Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 54 "They're Coming to Take Me Away"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

That Carrie can really get on your nerves. So much so that I had a dream about the little viper last night. It involved me giving this speech before the student body and apparently winning the election. I woke after four or five hours of rather crappy sleep and following that stupid dream I decided to just get up for the day. I yawned as I rose from bed and checked the time on the way to the shower, with Reggie trailing me down the hall and waiting on me outside the bathroom door.

"SHHHHHH," I said to her as I came out of the bathroom and heard her bark happily. She followed me back into my room and scampered onto the bed and gave me those trademark pleading eyes to let her stay up there. I gave in as I grabbed my laptop and settled in beside her on the bed, smiling, like always, as my computer logged onto the net, wirelessly even. "You always get your way don't you?"

"Yes you do," I answered for her as she laid her head on my thigh. "Now let's see if I have any email."

An hour or so later, with Reggie snoozing on my thigh, and my email checked and replied to I was thinking about laying back down for a few minutes and sneaking in a morning nap before Mickie's daily morning call. But all that changed with a light tapping at my door. "Come in?"

"You up?" Becky Sue asked as she poked her head in.

"Nope, still asleep," I said with a smirk.

"OH WOW! Nice laptop," Becky Sue said as she came into the room and closed the door behind her. Wearing a pair of baggy pajamas she brought down from New York with her when she arrived yesterday afternoon. Was kinda funny seeing how well her, Dad and Carolyn got along from the first moment. "Can I bug you into letting me check my email?"

"Sure," I said as I turned the laptop around as she moved it into her lap.

"Hey my slut sister wrote me," Becky Sue said as I vigorously rubbed at Reggie's belly. "Hey slut, how are you? Hope you're having fun in Cleveland without me, cow!"


"Just Cindy Joe being her ever witty self," Becky Sue giggled. "You should see the things I say back to her."

"You always were mean," I said as she laughed and typed at the same time. Another long few minutes passed as she checked her other emails and on the last one found something that was VERY good news as she began squealing in excitement and almost dropped my laptop. "What is it?"

"I just got an email from Tom Werner!"

"And that is who?"

"Executive Producer of a new show ABC is doing and they might want me for a part in it," Becky Sue said.

"Becky Sue on TV?" I asked as she smiled so wide her face had to hurt.

"Maybe, just maybe," Becky Sue said. "Can I use your cell? He said to call him anytime and I'm gonna do just that and find out what's up."

"It's 6 in the morning, I doubt he's gonna answer," I said as Becky Sue laughed.

"I'm just so hyper now," Becky Sue said. "I could be on a TV show... on a major network."

"WOW!" I said as she bounced around excitedly. "What will Cindy Joe do if you move to Hollywood?"

"She's coming with me," Becky Sue said. "She's my best friend not just my sister."

"What's she up to now?" I asked.

"Working at a coffee shop about a block away from the theatre," Becky Sue said as I put away my laptop and followed her down the steps (Reggie trailing us) as we headed for an early breakfast. Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table with his... laptop, huh? "Morning Hal."

"Morning Grandpa," I said.

"Morning girls," he replied.

"Since when did you have a laptop?" I asked as I sat down by him at the table.

"Well my two favorite Granddaughters have one there's no reason why I shouldn't have one," he said. "I bought it yesterday afternoon if you must know."

"I think we must," Becky Sue said as I laughed. "Right?"

"We must indeed," I said. "Is Dad and the soon-to-be wife up yet?"

"They should be down any minute," Grandpa said just as the door bell rang. "I'll get that, you feed Reggie for me, Becky?"

"I sure will," Becky Sue said as she petted Reggie. "Always wanted a big shaggy dog like this."

"Well you can't have her, but you can borrow her," I said as I left the room and headed for the door. I heard rumblings upstairs and knew someone was up and about to make their grand appearance for the day. I opened the door though to a surprise, the UPS guy. "UMMMMMM morning."

"Does Laney McCoy live here?" he asked in a stiff voice and seemingly as an afterthought showed me the package and said, "I've got a package for her."

"Yeah, she's still in bed though, I'll sign for it," I said as I took the electronic pad and signed my Jane Hancock. Taking the package as he mumbled a thank you and left. I looked at the plain brown box with no return address and a hand written 'send to' address and immediately knew what it was. Laney bounced down the steps at that moment and kissed me good morning. "For you."

"For me?" she asked.

"What did you order this time to use on your girlfriend?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

"Nothing," Laney said. "Honest my girl."

