Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 69 "Batshit Crazy"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Have you seen Sammi?" Darcy asked me as she walked by on her way to the day's last class.

"Not since you guys ate with me at lunch," I said. "Why?"

"Wondering how she's doing on her first day back at school is all," Darcy said. "I guess I'll see her after."

"No doubt," I said as Darcy walked off. I turned to put my books in my locker for the final time that day. My last period is free, thankfully.

"Was that Darcy?"

"Do what?" I asked and turned to see Sammi with the locker next to mine opened. "Oh hey. We're locker neighbors."

"Looks that way," Sammi said with a smile. "Was that Darcy?"

"Yes and she was asking about you," I said with a knowing smile.

"Knock it off cause we're just friends," Sammi said with a finger point.

"Coincidence," I said. "So are Rae and I."

"Not very funny," Sammi said. "Believe me Darcy Mulder is straight without question."

"Sure she is," I replied. "You just haven't put on your best moves."

"Don't want to," Sammi said as a handsome guy came up from the rear and stopped by us.

"Excuse me ladies may I have a moment of your time?" he asked.

"Sure," Sammi and I said in unison and then giggled.

"My name is Allen Spier," he said. "And I'd like to invite both of you to the next meeting of Friendship Inc."

"Is that a religious group like on that Degrassi show?" I asked. "Bunch of Christians pretending to be accepting?"

"Hardly," Allen said and then turned his attention solely to Sammi. Apparently not liking my pointed questioning.

"Are you Sammi?" Allen asked.


"And you are new here?"

"First day!"

"This is perfect," Allen said. "Be such a great opportunity for you to make some new friends."

"She has friends already," I said as I linked my arm with hers. "Myself and my girlfriend Rae think Sammi is great."

"First I've heard of it," Sammi giggled.

"First I've heard of it too" I said as she laughed.

"We'd still like to have you come and join us," Allen insisted to draw the attention back. "We're like a big family."

"I'll think about it," Sammi said.

"You never did answer my question," I said as he looked back at me in frustration. "Religious group or not?"

"We are non-denominational," he said calmly.

"And you're OK with anyone regardless of race, sex, origin, sexual orientation?" I asked.

"It's very obvious that you have your mind made up about our organization," Allen said.

"Is that a no to the question of whether you accept people who are gay?" I asked.

"Why does that always have to be the first thing you people throw in someone's face?" Allen asked as I smiled. "If you would give someone a chance to get to know you first maybe the fact that you choose to be involved in an alternative lifestyle would not be such a huge deal. But you have clearly judged us before even attending a meeting and will no doubt make it difficult for anyone not among your small group of friends to become your friend. The world is made up of billions of people and all hold various views about other people..."

"Yadda yadda dude," I said as I rudely cut him off. "I can just imagine attending one of your meetings with my girlfriend and seeing the looks we get and how uncomfortable, you people, would make us feel."

"You're not invited," Allen said.

"Wouldn't come if you did," I said as Rae walked up from down the hall. I made a show out of leaning in and kissing her.

"Sammi it'd sure be nice to see you come and join us for a meeting," Allen said as he gave her a card and smiled charmingly as he walked off.

"Bigot," I said as soon as he was out of ear shot.

"What was that all about?" Rae asked.

"Your girlfriend is being exactly what she accused that nice Allen guy off," Sammi said.

"Are you kidding?"

"No I'm not," Sammi said. "He was very respectful and you were rude. Very rude. OK so he's not going with you to the gay pride parade he seems to still be accepting of most people."

"Sammi you're naive if you think his friends would except me and Rae in his group," I said, taken aback by her rather odd reaction.

"Maybe I am," Sammi said as she looked at the card. "But I'm gonna go to a meeting and see if it is what you say it is."

"I think you're wasting your time," Rae said. "But who knows you may learn something new."

"Yeah how to spread lies, mistruths and fear with a smile and claims of love in your heart," I said. "Have you heard of the National Organization of Marriage? Carrie Prejean? Maggie Gallagher? Brian Brown? The Maine Marriage referendum? Prop 8?"

"What does all of that have to do with Allen?"

"It has to do with him because people like him are why we can't get married," I said as I hugged Rae from behind. "I love this girl with all my heart..."

"You do?" Rae asked.

"... yes I do!" I confirmed as I kissed her neck. "And until people like that stop lying about us then we are never gonna be able to have our basic rights. Let alone marry."

"I think you're being totally unfair," Sammi said. "That group run by that Gallagher woman is only against gay marriage not anything else."

"Is that why they opposed the law in Rhode Island that gave same-sex partners the right to pick up their partners dead bodies at the hospital?" I asked. "The bigots of NOM were outraged when it passed."

