Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 56 "The President's Girlfriend"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The house was rather quiet this morning when I rose and snuck in an early shower. After checking my email and still hearing no activity, Reggie of course trailing me the whole time, I figured I'd go down and wake up Becky Sue and see if she wanted breakfast. I stopped though when I heard the voices from the bottom of the steps and decided to listen for a long moment and realized that Carolyn was having a very animated conversation with someone on the phone. "Look you little drama queen, I'm telling you to just come home he's not gonna change and you know this."

"Must be Raegan," I mumbled to myself before quickly resuming my eaves dropping.

"Fine daughter of mine do whatever you want," Carolyn said in frustration. "But you hear me now, you let that bastard father of yours cause you to lose that baby and I will personally kill him. You can tell him I said that cause I'm serious. Now come home..."

"Holy crap batman, Raegan got knocked up," I said in shock (though under my breath).

"You can stay at our old house and the boyfriend can stay with you," Carolyn said. "Richard and I just talked about it and we'll help you. Raegan, my girl, it's time to grow up and do what's best."

"Who ya snooping on?" Becky Sue whispered into my ear. My heart skipped a few beats as my head snapped back and I saw her and could have killed her in that moment. "Huh?"

"Go back to New York, scared a years growth out of me," I hissed as she grinned and laughed. "Geez."

"Who you eaves dropping on?" Becky Sue asked again.

"Carolyn was on the phone with her daughter in California," I said.

"Raegan, right? The one you were involved with?" Becky Sue asked. "I listen close when people talk, OK?"

"Yeah I guess you do," I said. "And yeah that's her."

"What was so interesting about that?" Becky Sue asked as I followed her back to Laney's door. She knocked on it saying, "Get up, you got school and I don't."

"Fuck off," Laney growled in reply. Both of us laughed.

"So what was up with Raegan?"

"She's preggo," I blurted out just as Laney's door opened.

"Who's preggo? Becky Sue?" Laney asked with a yawn and a wry smile.

"Nooooo it's not me," Becky Sue said in protest as I laughed. "Taylor's EX-Raegan."

"Not my EX, just someone I got involved with," I said. "Anyway, Carolyn was talking to her on the phone..."

"She was eaves dropping..." Becky Sue chimed in.

"... and Carolyn was begging Raegan to come home for a while and said her and Dad would help her," I rambled on as Laney listened. "And something about her Dad being an ass and won't help her out."

"Whatever," Laney said. "I don't want nothing to do with her."

"Yeah right, you, her and Jessie in a threesome would get you so hot you'd be moaning your own name," Becky Sue said as I laughed.

"Nooooo!" Laney protested as she glared at a giggling Becky Sue. "And what would you know about a threesome?"

"Well, it's kinda why I came to visit," Becky Sue said mysteriously. I thought briefly she had designs on someone here. "Not to get one, I had one and it went bad after the fact."

"With who?"

"Carlo and Raven," Becky Sue said with a devious grin.

"You did it with your ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend?" I asked in shock.

"Hey, they agreed to it and we all had fun until the finger pointing and name calling started," Becky Sue said.

"You have to tell me about that," Laney said with a horny smile. "And I want details."

"If you beg," Becky Sue giggled. "But I'm sure you can convince me."

"I'll be an investigative reporter if I have to," Laney said pointedly.

"Oh, wait..." I said, flashing back to the previous day and my conversation with Mrs. Pederson about the black van. "Speaking of investigators, you remember that black van that delivered the UPS package?"

"This is it," Laney said as she pointed to her white t-shirt. "Why?"

"Ms. Pederson, nosey lady that moved in down the block said she thinks those people are private investigators," I said. "Said her son Scotty used to do that and they used those."

"Even if she's right, who would be investigating me?" Laney asked.

"I have an Uncle who could find out," Becky Sue inserted. "My Uncle Bob is an investigator and he knows almost everybody. If there's anything to be found out he could probably do it."

"See if you can find out for me?" Laney asked.

"Of course I will," Becky Sue said. Laney smiled and kissed her cheek (quickly followed by my lips), as a thank you, before walking off towards the bathroom. Becky Sue grinned as she touched her cheek in surprise.

"Becky Sue's in love," I said as I turned and ran off down the hall. Becky Sue groaned as she chased after me as we both laughed and went rumbling down the steps, with Reggie barking happily as she chased after us around the banister at the bottom of the stairs, down the hall and finally the kitchen as Carolyn, Dad (Richard) and Grandpa looked up. Becky Sue caught up and did a double poke of my tickle spots, causing me to jump away in a fit of giggles.

A quick breakfast with the family (Becky Sue included) followed and before I knew it Mickie had arrived and we were off to school. But what I didn't know was that I'd remember this day for a long time as it would end up changing my life forever. All beginning as we pulled into the parking lot, got out and made our way towards the school when we saw the electronic message board that read, "ALL STUDENTS MEET IN THE GYMNASIUM FOR ASSEMBLY AT 10 a.m."