"I believe you," I said as my stomach began to churn and I pointed to the box and asked, "So what do you think is in the box?"

"It's a..." Laney started to say as she ripped the box open and found a... plain white t-shirt. "... a fucking t-shirt?"

"Who would send you a t-shirt?" I asked in total confusion.

"I have no idea," she said. "No return address on the box or any kind of label at all."


"Who brought it?"

"The UPS guy!"

"It's 15 till 7, who runs a UPS route this early?" Laney asked as she pushed by me and practically ran out the door onto the porch and looked both ways up and down the street as I joined her. "He couldn't have gotten gone this soon. I know he had more than one delivery."

"He's gone alright... oh shit..." I said as I noticed a black van sitting not to far from the Marvels' place. What was even more alarming was the fact that it squealed it's tires and drove away as we noticed it. "I saw that same van come by a few days ago. Reggie barked at it."

"And Reggie barks at the wind," Laney said as I blushed. "You think I'm being stalked by the government?"

"No and shut up," I said as I pushed her and stomped back into the house as she laughed.

"Hey wait up," Laney said as she trailed me back into the house. "Protect me from the black helicopters and guys in black suits and sun glasses."

"Shut... UP!" I said as she laughed.

"What's going on?" Carolyn asked as her and dad arrived at the bottom of the steps.

"The CIA is keeping tabs on me," Laney said in a mocking voice.

"All I said was I saw the van a couple days ago and it slowed down in front of the house and then sped off," I explained.

"Black cargo van?" Dad asked. I nodded my head. "I saw that yesterday. Mavis was wondering what it was doing around here. Looks odd."

"Told you," I said to my best friend.

"OK, I'll go pack my stuff and when they come I'll go with without a fight," Laney said as everyone laughed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Morning," Maria yawned as she came out of the apartment into the hallway to find me watching Rae hard at work on the mural.

"Morning," Rae said as she kissed her good morning before quickly going back to work. Maria joined me as I sat on the bar stool across the hall and kissing me as I smiled.

"We bout ready for school?" Maria asked.

"All ready actually," I said. "Just watching Rae work."

"Watching certain parts more than others huh?" Maria said as she eye balled Rae's cute little ass.

"Hey!" Rae said in protest. "You get me started and this is never gonna get finished. You and Lynsey go share Marty for a while."

"Marty?" Maria asked in confusion. Wondering why her name came up out of the blue. "Lynsey's friend?"

"She seems to be more your friend lately," I said as Maria looked back at me. "She told me about you and her staying up all night talking."

"So she did," Maria said. "I needed someone to talk to and unlike most other people I don't have a history with her so we talked like friends."

"And you couldn't call me and talk?"

"Or me," Rae chimed in without ever looking up.

"No and no," Maria said. "Marty's had family that had the same problems and it was easier to talk to her."

"You have two people here who love you and neither of us can help?" I asked.

"I didn't wanna worry you and Rae," Maria admitted. "And now that Mom's settled in things are back to normal and even better. So is this fight over?"

"This wasn't a fight," I said. "This is me still being confused."

"I didn't wanna worry you, OK?" Maria asked again. "And it's not like you and me were gonna sit up all night on the phone. It was something that happened on the spur of the moment. Besides you like Marty."

"I don't," Rae said. "What?"

"Why don't you like her?"

"She's a user," Rae said. "And Lynsey acts all weird when she's around."

"She's clean now and everyone deserves a second chance," I said. "And you could give her a chance if you wanted to."

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't," Rae said as she turned her back to me and Maria again and went back to work on the mural.

"This is about what happened in the hallway at school with Marty, right?" I asked.

"What happened?" Maria asked.

"I put my arms around Lynsey and Marty made some crack about us being close and Lyns acted weird and pushed me away," Rae said.

"I did not push you away," I said as I moved next to Rae. "And you know that."

"Felt that way," Rae said.

"I'm sorry, I'm stupid sometimes," I said as I kissed her.

"I agree Pynsey," Rae said in a mocking voice as she played with my hair, Maria laughing.

"But seriously, Lynsey did the right thing," Maria said as she joined us. "We have to be careful about bringing attention to ourselves. So that means down playing our relationship at school."

"It's just hard," Rae said as she smiled at me. "When I see you I wanna kiss you."

"What about me?" Maria asked.

"Same effect," Rae said as she kissed Maria.

"I agree," Maria said as she slid her hands down each of our backs and to mine and Rae's asses and squeezed each of our cheeks. We were late for school.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"She got a white t-shirt?" Mickie asked as we walked into the school hand-in-hand.


