Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 65 "Taylor's Mini-Me"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Did you hear about Plain Jane taking Mickie's job?" Jessie asked as she came down the hall and stopped in front of me as I waited at the door to the office.

"Nope," I said with a shrug. "What job?"

"President of the student council," Jessie said as I blushed at my own stupidity. "Duh hillbilly."

"That is the last time you call me hillbilly, cornsucker," I said with a finger point as I sat down my laptop bag and went after her as she squealed and took off running down the hall. Both of us stopped when we almost ran over a girl quietly reading on the floor by one of the classes. "Sorry!"

"It's OK," she said without looking up. Thing is I recognized her. Her hair was different (well covered by a colorful bandana actually) and she was wearing glasses and baggy clothes. "Carrie?"

"What?" she asked as she looked up. "Oh crap, Taylor's mini me."

"She called you Taylor's mini-me and you are," Jessie said from a few feet away with a giggle. "What it's not true Hillbilly?"


"Butt Fucker," Jessie said with a middle finger flip. I blushed deeply as she raised her arms in victory. "I win."

"What did she call you?" Carrie asked as she shot to her feet and it was rather obvious that last name had drawn her attention.

"Nothing," I said. "And I'm not Taylor's mini-me, and you look different."

"Rambling much?" Carrie asked as Jessie giggled. "She got you good with that last name. Means there must be some truth to it."

"There is," Jessie said smugly. "Her, a dark night and my Uncle's sheep."

"OHMIGOD!" Carrie said as she covered her mouth in shock as Jessie grinned wickedly. I glared at her for a long moment and let the first thing out of my mouth be my reply.

"I don't need sheep, I got you" I fired back.

"Too much information," Carrie said as Jessie and I exchanged dirty looks. "But very interesting. Care to elaborate further?"

"I thought it was too much info?" Jessie asked as she joined us finally.

"You're offering everyone listening an eye into your sexual practices," Carrie pointed out. "I'm just curious is all."

"Don't kill me?" Jessie asked as I leaned in and kissed her, thinking this may get a rise out of Carrie.

"Not even," I said as Jessie smiled and slipped into my arms happily. "And we were just play fighting. That's not an eye into our sexual practices."

"If it was I'd sure like to know how you accomplished it," Carrie said.

"You ever heard of a strap-on?" Jessie asked. "It's not rocket science."

"It is for a girl who's just now discovering herself," Carrie said. "And with no friends, that's what you get when you alienate half the school by calling someone a fag... damn it, I mean gay."

"Yeah that is what you get," Jessie said. "And before anyone becomes your friend you've got to prove you won't stab them in the back."

"I just figured if I became President of the student body that all of these feelings would go away," Carrie said with a shrug.


"LANEY, OFFICE!" Sierra screeched from the now open office door.

"Good luck with your whole finding yourself thing," Jessie said rather coldly as she took my hand and pulled me away and towards the office. But the conversation with Carrie lingered in my mind for a while. Hey she's interesting.

"What?" I asked Sierra as we arrived in the office and found her sitting cross legged on the desk. Looking very hot.

"Close the door," she said as I pushed it together. "Mr. Kennedy agrees with me before you ask, you two have detention."

"Why?" Jessie asked in shock.

"I told him you two mouthed off to a teacher and I faked a complaint by Miss Stapleton," Sierra said as she slid off the desk and joined us.

"You lying cunt," Jessie said as Sierra grinned and did something pretty shocking, she kissed my girlfriend dead on the lips, as I watched. "UMMMMMMM..."

"Guess who's in charge of the two of you after school?" Sierra asked in a voice that oozed confidence.

"You?" Jessie asked as both smiled devilishly. "And I'm hoping, and betting, that we're the only two detentionees?"

"And you would be right tanned hottie," Sierra said. My hormones ignited in a moment as Sierra pulled me closer. "So what do you think?"

"Threesome?" I murmured in a completely hormone induced shock.

"Till we're blue in the face," Sierra said as she then leaned in and kissed my lips softly. "MMMMMMM, and don't worry I brought a cock to school today. It's in my car. FeelDoe too."

