Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 57 "Baloney and Mayonaisse (and Fried Taters!)"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Taylor?" Mickie asked and finally shook me back to reality.


"Are you ever gonna talk to me again?" Mickie asked as I looked over and saw the worry in her eyes. "You've been silent for like 25 minutes and that's just since we pulled into the driveway."

"I'm sorry, I'm still in shock" I said. "And why wouldn't I talk to you?"

"You're mad at me?" She asked.

"Again why would I be mad?"

"Hello, Interim President?" Mickie asked. "That was kinda the job you wanted?"

"No, I didn't" I said as I slid across the seat and opened the drivers side door before we got out. "I got pushed into the race by Carrie that little blue haired hate monger."

"But admit it, you did kinda want too" Mickie said as I pulled her arms around me. "And now you're gonna think I stole your job and if you do I'll resign..."

"Not mad, me, I'm not mad" I said as I kissed her. "Besides it's only fair that the girl whose been a Junior three times should get to be President at least once."

"Hey!" Mickie said in protest as I giggled and slipped from her arms and ran for the door of her house. Mickie took a deep breath and came up the walk slowly as she eye-balled me. "I have not been a Junior three times."

"Four times?" I asked as she turned her hands into claws and was ready to tickle the piss out of me when her Mom (Laila) appeared at the door.

"What are you two up to now?" Laila asked with a smirk.

"Mickie pulled a George W. Bush and stole the election for student body President" I said as Mickie's bottom lip dropped open. I giggled and slipped behind Laila.

"Mr. Kennedy appointed me Interim President" Mickie said as I shrugged. "I didn't even run."

"Mikala Jessie James you did what?" Laila asked.

"I was appointed student body President" Mickie said. "Seriously."

"How? Why?" Laila asked as she hugged Mickie proudly. The next few minutes were filled with mine and Mickie's retailing of the whole days events. By the time Mickie had rambled all the way through it we had all settled in on the couch with Laila resting in between us and dumbfounded at the turn of events. "So you and not Taylor got named President?"

"Seems like that" Mickie said with a huge grin. One that made my heart beat faster as I leaned over and kissed her.

"Madam President" I said proudly.

"You're really and seriously OK with this?"

"I told you I never really wanted the job" I said. "But if you do, and to repeat what you told me, I'm behind you 100%."

"Now that's a mature attitude...OHMIGOD in heaven these little stinkers are kicking" Laila said as her face went from a smile to shock as she moved mine and Mickie's hands to her expanded belly and we could feel two distinct punching feelings coming from inside. "OH WOW!"

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"Every thing is wonderful" Laila said with a huge smile. "My babies are kicking."

"You think it'll be one boy and one girl?" Mickie asked.

"Don't know" Laila said. "Would be nice though. Michael would finally have his little Mikey Junior."

"Why didn't you name her Michael junior?" I asked as I pointed to Mickie.

"Shut up girlfriend of mine" Mickie said as I laughed and she pushed me down on the couch.

"Shut up girlfriend of mine!" Came the mocking voice that revealed itself to be Darcy as she emerged from the kitchen with a soda in hand.

"What are you doing here Dar Dar?" I asked as I looked up at her from the couch.

"We rode over with Jessie and Laney" Darcy said. "And Sammi wanted to come check on the twins."

"Why don't you two get married already?" Mickie asked from beside her Mom.

"This is Ohio we can't" Darcy said. "They've already proudly written hate into the constitution."

"So you're saying you want too?" I asked with a smirk.

"Don't love her that way" Darcy said calmly. "But I'll fight anyone that makes her cry."

"We already know that" Mickie said.

"LAILA SWEETHEART!" Michael screamed from the double sliding doors leading to the newly concreted patio. "Do you wanna order something for dinner?"

"I sure do, us three are starved" Laila said in reply. "You boys about ready for a well deserved break?"

"Be on in then" Michael confirmed.

"Us three?" I asked Laila. "Me, you and Mickie?"

"No, me and these two" Laila said as she pointed at her belly.

"Two plus one is usually three" Darcy said with a nodding of the head that made everyone laugh. Sammi coming in through the double doors that lead to the patio.

"Hey, can me and Alex and Ryan stay for dinner?" Sammi asked. Then quickly realizing her goof and rephrasing as she added, "And Darcy too?"

"You, Ryan and Alex but not Darcy" Mickie said as everyone laughed. The toes on my left foot beginning to cramp inside my shoe as I sat up rather quickly and slid off my shoe to massage the muscles.

"All of you are invited" Laila confirmed. "All been such a big help. Now what does everyone want?"




"Fried Baloney and mayonnaise!" Mickie added to close the suggestions. Laila rolling her eyes at the goofiness of her daughter.

