Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 6 "Like A Virgin"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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An hour later, with a major case of 'nerves', Mickie and I stood on her front porch and looked at each other nervously.

"You ready to meet my parents?" Mickie asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be"

"Don't be afraid to crack a joke or two with Dad either" She said with a soft kiss. "He'll love you if you can make him laugh."

"And mom?"

"Make sure it's a good joke" Mickie said as I laughed and froze as the door behind us opened and there stood a male version of Mikala.  

"Well we gonna play kissy face all night or are we gonna have dinner?" He asked as I laughed and he smiled.

"I prefer kissy face" I said as he laughed and Mickie hugged me proudly from behind.

"Me too" Mickie giggled.

"Stop that and get in here" He said as we walked into the front entrance. "Formal introductions suck."

"She already told me your name, Todo the dogface boy right?" I asked and heard Mickie gasp at my joke in shock and start to laugh. He gave me a look of confusion and for a moment I thought he might be offended until he grinned. "Blame her she told me that."

"Mikala Jessie James" He said with a pointed finger, "You need to stop spreading the family secrets."

"No, no..." I said as I laughed. "You are much to handsome to be Todo."

"Hey" Mickie said as she spun me around and kissed me, "I am the one you flirt with, not him."

"Michael what is all the laughing about?" A voice asked as I turned in Mickie's arms and saw that a woman who had to be Mickie's mother had just come into the front hall with an apron on.

"Waiting to be formally introduced to Mickie's charming new friend" Michael said.

"Mom, Dad, this is Taylor Raynewater, my girlfriend" Mickie said with a huge smile that made me feel so proud to be with her. "I did good hey pops?"

"I'll have to admit you did and did you say girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" Her mother asked. Both seemingly in surprise at that piece of info.

"Yes girlfriend, officially" She said as I nodded my agreement. "Taylor this is my mom and dad."

"Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. James" I said as Mickie groaned.

"Lame" She said as I blushed.

"I am Michael around the house and this is my wife of 28 years, Laila" He said, "We don't cotton to any of that formal jazz, so it's Michael and Laila."

"You got it Mike" I said as everyone laughed.

"Well dinner will be ready in 10 minutes" Laila said as she headed back to the kitchen.

"I'm gonna show Taylor my room OK?"

"10 minutes" Michael said with a finger point that I knew implied more than be down for dinner. We headed up the stairs a moment later.

"What was that about?" I asked in a hushed voice as we reached the top of the steps.

"They think just because I like girls that I'm hormonally obsessed with getting laid" She said with a smirk. "So I never get much peace with friends who are girls. So if I hang out I go to their house."

"Not so bad" I said, "At least your mom excepts you."

"Yours does too, I can tell" She said softly, "She's just adjusting and if you'd just chill a little it'd be better. For me?"

"You better be glad I love you" I said softly as she smiled. "But OK I'll try."

"Hey Mick, new friend?" A girl in a bath towel asked as she came out of the bathroom. Damn this girl has some curves. OK, so this is the first time I've seen a girl in this little clothing since I had started seeing Mickie. And this time I refused to let my natural instinct take over and block out my true feelings as I let myself gawk for a moment and then I knew I liked it. I felt her eyes on me and knew that she knew I was checking her out as a clueless (I thought) Mickie wrapped me in her arms and said, "Jessie this is Taylor, my new girlfriend."

"What the fuck you're cheating on me?" Jessie asked as my lip dropped.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Me and Mick have been knocking boots for months hey baby?" She asked as Mickie's lip dropped too.

"Again excuse me?" I asked turning to Mickie and we both heard Jessie start to laugh out loud.

"She is soo lying to you" Mickie said.

"MMMMMM baby" Jessie giggled as she fell against the wall and laughed harder. "Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie."

"Tell her the truth cuz, before I beat your ass" Mickie said in a demanding voice.

"Cuz?" I asked.

"I'm her big mouth cousin Jessie" She said with a giggle. "Just love to pull Mickie's chain. Yank, yank."

"GRRRR" Mickie growled as Jessie ran off laughing and disappeared into her room. "Come on?"

