Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 70 "Christmas Times A Comin'"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey Mom, are we ever going to look for a Christmas tree?" I asked Carolyn as I came into the living room, Reggie trailing me, and saw her sitting at the computer. She gave me a weird look for a moment as I grinned.

"No we're not cause I don't believe in Christmas," Carolyn said.

"Boy are you gonna be unhappy hanging around this house then," I said as Carolyn laughed. "Seriously."

"Well, where do you and Richard usually go?" Carolyn asked.

"Last year, a friend of his from work got us a great one," I said as I petted Reggie's head. "But this year I kinda wanted to get one myself."

"Then go," Carolyn said. "Don't need my input."

"You are hard to love," I said with a frustrated grin.

"Truth is Raegan and I never really celebrated Christmas very much," Carolyn admitted. "I haven't even owned a Christmas tree in 10 years."


"We moved so much that it just seemed pointless to decorate it and then have to tear it down," Carolyn said.

"Well this year we're gonna do it up right," I said with a smile.

"Oh boy," Carolyn said with a less than enthusiastic sound to her voice.

"What's going on?" Grandpa asked as he came in from the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream.

"I'm trying to convince Carolyn that Christmas will be fun," I said. "Remember all the great ones we had back home?"

"I sure do," Grandpa said. "Some of my favorite memories. Planning a great big family Christmas for this year, I hope?"

"Not if Carolyn the Christmas killer has anything to do with it," I said as she gave me a mean look.

"I'll ground you," she threatened as I laughed. "Fine, you want a big Christmas..."

"I want a big Christmas with you, and Dad, and Laney, Mickie, Jessie, Grandpa, Becky Sue and Alex, Mavis, Ryan, Laila, Michael..."

"Planning a city wide event?" Carolyn asked as Grandpa laughed.

"Just all the people I love," I said as I pulled her up and hugged her. "So get used to the idea."

"Sooo, Christmas Tree shopping?" Carolyn asked. "Probably be some good ones at this lot across town. You do want a real one?"

"Of course, we do," Grandpa said as I laughed. Reggie barked her agreement.

"I'll talk to Richard and we'll go tomorrow after school," Carolyn said as I hugged her tightly.

"Thank you for making an effort," I said as she hugged me back.

"Wouldn't be a Christmas without a tree to put presents under," Grandpa said as he sat down in his recliner and set his bowl down for Reggie to lick clean.

"Speaking of presents, what are you getting me?" I asked smugly.

"It's something shiny," Grandpa said.

"Oh boy, that narrows it down," I said as Carolyn giggled. "How about a real clue?"

"You just got one," Grandpa said. "Figure it out yet?"

"Do you think it's too late to send him back to Arkansas?" I asked Carolyn.

"Have a little faith that I have something in mind that you will really like, love" Grandpa said.

"OK, I will," I said with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Not to spoil a good time but here comes my charming EX," Carolyn said as she spied Mark (Templeton) coming up the sidewalk. I went to let him in just as Laney came down the steps.

"Howdy stranger," I said to Mark. Ruby nervously followed her father inside.

"Hi all," Mark said as Reggie came over, after her snack, and sat down by Ruby. "I have some bad news."

"What's that?" Carolyn asked.

"The funding for the construction company I moved here to head up has disappeared," Mark said.

"She likes you, pet her," I whispered to Ruby as she grinned and started to play with Reggie.

"Does this mean you're leaving for California again?" Grandpa asked. "I'd hate to see Carolyn lose contact with her daughter."

"It's not like she's paid me any attention anyway," Carolyn said as Ruby looked up at her.

"And you've made such a huge effort to get to know me?" Ruby asked. "I don't think so."

"I would if you'd let me," Carolyn said. Reggie barked angrily to draw the attention to herself, then gave a comically timed whimper as if to say, "Knock off the fighting."

"I'm not leaving for California," Mark said. "I've accepted a management position at the Wal*Mart Supercenter on Brookpark Road. Ruby wants to be near her sister, Raegan will murder me in my sleep if I even suggest leaving Cleveland and Mr. James and I are working on some alternative plans for getting financing."

"Why don't you loan them some money, Grandpa?" Laney suggested.

"I don't loan money to friends or family," Grandpa said. "Easiest way to ruin a good friendship."

"And I respect that Mr. McCoy," Mark said. "I would also never ask."

"Hey, Mavis called and said she wanted me and you to come down and eat some of her cookies, freshly baked," Laney said into my ear as I grinned.

"Someone say something about cookies?" Ruby asked as she looked up.

"Come on, Kid, come with us," I said as I put my arm around Ruby's shoulders, "You're in for a treat."