"MMMMMM lucky Laney," Jessie said. "But you gotta let Laney butt fuck you."

"Maybe a few times if she's able," Sierra said with a horny grin. "Be a first for you, huh Laney?"

"Having two girls?"


"No it's actually not," I said as Sierra gave me a look of 'don't shit me'. "I'm serious."

"See what happened was we ordered a pizza..." Jessie started as Sierra listened, not sure she believed it. I'm not sure I would if someone told me that. Hell it happened to me and I'm still not sure it happened.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey new daughter of mine," Carolyn said from the entrance to the living room where me and Mickie were planted on the coach watching a rerun of Gilmore Girls. Me laying in front of Mickie and wrapped in her arms.

"What new mother of mine?" I asked as I tilted my head back and looked at her upside down. She grinned proudly.

"Do you and Mickie mind walking over and checking on my more trouble prone daughter?" Carolyn asked. "She's not answering the phone or her cell."

"Which daughter?" Mickie asked from behind me as I laughed.

"Wise ass," Carolyn cracked as Mickie laughed. "The only daughter you know about."

"Drawing a blank here," Mickie said with a straight face.

"GRRRRRR, will you go? I'm cooking meatballs and spaghetti, your favorite Mickie," Carolyn offered. "I can hear your belly rumbling now."

"You sure can," Mickie said as she rolled over on top of me and stopped to kiss my lips for a long moment, melting away any inhibitions that I might have had as her lips pressed softly and tantalizingly against mine. Her tongue just barely touching mine when reality came calling.

"AHEM!" Carolyn said as Mickie and I parted and giggled. "Stop tongue fucking for five seconds and hit the road? I'm off to check on the pasta."

"Tongue fucking?" Mickie whispered to me as we walked onto the porch giggling. "That's a new one."

"To me too," I said as we stopped at the end of the porch and Mickie beat me to my own flip flops as she slipped into them. "Hey, those are mine."

"And I..." she said with a kiss, "...got to them first. Ha."

"Fine then I'll wear yours," I said as I slipped into her ball shoes which of course brought an instant, though fake, protest. "Ha right back."

"Take those off your big gun boats are gonna stretch my shoes out," Mickie protested. For those that didn't get that particular reference she was trying to say my feet were big.

"You're saying I got big feet?" I asked as she leaned close and nodded her head yes as I nodded mine no. "This coming from Bozo's younger sister."

"Yep they call me Hozo," Mickie said as I laughed. "And you my love are Hozo's girlfriend..."

"You call me that and you won't get any... ever again," I said after covering her mouth. "Ya hear me?"

"MMMM HMMMM," she murmured.

"Now what do you got to say?" I asked a moment later.

"I love you," she said simply as I smiled.

"Duh!" I said as we again touched foreheads and grinned at each other.


"Who's hollering my name?" Mickie asked with a frustrated groan. I pointed at Darcy down the street in the Marvels' front yard, waving us down. The yard at that particular moment featured Sammi wrestling with Reggie (she went walking with Grandpa) and Grandpa (complete with his 'call me Gramps' apron) and Mavis grilling out in the yard, while Alex and Ryan passed a football in the road and Darcy stood talking to Taisha (Sammi's friend from work) and Raegan... who? Raegan, the very person Mickie and I had been sent to find. "Is that Raegan?"

"Mystery solved," I said as we both laughed. "I'll run on in and tell Carolyn and you..."

"I'm gonna get a before dinner snack," Mickie giggled as I kissed her and she ran off the porch and down the street. Me watching her butt for a long moment with a horny smile. And just my luck I did 'cause Carolyn was just coming back down the hall to check on our progress as I started inside.

"Oh hey, I found Raegan," I said as I pointed to her.

"Good work Shirley Holmes," Carolyn giggled. "And your father called and said he'd be late tonight so eat without him."

"Always does that this time of year," I said with a shrug.

"Grandpa Hal has got half the neighborhood down there huh?" Carolyn asked.

