Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 66 "Something I forgot to Mention"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

We arrived at the hospital (Mickie and I) and found that Laila was already being examined and prepped for delivery in one of the numerous delivery rooms. I was still wondering if Raegan was alright as Mickie and I stood just outside the curtain as the nurse prepared Laila (Mickie's Mom) for delivery and waited for the doctor to arrive (think an hour or so). Michael was in with her now and seemed to be doing his best macho man impression and tried to convince Laila he was gonna do everything he could. What a chaotic moment in time.

"Still no answer to Laney or Jessie's phone," Mickie whispered in my ear as she closed her cell phone. "Where could they be?"

"Probably at the airport?" I asked as Mickie giggled and caught my drift. "Try them again later."

"They should be here," Mickie said.

"They will be and don't you get all panicked on me," I replied and followed it with a kiss.


"Huh?" I asked as I turned and saw a vaguely familiar face giving me and Mickie a mystified look. It was the guy from the storage unit by Lake Erie, David Pamslay.

"Small world," he said. "And are my eyes playing tricks on me or did I see you kiss your sister."

"Oh crap," I said as I now realized we'd been outed from the lies we told that day at the storage unit. "We're not sisters. She's my girlfriend and we're not even really related to your friend, Anita Hartford."

"And you're also terrible liars," he said with a smirk. "But I did mention the chance meeting we had to Anita and she informed me that she had some form of information for an Elaine McCoy and that struck me as strange because that day at the storage unit your friend pressed me on the name on the folder and that was Elaine too. Any connection or me just being cynical?"

"Elaine McCoy is her best friend," Mickie said in place of me. "Anita has information for her?"

"According to Anita," David said.

"OH GOD GET THESE KIDS OUT OF ME!" Laila commanded in a grunt.

"Looks like my patient is calling," David said. "Are either of you related to her? I assume since you're in the room."

"My Mom and you're her doctor?" Mickie asked in shock.

"Doctor David Pamslay at your service," he said. "We'll have those babies out and walking in no time."

"Anita?" I asked as Mickie giggled.

"Oh yes, Anita, if you'd like I can arrange a meeting with her and your friend as soon as this concludes," he said. "You must excuse me though because I really need to tend to my duties now."

"Come on let's walk into the hallway," Mickie said calmly as she led me away from the action. I just followed after Mickie as she lead me by the hand. She lead us a to shocking discovery as just down the hall we spotted a distraught looking Darcy and Sammi hugging in front of another of the examination rooms. We watched as we made our way closer and saw Sammi doing her best to console Darcy as tears poured out of her best friend's eyes for what reason I didn't know. "Hey?"

"Oh hey," Darcy said as she tried now to pretend not to be crying. I saw also that Sammi had been doing the same thing and knew either the two had been fighting or that something was horribly wrong. "How's Laila?"

"Threatening to kill my Dad," Mickie said. But not getting her usual reaction she pretended to be a comedian and tapped on an imaginary microphone and asked, "Is this thing on?"

"Yeah how about unplugging it?" Darcy quipped as all four of us giggled.

"There's the Dar Dar we've come to know and almost tolerate," Mickie said as she hugged her friend. "You two fighting?"

"No, what would make you think that?" Sammi asked.

"Where's Raegan?" I blurted out as it suddenly hit that if these two were at the hospital then it had to be that they had come with Raegan.

"Yeah, good question," Mickie said.

"Surgery," came the shocking reply. "Carolyn and Richard are in the waiting room."

"Surgery?" I asked in shock. "Why?"

"Maybe they should tell you?" Sammi offered weakly.

"No," I said as I moved in front of her and blocked her exit. "You are one of my best friends and you have to tell me."

"I am?" Sammi asked. "Really and truly?"

"Yes you are," I confirmed. "Please tell me."

"After you left, Raegan gave birth in the front yard," Darcy blurted out. "And the baby..."

"It's OK Darce," Mickie said as she hugged Darcy who broke into tears and couldn't go on.

"The baby what?" I asked in a panic but already knowing in reality.

"It didn't make it," Sammi said softly. "Stillborn."

"Holy... fuck," I said in shock. Sammi hugged me as all four of us cried for a long moment at the shocking turn of events.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'm headed down to check the mail," I said from the entrance to the spare bedroom/Rae's studio.

"Hurry," Rae said without looking up. "I'm getting hungry. Feed me?"

"I'll think about it," I said as she giggled and I walked off into the hallway to find Carrie standing in the hallway apparently admiring Rae's work on the now nearly complete mural. "Carrie?"

"Nice work on the mural," Carrie said as she looked up and smiled. "Rae's?"

"My girlfriend," I said smugly. "What are you doing on our floor again?"

"The parents are gone and something is wrong with our satellite and no one is answering the customer service number", she said.

"Missing your porn?" I asked as she blushed.

"I was watching news when it went out," Carrie said. "I don't actually do much porn watching."

"Just went out did it?" I asked and remembering back a few weeks when something similar had happened to our own satellite and it turning out to be a wind blown wrapper had snagged on it and was blocking reception.

"Uh huh, just went completely out all at once," she said. "You guys got satellite too right?"

"We do and maybe I can help," I said. "Want me to look at it?"

"Of course I do," Carrie squealed as she grabbed my hand and dragged me along down the hall and down the steps to the second floor. Almost knocking down old Ms. Hefferson as she shuffled along. She gave us a few choice words and a dirty look for the trouble. So instead of apologizing I just ran off after Carrie and found her now inside her new apartment/Rae's old one. "It's just outside this window."

"OH that's the same place they put ours," I said as I popped open the window as Carrie turned on the TV and saw that the "receiving signal" box was still on the screen. I stuck my head out the window and saw that indeed reception was being blocked but not by a wrapper or something similar but, of all things in the world, a dirty sock that looked to have fallen from a few floors above us and another tenant's make-shift clothesline. "I found your problem."

"You did?" Carrie asked excitedly as she joined me by the window.

"A sock," I said as we both laughed. "You got a wire hanger or something so I can reach and not whack the satellite out of position?"

"You'll have to stand on the chair if you wanna reach," Carrie informed me as she handed me a wire hanger, "You can do, please? I can't stand heights."

"Make sure the chair is steady," I said as I stepped onto it and felt Carrie moving in behind me. Her hand on my lower back just above my butt as I artfully plucked the sock off the satellite and heard the squeal of Carrie as the picture almost instantly came back on. I grinned as I looked at her and turned to hop back down from the chair and in the process felt Carrie's hand slide down to my ass. For a moment, nostalgia I guess, I enjoyed the moment as her fingers gently massaged my cheek before I asked, "Excuse you?"

"I'm so sorry," Carrie said as she pulled her hand away. "I'm such a such a whore. The only girl who even talks to me like I'm human and I grope her."

"Chill, it's not a big deal," I said and heard a giggling and knew instantly that my girlfriend had followed me down here, Rae that is.

"Hi honey," I said as Rae grinned.

"Cheating on me already?"

"No, she was not," Carrie protested. "I was keeping her steady in the chair..."

"I also saw you two making out," Rae said with a smirk.

"You did not," I shot back as she laughed.

"MMMMMMM anyone up for a threesome?" Rae asked as Carrie blushed from head to toe.

"OK, you've successfully humiliated me," Carrie said as she looked straight down. "Can you leave?"

"Carrie doesn't like us anymore baby," Rae said smugly.

"The parents are gone and there's my bedroom," Carrie said with hands on hips. "Smart ass."

"Nah, I'm hungry," Rae said as she took my hand and lead me towards the door.

"You coming?" I asked Carrie as she grinned and quickly agreed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Now don't be to hard on those two," Mr. Kennedy advised Sierra.

"I won't be. Bye Mr. Kennedy," Sierra said as she let him out the front door and locked it behind him and then turned and gave me and Jessie a look that spoke volumes. "You two sluts are in so much trouble."

"MMMMM I like the sound of that," Jessie said as Sierra came back and slid her hands up Jessie's sides and kissed her softly as I watched on as my girlfriend made out with another girl. I had to get in on this as I slid in beside them and had them part and kissed Sierra myself. That was the beginning of the much anticipated threesome that both Jessie and I had been dreaming about for months now. Though we never thought it would happen at school like this. I think this is where we officially lost our mind.

Anyway with all three of our cell phones turned off we moved into the Principal's office and started to strip each other. Sierra and Jessie could hardly keep their hands off each other after getting naked. Sierra admired my girlfriend's incredible, perfectly tanned, smooth from head to toe body as Jessie did her same the way. Sierra's body was gorgeous though she had several tattoos, they looked cute too. The two were now busy making out on the desk and pawing each other while I disposed of the last of my clothes and slipped the FeelDoe into place. The vibration in my pussy made me moan immediately after feeling it and drew the attention of Jessie and Sierra back to me. Sierra said in a moan, "Come join us sweet baby!"

"Yes ma'am," I said as I stepped onto chair and then the desk and let them guide me to lay down lengthwise. I smiled and then moaned as Sierra immediately went for my cock and started to suck me. I guided Jessie on top of me and got her into a 69 so I could lick her pussy at the same time, which had her now moaning as Sierra worked on me. I licked the smooth tan skin between Jessie's thighs like a lollipop while they traded off on my cock and Sierra let Jessie take over. I slid my tongue into Jessie's sweet pussy and began to fuck it as her thighs quivered and she responded by sucking me harder and harder. I stiffened up a bit as my ass clenched below and the pleasure came in waves like I hadn't felt before. I fucked my tongue faster into Jessie's sweet pussy as I moaned and wrapped my arms around her and held her in place on top of me. I moaned a bit louder as the waves of pleasure came harder over the next few moments and Jessie bobbed her head up and down all the way as she deep throated my cock. The first orgasm of the day was started by me as I shook in pleasure under Jessie and brought her off a moments later. "OH WOW!"

