Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 68 "Back to the Future"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey lover," Becky Sue said as she sat down by me on the front steps. I simply gave her a knowing grin. "What's up?"

"Thinking about me, you and Jessie," I said as she blushed. "Second thoughts?"

"Not for a second," she said as she linked her arm with mine. "You?"

"None so far," I said as I looked down at her big titties.

"They'll bounce up and down so nice for you," she said as we grinned at each other. "But it may have to wait."


"I start my new job tomorrow," Becky Sue said. "Taping for the pilot episode begins."

"How did you get picked up before they saw the pilot?" I asked.

"ABC wants us on the fall schedule and were just dying to get their hands on the next project from Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd," Becky Sue said.

"The guy from Back to the Future?" I asked excitedly as she laughed.

"No," she said. "Same name but different person. He did like Wings and Frasier."

"Kelsey Grammar," I said as she nodded.

"And he recently did the Modern Family show," Becky Sue said.

"The one with the two gays guys and the baby?" I asked as we both laughed. "So funny."

"Anyway they loved the concept and it's virtually guaranteed that we'll be picked up for the fall," Becky Sue said. "They're calling it: According to Preppy. I'm Preppy."

"So about the plans?" I asked.

"I'll be working 16 hour days I bet," Becky Sue said. "Might even be sleeping there a few nights."

"Who says me and Jessie can't visit and sleep with you?" I asked as her eyes sprang open in interest. "Ya think?"

"If we did that I'd never stop cumming," Becky Sue whispered to me. "I'm thinking as soon as possible on that one."

"Me too," I said as Reggie came bouncing down the porch steps with her leash in her mouth and dropping it before she barked at us. She then turned and looked pleadingly down the road towards the Marvels' as Sammi came out of the front screen door and stomped down the steps. "What do you want girl? Take yourself for a walk. Go on."

"You stop that," Becky Sue said as she put Reggie's leash on her. "Tell Ma and Pa I'll be down the road."

"Sure thing John-Boy," I said as Becky Sue laughed.

"Laney sweetie," Carolyn said as she arrived at the front door and I leaned back and looked at her upside down.

"Yes Mom?" I asked as she smiled. "You go down and tell Mavis that dinner is about ready?"

"Mavis is coming here for dinner?" I asked.

"Yes she is," Carolyn said. "Richard and I need some adult conversation for a change."

"Gonna talk about sex are ya?" I asked as she blushed and pointed for me to get going. "OK, OK. Stay gone for a while?"

"Let us have a couple of hours? Please?" Carolyn asked as she met me on the sidewalk. "I know it's a lot to ask."

"I'll go on and tell Mavis," Becky Sue said as she walked off with Reggie on her leash.

"And I'll go spend some time with Becky Sue and SamDar!"


"Sammi and Darcy's name once they become a couple," I said as she rolled her eyes.

"By the way how are you holding up with all the stress of that investigation?" Carolyn asked. Absentmindedly moving a stray hair out of my eyes (Mom move!).

"I'm glad it's pretty much over," I said. "And I noticed the Mom move."

"Sorry," Carolyn said. "It just comes natural once you get close to someone... or rather."

"You're right we have," I said as I bumped her shoulder. "You're not half bad old girl."

"And I'm beginning to tolerate you too," she said as I laughed. "And here come my two biological daughters."

"Huh?" I asked as I turned to see Raegan coming down the street with her arm around Ruby's shoulder. "Oh yeah."

"The two daughters that are mine hate me and the two I live with like me a lot more than that," she commented.

"You made some hard decisions in your life," I said. "Eventually Raegan and Ruby will see that. Please tell you don't have other kids?"

"Only those two monsters," Carolyn said as Raegan and Ruby came across the street. "Where are we headed today?"

"My Dad said to tell you that he was coming to dinner tonight," Ruby said to Carolyn. "And I think Mister James... is that his name?"

"Mickie's Dad is coming too," Raegan filled in.

"More cooking for me," Carolyn complained.

"Have fun," I said as I walked off and made it down to the Marvels' just as Darcy came out of the house with a bowl of ice cream and watched Sammi wrestling with Reggie in the front yard.

"Come get you some blondie," Darcy hollered as I sat down to join her. Becky Sue had apparently gone inside already. Sammi looked up from a few feet away in the yard as her and Reggie stopped for the moment. Sammi then crawled, seductively even, the few feet that separated her and Darcy and threw her long blond hair back and grinned at Darcy as their eyes locked on each other. Sammi stopped as she got on her knees and moved between Darcy's thighs and came eye to eye with her before opening her mouth. "What the fuck?"

"You said come get some," Sammi said with a knowing look. "So you gonna give me some?"

"After seeing that?" Darcy asked. "Hell yeah."

"Darcy's become a lesbian," I said as she shrugged and grinned.

