Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 72 "Lassie (the cat)"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Another early Cleveland morning just beginning.

"Reggie get up here," I commanded as she came running by the house chasing a kitten. A kitten who was terrified as it ran from the much bigger Reggie. The kitten stopped at the bottom of the steps and prepared to fight for its life as I ran down the steps said, "Reggie, bad girl, bad girl. Sit."

"What's going on?" Carolyn asked as she came to the door and then down the steps as I picked up the multi-colored kitten. Reggie whimpered as she now rubbed her head on my thigh.

"Reggie was chasing this poor kitten and I made her stop," I said.

"Reggie likes cats," Carolyn said. "At least she used too."

"A dog that likes cats?" I asked as Carolyn laughed and nodded her head to confirm. The kitten was now playfully biting at my fingers. Reggie raised up on her hind paws and sniffed of the kitten. "I guess your right."

"Why were you chasing that cat for?" Carolyn asked Reggie. A loud cracking sound drew all attention across the road as we saw a bulldozer emerge from around the side of the house and went to work knocking down the porch. Reggie looked up at the kitten and then back across the street and barked. "You did not save that cat, Lassie."

"Ruff!" came Reggie's immediate reply to confirm she had as I started laughing.

"Why are they tearing down the old Patterson place?" I asked as the kitten was now licking my fingers as I tickled his belly.

"Hal bought the property," Carolyn said. "But didn't say anything about what he planned to do with it."

"When did this happen?"

"Last few days," Carolyn said. "The deal just finalized."

"He planning on moving?" I asked with a knot of worry in my stomach.

"The way he's got the basement decked out, no way," Carolyn said. "He's got plans for the land though."

"He's been acting weird lately," I said.

"Why do you say that?"

"He's giving all kinds of weird clues to mine and Laney's present or presents," I said.

"That's not weird, he's just trying to drive you nuts," Carolyn said as she put her arm over my shoulder. "And it's fun to be teased about Christmas."

"That it is," I agreed as Carolyn took the kitten in her arms. "Looks like we adopted a new pet."

"Speaking of pets," Carolyn said as she pointed down the road to Raegan and Ruby coming our way with two arms full of boxes.

"She's not a pet, she's a pest," I said as we laughed.

"Here's your Christmas crap," Raegan said as she arrived in front of us and stuffed it into Carolyn's arms.

"What's got your thong in a knot?" Carolyn asked her daughter.

"She's still mad at you," Ruby said to Carolyn. "Cute kitten."

"You wanna hold him?"

"Yeah!" Ruby said as she set down her boxes and took the kitten. Carolyn then started to look through the boxes of Christmas stuff.

"When did you make this? It's cute," I said as I showed Raegan a homemade ornament with her name on it. Well, it was her name, but it was misspelled. I started laughing as I turned it around to show her, "R-a-y-g-e-n?"

"I was four when I made that," Raegan said in protest. Carolyn looked at it for a moment before saying, "You were not four, you were fourteen."

"OHMIGOD!" I said as I started laughing as Raegan glared at her mother... before she herself started laughing. "Anyway, are you planning to put all these on the tree?"

"We could put a lot of them on it," Carolyn said. "I'm sure you have plenty stored away too."

"I do indeed," I said. "Have to get them out of the crawl space in the attic though."

"Hal is upstairs now working on something with Richard so he'll be more than happy to help you get them down," Carolyn said.

"I see they're hard at work already," Grandpa said as he came onto the porch and... was apparently no longer upstairs.

"What are you gonna build over there?" I asked as I joined him. Carolyn and Raegan went inside with the boxes of Christmas ornaments as Ruby joined us with the kitten still in her arms.

"I'm planning to have a garage built," Grandpa said.

"Why?" I asked.

"To park cars in," Grandpa said as Ruby giggled. "Richard's and Carolyn's. And a classic car or two that I might purchase."

"Right!" I said in a sarcastic voice. "I can see that happening."

"Morning!" Laney said as she came onto the porch next and kissed my lips, like always, as I grinned. "Morning my girl."

"Morning to you too" I said as she happily wrapped me in her arms. "I hope you're ready for some Christmas shopping today."

"And some Christmas tree putting upping," Ruby said and then blushed before going on, "That sounded totally stupid."

"Well finally you're making an attempt to fit in," Laney said as Ruby smiled and laughed.

"Speaking of Christmas presents, Grandpa, how about another clue as to what you got us?"

"It comes in a variety of colors," Grandpa said.

"Another useless clue," I whined.

"No it's not," Laney said as she moved in front of me.

"How does it help?" I asked. "That could be one of a million things."

"See, we're narrowing it down," Laney said with a head nod to confirm. I simply rolled my eyes and walked off into the house as the rest laughed, and found a groggy Becky Sue just coming down the steps.