"Foot cramps?" Laila asked me.

"Yeah, seems like I've been getting them about once a day the last week" I said.

"Put your feet up here they need a good massage" Laila said. "Come on."

"OK, thanks" I said as I slid both of my feet into her lap and groaned as she began to work magic on my toes and feet. Instant relief. I laid back and grinned at my girlfriend.

"Treat her like a daughter and she'll move in" Mickie said to her mother. "Wait, that would be a good thing."

"Shut up daughter of mine" Laila said as everyone laughed. Michael, Ryan and Alex coming in from the outside.

"So what we did we decide to order?" Michael asked.

"A little bit of everything" Laila said. "But our daughter did a spark a craving for me. Fried baloney and mayonnaise. Maybe some chips and cold soda and I'll be satisfied."

"Sounds OK with me" Ryan said. "Alex?"

"I'm easy" Alex said. Prompting Darcy's dead pan reply, "That's what Ryan says too."

"Well is everyone in agreement?" Michael asked. "I'll run to the store and get everything and we'll be eating in no time."

"OK with me, Dad" I said with a toothy grin as I looked up at him. Laila still rubbing my feet. Michael shaking his head as he pointed at me and grabbed the car keys off the peg board by the front door and headed off to the store.

"Now all we need is fried taters for a real southern meal" Sammi commented.

"Fried what?"


"You eat them fried?" Darcy asked as the whole room laughed. "What I never heard of that. I wasn't raised her."

"Everyone I know has tried fried taters" Sammi said.

"Was born in Canada, remember?" Darcy asked.

"I know" Sammi said with a nodding of the head as both made faces at each other.

"Seriously?" I asked Darcy.

"Saskatoon" Darcy confirmed.

"Now that you mention it I hear the accent" I commented. "Weird I never noticed it before."

"Potatoes in the kitchen if wanna satisfy my latest craving" Laila said to Sammi.

"Be back in a minute" Sammi said as she dragged Darcy off with her as she headed for the kitchen.

"I'll call Laney and see if her and Jessie want something" Mickie said as she flipped opened her cell phone.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I came to the door of the apartment and secretly watched Rae for a long moment as she patiently worked on the slowly forming mural on the wall in the hallway. Which by the way was becoming a big hit with almost everyone who passed by as almost everyone of them would stop to comment on one thing or another. With the quiet in the apartment, Maria was napping, I finally had some time to think and that's when my mind drifted to how much I'd come to adore everything about Rae and wondering if she felt the same about me. I hadn't ever let myself fully explore those feelings until now, the thinking being that something would happen to take her away from me (and Maria). But the more I thought, the more I realized I was in love with her.

"Tell her what you're feeling you brunette airhead" I muttered to myself just as a lady in a pants suit turned down our hall and slowed and looked for the longest time at the mural. All previous thoughts drifting from my mind now as I listened.

"Oh hi" Rae said with a friendly smile. "Something I can do for you?"

"This is a remarkable scene young lady, is this all your work?" The Lady asked.

"Yes Ma'am it is" Rae said. "Just something I really love doing and...well, the building manager wanted me to do this."

"Simply remarkable, breath taking and just altogether extravagant" The Lady commented.

"Thank you" Rae said with a huge smile and deep crimson blush.

"Let me stop being so rude and introduce myself, I'm Connie Foster-Browne" She said. "The owner of Cleveland's finest upscale art house, Foster-Browne."

"Rae Chan" Rae said. "Nice to meet you."

"Let me ask you sweety, do you do work on canvas?" Connie asked.

"I can paint on anything" Rae said. "Why?"

"Well...I'm having a show in two weeks at the Foster-Browne studios and as hard as it is to believe I still have up to three openings" Connie said. "And if you can get me a piece in the next 10 days and it's of this quality, I'll guarantee you a place in the show and in the auction."

"Sell, like for many?" Rae asked in shock.

"Possibly as much as 5 thousand dollars, some of our new artists have made as much in one night" Connie said. "But don't get your hopes up, the average is 500 and 1000 dollars."

"Fuck, I don't have any canvas right now and money's been tight" Rae said with a heartbroken look.

"I tell you what I will bring you a spare one from the studio" Connie said. "Do you live here?"

"Yes Ma'am, OHMIGOD, thank you" Rae said with a beaming smile. "I live right there, sharing with my frien...my girlfriend, Lynsey."

"Well aren't we cozy" Connie said with smile. "I have your address in my PDA and I will be by tomorrow afternoon."

"Thanks" Rae said as she watched Connie round the corner and leave our floor before she squealed in excitement and came running down the hall and stopped short when she almost ran into me. "Oh hi, you won't believe what just happened."