"Nice room" I said as she closed the door behind us and crashed down on the bed and started making eyes at me. "Stop that."

"What? How about you make eyes at me the way you did Jessie" She said with a smirk as I about fainted.

"She was practically naked" I said and not bothering to deny it. Something my Grandpa taught me was to never try to lie your way out of something embarrassing. He said it would be far worse later on if you did. Sounds like good advice. "Sorry."

"Don't be" She said with a smile. "I just hope you look at me like that one day."

"Maybe I will" I said as she stood and boldly pulled her t-shirt up her stomach and showed me a shocking site, she had a serious six pack happening. I smiled as she moved closer and she gave me the OK with her eyes to put my hand on her stomach. Oh lord my knees about went weak when I felt the soft skin under my fingers and the muscles ripple slightly under my fingers. She smiled and let her shirt fall over my hand and she kissed me in that way that kills me. Her soft lips on mine as she moved closer and my lips moved against hers in a soft and slow rhythm. I stroked my hand higher and then lower on her bare stomach as she moaned softly into my mouth and licked my upper lip and asked for my tongue and I immediately pulled her closer with my other hand going around her back and trading her tongue for mine. The sensations as our tongues massaging against the other was, to say the least, freaking mind numbing. Oh wow. I moved my hand higher almost involuntarily and felt the bottom of her bra and jerked away. "Oh damn that was..."

"Yeh sorry about that" She said as she ran her fingers through her hair nervously. "I wasn't trying too..."

"I know" I said as I hugged her, "But you almost did anyway."

"Lay down with me for a second?" She asked with a serious tone.


"It's not that I swear" She said as she sat down on the bed and laid back and asked me again with her eyes to join her. Glancing at the closed door I gave in and hoped this wouldn't go where I thought it might. She smiled as she rolled over and kissed my cheek and then touching my face she gave me that smile, an adoring smile, and I got lost in her eyes. The whole 'only girl in her eyes' thing was seriously popping off as she touched my cheek gently and turned my head gently so she could kiss my lips and we again started to get lost in each other. But this was different, it was slow and tantalizingly hot, but she never offered her tongue to me, just a nice slow kiss. She slowed and held her lips against mine for a moment in a sizzling brain melting way. God I love it when she does that, it's seriously one of my favorite parts, even it does mean it's over shortly there after. But this time she moved her lips against mine once more for a few long moments and then did it again, a sizzling, body awakening end to the perfect kiss. I growled my approval as she pulled away and smiled. "You like?"

"God yess I love how you kiss me" I said as she smiled and seemed surprised by my definitive answer. "The way you always stop for a moment at the end kills me."

"Remind me to do that more often" She said as she leaned down and kissed me again softly as a knocking came at the door.

"Stop making out on the bed and get down for dinner...dykes" Jessie said from the other side of the door as we both laughed and got up.

"Now what was the whole point of that on the bed thing, other than the obvious?" I asked before she could open her bedroom door. She leaned closed and whispered in my ear. "I'm not supposed to have girls on my bed, we just broke a cardinal rule in this house."

"Mickie" I said as she laughed.

"I'm not telling anyone if you don't" She said. "I just always wanted to do that. And since we are official now, not like I can do it with anyone else."

"Not unless you want me to whip...your...butt" I said as I poked her after each word.

"I get it OK?" She said, "I'm taken, and so happy to be, that you'd be surprised."

"Me too" I said as I hugged her. "So happy you wouldn't believe it either Mikala."

"Good" She said with a kiss, "Now if we don't go, you won't be seeing me anymore cause I'll be grounded for life."

"Dinner is on ladies, pull up a chair" Michael said as we arrived back downstairs and I swear Jessie was giving me the eyes as me and Mickie walked into the room holding hands. Laila brought out some of the most delicious looking food anyone could ever wanna eat and sat it down. "OK, first I'd like to welcome our new guest and no doubt soon to be family member, Taylor Raynewater."

"Thank you, thank you, no applause needed, I'm just happy to be here" I said with a smirk as everyone laughed.

