Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 51 "Marty Saybrook Returns"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I did not miss this place over the summer," Mickie commented as we approached the school in her car, pulling into the parking lot to find that things sure looked to be different. A re-paved parking lot, new signs hung above the side entrance, a new electronic message board beside the door and oddly... increased security. Little did we know that this was only the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak, as far as changes went. Regardless, we pulled into a parking space near the back gate and got out and looked around at the sea of somewhat familiar faces. "I'm nervous."

"Me too," I said as I hugged her and kissed her softly. "But at least we've got each other to hang onto."

"Duh!" Mickie said as she picked up her book bag and I did the same as we headed inside and made our way through the crowd and trying to get to the office to pick up our schedules.

"I hope they can get us out of here quickly," Mickie commented as we entered the main office, finally. Mickie's eyes opened at the sight of the stunning new secretary that now sat planted behind the desk. The woman, with the name tag "Sierra", smiled as she looked up from her paper work. Sierra asked, "Can I help you?"

"Taylor, Mickie, Good Morning," Mr. Kennedy said as he came out of what I thought was the Principal's office. "Happy new school year!"

"Yay!" I said as he laughed at my fake enthusiasm. "Why aren't you already in class?"

"Because this is my new home," he said. "I'm the new Principal."

"Seriously?" I asked. "What happened to... what's his name... Mister..."

"He retired and I was given the opportunity to move up," Mr. Kennedy said. "And soooo, here I am."

"They made a good choice," Sierra commented as she typed on the computer. "Always was the best teacher in school even when I went here."

"That was only six years ago young lady," Mr. Kennedy said and then looked to us and said, "Ladies this is my new assistant, Sierra Davenport, she's just changed careers and I'm hoping you'll be patient with her as she learns this job."

"Of course," Mickie and I said in unison.

"You're making some big changes huh?"

"I am indeed," Mr. Kennedy said. "Trying to get those stuffed shirts on the school board to move into the 20th century. It might take a while but I'll do as much as I can."

"Hope you can do something about the bullying," Mickie said as Sierra handed me and Mickie a copy of our schedules.

"I have taken steps already to combat just that," Mr. Kennedy said. "New rules are already in place and violations will result in suspensions and being expelled."

"Even for the superstar football team?"

"Even for them," Mr. Kennedy said. "Many of the players transferred upon hearing that I'd been named Principal. The coach also quit."

"Crazy already," I commented.

"It's not fair," Sierra said. Mr. Kennedy gave her a 'that's enough' look. "It's not, they're all running out on you when all you're doing is making things better for the school. Bunch of bigots."

"I appreciate the support," Mr. Kennedy said. "We have to start the war somewhere."

"I don't know if it helps but I can type pretty fast and I'll be happy to pitch in if needed," Mickie offered.

"I actually have you two in mind for another important position," Mr. Kennedy said. "Ever hear of the Gay-Straight Alliance?"

"Like on that TV show, Once and Again? The Jessie and Katie thing?" I asked.

"Bingo," Mr. Kennedy said. "We'd like to start our own chapter here."

"We could organize it," I said excitedly. "Right?"

"Co-chairs," Mr. Kennedy said. "How's that sound?"

"Great!" Mickie said as she grinned widely.

"I agree," I said. "I'd love to do that."

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Will you come on," I complained as Jessie got out of her VW bug finally and bent over to grab her book bag out of the backseat. I then realized just how skin tight her jeans where. You could literally see the outline of her thong they were so tight. I smiled at the sight of my gorgeous girlfriend in such an eye opening position and noticed something else, she was wearing a barely able to cover her titties belly shirt, and from this angle you could clearly see the bottoms of her titties. No bra. "Damn girl?"

"Like the view do you?" she asked with a smirk as she took my hand and we headed for the school after she had locked up the car.

"Those jeans are lovely," I said as she gave me a knowing smile. "Don't leave much to the imagination."

"Kinda the point!" Jessie said. "I want you think about me all day."

"I will be," I said as we stopped at the bottom of the steps and kissed. Jessie guided my hand down to her hot little ass and moaned softly into my mouth as I squeezed her cheeks in my hand. "MMMMMMMM yeah?"

"Oh yeah," she cooed and then took my hand and led me up the steps and to the front office to get our schedules. Where we got a major surprise. The new secretary was our old friend from the porn shop, Sierra, who simply looked up from her work on the computer and grinned as she saw us. "Sierra?"

