Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 63 "When She Wakes Up (And Finds Me Gone)"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey, Lyns, wake up," Rae said as she gently shook me awake. I grumbled and rolled over and crawled back under the covers and refused for the moment. "Come on Lyns get up, we need to talk it's important."

"What?" I griped from under the covers. "I wanna sleep in today."

"I got bad news?"

"What you're moving I hope?" I asked and instantly got worried when she didn't laugh. "I was kidding Rae."

"I'm not moving but somebody did," she said cryptically as I sat up and pushed the blanket away and saw, for whatever reason, that Maria's dresser drawer was open and looked empty.

"What are you talking about Yan?" I asked as Rae smiled at the mention of her middle name. But the mood turned much more serious a few moments later when she unleashed a bombshell.

"Maria's gone," Rae said and handed me a letter that was folded and smelled of Maria's favorite perfume. I took it and opened it, praying that it wasn't what I thought it was, despite the fact that I knew it was.

"Dear Lynsey, you have Rae and I need to be with my Mom and Dad right now," I read in complete dumb founding shock. "So I left this morning before you got up cause I didn't wanna see you cry. I love you and I'll come home as soon as I can. I'll call you from California."

"She's not coming back?" Rae asked in a barely audible tone.

"No, she's really hard headed and when she sets her mind to something she goes ahead a hundred miles an hour," I said as I folded the letter up and laid it aside. "Well I'm awake now."

"So you wanna lay back down for a while?" Rae asked nervously.

"Nah, I'm hungry," I said. "Besides what will laying here crying all day help?"

"I'll hold you if you want," Rae offered as she slid under the covers beside me. I smiled, despite the circumstances of that shocking early weekend morning, and kissed her beautiful lips. "I love you."

"Me too Yan," I said as she smiled. "You're not planning on leaving now are you?"

"No way you're really good in bed," Rae giggled as I laughed. "Really really good."

"So are you," I said as we kissed again. "How about a quiet morning in bed? Just me and you?"

"I'll go get us some breakfast," she said. "OK?"

I simply nodded my head and waited till she left the room before I laid back on the bed and started to cry into my hands. Not a heartbroken cry like I thought it would be, but more of a cleansing 'at least it's over' cry.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hello?" I asked as I snatched up my cell phone after running back into my bedroom from the shower dressed only in a skimpy towel and literally still dripping wet.

"Hey, did I wake you?" Becky Sue asked as I grinned.

"No I was just getting out of the shower when you called," I said. "So I got the chat thing happening here."


"You ever go to a lez room online?"

"Not for that," Becky Sue said.

"I have," I said as she giggled. "But once you go in you'll always find someone who just got out of the shower and is in a towel."

"Ohhh yeah I bet you do," Becky Sue said. "So you gonna send me those pictures you promised?"

"What pictures?" I asked as Reggie came trotting in and promptly flopped down on the pile of dirty clothes in the corner (her favorite spot). "I am not sending you a picture of me in this towel if that's what you mean."

"Not what I mean at all," she said. "But if you wanted to I'd keep it between us. Hint hint."

"What pictures?" I asked as she laughed.

"Reggie, me and you?" Becky Sue said. "You had them on your digital camera."

"Memory card actually," I said as I pulled out my laptop and managed to open it up with one hand and turn it on. "I'll do it right now."

"No hurry," Becky Sue said.

"I promised you I'd do it days ago so now I have to," I said, fishing out my digital camera and a few moments of conversation later I had all the pics loaded into an email and sent off to Becky Sue. "Done."

"Let's see, OHMIGOD they're here," Becky Sue squealed as I smiled and closed my bedroom door and dropped my towel on top of Reggie and laughed when she never moved just kept on snoozing. "Reggie looks so cute in the one with Sammi."

"You liked her," I said as I settled in on my bed and by now dry but still sporting my birthday suit.

"Me and Hal went down to see her and Mavis every night, I love that," Becky Sue said. "And I guess I did like her."

"She doesn't have a girlfriend or so she claims," I said as we both laughed.

"Darcy is a lesbian waiting to happen," Becky Sue said. "And she's one I'd love to get with."

"Who's hotter Darcy or Sammi?" I asked as I opened my email.

"I dunno, Sammi's more my speed if I had to choose," Becky Sue said. My eyes zeroed in on a message from Becky Sue's email (TheBeckSter @ ya...) and it looked to have a large number of attachments. I clicked on it and figured it was some goofy cartoon or whatever but no. "Besides Raven would probably ruin any kind of chance I have with anyone else."

"Probably," I said as I clicked on the first attachment and downloaded it to the desktop. "By the way what's in these files you sent me? Scooby Doo porn?"

"I didn't send you anything," Becky Sue said. "What are you talking about?"

