Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 67 "Baby Talk"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Laney, Jessie can you take this somewhere else?" Carolyn asked as she came in from outside with a pale white look on her face. "Please this is very important?"

"Sure," I said as I picked up the folder I was holding and began collecting papers from around me as Jessie did the same. Only a few seconds passed before Richard, Raegan, a guy I'd never met and a little girl I'd never met, Taylor and Becky Sue (when did she get here?) piled into the living room. Everyone looking terribly nervous.

"Becky Sue Martin, you skank," Jessie squealed as she jumped up and hugged her as the two giggled. I laughed as I collected a few more of the papers and set them aside for now.

"Takes one to know one," Becky Sue said.

"UMMMMMM sit down, sit down everyone," Richard said a moment later.

"I came to take you away from Laney," Becky Sue said to my girlfriend as I got up to join them. Taylor made me laugh when she pulled Becky Sue away and into her arms with a grin.

"What's going on dad?" I asked nervously as he (Richard) cleared his throat and that meant to pipe down. "Who is this?"

"This is Mark Templeton, father of the sister I never knew I had," Raegan said with a bitter tone as she put her arm around the younger girl who I noticed looked a lot like her. "And this is Ruby Rae Templeton, the sister that my mother never told me I had."

"Pipe down Raegan," Carolyn demanded.

"Kiss my tanned ass," Raegan said back as the room threatened to explode.

"I'd love to," Jessie whispered in my ear as I giggled behind my hand.

"SHUT UP," Richard boomed. "We will settle this in a civilized manner that befits the adults we all are."

"I think that sounds reasonable," Mark said. "I'm sorry, who are you again?"

"I'm Richard Raynewater and Carolyn is my fiancÚ," Richard said.

"We're planning to get married this coming summer," Carolyn said.

"Congratulations," Mark said with a less than believable enthusiasm.

"I don't think we have officially met," Carolyn said to Ruby as the young girl looked directly at her. "I'm your mother, Carolyn."

"I know," Ruby said softly, showing very little emotion. "Nice to meet you."

"You too," Carolyn said in a stunned voice.

"Look I'll get right to it as to the reason I'm in town," Mark announced. "I've excepted a position with a new construction company started by a Michael James..."

"My Dad is named Michael James," Jessie said. "Are you the guy he wanted to run the company?"

"Ryex Construction?" Mark asked.

"That's it," Jessie said. "My friends Ryan and Alex are gonna be your co-workers."

"Well I guess you can give me a proper introduction?"

"Be glad to," Jessie said.

"Where are you planning to stay while you're in town?" Carolyn asked.

"We have a room at the Ramada," Mark said.

"Big spender," Taylor cracked as Jessie and I laughed.

"Why don't you shut up," Becky Sue said to Taylor. "Didn't you hear your father say that we would handle this in a civilized and adult manner?"

"Then that leaves you out," Taylor said as she pushed Becky Sue and walked off giggling. Becky Sue dropped her bag and charged after my best friend up the stairs.

"Those two are funny," Ruby said as she pointed at the stairs.

"Pardon me to distract from the good times but how is it possible for one of your daughters to know nothing of the other?" Richard asked pointedly as squeals of laughter could be heard coming from upstairs.

"That's a very good a question soon-to-be-daddy," Raegan said as Richard laughed. Reggie came back down the hall from the kitchen at that moment and went up the steps barking excitedly.

"Clarence, Raegan's father, and I were separated at the time that I met Mark while working at a diner in Costa Mesa," Carolyn said.

"I was recently separated from my wife, Ellen," Mark added.

"And we ended up having a brief affair in the summer that produced Ruby," Carolyn said.

"And how did you keep it from Raegan?" Richard asked.

"She abandoned me and dad," Raegan said. "Not that I blame you for leaving his worthless ass."

"Not only that but I was in a bad way and barely making a living when Mark came along," Carolyn added. "So I figured if I could save enough money while staying with Mark that I could get custody of Raegan back."

"So you didn't see your own daughter for what 9 months?"

"No she came to see me a few times," Raegan added as she sat down in the chair to the side of us. "And unless I'm mistaken you didn't have a baby bump."

"I wore baggy clothes," Carolyn said. "Remember?"

"Yeah you did," Raegan said. "Why didn't you want me to know?"

"Because if anyone found out that Ruby was not my wife's then my Grandfather would have kicked us all out into the street," Mark said.

