Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 53 "Rangewater"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Remember what I said Rangewater," Carrie said as she swayed by with a nasty look towards me as I stood at my locker.

"The name is Raynewater, you blond," I spat back as she sneered one last time at me and disappeared into the crowd, leaving me to mumble to myself, "I said I wasn't even thinking about it."


"Yeah?" I asked as I looked up and saw a gorgeous hunk of 18 year-old man/boy standing before me.

"You running for Class President?" he asked. "I'm Danny Coakler the Quarterback on the football team."

"No, I'm not," I said in an annoyed voice. "Why would you care?"

"Because I'd be first in line to ask you out if you where," he said with a, despite the circumstance, charming smile. "I think it's time we change things around here, so instead of asking out the head cheerleader I'll ask out the Student Body president."

"Very progressive if I do say so myself," I commented as I picked up my book bag and closed my locker. "But I have a girlfriend."

"OK," he said with a shrug of the shoulders. "Still be good if you ran for President though. You're really smart."

"How do you know?"

"Heard it through the grapevine," he commented mysteriously.

"Well I'm not running," I said pointedly. "I'm not exactly in the best position to be a candidate."

"Because you're gay?"

"Gay? I don't know about that but I do have a girlfriend," I said.

"That's why you need to run against Carrie," Danny said. "She's a huge bigot and she'll make life hell for everyone like you and your friends."

"No thanks," I said as he shrugged and walked off down the hall and passing by the one person I really wanted to see this morning, Mickie. I smiled as she kissed me. "MMMMMMM hey!"

"Hey to you," she said. "Was Carrie running her mouth on you?"

"You know it."

"What's her problem?"

"She probably knows if I run I'd kick her ass," I said as Mickie grinned and nodded her head excitedly as if she were encouraging me. "No."

"I wanted to go to Washington DC for a week with ya," Mickie said, prompting me to give her a confused look. "What you didn't know?"


"Every year the new student body President gets to spend a week in Washington with the other schools in the area seeing how the politicians screw us over every day," Mickie said as I laughed. "You go with Mr. Kennedy and whoever you choose as your escort. Me."

"I got a chance to go Washington and I'm gonna bring my girlfriend?" I asked. "I don't think so."

"GRRRRRRR," Mickie growled as I laughed and squealed when she started to playfully bite at my neck. The wrestling match resulting in us crashing into the lockers in a fit of giggles. All the fun stopping when I spotted Marty, the little viper, watching us from down the hall with a blank stare. Mickie followed my eyes and groaned almost silently as she saw her ex. "Let's just go and avoid this?"

"She's coming this way," I said as I took Mickie's hand in mine. "Let's be civil?"

"UMMMMMMM... have you guys seen Lynsey?" Marty asked in a soft voice as she stopped by us.

"Not this morning," I said. "Why?"

"She's still got my car and I just got permission to drive it again," Marty said mysteriously.

"Permission?" Mickie asked.

"I'm staying with one of my counselors from the rehab center and she's strict," Marty said. "I gotta ask permission to shit."

"Hope you don't gotta go in school," Mickie said as I laughed.

"It's not that strict," Marty said as I laughed. "But almost."

"Maybe it'll be good for you," Mickie offered after a moments uncomfortable silence.

"It couldn't hurt," Marty replied. "Besides if I do screw-up one more time I go to jail."


"Bingo," Marty said. "Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville."

"Why?" I asked, not believing that I was really interested.

"Accessory to involuntary manslaughter," Marty said as my eyes opened in shock. "I wouldn't testify against Cripe for killing my brother so they charged me with that."

"Why wouldn't you testify against him?" Mickie asked in disbelief. "He fuckin killed Seth, your brother?"

"I was terrified that some of Cripe's buddies would do something to get back at me like..." Marty said and then trailed off.

"Like what?"

"Like trying to hurt you," Marty said. "I wouldn't gonna let that happen so I refused to testify."


"Yeah," Marty said softly. "Funny thing is they convicted him anyway. Involuntary manslaughter, and Sean, his sleazy buddy got sent away on a bunch of drug charges."