"Lick my cum off my pussy baby," Jessie encouraged me and moaned when I did just that over the next few moments.

"Fuck yeah now my pussy needs to be fucked," Sierra said as she directed Jessie off me and she got over my thighs in a catcher's position and guided my cock to her pussy and rubbed the head at it when I stopped her. "What? You can't take a ride?"

"I can, but it's not going in there," I said as I guided her forward and lined my cock up with her asshole. She seemed shocked as Jessie reached in and held it steady and I guided Sierra to take it in her asshole. She did it with a grunt and a look on her face that I was getting used to seeing when girls take it in their ass for me. She eased up and down as my ass clenched in pleasure and I watched Jessie move her hand away from the cock and Sierra taking it all in her ass. Her ass cheeks mashed against my thighs as she leaned back and placed her hands on my thighs and started bouncing up and down. I moaned in grunts as she did it harder and realized the desk under me had NO give what so ever. I stroked my hands up her chest to between her bouncing titties as I shook from head to toe in pleasure. "UHN UHN, I never did it like this before."

"Neither has Laney and I for one am glad she's getting to," Jessie said as she kissed me and I moaned into her mouth as Sierra did it harder and faster and made me shake a bit more. My tongue massaged against Jessie's as the pleasure increased to more startling levels. Sierra's moaning became more and more of a grunt as she labored to work up and down and her titties swayed with her. The tennis shoes still on my feet beat out a steady rhythm on the desk as I shook from the fucking I was taking. My pussy was spasming by now insanely around the knob of the FeelDoe as I tensed up and got ready to cum for the second time. My head rose off the deck as my hands slid down to Sierra's ass cheeks and squeezed them as both of us began a hard cum. The hard butt fucking produced a squirt of cum from Sierra's pussy onto me that splattered onto my tensing abs. Both of us grunted as our orgasms subsided and I for one collapsed back onto the desk. "Messy messy Sierra, squirting your cum on my girlfriend that way."

"OH god," I moaned as Jessie smeared her hand in Sierra's love juice and spread it all over my stomach and up to my titties as I grinned. My cock slowly left Sierra's asshole as she lifted off and sat down across my thighs now. "MMMMM we made such a mess, huh?"

"OH WOW I'll say," Sierra said. "I've never ever squirted my load before. That stuff really is messy huh?"

"It sure is," I said as my chest and stomach now glistened in the lights with the residue of her cum. Jessie took my cock into her mouth and sucking it as Sierra's eyes opened with interest at what she was seeing. My girlfriend's head bobbed as I again moaned and Sierra collected the blonde locks on Jessie's head into a make-shift ponytail as she encouraged her, moaning, "Oh yeah my horny detainee suck it good cause it's going in your ass next."

"MMMMMMM oh yeah I'm just gonna lay here and do some more butt fucking," I moaned as Jessie deep throated my cock over and over to my wonderment. She then pulled off as Sierra came up and laid down beside me and held my cock steady as Jessie got to her feet, her back to me, and lowered down onto my cock. My ass clenched as my cock went up her asshole with a pair of loud moans. Jessie took my cock all the way inside and pressed her cheeks to the bare skin just above my pussy as she leaned backwards over me and into the reverse cowgirl position, adjusting her feet so she could push off and proceeded to begin a hard pounding rhythm as she lifted all the way up till my cock head caught on her asshole ring and plunged back down every time. "I really love butt fucking my baby more and more every time."

"That's because you get to do it so much," Jessie moaned back to me as she swayed up and down and I moved my hands to her waist and guided her as she slammed away. The smacking of her ass cheeks and my skin got louder as Sierra kissed up and down Jessie's shoulder. My pussy and Jessie's were already spasming hard as my body shook from the effects of her fucking. My hands slid up Jessie's tanned skin to her titties and squeezed them in my hands over and over as we moaned louder in unison and felt the intense pleasure grow stronger. "I wanted to do it like this so bad and now I love it so much."

"I'm gonna cum for the third time Jessie, make me cum butt fucking you baby," I moaned to her and she did with another series of pounding sways up and down. We both felt the unbelievable pleasure that goes with it as we peaked and slowly came down a few moments later. My cock popped out of Jessie's asshole as she crawled up to join me and Sierra took my cock into her mouth as I moaned and started then to kiss my girlfriend.

The day was not over for the three of us.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Where did those two run off too?" I asked under my breath as I stood on the front stoop of the building and looked up and down the road in search of my girlfriend and our new sorta/kinda friend, Carrie. They had left for the store some two hours ago and now I was getting worried that something might have happened. Fortunately for me, fortunate that I didn't have to lose my mind worrying, she appeared on the horizon with Carrie by her side.

"Didn't hurry back did we?" I asked Rae pointedly as she came up the steps. She kissed me and gave me a sour look as Carrie giggled. I noticed the bag in her hand.

"We were shopping," Rae said. "And Carrie made me buy this."

"Hey!" Carrie said in protest. "I did not. You're idea to spend all that money."

"Money?" I asked as Rae nervously pulled a box out of her bag and I nearly crapped.

"It's a SLR camera, a Nikon D5000," Rae said.

"It's a beautiful camera," Carrie offered as I looked at it in stunned disbelief.

"I just totally fell in love with it," Rae said with a huge grin.

"How much... holy shit," I said as I came across the price tag. "596.23?"

"Yeah?" Rae asked with a nervous half-smile.

"It's worth the money," Carrie offered. "You'll have a load of fun with that camera."

"You spent 600 dollars?" I asked in shock. "Are you nuts?"

"No, I wanted it so bad," Rae said with a crestfallen look. "I like taking pictures and Mom wouldn't let me own a camera. Besides part of the money was mine because I did paint the..."

"OK, OK," I said as I held my hands up. "You're right."

"I am?"

"She is?" Carrie echoed. I rolled my eyes.

"I can keep it?" Rae asked with a huge grin.

"I wouldn't make you take it back," I said as I put the box back in her hands. "You really wanted it?"

"She stalled for like an hour trying to get up the courage to buy it," Carrie said.

"Why don't you shut-up?" Rae asked Carrie as I laughed.

"Sorry," Carrie said with a crimson blush.

"I've seen you do that," I told Rae. "Anyway, what does this do?"

"Pictures, videos, you can use it as a web cam," Rae rambled. "I did my research on this one."

"It shoots at night too," Carrie said. "And in low light situations, like say, in a bedroom."

"Who would ever need that feature?" I giggled.

"We could put that to good use," Rae said with a horny grin.

"And I'm a good camera girl," Carrie announced as Rae and I both laughed.

"Like you could control yourself long enough to capture it all," I said as Rae and I walked back inside with Carrie tagging along. Her non-reply as we climbed the steps meaning to me that the accusation I had laid on her was true.

"I actually think I could," Carrie said as we entered the apartment. "About the camera girl thing."

"You think so?" Rae asked as she sat down on the couch and Carrie sat down on the other side.

"I've seen movies with love scenes and I don't think it would be that hard," Carrie noted.

"Yeah, but there's a difference between being there in person and watching it on video," Rae said.

"You'd be so hot you'd squirt your panties," I said as I sat down on the other side of Carrie. Rae slid over to beside our new friend so we literally had her sandwiched between us.

"I don't think I would," Carrie stammered.

"You were drooling when you saw me in a thong," Rae pointed out.

"She was fucking you with her eyes," I inserted.

"I was not," Carrie claimed. "I wasn't drooling either."

"Ohhhh so you're saying you didn't like the view?"

"I didn't say that either," Carrie said in frustration. "Both of you are putting words in my mouth."

"OK, then tell us what you thought in your words," I said.

"I can't say that out loud," Carrie said. "And if I do you'll both get mad at me and I don't want that cause I like you guys."

"I bet she loved your ass," I said as I leaned across in front of Carrie and kissed Rae softly on the lips.

"Holy cow," Carrie said in shock as she watched us kiss. "That is so so fucking hot."

"So you were saying about my ass?" Rae asked Carrie barely a moment after we had parted.

"I've been fantasizing about it for like a week now," Carrie admitted in a hormone driven daze. Rae grinned.

"Yeah that's a surprise," I giggled as I slid off the couch and walked off into the kitchen.

"Sorry, did I offend her?" Carrie asked.

"Not a chance," Rae said as she soon followed after me. "You hungry?"

"No, but after that I'm really FUCKIN' HORNY," Carrie squealed as Rae and I both began laughing out loud.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

We made our way to the mats by the pool before Jessie and Sierra stopped again to kiss for a long moment as I stroked the FeelDoe up and down and moaned from the vibrating sensations that made my pussy spasm gently already. Moving my hands to each girls ass cheeks was a wondrous experience as they parted and grinned at me before taking turns kissing me and moaning into my mouth.

"MMMMM Laney's cock is so hard for us Jess," Sierra moaned before she kissed me.

"MMMMMM it sure is and you know what that means," Jessie replied.

"No, what?"

"You gotta let Laney butt fuck you," Jessie said and kissing me softly as I continued to squeeze her and Sierra's ass cheeks in my hands. I love it when she says that.

"Well if I have to we might as well get to it," Sierra cooed as she pulled Jessie to her and kissed my girlfriend and guided her down on the stack of mats and had her lay back lengthwise. I myself guided Sierra to get on top of her in a 69 moments later as I got to my knees on the mats and covered my cock once more in the cherry lube that Sierra had offered. Jessie and Sierra wasted no more time as they went to work on each other in a frenzy and left me to watch for a long moment. Jessie's tongue darted up and down Sierra's smooth pussy over and over and she looked up for me as I took that as my cue. I carefully lined my cock up with Sierra's backdoor and glided inside. "MMMMMMMM."