"Looks like it; Mickie's already gone to get a pre-meal snack," I said as I pointed to Mickie as she munched on a hamburger by Grandpa.

"Maybe I'll just cover the pasta for later tonight and we'll go join the party?" Carolyn asked.

"Sounds good to me," I said as Carolyn walked off into the house. My cell phone shook my attention away from the rather obvious flirting that was now taking place between Raegan and Sammi. I looked at the caller ID and smiled when I saw that it was Becky Sue. "Hey girl."

"Hey, you busy?" she asked with a worried sound to her voice. "I need someone to talk to."

"You've got me for about five minutes," I giggled hoping it wasn't anything serious. "Something wrong?"

"Depends on how you look at it," Becky Sue said. "Smooth and Tan Magazine wants me to do a layout."

"What is that?" I asked in confusion.

"Smaller version of Playboy," she said nervously. "Nude?"

"WOW!" I said in surprise. "Smooth and tan huh?"

"Uh huh, I'd never heard of it until they contacted me," Becky Sue said. "And get this, you remember those pics that cunt Raven sent you?"

"Vaguely," I said as Becky Sue laughed. "Yes I do."

"She sent those to another person and that girl had a Mom who works for S and T," Becky Sue said. "Out of disaster comes a big pay day?"

"That's what it sounds like," I said in amazement. "You gonna go for it?"

"You've seen me, I'm not exactly what the magazine says," Becky Sue replied. "But they still want me."

"Simple, bikini wax, Brazilian if you can, and get a paint on tan," I said.

"OHMIGOD you're smart," she said as I giggled. "I would never have thought of that."

"So you're gonna do it?"

"What do you think?"

"That's up to you," I said.

"I guess I want to," Becky Sue said. "But Cindy Joe is dead set against it."

"HMMMMM," I said. "So no?"

"I'm not gonna let her tell me what to do," Becky Sue said. "And I'll do it just to piss Raven off."

"I say go for it," I said.

"If I do, will you go with me?" she asked with hope in her voice.

"Hello, I'm in Cleveland and you're in New York," I said.

"God I'm dumb, the shoot won't be taking place here, it'll be in Cleveland," she said as my lip dropped in shock. "East Cleveland. Their main office is in University Heights... fuck I got a beep. Can I call you back?"

"Anytime, you should know that," I said as she giggled and we said our goodbyes just as Carolyn arrived back on the porch. A few moments later we headed down the road to the Marvels'.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Do you not hear someone knocking at the door?" I asked in frustration as I came to the door of the spare bedroom. Rae looked away from her painting and slipped off her head phones. "I guess you didn't."

"Huh?" Rae asked with a confused look.

"I love you," I said as she smiled. "The door knocker is going off, I'll get it."


"Already knew that," I said as I opened the door and saw a familiar face, Carrie Ames.

"Please don't slam the door in my face... Lynsey Panettiere? You go to Von Adams?" she asked.

"Obviously," I said as she seemed to relax a great deal. "What are you doing down in the slums?"

"Since when is this the slums?" she asked. "Anyway, I just moved in on the second floor, and do you know you have a lot of rude people in this building? Most of them won't even open the door for you."

"Most of them are older and scared of being robbed," I said. "Now before you start rambling again what do you need?"

"A cup of sugar to bake some brownies?" she asked.

"Sure, come on in," I said as she smiled and followed me into the kitchen and closed the door behind her. Rae, hearing this, came out of the bedroom to see who it was. Her incredible tan was on full display as she was only wearing a skimpy, ripped wife beater and a barely there thong.

"Who was it?" Rae asked and gave Carrie a strange look. But it was Carrie whose look was anything but strange, she was literally gawking at my now girlfriend (I asked her and she said yes). Fucking her with her eyes might be a better way to put it. Rae blushed and quickly dipped back into the bedroom and gave Carrie an eye opening look at her hot little ass.

"Holy fuck!"

"What?" I asked as I gave her the cup of sugar.

"I just realized I'm gay," Carrie said as I laughed. "I did."

"And this is new?"