"You protected me?" Mickie asked in shock.

"Something like that," Marty said.

"Sure as hell took you long enough," Mickie said as she pulled me in front of her and hugged me proudly. "First time since I've know you that you actually did something for someone else."

"I get it," Marty said as she glared at us both. "I'm doing everything I can to change, but that doesn't mean I have to like that you're with her."

"No one asked you to like it," I said with a pointed look. She closed her eyes and fought her anger before simply walking off down the hall.

"I'm glad you love me now," Mickie said as she kissed my neck.

"Me too," I said. "And just so you know, when I win the election you're going to Washington with me."

"Duh!" Mickie said as she smiled at each other.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Thank god a friendly face," Marty said as she came around the corner and saw me standing by my locker reading a book. "Right?"

"Of course," I said with a smile.

"You're happy to see me?" Marty asked with a nervous smile.

"Well yeah," I said as she grinned. "I had no idea you were back in school."

"Yep, for now," Marty said. "You still got my car, right?"

"Parked in front of the building at home," I said.

"Thank god," Marty said with a relieved smile. "Oh yeah, is Maria around?"

"In class," I said. "Why?"

"Just wanted to say hi," Marty said. "She came to see me in rehab, you know?"

"No I didn't know that," I said. "My Maria? When?"

"Her Mom was in the same facility I was for a few days," Marty said. "And she came down one night crying and we ran into each other and ended up talking."

"For how long?"

"All night," Marty said nervously and sensing that I didn't like what I'd just heard she trudged ahead. "Lynsey it was just talking and she was pretty upset and we just talked is all."

"I just wonder why she didn't call me!"

"She didn't wanna worry you," Marty said. "She's really protective over you and this Rae girl. Who's Rae?"

"Rae Chan..." I said and felt a pair of arms slipping around me and almost jumped out of my skin. Relieved to see Rae grinning at me when I looked back. Rae's hands slid into my front pockets as she grinned at me wickedly.

"What about Rae Chan?" she asked.

"I was telling her who you were," I said.

"You guys are close huh?" Marty asked as she spied Rae's hands stuffed into my jeans pockets.

"Yes we are," Rae said. "Why?"

"Never mind," Marty said. "UMMMMM, can I come by and get my car after school?"

"Of course," I said as she half smiled and walked away a moment later.

"I don't like her," Rae said firmly, her hands slipping out of my pockets as I turned to face her.

"She's ok," I said. "Besides we need to cool it at school. I'm supposed to be dating Maria, not you."

"You love me," Rae said flatly. "Don't you?"

"It's just complicated is all," I said. Rae shrugged.

"Maybe it's too complicated," she said before turning to walk away and disappearing into the crowd.

"What the fuck?" I asked in anger as I watched her disappear. "I swear I think Taylor was right about Marty, everywhere she goes trouble follows."

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You wanna go and watch cheerleader tryouts?" Jessie asked as we walked towards the cafeteria.

"There's an idea just bubbling with brilliance," I said as Jessie grinned and nodded her head in agreement as we kissed.

"EWWWWWWWW!" Came the immediate reply as Jessie and I stopped to see a smokin hot girl with a lip ring, tan, punk style hair cut that was giving us a dirty look. "Get a room."

"And you are who? The kissing police?" Jessie asked.

"I'm a student at this school who'd rather not see crap like that," Carrie said. "It's gross."

"And so is hearing you run your mouth," Jessie fired back. "If you don't like it then look the other way?"

"How can I? You people are shoving it down my throat," Carrie fired back. "Next thing you know you'll be allowed to marry and everything."

"The only people shoving it down your throat is the bible thumpers who are obsessed with it," I said in reply. "Your parents I bet."

"No, my parents are hippies," Carrie said. "Straight off the VW bus from the sixties."

"And how did you end up like this?" Jessie asked. "You been watching Fox News?"

"I don't have to answer that," Carrie said as she abruptly walked off and pushed her away down the hallway amidst the growing crowd. "That girl is weird as fuck. Is she the one that threatened Taylor?"