"Hey there," Sierra said.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm the new secretary," Sierra said. "Well I am until further notice."

"Old man checkered suit hired you?" Jessie asked and referring to the rather outdated suits worn by who we thought at that time was still the Principal.

"Whoever that is retired," Sierra said. "Mr. Kennedy is the new Principal. And since almost everyone in the place quit when he took over I volunteered to help out and he hired me."

"What about your other job?"

"Still working at it on weekends," Sierra said. "Can we keep that on the down low?"

"You know it," I said as Sierra gave me and Jessie a serious going over with her eyes. Especially my girlfriend. She finally pulled her eyes away and brought up our schedules on the computer and printed them out. "Follow me and we'll get your schedules."

"UHHH ok," I said as me and Jessie exchanged confused looks and followed after Sierra into the little room behind the desk and watched her peak out to make sure the coast was clear before she shut the door. "What are you doing?"

"I've been waiting for you to come back into the shop and you never did," Sierra said as she retrieved the printed schedules and handed them to us. "I'm dying to know if you ever used your new... toy?"

"She did," Jessie said as Sierra came over and slipped between us and grinned knowingly.

"Is she good at it?" Sierra asked in a low voice while keeping an eye on the office.

"No problems with stamina," Jessie said. "And that new... toy... you talked me into, was amazing."

"Where did you stick it?" Sierra asked me with a knowing grin. "You got the hole you wanted, huh?"

"She got it three times... in a row," Jessie whispered into Sierra's ear. "We stripped in the car outside of my Dad's storage unit and then did it on the couch just inside."

"You did not... Damn," Sierra said with a smile. "I want you now."

"Hit it Jess," I giggled.

"How about we both hit you?" Jessie asked with a knowingly smile. My giggling stopped as I took in the vision of these two hotties and what I could do to them if given the chance. "Huh Laney?"

"Well we did talk about that," I said as I slid closer.

"And then you two never called again or came back over," Sierra said. "You can say no, it's cool."

"Things have just been hectic the last few weeks," I said. "Maybe we can talk about it for real?"

"Yes please?" Jessie asked. Sierra looked from one of us to the other and grinned knowingly and was about to say something when the door to the office popped open and Mr. Kennedy popped his head in.

"Something wrong ladies?"

"Just getting their schedules all sorted out," Sierra said. "We had some confusion but now it's all sorted out."

"Huh?" I asked in confusion.

"You volunteered to help me after hours here at school?" Sierra asked.

"We did?" Jessie asked in confusion.

"Doesn't that sound like fun?" Sierra asked. "We'll get the work done in no time... we'll make a good threesome."

"Oh yeah," Jessie said as her and Sierra giggled knowingly. "Right Laney?"

"I for one am ready to get all sweaty over this," I said as the other two gave me smiles that spoke volumes.

"Well I appreciate the effort," Mr. Kennedy said. Sierra and Jessie nodded and tried not to laugh as all three of us followed him back into the main office. Suddenly, as Jessie and I headed off to class, visions of what I'd soon be doing to my girlfriend and the school's NEW secretary danced, erotically, through my mind.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The first day of school, one I wasn't looking forward to, was finally upon us and it sure didn't get off to a stellar beginning, but it did get off to a loud one. A loud screaming match between the two girls in my life, Rae and Maria, who apparently disagreed on what Rae should do for her junior year in high school. To make a long story short here's the low down: Maria insists that both Rae and I are gonna finish high school and Rae thinks her getting a job, to help pay some bills, would be a better use of her time. So there you have the basic set-up. I calmed things down enough so we could all get dressed and head for school.

"I just wanted to do my part with the bills," Rae complained from the backseat.

"I actually understand that," Maria said as we pulled into the school's parking lot, taking mental note of the changes. "But you are still gonna finish high school and I am making it my personal agenda to see to that."

"Lot of good an education is gonna do us when we're starving to death," Rae said. I laughed at that 'slight' over exaggeration. "It's true."

"No it's not," I said. "We got the most pressing bill taken care of through Christmas, that's rent. And Maria and I both have jobs lined up so we can scrape through on the other bills."

"Lots of fun that will be," Rae said. "If I work full time we can do a lot better than scraping through."

"Maybe so," Maria said as she turned the car off after parking. "But school comes first and we will figure out everything else as it comes."

"No chance of your Dad helping out?" Rae asked as all three of us piled out.

"I said he could go to hell," Maria announced.

