Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 55 "the most wonderful experience...ever!"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Talk about a scary moment. One second 'the gang' is all hanging out at the Lake Erie storage unit and having a great time and BOOM! the bomb drops and the next thing you know we're in a frenzy to pile into Jessie's VW bug (6 people) in all and get to the hospital. It's a miracle we didn't get stopped as Jessie drove like a maniac and we had four people piled into the backseat. We made it though.

"Please God just don't let anything happen to the babies or Laila" Jessie said as we piled out and Mickie and Laney sprinted inside to find Michael and I hugged Jessie as she certainly needed it in that moment. Deciding it was best to stay put for the moment until someone came out with some news or let us know where Laila or Michael was.

"Jess, it's gonna be OK" I said as she touched her forehead to mine and forced a half smile.

"Yeah, Laila's tough" Sammi offered from beside us. "Those babies are gonna be fine."

"I hope you're right" Jessie said softly.

"Things had been going pretty good" Jessie said hopefully. "Ya think?"

"Of course" I said.

"I even made her a sandwich a couple of days ago" Darcy said with a smug smile.

"Just for that I bet they name one of the babies after you" Jessie said as I laughed. But Darcy's response was priceless. She smiled and nodded her head and said, "You're probably right."

"Dad!" Jessie said as a rather calm looking Michael emerged from the double doors leading inside. "How is she?"

"She's fine" Michael said. "Got us all worked up over nothing."

"Thank god" Jessie said as she hugged her Dad. "What caused it?"

"Gas!" Michael said as everyone laughed.

"Gas?" Jessie asked in disbelieve.

"You're Mother...step-mother..."

"Doesn't matter, just go on" Jessie said.

"Good" Michael said. "She had another of her infamous salads with cottage cheese and yogurt on top."

"EWWWWWWWW" Came the collective response and followed quickly by giggles.

"I know it's not a pretty sight to watch her eat" Michael said as he slipped his arm around Jessie. "Anyway, you brought the whole gang did you?"

"Couldn't leave them behind they had no way home" Jessie said. "Besides Sammi lives just down from Taylor's place."

"We got skate boards so we always got a way home" Darcy said. "You don't have to worry about me."

"I do worry about you" Sammi said pointedly. "And if they made you walk I would too."

"No one walked" Jessie said. "I like having you guys around."

"Mom wants to see everyone" Mickie said from the entrance. "Said they gonna keep her overnight."

"Another crisis averted" Michael said with a deep sigh as we followed after him and Jessie inside.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"This is your Uncle's place?" I asked Rae as we got out of the car and looked at the slightly rundown house of her Uncle.

"It's a bit neglected I know" Rae said with a hopeful smile. Adjusting her skin tight daisy dukes as I watched. "What my thong showing?"

"Nope, but feel free" I said as she giggled.

"So where's the keys to the pleasure palace?"

"UMMMMMMMM should be under the plant" Rae said as she walked up on the porch and tipped it up and found it laying exactly where she said. We followed her inside as she unlocked the door. "I'm so smart."

"And even more important...you're hot" Maria said as she walked past the small kitchen and down the steps to the expansive living room and out onto the patio that connected with the pool. "This is nice."

"Told you so" Rae said as we all now stood on the patio and admired the gorgeous blue water of the pool. "And according to the note on the fridge he's gone for a week and half more."

"I say we just move in here" I suggested. "Old Uncle what his name won't mind."

"Uncle Chuan-Li" Rae said. "He was born in China."

"Your Mom was too, right?" Maria asked.

"She was" Rae confirmed. "Her and Chuan-Li came here when they were 17. That's her brother."

"And the Government just let them leave?" I asked.

"I don't know" Rae said with a shrug. "I do know they came from Hubei province. Other than that I'm not sure of much else."

"Hubei Province which contains the city of Wuhan, the most populous city in central People's Republic of China. It lies at the east of Jianghan Plain, and the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze and Han River" I repeated with a shit eating grin. "Wikipedia."

"You already know more than I do" Rae giggled.

"And more than me" Maria said. "Enough Geology and Geography for today?"

"I agree" I said as I joined Maria on the bamboo style love seat under the shade. "Besides we've got lots of other things to discuss in a situation like this."

"What situation?" Rae asked as she sat down on Maria's other side. "And I hope it's our favorite topic."

"Well there's a big privacy fence" I said with a point of my finger. "And all this sunshine, and a big empty house."

"HMMMMMMM" Maria said as she slid her hands down to mine and Rae's tanned smooth thighs and smiled knowingly. "You know what I'm thinking."

"Butt fucking" Rae and I said in unison and giggling as Maria blushed.

"We always know what you're thinking baby" Rae said as she kissed Maria softly. "And you don't even have to ask if you can."

"MMMMMMM me either" I said as I slid my hand under Maria's shirt and felt her flat stomach as I kissed her. "Too bad we didn't bring your favorite toy."