"I heard everything" I said with a smile as I leaned in and kissed her.

"You spying on me?" She asked with a questioning look.

"Yes I was...girlfriend" I said as she blushed.

"Sorry, I just...I wanted to say that" Rae said. "I don't know why."

"I get it Rae, I feel the same" I said as she bit her lip but still smiled. "Both of us got in a lot deeper than we ever thought."

"Not me, I knew how I felt about you from the first moment we met in the laundry room" Rae said. "You told me your name was Pynsey and it was over for me. I was addicted to you after one meeting."

"That's why you were spying on me?" I asked. She simply nodded and leaned back against the door. "That's also why you don't like Marty."

"Two for two" Rae said. "I know you don't feel the same..."

"Don't assume that..."

"I love you more than Maria...and I have since the day we met" Rae said bluntly. "And if that causes trouble I'm sorry."

"Rae, it's not gonna cause trouble..." I started to say when Maria staggered out of the bedroom in a grumpy mood after her nap. Grunting as the phone rang and she quickly went to answer it.

"I better get back to work" Rae said as she kissed me and walked off without allowing me a chance to respond. Not that I knew how to respond to everything I'd just heard. I simply ran my fingers through my hair as I walked back into the apartment and saw something strange. Maria's mood had changed considerably as she was smiling as she talked on the phone to someone.

"Hey, why not?" Maria asked the person on the phone. "Rae and Lynsey won't mind if you come over for a while. OK, see you soon."

"Won't mind if who comes over?" I asked as she hung up.

"Marty!" Maria announced. "Play some board games and stuff, it's OK, right?"

"Great!" I said with a fake smile. Talk about a bizarre mix of emotions. In those few moments I sure had them in spades.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You're having what?" I asked as Mickie giggled. "No thanks, we'll just grab a pizza or something."

"Bye sis" Jessie said from the drivers seat as I hung up. "Fried Baloney and Taters?"

"Hillbilly food" I said as she laughed.

"Cornsucker food too" Jessie said. "We used to eat that all the time back in Omaha."

"Good eating" I said with a heavy southern accent as we pulled into the 7-11 at the end of Taylor's block. We were about to get out of the car when a large black cargo van came around the corner and stopped at the red light, just having come from the street from which I now lived on. "That's it."

"What?" Jessie asked as I pointed to the van. "That's the same van that delivered that weird package a few days ago."

"How do you know?"

"It's the same color, make and model" I said. "And believe me I've been here for over a year now and I've never seen one like that until now."

"Follow it and see where it goes?" Jessie asked as the van pulled out and went on through the intersection.

"My brilliant blond girlfriend" I said as I kissed her lips. "Let's go."

Jessie grinned knowingly as she pulled out onto the road and began weaving in and out of the mid day traffic in an attempt to catch up with the possibly mysterious van. One turn after another followed as we laid back far enough to not be noticed and hoped we could get close enough to see where their final destination was. Ten minutes or so later we'd traveled probably ten miles when the traffic clogged up and we ended up two cars behind the van in the other lane and that's when it caught my eye, the license plate. Problem is with the sun reflecting off of it I couldn't quite make it out.

"Have you got your digital camera with you?" I asked Jessie.

"In the glove box" She said as I fumbled for a moment and finally dug it out. Breathing a sigh of relief when it clicked on and I aimed it at the van and was, to my joy, able to get a clear reading of the license plate. "Trog V 1."

"That what it says?" Jessie asked. "You gonna take a picture of it?"

"Duh" I giggled as I just then snapped some good pictures. The lights changing as both us and the van pulled out again. Only this time the van's turn signals flicking on as it suddenly slowed and detoured into a large parking complex and just like that was gone from sight. I was still lucky enough to snap a few pictures of the parking structure and even two guys standing outside. Having no idea if it would help at all but having an odd feeling that somehow this would be something important.

"Now what exactly did that accomplish?" Jessie asked as we once again turned towards home.

"Probably nothing" I said as we both giggled. "But hey we just wasted 20 minutes."

"Good point" Jessie said. "So what do you want to eat? I'm hungry. Mama Santa's is right up the road and that's the best homemade pizza in the city."

"Let's hit it" I said as she pulled off Mayfield Road and into the parking lot. 20 minutes later we had a scorching hot pizza in the backseat and a car pointed towards home. "That pizza is killing me it's causing my belly to rumble."

"You can wait till we get to your place" Jessie said as she finally turned back onto my street. Waving at Grandpa Hal as he sat on the steps at the Marvel's place with us driving on down the street and pulling up in front of the house.

"I been waiting on you guys for like an hour" Becky Sue said as she came down the steps from the front door.

