Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 62 "Better Than Sex"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I am gonna miss you guys so much" Becky Sue said as we finally arrived at her gate and settled in for a few minutes. The WE being, Me, Mickie, Jessie and Laney.

"Us too" I said as I hugged her. She grinned and hugged me back like she never wanted to let go.

"I'm gonna miss Richard and Carolyn, and OHGMIGOD I wanna a dog now that Reggie got me so used to having one around. Not that I'd be able to take care of it."

"You're rambling" I said as I put my hands gently on her cheeks. "Chill."

"I know, I just don't wanna go back to New York" Becky Sue admitted. "I love hanging out with you guys. Always having someone around to talk to and hang out with was really cool."

"Then don't go" Mickie said as she sat down purposely between Jessie and Laney to keep the two horny sluts apart. "You don't have to go anywhere."

"We start the new season in a few days and if I'm not there I don't get paid" Becky Sue said. "Besides I like my job."

"What about that Producer that sent you an email, Tom Werner?" Mickie asked.

"He said he'd keep me in mind when he casts his next series" Becky Sue said. "I'll never get that call."

"You also said we'd never be friends and we are" I said. Becky Sue hugging me again as the counter opened once again and the attendant came out to begin taking the tickets.

"I have to check my baggage and all" Becky Sue said. "I'll try and come back and say bye before I board."

"I'll do that" Laney offered. Jessie getting ready to follow after Laney when Mickie grabbed her sisters arm and said, "You aren't going anywhere this time."

"I was just gonna help..." Jessie protested as Mickie shook her head no. "You suck."

"Trying to keep you out jail" Mickie said as Jessie grinned. Becky Sue and I laughing.

"What's the first thing you gonna do when you get home?" I asked Becky Sue.

"Get a pizza from Ronny Paulino's and catch up with Cindy Joe" Becky Sue said. "I miss her like crazy."

"Boarding for flight 214..." The Announcer said.

"That's my flight" Becky Sue said as she smiled at me one more time and we hugged for a long moment. I knew she was crying and so was I in those moments that showed me how much I'd come to like this girl who I'd once thought was so annoying. But now it was like saying goodbye to a dear friend and I didn't wanna let go just yet. Mickie and Jessie came over finally to join us and exchanged hugs with her too. "I'm gonna be annoying with your cell numbers."

"You better be" I said as I wiped a few tears from her cheeks and she smiled at me as she joined Laney at the counter.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Can I help you?" Anita Hartford (her name tag) asked as I came to the counter.

"Check these bags in for Becky Sue Martin" I said and handing her the papers as a male attendant took possession of the bags and "properly" coded them for the flight to New York. I waited for a long moment as Anita tapped away on the keyboard and by some weird coincidence I happened to again read her name tag and it dawned on me that her last name, Hartford, was the same as the investigator who'd been hired to trail me or find me. And, OK, I knew it was a one in a million shot but I just had to ask. "Ma'am can I ask you a question?"

"Sure sweetie" She said without every looking up.

"Have you got a husband or brother named Damon?" I asked bluntly.

"Excuse me?" She asked. Prompting me to make up a world class lie on the spot.

"My Grandpa Harold is an old friend of a Damon Hartford but they've lost contact over the years" I said. "I saw your last name is Hartford and you know just a shot in the dark."

"Well, shot in the dark it was, Damon is the name of my husband" She said as I grinned and tried to hide my shock/excitement. "And come to think of it I believe he's mentioned your grandfather a few times."

"That is so great, Grandpa is gonna be so happy to hear that" I said and now had to dig a bit deeper and find out if by chance this was the guy we were looking for. "Is Damon still running around the city as a freelance investigator?"

"Sweetie I don't understand. Damon's been a stock broker for almost 30 years" Anita said as my spirits fell with the knowledge that this was a dead end.

"Ohhhhhh, maybe I have the wrong Damon" I said in defeat.

"Are you sure your Grandfather didn't say that Damon had a son who was a private detective?"

"He does?"

"Well yes, my oldest boy, Damon Hartford the fourth" She said. "Now he's a private investigator."

"Yes that's what it was" I said in my best 'play along' voice. "Does your son take cases from anyone?"

"Well why don't you and your Grandfather ask him when you come over for dinner tomorrow night?" Anita asked. "We'd sure love to catch up with old friends."

"We'll do that" I said as Becky Sue joined me and slipped an arm around me as Anita went to finish up some stuff in the office. I hugged Becky Sue as the excitement of the discovery surged through my body, tempered by the sadness of Becky Sue's leaving. A strange mix of emotions in that moment, no doubt.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Maria is still not home" I said as I came to the door of 'Rae's Studio' (AKA the spare bedroom).