"Why?" Rae asked.

"He's giddy with joy that Mom's in a home and he just pissed me off," Maria said. "Bastard offered me some money and I told him to fuck off."

"You didn't tell me that," I said as Maria shrugged and looked down. "Look at me Maria Nasha Lopez. You did what?"

"I told him to fuck off," Maria fired back.

"Knowing what kind of struggle we're gonna be in and you did this?" Rae asked. "That's selfish."

"It is not," Maria said as I hugged Rae in a show of unity. "I can't stand the way he treated her."

"And you've apparently forgotten how she treated you," I said. "And me and Rae. Remember that?"

"She was sick," Maria said softly. "Probably for over a year the Doctors think."

"She's your Mom and you can feel the way you want... but we should be more important to you than her," Rae said, giggling when I blew a raspberry on her cheek.

"Stop that you whore," Rae said as she pushed me away and into Maria, who caught me in her arms and hugged me tightly while Rae watched.

"You are the most important thing in my life," Maria said barely above a whisper. "Do you know that?"

"Now I do!" I said as we smiled at each other. Maria extended her hand to Rae and pulling her over and into her arms too. "And Rae is too, right?"

"She is," Maria said as she kissed Rae. "Forgive me?"

"You call your dad and work out your differences?" Rae asked.

"I will on one condition."


"You stay in school?"

"Deal," Rae said as she kissed Maria and then me. "MMMMMMM wanna just ditch and go have some fun at my Uncle's place?"

"Uncle's place?" I asked.

"He lives a couple of miles away," Rae said. Which presented a very interesting question. "Want to? He's away on business."

"You have an Uncle that lives in Cleveland but you're staying with us? Why? And does he know your Mom is gone?"

"Has no idea Mom is gone, they don't talk, hate will do that to you," Rae said. "And he's always gone on business so it would be lonely living at his house. Even if it does have a pool, spa and hot tub."

"And how do you propose we get into this pleasure cove?" Maria asked.

"Key is under the mat I'm assuming," Rae said. "Always has been."

"Well I'm in," I said. Maria grinned wickedly at me and Rae.

"I guess we can make that three," Rae said as we exchanged horny smiles.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I got Chem lab , see ya after?" Jessie asked as we sat outside on one of the benches that lined the sidewalk leading to the parking lot.

"You know it," I said as I kissed her and she grinned before running off to class.

This being my free period/lunch I had the next few minutes to myself and intended to spend it reading. That wasn't to be. I had just opened the book (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and gotten about half way down the first page when I heard a giggle that sounded all too familiar. I could have sworn it sounded just like Sammi. But knowing it couldn't be her I went back to my book, briefly, before I heard it again and groaned as I got up to investigate. Turning the corner a few feet away I got quite the surprise. It was Sammi... and Darcy.

"Sammi?" I asked in shock as she looked up and grinned. "What are you doing here?"

"She's here to annoy me," Darcy said as Sammi gave her a dirty look and I had to laugh.

"I'm on my lunch break so I came to eat with Darcy," Sammi said as I sat down on the grass beside them. Sammi said to Darcy, "But if she don't stop picking on me I won't be doing it again."

"You came all the way across town to eat lunch?"

"Not all the way across town," Sammi informed me. "My friend Taisha comes down here to see her boyfriend and I rode along."

"Sounds a little too convenient," I said as Sammi pushed me as I laughed.

"I told her I wanted her to come," Darcy said. "I'd rather eat lunch with my best friend than anyone else."

"So there," Sammi said as I laughed. I shook my head at the goofiness of the two so-called "best friend's," as they smacked a high five. Another girl appeared on the horizon and coming across the grass as Sammi looked up. "Hey Tai."

"Graig is a dickhead and a moron," Taisha said as she plopped down beside her friend. "I don't wanna talk about him."

"Good cause we don't wanna hear about it," Darcy cracked as I laughed. Taisha smiled as she pointed a warning finger at Darcy.

"This is my friend, Laney," Sammi said as she pointed to me.

"The ex-girlfriend?" Taisha asked.

"Kind of," Sammi said. "Now we're just friends."

"So you dumped her for her?" Taisha asked as she pointed first to me and then to Darcy. I laughed.

"I didn't dump anyone," Sammi said. "And for the 500th time I am not Darcy's girlfriend."

"Oops," Taisha giggled. "Just that you talk about her all the time, I assumed."