"MMMMM fuck yeah, your ass is tight," I moaned to her as I sunk all the way inside after only a few strokes and stopped to lean forward over her back into a sandwich. Sierra let me watch from above, as I started her butt fucking, as she licked away at my girlfriend's baby smooth pussy. My thighs began to slap at her ass cheeks steadily as I pounded away. Sierra's moaning got louder and louder as she shook between me and Jessie now constantly. "MMMMMMM so good butt fucking you finally."

"OHMIGOD, if you're feeling half as good as me you're heaven," Sierra moaned in ecstasy That only spurred me to give it to her asshole harder and make her moan louder. Which in turn made her pussy spasm harder around Jessie's probing tongue in her pussy. The smooth skin just above my clit smacking against Sierra's ass cheeks gave me an extra bolt of pleasure every time I did. The vibration in my pussy and the ridges working my clit created an enormous of amount of pure pleasure. Both Jessie and Sierra worked feverishly on each other, I got to watch from above as Jessie squirmed her hips and I knew that she was feeling wonderful below us. "MMMMMMMM fuck, you ready for me to go ass-to-mouth baby?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah I love that," I moaned as I slowed inside her asshole and slowly pulled out and slid off the stacked mats and to my feet as Sierra rolled off of Jessie and get on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth invitingly. I moaned out loud as the cock slid into her mouth and she started to suck with a bobbing of her head. She took the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth as I moaned and loved the feeling of her hands stroking up and down the outside of my bare thighs. My ass clenched in pleasure as I guided her and watched her deep throat me, touching her lips to the bare skin above my pussy and making shake in pleasure. "MMMMMMM you're so good at sucking my butt fucking cock."

"MMMMMMMM," she cooed as she pulled off and rose to kiss my lips. I squeezed her firm little ass as she grinned and crawled back on top of Jessie and back into another 69 as I got back on my knees and couldn't hardly wait to get back inside her asshole. I got to do just that a nanosecond later as my cock slid inside the tight puckered little hole. Back into my former position over her back with my hands by Jessie's thighs and holding me above Sierra's back as I started pounding in and out. "MMMMMMM ohmigod I've never been butt fucked this good."

"MMMMM sweet little asshole is so good to butt fuck too," I moaned as both girls below me moaned even louder. Jessie's tanned body tensed as she held a steadily shaking Sierra on top of her and both began cumming a few long moments later. I was so lost in the wonderful visuals of Sierra licking Jessie's pussy that I too was cumming before I knew it. My entire body filling with a mind blowing, body numbing pleasure. I handed out a few last hard butt fucking shots as all three of us came down from the peak. I settled in behind Sierra and gave her a few more deep strokes as i moaned, "MMMMMMM Sierra baby that was so good."

"MMMMMMMM ohmigod that was so much better than i could ever have imagined," Sierra moaned as I pulled out of her asshole and she rolled off of Jessie and got to her knees as Jessie did the same. I slid backward off the mats and to my feet as they soon joined me and got to their feet too. My hands slid down to both of their asses as they began kissing and trading their girl cum back and forth. I squeezed their ass cheeks firmly as I moaned my approval and watch them part a few moments later. Sierra kissed me and said, "I think Jessie really needs your cock in her mouth."

"MMMMMM yes I do," Jessie said as she kissed me softly and dropped to her knees and opened her mouth invitingly and let me slide the cock inside. I collected her strawberry blonde hair into a make-shift ponytail and moaned as she started to suck the cock I'd just butt fucked Sierra with. I moaned louder as Jessie sucked harder and soon had my attention diverted by Sierra who moved my free hand back to her ass and guided me into a long slow kiss. The pleasure flowed as I tensed up over and over as I kissed her passionately and felt Jessie now deep throating my cock in succession that felt wonderful. I moaned again as I pulled my girlfriend off and got her to her feet and we kissed again. ""MMMMM Sierra tastes good."

"And now you gotta let Laney butt fuck you," Sierra said with a kiss to Jessie's lips. I watched and returned a hand to my cock and stroked it as the two made out for another moment. Jessie then guided Sierra back down to the mats so her head was now at Jessie's thighs and I guided Jessie to spread her thighs and get on top. Sierra eagerly began licking the smooth sweet pussy of my girlfriend as Jessie moaned and leaned forward into a 69. I lined my cock up with Jessie's slightly opened asshole and moaned as I slid it inside the puckered little hole and heard her moan. Jessie moaning, "MMMMMMM that's so big."

"MMMMMM it's so big to feel your asshole up all the way," I moaned as I started to pump in and out and slap my thighs at her dark richly tanned ass cheeks. All three of us moaning as Jessie lowered her head as she started licking at Sierra's pussy as I pounded harder into her asshole. Jessie's moans got louder as I put a hand on her shoulder and the other on her back and could now feel her shake as I fucked her asshole one more time. Sierra was now working her magic on Jessie's clit from below as she sucked at it and worked it over relentlessly. My ass clenched over and over as sweat dripped off my body from the workout I was getting as I moaned, "OHMIGOD my cock feels so good butt fucking you."

"MMMMMMM I'm ready to go ass to mouth now baby," Jessie moaned as she lifted her head from licking Sierra's sweet pussy. I moaned one more time as I pulled out of Jessie's asshole and guided her to her feet as I kissed her for a long moment. She then dropped to her knees in front of me and opened her mouth invitingly as I slid my cock inside and moaned as she started to bob her head and take me deep in her mouth over and over again. I held her hair in a ponytail as she stroked her hands up and down my thighs and sucked harder as my ass clenched again and I knew I was on the verge of another orgasm. Reluctantly I stopped her and pulled out of her mouth and guided her back to her feet. "MMMMMMMMM I taste good."

"You sure do," I said after kissing her for a long moment and squeezing her ass cheeks in my hands.

"Will you butt fuck me a little harder now?" Jessie asked as she crawled back on top of Sierra, who was still laying on the mats, and back into a 69. I slid back inside her asshole as Sierra went back to licking her pussy. I then answered Jessie's previous question with a harder pounding rhythm that gave her just what she wanted. My thighs smacking against her ass cheeks over and over as she lowered her head and started working on Sierra again. I dropped an arm to my side to give myself a clear view and slid a hand to her ass cheek (ala porno style) and drilled hard into her asshole. Sierra moaned from below as she stuffed her tongue inside Jessie's spasming pussy over and over and wrapped her arms around Jessie to keep her from shaking. "MMMMMMM ohmigod I can't take much more butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMM a little bit more and you can come in Sierra's mouth baby," I moaned as I felt my orgasm coming on fast. My strokes became urgent as did Jessie's squealing in pure pleasure. Her pussy erupted in orgasmic bliss a few moments later. Her and Sierra cummed at the same moment and that sent me over the edge too. Another body filling, mind numbing exercise in orgasmic pleasure over the next few moments. I came down slowly as my strokes slowed and Jessie and Sierra sucked each others cum out.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey?" Taylor said as she came up behind me as I was staring out the window just down the hall from Mom's birthing room.

"She deliver?" I asked, referring to my Mom (Laila).

"Nope and Doctor Pamslay said it could be tomorrow morning before they can," Taylor announced. "They don't think it's safe for her to deliver it... naturally."

"C-section?" I asked.

"It's safer," Taylor said as she hugged me. "You're Mom is gonna be fine."

"She'll be fine, I know that," I replied. "She's got you to take care of her."

"Yep," Taylor said as she kissed me. "So you wanna head home or you wanna just camp out here?"

"I don't wanna leave unless we have to," I said. Dad (Michael) came out of the birthing room. "How's Mom?"

"She's lovely," Dad said sarcastically as I laughed. "They gave her a few drugs, more than I thought existed, and now she's all happy and sleepy."

"So what's the plan?" I asked.

"You guys to head on home as they're planning to move Laila to her own room any moment and I really need to be worried about her more than you," Dad said. "Did Jessie call by any chance?"

"Still no calls," I said as I showed him my phone. "I'd say they're helping Sierra at school and it's kinda hit-and-miss as far as coverage goes inside the school."

"Those two are way to close," Dad said as Taylor and I giggled. A click-clacking of shoes was heard as Sammi rounded the corner and saw us and ran to meet us almost out of breath. I grabbed onto her as she slid by.

"Raegan is out of surgery," Sammi panted as she hugged onto Taylor's arm. My heart skipping a few beats as the news of Raegan came flooding out.

"Is she OK?" Taylor asked.

"Grumpy, groggy and fighting with poor Randy," Sammi said as she got her breath back. "She seems different too."

"She's just devastated, losing a baby and all," I said as I hugged Taylor.

"I don't think so guys," Sammi said.

"What? Of course she is," Taylor insisted.

"That's what her and Randy are fighting about," Sammi said.

"Well you tell her for me that she needs anything she can count on me to help," Dad said.

"Will do," Sammi said as Dad walked off to rejoin Mom and me and Taylor followed after what we thought was a confused Sammi. But arriving outside of the room a few moments later, we decided to listen to the discussion and what we heard was truly stunning.

"I want you to stop beating me up over it," Raegan demanded. "All of you."

"Raegan my girl this is all happening so fast that you're just unable to feel anything yet," Carolyn said.

"Yeah, that happened to me when Taylor was born," Richard said. "It took me weeks to feel that exhilaration that comes with having a a new baby."

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Ha ha, your Dad was devastated when you were born," Mickie whispered in my ear, making me laugh. My hand shooting to my mouth to stifle it before blowing our cover. Sammi giggled and Mickie smiled smugly.

"OK, listen mother, my mother's new boyfriend and my dimwitted current boyfriend," Raegan said. "I'm sorry if my reaction to losing the baby is less emotional than you want but I'm just not heartbroken. And I'm sorry for that. Are you happy now?"