"Morning," I said as she smiled and looked into the living room where Raegan, apparently putting aside her pissy mood, was now helping her mother decorate the tree with some ornaments from the boxes they'd brought in.

"Morning," Becky Sue said as she hugged my arm and laid her head on my shoulder. "Christmas time again, huh?"

"Comes every year bout this time," I giggled.

"I miss my family," Becky Sue said.

"Fly down and see them then," I suggested.

"Can't," Becky Sue said. "Working on the new series and besides, Mom and Dad and the gang went to the Bahamas for the month. I bought them a beach house a year or so ago down there."

"And Cindy Joe?" I asked as Becky Sue's eyes lit up.

"I can invite her down... no I can't."

"Why not?"

"No place for her to stay," Becky Sue said. "I've been meaning to look for an apartment of my own..."

"She can stay here for a couple of days," I said as Dad (Richard) arrived downstairs. "Right, Dad?"

"Right what?" Dad asked.

"Becky Sue's sister might come down for Christmas and it's OK if she stays here?"

"We can manage I suppose," Dad said as he smiled and put his arms around Becky Sue and me as we watched Carolyn and Raegan.

"Becky Sue can you bring me that step ladder?" Carolyn asked.

"Sure," Becky Sue as she took it over to Carolyn.

"Be the first Christmas without your mother too," Dad said quietly.

"You might miss her," I replied. "I hope she has a rotten lonely Christmas."

"Me too," Dad said as we both laughed. "Maybe she'll finally come out of that spell she's been under."

"It's called delusion," I said as Laney came back into the house and Dad put his arm around Laney too.

"My two favorite girls," Dad said as both of us smiled.

"Oh yeah, can we get the ornaments down out of the crawl space in the attic?"

"You better before Carolyn fills up the entire tree," Dad said.

"I heard that, Richard," Carolyn warned.

"I intended for you to," Dad said as he went to join the party in the living room.

"We'll need someone small though," Laney said. "For the space?"

"How about Ruby?" I asked as she had just come inside with Reggie now trailing her and the kitten still in her arms. I closed the door behind her. "You mind helping us out?"

"Sure," Ruby said with a shrug of the shoulders as she set the kitten down on the floor beside Reggie. "Be nice, Reggie."

"I think Reggie is way ahead of you," I said as Reggie laid down beside the kitten and the two started playing.

"Mickie's here," Grandpa said as he stuck his head in the door.

"What's she doing here?" I asked as Grandpa held the door open for her and Jessie to come in. Laney grinned as she kissed her girlfriend. "What are you doing here?"

"I come to see you, duh!" Mickie said as she kissed me.

"We'll go get those ornaments," Laney said as her, Jessie and Ruby ran off up the steps.

"Didn't expect to see you but I'm so glad you came," I said as I happily slipped into Mickie's arms. I laughed as Becky Sue and Carolyn got into a tinsel fight. "So are we going Christmas shopping?"

"I think so," I said. "Laney and Jessie might wanna come too."

"If they're willing to go with you driving," Mickie said cryptically.

"My girlfriend, say what?" I asked.

"You driving," Mickie said as she showed me the keys. "You took drivers ED and it's about time you start using those skills."

"I don't really like driving," I admitted.

"Still nice to know you can if you need to," Mickie said as she pushed the keys into my hand.

"Wait, these aren't your keys," I said as I looked at them and Carolyn came over to join us.

"They're my keys," Carolyn said. "And it was my idea before you get mad at Mickie."

"Not gonna get mad at anyone," I said as I handed her back the keys. "I'm just not really interested."

"If you wanna get to the mall today you will," Mickie said as I held onto the keys and looked back at her. "What?"

"I'm beginning to wish you'd stayed home," I said to Mickie.

"I don't push you to do much but I'm asking you to do this," Mickie said softly.

"OK," I said. "But why the sudden interest in me driving?"

"Let's say it involves my present to you for Christmas," she said.

"Oh, so you're gonna buy me a car?" I asked as Carolyn and Mickie both laughed.

"I may love you that much but don't have that kind of money," Mickie said as Laney, Jessie and Ruby came back down the steps with the ornaments and we quickly filled them in on the plans for a shopping trip. "You think Sammi and Darcy might wanna go?"

"We can stop on the way by and ask," I said as I showed Laney the keys. "And guess who's driving?"

"Stay out of your way," Jessie said as I grinned.

"More like laying in the backseat praying," Carolyn said as I gave her a sour look and everyone else laughed.

"Try not to kill anybody!" Dad chimed in as the laughter continued.