"That's horrible," Sammi said.

"But it gets even funnier because the Governor vetoed it," Rae said.

"And then couldn't understand why so many people got mad at him," I said

"I wouldn't know why they did?" Rae asked sarcastically.

"I don't know," I said with hands in the air.

"But that passed anyway later on an override of the veto though," Sammi pointed out. "I saw it on CNN."

"It should have never come to that," I said. "The Governor of Rhode Island is a member of NOM..."

"... naturally..." Rae chimed in.

"... and he's a flaming bigot," I said. "Those are Allen's people."

"Possibly," Sammi said. "I'll think about it."

Sammi walked off down the hall and passing by Carrie as she came over to meet us.

"Hey!" Carrie said.

"Wanna come up tonight?" I asked Carrie as she smiled.

"You gonna give me what I need like you promised?" Carrie asked as Rae and I laughed.

"We've actually got Sierra coming over one day this week," I said. "She might give it to you too."

"I'd rather it come from you two," Carrie said.

"Oh yeah I was wondering," Rae said. "Who was it that wanted to see you the night you had to leave so suddenly. The night we made the movie?"

"Jane Reynolds came to see me," Carrie said with a shrug.

"What did she want?"

"Sniffing around about something but didn't have the courage to ask," Carrie said. "So I'm as clueless as you."

"We think that too," Rae said as Carrie blushed and we laughed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Where the hell are you all going?" Taylor asked as Jessie and I came out of the house. "Sierra's?"

"You shut up," I said as she giggled. "We're going to visit Becky Sue on the set."

"Yeah she called and asked me first," Taylor said as Jessie giggled. "How does it feel to be second best?"

"Blow me," I said.

"She could baby," Jessie said as my bottom lip dropped and she ran off laughing.

"You'll pay for that one," I said to Jessie as she wiggled her ass at me as she stood by the car.

"MMMMMM baby," Taylor said as she looked at Jessie's ass from beside me.

"So now that you know what that looks like naked do you blame me for being a whore for her?" I asked into Taylor's ear. Jessie had told me that about Taylor stumbling in us fucking in the Lake Erie storage unit.

"I knew she'd tell you about that," Taylor commented. "And no I don't blame you for being a whore for her. But if you remember you were the one who called me one for doing it with Lynsey and Maria."

"I did not call you that though I probably made you think that," I said as Taylor nodded her head yes. "So now I'm with ya."

"Yeah baby," Taylor said as we grinned at each other.

"COME ON!" Jessie screamed from inside her bug.

"You wanna come with?" I asked Taylor.

"Mickie's on her way over," Taylor whispered while flipping off Jessie. "I think we're gonna go and fuck."

"You know the pool is almost finished," I said as Taylor's eyes lit up in interest. "And I happen to know that Michael and Laila are taking the new babies for a check up."

"Hint hint," Taylor said as I nodded my head and ran off to join Jessie. "Tell Becky Sue to not bother coming home after not inviting me."

"She did invite you," I said as I got into the car. Jessie pulled away from the curb and zoomed off down the street. "Now are you sure you know the way to the set?"

"She gave us directions so it shouldn't be that hard," Jessie said as she handed me the print out. "You're the navigator."

"Then we're fucked," I said as Jessie laughed.

"Christmas is coming," Jessie read on a large billboard as we rolled through the final intersection a few minutes later. "You've already got my present I assume."

"Yeah, me," I said as she gave me a look that spoke volumes. "Kidding."

"You better be with all that money," Jessie said with a wry smile.

"My Grandpa is rich not me," I said. "So you want something expensive?"

"Very expensive," Jessie said as I laughed. "I'm thinking..."

"I'm buying you a candy car and bag of chips," I said as she giggled. "Seriously? What do you want?"

"I don't know I'll think about it though," Jessie said a moment later. Jessie makde the last turn on the way to the set of Becky Sue's show and pulled up to a gate with a massive towering security fence completely circling it. "Jessie James and Laney McCoy."

"Here to see Rebecca?" Joe Moore, the security guard asked.

"Rebecca?" I asked myself and wondered why she was going by that.

"That'd be her," Jessie said. "According to Preppy."

"Go on in. The parking lot is on the right as you enter and just follow the yellow lines to studio 5," Joe said as he handed us an All-Access pass.

"Thanks!" Jessie said as she drove inside the gate and we managed to find a spot, lock up the car and then began the process of trying to find the right gate. Luckily Becky Sue was standing just outside the gate drinking a soda and taking a break as we came up.

"I can't believe you actually came," Becky Sue said happily as she hugged us both.