"Now what kind of a lover would I be if I wasn't prepared at the drop of a pair of Daisy Dukes?" Maria asked with a wicked grin.

"You didn't bring it" I said in shock as she nodded her head to confirm that most wonderful of surprises.

"Now I really love you" Rae said as she stood and pulled Maria to her feet and kissed her.

"I'm gonna go and make sure you're not bluffing" I said to my girlfriend as she briefly smiled at me before making Rae squeal as she lifted her off the ground and carried her to the picnic table in the sun and sitting her down on top of it as they pawed each other. I ran (literally) to the car and found the 'bag o' pleasure' tucked away in the trunk.

Getting back a few moments later the desire was already in the air with Maria and Rae softly kissing as they continued to paw each other and as I sat the bag down and pulled Maria's strap-on out as the two parted. Rae unbuttoning Maria's jeans and slipped them down as I joined the two and my girlfriend kissed me softly as Rae helped her out of her jeans. I slipped Maria's shirt up and over her head and found out she wasn't wearing any underwear (she was now naked!).

"Somebody was planning something huh?" Rae asked as Maria grinned wickledly and let me and Rae slip on the strap-on. Tightening the straps around her thighs and then taking turns kissing her as she stroked her newly attached cock. "Now you two are gonna strip each other while I watch."

"MMMMMMM so good" I moaned as Rae and I kissed softly and began to do as Maria wanted. Slowly piece by piece we exposed each others skin to sunlight and soon we were all three naked.

"MMMMMMM WOW Lyns your tan looks so good in the sunshine" Maria said as she joined us. Her hands sliding down to mine and Rae's ass as she grinned knowingly. "Yours is as good as Rae's now."

"MMMMMM it sure is" Rae said as she squeezed my titties in her hands and kissed me.

"You sure you're gonna like butt fucking us in the sunshine?" I asked with a coo and knowing I was already killing Maria with the dirty talk as she squeezed her fingers into mine and Rae's ass cheeks over and over. "I mean you've gotten to do it sooo much lately, you're not getting tired of it, are you?"

"I love butt fucking you two more every time I do it" Maria said as she kissed Rae softly and massaged her tongue against Rae's for a long moment. "MMMMMM and doing it in the sunshine, MMMMMMM wow I'm already so horny I could cum in seconds."

"Well don't cum just yet, OK? I really wanna feel you in my asshole first" Rae said with a smile as I kissed her myself deeply as I slid backward onto the pinic table as her hands stroked my naked body and mine roamed hers. Her tongue massaging mine as we kissed passionately and she laid me back on the table as Maria waited patiently, at the top of the table, and stroked her cock slowly (lubing it up). Rae moaned into my mouth as my fingers slid down to her slick bald pussy and stroked the lips up and down and continued to do until she circled her body around and got over me into a 69. That's when my fingers left her pussy and my tongue eagerly went to work as I licked up and down like a lollipop. Rae moaned like always, in panting, trembling moans of pleasure. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her down onto me in a 69 as I licked her more agressively.

"MMMMMMMM Rae" Maria moaned as she slid closer and guided her cock into the girls asshole in one long smooth stroke. Placing both of her hands on Rae's smooth tanned back and pressing her thighs to her equally tanned ass cheeks.

The thought of where we were (naked in the sunshine) and could easily be caught had all three of us running on hormones so hard we had to settle down a bit to keep from getting into an all out frenzy.

"MMMMMMMM yeah get down there and lick some pussy for me" Maria moaned to Rae. Who now trembled from head to toe gently with Maria's cock buried deep in her asshole. She lowered her head and started to lick my pussy up and down, making me squirm my hips and buck them a bit. Maria moaned intensely as she pulled out of Rae's asshole till she caught her cock head on Rae's asshole and then plunged back inside and smacked her thighs off of Rae's ass cheeks. Giving the girl stiff shots already, Maria's hot little ass clenching as she pumped faster in and out of Rae's asshole. Looking down and watching every stroke and moaning as loud as I'd ever heard her. "MMMMMMMMM Rae, god baby butt fucking you is the most wonderful thing I've ever felt."

"MMMMMMMMM I so agree cause you butt fucking me is the most wonderful thing ever" Rae moaned as I licked over and over her clit now and she shook gently from the shots Maria was delivering. Rae licking my slit again and spreading my lips a bit and exposing my clit and making me jerk as she licked that softly. The smacking of Maria's thighs against Rae's ass cheeks got a bit louder with a few last shots before it suddenly stopped and Maria pulled out and moaned as she rested for a moment. "It just feels so good in my asshole that you can't take it huh?"

"MMMMMMM I was gonna cum it was feeling so good" Maria moaned as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I don't know if I can do this for very long."

