Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 60 "Trapped in a Porno, part one"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"SAMMI, SAMMI!" I cried in a panic as I crawled into the dust and found a horrifying sight, Sammi and Marty both laying prone on the ground with a small amount of blood pooling as it dripped out from somewhere. I rushed to her side and lowered my head and listened for a moment and was so thankful to hear a heartbeat that I'd have went to church that very night if asked. "Come on Sammi, wake up, wake up."

"Is she OK?" Taisha asked as she came into view and slumped down next to me.

"She's got a heartbeat but she's not moving," I said.

"Sammi, Sammi, please wake up," Darcy cried as she crawled into view and slumped down next to her best friend and swept her long blond hair out of her eyes and did something I'd never seen her do, she kissed Sammi's cheek. "Please wake up, I can't live without you."

"I'll call an ambulance," I said as I took out my phone and felt a calm Taisha take it from me.

"I got it," Taisha said as she dialed the number.

"OWWWWWWWWWW!" came Sammi's voice as she shook back to reality.

"Thank you god, thank you god," Darcy repeated as she moved into Sammi's field of vision and smiled at her. Sammi gently touched Darcy's face and a long moment passed as they simply smiled at each other. Marty, coughed and rolled onto her back as everyone's attention turned to her. I moved around and helped her sit up as Darcy did the same with Sammi, pulling Sammi into her arms protectively and hugging her tightly. "You OK?"

"My head is throbbing but I'm OK, I think," Sammi said as Darcy squeezed her tighter.

"OWWWWWWW, damn my head hurts," Marty said.

"The ambulance is on it's way," Taisha said.

"You OK? The car didn't hit you did it?" I asked Marty as she, unbelievably, tried to stand up and succeeded. I held onto her to steady her.

"I don't even remember anything," Marty said. "What happened?"

"That car back there almost plowed me, you, Darcy, Sammi and Taisha," I said.

"It did?" Marty asked as she looked back and saw the carnage of the car smashed into the building. "That almost hit me?"

"Yeah, don't you remember?" Sammi asked as her and Darcy got to their feet, Darcy wrapping Sammi in her arms and holding her snugly as Sammi giggled. "Will you stop straight girl."

"I almost lost you, no way," Darcy said as Sammi smiled brightly and caressed her best friend's cheek.

"There really cute together, are they dating?" Marty asked me.

"No they are just friends, nothing's changed since you stayed with Sammi and Mavis," I said as the ambulance's siren sounded in the distance.

"I did?" Marty asked as it dawned on me that something was terribly wrong. "And who's Mavis and Sammi?"

"That's Sammi," I said as I pointed to her.

"And who are you?" Marty asked.

"You don't remember anything?"

"My name... ummmmmmmm... Marty Saybrook?" she asked.

"Yeah that's it."

"Did I used to be on One Life to Live?" she asked as I laughed and wondered where the hell that question came from.

She was definitely rattled. But before those thoughts could progress any further the ambulance arrived and the place was soon filled with activity as the driver of the car, who was seriously hurt in the crash, was helicoptered out an hour or so later. Meanwhile, ne and Taisha were checked out at the hospital (Jessie by my side) and released soon after. Sammi on the other hand, was diagnosed with a slight concussion and the Doctors ordered her to spend the night for observation. And finally, Marty, poor Marty, she remembered virtually nothing from the accident and most of the stuff before that was cloudy.

"Laney can you please step out into the hall so we can examine Martina?" Doctor Chambers asked me.

"Nooo, can she please stay? And her girlfriend, I forgot your name," Marty asked.

"It's Jessie."

"Jessie, can you please stay with me, I'm scared?" Marty asked pleadingly.

"We'll wait on the other side of the curtain?" I asked the Doctor. He gladly agreed as Nurse Pompero said, "Won't be but a few minutes," before she closed the curtains.

"You sure you're OK baby?" Jessie asked as she stroked her fingers through my hair as we now stood by the door leading to the hall.

"Sore wrist," I said as she grinned and kissed it. I lowered my voice and said into her ear, "Means no more over the over back for a few days."

"You were nearly killed and you've still got sex on your mind," Jessie said as I blushed. Then saying to my ear, "That really turns me on."

"What doesn't?" I asked as she laughed.

We were now whispering back and forth at a barely audible level.

"What can I say? You're really good at making me feel good," she said as she kissed me. "MMMMMM, and oh yeah, maybe I can be on top for a change if you can handle it."

"Cowgirl style?" I asked. "Like me laying on my back and you riding me with your back to me?"

"Uh huh, your cock in my ass," she said. "To bad we can't do it right here."