"No ones offering any, ego trip" Jessie said as she beaned me with a cruton and we playfully glared at each other and laughed.

"Taylor" Michael as he looked at me seriously and I looked back at him. "In this house we have two hard and fast dinner time rules."

"Sure" I said.

"One, my wife worked long and hard on this meal and even if you're not hungry I'm sure you can stomach a few bites to please her."

"Looking at that spread it won't be a problem" I said eyeballing the food.

"Oink Oink" Mickie giggled as I shot her a warning look and we laughed again.

"If you think this girl is a oink oink you need glasses Mick" Jessie said with a knowing smile towards me.

"Keep your eyes on your food and off my girl, wanna be lesbo" Mickie said as Jessie blushed.

"You two pipe down" Michael said with an amused smile. "And Taylor number two."

"OK" I said as I turned back to him.

"We always say grace in this house, so if that's a problem you can feel free to step into the other room..."

"It's not" I said as I touched his hand. "We don't do it but that don't mean it's not OK with me."

"Good, I like you already" Michael said.

"Horny old goat" Jessie said as the room erupted in laughter at Michael's shocked reaction.

An hour later...

"Damn" I said to myself as I watched Jessie twirl around in the front yard as she danced. Me admiring her fabulous body in a way I'd never let myself admire any girls body and it was really making me hot. Cause, well to be honest, she liked the attention, I know cause she was making eyes at me at different points during dinner. "You are one gorgeous creature."

"You enjoying ogling my goodies?" Jessie asked as she suddenly came to a dead stop in front of me. I blushed and snapped my head away and heard her laugh knowingly. "Answer me already."

"Well you're not exactly wearing very much" I said. She wasn't either, a pair of skin tight/painted on short shorts and a belly shirt that showed off her perfectly tanned and flat stomach. "What am I supposed to do?"

"About what you were" She said as I gave her a dirty look as she laughed. "Don't blame me cause you think I'm hot."

"OK true, but you must think I am too" I fired back and prayed secretly Mickie would stay upstairs long enough for me to hear Jessie's reply. And just so you know, Mickie had disappeared up the steps a few minutes after dinner to check her email quickly and I accepted Jessie's invite to chat on the porch.

"And what makes you think that?"

"You were so making eyes at me all through dinner" I said as she blushed and shrugged.

"Innocent flirting" She said as she sat down by me. "I know for a fact Mickie seen me and she didn't make a big deal out of it."

"So you just make eyes at anyone she brings over regardless of looks?"

"You want me to say you're hot right?" She asked with a challenging smile. "Yes or no."

"No" I said simply and wishing I hadn't said that, cause I did wanna know. Cause if someone this hot thought I was, well, that meant something.

"I would like to know why you're flirting with me when I was under the assumption that you were straight" I said.

"Straight? Yeh" She said with a nod of her head. "Not set in stone, sorta like you."


"Waiting for the right person" She said with a sweet smile as we heard Mickie thundering down the steps. I was shocked to a 'stupid grin plastered on my face' silence as Jessie looked back quickly and before Mickie could reach the porch she leaned into me and whispered in my ear in a no less than sultry voice, "Just so you know...h..o..t. Meow."

"You too" I heard myself said as she giggled and Mickie plopped down beside me and kissed my cheek, saying, "Hey my girl."

"Slut here still hitting on you?" Mickie asked with a giggle.

"Yep" Jessie giggled. "Told her I thought she was hot and she wet her panties."

"W...w...what?" I stammered as both Jessie and Mickie laughed.

"Good one Jess" Mickie said as she back laid on the porch laughing.

"You don't get jealous very easy do you?" I asked Mickie.

"Nooo not really" She said as she sat back up. "Give me a reason not to trust you and I will. You won't do that."

"Besides who cares if i flirt with you?" Jessie asked pointedly. "After what I been through I just like the attention without feeling pressure to do something."

"Someone hurt you?" I asked softly as she looked at me and nodded.

"Her ex had a thing about cheating with every skank in town" Mickie said. "She's here cause of that, so she can get over him."