"Why?" Jessie asked.

"My Uncle called and he said he knows a few people in Cleveland so he might be able to help you" Becky Sue said and looking down at the box in my hands. "That smells heavenly, please tell me you wanna share?"

"You let me drive your Maserati GranTurismo, so we are friends for life and that includes pizza sharing" I said as she laughed. "So what about your Uncle?"

"Uncle Bob said you need to call him and tell him everything you know and as a favor to me he'll look into it" Becky Sue said as we climbed the steps.

"We actually got a plate number earlier..." Jessie said to Becky Sue as they walked inside. My attention being drawn away by a shrill voice from down the road and as I turned I saw Mrs. Pederson (the new lady on the block) coming down the sidewalk in a slow shuffle.

"I need to talk to you sweety" She said as she met me at the bottom of the steps. Handing me a folded piece of computer paper.

"What's this?" I asked.

"That is the license number of that black van that your friend Taylor told me about" She said. "The one that delivered that so-called package?"

"Yeah it turned out to be a white-t-shirt" I said as she laughed.

"It was not a UPS driver" She informed me. "I know that much."

"Then who was it?" I asked.

"That I don't know but I took the time to write down the license number just in case it would be useful later" She said. I wondered in that moment how a lady who was obviously in her late 60's could possibly see the 200 or 300 feet from her house to mine and see something so small as a car's license plate. She had though had a brilliant answer to that question. "I waited till they drove by and snapped a picture with my digital camera."

"Good picture too!" I said as I unfolded the piece of paper and found a clear picture of the license plate and nearly fainted when I realized it was the same number as the van Jessie and I had just followed. "Holy crap!"

"Now don't go thinking I walk around and take pictures of all of my neighbors, cause I don't" Mrs. Pederson said.

"I don't think that, but it's nice to know" I said as we shared a laugh.

"That same van has been by here at two more times that I can count" Mrs. Pederson informed me.

"Taylor told me that too" I said as I started getting a bit nervous. "Any ideas on who it is?"

"Sorry honey I don't" She said. "I just enjoy keeping tabs on sneaky people who have no business in this neighborhood."

"Thanks for the picture" I said with a smile. "Keep an eye out for me?"

"Eagle eye Annie is what they used to call me back in Dayton" She said. "That and the nosey old cat lady."

"Mrs. Pederson is fine with me, I like cats" I said with a smile.

"Well if you unravel this mystery come by and tell me about it?" She asked.

"Once I figure out if there is a mystery" I said as she walked off in the direction from which she had come. "Bye and thanks again."

"Thanks to who?" Becky Sue asked as she bouncing, literally, down the steps and stopped beside me. My eyes watching her firm bouncy titties for a moment too long as her eyes followed mine. "You are always staring at my boobs."

"I am not" I lied.

"Yes you are, they're great huh?" She asked as she arched her back a bit and made them stick out even farther.

"No comment" I said as she laughed.

"Pussy" Becky Sue said mockingly. "I paid a lot of money for these and I don't mind if you like them."

"WOW! OK? But I have a girlfriend" I said firmly.

"I know and you don't even know how lucky are" Becky Sue said.

"How do you mean?"

"Jessie's gorgeous, smart and just a girl that I'd love to ask out" Becky Sue said. "And I bet she's a freak."

"I totally agree" I said.

"So she is a freak?" Becky Sue asked with a gotcha smile. I blushed and turned to go inside when she blocked my path. "Tell me Elaine."

"Shut up Rebecca Suzanne" I said she grinned. "That's none of your business."

"We both know it's true" Becky Sue said and arching her back again and showing me her tits. "Huh?"

"Yes it is and if you want anymore info on that you can ask my girlfriend herself" I said pointedly.

"I'll do that cause Jessie likes me" Becky Sue said with a horny smile. "Oh yeah, my Uncle said call him."

"Oh OK" I said as I dialed the number on my cell that Becky Sue gave me.

"Martin Investigative Services Houston!"

"My names Laney McCoy..."

"Becky Sue's friend" He said. "Right?"

"Yeah, her good friend" I said as Becky Sue smiled. "You needed to talk to me?"

"Yes I did and I'll be blunt, I'd love to help you but without some kinda of lead it's not gonna be very fruitful" He said. "So can you give me any names of anyone you think would be wanting information on you?"

"No" I said simply. "But I do have a license number."

"Well that sure would give us a lead" He said.

"What did he say?" Becky Sue asked as I hung about 5 minutes later.

"Said he'd run the plates and make some phone calls and he'd let me know in a couple days if he finds anything" I said. Never thinking, as we walked up the steps, that this would lead to anything...but oh boy did it ever.