"You're evil," I said as she gave me the most delicious laugh. "And I'm sooo lucky I met you."

"MMMMMMM you sure are cause in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a freak," she said as my eyes opened a bit at that announcement. "I thought you'd like that."

"Well if you're such a freak maybe you wanna show Sierra your freaky side?" I asked.

"I do and very soon," Jessie said as she kissed me softly. "You wanna come along too?"

"I better be there," I said as she giggled.

"OK, we're finished for now," Doctor Chambers said as he whipped back the curtain and smiled at us. "You can rejoin your friend."

"What did they find?" I asked Marty as we came back over to join her.

"Well they did an xray of my head and didn't find anything," Marty said as we laughed. "What? No, no, I meant, nothing was wrong."

"Everything still foggy?" Jessie asked.

"It's coming back a bit at a time," she said. "I remember you two... a little bit."

"Hey?" Sammi asked as she poked her head into the room.

"Hey you," Marty said as Sammi grinned and came in, Darcy apparently reluctantly following as she came in after Sammi. "You OK?"

"Yeah, nothing up here to really hurt anyway," Sammi said as she pointed to her head.

"There's really a lot up there," I inserted as Sammi pointed at me and just smiled.

"By the way your Dad's on the way," Darcy said to me.

"Who? Oh, Richard?"

"Yep," Darcy said.

"There in here," Grandpa said as he came into the room next, leading a couple dressed in clothes that cost more than my current residence.

"Hi," Marty said with a friendly wave. "Do I know you?"

"I'm your mother, Amelia Saybrook?"

"My mother lives in Toronto," Marty said. "But you look familiar."

"I saw your picture in her wallet one time," Jessie said as Marty looked to her. "I did, you used to date my sister."

"And I'm Calvin Saybrook, your Father," he said to Marty and then asking Jessie, "Did you say Marty dated your sister?"

"Mickie James?" Jessie asked as she sat down in my lap.

"I didn't know Mickie had sisters," Calvin said.

"She does now, it's a long story," Jessie said.

"Why are you here then?" Marty asked her parents. "I remember something about you throwing me out. Did you?"

"Mister McCoy here was nice enough to call us, thank god he did," Amelia said with a smile towards my Grandpa. "And we decided it was time to come get you and make another run at being a family."

"You two ran her off?" Darcy asked. "No wonder she's screwed up. With parents like you I'd drink to... and do drugs."

"Well I thank you for your opinion even though it was not asked for," Amelia said with a pained expression.

"You're welcome," Darcy said with an adorable dimpled grin as me and Jessie tried not to laugh.

"I think we better be going before... we're just gonna go," Sammi said as she took Darcy's hand and pulled her along out of the room. Jessie and I soon followed as did Grandpa. Leaving a, not so scared anymore, Marty to try and make a new start with her parents. Grandpa put his strong arms around both me and Jessie for a long time. Richard and Carolyn and Taylor arrived a few minutes later.

"You sure you're OK?" Taylor asked me as she hugged me.

"I'm fine, my girl," I whispered. "We can talk about all of this later."

"We sure will," Taylor said as she moved aside and let Richard hug me.

"Had an adventure today did we?" Richard asked.

"You're a caring soul you know that?" I asked as he laughed.

"Makes you really think about things when stuff like this happens," Carolyn said as she hugged Taylor. "How short life really is."

"Mavis!" Sammi squealed as her and Alex rounded the corner and came towards us. Sammi jumped up and dragged Darcy along.

"Well child you sure do seem to have come away untouched," Mavis said as Sammi grinned and happily hugged her.

"Just some bumps and bruises," Sammi said.

"I'm glad you're OK," Alex said as he pulled a giggling Sammi into his arms and hugged her like a little sister.

"Stop!" Sammi squealed in laughter as she fought to get lose. "You guys make me feel like family, you know that?"

"What what do you think you are?" Mavis asked with a sour face as if that had been an insulting comment. "Huh Missy?"

"I just like to hear you say it," Sammi said with a knowing smile.

"Don't start," Alex said as Sammi laughed. "Can you go home?"

"Yeah Doctor Chambers said she was fine," Darcy said. "And I need a ride home Big Al."

"Don't call me Big Al," Alex said as he held Sammi with one arm and playfully pointed at Darcy with his free hand, Sammi and Darcy both laughing.

"Your Aunt is still away... ummmm... working? Right?" Mavis asked Darcy.

"Yeah so?" Darcy asked.

"Well it's best if you stay with us for a few days while she's out of town," Mavis said.

"But I live right across from the school," Darcy protested. "And that means Big Al here will have to drive me every morning. I'll just save you the trouble and stay at home."