"MMMMMMMMM please baby, for me? I need your cock to butt fuck me in the sunshine" Rae moaned to Maria.

"MMMMM ok baby, just for you" Maria moaned as she suddenly slid back inside and made Rae shake as she began to pound it in and out. Rae making my pussy spasm now as she sucked on my clit and I did her the same way. The moaning was now clearly loud enough to be heard by anyone that bothered to pay attention. Maria's thighs smacking hard at Rae's ass cheeks as she delivered a hard pounding butt fucking to the moaning girl on top of me and delivered the best line I've ever heard, "MMMMMMM I promise Rae, no matter how wonderful your asshole feels on my cock I won't stop butt fucking you."

"MMMMMMM I love it so much right now, OHMIGOD" Rae moaned as she began the most mind numbing, body shaking cum of her life. Moments later, me and Maria joined her in orgasm and the moans of pleasure filled the air. Maria shaking and stiffening up as her orgasm surged (the strongest she'd ever felt) and Rae squirting her cum into my mouth and sucking my own out at the same time. Finally, all three of us settled down into an amazing afterglow. All three of shaking from the sensations we'd just produced. Maria pulling out and standing there in a daze almost as Rae slid back a bit and off the picnic table and to her feet. She turned to meet Maria and kissed her softly. "Most wonderful thing you've ever felt?"

"MMMMMMM yes it was" Maria said as she kissed our mutual lover and wrapped her arms around her. I sat up still shaking. "So wonderful I'm shaking all over."

"And how do you think you and Lynsey make me feel?" Rae asked as Maria slid her hands to her ass cheeks and squeezed them in her hands. "I get to feel you butt fucking me and Lynsey licking my pussy at the same time."

"We love making you feel that good" Maria said as her and Rae kissed again.

"MMMMMMM I know" Rae said, "Thank you for butt fucking me."

"You're very welcome" Maria said as I stood and joined the two. Maria pulling me into her arms as well and spanking her hand at my ass cheeks as I grinned and kissed her. Rae kissing me next as a thank you for the work I did on her pussy a few moments before. Her taking my hand as she led me away from Maria and back to the picnic table as she sat down on it and had me lean down and kiss her softly. Maria moving back to the end as she covered her cock in more of the oil as I laid Rae back on the table lengthwise and got over her as we kissed for a few moments. Her guiding me to turn around and get into a 69 with her, which I did eagerly as Maria stroked her hands up and down my back now. I lowered my pussy down and saw the sunlight disappear as Rae's tongue found my slit and she eagerly and agressively started working on my clitty. "MMMMMMMM thats what I love to see."

"MMMMM I love to lick Lynsey's pussy so much" Rae moaned to my girlfriend before going back to doing that very thing as my moaning got louder. Rae licking me with a passion it seemed and suddenly I realized that all of the sensations seemed to be amplified by our outdoor setting. I squirmed my hips and lowered my head to watch for a long moment as her tongue slid up and down my smooth pussy endlessly. She stopped for a moment and rubbed my pussy lips before saying, "MMMMMM sweet, sweet pussy."

Maria lined her cock up with my asshole and I began to lick Rae's pussy as Maria slid easily into my asshole in one long smooth stroke. She pressed her thighs to my ass cheeks and all three of us moaned out loud. I was literally trembling with the intense pleasure that could be felt in every pore of my body. "MMMMMMMMMM Lyns, my baby you feel so good."

"OHmigod yesss, you're cock is what makes me feel so good" I moaned to my girlfriend as she pulled out till her cock caught on my asshole ring and slid back inside, starting my butt fucking in earnest. "MMMMMMM and you've got it stuck in my favorite hole."

"MMMMMMMMM on you and Rae both it's my favorite hole to fuck" Maria moaned as she began to stiffen up as I watched her over my shoulder for a long moment, slapping her thighs at my ass cheeks now as she went in and out faster and harder. Rae below me was working my clit with a rough licking every trip up my pussy slit. She bucked her hips a bit and wanted desperately for me to return that favor, so I did. Beginning to suck her clit right on the tip and got her to moan loudly into my pussy. Maria's hands on my bare bag as her butt fucking cock was getting faster and deeper with every stroke. "MMMMMMMM it's feeling so wonderful again."

"MMMMMMM oh yeah baby, is my asshole making your cock feel that good?" I asked as I shook and waited a moment for her immediate response, harder, stiffer shots to my asshole, they came on cue as she moaned. Slapping her thighs at my ass cheeks and watching me again lick at Rae's sweet pussy below me. All three of us moaning out loud as the sunshine beat down on our naked bodies. Rae slipping her arms around me as she sucked on my clit and made my pussy spasm wildly. Maria moaning to me in pants as she plunged in and out franticly, "MMMMMM butt fucking makes my cock feel so good you wouldn't believe."