"Not really, but this is the first time I've drooled after another girl," Carrie said as she shook her head to try and clear those mental images. "I'm sorry that was rude."

"No harm done," I said as Rae re-emerged from the bedroom with a sheepish grin on her face and better dressed. "Baby you have a new admirer."

"The straight girl who hates queers?" Rae asked. "Her?"

"I've apologized for that about a million times already," Carrie said flatly. "It was me being terrified of being gay. Doesn't excuse it, I know."

"Forgiven," I said. "I kinda went through the same process when Maria started hitting on me."

"Maria's the girl who left? It's all over school," Carrie said.

"She was."

"You don't seem to be too unhappy," Carrie observed.

"She's doing just fine because she's got me to keep her thighs quivering," Rae said with smirk.

"Hey even I got that one," Carrie said as we laughed. "Come to think of it that's like the second time today someone has made an outwardly obvious reference like that."

"What was the other one?" Rae asked as she came over and sat down on the stool at the counter beside me.

"Laney McCoy, I think you're friends with her?"

"Taylor more than Laney," I said.

"Anyway, I was sitting in the hallway reading and they came by like play fighting and calling each other names and so."


"Well Laney called Jessie a cornsucker, no idea what that means and Jessie calls her a butt fucker," Carrie said. "So weird to hear that in school."

"I agree," I said.

"I'm new to this and Laney kinda dropped the info that she used, well actually she said you could do it with a strap-on," Carrie went on.

"So she admitted she's done that?" I asked with a horny grin.

"Denied it actually," Carrie said.

"A slip up and a cover up," Rae giggled. "That is so delicious. And that Jessie girl is on the Cheerleading squad and MMMM she's hot."

"Laney's no dog either," I said. "And imagine her with a strap-on."

"I already was," Rae said as we both grinned.

"Damn it, left out again," Carrie said as she sat the cup of sugar down on the counter.

"Left out of what?"

"I'm so clueless about life that I don't even know what a strap-on looks like," Carrie said. "So I can't imagine that."

"Where you going?" I asked Rae as she left the room.

"I'm gonna show her. Follow me."

"OK," Carrie said as we followed after Rae. HMMMMM this is interesting. And Carrie, she's a hottie.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"MMMMMMM you taste like ketchup and mayonnaise," I giggled after kissing Mickie as we sat on the steps of the Marvels' front porch.

"These lips do, yeah," she said. "Do the others?"

"Hush," I said as she laughed and I looked around to make sure no one was listening.

"Are you two love birds still playing kissy face?" Mavis asked as she came down the steps with dishes in her arms. I rose and took them from her as she was noticeably struggling.

"Yes we are, just like you and Grandpa Hal," I said as Mavis smiled and offered no denial. "I smell a hitching coming."

"Huh?" Mickie asked in confusion. "What is a hitching?"

"Another way to say getting married, read a book," I said sarcastically.

"Which one? The Farmer's Almanac?" Mickie asked as I gave her a dirty look.

"No we are not," Mavis said. "Hal and I both agree that we are better off the way we are."

"Burgers are done, you think we can have the plates and buns or do you want us to eat with our hands?" Darcy asked as she walked up.

"Won't you be using your hands even after you put it on a bun, Dar Dar?" Mickie asked as Darcy blushed.

"I kinda walked into that one," Darcy giggled as she took the plates and buns from my arms and returned to the grill.

"So no marriage?" I asked Mavis.

"Even if we wanted to it's just not that smart money wise," Mavis said.

"MICKIE COME AND PLAY!" Alex shouted from the street.

"Gotta go, I love you," Mickie said as she kissed my cheek and went running for the streets.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" I screamed after her, not meaning to. Everyone in the yard looked back at me now as I blushed. "What? It's true."

"We know we just don't care," Carolyn said as I flipped her off.

"Where did that Sammi run off too?" Mavis asked with hands on hips. "Girl is a bundle of energy."

"Here she is," Sammi said as she came out of the basement apartment door with Taisha and Raegan trailing her. "What does Mavis need?"

"Help Hal with the grill?" Mavis asked.