"I'm not beating you up," Randy said calmly. "I love you and I wanted the baby..."

"And I didn't," Raegan announced in a demanding tone. "I hated every day I was pregnant and I'm so fucking glad it's over."

"She's just in shock," Carolyn said as she comforted Randy.

"I am not in shock," Raegan protested "I'm thinking pretty clearly. And I really wish you people would just stop telling me what I'm supposed to be feeling."

"Anyway, we have a decision to make," Randy said. "We need to name the baby."

"What?" Raegan asked. "Why would I name it?"

"Because it's our baby..."

"I don't care what you name it," Raegan said. "Just leave me alone?"

"What's going on?" Darcy asked as she arrived back from her trip to the cafeteria and broke up our eaves dropping party. A heartbroken Randy left the room with Dad trying to comfort him.

"Raegan's having a hard time with everything that happened," Sammi said as she poked her head into the room and as me, Mickie and Darcy moved to the door and watched the two it was clear Raegan had taken a liking to the blond in front of her. Raegan extended her hand and smiled as Sammi took it and sat down on the bed beside her. "You OK?"

"You stay with me tonight?" Raegan asked. "I could use someone to talk to that won't try and tell me what to think."

"That's me cause I don't ever think," Sammi giggled as Raegan rolled her eyes.

"I hate it when she does that," Darcy said as she walked off down the hall. Mickie and I followed after her.

"Hate it when she does what?" Mickie asked as we stopped in front of the bank of elevators.

"She demeans herself with some stupid joke to get a laugh out of someone who doesn't even like her," Darcy said with a bitter tone to her voice and a cold stare down the hall towards Raegan's room. "She's not stupid. But when you've had people tell you that all your life it's a hard habit to break."

"I think that was a joke," I said.

"I don't care," Darcy said as she again pressed the button for the elevator. "If she wants to hang out with that damn girl... fine I could fucking care less."

"You're upset because you think Sammi likes Raegan?" Mickie asked.

"Can you give me a ride home?" Darcy asked.

"Sure, Darce," Mickie said. "You know I'd never let you walk home. You wanna say bye to Sammi?"

"No I don't," Darcy demanded. "Can I have your keys so I can just wait in the car? I know you and Taylor are leaving, right?"

"Yeah we are but we gotta say bye to my Mom and all," Mickie said, then handed Darcy her car keys. "We'll be out in a bit."

"K," Darcy said as she disappeared into the elevator and was soon gone from view.

"What the hell?" I asked. "Darcy just discover Sammi had other friends?"

"I think it's more like Darcy just got her heart broke," Mickie said.

"No way, they're just friends, remember?" I asked as Mickie laughed.

"And so are we," I replied as Mickie kissed me. "MMMMMMMMMM friends with benefits?"

"I don't know I'll have to ask my girlfriend!"

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Bye Darcy," I said as she slid out of the backseat with only a half-smile and disappeared up the drive and into her house. "Poor girl."

"Why don't she just admit she's in love with Sammi?" Taylor asked from the drivers seat.

"Maybe it's scary like it was for me," I said. "And maybe it's just that she's never had a friend like Sammi before and she doesn't wanna lose her."

"Darcy also doesn't really like Raegan all that much," Taylor said as I pulled away from the curb and headed for Taylor's place. "Might be a factor."

"A Fear Factor?" I asked as Taylor rolled her eyes at my cultural reference.

"You're nuts, I love you, but you're nuts," Taylor said as I grinned.

"I love you too," I whimpered. Taylor grinned at my fake cry.

We headed across town and I detoured onto Brookpark Road to pick up something that I thought would help take mine and Taylor's minds off of the current drama at the hospital. Taylor quizzed me as to what I bought after I emerged from the store some minutes later. I refused to say and a few moments later we turned onto Taylor's street and saw Sammi's friend Taisha was on her break and making out with some guy that I hoped was her boyfriend. You could almost say they were face fucking with the way they were sucking face. Taylor and I shared a certain look as we drove on past and found Reggie was laying in the Marvels' front yard.

"How did she get down here?" I asked as we pulled up in front of the house and stopped, Reggie barking excitedly as she tugged at the leash that was tied to the bottom step of the Marvel's place. "Hey my favorite Shaggy."

"Think Grandpa is inside?" I asked as Taylor sat down and untied Reggie from her leash and started squealing when the dog startled her with a lick to the face.

"I don't.... OHMIGOD," Taylor giggled as Reggie barked and continued to lick Taylor excitedly. I finally had to pull her off so Taylor could escape.

"What is all this ruckus about?" Mavis asked as she came onto the porch. "Oh hi young'uns. Everything OK, with your family's newest addition, I hope?"

"No news yet," I said as I helped Taylor up. "Be tomorrow morning they said."

"Is Grandpa here?" Taylor asked as she petted Reggie.

"In the house tending to the soup," Mavis said. "Speaking of, how did your friend ever get?"

"You mean Raegan?" Taylor asked as we walked onto the porch.

"Yes indeed."

"UMMMMMMM, I don't know how to say this..."

"Just spit it out," Mavis said.

"Raegan's fine, but the baby didn't make it," Taylor blurted out. The sad news tempered with Reggie's whimpering cry as if to say, "No way!"

"Heavens to Betsy," Mavis said in shock. "That poor sweet child did not deserve that."

"She's taking it odd too," Taylor commented, "Like she doesn't care at all."

"And if that's the way that she feels far be it from me to tell her to feel differently," Taylor said.

"Exactly what I told Taylor," I lied with a smug smile.

"You lie," Taylor fired back as Mavis smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Any idea when she's coming home?" Mavis asked.

"No word yet," Taylor answered.

"She came through the surgery OK though."

"Carolyn I expect is at the hospital with her?" Mavis asked.

"She is, her and Dad," Taylor said.

"Probably be home late tonight," I commented.

"Well I can see that Harold is in over his head as far as the soup goes and I better run to the rescue," Mavis said as she spied Hal in the kitchen. "You call if you need anything."

"Tell grandpa we'll be at home," Taylor asked.

"Sure thing sweetie," Mavis said with a smile as she ran off to meet Hal in the kitchen while we crossed the road and headed for Taylor's place.

"So what are we gonna do tonight?" I asked as she unlocked the door and we stepped inside the front hall.

"How about we start with you going home?" Taylor asked with a smirk. I flipped her off and made a show out of taking off my shoes. "Good, I didn't want you to anyway."

"Yeah, I know," I said smugly as I crashed down on the sofa in the living room and snatched the remote for the DVD. Taylor gave me a pointed look as she sat her phone on the charger by the phone just inside the living room. "Get me a soda, OK?"

"Get it yourself," Taylor said as she smacked at my foot playfully. "And fix some supper while you're at it."

"OK," I said as I sprang to my feet and kissed my girlfriend. "Besides I bought us a movie to take our minds off things for a while."

"Is that the thing you bought at Wal-Mart and refused to tell me what it was?" Taylor asked as she returned my kiss.

"Yes it is," I said mysteriously. "So get me a soda and I'll get it."

"It's in your jacket," Taylor said. "And I already know what it is."

"OK, what is it?" I asked with the knowledge that she had no idea.

"A DVD of The Notebook with Ryan Gosling," Taylor said confidently.

"I already bought you that," I said as Taylor blushed.

"Oh yeah," Taylor said as I giggled. "Duh, Taylor. I've only watched it like 40 times."

"Don't I know it," I said as I pulled the mysterious item out of my jacket that now hung by the door on the coat rack. "So about that soda?"

"Fine," Taylor said as she turned to leave the room. "The DVD player is in the cabinet under the TV now."

"Smart ass," I said as she laughed and disappeared into the kitchen. I dropped the bag into the garbage and quickly tore off the wrapping on the DVD and slipped the DVD into the player just as she came back into the room. Handing me my soda as we took seats on the couch.

"WWE presents Mickie James?" Taylor asked as the DVD's menu popped up. "You want me to watch wrestling? What do you think I am? 5."

"I only watch it for her," I said as Taylor shrugged. "Besides she's my namesake."

"I remember you mentioning her once before," Taylor commented. "But I never thought you'd actually think you was named after her."

"No, she was named after me," I said as Taylor groaned. "Now hit play."

"No," Taylor demanded. "It's fake and I don't wanna watch it."

"Take a look at this," I said as I clicked on the photo slide show on the disc and saw Taylor's eyes glaze over at the hotness of the WWE women's champion.

"Those jeans are tighter than Jessie's," Taylor said in a daze as the images clicked by.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"What? I mean those she wore to school a few days ago," Taylor pointed out as I gave a certain look. "Don't give me that look, Mikala, those things were so tight you could see the outline of her thong through the jeans."

"Gonna have to talk to her about that," I said matter-of-factly.

"Don't you dare," Taylor said as I laughed.

"I think you want my sister," I accused.

"And I think you're right," Taylor said as she kissed me. "But Laney is my best friend in this world and you Mickie...you're the one I love with all my heart. So can I just have it as a fantasy?"

"Nope," I said as Taylor groaned as I laughed at her frustrated reaction. I laughed and so did she as we curled up for the next hour or so and watched the other Mickie perform in the WWE ring against every female foe I'd ever heard of. The best match though was the Wrestlemania contest when she battled Trish Stratus. She played the lesbian part up to a tee, I might add. "She has the best body of any wrestler I've ever scene."

"Mickie or Trish?" Taylor asked as we exchanged horny grins.

"Yep," I said as Taylor laughed. "Have I made you a wrestling fan yet?"

"It's pretty cool," Taylor said. "I gotta admit I like watching the girls wrestle."

"Especially my namesake?" I asked.