"You sent me a file that's downloading, correction was downloading and is now done," I said as I moved to the desktop and clicked on the RAR file and watched it open and reveal there were numerous pictures inside. "It's pictures. I just opened the file."

"Well you tell me what it is cause now I'm dying to know," she giggled. I laughed to but stopped the moment the first picture opened and I saw Becky Sue's grinning face as she posed in front of a window, the window in the apartment, with nothing but a skimpy towel covering the good bits. "Well? Was it Scooby porn?"

"Holy fuck!" I said as I skipped to the next photo and this time it was an eye opening experience. A nude eye opening experience. Becky Sue's towel from the previous pic was gone and she stood before the camera in all of her glory, naked. WOW! I swallowed hard as I stared (gawked while drooling) at the insanely hot body of this girl who'd slept in the same bed with me just a few nights ago.

"What? What is it?"

"You're naked," I was finally able to say as she giggled.

"No I'm not, I got your Pajama bottoms on," she said. "The ones you gave me?"

"You're wearing those?" I asked.

"Uh huh, very comfortable," she said as I smiled. "Now be serious, what was in the message?"

"You in front of a window with a towel in the first pic and you without the towel in the second pic," I said as I clicked on the next one and now saw Becky Sue with her back to the camera and showing the camera person her cute little ass.

"A peach colored towel?"


"How did you get those?" she asked.

"I got them in my email this morning and it says it's from your email account," I said. "The Beckster at..."

"Yeah that's mine alright," Becky Sue said in a defeated voice. "I can't believe she did that."

"Who did what?" I asked as I scanned the rest of the pics and OHMIGOD they were so hot. My favorite being the one of her laying on the bed on her stomach with her back to the camera.

"My ex-girlfriend, that psycho bitch, Raven," Becky Sue said. "Look, can you just keep these between us?"

"Yeah of course," I said as I closed them out. "You gonna kill her?"

"Change my password and then have a talk with her," Becky Sue said. "Might involve some screaming."

"Call me if you need to talk later, OK?"

"Yeah I will, bye," she said as she hung up and I sat there still in shock at the pictures, Raven's violation of privacy and a good dose of worry about Becky Sue's safety.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You already up?" I asked Taylor as she came out of her bedroom with Reggie trailing her. I had just come out of the bathroom after a shower.

"Uh huh, Becky Sue called early and we chatted for a bit," Taylor said. "You hungry it smells like bacon frying?"

"It sure does and I sure am," I said as I kissed her lips and we grinned at each other, "Morning my girl."

I fell in step beside her as we made our way down the steps, Reggie keeping close as always.

"You and Grandpa still going to the Hartford's tonight for dinner?"

"That's the plan," I said simply. "What did Becky Sue have to say?"

"UMMMMMM... nothing," Taylor said in a less than believable voice.

"Morning," Dad (Richard) said on his way by with a copy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in hand as he headed for the front stoop like he's been doing lately, kissing my forehead and Taylor's on the way by. Taylor and I said in unison, "Morning."

"You two have been together too long, you're speaking in unison now," Dad said.

"And we also finish..." Taylor started.

"...each others sentences," I finished as we both laughed.

"Like that?"

"Women," Dad said with an eye roll as he walked off. Really funny moment.

"Morning beautiful," Carolyn said as Taylor joined her by the stove and was greeted with a hug. I watched for a moment at the interaction between them as I joined Grandpa at the table. It was easy to see that my best friend had fallen under Carolyn's spell, what do I mean by that? She loves her now. Carolyn has successfully replaced that witch Veira in Taylor's heart and in the process has healed the massive amount of damage that was done. I'll admit that Carolyn has still not won my trust 100% but she sure does have a unique way of getting you to like her.

"Earth to my Granddaughter," Grandpa said with a snap of his fingers as I snapped back to reality. "You gonna answer your cell phone?"

"Oh yeah," I said as I opened my phone. "Hello?"

"Harold McCoy?" the man asked for.

"No, this is Laney..."

"Are you the young lady that met my mother at the airport?" he asked as I relaxed a bit.

"Yeah that's me, what can I do for you?"

"You're uninvited from dinner tonight and neither of you are to ever to contact any member of my family again," he said in a demanding voice.

"Why? What the fuck?"

"My family doesn't have anything to do with my work and I recognized your name as one of my investigations immediately after my mother mentioned she had met you," he said. "You nor your Grandfather have ever met my Dad or me and you don't have reason to."

"You're the one the investigating me?" I asked as all attention in the kitchen turned to me. Reggie even came over and sat down by me protectively.

"I was paid to do a job, it's nothing personal..."

"Who wanted to find me?" I asked as I cut him off. "And don't say Roy Moore cause I know he was doing it for someone."

"That's none of your business," he snapped. "You just better stay..."

