Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 7 "C-o-m-e or C-u-m"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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"She's really coming to live with you guys?" Mickie asked as we turned on to my street and headed towards the house. I was so out of it by all that had happened in the last few minutes or hour that I didn't immediately realize she was talking to me. "Hello?"


"I got you with that Jessie three way idea huh?" She asked as I gave her a weird look. "Earth to Taylor, what's up?"

"Laney, my best friend,"

"I just asked if she was coming to town to stay or what" Mickie said as I smiled and laughed at my total missing of that question.

"Dad and Laney's grandpa worked it out" I said as we pulled up in front of the house, seeing a yellow cab sitting in the front with it's trunk open as Mickie parked on the other side of the street. "What's going on?"

"I bet someone called a cab" Mickie said as I groaned and she laughed. "Ya think?"

"I love you Mikala Jessie James" I said as I kissed her. "But you are not as funny as you think...sometimes."

"You too" She said as she caressed my cheek gently and we got lost in a long slow soft kiss as I slid across the seat and now next her. Moaning softly into her mouth as I licked her upper lip this time and found her letting me guide her into a soft french kiss. Usually I let her lead but this felt really new and exciting, I was about to get totally lost in her, like always, when a loud thump made us jump apart and I looked to see my mother standing at the back of the cab with an ice cold stare in our direction. Smiling pleasantly I made sure she watched as I kissed Mickie again softly. "I love you."

"I know, and we're being watched" I said as Mickie took a deep breath and opened the car door and slid out as she extended her hand to me and I slid out behind her. "You don't have to go in with me."

"Yes I do" She said firmly. "I got your back no matter what. I mean it when I said you're my girl and no matter what you will be until you decide you don't wanna be. No matter what kinda hell we gotta go through."

"I think Dad is running her off for the week, she has luggage" I said as Mom continued to glare at us. "Maybe she'll leave before we have to fight."

"Unlikely" Mickie said as she kissed me quickly. "Let's just face the fire and get it over with."

"Yeah, OK" I said as I laced my fingers with hers and for once I didn't do it as a show of defiance. I did it this time because I was scared of what awaited us on the other side of the street. Taking a deep breath and knowing for some odd reason this was gonna be a shoot out like no other. I walked hand and hand over to meet my lovely mother.

"Well thanks to you and your...little girlfriend your father and I are on the verge of breaking up" Mom snapped and I knew this wasn't gonna be good. And answer me this, how can this be my fault? She's the one who's been slowly losing her mind over me and Mickie. I'll admit I did some childish stuff to get her going at times but she's supposed to be the more mature one. Well that ended with Dad's putting down his foot and forcing her to leave and go to her sisters. I didn't know how to respond to that and was about to just walk off when Mickie fired the first shot from our camp and shocked me, saying to Mom softly, "I'm sorry for all this, all I wanted to do is go out with your amazing daughter. I'm in love with her and if it wasn't for that I'd leave and you'd never see me again, cause god knows I never wanted to see anyone hurt over something I did."

"You didn't do anything" I said as I had her turn and hugged her warmly. Mom seemingly confused by Mickie's heart felt words. Tears slowly forming in Mickie's eyes as she hugged me. I was so hoping that was a breakthrough and that we could finally start to cross that bridge and stop this insane feuding. Hell I was even willing to apologize if she would and for a moment I think she considered it until I kissed Mickie and we both smiled and I heard something that stung me so deep I'd never forget it.

"Well it is all your fault you little trouble making queer" Mom said in a rage. I think what set her off was the kiss and seeing me honestly and truly into this girl that she had no doubt hoped would only be a passing fancy for me. "You've single handedly destroyed my family, so..."

"FUCK YOU" I screamed at Mom as my rage took over and Mickie simply started to cry in frustration. I couldn't hold back any longer as Mom looked at me as if I was crazy.

"Why you smart mouth little bitch you apologize to me" Mom demanded. "Right now Taylor or you're grounded and I'll make sure you never see this...this...girl again."

"I've had enough of your fuckin mouth you bitch" I said as I got in her face, Mickie crying with her back to me and Mom. "Say it again, call her another name or threaten me one more time, cause I'm not taking it anymore."

"You're grounded young...lady...now go..." Mom started to say as I pushed her just as the cab driver came out of the house with Dad in tow. More luggage I noted. "Don't you dare put your hands on me again."