"You saw that," Darcy said to me. "Could you turn her down after that?"

"I never could," I said as Sammi smiled at me. "Well until now."

"Yep she upgraded," Sammi giggled. Alex came out of the door with some papers in his hand.

"I did not upgrade," I said to Sammi as she touched my hand and seemed to know what I meant by that.

"Samantha we need to talk," Alex said as he sat down by Darcy. "You remember you wanted to finish you're GED?"

"Yeah did you sign me up?"

"The state of Arkansas won't let you take your GED till you're 18," Alex said. "Unless you transfer up here."

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," I said.

"It's friggin Arkansas what do you expect?" Sammi asked. "I guess I won't get my high school diploma."

"UMMMMMM..." Alex stammered and was obviously getting up the courage to deliver some bad news.

"Spit it out, Big Al," Sammi said.

"Mavis and I have decided you should just go back and finish your high schooling," Alex said.

"Yeah right," Sammi giggled. "Wait, you're serious?"

"Yes we are," Alex said.

"No Alex, please?" Sammi whined. "I sucked at school back home and besides my pay check helps out with the bills. We can't afford for me to quit."

"Laney's Grandpa has taken the stress out of the bills with his paying off the mortgage," Alex said. "We don't need you to work anymore."

"But I like it," Sammi said. "And I hate school. I never had any friends and... I'm not going."

"Yes you are," Alex said with a finger point. "Mavis and I have taken you in and made you family Samantha and you owe us to at least try this."

"No, please? No!"

"I said yes," Darcy finally chimed in as she shoved a spoon full of her ice cream in her best friend's mouth. "Now shut up and quit whining."

"You can't make me..."

"... you make me do all kinds of things," Darcy pointed out as Sammi now fumed. "And why do I do it?"

"Because you love me," Sammi said in a defeated voice. "But that doesn't mean I have to like you right now."

"You start tomorrow," Alex announced. "We'll go down in the morning and enroll you."

"Fine!" Sammi said. "But don't expect me to bring you cookies in bed anymore."

"When did you bring me cookies in bed?" Alex asked.

"I was planning to, OK?" Sammi asked as everyone else laughed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Are you two really going to dinner with Taylor's parents?" I asked as Mom and dad came out of their bedroom looking very dressed up.

"Yes we are," Dad confirmed as he fixed his tie in the mirror. "Richard and that lovely Carolyn woman invited us to dinner to officially meet this Mr. Templeton."

"The guy who wants you to start a construction company?" I asked.

"I NEED THAT BOTTLE GIRL I LOVE!" Taylor screamed from downstairs.

"And yes that's him," Dad said as I picked up Mom's diaper bag and tossed Taylor one of the bottles down the steps.

"I'm not so sure about leaving my two babies," Mom said with worry in her eyes.

"Jessie and I will be just fine," I said as Dad laughed and mom gave me a look that spoke volumes.

"You two go play in traffic," Mom said as I laughed.

"Mom, seriously, Michael jr. and Little E.T. will be fine," I said.

"Who's little E.T.?"

"Elizabeth Taylor?" I asked. "Had anyone noticed that my new baby sister is named after a movie star?"

"My precious baby is no alien or a movie star who's been married seven times," Mom said.

"We can only hope," Dad said as I laughed and Mom glared at him. I followed them downstairs and they kissed the babies one more time and hugged their two 'other daughters' and left a few minutes later.

"Finally," I said as I watched them leave in the car and went and sat down in front of Michael jr. as he happily swung back and forth in his swing. "Hi my handsome little bubby."

"I thought they'd never leave," Taylor said as she sat down by me with a snoozing Elizabeth in her arms. She kissed my lips as I grinned. "MMMMM!"

"Don't start we have babies to watch," I said as she giggled. "You look so at ease with her."

"She's easy to please," Taylor commented. "Makes me want one of my own in a few years."

"We gonna adopt?" I asked with a grin.

"Or I'll have one naturally for us," Taylor said as she kissed me and laid Elizabeth on her blanket in front of the couch. "But either way I am planning it with you."

"Just made my heart beat faster," I said as we touched foreheads. Jessie came down the steps, barely dressed in a bun hugging pair of shorts and sports bra.

"EWWWWW lesbians," Jessie giggled. "That's gross."

"Shut up!" Taylor said as Jessie wiggled her ass at my girlfriend and then flipped her off. "Don't make me get up off this couch."

"Don't make me get up off this couch," Jessie mimicked Taylor.

"Jess knock it off," Taylor said.

"Jess knock it off," Jessie mimicked as she came over and pushed my girlfriend playfully. "Gimme a big wet kiss and I will"

"You are not kissing my girlfriend," I said to my sister.

"You kissed mine," Jessie said as Taylor giggled and nodded her head.