"How about a cup of coffee, Mark?" Grandpa asked. "Carolyn, sweetie, do you mind?"

"Not at all," Carolyn said. "Richard will want something when he gets home anyway, be right back."

"Don't go far, Ruby Rae," Mark said.

"Just down to the Marvels'," I said as we left with Reggie now on her leash and leading the way down to the Marvels', where we found Mavis on the porch with a platter of cookies already cooling on the banister as we came up on the porch. Reggie happily went to say hello to Mavis.

"Go on dig in," Mavis said as she put down her knitting long enough to pet Reggie.

"MMMMMM," Ruby said as all three of us took a cookie.

"Mavis, you're the best," Laney said.

"Yep," I said as I finished off my first cookie and saw Alex coming through the house with three glasses of milk in his arms as he came out onto the porch. He handed them out like a gentleman to me, Laney and Ruby.

"Thank you, sir," I said as Alex smiled and I took a huge chug of the milk to chase down the cookie.

"You're welcome," Alex said. "Grandma said she invited you guys down and I just knew some ice cold milk would be perfect."

"You're like the absolute perfect guy, only gay," Laney said as she drank her milk.

"Why is that?" I asked as I ate another cookie off the platter. Ruby did the same.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

"You're always the perfect gentleman" I said as I sat down by Alex. "Always proper, you like call Sammi by her full name even though everyone else calls her Sammi."

"You also call Mickie and Jessie's Dad, Mr. James," Laney noted.

"And my Dad is Mr. Raynewater," I said.

"Adults deserve the respect of being referred to as Mr. or Mrs.," Alex said. "And I feel that Samantha is a very pretty name and should not be shortened. Besides I've always called her that."

"Then why don't you call me, Elaine?" Laney asked.

"You much preferred being called, Laney," Alex said.

"Where your parents like you?" Ruby asked Alex as she sat down by Mavis and watched her knit.

"They sure were," Mavis commented.

"Grandma," Alex warned. "My Mother was a lot like Grandma and Dad was British. Very proper, well mannered and all."

"So that's where it comes from?" Laney asked.

"I guess so," Alex said. "I was raised in London for a while and it just seemed like something everyone did."

"Where was your Mom?" I asked as the cookies continued to disappear. I heard a pair of voices at that moment coming from the kitchen inside.

"They were divorced shortly after Alex was born," Mavis said. "Thank the good lord for Alexander and his eagerness to be a father. My Anastacia was useless as a mother."

"Grandma she was only 22 when she had me," Alex said and then turned back to us. "She wasn't prepared to be a mother. She had dreams of going to college and playing basketball."

"Is she still alive?" I asked.

"Living right here in Cuyahoga County," Alex said. "She doesn't have transportation so she doesn't come by very much."

"Can't have a car when you think work is a dirty word," Mavis said as Laney and I laughed.

"My mother is on disability at the moment," Alex said.

"What about your Dad?" Laney asked as she snagged the last cookie and gave me a challenging smile.

"He passed on several years ago," Alex said. "I still miss him greatly."

"Sounds like he was like a great guy, Big Al," Laney said with a playful punch to Alex's arm. She then tickled him under his chin and ran off the porch laughing as Alex darted up and chased after her. Reggie chased the two as she wanted play along.

"I already told you my mind was made up and I am going on that date," Sammi said in an angry voice as she came out of the screen door onto the front porch with Darcy trailing her.

"What date?" I asked as both looked to me.

"This really nice guy from school, Allen Spier, asked me out on a date," Sammi said as Darcy fumed. "I went to this Friendship Incorporated meeting with him and we had so much fun."

"That religious group?" Laney asked.

"It is not," Sammi said. "No one mentioned religion. Unless you count the one girl who mentioned she was a Catholic."

"He's a bigot," Darcy finally said. "Allen Spier is a bigot in sheep's clothing."

"No he's not," Sammi said. "He's a nice guy. And I'm single and I'd like to go out with a nice guy who doesn't expect to get f... who doesn't expect something."

"That's all he probably wants," Darcy said. "He figures you're an easy mark. A little sweet talk and you'll do what he asks."

"Samantha will do no such thing," Mavis declared from her seat. "And you should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that Darcy."

"OK, I'm sorry," Darcy said in a pleading voice. "I just have a bad feeling about him. Like something horrible is gonna happen."

"Look, all I want is a night out with someone nice who will buy me a nice dinner, take me to a movie and have a conversation that means something," Sammi said. "I haven't had that in a long time."

"I can do that," Darcy said.

"You gonna kiss me goodnight at the end too?" Sammi asked.