"Yeh I've only cried myself to sleep once this week" Jessie commented.

"Hey, we can seriously be friends, call me next time and I'll talk to you through it" I said as she smiled. "I don't know what it feels like but I'm a good listener."

"She won't talk to me about it" Mickie said as she stood and moved to the other side of Jessie. "I told her I was her cousin and these things are required."

"It's easier sometimes to talk to a complete stranger" I said.

"Yeh and I am asking you seriously if I can call you?" Jessie asked.

"I hope you do, I'm always up late on the computer or something" I said.

"Yeh you can and..." I started to say before I noticed Mickie's t-shirt and it was not the one she had had on before. That was one with some ugly logo for a football team but this one was...interesting. It read, 'Nobody knows I'm a lesbian...', I started to laugh as she followed my eyes and figured out what I was looking at as she grinned. "...what the hell are you wearing?"

"My new t-shirt, you like it?" She giggled as she showed it to me and then spinning around and showing me the back read, '...except my girlfriend'. "I'm wearing it to school tomorrow."

"No you are not" I said as she laughed and stood over me and said, "Yes I am and you're not gonna stop me."

"Oh you're asking for a beat down lesbo" I said as she smiled and I rose to meet her.

"I'm the lesbo true, and you are my girlfriend" She said as I blushed. "The shirt is true, what's the big deal?"

"She wants to be straight and have a girlfriend too" Jessie giggled as I shot her a warning look as she laughed. "What are you Taylor? A little confused?"

"Shut the fuck up" I said as I pointed a finger at her and felt Mickie push me into her as she laughed. I screamed as Jessie caught me and we tumbled to the porch.

"Great I got a girlfriend finally and she can't keep her hands off my hot cousin" Mickie said as she backed away with a huge smirk on her face, Jessie and me both glaring at her. "Kissy kissy."

"Let's get her" Jessie said as I jumped up and pulled her up and we both chased after Mickie, who for her part only made a small attempt to get away as she stopped a few feet away and braced as we tackled her to the grass. Squeals of laughter filling the air as I soon found myself out numbered when Jessie turned on me and both of them began to tickle me unmercilessly. I still think Jessie wanted me to wrestle with her and that's why she suggested we charge Mickie. Suddenly over the next few moments I found myself wrestling with only one person and that was Jessie. I was at first relieved as I had a fighting chance with just her I thought but she easily wrestled me to the grass and got over my stomach and pinned my hands down above my head. "Now what you gonna do?"

"Nothing..." I said as I struggled against her grip and figured if I did get lose it'd be useless, besides when was the next time I was gonna have a girl this hot all over me and it be innocent or what resembled innocent. "...but the question is what are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna kiss you" She giggled as my mouth dropped open in shock and she laughed. "God you're easy."

"And you smell good" I heard my mouth say and lord help me I swear I had no previous knowledge of the comment that left my mouth being prepared in any way shape or form by my brain. She grinned and blushed as she released my hands and said, "Compliments will get you everywhere with me."

"HMMMMM really?" I asked as I smiled up at her and we got lost in a silly moment before breaking up giggling.

"If you wanna try it go for it cuz" Mickie said as we both looked over to see her laying to the side on one elbow watching us with a very interested smile. A look on her face I had honestly never seen before, it was like she was enjoying seeing me wrestle with her cousin. Then it struck me, she had already asked that question once before, the one about if she could watch me and another girl. Oh shit, my girlfriend is goofy.

"Huh?" Jessie asked in confusion.

"You're all curious about this lesbian thing and being with a girl, you got a girl between your thighs right now" Mickie said with a smirk and OK technically it was true but still an unfair statement. Jessie glared at her cousin but I noticed she never made an attempt to move off me.

"Bite me Mikala" Jessie barked as Mickie laughed.

"It's true and Taylor is one amazing kisser too" Mickie said as Jessie's face showed some interest suddenly. "She is and you are not gonna hear me complain if she says yes."

"Bullshit" Jessie said as she sat up and looked in Mickie's direction. "If I kiss her you'll be like, ohmigod I can't believe you did that, you're trying to ruin the one good thing I ever did. Well fuck you, I'm not doing that."