"He was a mean old man," Ruby added.

"And your wife, this Ellen, went along with it?" Richard asked.

"She couldn't have children and we reasoned that if we raised Ruby Rae as our own that Grandfather would leave me his estate," Mark said. "But when Grandfather died as it turned out he was severely in debt to almost everyone."

"Then Mom died a few months ago and Dad told me I had a sister and another Mom," Ruby said. "Was a really weird conversation."

"I discovered my dad wasn't really my dad but my adopted uncle was my real dad," Jessie said as Ruby smiled.

"That's confusing," Ruby said as her and Jessie laughed.

"So anyway, when I gave birth to Ruby, Mark and I parted ways when he decided to get back with his wife," Carolyn continued. "I left Costa Mesa and moved back in with Clarence and Raegan after that."

"When did you move here?" I asked.

"When I was 12," Raegan said. "To take a realty job."

"Are you OK?" Ruby asked Raegan.

"I just had surgery and I'm just really tired," Raegan said. "How about you come to my house and spend the night with me?"

"Really? Cool."

"Honey we have a room," Mark reasoned with his daughter.

"And I wanna get to know my sister," Raegan declared. "And you are not gonna stop it."

"TAKE MY UNDERWEAR OFF YOUR HEAD YOU HILLBILLY," Becky Sue screamed as Taylor came rumbling down the steps, apparently having forgotten we had company.

"UMMMMMM hello!" Taylor said as she reached the bottom of the steps with Becky Sue's pink frilly undies still on her head.

"Nice hat, my girl," I said as I joined her at the bottom of the steps.

"Taylor Raynewater I didn't miss you that much," Becky Sue said as she came down the steps and held out her hand. "Give them."

"Becky Sue hasn't been here ten minutes and Taylor already has her out of her underwear," Jessie quipped as the room erupted in laughter.

"I don't like you," Becky Sue said to Jessie as my girlfriend laughed. Taylor took the undies off her head as Raegan, Mark and Ruby slowly made their way out of the house and down the road to Carolyn's old place around the corner. Carolyn and Richard announced a few moments later that they were headed to the bedroom for a little conversation that would no doubt be very interesting to hear.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"What you did was not funny," Becky Sue said, referring to the incident earlier in the day when I ran down the steps with her panties on my head, as she laid on my bed using my laptop. I was still giggling about it.

"You might as well face it, Beckster, that torture is a Raynewater family tradition and you are now family," I said as I snuck a poke to her tickle spot as she laughed.

"Then don't get mad when I pay you back," Becky sue warned.

"What you gonna do sleep with my best friend?" I asked as she stared at me for a moment and simply grinned. "What?"

"You'd run me out of town if I did," Becky Sue claimed.

"Yes I would because Laney loves Jessie," I said. "Don't go there."

"Not with Laney one-on-one but with both of them," Becky Sue said as I sat down by her as she looked directly at me. "Would you kill me?"

"If they agreed to do it?" I asked. "Then no. Wouldn't bother me unless you didn't tell me about it."

"You're bad and I love that," she said as I grinned. "So no hard feelings if I did?"

"Nope," I said, "But I know something about Laney that you need to know before you even seriously consider it."


"Laney likes doing a particular thing to girls," I said and remembering Laney's story of how her and Jessie tag teamed Kia on the patio. "A thing involving a certain part of your body."

"Between my legs?" Becky Sue asked sarcastically.

"Here," I said as I patted my hand on Becky Sue's cute little ass. "She really likes that."

"With what? A strap-on?" Becky Sue asked.

"Obviously," I said as Becky Sue grinned devilishly. "You like that idea."

"Done it before so why not with her!"

"With who?" I asked in surprise.

"Carlo and Raven sandwiched me," Becky Sue said with a horny smile. "You do know what that is?"

"I've done it myself," I said as she gave me a shocked look. The next few minutes were filled with stories of our sexual conquests as we whispered back and forth and shared the most intimate details of the events. Like Carlo cumming in Becky Sue's mouth (just like Sammi and Laney had done with Jeff) and the fact that my threesome was with two girls who I wasn't dating at the time. "I had no idea you were such a wild girl."

"You either," she giggled.

"So is that why you came back to town?" I asked seriously.