"Well now you know," Sammi said confidently. My cell phone broke up the nice moment as I groaned and fished it out of my pocket.

"I better get this, it was nice meeting you Taisha," I said.

"You too," she said as I jumped up and opened my phone. "Hello?"

"Thank the good lord it's you Miss Laney," Purvis said. That being Grandpa's driver back home in Arkansas who had decided to stay behind and live in Grandpa's old place for the time being.

"Hey Purvy what's up?"

"I just had the most distressing call and being that it concerned you I had to relay the news as quick as I regained my composure."

"It concerned me?" I asked.

"It did Miss Laney and he sure was a scary individual," Purvis said as my stomach dropped out.

"Threaten you?"

"No Miss Laney he didn't go that far," Purvis said. "But he insists he has information that you and Mister Hal would be in great need of. He demanded that I call you and give you this number."

"What kind of information?"

"I'm sorry to say but he refused to tell me anything," Purvis said. "Maybe you have Mister Hal call him and straighten him out and good?"

"Yeah I'll do that," I said as I relaxed and began to get the feeling that this was another of the many over exaggerations that Purvis was kinda known for. "Gimme the number?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said as he relayed the number. I hung up a few moments later and sat there considering what I should do. I could just go ahead and call the man and see what he wanted cause in all likelihood he was trying to get in touch with Grandpa Hal about a business deal the two probably had. But as I lifted my phone to make that call I got the oddest feeling that this phone call would bring about some kind of change to my life that would be... I don't know, it was the weirdest feeling in the world.

"Might be better if I just let Grandpa handle this," I said to myself and felt the immediate release of stress that built up over just those few moments of considering what I wanted to do.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The end of a more than hectic first day had finally arrived and I was already to go home and take a long nap or maybe just sneak off some place with Taylor and spend some time just holding her. I sat down on the front of my car and looked at the clock on the side of the building and wondered if Taylor's last class was running late. That's when I heard a voice that I hoped I'd never hear again.

"Mickie?" came the voice as I turned my head and felt my heart nearly stop as I saw Marty, yes THAT Marty, my ex-girlfriend Marty, standing there looking almost terrified. "Hi?"

"What do you want and what are you doing here?" I asked with a forced calm voice.

"I'm back in school here," she said. "I even got a place to stay at a half way house. Got a line on a job and...you don't care."

"Whatever," I said from the other side of the car. "I just wish you would leave me alone."

"I've been in rehab for the past three months," she announced. I had heard that from Lynsey. "I'm clean for the first time in 3 years."

"So?" I asked coldly.

"I get that you don't care," she said. "But if you would only give me a chance now to be your friend..."

"Noooooo!" I practically screamed and slammed my fist into the hood of my car. "You pissed away any chance of my giving a fuck about you after you broke me and Taylor up."

"OK," she said calmly. Not crap flying back in my face intended to wound be, such as her throwing Raegan back in my face, as I know I had just done to her. Was this really my ex-girlfriend? "I'm sorry for everything I did. I've also been in therapy and it's helped me deal with reality a bit better."

"I wish I could care," I said. All action froze when Taylor, a giggling Taylor, came running out of the building onto the sidewalk that led to the parking lot and stopped cold when she saw who I was talking too. She gave Marty a look that could kill as she slowly marched down the steps. Only to be stopped by me as I got in front of her. "Calm down, Tay, calm down."

"What the hell is she doing here?" Taylor asked.

"I was just leaving..."

"You are gonna get hurt, drug addict," Taylor said as she glared at Marty with a look that could kill.

"Ex-drug addict," Marty said softly. "And if you wanna pound me go ahead. I'm done running from my problems."

"No one is hitting anyone," I said firmly. "Taylor?"

"Just please leave us alone?" Taylor asked Marty in a pleading voice. "For once do what's right and let us be happy?"

"I'm gone," Marty said simply and walked by Taylor and disappeared inside the school.

"She is gonna be trouble," Taylor said.

"And so is Raegan and I forgave her," I said.

"That's not the same thing," Taylor fired back.

"They came between us," I said before kissing her. "And it's not happening again."

"You sure?" Taylor asked as she slipped into my arms and kissed me. "I could already be cheating on you."

"MMMMMM I hope so," I said as Taylor giggled. "Maybe we can finally get that threesome going."

"MMMMMMMM threesome," Taylor cooed as she kissed me softly. And for that moment in time... despite the minor Marty trauma, things were still... great (perfect).