"Seems to me if they where coming to take her away they could at least send her a MP3 player," Mickie cracked as I laughed.

"Probably just some stupid thing Laney ordered online," I said. "It sure was weird though."

"Assembly today?" Mickie asked as she pointed to the electronic message board above the door.

"Yes we do," Carrie said as she came up and stopped behind us. "Gonna be a fun event."

"Why? Cause you're gonna announce you're transferring?" I asked as Mickie laughed.

"Very funny one with girlfriend," Carrie said as she joined us on the top step. "But seriously, you're the one gonna be making an announcement."

"I am?"

"She is?" Mickie asked.

"Yes she is," Carrie said. "You're gonna tell all these morons hoping you'll run against me that you're not running and then you're gonna endorse me."

"Funny, I didn't see that on my scheduler this morning," I said. "I'm not even speaking at assembly."

"I said you are," Carrie said in a demanding voice. "Everyone in school is all excited about you running, well all the people that aren't normal, and it's your responsibility to make it clear that you're not."

"Get out of my face or I'm gonna knock that blue hair off your pretty head, you mouthy bitch," I said as I pushed her away and watched her tumble to the grass and look up at me in shock. Mickie hugged me from behind to keep me from going after Carrie. "You keep pushing me and I will run and you know I'll beat your ass two to one."

"Back off!" Mickie barked at a still in shock Carrie as she forcibly pulled me away and into the school. Mickie took a seat on the floor after a minute or two. "You OK?"

"She's gonna make me kick her ass before it's over," I said as I paced up and down in the small space under the stairs just off the main entrance.

"Do you really think you can beat her for real?" Mickie asked from the floor as I looked down at her.

"I'd kick her ass from here to Langston, Arkansas," I spat, looking to see someone coming in and glad to see it wasn't the mouthy little bitch.

"Not what I meant," Mickie said as she took my hand and got me to sit opposite her. "About the race for student body President."

"Beats me," I said. "It sure would be nice to shut her up though."

"Then do it," Mickie said simply.


"I'll campaign for you," Mickie said as I smiled. "I'm behind you 100%."

"And just what are you doing back there?" I asked.

"What Laney did to Jessie," Mickie fired back as we both laughed.

"Shut up," I said as I slipped into her arms and we enjoyed a few moments of peace before the school day began.

"I'm behind you though," Mickie said. "Whatever you decide."

"Probably mean we'd have less time alone," I said as I looked back up her. "You know with meetings and all?"

"We'd make time if it's what you want," Mickie said. I simply smiled as I leaned up and kissed her softly.

"I don't really want it though," I said. "But for some reason that little conniving cunt seems to want me in the race."

"But why?" Mickie asked.

"UMMMMMMM excuse me?" A timid voice said as both Mickie and I looked up, seeing a girl who could only be described as a saved By the Bell-esque geek. Long dress, big glasses, and book clutched to her chest and terrified of her own shadow. "Tay... Taylor..."

"Uh huh," I said as I hopped up and she took a step back. "You need something?"

"I'm just being stupid," she said quietly. "I better go."

"OK," I said as Mickie joined me. The girl stopped after turned and talked to herself and then turned back to us and said, "You need to run for President of the student body."

"I do?" I asked.

"My name's Jane Reynolds and I can help you get elected," she said. "There's nothing I don't know."

"I don't really wanna run..."

"Carrie wants you in the race cause your gay and she thinks she can beat you because of that," Jane said in a rush. "It's true I swear it, I heard her say it."

"That does make sense," Mickie said. "And it makes no difference if you're gay or not Tay. You have a girlfriend that's out."

"She can't beat you," Jane said. "I know everything about her and we can... you can destroy her."

"Like for instance?" I asked as Jane moved close and whispered in my ear. A bombshell I'd not soon forget.

"She's gay," Jane whispered.

"What? How do you know?"

"I know everything about her," Jane said. "I've studied her."

"Sounds more like stalking," Mickie giggled.

"I'm usually a teachers assistant and I read all of the essays and journal entries," Jane said. "Just someone who fascinates me."

"And how do you know she's gay?"

"Doesn't matter cause you won't use it anyway," Jane said. "Will you run? Please?"

"Why don't you run?" I asked pointedly wanting to turn the conversation back to the subject of Carrie but had it slip my mind a moment later.

"I can't do public speaking and people run over me easy," Jane said. "But you're strong, pretty and you got lots of friends. I can be your secret weapon."