"Yes Mickie," Taylor said simply before kissing me softly and touching her forehead to mine. "Wanna know a secret?"

"The wrestling made you hot?" I asked as her jaw dropped in shock.

"How could you possibly know that?" She asked.

"Same effect," I said as she grinned knowingly and slid across my thighs a split second before she kissed me softly. "You gonna give me some?"

"And get caught by Grandpa Hal?" Taylor asked. "I don't think so."

"Why not? We could do a little of what Jessie and Laney love so much," I asked.

"We already got as wild as I wanna get," Taylor said with a kiss.

"In my bed while the parents were gone or the threesome you did with two other girls while I watched?" I asked pointedly.

"MMMMMMM both were really good," Taylor commented as I grinned and wrapped my arms around her and as she squealed when I laid her back on the couch and started kissing slowly down her neck as she cooed and gave into my desires and soon guided my lips to hers. But just as the hormones and pleasure began to flow it got stifled when someone came storming through the front door. Thus causing Taylor (and me) to nearly jump out of her skin and in the process of jumping up she sent me flailing to the floor in a heap.

"TAYLOR, MICKIE!" Came Grandpa's call.

"OWWWWW you broke me," I grumbled as I rubbed my elbow after hitting it on the floor.

"We're in here Grandpa," Taylor said as she sat up and reached down to help me. I grinned as I held my arm as if it were hurting. "I'm sorry."

"You gave me a boo boo," I said as Taylor laughed and kissed it.

"Boo boo all better?" she asked as I smiled

"Yes..." I started to say when Grandpa unloaded a bombshell on us.

"That mother of yours is going into labor right now," Grandpa said to me.

"But they said it'd be tomorrow morning," I said in alarm.

"And they told me that my late wife Missy would be fine after surgery..." Grandpa said.

"That would be Grandma Missy," I inserted into the conversation. "She died after heart surgery."

"Exactly, god rest her soul," Grandpa added.

"What does your adopted Grandma have to do with my mom?"

"Doctors don't know everything," Grandpa said bluntly. "Richard called the house when he couldn't reach you or Mickie on your cell phones."

"Mine's on the charger but it still should have rung," Taylor said. "And why is my Dad calling me about Mickie's Mom?"

"Michael is panicked out of his mind and Richard volunteered to track you two down," Grandpa said. "Then his phone went dead and he had to call from a pay phone."

"When one thing goes wrong it all falls apart," I commented as everyone agreed. "So he called you?"

"Yes and you two need to get on your way to the hospital and don't drive fast," Grandpa said as Reggie came waltzing in the opened front door with her leash rattling as it bounced off the wood floors of the hallway.

"Reggie, where did you come from?" Taylor asked Reggie.

"She no doubt followed after me," Grandpa said. "She was in the house for a while and when I left she probably snuck out on Mavis."

"We'll back in a little while my Shaggy Waggy," Taylor said as she kissed Reggie's forehead and we ran off to the car with some final instructions from Grandpa.

"Hold up," Grandpa said from the porch and was punctuated by a determined bark from Reggie. "Have you seen that Granddaughter of mine?"

"No and her cell phone is turned off," Taylor commented.

"So is Jessie's and neither of them have a clue about my Mom," I added.

"Be best if you could go by and tell them," Grandpa said. "I expect they are at your house, Mickie?"

"Probably," I said. "We'll holla if we can find them."

"Damn it, my cell phone," Taylor said as she went charging back inside and I checked mine to make sure everything was OK.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Do you realize our cell phones have been off the whole time we were... having fun?" I asked as Jessie drove her bug and we headed towards her house.

"Of course they are," Jessie said. "Kinda hard to answer the phone when someone is ramming something in and out of my ass," Jessie continued with a determined smile. "Huh?"

"You keep asking for it," I replied with a smirk. "And I loved every second of it."

"MMMM so did I," Jessie cooed as she pulled into her drive-way and noticed that Mickie's car was gone and so was the mini-van that belonged to Laila and Michael.

"Where is everyone?"

"Gone!" Came Jessie's smart ass reply as we got out of the car.

"Very funny," I said as she laughed, my cell phone buzzing in my hand and noting that the number was marked as private. I nervously opened it as I watched Jessie fiddle with her jeans and twisted my head a bit to get a view of her ass. "UMMMMMM hello?"

"Elaine McCoy?" the muffled voice asked.

"Who wants to know?" I asked as Jessie came over and hugged my arm.

"I have information for you and it's vital that you meet me in 20 minutes at the parking structure on the corner of East Prospect Ave. and East 14th street, 4th level," the person said. "It concerns the person who was investigating you."

"Are you serious? How did you get my number? Who is this?" I asked in a rambling voice.

"If you want the information you had best be there in 20 minutes and no later," the person said. "I think I'm being followed anyway and I can't wait on you."

"This is insane, I don't even fucking know you and you think I'm gonna drive half way across town to meet you?" I asked as Jessie listened in now.

"Fine then, you'll never know the secret I do," the person said. "I'll be there for 20 minutes and only 20 minutes. Goodbye."

"Who the fuck is this, hello?"

"The other end is dead," Jessie said as she pointed to the timer in the corner of my cell phone screen that had stopped. "So we going or not?"

"The first thing I'm gonna do is call Grandpa and have him..."

"Have him what? You got no idea who the person is and we've only got 2 minutes," Jessie pointed out. "I say we go and try and figure this out."

"And do what when some pervert tries to rape us?" I asked.

"Not a huge worry," Jessie said as she reached into the glove box and brought out something I'd never seen before, a friggen stun gun.

"Where the hell did you get that out?" I asked in shock.

"Hop in and I'll explain on the way," she said as I held the stunner in my hand and moments later we pulled away from the curb and headed across town for a meeting that I wasn't sure either of us were prepared for.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"We so got her good," Rae said as she stood at the bedroom door and watched me fold clothes on the bed. "Carrie is gonna hate us if we keep doing her that way."

"Who wouldn't," I said. "I can't blame her for being a little pissed, if she was, because I'd sure get mad if someone did me that way."

"Soooo what? Give her some to make up for it?" Rae asked as I laughed. "Not interested?"

"I'm interested if you're serious," I replied. "Carrie's cute and all."

"Got a body like a boy," Rae said.

"She does?"

"Well not like a boy but... like a tomboy," Rae said. "Tiny little titties and flat stomach, six pack abs."

"I noticed," I said. "And her tan is something to write home about."

"So are those eyes and I even like the blue streaks in her hair," Rae said.

"I like her eyes too," I agreed as I finally finished with the laundry. "So you're ready for a threesome?"

"Maybe once or twice," Rae said as she came over and guided me down onto my stomach as I laid down on the pillows and she started rubbing my neck. "I don't wanna get involved with a Maria type situation again."

"That was fun," I said.

"The sex was the best part," Rae said. "I absolutely love being shared. But now I want you all to myself. Does that make me selfish?"

"Yes it is does," I giggled as she snatched up a pillow and whacked me with it in protest.

"I am not selfish for loving you," she demanded as she returned to my massage.

"Of course it doesn't," I said as I rolled my head from left to right as Rae hit all the right spots on my neck. "If it does then I'm selfish too because I love you like that."

"What if Maria called and said she wanted you to come to California," Rae asked as I turned a bit and looked at her in confusion. "What?"

"That was a curious question," I said. "Why would you ask that? Did she call and ask that?"

"No... but would you?" she repeated. "For real."

"She'd abandoned us," I said as I rolled over and pulled Rae down on top of me and kissed her. "She can go fuck herself for all I care. So no I wouldn't even consider it."

"Can I go fuck myself?" Rae giggled as her mood lightened again.

"No you can't cause I'll gladly fuck you at any time," I said as she kissed me again.

"Too bad you can't grow a cock like Maria did," Rae said with a raise of her eyebrows. "My little ass is getting so tight now without her constantly butt fucking it."

"Mine is too," I said as Rae now rested on her knees and elbows on top of me as she played with my hair. "I think that's about the only thing I still miss about her."

"Wouldn't it be so hot if Carrie had that talent?" Rae asked.

"Someone has a thing for our new friend," I accused.

"Honestly, wouldn't it?" Rae insisted.

"Definitely," I said as we kissed for a long moment as my arms slipped around her and I rolled her over I was now on top, my pussy pressing against hers gently separated by the fabric of our shorts). "But I'd also like someone who likes pussy. I don't MMMMMMMM think Maria did."

"MMMMMMMM Lynsey," Rae cooed as she looked down and watched me slowly grind up and down and felt the pleasure beginning to take her over. "She never did get any of my pussy."

"Like eating cake with no frosting," I said as Rae laughed. "Cause you are definitely a cake with frosting Rae Chan."

"MMMMMM OHMIGOD I never did it like this," Rae moaned as she took hold of my waist and started guiding me to the way she liked and WOW that felt good. "MMMMMMM OH WOW."

"Fuck I know," I moaned as I clenched my ass and was really into it when Rae stopped me. "What is it baby?"

"Carrie's coming back up for dinner?" Rae asked as I groaned in frustration. "I know."

"So we gonna seduce her or not?" I asked a moment later as I laid beside Rae.

"If you wanna try it we can," I said. "We kinda do owe her one."

"Yeah and I'm sure she's gonna want to lose her virginity in a threesome," I noted.

"That would make it even hotter if you ask me," Rae said. The doorbell rang as I slid backwards off the bed and to my feet. "I'll get that."

"Hey there," I said as Carrie came in and smiled when she saw Rae.

"Hey and thanks for inviting me to dinner," Carrie said. "I was thinking I could buy the sodas if everyone wants?"

"That sounds fine with me," I said. But Rae, my ever horny, sweet loveable, Rae, had to by-pass the lightning round and go for the $25,000 question with this bomb, "Would you try pussy if Lynsey and I let you?"