"I think so," I said. "Love to see Taylor run against her and shut her ass up."

"Unlikely," I said as I kissed her and she grinned. "Taylor's not very comfortable with public speaking."

"She better get comfortable she's got to pass it to graduate," Jessie said. "I'm gonna try and bug her into it."


"Because I'm taking it and I'm terrified," Jessie said as I laughed, as Mr. Kennedy came down the hall with his ever present sidekick, Sierra trailing him. "Hi, Mr. K."

"Afternoon ladies," he said. "Are we off to the Cheerleading tryouts?"

"Gonna watch!" Jessie said.

"Why aren't you trying out?" Sierra asked.

"I don't know," Jessie shrugged. "Never really was allowed to back home with the way my parents were and... you think I should?"

"You took dance classes back home," I said. "I've seen you dance too and you're good enough."

"Might not be able to field the squad without you," Mr. Kennedy said with a worried look. "Be a big blow to the football team if we can't."

"It's that bad?" I asked. Lynsey, Taylor's hot ass friend walked up from down the hall and stopped beside us.

"A lot of students transferred out over the summer," Mr. Kennedy said. "And the new Coach, Ms. Pringle, is excellent but she's young."

"Hey!" Sierra said as she got everyone's attention. "We got your back Mr. K. right guys?"

"You know it," Jessie said. "And I'm gonna go and tryout for the squad."

"Good luck, let me know how it goes," Mr. Kennedy said as Jessie smiled proudly. He walked off down the hall a moment later.

"Sierra do you know Lynsey?" I asked as the two smiled at each other. Sierra smiled at Lynsey like a hungry wolf and Lynsey gladly returned that attention.

"We've met already," Sierra said.

"Secretary, right?" Lynsey asked.

"Yep," Sierra said. "Love your tan!"

"Me too, you didn't have that the last time I saw you," Jessie commented.

"Thanks," Lynsey said. "Worked on it a lot this summer."

"Any tan lines?" Sierra asked with a knowing smile as everyone giggled.

"That is none of your business," Lynsey said with a finger point. Sierra's eyes roamed up and down Lynsey's beautiful body.

"I don't have any," Jessie said as all attention turned to her. "That got your attention huh?"

"You already told me that," Sierra said as Lynsey's eyes popped open a bit with the drop of that piece of knowledge. "I was asking your friend here."

"And her friend has to meet her girlfriend," Lynsey said. "Can I walk with you guys to the tryouts?"

"Of course," Jessie said as she took Lynsey's hand and playfully pulled her along. Sierra touching my hand as she asked quickly, "You and Jessie wanna... help me... like we talked about?"


"Yes indeed," Sierra said. "I promised Mr. K. that I'd get those student manuals out in the next few days and I'll seriously need your help."

"Sure," I said. "And then maybe we can take a break?"

"We'll take several breaks," Sierra said. "Three of them?"

"I'll bring Jessie and the... other thing?" I asked.

"MMMMMM can't wait to see you in that," Sierra said as she walked away with a knowing grin, while I watched her cute little ass sway as she did so. OH WOW!

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Go Jess!" I said under my breath as I watched the cheerleader tryouts from the stands a few feet away. The aforementioned sister of my girlfriend was now twirling around in a dangerously short and Bring It On-esque skirt. A navel bearing top was the perfect compliment. And here's the kicker, even as visions of what her and Laney had done before my very eyes (unknown to them) danced in my head, I could see that she was heads and shoulders above the competition on this day. Who knew she could do a standing back flip. "Gimme me some of that!"

"Give you some of what?" Mickie asked as she sat down beside me, snapping me back to reality as she kissed me and gave me a knowing smile and placed a soda in my hand. "My sister?"

"MMMMMMMM yeah," I said as I kissed her back. "Kidding."

"No you're not," Mickie said seriously. "But at least I'm confident that nothing will ever happen between you two."

"Are you?"