"FUCK YOU, DID YOU HEAR ME? FUCK YOU" I screamed in her face. "You are not my lord and ruler and this bullshit is not Mickie's fault, none of it is. IT'S YOURS YOU BITCH. YOU DID THIS, you destroyed my family and you broke my heart. I hate you."

"Oh my lord" She said and I knew I wounded her deep with that. My mind reeled in that moment at the amount of hurt in her eyes as she looked at me in disbelief. I also realized that Dad was doing nothing to stop this, which in itself was a shock. But this was only the first big shot in this war as Mom let the most hurtful thing she could ever say to me slip out of her mouth. Funny thing is, it wasn't even about me. "What has got into you to say that to me? I love you, all I want is for you to be happy. I thought getting you away from that trouble making Laney McCoy would help but you are acting just like that girl now. And thanks to Richard you and that little...well you will have free reign to do as you please. No wonder her Grandpa Hal wants rid of her, I'll bet she's already pregnant."

"Shut up about her..." I said as my fists clinched to my sides. I knew what was coming next and if she brought Laney's parents into this, I wasn't gonna be responsible for what I did.

"I will not" Mom said, "I'll bet she'd glad her parents are dead so she can whore around freely now."

"She cries every night over them" I said as I shook in rage. "She loved them with all her heart you heartless fuckin BITCH."

"Call me that again and see what happens" Mom snapped as she spied Dad out of the corner of her eye watching and no doubt thinking she was showing him how disrespectful I was being and then she could get her way and keep me and Mickie apart. But if she thought what I had just said was disrespectful she was in for a huge surprise.

"What's gonna happen huh whore?" I said as my rage took me over and I swung and landed a punch to her face. Right below the eye I believe. She flew back and crashed into the back of the cab as she grabbed her eye and seemed shocked at what had just happened. Before anyone could stop me I charged and slammed my body into hers with her every muscle in my body straining. She screamed as I crashed into her and drove her literally into the open trunk with a sickening thud. The tears of pain and regret flowing out of her eyes as she then realized what had just happened. I felt someone bear hug me from behind and pull me off and back to the sidewalk and seeing Dad and the cab driver watching in absolute shock. I knew I had crossed the line so far I could never come back but sometimes you just have to stop the madness. Mom cried in pain as she held her ribs and the cab driver tried to help her to her feet. "I HATE YOU."

"SHHHHHHHH Taylor calm down my girl" Mickie said as she turned me around and hugged me and I held on to her for dear life as I hugged her back.

"Are you happy now?" Dad asked and I thought at first he was talking to me. But as I turned and saw him glaring at Mom. "You've got your daughter to hate you."

"What?" Mom asked in shock. "She just physically attacked me and all you can do is defend her."

"You don't have any right to mouth off like that" Dad said. "Laney McCoy and Mikala are not your children and you will never be back in my house until you can apologize to both of them for your disgusting and abusive remarks. What in this world possessed you to say that about Laney? She's never once had anything disrespectful to say to you."

"I don't wanna talk about it, you are going to call the cops on that little..."

"CALL ME ANOTHER NAME AND I'LL HURT YOU" I screamed as Mickie held me back and Mom quieted down. "I'm not taking anymore of your fuckin lip you nasty little viper."    

"No cops, you're leaving and when they show up here I'll insist they interview you on grounds of verbally abusing a minor" Dad said as Mickie laughed and I knew then he had had enough of playing peacemaker and had chosen a side in this war.

"She nearly broke my back..." Mom said in response as Dad grabbed her hair and I swear I thought he was gonna hit her as he growled in her face, "You have tried to destroy that girl for the last time, I will make it your last day on this earth if you ever darken my door step with this attitude again."

"Rich...Rich..." Mom said with a dear in the headlights look as Mickie took my hand and pulled me along and up the steps and into the house. Pushing the door together as she hugged me and we both cried.

"I love you so much, I'm sorry for what she said, this is not your fault, do you hear me my girl?" I asked as I got her to look at me and saw her smile. "My beautiful Mikala."

"Beautiful?" She asked as I nodded and kissed her. She seemed touched by that announcement as she touched my face gently and wiped away my tears.

"To me you are"

"Oh great so to the rest of the world I'm Todo's daughter huh?" Mickie asked with a smirk as I laughed.

"Beautiful" I said as I kissed her. "No Todo, beautiful. With a huge heart and the most amazing eyes of anyone I've ever met. I love you more every day."

"Are you talking to me?" Mickie asked as I wanted to kill her at that moment. But before I again resorted to violence she saved herself by saying, "I always wanted to be in love like this and now I am. So in love with you, words can't hurt me as long as you love me."