"Secret weapon?" I asked as she gently took my hands in hers.

"I have a photographic memory, vast knowledge on every topic you can name and an IQ of 215," Jane said. OK, I was impressed. "You need it I know it."

"What do you get out this?" Mickie asked.

"Position as Vice President," Jane said. "All I really want. You can have all the prestige and credit and I'll do the work."

"That's not fair to you," I said.

"I just want the school to be a better place and with Carrie as President it won't be," Jane said. "At least consider it?"

"That I will do," I said as Jane smiled weakly and walked off a moment later. "WOW!"

"So Madam President," Mickie said as she kissed my cheek. "Shall we celebrate your entry into the race tonight at my place?"

"You mean your bedroom."

"You mean my secluded, sound proof, attic bedroom," she said as she kissed my lips softly.

"You planning to get on top of things?" I asked as I kissed her back.

"Don't I always?"

"MMMMMMM yes you do," I said as we kissed softly for a few minutes.

"Your attention please!" came the voice over the intercom. "This is Ms. Davenport in the front office and I'd like to announce that the assembly planned for today has been cancelled. It will be re-scheduled for tomorrow at the same time. Thank you, that's all."

"Looks like you've got the time you wanted," Mickie said as I simply nodded. Suddenly a lot was weighing on my mind.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey where's my girlfriend?" I asked Laney as I sat down beside her on a milk crate out front of the Lake Erie storage unit. Sammi and Darcy were riding their skateboards on a make-shift ramp just a few feet away.

"Walked with Jessie to get sodas" Laney said. "What have you been doing inside?"

"Organizing," I said. "My Dad is horrible at organizing stuff. You should see how fucked up the bills are. He's got the gas bill for May 82 stapled to the cable bill for January 91."

"I'm sure you're exaggerating," Laney giggled.

"No I'm not," I said. "My Mom's having twins and I'm afraid he'll lose one of them."

"So what if he does?" Laney asked. "He'll have one to spare."

"No he won't," I said. "I'm looking forward to having two new brothers or sisters."

"Or one of each?" she asked.

"Yeah that too," I said with a huge smile. "I can't wait to hold them."

"Me too," Laney admitted honestly.

"Hey, can we go get something to eat?" Sammi asked as she came over and sat down in front of us.

"You and Darcy go, we're waiting on Jessie and Taylor to get back," Laney said as Sammi stuck her tongue out and Laney had to match hers with one of her own. I laughed at the playful goofiness of the two.

"Are you two flirting with each other again?" Darcy asked as she sat down by Sammi and the two exchanged dirty looks.

"The only two people flirting would be you two," Laney fired back. "I saw you with your hand on her ass!"

"HMMMMMM," Darcy said as she laid back onto her elbows and looked as Sammi purposely rose to her knees and gave Darcy a great view of her butt. "I don't know about hands but it sure is cute."

"Go on feel her up she won't mind," Laney said as I laughed so hard I fell back against the building. Darcy laughed too as Sammi smacked Laney's arm in protest and the two began a giggling tickle fight that featured them rolling around on the ground and screaming in giggles time and time again. Sammi finally escaped and ran down the alley between the storage buildings with Laney in pursuit. Taylor and Jessie came back around the side of the building and were met by Sammi as she latched onto Taylor and pulled her in front. "You think she's gonna protect you? She's my best friend."

"You leave her alone," Taylor said with a smile as I joined them and watched Sammi smile smugly as she hugged Taylor from behind.

"Yeah hillbilly, pick on me instead," Jessie said as she poked Laney to get her attention. "Cause unlike Sammi I will kick your ass."

"Did you say kick or lick?" Laney asked as Jessie laughed and blushed. "Exactly, cornsucker."

"Both of you are perverts," I said as I pushed a giggling Sammi away from my girlfriend and kissed Taylor's cheek. "MMMMMMMMMMM."

"Is that your phone?" Taylor asked as it was indeed my phone vibrating inside my jeans. I fished it out and said, without looking at the caller ID, "What's up?"

"Mickie, I need you and Jessie to meet me at the hospital," Dad (Michael) said breathlessly.

"What's wrong? Please say nothing serious."

"It's your Mom," Dad said as my heart dropped into my stomach. "She's having pains and we're on our way to the hospital right now."

"OHMIGOD!" I said in shock as Taylor hugged me and I closed the phone. Literally shaking as the visions of the worst case scenario floated through my mind in those few horrible moments of time as we made our way to the hospital on the other side of town.

At least life is never boring.