"Let's go before I hurt someone," I said as I walked off with Mickie following after me. I was as nervous as I can ever remembering being as I slid in behind the wheel of Carolyn's car a moment later with Mickie in the passenger's seat now, talk about feeling weird. I carefully checked both ways and found it clear as I pulled out and headed down the road to Sammi's. Darcy was just coming down the road and decided to tag along as her and Sammi piled into the car. We headed across town, slowly but surely, to the Parmatown Mall. It took a little longer than it would have if Mickie had been driving but I got us there in one piece and with no real trouble. "Well, we're alive."

"Now comes the fun part where we get to find a parking place," Mickie said as I pulled up in front of the Wal*Mart and found one almost in front as some older lady was just pulling out. The funny part being as I was going the right direction and the massive Chevy Colorado that pulled up on the other side of the lady as she was backing out. I quickly slipped into the spot as she drove away and watched the guy in the truck give me a death look as if I had taken HIS spot. "Go say hi, Tay."

"Why don't you go lay down in front of his truck?" I asked as Sammi laughed. We piled out as Jessie and Laney came by in her bug. We told them to meet us in Wally World. The guy in the truck drove by and again gave us a death look as Darcy, the supreme smart ass, waved at the loser. "You're gonna get us killed, Dar Dar."

"He was kinda of cute for a big guy," Sammi said as we walked inside. Everyone giggled.

"You wanna go look at the baby clothes with me?" Mickie asked as she pointed at them.

"I will," Darcy volunteered.

"Go on, I'll meet you over there in a few minutes," I said as Mickie and Darcy ran off. "So Sams, what are you gonna get Darcy for Christmas?"

"Me?" Sammi asked with a blushing grin.

"You? You mean you finally gonna hook up with her?" I asked as Sammi shook her head no.

"Nah, we're just friends," Sammi said.

"And since when do, just friends, kiss?" I asked. "Mickie told me."

"I knew she saw that," Sammi confirmed.

"Mickie said Darcy turned a color of red she'd never seen before," I said as Sammi laughed and nodded her head to confirm.

"She said like..." Sammi started before pausing and morphing into an imitation of Darcy, "...you kissed me. You kissed me."

"Was it good?" I asked and was amazed at Sammi's perfect imitation of her best friend.

"Those lips are so soft," Sammi said into my ear as we walked along. "Soooo soft."

"Well we know you enjoyed it," I said as Sammi blushed and then took hold of my sleeve and dragged me down one of the isles before she started to bounce around in excitement. "It was that good?"

"It's not just that," Sammi said as she bounced back over to me and delivered a bombshell as she whispered in my ear, "I'm in love with her."

"Yes!!!" I squealed as we joined hands and started shaking each other in excitement. Drawing looks from several other customers as we then laughed. "Does she feel the same?"

"That's a good question," Sammi said softly. "She's not letting on if she wants more."

"Hey, Tay, look what I found," came Mickie's voice as I turned to see her coming our way and holding a baby sized t-shirt that read, "My Baby Girl." All Sam/Dar conversation was put on the back burner for the moment as Darcy was behind Mickie.

"It's really cute," I said as Sammi agreed. "But it's never gonna fit me."

"You're so goofy," Sammi giggled to me.

"Wasn't for you," Mickie said as she kissed me. "But now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should buy you one too. Love to see you model it."

"It wouldn't cover much," Darcy commented and then blushed when she realized how stupid that sounded.

"Our little Dar Dar is all confused after Sammi's smooch, huh?" Mickie asked as Darcy sighed in frustration and simply walked off as everyone laughed.

"Stop being mean to her," Sammi said to Mickie before she ran off after Darcy.

"That was a good one," I said as I kissed Mickie.

"I thought so too" Mickie agreed. "So I got Elizabeth something for Christmas, what could I get little Mikey?"

"How about a box of diapers?" I asked as I pointed to a large display.

Mickie laughed before she cracked a classic line, "That'd be a really shitty gift."

"You'll think of something," I assured her. "Speaking of, what are you gonna get me?"

"We've already covered that," Mickie said. I faked a pissy mood and turned my back to her and spotted Lynsey and Rae coming up the same isle.

"They let anybody come in here don't they?" I asked as Rae and Lynsey met me with a hug. Soft (big) boobies.

"Yes they do," Lynsey said. "What are you two doing here?"

"Christmas shopping," I said. "What are you two doing here?"

"Hey hot stuff," Rae flirted as her and Mickie smiled at each other.

"Hey to you too," Mickie said as she bumped hips with Rae.

"We're just looking for something for tonight, " Lynsey said.

"And what's tonight?" I asked.

"Having some friends over," Rae answered.

"What time should we be there?" Mickie asked as I giggled.

"You're not invited, since you never come over anyway," Lynsey said as she looked at me directly.

"OK, then we'll start tonight," I said as Lynsey laughed. "Seriously, who you having over?"

"A friend from school," Lynsey said cryptically.

"And this friend is?" Mickie asked.

"You might as well tell her she's not gonna blab to anyone," Rae said as I nodded my agreement.