"Oh boy," I said as I squeezed Mickie's fingers in mine and we made our way inside and to find that we were the center of attention. Everyone was looking at us as we entered and whispering to a friend or just remaining silent, I knew then that something was really up. I shook my head and pushed through the crowd with Mickie's hand in mine and hoped everyone would stop staring.

"Hey!" Mickie said to get my attention. "Don't worry about the assembly. Unless you decided to run?"

"If she gets up there and runs her mouth I might do it to piss her off," I said as Mickie grinned and kissed me.

"I'm behind you 100% if you do," Mickie said. "I got class, I love you?"

"You do?" I asked in pretend shock. She giggled and kissed me before saying, "Repeat after me, I love too Mickie James."

"Repeat after me, I love too Mickie James," I said with a gotcha grin. She rolled her eyes.

"I'll take it," Mickie said before walking away. I stuffed my books into my book bag and was about to pick up my laptop bag when I sensed someone was behind me. Figuring it was my recently introduced nemesis I took a long deep breath and turned around and found... shy girl, Jane.

"Morning?" she asked nervously.

"Morning," I said. "What's up?"

"You're the talk of the school," Jane blurted out. I noticed that a few more people seemed to be eye balling me as they drifted by. "Haven't you noticed?"

"Trying not to," I said. "Why are they looking at me like that?"

"Carrie kind of emailed the entire school and told them you were gonna run," Jane said. "She admitted it to me this morning."

"Are you working with her or something?" I asked.

"No, I just happened to know," she said mysteriously.

"You seem to know a lot about her for only being an innocent bystander," I accused. "Now what's up?"

"Nothing," Jane said as she tried to walk off and was stopped by me.

"Now I'm gonna ask you one last time, where have you been getting this information?" I demanded. Jane looked as if she could not believe what she had gotten herself into. But following a tense moment she reached into her book bag and produced a neatly bound notebook thick pile of papers from her bag and handed them to me. I offered no reply as I opened it and found page after page of chat logs. "What are these?"

"Yahoo and MSN chat logs that I've been collecting for a few weeks," Jane said. "I'm Carrie's internet friend, from Texas."

"She wears leopard skin thongs?" I asked as I read that particular passage in one of the logs. "And has a killer tan, with no tan lines? Reminds me of someone I know."

"It's true too," Jane said. "She sent me some pictures that are... well she did."

"But what use are these?" I asked.

"If she starts attacking you today during assembly you can fire back on her," Jane said. "She admits she's gay on pages, 12, 14, 29 and 53."

"You remembered that?"

"Photographic memory," Jane said.

"Wait, if you've spent this much time getting to know her then why you do want me to out her?" I asked.

"She's mean, even to me, and she needs an attitude adjustment," Jane said. "Maybe that will be a wake up call."

"I can't do that to someone," I said.

"Keep them and I'll vote for you even if you don't run," she said as she walked off and left me standing there in shocked silence at the bizarre situation I'd gotten myself in.

"Hey, glad you're running, you got my vote," Danny Coakler said as he walked by and flashed me a double thumbs up.

"But I'm not..." I mumbled awkwardly but barely above a whisper.

"I know you hate me but you got my vote too," Marty said from behind me. I turned to look at her and saw her half smiling. "Just wanted you to know that."

"Thanks I think," I again mumbled as she walked off.

"PRESIDENT RAYNEWATER," came the roar that made me nearly jump out of my shoes. The source being Ryan as he came thundering down the hall swept me into his huge arms and... hugged me before setting me down. "You got my vote buddy."

"Thanks," I said in shock.

"Opened my email this morning and saw what the bulletin said and screamed for joy," Ryan said. "Woke my Mom and Dad up."

"I'm sure they appreciated that," I giggled.

"Dad said if I ever do that again he'd make me wear a dress to prom," Ryan said as I laughed. "What he don't know is I'm gonna do that anyway."

"You're nuts," I laughed as Ryan smiled and walked off a few moments later. My ego beginning to grow now as I realized I really had some support.

2 hours or so later in the gymnasium...

"Hey Taylor, Hey Taylor," Mickie said as she snuck behind me as I waited outside of the gymnasium. I smiled as I kissed her. "Won't believe what just happened to me."

"You got some off another girl?" I asked as she laughed.

"Lynsey," she said simply. "No seriously, I just had a really great meeting with Mr. Kennedy about the Gay/Straight Alliance."


"Uh huh I showed him my proposal for what we should do with the money," Mickie said. "He loved it. Said I was smart and... he said he was impressed."