"UMMMMMM... no," Darcy stammered. I think for a moment she actually considered it.

"Exactly," Sammi said. "And unless you suddenly jump off the straight wagon then we are stuck right here. The same place we've been since day one. I'm fine with it but I'm gonna start dating."

"Anybody but him?" Darcy pleaded. "Please Sammi?"

"FINE!" Sammi screamed in frustration. "I'm going to lay down. Suddenly I don't feel so good."

"Sammi, wait..."

"Leave me alone," Sammi said to Darcy as she stormed off.

"Lovers' quarrel," Mavis said as I laughed. Laney and Alex came back around the side of the house now giggling and covered in mud.

"What happened to you two?"

"Big Al pushed me into the mud," Laney said. "And I returned the favor by dragging him in too."

"Tell Sammi I'll talk to her later?" Darcy asked softly.

"Sure Darce," I said as I touched her hand and she went down the steps. I know she was crying as she rounded the side of the house and started running down the lane.

"What happened to Darcy?"

"She's fine," Mavis said calmly. "Just working up the courage to admit who she loves."

"Yeah right, Grandma," Alex said as everyone laughed. "Mavis the matchmaker."

"Go take a bath," Mavis said in reply.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I got the mail," I said as I stuck my head out the backdoor and saw Dad working on something with Randy. "What are you two working on?"

"Hot tub's coming," Dad (Michael) said as I grinned. "Anything for me?"

"Water bill," I said as Randy laughed.

"You pay it," Dad said to me as I laughed. I went back inside as Mom came down the steps with my little sister in one arm and my little brother in the other, both crying.

"Mails here," I said as she stopped and I showed her the stack one at a time. "Nothing interesting?"

"I have two crying young'uns, wouldn't matter if it did," Mom said.

"Give me little ET," I said as Mom gave me a warning look as I took Elizabeth in my arms.

"My baby is not an alien," Mom said to me.

"Her cute like an alien baby," I said as Elizabeth stopped crying and grinned at me as I sat in her car seat on the kitchen counter as I took a seat and joined her. "Now her happy."

"I swear that kid lives to torture me with her crying," Mom said as she rocked little Michael in the rocking chair now.

"You're always so stressed and she can sense that," I said as I tickled my little sister under the chin and got her to kick her foot and wave her arms happily. "See. She's happy now."

"Not like I can just put everything down and go out with your father for a night," Mom said as I flipped through the latest edition of the Von Adams high newspaper.

"Why not? You have me and Taylor to babysit," I said. "She doesn't mind."

"Neither do I," Jessie said as she came down the steps and joined me at the counter with a hug from behind. "What are you talking about?"

"Babysitting, nut," I said as I bonked her on the head with an envelope as she rested her chin on my shoulder. "Telling Mom, me and you or me and Taylor could babysit."

"How about just me and Taylor? MMMMM yeah, I like that idea," Jessie said as I laughed.

"Laila, come out here for a moment?" Dad asked as he popped his hand in the door.

"Why not, your namesake could use a little sun anyway," Mom said as she joined Dad on the patio.

"Are you wearing a bra?" Jessie asked rather randomly as she peaked down the front of my 'I've Decided to Put Myself in Charge' t-shirt.

"Why would you ask that?" I asked in confusion and was then dumbfounded when she slid her hands up and actually squeezed my boobs in her hands for a moment. "Jessica! What the hell?"

"Nope, no bra," Jessie said as she walked away laughing.

"That is just plain weird," I said as she stopped by the fridge and looked back at me.


"You're my sister," I said.

"And I was also your sister about a year ago when you offered to share me with Taylor," Jessie said. "Right out there in the front yard."

"You were my cousin by marriage then," I corrected her.

"I was still your sister, we just didn't know it yet," Jessie said.

"Anyway, I was just trying to get a rise out of Taylor at that time," I said. "I would have never done it."

"I would," Jessie said as she rejoined me at the counter, now with a soda in her hand.

"That is gross," I said. "You're my sister so you shouldn't be groping me."

"Me being your sister is exactly why you should let me," Jessie said as she tried to touch one of my boobs again when I smacked her hand away. "Tease."

"What has gotten into you?" I asked.

"I'm horny as fuck," Jessie said as I laughed and spied Mom and dad on the other side of the pool and out of ear shot. "Sorry!"

"Don't worry about it," I said as I waited for her to take a drink of soda before I reached over and got a feel myself. Nice and firm. This caused her to choke for a moment on the soda in surprise. "You're right, Jess, that is fun."

"Fucking whore!" Jessie gasped as she coughed from the soda that went down the wrong pipe.