"Big Al doesn't mind," Alex said. "Big Al goes to school down that way. Case closed."

"Fine," Darcy said with a shoulder shrug. "So what's for dinner tonight? Meat loaf? Please, please, please?"

"We'll see," Mavis said before looking to Grandpa Hal and asking, "Harold will you be joining us? I see everything seems to be OK."

"I'm fine thank you," I said to Mavis as she gave me a gentle smile and followed that with a warm hug.

"I said a prayer for you too," Mavis said as she gently touched my face. "You're OK?"

"Same as Sammi," I said. "Thanks."

"And if you're inviting me to one of your world class dinners I'm already there," Grandpa said, Mavis smiling brightly. "Woman is a wonderful cook."

"Yep," Taylor agreed.

"Sure is," I chimed in.

"Best cook in Cleveland," Alex said.

"OK, OK, enough," Mavis said with her hands up. "Make an old lady blush."

"Kinda the point Grandma," Alex said as he and Sammi giggled.

"Bye guys," I said a few moments later as Sammi, Alex, Darcy and Mavis made their way out.

"By the way I made a few phone calls," Grandpa said as we waited on my discharge papers.

"About?" I asked as Taylor sat down beside me.

"Lt. General Roy Moore?" Grandpa asked. "I tracked down his office and come to find out that he's now retired."

"So you called him at home?"

"Tried to but his personal assistant insisted he wasn't available," Grandpa said. "He's living back in Langston and if all else fails I'll fly down there and confront the man myself."

"You think it's necessary?" Taylor asked.

"Someone is investigating my Granddaughter, yes it's necessary," Grandpa said.

"Why don't you just pay off the investigator?" Taylor asked. "Becky Sue's Uncle Bob told Laney the name of the company doing it."

"Having all this money should be good for something," Grandpa said. "I'm gonna make them an offer."

"You know what my girl? You've always had a huge brain," I said as I kissed her cheek and she giggled.

"I'll have Richard and Carolyn give me a ride down there tomorrow," Grandpa said.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Tired from being President already huh?" I asked as I laid in Mickie's arms on the lounge chair on my balcony. This was later that very night.

"Yeah, so tired my brain hurts," Mickie said as I giggled. "Thankfully Jane did that clubs outline for me."

"Sounds like she should have been President," I said as I gave her a knowing look.

"You're trying to be a smart ass, I know, but I actually agree with you," Mickie said. "And tomorrow, oh god tomorrow, we have our first student council meeting and somehow tonight I have to prepare."

"Now you know why I never got jazzed about the job," I said as I kissed her cheek. "But I still love you and that has to count for something."

"Maybe, I'll have to think about it," Mickie said.

"Hey!" I said in protest as she laughed. I knew what was to follow as she slipped off the lounger and ran into my bedroom with me giving chase, turning to me when we reached the hallway and walking backwards. "You are not funny."

"I think I am," Mickie said as I rushed her and we crashed into the wall just to the top of the steps, giggling and poking each other's tickle spots.

"You guys sure having fun huh?" Becky Sue asked as she came into the hallway. She was supposed to have been packed and dressed for the airport but looking casually dressed in a pair of my old Pajamas. "And ohhh yeah, my damn flight was canceled due to something mechanical. I hate Jet Blue."

"Do you hate Southwest airlines too? I mean considering that was who you were flying with?" Mickie asked as Becky Sue laughed and blushed. "You're adorable when you have those blond moments Beckster."

"Shut up," Becky Sue said as she walked off down the steps, hanging a middle finger in the air in response to our laughing.

"Oh yeah something weird I need to tell you," Mickie said.

"What you cheat on me again?" I asked as she laughed. "Said you had other offers."

"No it's about Carrie, your arch enemy?"

"What did you do?" I asked, now getting seriously worried.

"She bumped into me at school and one thing led to another and she started crying," Mickie said. "And I realized we'd went through a lot of the same things and I tried to help. We had lunch."

"Why?" I asked in surprise. "She's a nasty little viper."

"And she's going through the coming out process," Mickie said. "All that stuff with you was her being angry at herself."

"She tried to destroy me," I said in protest.

"And you outed her," Mickie said. "I think you got your revenge."

"How could you just be nice to her after what she did?"

"Because she's in pain and I'm not so certain she won't try and kill herself," Mickie said.

"She's too mean to kill herself," I said in a bitter tone.

"You know what, I love you, but you are laying down a double standard," Mickie accused. "You convinced me that Raegan didn't do anything and I forgave her. Now you need to start forgiving people too."