"Pretty Asian girl with the amazing tan say what?" Carrie asked as I giggled and felt the spirit of Hannah Montana in the room.

"Pussy, the smooth patch of skin between my legs?" Rae asked as she pointed to it and Carrie nodded. "I wanna know if you'd lick it if I asked you to."

"Sure know a way to make a girl feel welcome," Carrie said as I giggled.

"Would you?" Rae asked.

"I've never tried it," Carrie admitted. "Honestly, this whole thing is so new to me that I don't know much of what I like and don't like."

"Well you've obviously had fantasies about girls," Rae said as I went to put dinner on and listened intently. "So don't you think you'd like it?"

"I'd say I probably would," Carrie said. "Why the sudden interest?"

"You're very cute, Carrie Ames," Rae said as Carrie grinned.

"You sure are," I chimed in as I poured the water into the pot and put it on to boil.

"Thank you," Carrie said with a nervous grin. "You guys are cute too. AHHH hell you're hot as fuck."

"Did you hear that baby?" Rae asked me.

"I did indeed," I said. "Hot as fuck?"

"I think that threesome we talked about getting her into is now a possibility," Rae commented.

"OK, stop," Carrie said with hands in the air. "You guys got me going good earlier with that stuff and it's unfair to do me that way."

"We actually think it was to," Rae said. "So we were gonna pay you back by giving you some."

"OK, if this is a dream no one better not wake me up," Carrie said. "And if two are joking you can go ahead and kill me cause I won't survive it."

"No joke," Rae said as she slid in next to Carrie and put an arm around her waist. "We seriously want to."


"What Rae wants Rae gets," I said as I turned the burner on the stove off and joined the two in the hallway. "Have some fun?"

"OHMIGOD this is like a really good wet dream," Carrie said as we both laughed. "Hopefully I stay asleep through the ending."

"Wake up," I said as I kissed Rae and looked at Carrie. "Cause you're not gonna want to miss this."

"UMMMMMMM... can I... UMMMMMM..."

"Spit it out," Rae encouraged Carrie.

"Can I just watch you two make love this first time?" Carrie asked as mine and Rae's interest level rose immediately. "Then maybe next time if you still want to..."

"I love that idea," I said as I pulled Carrie and Rae along by the hands as we headed towards the bedroom.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Watch us run into some crazed rapist or something," I mumbled as we entered the fourth deck and looked around for anyone who might be looking for us.

"Well if he's cute with a big dick you know what they say..." Jessie offered.

"No what do they say?" I asked.

"Can't rape the willing," Jessie giggled as she held her stun-gun in hand. A clearing of the throat scuttled all of Jessie's horny delusions as a shadowy figure dressed in a over coat and scarf covering their face approached. "Hello?"

"Here," the person said as they stuffed a voluminous collection of folders into my hands. "That's is all the information I have."

"Who are you?" I asked as she looked around and lowered her scarf a bit and showed me it was Anita Hartford. "OHMIGOD."

"I will deny I ever gave you that if you say anything," Anita demanded. "The answers you seek are in those pages but you might have to search for a bit. Or so Damon told me before his arrest."

"Is he OK?" I asked in worry.

"I must go and so should you," Anita said as she re-covered her face and practically ran off as a car came slowly onto the four level. Jessie and I ran in the opposite direction and made it to the car in record time. Jessie peeling out in her bug and turning the corner to hopefully loose who ever it was that might be following us. I nervously opened the first folder and was dumbfounded by what I saw. Page after page of what I figured out was tracking notes. Tracing every step that Damon had taken in his investigation. "If this is correct and I understand it he was in Langston, Arkansas about four months ago."

"Seriously?" Jessie asked as I showed her the paper. "Wonder why? Maybe he needed him some of them there teeth whittled out of wood?"

"I doubt that Elle Mae," I said as she Jessie laughed. "Anyway this just goes on and on forever. I don't think I'll ever find anything in here."

"We'll dig into it once we get home," Jessie said as she laced her fingers with mine as they now rested on the car stick shift. "Hey you're phone is ringing again."

"Hello?" I asked as I opened it up. "Oh hey my girl."

"Tell Jessie Laila is at the hospital and they're planning to deliver anytime now," Taylor said.

"Laila went into labor early and we need to get to the hospital," I said to Jessie as I put the phone on speaker.

"Is she OK? Is the baby, babies OK?"

"They're fine Jessie and so is she," Taylor said. "You just get here and don't drive like a maniac doing it."

"Take away all her options," I said as Taylor laughed. "We also got a call from Anita Hartford..."

"The woman at the airport?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah and she met us and gave me this huge ass pile of papers that supposedly solves the mystery of who has been investigating me," I said.

"I hope it's someone rich," Taylor said. "We could use a sugar daddy."

"Yeah cause Richard sure ain't providing enough," I said as we all three laughed.

"And oh yeah, Raegan went into labor to," Taylor said. "In Mavis Marvel's front yard."

"Eventful day," I said. "Is she OK?"

"No," Taylor said in a somber voice. "The baby was stillborn."

"That's horrible," Jessie said. "Is she OK? Upset?"

"She's actually pretty calm right now," Taylor said. "I expect it'll hit her pretty hard later on."

"We'll be there in like 10 minutes," I said.

"OK, I'm on my way, Michael..." Taylor said as I could hear him in the background. "Laney I'm going back with Laila. Hurry."

"OK!" I said as Jessie turned the final corner and we could see the hospital in the distance.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"They said that she was so far along they're gonna have to let her have it naturally," Michael said as he put on my scrubs a few minutes after I had hung up with Laney and Jessie, Laila screaming in frustration from the other room. "And remember that she might say some hurtful things..."

"And she means them?" I asked as Michael laughed.

"You are so good to my daughter," Michael announced as he touched both of my cheeks. "And I adore the heck out of you, and Laney too."

"Strange timing on that one, dad," I said as he blushed and helped me into those horrible plastic gloves. "I really love being around you guys too."

"You're family now," Michael said as he hugged me. "Now please go deal with my crazy wife and bring my back my new two kids."

"You know it," I said as Mickie appeared at the door to the changing room and rushed over to me and planted a kiss on my lips that weakened my knees. "What was that for?"

"I love you so much it makes me crazy," Mickie said. "And for you to do this for me..."

"Duh!" I said as I kissed her back. "Tell me all of this later when your Mom is not in labor."

"Like that's more important?" Mickie asked as I laughed and walked off into the room to find Laila in agony.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she barked at me as I giggled. "Where's my worthless husband?"

"Being worthless," I said in return as I took her hand and Doctor Pamslay took his position at the foot of the table. "And just so you know you can abuse me all you want cause I know how impossible this must seem to you."

"Two babies I can't do this," Laila whimpered as I wiped the sweat from her forehead. Another contraction changed her mood from apologetic to crazy. "OHMIGOD I HATE YOU MICHAEL JAMES."

"That's it let it out," I said as David laughed from below. "Tell him how you really feel."

"You shut your pie hole," Laila growled at me.

"OK, Laila it's time to push sweetie," David said as the nurse came into the room and started doing a million different things that lost me.

"I'm not ready to push yet and could you get someone to coach who knows something about life?" Laila demanded but kept squeezing my hand.

"Look, cunt, he said push and he means push," I fired back. "And now I'm what you're stuck with by your own request. Now shut up and PUSH!"

"OH MYYYYYYYY," Laila wailed as she miraculously delivered the first baby after another five minutes of unending agony. What an experience it is to see a brand new life take its first breath and start to cry when David gave it the customary tap on the rumpus. "My baby, my baby, I had that, I'm still alive and I had that."

"You sure did Momma," I said as I kissed her forehead and wiped away the sweat. "It's a boy and has 5 foes and three feet."

"If it does you're banned from my house forever," Laila said as she relaxed for a moment. Nurse Prader now held the baby boy as it cried in her arms and wrapped him in a blanket. "My baby is crying... OH WOW THE WHOLE CLEVELAND INDIANS ARE COMING NOW."

"I'm hoping it's just one, cause if everyone shows up we don't have enough to eat," I said as David rolled his eyes at silly joke. Nurse Prader though had a good laugh.

"OK, Laila, we're almost home sweetie, just a little bit more," David said as Laila wailed and got ready for the second baby. "I see him crowning now, OK, push."

"I'll never in life have sex again," Laila growled as she pushed so hard her face became contorted and she squeezed my hand and the belt rail as hard as she could. It took another minute but just like the first little miracle this one came out just fine too. David tapping its little butt as she started to cry on cue. Nurse Prader and another one swooped into make sure the newest arrival was OK. "It's over. It's over? Please tell me it's over."

"You did it," I said as I hugged her. "You were amazing. You had those babies."

"And I think for someone who was convinced you couldn't do it you did it pretty easily," Doctor Pamslay commented.

"That's easy for you to say," Laila said as Michael came rushing into the room and joined his wife. Mickie appeared at the doorway and peaked at the baby boy as Nurse Prader held the baby out for Mickie to take. Laila and Michael shared an amazing moment as they cuddled with foreheads touching and I joined Mickie.

"He's so beautiful," Mickie said as I came up. "He's so tiny and beautiful."

"And how about you take the little girl?" Nurse Prader asked me and quickly sat her in my arms as I cried for joy.

"I think she's got him beat for cuteness," I said. "And look at that mop of curly black hair. Wonder where she gets that from?"

"Beats me," Mickie said as I laughed before we shared a kiss.

"Thank you Doctor," Mickie said as David came by. "You're a miracle worker."

"Nope," David said as he shed his scrubs. "It's my job is all. But I gotta admit that I did good work this time. Look at that handsome fella and that little heart breaker. Gonna be hell on bikes in a few years."