"I'm Taylor's fucking whore, thank you very much," I corrected her.

"I wish I was too," Jessie said in an obvious attempt to get me going. "You'd like that, huh, Mick?"

"She sure would," I said as I poured myself a glass of milk. "Me? Not so much."

"Always a kink in a good fantasy," Jessie said as I laughed. Dad came in at that moment and took Elizabeth out of her car seat and going back outside with her.

"So what's got you so horny and don't say me or Taylor," I said.

"Laney and Becky Sue," Jessie said in a whisper as I looked at her in surprise.

"You two whores did it with her?"

"Planning to," Jessie said smugly. "We might do it on the set of her new sitcom."

"Damn, that's hot," I said as she grinned. "Naked, on the set?"

"Maybe Laney wearing her new Ugg boots and a FeelDoe," Jessie said as she moved right next to me. I had no trouble imagining that as my pussy started to tingle.

"And I bet I can guess where you want her to stick it," I said as I looked at Jessie's butt. "Huh?"

"My favorite sensation," Jessie said.

"I bet it's Laney's too," I said.

"She sure does love giving it to me like that," Jessie said.

"I don't blame her," I said.

"You should try it on Taylor," Jessie suggested.

"No," I said. "I am not into having that filled on me."

"But Taylor loved it when Maria did it to her," Jessie said. "She told me."

"I know she did," I said. "But I am not up for sharing her with someone else."

"No one says you got to," Jessie said. "You could give it to her. Maybe a Christmas present."

"Even if I did, I don't have a FeelDoe," I pointed out. "And no I am not spending a hundred bucks to get one."

"You can borrow Laney's cause I'm buying her a new one for Christmas," Jessie said as she pulled a scrap of paper out of her jeans pocket and showed it to me. "8 inches of pleasure with a vibrating knob and anal beads insert for the wearer, Laney."

"OHMIGOD!" I said as I looked at the picture. "Laney will get anal while she's giving it?"

"Yes she will," Jessie said as she took the paper and stuffed it back inside her pocket. "It cost all my babysitting money but she's worth it."

"If you love her so much then why are you so willing to share her with everyone?"

"Because I want her butt fucking as many girls as she can," Jessie said into my ear. "Why? Because she gets better at it every time. And I am the one who gets the benefits of that."

"Now I'm fucking horny," I said as she we both laughed. "Go away."

"No!" Jessie said as she giggled and tried to stop me from whacking her with the school newspaper. "Kenneth Longfellow? Did I see that right?"

"Huh?" I asked as I looked at the main page with Jessie reading over my shoulder. "Oh yeah, I read that when Taylor was here a couple days ago. It says he's gonna give a speech on abstinence."

"What the fuck?" Jessie asked as she took the paper and read, "Kenneth Longfellow, President of the Omaha chapter of Friendship, Inc., will be addressing the importance of abstinence in a Christian life. Longfellow, a born again Christian since his freshman year, has traveled the country in recent months promoting his views on premarital sex and opposing all efforts to expand sex education programs. He plans to attend a rally at Von Adams high to encourage the school board to abolish the sexual education course currently being taught and replace it with an abstinence only course."

"WOW!" I said in shock. "Him promoting abstinence is like Hank Williams, Jr. promoting race relations."

"The only thing Kenneth Longfellow knows about abstinence is how to avoid it," Jessie said as she ripped up the paper in a rage and stuffed it into the trash. "That man-whore fucked half the sluts in Omaha..."

"And you've outdone him since then," I pointed out.

"I'm doing it willingly and without preaching the exact opposite," Jessie said. I agreed. "He's a damn hypocrite."

"To bad you can't do anything about it," I said with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Who says I can't?" Jessie asked.

"I still have a few contacts back in Omaha," Jessie said. "A couple of the girls he fucked while he dated me at Sebastian high are still in school there. I think I'm gonna clue them into what old Kenny Hypocrite is up to."

"Why not bring him down in public?" I asked.

"Dad has a megaphone upstairs," Jessie said with a dangerously sexy gleam in her eyes. "We could break up the rally."

"I didn't say we..."

"You are my sister," Jessie said. "And if you love me..."

"I do and you know that," I said with a finger point for added emphasis.

"Then you're gonna help me," Jessie said. "Payback is a dish best served cold."

"Can we have dinner first?" I asked as Jessie laughed and took my hand as she pulled me up the stairs towards the second floor closet. Where we found the megaphone just where we knew it was. "Ole Kenneth is gonna have a rude welcoming."

"HYPOCRITE!" Jessie said into the megaphone before we both started laughing. "I can't wait to see him now."

"Me either!"