"Correction, she kissed me," I said.

"Almost made her cum in her panties too," Taylor said as I blushed and she laughed.

"So Laney is a hottie," I said to get a rise out of my sister. "Wouldn't mind doing it again."

"That's it, I'm kissing Taylor," Jessie said as she came around the sofa and purposely sat down across Taylor's lap. "You gonna stop me?"

"Go ahead," I said with a smug smile. Taylor shrugged as she leaned up a bit and kissed Jessie softly on the lips. That's where I thought it would end. But nope. Jessie then slipped my girlfriend the tongue and the two began Frenching as one massaged their tongue against the other as Taylor's hands slid up Jessie's back ever so slowly. Jessie cooed, as the two parted, "MMMMMM!"

"MMMMM I'll say. Mickie's hot cousin... err, I mean sister," Taylor giggled as Jessie slid off her thighs and stood with a proud smug smile on her face, then walked towards the kitchen with a sway that was noticeable.

"Sluts," I said as both giggled. "I'm not so sure I can leave you two alone now."

"Very funny Mikala," Jessie said. "We both know Laney is my speed and Taylor and me are just wanna be fuck buddies."

"When does this fuck buddying begin?" Taylor asked Jessie.

"Soon as we get rid of Mickie?" Jessie asked from the fridge in the kitchen before coming back to join us. Michael Jr. began to cry as he wiggled inside of his swing and you could immediately tell that he'd gone number 2 in his diaper.

"Well if you two wanna fuck so bad maybe you should tell Jessie how you verified that she didn't have any tan lines," I said to Taylor as I picked up my baby brother. "Girlfriend of mine."

"What?" Taylor asked. Jessie seemed to be confused.

"Her, Laney and the storage unit?" I asked with a smile so smug it hurt. "I gotta change little Mikey. You can explain right Taylor?"

"I'm gonna beat you Mickie James," Taylor called after me as I laughed and calmly walked up the steps with Michael Jr. in my arms to safety.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"She's just bull shitting right?" Jessie asked with a nervous shifting from foot to foot.

"I'm afraid not," I said.

"But I don't understand..."

"You and Laney were fucking on the couch at the storage unit and my dumbass walked in on you," I said as Jessie's mouth dropped open in shock. "I didn't mean to."

"I guess that's what you get when you continuously pull stupid stunts," Jessie said.

"That I will agree with," I said.

"How much did you see?" Jessie asked as she sat down on the floor by a still sleeping Elizabeth.

"I came in as Laney was on her third round," I said as Jessie laughed and covered her face. "And you let her stick it in your mouth when she was done."

"OHMIGOD," Jessie said in embarrassment.

"It must have tasted good," I said as she looked up at me and then crawled over to beside my thigh and said simply, "You know Mickie's listening."


"Talk quieter and don't give her the satisfaction of knowing she got us back," Jessie said as I agreed. Sitting down in the floor next to her as we lowered our voices. "And yes, you may think it's gross, but it tasted really good afterwards."

"It tasted like the lube?"

"Cherry flavored lube," Jessie said. "And it's just so hot to do that. To me it is."

"Changed my mind about it after I saw that," I admitted as Jessie grinned knowingly.

"You should try it," Jessie said as I laughed and shook my head no. "And... hold on... OHMIGOD!"

"What?" I asked as Elizabeth shifted and went back to sleep on her blanket.

"You saw me naked," Jessie said seriously.

"Obviously," I said.

"Pretty amazing sight?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"Amazing is the word I'd use," I said as she bumped my shoulder as I blushed. "That tan is soooo sexy."

"Especially when it's covered in sweat huh?" Jessie asked.

"On a scale of one to ten I'd give you a 10," I said as she blushed.

"I can't hear anything down there," Mickie said from the top of the steps. "Are you two making out again?"

"SHHHHHHH," Jessie whispered to me. "Don't say anything."

"Jess? Tay?" Mickie asked as Jessie and I got back on the couch and leaned across the back of it and stared directly at the steps. "You two are not funny."

"It's killing her," Jessie giggled in a whisper. Mickie then grunted as she went back to pick up Michael Jr. and came down the steps to see us waving with smug smiles on our faces. "What's wrong sis?"

"Nothing," Mickie said as she laid a happy Michael Jr. back down in his swing. "I know you two would never really cheat on me and Laney."

"And you are very right," I said as I kissed Mickie's cheek. "I love you and only you."

"DUH!" Mickie said as she kissed me.

"EWWWWW lesbians," Jessie repeated as she fell back on the couch laughing.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I gotta drop these papers off at the office," I said to Rae as we came into the school hand in hand. "So I'll see you at lunch?"

"If I don't find anything more interesting to do," Rae said with a smile as I laughed and kissed her. "OK, I'll meet you anywhere, anytime. Just do that again."