"And she wasn't home fifteen minutes ago either" Rae said with a pointed look.

"I know I'm being a pain" I said. "Probably why Maria doesn't wanna spend any time with me anymore."

"Then stop worrying about it and start spending time with me" Rae said as I smiled and walked over to join her as she sat on the stool in front of her newly purchased easel. I leaned against her back and laid my chin on her shoulder. "WOW!"

"You like?" Rae asked as I gawked at the painting she was now nearly complete with.

"That's freakin' amazing!"

"You think?"

"Yes I do" I said firmly. Staring in wonder at the picture in water color. It was one of me, Rae and our little pest of a neighbor KT, in the picture booth at the drug store down the road. I swear it looked so real. "You are not selling that one."

"I didn't sell the last one" Rae said as she made a final few strokes with her brush. "Truth."

"I did" I said as I kissed Rae's neck. "I love you."

"So you say" Rae giggled.

"I do and you know it" I said.

"Kept telling me that and I'll start to believe it Pynsey" She said as I laughed and wrapped her in my arms. "I love you too."

"Is that the door...finally" I said as the front door opened and in came Maria. Looking like she'd been crying her eyes out. "Hey, you didn't call, where were you?"

"With my Mom and Dad" Maria said.

"Mom and Dad?" I asked in confusion. "Your Dad went to see Terri?"

"He's acting like a father and husband again" Maria said as I hugged her. Finding her barely return my hug before she turned away and I knew then, as Rae came of the door of the spare bedroom, that something was horribly wrong. "It was nice to be together as a family again."

"I thought your Dad was planning to get remarried to that Indian lady" I said. At least that'd been the plan up until a couple of weeks ago. By the way her Dad's name is Roberto (don't think I mentioned that).

"He was just using that to get a rise out of Mom" Maria said. "That bitch was his cleaning lady."

"You're parents are evil" Rae giggled from the door to the bedroom. "At least mine just abandoned me."

"Mom is not evil" Maria said.

"The hell she's not, she made your life a friggin nightmare for 15 years" I said. "I know I've heard the horror stories."

"Wasn't that bad" Maria said as she took a deep breath. "She's always had some problems."

"I agree with Lynsey, she's terrible to you" Rae said as she joined me.

"And who asked for your opinion?" Maria snapped as Rae took a step back and behind me. "No one, now both of your just shut up off my Mom."

"Now you're defending her?" I asked. "After all she's done to you and you're defending her?"

"Lyns chill" Rae said as she pulled me back into her arms.

"You'd do your Mom the same way" Maria fired back at me.

"My lovely mother was an abuser who beat me, a drunk and a drug addict, there ain't no way in hell I'd defend her from anything" I said. "My father is a scumbag too but Mom makes him look like a saint."

"Whatever" Maria said. "Why don't you and your girl toy go on to bed."

"What the fuck has gotten into you?" I asked as Rae simply walked off into the bedroom. I just knew she was gonna cry. "You really hurt her. What did she ever do to you and don't you dare say she took me away from you cause we both know that's bullshit."

"Fine you love her so much? Maybe I should just move out" Maria said. "See how long you make it without me."

"Make it without you? You wanna move out you perra loco?" I asked and throwing a certain phrase at her that means "crazy bitch".

"We both know you can't" Maria said as she glared at me. I stormed off and into the bedroom and saw Rae sitting on the bed crying into her hands and I was torn between comforting her and doing what I had planned to do.

"Lay down OK, I'll come back in a minute and we can fuck" I said as she laughed despite her tears.

"What are you gonna do with the money?" Rae asked as I took it out of her drawer on the dresser and walked off into the living room with it.

"I can't make it without you?" I asked Maria as Rae followed me and watched in shock as I showed Maria the wad of cash in my fingers. Her eyes opened in complete shock at the bills in my hand. "5000 DOLLARS CASH! I can't make it huh? I CAN'T MAKE IT WITHOUT YOU?"

"Where the hell did you get that?" Maria asked in shock.

"I sold one of my paintings to Connie" Rae said. "And Lynsey can make it without you. Cause she'll have me."

"Good" Maria said as we exchanged evil looks. But the next words out of her mouth were some of the most shocking that I could ever remember. "Anyway, Mom and Dad want me to move to California with them. Dad says a fresh start would do us all some good."

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked. Maria simply nodded her head to confirm. WHOA!