"Sure will be," I said as David left and Laila asked for her babies. She took one in each arm after Michael had a chance to hold them. "Sure are beautiful."

"My handsome little man is finally here," Michael said proudly.

"And your new daughter," Mickie reminded him as she held me in her arms.

"Oh yeah her too," Michael said as I laughed.

"Michael James," Laila warned him as he grinned.

"You know I'm kidding," Michael said.

"Any ideas on names yet?" Mickie asked. "Maybe another Mickie in the family?"

"No Mikala," Laila said. "But Michael Allen James, Junior sure does sound nice, huh?"

"Is that the milkman?" Mickie asked as I laughed out loud.

"What... about the... girl?" I asked in between bouts of giggling as my girlfriend smiled proudly.

"Well following our traditional naming of the girls..."

"Laila, the babies, OHMIGOD they're here," Jessie said as she had just arrived at the door to the delivery room, Laney trailing behind her. Jessie came over and quickly took one of the babies in her arms. "She is so cute... and looks just like... Mickie."

"She sure does," Laney agreed as Mickie smiled.

"Everyone pipe down Laila was about to tell us what they decided to name her," I said.

"Michael and I talked and agreed..." Laila started and looked to Michael for his approval before going on. He nodded as he put an arm around each Laney and Jessie. "... to follow tradition and name it Elizabeth."

"Little wittle Wizabeth," Jessie baby talked to the new arrival as I laughed.

"What about a middle name?" Mickie asked as Laila held out her hand for me and I took it as I joined her.

"You have been a godsend to this family with all you've done for us," Laila said. "Making Mickie happy, Laney meeting Jessie and now you helped me deliver my babies."

"It's not a big deal," I said as I cried a few tears.

"Yes it is," Michael said.

"The baby's middle name is Taylor," Laila said as I looked at her in shock. Then covered my mouth as the tears really started. I hugged Laila as she hugged me back for a long, long time. Then hugged Michael the same way.

"I don't know what to say but thank you," I said as he simply smiled and placed Elizabeth in my arms as Jessie took Michael Jr. in hers. "Your namesake."

"And mine to," Jessie said as I smiled at her and she returned it.

"No one named anything after us," Mickie whined as she hugged Laney and the two mugged for attention with pooched lips and sad expressions.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"How do we do this?" Carrie asked as we reached the bedroom and she stood nervously by the bed.

"Well..." I said and began to wonder myself if this was a good idea. Rae though had a unique idea as she disappeared into the closet and emerged with her brand new camera and turned it as she showed it to Carrie. "What are you doing?"

"Showing Carrie how to use the camera," Rae said. "She's gonna tape us if she can handle it."

"I am?" Carrie asked with a slowly widening grin. A thrill ran through me as I realized that we'd be able to, hopefully, watch it back later. "I'll try to do it right."

"Use the tripod and just don't zoom in too close so it gets blurry," Rae said as Carrie nodded and placed the camera on the tripod and turned it on, adjusting the focus as Rae made me giggle when she rushed me and tackled me onto the bed. "How do we look?"


"Yes," Rae and I said in unison.

"Perfect," Carrie said as both of us smiled at our camerawoman as all attention turned to the action on the bed as Rae rolled me onto my back and kissed me for a long moment before sitting up and having me raise my arms and let her take my shirt off. My titties bounced free as I lifted my hips and let Rae skin my shorts off, leaving me nude. "OHMIGOD you are perfect."

"I so agree with the comment." Rae said as she kissed me and I quickly got her shirt off as well. I then got her to skin her shorts down her thighs and off as I tossed them in the direction of the camera and making Carrie catch them with a wicked grin. She only smiled as she zoomed the camera in a bit and watched the scene between me and Rae play out as we crawled to the top of the bed. Rae moved over me and moaned as she lowered down and started grinding her pussy with mine as she rested on her elbows and we kissed passionately. I moaned into her mouth and stroked my hands up and down her back as she squeezed her hands into the pillows behind my head and both of us felt this thrilling sexual high at knowing we were being watched. The pleasure was intensified by this setting I think and I slid my hands down to Rae's ass and squeezed my fingers in to the perfectly tanned flesh. Carrie caught that on a brief zoom before resuming the wide shot. "OHMIGOD Lyns."

"I know baby, I know," I moaned back to her as my pussy spasmed insanely and I just laid my head back as the pleasure increased with every passing second of the love making. Rae moved her lips to my neck and kissed up and down the way she knows I absolutely love and made me moan out loud for the first time. I opened my eyes for a long moment and looked down at Rae's ass as it clenched with each slight up and down motion and that made me so fuckin hot. But the moment that truly got me off like gangbusters was seeing Carrie sitting in the chair behind the camera rubbing one off in a furious race to meet our pleasure. "Make my pussy cum my baby, make it cum my Asian princess."

"MMMMMMMM," Rae moaned and I matched her as both of us felt this burning desire sweep over us and then literally just erupt into a body shaking orgasmic high like either of us had ever experienced. I was left panting and wondering where I was as Rae kissed me one last time and rolled off to the side and cuddled up to me. Both of us watched Carrie as she now sat in the chair and rubbing idly at her pussy inside her shorts. "Did you catch it all, Carrie?"

"I sure did," Carrie said. "I've never seen anything that hot in my life. I made a huge mess in my shorts when I cummed."

"I made a huge mess all over Lynsey's cute pussy," Rae said as I giggled. "Wanna come and clean it off for me?"

"Yes I do..." Carrie started to say as she stood but heard her cell phone ringing. "Hello? Mom I'm hanging out with my friends right now. Yes I do have friends smart ass. What do you mean someone is there to see me? OK, OK, I'll be down there in a minute."

"I'm sorry baby," I said to Carrie as she pulled up her jeans and buttoned them as she clicked stop on the camera.

"Me too," Carrie said. "UMMMMMM... any chance I can get a rain check?"

"Come up and hang out tomorrow night and we'll see what happens," I said as Carrie reluctantly left through the kitchen door a few moments later. "That was so much fun."

"Shall we watch it back and see if our new friend did a good job?" Rae asked as I nodded my head yes. I admired her beautiful body, now clad in a thin coating of sweat, as she retrieved the camera and we replayed the scene we'd just starred in back on the camera. Amazing!

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

A hectic night after all the drama yesterday. Though I did sleep pretty good I honestly could not wait to get back to the hospital to see my little namesake (Elizabeth Taylor James) and her adorable brother (Michael Allen James, Jr.) again. So I caught a ride with Mickie (with Sammi tagging along) as Dad and Carolyn slept in. Mickie headed straight for the nursery once we reached the hospital as I detoured to check on Raegan. Sammi went to get me and her a soda.

"Hey you need anything?" I asked as I poked my head into Raegan's room and found her on her feet at the closet. Moving slowly but steady. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"Doctor says I can go home anytime," Raegan said as I met her by the closet. "Taylor, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" I asked as I handed her the jeans she had reached for.

"Yes!" she declared. "Why is everyone so fucking obsessed with me not being emotional?"

"It's not what they expect," I reasoned.

"You are the smartest girl I've ever met," Raegan said as I smiled. "You just have a way of making people think differently. Like now, I get it."

"Just try to put up with your annoying family because now they are mine as well," I said as she nodded. "I love your Mom."

"I know you do," Raegan said as I helped her pull her pants up.

"Hey!" Sammi said as she arrived back at the door with our sodas "Who took Darcy home last night?"

"Mickie and I did," I said as I took my soda from her and sipped on it. "It took you a while to notice she was gone last night, huh?"

"Yeah," Sammi admitted. "I was worried about Raegan and then the whole drama with Laila and you helping her deliver the babies. I just figured she was in the lounge or something. No one told me."

"She got mad at me," Raegan announced as she put on a t-shirt and then slipped off the hospital gown.

"She did?" I asked, my scattered brain not even realizing that it indeed happened that way.

"We were flirting," Raegan said, motioning to Sammi.

"She actually said that she hates it when you make jokes about yourself being... not smart?" I informed Sammi.

"I'm not smart," Sammi said with a shrug. "I have other talents but being smart just ain't my thing."

"Other talents? Being hot, blonde, blue eyed?" Raegan asked as Sammi blushed.

"Those are my talents," Sammi said. "And Darcy does get mad when I tell jokes like that."

"It's probably also the fact that you like each other," I suggested.

"No we don't," Raegan and Sammi said in perfect unison as everyone laughed.

"Sammi hates politics, I love them," Raegan pointed out. "Sammi would rather make love than argue. I like both."

"She's got me there," Sammi said with a smile. "But now what I am gonna do about Darcy?"

"Give her some more time to come around to the idea that she can't live without you," Raegan said. "Cause it's pretty obvious how you feel."

"I am not admitting to anything just in case one of your big mouths goes and blabs," Sammi said. "Besides she's probably leaving anyway. Her aunt is planning to move to Colorado and I guess Darcy has to go with her."

"Why can't she just stay here and move in with me?" Raegan asked as Sammi and I gave her a confused look. "The house? Carolyn's old house?"


"I'm moving in for good and I need a roomie to help cover costs," Raegan said. "About a year or so and we'd have the mortgage paid off."

"Her Aunt would never allow it," Sammi said.

"She could probably get herself legally emancipated by the state if she petitioned and could then do anything she wanted," Raegan suggested. "Now this all hinges on if she would even live with me."

"Why don't you just move in with her?" I asked Sammi as Raegan put on her shoes.

"I am staying where I am for the time being," Sammi said. "I love being a part of Mavis and Alex's family."

"Who was that?" Raegan asked as someone came by the door in a march and didn't bother stopping. Sammi spun around and looked down the hall and hollered, "Hey Dar Dar."