"It's..." Lynsey started before looking around nervously and leaning close to whisper in my ear, "... Sierra Davenport."

"Laney's horny ass friend?" I asked as Rae blushed and Lynsey laughed.

"Yes," Lynsey said. "We needed to fill out some papers and she's coming over to do that."

"Yeah right," Mickie said. "Fill out or feel up?"

"The second one," Rae said as her and Mickie both laughed.

"I knew she was hot for the bodies she's in charge of," I said as Rae and Lynsey offered no denial.

"So you guys done with the Christmas shopping?" Mickie asked as Jessie and Laney came our way. Lynsey answered my question but I didn't exactly hear what she said as I followed both Laney and Jessie's eyes and was not exactly surprised at what I found they were staring at, Lynsey and Rae's hot little asses. It wasn't to hard to figure out what my best friend wanted to do to our mutual friends. "Taylor?"

"What?" I asked as I snapped back to reality.

"Rae and I are gonna go look at the DVDs you coming?" Mickie asked.

"No, go ahead," I said.

"Wait up, Sis," Jessie said as she tagged along.

"Find anything for Grandpa yet?" Laney asked me as she joined Lynsey and me.

"Not had time to look as of yet," I said, slipping an arm around Lynsey's waist, and pulling her over to me, said, "But here's something for you."

"Very funny," Laney said as Lynsey's eyes roamed up and down her body I detected.

"Why is it funny? Lynsey and Rae are having your friend over tonight, Sierra? You might be able to snag an invite too," I said. "Finally seal the deal with Sierra like you always wanted?"

"Shut up," Laney said.

"Besides I bet she's afraid to," Lynsey said as we both laughed.

"Both of you, shut up," Laney said as she blushed.

"Yep, her and Jessie are all talk," I said.

"Look, you two sl..." Laney started to say as a couple came by and made her pause. Then lowered her voice before going on, "... I've already sealed that deal with her and Jessie. At school and two times each."

"You did not," I said as Laney smiled smugly. "You did?"

"We had detention so we had to do something," Laney said as Lynsey and I laughed.

"What was this two times each thing you did?" Lynsey asked curiously.

"I'm betting it was this," I said as I patted my hand against Lynsey's hot little ass as she smiled knowingly. Another couple giving us dirty looks as we were blocking one of the isles as they came by.

"And you'd be right my girl," Laney said as she leaned in and kissed my lips.

"AWWWW Mickie's not gonna like that," Lynsey giggled as I looked at her.

"But Jessie sure does," I said as Laney and I both laughed.

"You guys are weird," Lynsey said as Rae and Mickie came back down the isle with some DVDs.

"They're having a sale on the Degrassi season sets," Mickie said as she showed them to me in the buggy she was now pushing.

"So you picked up all of them?" I asked.

"I think she got them all," Jessie giggled.

"Marathon at my house on the day after Xmas," Mickie said.

"Mom slash Carolyn wants us to pick up some groceries while we're here," Laney suddenly remembered as I joined the crowd as we walked towards the front.

"We're gonna go and look for some stuff" Lynsey said as she touched my hand and walked off with Rae. She cast an eye on Laney for a long moment I noticed.

"Look in the candy for a few minutes," I said to Mickie as she walked off with Laney. "So, Jess, what do you want for Christmas? No smart ass replies either."

"Buy me a nice pair of jeans," Jessie said as we looked through the candy isle.


"You don't really have to buy me anything," she said.

"Yes I do," I said. "You're the best friend I've made since moving up here from Arkansas."

"You might be a redneck if... down where ya'll come from reruns of Hee Haw are called documentaries," Jessie said as I laughed and poked her in her tickle spot as revenge. "Not funny?"

"I'm gonna buy you a Redneck t-shirt for Christmas and make you wear it," I said as she laughed. Though at that moment I don't think she thought I was serious.

"You do that, Hillbilly," Jessie said as she pushed me and ran off laughing.

"Come back here Cornsucker" I said as I took off after her.

We actually did get some Christmas shopping done that day as Mickie was able to check off her Mom (a really pretty necklace with her birth stone), her Dad (a Bob Vila DVD set!), Elizabeth (the t-shirt) and Mikey (a Tiny Islands Sweet Dreams mobile) all before we left. I knocked a few off too, Carolyn (a five pack of 24 by 36 poster frames so she can hang her artwork from the old house), Dad (a new Black & Decker drill) and Grandpa (a small digital camera that he'd had his eye on). And Jessie ended up getting that Redneck shirt I promised her, after her and Laney had left for another store, and a pair of jeans I thought she'd really like. Mickie and I also went in together and got Darcy and Sammi a pair of "I'm with Stupid" t-shirts.

Still with all that decided I have no idea what I'm gonna get Mickie though!?!