"Sure thing," Sammi said as she walked off. Mavis soon joined her as I found myself standing next to Taisha (a girl I had just met) and Raegan.

"TOUCHDOWN!" Ryan roared from the street as he and Mickie celebrated their triumph.

"If he were straight I'd jump him," Taisha said/thought out loud. "OH crap that was out loud."

"Yes it was," Raegan giggled as Taisha blushed. "Tell us how you really feel."

"Yeah but Ryan and Alex are great together," I said.

"They are," Raegan said. "Ryan said something about Michael backing them in their remodeling company. Construction or whatever."

"That's news," I said.

"Isn't your man gonna be a partner or something?" Taisha asked, speaking of Randy, Raegan's current boyfriend.

"I guess," Raegan said with no interest. Then pointing to her stomach, "He's only here for this anyway."

"I think he loves you," I said in a hopeful voice.

"And I don't love him," Raegan said bluntly.

"You sure?"

"I'm positive," Raegan confirmed. "If I didn't need him to help me with the baby I would put his ass on the road back to California."

"Awkward," Taisha said after a long moment's silence, causing a giggle to ripple through the small crowd. "I'm hungry. And those burgers look good."

"Bring me one?" Raegan asked as Taisha nodded and walked off. "And no to what you're thinking."

"Huh? What I can't have a hamburger too?" I asked as she gave me a dirty look. But I honestly was confused in that moment.

"TOUCHDOWN!" Ryan roared from the street as he and Mickie, again, celebrated their triumph. Poor Alex looked defeated as he was facing both of them at this point by himself.

"Hey!" Raegan said to get my attention back. "Seriously."

"Seriously to what and don't tell me I already know," I replied.

"No to the question of whether I still want you," she said bluntly but in a whisper. "If you and Mickie are ever over, then call me, until then I don't consider it."

"I guess I had wondered about that," I said as she grinned.

"Was I naked when you wondered about that?" she asked with her tongue poking at the side of her mouth.

"Shut up or I'll hurt you," I said as she laughed. I turned for a few seconds as Raegan moved beside me to see that Sammi had joined the game on Alex's side and it was now them scoring a touchdown and slapping high fives. Grandpa had his arm around Mavis as the two stood by the big tree near the road talking. Darcy and Taisha were laughing as they stood by Alex's truck talking and Carolyn was quietly munching a hamburger as she watched the game from the picnic table. The world seemed so perfect in those few moments, like it was a dream... one that would soon turn into something much more serious.

"What the hell?" Raegan hissed as she clutched onto my arm and we both looked down to see a small stain on her jogging pants. A red stain, a blood stain. "OH no. Please tell me this isn't happening."

"You shouldn't be bleeding like that right?" I asked as Carolyn now came our way with a horrified look on her face.

"How the fuck should I know?" Raegan asked in a panic.

"THE BABY'S COMING!" Mickie squealed from the road. "TAYLOR! MOM'S HAVING HER BABY, LET'S GO!"

"WHAT?" I ask in shock.

"Here sit down Raegan, sit down and we'll call an ambulance," Carolyn said as chaos reigned around me. Mickie came back over to get me and everyone gathered around.

"Is she OK?" Mickie asked with a trembling voice as she hugged me from behind. Carolyn, Grandpa and Mavis tended to Raegan.

"What was that stuff about the baby coming?"

"Mom just called and said they're on their way to the hospital and she wants to know if you'll go back with her," Mickie said as I looked at her in stunned disbelieve. "Please?"

"I guess so," I said without even thinking, "We gotta meet them there?"

"There comes the ambulance," Carolyn said. "Mickie did you say your Mom was going into labor?"

"Yeah and we need to go but I don't wanna leave if you guys need anything," Mickie said.

"Go and take her with you," Carolyn said as she touched my face. "Seeing a baby being born is a life changing experience, I think you should do it."

"You heard that?" I asked as she grinned and kissed my forehead.

"Yes I did, now go," Carolyn said as Mickie and I turned to run for the car. "Hey, I love you."

"I love you too!" I said in a momentary pause as she smiled. I do too.