"Jessie is my sister and you are my girlfriend," Mickie said. "I won't be losing sleep over you two."

"And you shouldn't," I said as she smiled and opened my soda for me. "I love you and only you."

"Duh!" Mickie said as I grinned and kissed her cheek.

A thunderous roar came from the football field across from the practice field (which was currently holding the cheerleader tryouts) and drew mine and Mickie's attention to the field. The 'roar' came from Ryan who apparently just got some good news as he was smacking high fives with some of the players as the Coach walked off in the opposite direction. Ryan looked up and smiling as he saw us and pointed, Mickie and I pointed back. He then came charging across the field like a mad man and rumbled up the steps.

"That was loud," I said as Ryan plopped down beside us and said in the midst of ragged breathing, "I... made... Captain."

"You did not" Mickie said as she pushed Ryan away as he laughed and nodded to confirm.

"I did too," he said proudly as Mickie and I both slapped high fives with him. "And this year things are gonna be different."

"You gonna try and win a game?" Mickie asked in a mocking voice as I laughed out loud. Ryan growling at her as Mickie squealed and jumped behind me and hugged me to protect her. Both of us still laughing.

"It's not gonna be O and twelve this year," Ryan said with a determined smile. "We got a five star quarterback that's already being recruited by Ohio State, Notre Dame and UK. He's really good."

"And you," I said as Ryan blushed. "You're the heart and soul of the team."

"And I'm also the new starting Center," he said. I gave him a mystified look. "I'm guy in front of the Quarterback and I keep him from being tackled?"

"Hey that makes sense," I said as he nodded. I was amazed that I actually understood something about Football that easily.

"Oh yeah, did I hear something about you running for student body President?" Ryan asked.

"I heard that too," Mickie chimed in. "But she's not running, right?"

"No, I'm not," I said, beginning to get seriously frustrated with people asking me that. "Where did you hear it from?"

"Danny Coakler," Ryan said as he pointed to the boy on the field. "Said he asked you about it and you hadn't made up your mind. I think you should."

"And why?"

"I DID IT!" Came the excitement filled scream followed by a series of thumping footsteps that brought Jessie rumbling up the stands and stopping in front of us with breathless excitement. "I did it."

"Did what sis?" Mickie asked as Laney appeared on the horizon and came up the stands slowly herself.

"I made the cheerleading squad, I MADE HEAD CHEERLEADER!" Jessie screamed as both Mickie and I looked at her in shock. "I MADE IT, I MADE IT, I MADE IT!"

"Congratulations," I said as I stood and Jessie jumped into my arms and hugged me and then kissed my cheek and said, "I love you Taylor Raynewater."

"You do?" I asked with a huge smile.

"You are my best friend, other than Mickie," Jessie said. "And none of this would have been possible without you and Laney. So thanks."

"I love you too Jess," I said as we hugged and touched foreheads as Laney plopped down by Mickie and watched. "Congrats again."

"Thank you sooo much!"

"How did you make head cheerleader though?" Mickie asked as Jessie sat down and hugged her sister.

"Ms. Pringle, Coach Pringle said I was the best of the ones who tried out and since a lot of last years squad transferred out, I got the job," Jessie said.

"That is sooo cool," Mickie said as Jessie smiled at her. "Dad is gonna be proud of you."

"I know, Laila will too?"

"Of course she will," I said as I sat back down beside her.

"Hey!" Ryan said to get everyone's attention, "Congrats on making the squad. I made Captain."

"WOW! Really cool, congrats too," Jessie said as she bumped fists with Ryan and giggled.

"This does bring up an interesting question," I said. "Why did so many people transfer? They didn't like Mr. Kennedy that much?"

"Actually the Mayor, ummmmmm, Frank Jackson, had this bright idea to build a central high school for the district and Von Adams (our school) was gonna be absorbed into that one," Ryan said. "But some of the parents got together and threatened to sue and looked like they could win. So the city and the turd of a Mayor panicked and kept this one open for another year."

"But why did so many people transfer?" I asked.