"Gladly," I said as I kissed her again. We parted as we walked inside and found Sierra, the hot school secretary swaying down the hall towards us and smiling (knowingly?) as she detoured into the office. Rae said into my ear, "WOW! She is hot. Right?"

"Very," I agreed. "Wouldn't mind getting her between me and you."


"...some?" Rae finished as we both giggled.

"I'm pretty sure she's got better offers than a couple of high school students," I said.

"I seriously doubt that," Rae said. "Besides I've seen her look at you and she is definitely interested."

"HMMMMMM," I said. "Want me to hint at it and see what happens?"

"Go for it," Rae said with a sizzling kiss. The door behind us opened and in came, of all people, Sammi and Darcy with Alex Marvel.

"I'm here you can leave now," Sammi said to Alex. "Now can you go onto the college and let me be?"

"If you don't give this at least a good shot Mavis is gonna be really hurt," Alex said.

"OK," Sammi said in a defeated voice. "I'll go until Christmas and see how it works out."

"Only a few weeks and you got me," Darcy said as Sammi grinned and simply nodded.

"Hi Lynsey, long time no see," Alex said kindly. Sammi came to join us with Darcy trailing.

"You too," I said. "This is my girlfriend, Rae Chan. Rae this is Sammi, you know Darcy..."

"Yep," Rae and Darcy said in unison and began to giggle.

"...and that handsome devil is Alex," I said as he blushed and smiled.

"Very nice to meet you Rae Chan," Alex said as he shook her hand. "Keep an eye on my little Samantha here?"

"I am not little, Big Al," Sammi demanded as Ryan Caldwell came in behind the previous group. He kissed Alex as my eyes opened in surprise. I knew Ryan was gay but that's pretty open for a football player.

"I have class in 15 minutes," Alex said. "Lynsey nice seeing you. Rae, nice meeting you. You guys come by sometime Grandma would love it."

"You got it," I said as Alex left.

"You ready for your first day back at school?" Ryan asked Sammi as he put a big arm around her and Darcy each.

"No," Sammi said. "But Alex and Mavis are my family and they know what's best for me. So here I am till Christmas."

"Lots of hot girls to hit on," I said as Sammi blushed. "And guys too."

"Do tell," Sammi said as Ryan made his exit and headed for class along with Darcy and Rae. Sammi followed me into the office.

"Can I help you?" Sierra asked. "Enrolling?"

"Yes ma'am," Sammi said as Sierra typed up a few things on the computer and then handed Sammi her paper back with a schedule. "Everything appears to be in order. Love to meet your parents sometime. Bob and Noelle McNamara is it?"

"If they ever bothered to come and find me I might do that," Sammi said. "Get my drift?"

"Are you trying to get thrown out of school?" I asked as Sammi laughed and nodded her head.

"I could care less because you need an education," Sierra said as she handed the paper back to Sammi. "But if you're truly hell bent on the idea, there's Mr. Kennedy's office and he'd sure love to hear that you forged their signatures."

"No I didn't," Sammi lied.

"Good," Sierra said. "Now stop being an ass and give this a go."

"Good advice from the girl who wants to be here every day," Sammi said as she turned to me. "Eat lunch with me and Darcy?"

"Can Rae come too?"

"No," Sammi giggled as she smiled and touched my hand as she walked off.

"And what do you need?" Sierra asked as I leaned down onto the desk and made sure she could see my titties and handed her the paper she needed. "You wanted this?"

"I sure do," Sierra said as she laid the paper down and gawked at my titties. "When can I have it?"

"I just gave it to you," I giggled.

"Not what I meant," Sierra said. "But you already knew that."

"Yes I did," I said as she smiled knowingly and turned back to the paper.

"This is all wrong," Sierra said.

"No it's not I filled everything out..."

"How about I come over one day this week and me, you and your..." Sierra said as she motioned me to lean closer so she could whisper into my ear, "... hot ass Asian girlfriend fill it out properly."

"Can we get to know each other a bit first?" I asked.

"I'll bring a movie," she said. "A regular one."

"And we'll pick up some soda," I said as she smiled. "About the paper..."

"Everything is suddenly looking a lot more correct," Sierra said as I blushed.

"Ladies is everything OK out here?" Mr. Kennedy asked as he poked his head out of his office door.

"Lynsey was just giving me some advice on shampoo," Sierra lied. "She wanted to see what the kind I'm wearing now smells like."

"Yep," I lied.

"Off to class Ms. Panettiere and back to work my over eager assistant," Mr. Kennedy said as he closed his door again. Making me wonder if he knew more about Sierra's exploits than he was letting on. And if she was doing anything with any of the other students at school. She sure seemed to be the horny type. Which makes her my kinda girl.