"I do" I said as we touched foreheads and froze as the door opened and Dad came back in. He simply slumped against the back of the door and put his head in her hands and cried. To say I was shocked would be a major understatement, never in my life had I seen this man cry. Mickie kissed my cheek and whispered, "He needs you go hug him."

"Yeah" I said softly as I moved in front of him and was honestly surprised when he let me hug him and hugged me back. "Thank you for not letting her destroy Mickie and me."

"It's OK" He said softly. "I'm gonna go and lay down for a while, headache."

"OK, if you need anything..." I said as he kissed my forehead and nodded and slowly walked up the steps before stopping to saying, "Mickie..."


"What's the joke for today?" He asked as Mickie seemed confused before she thought quickly and said, "Dog walks into a bar and bartender asks what's he doing in there and the dogs says I'm looking for the guy who shot my paw."

"Paw" Dad said in a laugh as he disappeared up the steps.

"Shot my paw is the best you could do?" I asked with hands on my hips and squealing as she rushed me and swept into her arms. I was still laughing as she kissed me, both of us freezing when we heard a gentle knocking at the door. "OH god please don't let that be Mom."

"If it is you're not opening the door" Mickie said as she laced our fingers together and we peaked out the side window and saw it wasn't Mom. But Mavis and Alex. "Hey it's Alex."

"Hey" I said as I opened the door and motioned for them to come in. Alex taking off his hat as he smiled nervously.

"Ladies" He said with a gentleman's like nod of the head. "Is everything OK?"

"Yeah we saw that unfortunate display in the street with your mother" Mavis said and I noticed for the first time that she had a casserole dish in her hands.

"No she's OK" Mickie said as she proudly hugged me. "She's got me to take care of her."

"So beautiful" Alex commented with a proud smile. "Mikala love looks so good on you girl."

"Thanks girl" Mickie said as Alex gave her a dirty look and we all laughed.

"Well enough of the chit-chat, I brought your father and you a casserole that me and Alex prepared" Mavis said as I took it. "It will make a lovely dinner and you certainly need it more in this time."

"And you can stay and join us" I said as she smiled. "Stay and eat with us? It's just me and Mickie, Dad's laying down."

"Yeah, Taylor and I can host our first dinner party" Mickie giggled as Alex laughed.

"Should I go home and put on my cocktail dress?" Alex asked as I rolled my eyes and laughed.

For the next hour or so, it was so peaceful and calm, Mavis and Alex made such great guests and the food was first rate too. Alex filled us in on his life, before and after his previous boyfriend before he and Mickie disappeared into the living room and started playing Xbox as Mavis and I began to deal with the dishes. It was one of those nights you need after a horrible experience like we had had with Mom. After the dishes were successfully dealt with I walked Mavis home and returned to find Mickie and Alex lost in a game of football and arguing like old friends. I was about to sit down and pick out a novel to read for a while to kill time when my cell began to ringing. I figured with only Laney knowing my number I pretty much knew who it was as I picked up the phone and said in a sultry voice, "I been thinking about your body all day."

"I'll bet you have" The Female Voice said in return and I froze knowing it wasn't Laney now.

"Who is this?" I asked as she laughed harder. "Come on, is this Laney?"

"No it's not" She said as her giggles came under control. "It's Mickie's cousin Jessie. You said call you if I need to talk."

"OH WOW, cool" I said, "You OK?"

"Crying and everything that goes with being shit on" She said as I sat down on the steps.

"Well stay away from the dogs then" I said as she laughed. "Ruff ruff."

"You're trying to make me feel better and it's working" She said with a smile. "Is Mickie with you?"

"Playing xbox with a friend" I said, "Why?"

"You think we could go hang out for a few?" She asked and I knew she was almost praying I'd say yes.

"MMMMMMMMM baby" I said in a moan as she laughed. "Yeah we'll come on over and pick you up in a few OK?"

"You rock" She said as I smiled. "I'll be waiting."



"HEY CHEESEHEADS" I screamed over the roar of Mickie and Alex as they tried to one up each other on the game. Both looking back at me as I grinned. "Can we suspend this and go pick Jessie up she's in a funk and needs some friends."

"She's been like that for days, she'll be OK" Mickie said as I looked at her seriously. "What? She has."

"Mickie, please?" I asked softly, "She sounded like she could use a friend."

"I know what's it like to be dumped, she was dumped I assume" Alex said as I nodded. Alex smiled as he said to Mickie, "Go help her she might need it."