"Gimme the damn phone," Grandpa demanded as I let him have it.

"Who is this?" Grandpa demanded. "Well you listen to me you smart mouth punk, I'm not 16 or a girl but I am a 70 year old man who could make you cry like a bitch."

"Go Grandpa!" Taylor giggled as she sat down beside me.

"OK, shit for brains you're not gonna disappear cause I can find you," Grandpa said. "And I will spare no expense in doing it. Now, why don't we simply work out a business arrangement?"

"He wants money, I'm shocked," I said as Taylor nodded her agreement.

"Five thousand dollars?" Grandpa asked into the phone. "It's a deal and you better show up."

"What's the five thousand dollars about?" I asked as they hung up.

"He's gonna sell me the information he's collected," Grandpa announced.

"Hal are you sure that's a wise move?" Carolyn asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"I can handle this," Grandpa said confidently. "He's coming by tomorrow morning at 5 am and I intend to uphold my end of the bargain."

"Hal I don't like this," Carolyn said. "But if you're set on doing it at least let me invite Randy and Raegan over tonight."

"What does that have to do with my dealings?"

"I'd feel better if Randy was close by when that guy comes to visit," Carolyn said.

"And your daughter? Who is 8 months pregnant?"

"Always a kink in a good plan," Carolyn said in frustration as both Taylor and I laughed. "But you're right, Raegan shouldn't be here."

"Why? She could share Taylor's bed," I said with a smirk as the gasp of shock filled the room and I laughed at everyone's shocked reaction.

"Stand up so I can smack your ass for that," Taylor said as I laughed harder. She pushed me away in protest and blushed as a slow ripple of laughter filled the room. Getting louder as, of all people in the world to come in at that moment, Raegan and Randy came into the kitchen and set off a giggle fest as they looked on in confusion.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Woman what are you and that belly doing up here?" I asked Mom (Laila) as I came down from the third floor (mine and Jessie's suite) to the second floor.

"The Doctor now wants me to get some exercise just no lifting," Mom said. "And no more cracks about my belly."

"If it gets any bigger you can use it as a weapon," I giggled as Mom glared at me. "What? Not funny?"

"Nooo," Mom growled with a determined look towards me. "And one more smart mouth fat joke and you're grounded."

"You mean if I asked you something like..." I said and paused as she stared at me intently, "...like, if you fell in the forest and hit a tree... would you hurt it?"

"Mickie don't make me laugh," Mom said as I grinned. "That was not funny."

"I think it was and so do little Jerald and Leroy," I said as I rubbed Mom's belly.

"You are not naming my babies Jerald and Leroy," Mom said as I laughed and nodded my head yes as she nodded hers no. Both of us laughed as she hugged me and held on for a long moment. A long nice moment. "Things are gonna change you know?"

"They already have," I said. "Jessie's my sister now. That's sooo cool."

"Yes it is," Mom said. "And now with two new ones we're gonna be a big family suddenly."

"I'm looking forward to it," I said. "And just like the girl I love said, you've got six babysitters at your disposal."

"I know," Mom said as she cleared a strand of long curly black hair out of my eyes. Jessie came up the steps from the first floor with a box in her arms. "What have you got?"

"Something for Mickie," Jessie said as she handed it to me. "Those DVD's you ordered?"

"Amazon dot com," I said excitedly as I tore open the box and slipped out the little prize inside. "Degrassi, season six."

"WOW, lesbian content," Jessie giggled, referencing the Alex and Paige storyline in seasons five and six. "You gonna love watching this."

"Is that all you ever think about is girls?" Mom asked me as Jessie laughed.

"Most of the time," I admitted. "But I do set aside 4 hours a day for bible study."

"If you went anywhere near a bible it'd burst into flames," Mom said as Jessie and I laughed. "Girls night in?"

"You mean you wanna watch the lesbians too?" I asked.

"I will have you know with the Satellite and my being couch bound until a few days ago I've watched nearly every episode of that already," Mom said.

"I wanna watch," Jessie said as she hugged my arm. "Damn my phone's ringing, BRB."

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey my tanned horny girlfriend," I said as Jessie giggled and mumbled something to Laila and Mickie as she walked off down the hall before replying.

"Shut up, and what do you want?" she asked.

"We had plans tonight and I have bad news," I said.


"I'm stuck at home tonight," I said.

"Not really bad news, see Mickie, Me and Laila got a DVD to watch," Jessie said. "So you got plans?"

"Richard is taking us all out to dinner as a family," I said. "Carolyn, Grandpa, me, Taylor, Richard of course, and even Raegan.

"Why Raegan?"

"Carolyn's daughter so she gets included," I said. "Plus Mavis, Alex, Sammi and Darcy are coming."

"Taking the whole family are you?"