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Thanks" Raegan said as I handed her the soda she'd asked me to get. And it wasn't a soda out of Taylor's fridge it was one that I'd gotten out of mine...say what? Yes, Taylor and I invited Raegan over to meet my Mom (Laila). Why you may ask (and you better be)? Because I'm hoping my Mom can give her some advice or ease her worries about her pregnancy because both are in the same situation. "I know this is gonna come out wrong but why are you being so nice to me?"

"You're pregnant" I said with a smirk. "I'm planning to kick your ass after you have it. Seriously."

"Kick or lick?" She asked as I blushed and she laughed. "Lick it is."

"Shut up" I said as I tried not to turn a bright red, unsuccessfully, and she laughed at me. "You're not funny."

"Neither are you" She cracked as we both laughed. OK...OK, so I'm starting to like her...a little bit.

"Well they haven't killed each other yet and even look to be laughing" Taylor commented as she came back in from the yard with Mom slowly trailing her.

"Wait up my soon to be daughter-in-law" Mom (Laila) complained before she could catch up to a grinning Taylor. "And you're right these two appear to be getting along."

"We are getting along..."

"Yeppers!" Raegan chimed in.

"...and how can she be your soon to be..." I said before kissing Taylor as she came by, "...when we can't legally get married in this state?"

"Ohio is not the bigot filled place people think it is Mickie" Mom said. "The people who voted hate into our state's constitution will one day be shamed into admitting they were wrong. And then you and Taylor can get married."

"Same thing in California" Raegan said as Mom sat down by her. "Bunch of Mormon bigots pump a bunch of money in at the last second and swayed the outcome. So now once again hate is legal."

"I don't get it" Taylor said as she purposely sat down in my lap. "What are they so scared of?"

"It's called Christian Xenophobia" Mom said. "Afraid of something different based on your beliefs."

"But you watch what happens when you wave a few dollars in front of there eyes and see how fast there opinions change" Raegan said.

"Some maybe" Mom said. "But some people are so blind to their own hatred that they'll never change their views. Maggie Gallagher is one."

"Who's that?"

"The talking head that leads the National Organization of Mormons" Mom said.

"You mean Marriage?" Raegan asked.

"No I meant Mormons" Mom said. "Because I'll bet you money that she's one or most of the people on their board are. Plus she uses half the money from the organization to feed her fat worthless ass."

"That's mean Mom" Taylor giggled.

"And true" Mom said. "Anyway, so what's this about you being nervous about the baby?"

"I'm 17 and I'm gonna be a Mom, that's why I'm nervous" Raegan said.

"I was 21 when I had Mickie" Mom admitted.

"What a horrible year that must have been" Taylor said as I looked at her in shock. "I mean wonderful surprise?"

"Get off me" I said as I pushed her to her feet and she giggled as I jumped up and chased after her out the sliding doors and onto the patio out back. I caught up to her and tickled her causing a loud squeal, stopping the work in the yard as Randy and Dad (Michael) looked up. "What?"

"Go back inside" Dad said as I stuck my tongue out and he and Randy came over to join me. "What do you think of the work so far?"

"Looks like a massive hole in the ground with a bunch of bags sitting around on top of the piles of dirt" Taylor said matter-of-factly and nodded her head to add emphasis.

"Very funny Mickie's girlfriend" Dad said as he and Taylor made faces at each other. "That massive hole is now squared off correctly to be filled in with cement."

"Hey then it'll be just like your head" Taylor said as Randy laughed and Dad pointed a warning finger at Taylor as she grinned victoriously. "So what, a pool soon?"


"I'd say so" Randy chimed in. "I've worked on some crews in California installing pools and I can't see anything that hasn't been done."

"Where did the pipes come from?" I asked as I pointed to the PVC water pipes that now lined the bottom of the massive hole on one side.

"We ran them down from the attack" Dad said as Taylor laughed.

"That was a good one Mickie's Dad" Taylor giggled.

"Ten thousand comedians out of work and here you are auditioning" I said to Dad. "You didn't get the job by the way."

"Speaking of jobs, who's fixing dinner?" I asked.

"We are" Laney said as her and Jessie emerged from around the side of the house with two arms full of Mama Santa's pizza and pasta. "We stopped at Mama Santa's on Mayfield road."

"Randy my new friend you are in for a treat" Dad said as he rubbed his belly and ushered us inside as Jessie chimed in, "You sure are."

"OH boy I smell pizza and it's making my belly rumble" Raegan said as we came into the living room and she gawked at the pizza boxes like a hungry wolf. "MMMMMMMM feed me please?"

"Not a chance" Taylor said as everyone laughed.

"Me and my fellow future mother demand the first plates" Mom said with a point of her finger.