"We wouldn't have if it weren't for her," I said as I pointed to Jessie. "She likes your boobs."

"Now, Laney, we both know you're the one who wants to see my big titties," Becky Sue said as I smiled knowingly. "Enough of this, come on let me show you around."

"Becky Sue, your living room is missing a wall," Jessie giggled as we arrived on the main set a few minutes later.

"Hey, Jessie your shirt's missing a button and I can see your boobs," Becky Sue said with a smirk.

"I hope you like them cause I'm proud of my tatas," Jessie said with a smile.

"Button that up? My little brother on the show will adore you if you don't," Becky Sue said.

"So let him have a sneak preview," Jessie said. "He'll no doubt be peaking at yours soon."

"Already has," Becky Sue giggled as we crossed through the living room and into the kitchen. "And this is the kitchen, obviously, and where a lot of the action will take place."

"So you've got a whole family on the show?" I asked as we rounded the corner of the kitchen and came to Becky Sue's bedroom.

"I sure do," Becky Sue confirmed. "This is Preppy's bedroom by the way."

"I like all the colors," Jessie said as we looked around at the brightly colored walls. There were posters of a few stars hanging up as well. "So who plays your Mom? Anybody we know?"

"Connie Britton," Becky Sue said as she sat down on her bed Indian style as Jessie and I looked around. "She's used to do a series called Spin City."

"I know her and I think Laila has a season of that on DVD," Jessie commented. "What about the Dad?"

"Oh that's actually interesting, they hired Bubba from Mama's Family, Allen Kayser," Becky Sue said. "You remember that don't you Laney? We used to watch it at my house when we were little."

"Remember the episode where Mama's talking to the family and Iola and she says like, a guy selling brains could really clean up in this family?" I asked as Becky Sue laughed.

"I like the time they were sitting at the kitchen table and Mama's serving fish when Vint's like, you know fish is brain food Mama," Becky Sue said.

"Then Mama gives him two pieces and says, in that case I'm giving you a double portion," I finished as we both laughed.

"And you two are how old?" Jessie asked with a quizzical look. "Hillbilly humor."

"Not hillbilly humor, it's Midwest humor," Becky Sue pointed out. "Raytown, where the show is based is actually a small suburb of Kansas City."

"Cornsucker humor," I said as Becky Sue laughed.

"Not funny hillbilly," Jessie warned me.

"Sooooo, anyway...," I started and paused to stare Jessie down for a moment, "... what's up with the name?"

"Preppy is my nickname on the show," Becky Sue said. "And the set-up is I just came to live with my mom and dad for the first time after being raised by my grandma and grandpa in the south."

"Which accounts for the southern accent," I noted.

"Yep," Becky Sue confirmed. "And My Dad is a former military guy and Mom has followed him all over the world. Dad just retired."

"And the preppy part?" Jessie asked.

"Well in the script for the pilot, we're shooting it now, it has me being enrolled at a private school and where I'm so concerned with looking perfect for my first day I get tagged with the nickname of Preppy," Becky Sue explained. "And the title comes from the end of the episode when I get roped into being the school's advice columnist."

"Sounds simple enough," I said.

"It is until the 2nd episode when Grandma and Grandpa Stark show up," Becky Sue went on. "They start battling Mom and Dad over how to raise me. Even though I'm 16."

"And what about your little brother?" Jessie asked as she examined some of the props on the night table.

"Max kinda has his own little adventures as a sideline to my advice column stories and the family war between grandparents and parents," Becky Sue said.

"You snuck a picture of Taylor onto the set?" Jessie asked as she held up a framed 8 by 10 of Taylor's school picture from last year.

"Yes I did," Becky Sue said as she placed the picture back in it's place. "It will probably never be explained who that is but I wanted it there as a gag."

"She makes me gag alright," I cracked before Becky Sue slapped my arm in protest and her and Jessie laughed.

"Ms. Martin the set is closing!" a man said as he stuck his head in through the doors we'd just come through.

"Thanks Ronald!" Becky Sue said. "I can lock up if you want."

"You got it Prepster," Ronald said before tossing the keys to Becky. "Set's secured so just drop the keys at the front gate."

"Will do," Becky Sue said as Ronald exited.

"We're alone?" I asked.

"Completely," Becky Sue said with a horny smile. "Security cameras are even turned off."

"How can you tell?" I asked.

"See those lights up there?" Becky Sue asked as she pointed. "If the security camera's were on they'd be lit up. First thing I learned."

"HMMMMMM," Jessie said as she sat back down by Becky and grinned knowingly. "Comfortable bed, two horny girls and a sexy Becky."