"Yeah and no girlfriends with exception of the ones that Grandpa and Dad are bringing," I said. "It's almost like he's doing this for a reason."

"He probably is..." Jessie started to say before Taylor arrived at my bedroom door with a tapping.

"Dad needs to see us downstairs," Taylor said. "And he said hurry."

"OK, OK, Jess I gotta run, see ya tomorrow?" I asked.

"Love ya hillbilly," Jessie said in reply as I smiled and perfectly mimicked my reply as we said in unison, "Love you too cornsucker."

"OK we're here what's the deal? Hey everybody," I said a few moments later as me and Taylor arrived in the living room and saw Carolyn, Raegan, Randy, Dad (Richard) and Grandpa already there.

"Come in sit down and be quiet," Dad said as Taylor and I took seats on the sofa.

"OWWWWWWW," Raegan whined as she rubbed her stomach. "I thought you said these gas pains usually go away after a few minutes, Mother?"

"Sometimes they can last longer, now SHHHH," Carolyn said as her and Raegan exchanged dirty looks. "We have something very important to announce."

"Shut up everybody cause no one is gonna ruin this," Dad said as me and Taylor giggled in unison.

"Get on with it Richard, The O'Reilly Factor is on in 20 minutes," Grandpa announced.

"You watch that show?" Taylor asked Grandpa in surprise.

"I sure do and then I watch Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann," Grandpa said as Carolyn and Dad looked at him impatiently. "BillO The Clown, Olerloon and the Lesbian covers all the crazies in a three hour loop. What?"

"Hush," Carolyn said as Grandpa smiled and zipped his lips. "Thank you, Hal, this is important."

"We've brought you here today to announce something very important," Dad said and sounding very much like a toast at a wedding.

"Fuck! This is starting to really hurt," Raegan said as she rubbed her stomach. "Sorry go on."

"We'll go walking as soon as we're done here," Randy said as Raegan grinned.

"Back to us..." Carolyn said just as the doorbell rang and Dad took a deep breath as Reggie barked and ran into the hallway with me following.

"Hey Sams," I said as Sammi came in with the ever present Darcy following her.

"You busy? Mavis and Alex are fighting and we took off," Sammi said nervously.

"Kind of yeah, Dad and Carolyn are trying to make an announcement and keep getting interrupted," I said.

"Mavis and Alex are fighting?" Grandpa asked from the living room.

"Yep, again, over the bills," Sammi said as Grandpa laughed.

"Come in here," Grandpa said as I followed after Sammi and Darcy.


"You tell Mavis I paid off the last of her mortgage earlier today and she can be mad at me later," Grandpa announced as Sammi grinned in surprise.

"There's an announcement no one saw coming," Darcy said as we laughed.

"Thank you," Sammi said as she hugged Grandpa.

"Grandpa loves Mavis," Taylor chimed in as the room filled with laughter.

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Dad demanded. Silence swept over the room as I crashed back down by Taylor and Sammi giggled when Grandpa pulled her down in his lap and Darcy immediately sat down in the floor by Reggie. "Not another single fucking word from anyone except me and Carolyn. If the house burns down you're gonna have to wait to escape."

"Then tell them," Carolyn said.

"I can't just blurt out that we're getting married," Dad said and then looked to us as everyone stared at him in shock. "Well, on second thought..."

"You've only been divorced from Mom for a few months and you're getting married?" Taylor asked in shock.

"We're planning a long engagement," Carolyn said. "After Raegan has her baby, and we get settled in here..."

"It's still a little quick," Taylor said. "At least I think it is."

"Not me," Grandpa announced. "Congratulations Richard, you too Carolyn. I say if you love her, and you do, go for it."

"I agree, love is beautiful," Sammi said with a huge smile.

"Yes it is," Carolyn said as her and Sammi hugged. "And what does my daughter think?"

"That I feel better, I just farted," Raegan announced with a huge relieved smiled.

"EWWWWWWW toxic gas from the pregnant one," Taylor squealed as she jumped up and everyone laughed.

"EWWWWWWW Rae, god that stinks," Randy said as he joined Taylor for the walk outside. Of course most everyone else soon followed. Leaving just me, Sammi and Raegan in the living room.

"They're so mean to you," Sammi said as she sat down on the coffee table in front of Raegan. "You feel like going walking like we did last night?"

"You guys went walking last night?" I asked as I rubbed at Reggie's head.

"Uh huh, Randy was working late with Michael, Mickie's Dad and I was on my way over here and I ran into her on the way home from work," Raegan said. "Randy hates exercise anyway."

"By the way, my friend Taisha wants to meet you," Sammi said as she stood and pulled Raegan up by the hands. "You want?"

"I'll buy the soda," Raegan said as the two left, giving me the weirdest feeling that something had just changed. No idea what either.