"Got any peanut butter?" Raegan asked as Taylor and I looked at her in disbelief.

"It was good, and I'm pregnant" Raegan demanded.

"What's this about peanut butter?" Mom asked.

"She actually put yogurt and peanut butter on a pizza" I said as Mom giggled.

"Well this stuff is way to good to hide the flavor" Jessie said as she handed Raegan a plate full of pasta and two slices of pizza with a fork retrieved from the kitchen by Dad.

"MMMMMM it's better than sex" Raegan said as she savored the flavor of the pizza. "What? I'm just saying...OH grow up."

"Mama Santa's is good enough to make you think that" Mom said as she wolfed down a piece herself. "Laney and Jessie you are now my favorite people."

"Mr. James have you thought about putting in a hot tub for your wife?" Randy asked after a long moment of silence as everyone ate.

"It's Michael, please" Dad said. "And I think we could swing that."

"Laila likes the sound of that" Mom said as everyone laughed.

"I'm gonna asked to be adopted" Raegan chimed in as the laughter continued. "A pool and a hot tub, WOW!"

"Well we're in good financial shape right now and if, I'm saying if, I can get a good deal we might go for it" Dad said.

"Well how about a 6 person tub for say 35 hundred?" Randy asked. "I've got a connection at the California Hot Tub Express."

"You're talking about that sleazy coke head BJ?" Raegan asked. "Mr. James you do not wanna buy anything from him, unless you want something hot."

"BJ is not a coke head..."

"OK, Meth head" Raegan said as I tried not to laugh.

"He's not that either he has sinus problems..."

"Randy Lefebvre you can't honestly believe that" Raegan said. "The only sinus problem he has is what goes up his nose."

"Anyway, Michael, it's not a stolen tub" Randy said. "It's completely legit. Retails for 47 hundred."

"You get me his contact info and we'll work out a deal" Dad said. Taylor and I grinning knowingly at each other at the thought of what we could do in that pleasure cove.

"OWWWWWWW, eating too fast and little Randy Rae is not happy" Raegan said as she rubbed her expanded belly.

"Randy Rae?" Mom asked. "That's really pretty."

"Yeah it is" Jessie agreed.

"Randy Rae?" Taylor asked. "That's sorta like a southern name only less hickish."


"Shut up cornsucker" Taylor said to Jessie with a finger point as Jessie clammed up and grinned sheepishly.

"I think that's really pretty" Randy said as he came over and sat down by his girlfriend. "If it's a boy."

"Name it that if it's a girl too" Laney said. "Just change the spelling a bit."

"I think we got ourselves a name" Raegan said with a huge smile. "What about the other new arrival?"

"This one?" Mom asked as she pointed to her own belly.

"No woman the one Dad's knocked up with" I said as everyone laughed. "Duh!"

"Yeah Duh!" Taylor chimed in as we both laughed.

"I haven't really thought much about that" Mom said deliberately over our laughing.

"We could continue the way we named Mickie and Jessie" Dad said.

"You mean give the baby my middle name?" Jessie asked, now wrapped in Laney's arms as they both leaned back against the front of the couch.

"That was my idea" Dad said to Jessie.

"They gave you my middle name so it would make sense" Mickie said.

"HMMMMM, Elizabeth is a really pretty name" Mom thought out loud. "If it's a girl."

"What about a middle name, assuming it's a girl" Taylor asked.

"I don't know" Mom said. "It's just that for the longest time I didn't think it was gonna happen and the closer we get the more nervous I get about making permanent plans."

"You've made it this far, I think you'll be fine" Raegan offered. "You think you're a lot older than you are."

"I've been telling her that for years now" Dad said as Mom simply looked at him and seemed to except that statement as the truth.

"I can't wait" Mom admitted. "Suddenly I want these babies and the desire is growing stronger every day."

"I can't wait to hold the little stinkers" Jessie said with a grin.

"Me too" Taylor chimed in. "You've got 6 babysitters anytime you need them."


"Me, Mickie, Jessie, Laney, Sammi and Darcy" Taylor said. "You know you're six daughters."

"She's been hanging out with Mickie too much" Dad said as everyone laughed.

"Not a chance" Mom said with a smile towards Taylor. "She loves Mickie more than we know."

"You said it" Taylor agreed. I smiled as I kissed my girlfriend and by chance, purely by chance, glanced at Raegan and saw her watching us closely. There was still a great deal of hurt in her eyes I noticed. She snapped her head away and started again to talk to Randy. Taylor drawing my attention back to her with a soft kiss. "MMMMMM Mickie got soft lips."

"EWWWWWW lesbians" Jessie said as the room filled with laughter.