"Nope, a new sitcom is shooting here in Cleveland and I scored the role of the preppy daughter," Becky Sue said. A change of subject for which I was grateful.

"For real?"

"Yep," Becky Sue said. "My character is described as a 16 year old southern girl who's straight as an arrow."

"And you can play a straight girl?" I giggled as Becky Sue pinched my ass under my skirt in protest. "OUCH!"

"I can act," Becky Sue said with a finger point.

"Yeah like a whore," I said in reply as she first seemed shocked by my accusation and then started to laugh.

"You remind me of Cindy Joe," Becky Sue giggled. "She's always got a comeback."

"So you saying I'm like your sister?" I asked as I plopped down on my stomach by her on the bed.

"Pretty much," Becky Sue said. "Cindy Joe wants to see if this sitcom gets picked up for a second season and all before she moves down here."

"So you just quit your job in the hopes this will be successful?" I asked.

"I got tired of doing the same role 5 nights a week," Becky Sue admitted. "It was time to move on. Besides I got all of my bills paid off and plenty of money in the bank to last me for a long, long, long time."

"Well you can stay here until you find a place," I said. "One close by. And that is not a suggestion but a demand."

"Did Taylor Waylor miss me?" Becky Sue asked in a baby voice. I simply laid my arm around her neck and replied, "Yes I did."

"I missed you too," she said as we touched foreheads and Becky Sue made a face that cracked me up.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I see we're almost finished are we?" Mr. Powers remarked as he came down our floor's hallway and saw Rae laying on her back and putting some of the final touches on the mural.

"Almost," Rae answered as I eye-balled her exposed, very tanned stomach, for a long moment. "Is it good?"

"As grand as anything I've ever seen," Mr. Powers said. "You've done a marvelous job."

"I keep telling her that too," I said.

"No you don't," Rae said. "She says it's ugly."

"You're gonna make me whip you if you keeping lying like that," I said as Rae and Mr. Powers both laughed. "It's breathtaking just as I've said a number of times."

"Me or the mural?" Rae asked with a wicked grin.

"Both," I shot back as she grinned. An apartment door opened down the hall and our young neighbor, KT (Lopez) came our way with a cup. "You need something sweety?"

"A cup of sugar to make Koolaid," KT said. "Can I bum some?"

"We're out," Rae said from the floor.

"Sorry," I said to KT.

"I've got a whole bag you can borrow," Mr. Powers offered as KT smiled. "Follow me down?"

"Sure thing," KT said. "Bye Rae, bye Lynsey."

"Bye," Rae and I said in unison. Carrie came up the steps and around the corner as she passed Mr. Powers and KT. "Hey girl."

"Hey," Carrie said with a smile. "Did you guys hear the rumor about the building being sold?"

"I did," Rae said as she rolled over and continued to paint as Carrie sat down by the stool I was sitting on.

"Not me," I said. "Who's selling?"

"The owner?" Carrie asked as her and Rae both laughed.

"I've heard that rumor before," I noted. "Not to long before Maria left. Nothing ever came of it."

"You told me about that, does that look like a swan?" Rae rambled, pointing to a swan looking creature near the floor board on the mural.

"Looks like a rat with wings," Carrie said as I laughed. Rae gave her a sour look. "Yes it looks like a swan."

"Better be nice to me after what we let you do a few days ago," Rae warned Carrie.

"Oh yeah," Carrie said as she blushed. "That was a once in a lifetime experience."

"If you want it that way," I said as Carrie's eyes shot up to meet mine and she soon followed with her legs as she popped up.

"No I don't want it that way," Carrie said. "But I'm not the pushy type..."

"Let's ask Taylor about that," I said as Carrie blushed. "Rephrase?"

"I'm a horrible person but I wouldn't do you guys that way, I'm gonna go!"

"Stop," I said as I slipped off the stool and grabbed her by the shorts. "I'm sorry that was mean."

"It sure was," Rae chimed in from the floor. "Both of them did horrible things to each other. Can we just not mention it anymore? I like Carrie."

"And I really like you too," Carrie said as Rae gave her a knowing smile.

"So you really like my girlfriend?" I asked Carrie as Rae giggled.

"I like you too," Carrie said. "And no not in a girlfriend way."

"Then in what way?"

"In a she wants to tap that way," Rae said with a horny smile as our new friend blushed from head to toe. "And after what we let her do... I don't blame her."