"I been looking everywhere for you," Darcy said as she came back and sat her skateboard down and surprised everyone when she hugged Sammi and held the girl in her arms for a long moment. Sammi giggled as she touched her forehead to Darcy's and the two simply smiled at each other. "You're not mad at me?"

"Never," Sammi said. "Are you mad at me?"

"I was acting like a five year old when I left yesterday," Darcy said. "And if you wanna be with Raegan I'm OK with it. Besides I got news..."

"She doesn't wanna be with me and I wouldn't have her if you gave her to me," Raegan said flatly, Sammi making me laugh when she stuck her tongue out at Raegan. "We are only friends. Unlike you two."

"Fuck you," Darcy said as Raegan laughed.

"How did you get here by the way?" I asked a moment later.

"Skateboard," Darcy said. "And a city bus. But mostly skateboard."

"You rode a skateboard across town like what? 10 miles?" Raegan asked.

"At least," I said.

"And you don't have a thing for the girl in your arms?" Raegan asked.

"Not everyone is a lesbian," Darcy said. Still holding Sammi in her arms.

"And your heart doesn't care who it picks to love. Female or male," Raegan said.

"I don't know..."

"That's it," Sammi demanded. "Leave her alone."

"I was just saying..."

"I said you leave her alone," Sammi demanded of Raegan. "That includes you too Taylor."

"I didn't say anything..."

"You were about to," Sammi said. "You all think it's so funny to pick on her about me and I'm sick of it."

"Sammi stop...," Darcy said softly.

"No," Sammi said. "The next one of you that makes a crack about it, and you know what I mean, is gonna get me in their face. Now leave her alone."

"Sorry," Raegan and I said sheepishly.

"I'm not moving," Darcy said as she drew the attention back to her.

"Say what?" Sammy asked.

"My Aunt said if I didn't wanna go with her that I could become legally emancipated," Darcy announced. "Looks like I'm staying."

Sammi practically jumped into Darcy's arms as the two celebrated the good news.

"How about you move in with me then?" Raegan asked.


"You need a place to stay," Sammi said to her bestie. "You can work with me at 7-11 after school part-time and help pay the bills."

"I don't know..."

"Say yes Darcy," Sammi demanded. "I'm not gonna have you living under a bridge."

"OK, yes," Darcy said as Sammi smiled smugly.

"You can move in tonight if you want," Raegan said as Darcy simply nodded her head.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Ever find anything?" I asked as I came back into the living room at Taylor's house and saw Jessie and Laney with the massive load of papers from Anita Hartford scattered all over the living room floor.

"More confusing notes and receipts for places I've never been," Jessie said. "When's Taylor coming home?"

"She said she'd ride back with Richard and Carolyn when they come home," I said.

"I'm beginning to think we're never gonna get to the bottom of this thing," Laney griped as she opened up the last folder and started sorting those pages. "Cause he's got everything in the world here except who it was who wanted me found."

"Look at this," Jessie said as she came upon what looked to be a printed copy of an internet website. "It's from a place called GovernmentBusters.com and it says something about a secret C.I.A. program that the guy uncovered."

"So? You planning to become a spy or something?" Laney asked as I laughed.

"No, it's weird cause this article says that they now have proof, as of..." Jessie said as she checked the date, "...about 4 months ago, that the government was staging accidents of people who were later revealed to be alive."

"What kind of accidents?" Laney asked.

"Says here that car accidents, house fires and everything you can think of," Jessie said.

"Why would they do that for?"

"The author of this article says he's got evidence that some of these people have been relocated to other locations," Jessie said. "That's it."

"I don't see what that has to do with me," Laney said as I nodded my agreement.

"Maybe Damon uncovered something bigger than he could handle," I suggested. "He was arrested by the FBI."

"That could have been for something completely unrelated," Jessie said. "He could have been a terrorist."

"Shut up," Laney said as she beaned my sister with a crumbled piece of paper as Jessie giggled.

"What is that picture laying in the floor?" I asked as I pointed to a stray piece of printed paper with a picture on it. Jessie picked it up and shrugged as she handed it to me along with the several pieces of paper stapled to it. I looked at the rather grainy picture and thought nothing of it as it was shot taken from across a softball field of a woman with a hat and sun glasses on with the words under it reading: proof of case 5175. The date though was exactly five months ago to this day. I flipped to the second page and almost crapped myself as I saw a printout of an article from the 'Langston (Arkansas) Ledger' that turned out to be about, of all things in this world, Laney's Mom and Dad (Mischa and Baron). "Laney you might wanna read this cause I believe this might be the smokin gun."

"You found a picture of a smoking gun?" Laney asked as Jessie laughed.

"No, this has a picture and article about your parents' car accident," I said as I turned to the last page and Laney joined me as we about fainted at the evidence laid out before. It listed the original date of the accident, Laney confirmed it, the date that the website author had uncovered that the victims weren't victims. By now Laney's hands were shaking as she took the paper and read the unbelievable. "Is this for real?"

"No, no, no way this is true," Laney demanded as Jessie joined her. "This sick son-of-a-bitch is just trying to make a name for himself on the back of my Dad and Mom."

"Look at the picture on the front," I said as Jessie took them and flipped it back to the front. Laney started laughing as she saw the picture. "Not her?"

"If she gained 50 pounds and changed her hair color," Laney said. "No way that's my Mom."

"Updated hi-res photo on page four," Jessie read on the bottom of the page, a scribbled note that lead them to look for a page that was missing as a piece of it remained attached to the staple. "It's missing."

"Shoot darn," Laney said. "Missed it by that much."

"You sure that's not her?" I asked as I looked at it again.

"Even I know it's not," Jessie said as Laney kissed her.

"I love you," Laney said to Jessie as she grinned. "And no it's not my Mom."

"Wonder what the fourth page showed?"

"Another grainy photo of some mystery lady," Laney said as she tossed away the paper. "I am so fuckin sick of this crap."

"Maybe it's time we just go down to Langston and find this Roy Moore guy and ask him," Jessie suggested.

"Grandpa said if we didn't find anything that he was already planning that," Laney noted. "Wanna see my hometown?"

"I sure does," Jessie said with her best southern accent as Laney laughed. A car pulled up in front of the house behind mine and stopped as I got up to look and saw an older man get out and a young girl join him as they looked up and down the block for a moment. "Who is it, Mickie? Taylor in a thong?"

"You wish," I said as I walked by on the way to the front door.

"I sure do," Jessie said as Laney laughed. I reached the front door just as the man tapped on Taylor's front door, bringing Reggie trotting down the hall as I opened the door.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a Carolyn Kirkpatrick," He said. "My name is Mark Templeton."

"She's gone right now," I said. "But if you wanna... wait, I think that's her coming home now with her daughter and fiancée."

"Well it's now or never," Mark said as I slipped on my shoes as Laney squealed when Jessie attacked her tickle spots. Reggie trailing me onto the porch and trying to make a new friend as she rubbed her head on the girls thigh.

"She's friendly," the girl said. I swear for a moment I thought she looked just like Raegan. "Can I pet her?"

"Better not she likes to eat people," I said as the girl laughed.

"Didn't think you liked dogs Ruby Rae," Mark said to his daughter. Ruby simply laughed and as she sat down and started playing with the ever excitable Reggie. Richard's car pulled across the road and out popped Taylor, Sammi, Darcy and then Raegan. Followed by Carolyn and Richard. But it was Carolyn who looked like she'd seen a ghost as she locked eyes with Mark and came across the road in a march. "Hello Carolyn."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Carolyn demanded of Mark as he came down the steps. "Answer me you bastard."

"Who is this?" Richard asked as Sammi, Taylor and Raegan came onto the sidewalk.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it," Ruby squealed in laughter as Reggie licked her face playfully.

"I'm Mark Templeton," he said as I pulled Reggie off. "Carolyn's EX-boyfriend."

"Daddy," Ruby said as she jumped up and ran down to join her father, while Reggie whined that I wouldn't let her go to. "Is this her?"

"Yes it is sweetheart," Mark said.

"I'm confused," Raegan inserted as she looked at the girl with a stunned expression. "Why does she look like me?"

"UMMMMMMMM..." Carolyn stammered.

"Answer me Carolyn," Raegan barked.

"You're Raegan?" Ruby asked.

"I am," Raegan said. "Who are you?"

"Ruby Rae Templeton and I'm your sister," Ruby said as the air left everyone's lungs in shock.

"You didn't tell me you had another child," Richard said to a mortified Carolyn.

"And you never told me I had another sister," Raegan said. "TALK, BITCH!"

"Fine, Mark is my EX and we had Ruby together but had an agreement that we'd never tell anyone she was mine because of his grandfather," Carolyn said.

"My Grandfather thought Ruby belonged to my recently departed wife, Ellen, and he left us his estate when he passed," Mark explained. "And Carolyn agreed to keep it secret to protect Ruby and me from being disowned."

"It's nice to meet you," Ruby said to Raegan as she held out her hand.

"You too kid," Raegan said as she shook Ruby hand and pulled her into a hug. "Old lady you better believe you haven't hard the last of this."

"I'll say," Richard said. "Everyone come in? We'll try and get this sorted out?"

"Who called a taxi?" Taylor asked as Sammi followed after Darcy as she took off down the street on her skateboard.

"I don't know," Taylor said as she kissed me. The taxi stopped in the street and out popped a gorgeous looking Becky Sue Martin.

"Guess who's here?" Becky Sue asked as Taylor squealed and went thundering down the steps and hugged Becky Sue excitedly. "Happy to see me?"

"Yes!" Taylor said. "What are you doing here?"

"I got a new job on a sitcom that's shooting here in Cleveland," Becky Sue announced. "I'm here to stay."

"YESSSS!" Taylor screamed as her and Becky Sue started doing a happy dance.