"Here on the set?" Becky Sue asked. "I mean me and Laney talked about that..."

"...so did me and Laney," Jessie finished. "Interested?"

"Very!" Becky said as I slid closer and watched her and Jessie kiss softly and I knew then what my and Jessie's next wild adventure was gonna be.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Well Mom and Dad are officially gone," Mickie said as she came back outside on to the newly completed deck overlooking the pool. "Took little E.T. and Mikey to the doctor."

"Good for them and us," I said as I stood to kiss her. "Wanna take advantage of me while your parents are away?"

"My room is just a few steps away," Mickie quickly agreed as she took my hand and started to lead the way inside.

"No," I said as I stopped her. "Not inside. Here."

"You been talking to Laney again have you?" Mickie asked as I laughed. "No!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"It's cold, Mid-November and I am not Jessie and you are not Laney," Mickie said firmly. "Now if you wanna make love we can go upstairs to my bedroom."

"I don't think I like you no more," I pouted as we walked inside and locked the backdoor before walking up the steps. We reached the third floor and closing the door before the soft kissing began. That led directly to a stripping of each other's clothes down to bare skin (loved that part) and then climbing onto the bed. Mickie laid back lengthwise and guided me to get above her head on my knees with her hands and then forward so I was over her in a 69. I trembled in pleasure as I looked down and watched in awe as she licked my smooth pussy for the first time and made my thighs quiver in delight. Her hands on my back gently guided me down into a 69 with her as I started licking her pussy in return. Her body jerked gently in delight as I licked softly at her clit and she did mine the same way. "OHMIGOD you're so good at this baby."

"Always been good at licking pussy," Mickie informed me as she went back to work, licking me like a lollipop up and down and letting her tongue dip inside a little more each time as the pleasure increased. My head began to bob up and down a bit as my tongue worked her pussy over in unison. Mickie's legs spread a bit as she bucked her hips slightly and loved the work I was doing on her from above. She moaned into my pussy as I did her the same as the pleasure increased. My pussy spasmed harder and harder as the seconds passed and my thighs quivering on either side of my girlfriend's face as she now worked on my pussy feverishly. "Sweet pussy, sweet pussy needs to cum huh Tay?"

"Yes it does, it needs to come back really badly," I moaned in reply as I squirmed on top of her a bit and bowed my stomach in with the oncoming orgasm growing closer. I cleared my long hair to the other side of my head as I closed my lips over Mickie's clit and sucked it, making her jerk and tense up so wonderfully as her pussy did much the thing mine was now doing, spasming in pleasure. I felt Mickie's hands sliding down my back and to my ass cheeks as she squeezed them softly over and over and as I sucked her clit harder and she returned the favor as we both began orgasms. Body shaking orgasms. Ones that left us feeling weak for a while after they were over too. "MMMMMM and you made it cum just so right too."

"It sure seemed liked I did," Mickie said as I rolled off and laid there still gently shaking as she crawled up behind me and kissed my neck softly. "Was it that good?"

"Even better than I can put into words my love," I said as I kissed her. Her tongue massaged against mine as her lips sucked softly at mine and we traded our girl cum back and forth for a few long moments. "MMMMM I taste good."

"So do I," Mickie said as we both giggled. "Besides we had to do it we had no choice."

"What makes you say that?"

"It's episode 69 and we just did a 69," Mickie pointed out.

"Have you been smoking pot again?" I asked as she fell back on the bed laughing at me. "Seriously?"

"No, I'm just high on you," Mickie said as she guided me to get over her stomach and lean down onto my elbows so we could kiss. It didn't last very long though as Mickie parted with me to pull down the pillow from above her head and ended up causing an avalanche of sorts. Papers, books and magazines crashed down around us as we both laughed and jumped up. "Mom and her damn magazines."

"Your room and your stack of crap and you blame your Mom," I said sarcastically as I started to pile the magazines back up. One, though, caught my eye as it read, "Friendship, Inc. to welcome Omaha chapter founder."

"School newspaper?" I asked as I showed it to Mickie.

"I read it every week," she said. "Haven't got to it this week though."

"It says this Kenneth Longfellow guy is gonna be giving a speech on abstinence at school in a week or so," I said as I showed her the picture. I didn't expect Mickie's reaction as she slid over to me and took the paper and looked at it with wide-eyed interest. "What is it? You know him?"

"This is the scum bag who cheated on Jessie back in Omaha," Mickie said as my mouth dropped open in shock. "And now he's giving a speech on abstinence? That's like Sarah Palin giving foreign policy advice."

"Hey, she can see Russia from her house," I said as we both started laughing.