"MMMMMMM and it makes me cum so good I can hardly take it" I moaned before sucking Rae's clit one more and making her cum just a nano second before she brought me off. Maria's hard pounding, thighs slapping ass cheek rhythm made it the most mind blowing orgasm of my life. I felt the pleasure as it blossomed into an orgasm that made me shake from head to toe. Maria stiffening up behind me as she experienced an orgasm, much like the one she'd just had with Rae. She laid her head back and pounded until it subsided into after glow. All three of us moaning so loud the neighbors had to have heard, squirting my cum into Rae's mouth and her moaning as I sucked hers out. But finally, all pleasure subsided and left us panting and shaking. Maria carefully pulled out of my asshole.

"MMMMMMMM that was the most wonderful experience I've ever had" Maria moaned as I rolled off Rae and the picnic table and got to my feet, on shaky legs. Rae standing and joining us a moment later. Maria kissing me before I dropped to my knees in the grass and did something I never thought I'd do, beginning to suck her cock after it had come out of my asshole. The sweet flavor of the lube was intoxicating as I sucked and tasted another distinct sweet flavor that tasted even better. I sucked harder and squeezed my lips to try and draw the flavor more into my mouth as Maria moaned above me. My hands on her still quivering thighs and looking up as she now kissed Rae softly. The hormones flowed again as I bobbed my head up and down and deep throated my girlfriend's cock over and over. "MMMMMMM ohmigod Lyns, you are such a good cock sucker."

"MMMMMMMMM she sure is" Rae said as she got down on her knees and guided me to stop. Kissing me softly as I did and then taking Maria's cock in her mouth and starting to suck it herself. I stroked Maria's thighs as she moaned from above and took Rae's cock sucking like a trooper. Rae bobbed her head up and down as she swallowed Maria's cock time after time. Maria moaning louder as she slid her hand into Rae's long black hair and pulling her off. "Am I a good cock sucker too?"

"MMMMMMM such a good cock sucker, you like sucking my cock when it comes out of your asshole huh?" Maria asked as Rae stood and kissed her softly. I stood too as I kissed my girlfriend and then our mutual lover.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey, you wanna take Reggie for a walk with me?" Becky Sue asked from the door to my bedroom. Reggie already on a leash.

"I don't wanna be seen with you in public" I said. She laughed as I joined her for the walk outside. Meeting Carolyn and Dad (Richard) as they came back from their evening walk. Reggie barking excitedly as a car slowly drove by on the street.

"Gonna out for a walk?" Dad asked.

"Uh huh me and the fill-in girlfriend" I said and laughing when Becky Sue groaned.

"I am single and happy to be so after all the drama I've been involved" Becky Sue said. "Can we go now?"

"If you need to talk I'm here" Carolyn said as Becky Sue nodded and followed me as we walked off down the block towards the 7-11. Reggie pulling Becky Sue along as I tried to keep up. Stopping a few moments later to say hi to one of newest neighbors, a Mrs. Pederson. Becky Sue laughing as Reggie pulled her on down the sidewalk without stopping.

"Evening sweety" Mrs. Pederson said as she raked her small yard. "How are you?"

"I'm pretty good, just out with my friend walking the dog" I said as Reggie dragged Becky Sue across the street and into the Marvel's yard. "You get moved in OK?"

"We did, thank god for my son Scotty and his wife Bianca, they did the lion's share of the work" She said. "I'll get the rest done by the by."

"If you need some help I don't mind" I offered. "That's what good southern girls do."

"And ole fashion hard headed northerner refuses the help until it's absolutely necessary" Mrs. Pederson said as I laughed. "By the way how's that father of yours doing?"

"He's moving on" I said. "Carolyn is really nice and she's...well...things are better."

"You know how people talk" She said. "And I'm nosey so I listen."

"Reggie is at it again" I said as I pointed to Sammi and Becky Sue playing with Reggie in the Marvel's front yard. Mrs. Pederson and I both laughing.

"Does my heart good to see young ones be just that, young" Mrs. Pederson commented. I nodded my agreement on that. A few long giggled filled moments passing then as we both watched the action in the Marvel's front yard. Mrs. Pederson though had other things on her mind. "By the way, and feel free to tell me to butt out, but since when does the UPS deliver packages in a black van? I noticed it while sipping coffee the other morning."

"I'd like to know that myself" I said. "I'm glad you saw that. It was a black van, right?"

"It was honey" Mrs. Pederson said. "Looks like one of the van's my son Scotty's old firm used."

"What did he used to do?"

"Scotty was a first rate Private detective" Mrs. Pederson. "And they used exactly those type of vans to do undercover...ummmmmm...whatever they call it."

"Surveillance" I said. She snapped her fingers and said, "That's it. You think someone could be investigating you?"

"Have to be a bunch of Barney Fife clones if they were" I said as we both laughed.

But an idea that would prove to be more right than any of us could have ever known was born in that moment.