"A lot of the parents, and some of my friends, figured it was gonna happen anyway so they went ahead and transferred out," Ryan said. "It's had a pretty devastating effect."

"Yeah, Ms. Pringle is volunteering." Jessie said. "She let it slip that the funds for this year are virtually non-existent."

"They're hoping we can't keep up and they can shut us down next year and fire Mr. K," Ryan said.

"Fucking bastards," I said. "Mr. Kennedy will be a good Principal, he cares about us."

"Yeah he does," Ryan said.

"Always was my favorite teacher," Mickie said.

"And he's hot," Jessie giggled.

"Shut up," Laney said as she pulled Jessie over to her and down onto her lap. "You have a girlfriend."

"I do?" Jessie asked and squealed when Laney tickled her. "OK, I DO, I DO!"

"Exactly right," Laney said with a kiss to her cheek.

"So, girlfriend of mine..." Mickie said. "...now that Jessie is Head Cheerleader and Ryan's Captain of the football team, you're the only one not in a leadership position."

"You're not either," I said pointedly.

"I'm heading up the new chapter of the GSA," Mickie said. That meaning the Gay/Straight Alliance.

"And who says?" I asked.

"Mr. Kennedy said he wanted me too cause he had other plans for you," Mickie said.

"Well thanks for letting me in on the news," I said as she laughed.

"You can still help me run it if you want," Mickie said with a smile.

"Whatever," I said as she laughed. "And what does Mr. Kennedy have planned for me?"

"He wants your body," Jessie giggled as everyone laughed.

"Well he doesn't want her for her brains," Laney said as I glared at her and everyone again laughed.

"Shut up," I said as Laney giggled.

"Hey I got last class wanna walk with me?" Ryan asked Jessie and Laney, who quickly agreed and moments later the trio left down the bleachers and across the field.

"You got last period free today?" Mickie asked.

"Yep, but you don't," I said as she frowned. "Go on before you miss class."

"See ya in 60, love you," she said and followed that with a kiss as I smiled.

"Love you too," I said as she followed after Jessie, Laney and Ryan.

"Finally some peace and quite," I said, reaching into my book bag and pulling out the book I'd been trying to read earlier before I was distracted by Jessie's on-field activities. My mind though drifted to the exciting developments that had just been revealed (Jessie as Head Cheerleader and Ryan as the Captain of the football team). Hard to believe that my small circle of friends would now carry so much weight at the school. I just simply felt like smiling at that moment.

"Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie, You're so fine, you blow my mind..." sounded the ringtone of my cell phone as I fished it out of my holder on my side.


"What's up home slice?" Becky Sue said in her best New Yorkish thug accent. I laughed.

"Nothing much, and what about you?"

"Online and about to buy a plain ticket," she said mysteriously.

"Cool where you headed?" I asked as I stuffed my book back in the bag and gave up for the moment on reading it.

"If you say it's OK..." she said with a dramatic pause, "...I'll be headed for Cleveland to see my new friends?"


"I need some time out of this city and away from my ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend" Becky Sue said.

"What about your job?"

"I got two weeks off," Becky Sue said. "My under study is filling in for me. They do this every year. So what do you think about it?"

"Well I think it's nice of you to give her some time to shine," I said. Laughing as she groaned.

"Me coming to Cleveland? Please?" she asked in a drawn out manner.

"Mickie and I'll pick you up at the airport?" I asked.

"You're so easy," She said smugly. "Done, I leave tomorrow morning at 2 pm. Pick me up after school?"

"Be good to see you again," I said simply.

"Looking forward to being a Raynewater for a few days," Becky Sue giggled. "You think Richard will adopt me?"

"You're staying with us by the way and I don't wanna hear any argument," I said.

"Not gonna get any," she said. "Was hoping you'd offer."

"I'll make the couch up for you," I said as she giggled. "It's lumpy."

"Sounds great," she said. "Tell Mickie, Laney and Jessie I can't wait to see them again."

"I'm sure they feel the same," I said. "Talk to you tomorrow?"

"Sure thing!"