"OK, but I'm telling you she's getting better" Mickie said as she grabbed her car keys. "Besides don't we gotta pick up your friend Laney sometime today?"  

"Speaking of..." I said as I held up my cell phone as it began to vibrate in my hand. Looking at the number this time to make sure it was Laney as I picked it up. "You been dreaming about my body all day?"

"No, you got a girlfriend that would be wrong" Laney said as I smiled. "Where you at? I'm going through security right now, you nowhere near huh?"

"On our way" I said.

"Well what do you expect me to do?" Laney asked. "Catch a cab and hope he knows you?"

"OK OK, we're on our way" I said as she laughed and gave me the gate number of where she was.

"Ladies it has been a nice evening" Alex said sweetly as he opened the front door for us like a gentleman and locked it before handing me the key. "Mikala tell that friend of yours I hope she feels better."

"We'll do and remember who was leading on Madden, me" Mickie said with a smirk as Alex pointed at her and both knew they had a scheduled rematch without even saying so. I laughed as we got into the car and zoomed off to pick up Jessie and then to the airport. A weird thought occurring to me in that moment, that being that my best friend in this world was Laney and now she was basically moving up here, and Jessie was showing a certain interest in girls so why not try and hook them up. We crossed the intersection by the red light near Mickie's when she stopped and we both looked at each other and smiled, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Laney and Jessie?" I asked as we both laughed and I for one couldn't believe we had both had the same thought at the very same moment. "Might help her get over her break up."

"Yeah maybe, and it's frustrating cause I try and help and she pushes me away and calls you" Mickie said as we stopped in front of her house.

"I think it's easier to go to someone outside the family a lot of times" I said, "Laney was always my go to back home."

"Just remember you got me too" Mickie said as I smiled and leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you and no amount of Laney slash Jessie drama is gonna make me forget that" I said as she smiled.

"I knew I'd be crazy about you" Mickie said with a huge grin. A light tapping coming at the passenger's side window. Turning I saw Mickie's dad Michael as I rolled down the window.

"Hi handsome" I said as he smiled and knelt down by the door.

"Well hello yourself beautiful" He said, "Are you here to pick up Jessie?"

"Yeah is something wrong?" I asked.

"She's been awfully unhappy the past few days and I'm afraid she's not getting any better" Micheal commented.

"If I could set her up with someone really nice and respectful would you let me?" I asked. "A girl I mean."

"I honestly would prefer she not give up on guys yet..." He commented and took a deep breath before going on. "...but if this girl is nice and she agrees to meet me and Laila, I suppose we could be convinced."

"Laney McCoy is her name and she's from the same place I am in Arkansas"

"Bring her by and I'd love to meet her" Micheal said as a seemingly happy Jessie came bouncing out of the house and to the car. Kissing her uncle on the cheek and smiling. "Well Jessie James you sure are in an improved mood."

"Someone who likes me wanted to hang out with me, life is not so bad" Jessie said and for a moment I could swear that 'like' comment sounded a bit like she was into me or I was into her. OK, that's weird. She grinned at me and looked for assurance. "Right?"

"You got it hot stuff" I said with a confident smile as she blushed and smiled and Mickie laughed. "You coming?"

"If you make...me" She said in a deliberate voice that ran all over me. And lord help me but I know that comment could be taken two ways and I swear girl sure seem to mean it in the naughtiest of ways. I blushed and she slipped into the back seat and grinned victoriously as Mickie pulled away from the curb. "So you gonna?"

"What?" I asked as she met my eyes in the side view mirror.

"Make me" She said and I knew for a fact that Mickie was listening intently.

"Make you what?"

"Come" She said in a sultry and innocent voice. Oh my god that girl just don't know how hot she really is.

"Yeah my girl you gonna make her c-o-m-e or c-u-m?" Mickie asked as my mouth dropped open and Jessie fell over in the back seat laughing at my girlfriends candid boldness. In that moment I felt a rush of adrenaline and wanted to shock both of them to silence so the next few words were for shock value really, but let's just say it confirmed what both already knew, that I was seriously hot for both of them.

"OK you listen to me you two horny bitches..." I said as I first looked to Mickie and then to Jessie and went on, "...I'll fuckin make both of you c-u-m, if you want it so bad."

"Oh boy" Jessie said as she grinned at me in shock. "With the way you look Taylor, it wouldn't take you long."

"Jessie..." I said as she grinned victoriously and Mickie even seemed shocked at her candid boldness.