"So happy for you," I said as I grinned and kissed her. A long moment passed as we softly massaged our tongues against the other's. Mickie paused at the very end and melted my brain into Mickie goo with a sizzling finish. "Power makes me hot."

"Just imagine how hot you'd be if I were president?" Mickie asked. I simply nodded that it would and got lost in her again as we kissed for the longest time. We were shaken back to reality when the voice of Mr. Kennedy from inside the gymnasium.

"Welcome to Von Adams High's first assembly of the year," Mr. Kennedy said a few moments later from behind the podium. "We've come here today to introduce the new members of the staff and to make official the new athletes who will hopefully lead us to success. Let's get started..."

Mickie and I snuck in and took a seat in the back and listened as Mr. Kennedy introduce every member of the year's Cheer squad and then handed the microphone off to the NEW head cheerleader, my best friend's girlfriend, Jessie.

"Hi guys, I hope you'll come out and cheer us on this year," Jessie said and looking smoking hot in her barely there, midriff exposed, cheer outfit. "Cause we're gonna have a great year and we need your support more this year than ever before."

"YEAH!!!!" came the room shaking roar as Jessie and her fellow cheerleader started bouncing around on stage. I'll go to every game just to see her do the splits again.

"Now please welcome the Captain of the Von Adams High Zephrys, Ryan 'Cold Train' Caldwell," Mr. Kennedy said as Ryan rose began egging on the crowd.

"Hi guys, settle down," Ryan said as he calmed the crowd now. "I told everyone who would listen last year that this year would be my team and it is. And I promise you if you come out to support us we'll play as hard as we can and even if we lose... we won't embarrass the school like last year."

"12 and 0," came the chant as Ryan smiled.

"Not promising that," he said. "But we got a great coach and a lot of good players, like my boy Danny Coakler. You wanna see a future NFL draft pick then come see him..."

"OK, everyone now it's time for the introduction of this years candidates for Student Body President..." Mr. Kennedy said before looking around for something and only seeing a smug smile on Carrie's face. "Taylor Raynewater? Are you here?"

"Apparently she's too scared to run," Carrie said to Mr. Kennedy as she joined him at the podium. Something finally snapped in me and I rose from my seat and extended my hand to Mickie as she smiled and with my bag over my shoulder we made our way down the aisle and onto the stage. "Ohhhh big brave Taylor gonna stand up to me?"

"Hush, and go make your opening remarks," Mr. Kennedy said to Carrie as she glared at me. Mickie kissed my cheek as we stood off to the side.

"Excuse me, all attention up here," Carrie's voice rang out in her usual demanding voice. Which cut off all chatter and focused the attention on her just as she wanted. "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Carrie Ames your next Student Body President."

"GET OFF THE STAGE, LOSER!" came the heckle from the second deck of seats. Everyone laughed.

"Are you jealous that I'm running? Is that why you feel the need to be rude?" Carrie asked the heckler.


"What did he say?" I asked as I looked to the upper deck and couldn't see anyone from my vantage point.

"Oh she would huh?" Carrie said. "If you keep pushing me I'm gonna have to point out why you wouldn't wanna vote for her."

"TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR!" came the short lived chant that I, for some reason, knew was destined to get under the skin of Carrie and boy did it.

"SHUT UP!" Carrie demanded as she pounded her fists on the podium. "This is my time to talk and tell you why I should be your next President."


"That's it, I tried to be nice but you don't want that, so here it is," Carrie screeched, "Why the fuck would you want someone to run who destroyed her own family by being a dyke?"

"OHHHHHHH," Came the collected shocked response.

"Holy shit!" I said in shock as my stomach turned to knots. Mickie squeezed my hand in hers.

"That's right, your precious Taylor, destroyed her parents marriage because of her so-called love affair with the school queer," Carrie said. "Now how many of you wanna vote for her?"

"Ms. Ames that's enough," Mr. Kennedy said as he took the microphone from her and she glared at him as a stinging boo broke out. Tears rolled down my cheeks as Mickie kissed my cheek and whispered, "Let's just go."

"No one attacks me like that," I said in a growl. "She wants me in the race, she got me now for sure."

"Are you fucking serious?" Mickie asked as I got up from my seat. A slow silence rolled over the crowd as I eye-balled Carrie, who backed away as I came on-stage.

"Taylor no, it's over," Mr. Kennedy said firmly.

"You're either gonna let me respond or I'm gonna hurt her," I said as Mr. Kennedy turned off the microphone and moved between me and Carrie.

"Threats of physical violence are not tolerated here," Mr. Kennedy said.

"The little blue haired freak got her say and I want mine," I demanded. "I'm entering the race for President."

"WHAT?" Carrie screamed in a rage as she glared at me so hard her eyes had to hurt.

"YEAH!!!" Came the roaring response from many in the gymnasium. I looked around and wondered if they were cheering for me.