"I don't blame me either," Carrie said as we all laughed. "Did you ever watch the video?"

"You did a really good job," I said as Carrie smiled. "So you wanna tap that huh?"

"Carinthia," A woman's shrill voice said as she appeared at the top of the steps. Carrie froze and turned to see the lady with rollers in her hair and a coffee cup in her hand. "10 minutes, huh?"

"What do you want Martha?" Carrie asked. "I mean Mom."

"You have homework and laundry to do, per our agreement," Martha said. "Did you forget."

"I was just visiting with my friends," Carrie said. "I'll be right down."

"Is she bothering you girls?" Martha asked as she marched down to join us.

"Not at all," Rae said as she playfully ran her finger along Carrie's right leg. "We were just about to invite her to watch a movie."

"Yeah it's a new one called, Tap That," I said as Carrie nearly fainted and blushed a crimson so dark you could see her change colors.

"You kids and your strange movie titles," Martha noted. "And what is this one about?"

"See there's this girl who is really hard-on, oops, I mean hard-up... for cash?"

"To pay the rent," I chimed in. "And it really makes her feel, do'h."

"So she gets invited over to a couple of her girlfriends' house, platonic of course, and before the night's over they give her just what she needs," Rae continued.

"Over and over again," I said as Carrie stood there looking dumbfounded at our play on words and wondering if we really meant what we were suggesting.

"Sounds repetitive," Martha said as I Rae and I laughed. "Carinthia, downstairs in ten minutes."

"Yes Mom," Carrie squeaked as Martha walked off. Looking to make sure her Mom was gone, she asked, "You two are nuts. You were serious?"

"Only if you know what a FeelDoe is," I said.

"Yeah what is it?" Rae asked as she looked up.

"The strapless cock that I'm gonna use on you two?" Carrie asked with the horniest smile I'd ever seen in my life.

"We'll see about that Carinthia," I said as she grinned and turned to walk off.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Elizabeth has been crying non-stop since Mom brought her home," I told Taylor as we came up the walk with me holding her hand and trailed by Sammi and Darcy. "So Mom is not in a good mood."

"Finally you're home," Mom (Laila) barked as we came in to hear Elizabeth wailing like she had been since coming home. "You said 15 minutes not an hour."

"We stopped at the store like Michael asked us to," Taylor said as she bravely joined Mom. "Can I hold my little namesake?"

"Why would you want to with her squealing like this?" Mom asked. "But sure; here take the little squealer."

Suddenly Elizabeth's cries muffled and after another moment she quit completely.

"She quit crying," Sammi noted as she joined Taylor.

"Why you wise ass," Mom said to Elizabeth. "How did you do that?"

"Babies can sense stress," Sammi said to Mom. "When was the last time you relaxed, slept?"

"40 hours or so," Mom said.

"Mom you're gonna kill yourself," I protested. "Go lay down."

"I don't have time to sleep with two new babies," Mom said.

"She seems happy now," Darcy said as she playfully poked at a smiling Elizabeth. "Why don't you go lay down and we'll hang out here and take care of the rug rats."

"I don't need to lay down," Mom insisted.

"Yes you do," Sammi said as she linked her arm through Mom's and led her off to the steps and soon upstairs to lay down.

"You think it's really stress that's causing Elizabeth to cry?" I asked as Darcy taking Elizabeth in her arms with a grin.

"Considering she's as happy as a pig in slop now..." Taylor said as she pointed to Darcy making faces at the baby. "... I'd say so."

"Come to think of where is my little brother at?" I asked, looking out back to see Ryan coming towards the house with a car seat.

"I think we found him," Taylor said as she sat down in front of me and leaned back into my arms. Ryan came inside just as Sammi came back down the steps. She grinned when she saw Michael Jr. in the car seat.

"Hi there my handsome new boyfriend," Sammi cooed to a grinning Michael Jr.

"Nice to see you too sweet-and-low," Ryan said as he kissed Sammi's cheek. She giggled and pushed his arm in protest as everyone laughed.

"Not you," Sammi said as she took Michael Jr. out of his car seat and started dancing around the room with him. "I got Laila to lay down and she was asleep before I even left the room."

"Thanks Sammi," I said as she grinned.

"You guys are about to have a new pool," Ryan said as he fished three sodas out of the deep freeze. "We're almost finished."