"Now you're telling me how I should feel?" I asked.

"Yes I am, you do," Mickie said. "Look, fact is Marty is on her way back to Toronto with her parents, and you still hate her. That's not gonna get you anywhere."

"So I should just forgive Marty and Carrie?"

"That would be my suggestion," Mickie said simply. "Maybe take tonight and let that big brain consider it."

"No need to," I said in a defeated voice. "I'll try."

"WOW!" Mickie said with a bright smile. "You are easy."

"Easy as in slutty?" Raegan asked as she lumbered up the stairs.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as she stopped at the top and stretched her back.

"Your Dad has volunteered to help Randy, my boyfriend, paint," she said. "Mom said I should come over here while the paint dries."

"You hungry? Taylor's about to cook me something," Mickie said as I glared at her. Raegan laughing.

"If you don't mind me hanging out," Raegan said.

"I think it's time we all start acting like adults and trust each other a bit," Mickie said. "OK?"

"Uh huh," I said as I kissed her and took her hand and laced our fingers together. "So what do you want me to burn?"

"How about we order pizza? And yogurt?" Raegan asked with a devilish grin.

"Pizza and Yogurt?"

"Yogurt on Pizza," Raegan said. "And chunky peanut butter, I saw that in the shelf downstairs."

"You're eating by yourself," Mickie said as I laughed and Raegan gave us a sour face. "Seriously, my Mom is going through the same phase."

"It's murder," Raegan said as we turned to go down the steps. We were met by Reggie who was just coming in from the kitchen after filling her belly. I petted her as Raegan watched on. "That dog hates me."

"My Shaggy waggy does not hate you," I said. "She's just getting used to you is all. She'll warm up to you, just give it some time."

"I hope so," Reagan said with a worried look as she went to pick up the phone to order the pizza.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Jessie had me call and order the pizza while she went up to her room to get something. I settled on pepperoni and extra cheese from Papa John's, even though I really wanted one from Mama Santa's. Anyway, Jessie came back down the steps with a devilish look on her face, with a bag in her hand.

"Mickie is at Taylor's and Dad and Laila are gone to a doctor's appointment," Jessie said as she sat down by me on the couch. "What are we gonna do?"

"I just ordered a pizza and we're gonna watch a movie?" I asked. "That's what we just talked about, right?"

"Or do something more fun," Jessie said as she slid across my thighs.

"Like upstairs in your bedroom?" I asked.

"Or right here in the living room," she said with a horny smile.

"You're getting nuts," I said as Jessie giggled. "No."

"Yes, I wanna do it so everyone can watch," Jessie said as she kissed me. "Outside Laney McCoy."

"UMMMMMM," I said as my brain melted into goo and I slid my hands down to her ass cheeks. "Butt fucking?"

"That's what's in the plans," Jessie said as she slid off my thighs and took my hand and guided me to the double doors that led to what would soon be a pool. Jessie kissed me one more time as we began to strip each other a piece of clothes at a time. I already knew it was useless to resist so as my panties and bra joined hers on the floor, Jessie pulled the FeelDoe out of the bag and slid the knob end into my pussy. I moaned as I took hold of it and started to stroke it (covering it in lube) as Jessie opened the door and to my mind blowing thrill we were now outside. "Over here."

"MMMMMMM ohmigod Jess your tan looks so good in the sunshine," I said as we walked to the edge of the patio and the concrete table that now sat there. I moved in behind her as she turned her back to me and propped one leg up on the bench and leaned forward onto the table with her hands. I lined my cock up with her asshole and made Jessie squeal when I slid it inside and started pumping in and out. "MMMMMM just like you wanted Jessie, butt fucking in the sunshine."

"MMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD you're gonna make me scream if you keep going fast like that," she moaned as I started to lightly slap my thighs at her ass cheeks and took hold of her shoulders and started a determined pounding rhythm. My ass cheeks started to clench as the throbbing knob in my pussy made it spasm and each shot to Jessie's asshole made the ridges on the FeelDoe work my clit. This was the most pleasure I can say I had ever felt and don't you know that something had to happen to interrupt it.

"Ohmigod!" Came the squeal of shock and followed by a thump as something hit the grass. I froze instantly, still buried deep in Jessie's asshole and looked to see... a fuckin gorgeous ass pizza delivery girl looking at us in complete shock (along with a pizza laying on the ground). "WOW! You guys were having some serious fun."

"Huh?" I ask in shock.

"I said you sure seemed to be having fun," Pizza Girl said. "My names Kia Rivers and before you panic I have one question."

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Can I join in?" she asked as Jessie and I both looked at her in shock.