"I will destroy you in the election," Carrie said from behind Mr. Kennedy. "You have no idea what you just got yourself into."

"If you two don't stop threatening each other I will cancel the election," Mr. Kennedy said aloud.

"She doesn't deserve to run," Carrie said. "She a fucking fa... I HATE YOU!"

"It's not fair Mr. Kennedy, you let her say anything she wants but you silence me," I said and just then realized where I was. I reached up and clicked the on button of the microphone and lowered it down and said, "We should all have freedom of speech."

"Taylor this has gotten deeply personal..."

"Because she attacked my family unfairly," I said into the microphone.

"LET HER SPEAK!" Came the chant.

"I agree with them!" I said as the crowd laughed.

"Make her turn it off," Carrie demanded.

"Turn it off now," Mr. Kennedy demanded as I snatched the microphone and stepped back a few feet, not realizing how far I'd gone when I felt a pair of welcoming arms slip around me. I looked back and saw my girlfriend grinning at me. Mr. Kennedy held out his hand for the microphone as Carrie trailed him like a puppy. Mickie surprised me when she plopped the chat logs that Jane had given me earlier into my hand. I looked at them and knew this was my revenge. A cold uncaring revenge that she deserved after she'd dared say that about my family in such a public place. Well... that's what I thought in my rattled brain at the time.

"You hate me Carrie? You hate me cause I'm gay and don't think anyone would vote for me?" I asked. She just glared at me with a hate filled look as I held up the chat logs. "You know what these are Carrie?"

"A bunch of stupid papers," Carrie spat. "You gonna throw them at me?"

"Give me the microphone," Mr. Kennedy demanded.

"You hate me cause YOU'RE GAY TOO!" I screamed into the microphone.

"WHAT? what? wha..." Carrie asked in a heart stopping look of shock on her face as I tossed the chat logs onto the floor at her feet.

"It's all in the chat logs..." I said before Mr. Kennedy snatched the microphone from me and boomed, "My office, now!"

"You psycho bitch!" Carrie said as she read from the chat logs. "This is... WAS PRIVATE!"

"You too Carrie, my office, now!" Mr. Kennedy demanded.

"She outed me in front of the entire school," Carrie said with a heartbroken, devastated beyond belief look. I knew then that this whole thing had spun so far out of control that serious damage had been done. "How could you chat with me all these months and then..."

"It wasn't me," I said softly. The gymnasium had long since began to be cleared by other teachers and campus security. "Someone gave them to me."

"WHO?" Carrie raged as tears flowed down her cheeks. But what happened next was truly heart stopping, she grabbed her arm and then her chest and looked as if she were having trouble breathing and a moment later she collapsed like a lump of bricks.

The next 30 minutes or so seemed like hours or days as we waited a few feet away. The paramedics arrived and made sure that Carrie wasn't seriously injured or that it wasn't a heart attack. Mickie held me in her arms the whole time and whispered in my ear how much she loved me and how it wasn't my fault. But it really was.

"Why did she have to be so hateful?" I asked as the paramedics finally, to my relief, helped Carrie to her feet.

"Remember Bertram?" Mickie asked as I nodded. "Some people are seriously fucked up in the head."

"What was it that caused her to collapse?" Mr. Kennedy asked.

"Ms. Ames seems to have had a severe panic attack," Roger (the paramedic) said. "We'll take her to the hospital for observation."

"Didn't you have a couple of those?" Mickie asked as she moved in front of me.

"Yeah when my Mom left and all the stuff with her and Dad it just got to be to much," I said as I looked down for a moment and looking back up to see Carrie was listening from behind Mickie as she was being helped out by the paramedics. Mickie kissed me and took my hand as we made our way out too.

A few minutes later...

"Taylor, Mickie," Mr. Kennedy said as he came out the big double doors leading to the parking lot.


"I'm suspending the election of Student Body President," he said. "If this was any indication of future events neither you nor Carrie can be trusted to have a civil debate amongst yourselves."

"She doesn't know my family and she attacked them unfairly," I said.

"And even with that you had no right to do what you did," Mr. Kennedy said. "Just as she didn't."

"So what happens to the office?" Mickie asked.

"Well... considering the actions of Taylor and Carrie at the assembly I can't in good faith name either of them to the office."

"Very true sir." I said as the sting of disappointment really set in.

"But since there has to be a student representative I've been forced to pick one as an Interim President," Mr. Kennedy said.

"Who is it?" Mickie asked as she stood and pulled me up too.

"You, Mickie," Mr. Kennedy said. "Congrats."

"Congrats on what?" Mickie asked in confusion.

"I am appointing you as the new Interim President of the student body," Mr. Kennedy said.

"Are you nuts?" Mickie asked as I stood there stunned to silence. Mr. Kennedy simply laughed. I was in, literally, a state of shock.