"The tile work is looking really good," I noted as Darcy now laid on her stomach on the baby blanket and made weird noises to a captivated Elizabeth.

"You coming back out with those sodas?" Alex asked as he came in the same door Ryan had. "Where's Laila?"

"Laying down finally, she is exhausted," Sammi said to Alex. "And if you guys wake her up with your screaming and stuff your hind end is mine Alexander."

"Yes Ma'am," Alex said immediately as he came inside.

"I'm just gonna sit here quietly and sip my soda," Ryan said from the dining room table as everyone laughed.

"Did you guys meet with that Mr. Templeton?" I asked as Alex now made himself a sandwich.

"We did and everything is looking good," Ryan said.

"Yeah Mark thinks we can get some small jobs around Christmas coming up to get a reputation and then in the spring we can start doing more," Alex said. "If Ryan and I can find the time."

"Well I graduate in May of next year and after that I'm assuming the business will be my life," Ryan said. "Well professional life."

"Good save," Alex said to his boyfriend. "And you've really decided not to go to college?"

"Seriously?" Sammi asked Ryan. "You're always talking about playing at Florida state."

"Florida state does not pay my bills and my family's bills," Ryan said. "Besides a 6'3 lineman is not much in demand."

"He is with me," Alex said with a kiss to his boyfriend's lips. "And are you sure?"

"Pretty much," Ryan said. "I'll think about it over Christmas break and all."

"Da da boo boo mar mar," Darcy was heard as she played with Elizabeth still. "Dat a purty baby girl."

"Hey Dar Dar," Sammi said as Darcy looked up at her. "That's really sexy. Talk to me that way sometime."

"AWWWWWWW," came the collective response as Darcy blushed, but offered no smart comebacks as she simply smiled at Sammi as her best friend giggled and walked off.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"There you two love birds are," Grandpa said as he came into the living room to find me and Jessie laying on the couch watching Mickie's 'Mickie James' DVD. "No longer chasing the dog's tail with that log pile of papers?"

"Nope we gave up for now," Jessie said as she looked up.

"Why?" I asked Grandpa.

"Well I just got word that Roy Moore has passed on," Grandpa announced, referring the man who had been investigating me.

"So now we'll never know why he hired that Damon Hartford guy and what all that crap was about the C.I.A. and secrets prisons and dead people being alive," Jessie rambled.

"And now my Granddaughter's lovely significant other it is all irrelevant," Grandpa said as Jessie and I both smiled. "Shall the man and his mysteries rest in peace."

"Mystery solved?" I asked Grandpa.

"Unless we find a photo that proves your mother is still alive," Grandpa said as me and Jessie laughed. "Mystery put to rest."

"Exactly," I said and felt the relief of that announcement.

"Come on Reggie, come on my girl let's take a walk," Grandpa said as Reggie joined him from her former position in front of the TV. Becky Sue arrived downstairs as Grandpa asked her, "You coming my walking buddy?"

"Meet you at the Marvel's," Becky Sue said. "Gonna get a drink first."

Grandpa and Reggie left a moment later.

"What are you smiling at?" I asked Becky Sue as she purposely stretched her back and showed Jessie and me her big titties. "UMMMMM OK."

"You like them huh Laney?" Becky Sue asked as she leaned over the back of the couch.

"Knock it off," I said.

"Why you're the one who invited me to a threesome with you and Jessie," Becky Sue said as my lip dropped and Jessie gave me a surprised look.

"I did not," I said firmly.

"I bet you did," Jessie giggled.

"Oh wait, you're right Laney," Becky Sue said. "It wasn't you inviting me it was me inviting you. Both of you."

"Are you serious?" Jessie asked.

"Let me put it this way," Becky Sue said as she came around the front of the sofa and let me look directly at her ass and looked at us over her shoulder. "Taylor clued me in to what you love Laney. Is that it?"

"She sure does," Jessie confirmed. "Don't you baby?"

I took a quick glance to make sure the coast was clear. It was.

"I get to butt fuck both of you?" I said as Becky Sue sat down by Jessie's thighs. "Right?"

"You sure do," Becky Sue said as she leaned down and kissed Jessie on the lips. "MMMMMMM!"

"MMMMMMM yeah," I said as I got to kiss Becky Sue next.

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMM," Jessie cooed as she watched and I grinned and felt my cock hardening already... even though it was upstairs in my bag. What mystery?