlfriend back with a passion. A slow, tantalizingly hot tongue massaging French kiss followed as a I rejoined the two. "MMMMM fuck, I need you so bad right now."

"What about me?" I asked as Rae grinned knowingly.

"I need you most of all Pynsey," Rae said with a horny smile and following it with a soft kiss. "MMMMMMM fuck. You two gonna give me some?"

"Talk about falling right back into a habit," Maria said as she slid her hand down to my ass and squeezed the cheeks through my shorts but got an even better treat when she slipped her other hand under Rae's short skirt and squeezed her thong clad ass cheeks. "I haven't had any for a week you know?"

"Poor baby," Rae said as she kissed Maria and then let me do the same. "And I'll bet you got all frustrated working with your Mom all week, huh?"

"You know I did," Maria said as she guided us inside the apartment and successfully kicked the door closed behind her as she continued squeezing our asses in her hands. "Built a up lot of it too."

"Well you are just gonna have to take out all that frustration on us in the form of butt fucking," I said with a soft kiss. "And I don't wanna hear you complain about it either."

"MMMMMMMMM not a word of protest," Maria cooed as she happily lead us into the bedroom. I LOVE when she gets frustrated :)