"Ohh come on baby" I giggled and stroked my hand up her flat stomach and was amazed at the sensation of my hand on her bare stomach created in my body. Jessie looked down at me as I jerked my hand away and said, "Sorry just playin."

"You do that much more Taylor and I'm gonna take Mickie up on her offer" Jessie said as I smiled.

"I am not gonna get jealous" Mickie said softly. "Why would I get jealous?"

"Because if I kiss her I'm not holding back" Jessie said, "That means tongue if she wants to and hands on body parts, a real kiss, not the fake MTV lesbo shit."

"Yeh I get that" Mickie said as she rolled over and laid now right beside of us and said in a lower voice. "Me and Taylor talked about it, kinda and she knows I wanna watch her with another girl one day. In a threesome."

"Seriously?" Jessie asked. "WOW."

"It was just hypothetical" I said as Mickie agreed, "You know just fantasizing out loud."

"And you want me to be the girl?" Jessie asked as Mickie blushed but my girlfriend being who she is of course fired right back, saying, "Considering we're only cousin's by marriage why not?".

"Excuse me?" I asked as Jessie remained silent. "Mickie have you lost it?"

"No, and if you'd rather not it's cool, I'm just proposing an option" She said as she leaned down and kissed me softly. Ohmigod it was the best kiss ever too, she held it for a moment with her lips against mine and then moved slowly as my lips fell into time with hers perfectly. A moment later, her tongue licked my upper lip and I felt a hand on mine. Slipping my tongue slightly into Mickie's mouth and the soothing sensations of my tongue massaging against hers was so unreal, that was when it happened, I felt my hand being moved and suddenly it was back on bare skin. I thought at first it was Mickie's but then I realized Jessie's stomach was the one my hand was on. I froze for a moment and was about to jerk away when she moved my hand over her impossibly soft and smooth skin and Mickie stopped her lips against mine and held it like I loved in a sizzling and sooo tantalizing moment before she started again.

My mind refusing any other thoughts in that moment as the sensations took over and I gave in and went with them. My hand sliding up and down Jessie's bare stomach and my tongue sliding back against Mickie's again and the soothing sensations growing stronger and stronger with every passing second now. I moaned lightly into Mickie's mouth as she again slowed and I braced for the sensations that always followed and startling me this time as she held her lips against mine for the longest time until I actually slid my hand all the way up Jessie's stomach and felt the bottom of her bra under my fingers. That's when Mickie moved her lips against mine once more and pulled away. Talk about perfecting timing, cause if she had kissed me for one more second I'd have groped her apparently willing cousin. I opened my eyes and saw both of them smiling at me as I jerked my hand away. "You're on fire right now huh?"

"Oh damn yess" I said as Mickie grinned victoriously. "So what do you say now?"

"Anything you want me to do" I said as I smiled and at that moment I was so horny I would have done anything she asked.

"Jess?" Mickie asked as my brain started to come back online.

"Why not" She said with a horny smile towards me that left me almost ready to cum. "No jealousy?"

"I get her first and then you" Mickie said as they both looked at me.

"UMMMMM..." I stammered. "You first?"

"Think about it, what a way to lose your virginity huh?" Mickie asked.

"OH wow yes it would" I said.

"You know I'm a virgin too?" Jessie asked.

"Seriously?" Mickie asked.

"Yeh, I wanted to save it for someone special" She said and me figuring that that was the end of the talk of the proposed threesome, thankfully. "But you two would never hurt me."

"Of course not" I said as I touched her arm gently. "We'd all three be losing it at once."

"Yep" Mickie said softly.

"Before I do anything we're both gonna regret let's give this a few days to sink in?"

"No now" Mickie said in a giggle, "Mom and dad are going out tonight."

"Oh really?" Jessie asked as my phone started ringing and I think it might have saved me from doing something truly insane.

"Hello?" I asked as I picked it up.

"Guess who's coming to town early?" Laney asked as my bottom lip dropped in shock. Oh boy things just got a whole lot more interesting.