Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 73 "Friendship (Inc.) Resolution"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"We did a good job with the Christmas tree," I said as Carolyn and I admired the now completely decorated tree that sat proudly in front of the center bay window. It was already packed with more presents than I could ever remember seeing.

"We sure did," Carolyn said as she hugged me and I smiled. "And look at all those presents. Must be a hundred of them."

"And I'm nearly broke with everything I had to buy," I said. "A lot more people to buy for this year."

"Well I hope you didn't buy me anything..."

"Yes I did and you better get me something too," I said as she laughed.

"So who all have you got presents for?" Carolyn asked.

"You," I said as I looked at her pointedly. "Dad, Grandpa, Jessie, Becky Sue, and Mickie's parents, plus Raegan and Ruby..."

"You barely know Ruby," Carolyn interrupted me.

"You do too," I said as she laughed. "And anyways, she is coming here for Christmas and she is not gonna get her feelings hurt because no one bought her anything."

"The little one on the edge of the pile is hers from me," Carolyn admitted as I smiled. "It's a locket it set that Raegan picked out for her."

"I got her a DVD set of The Hills that she wanted," I said. "Is Mark coming too?"

"I doubt Richard would approve of that," Carolyn said as she went to straightening some of the ornaments as Reggie and her new tag-a-long, Lassie (yes they named a male cat, Lassie). Seemingly the two were always together since Lassie (remembers he's a cat and a boy) got adopted into the family. Grandpa came in just as Reggie and Lassie settled in at the foot of the tree. "Morning Grandpa."

"Morning, my Taylor," he said as he pointed to his cheek and I leaned up and kissed it. "Boy doesn't that Christmas tree look nice."

"Yes it does," I said proudly. "I just hope horrible people from the Fox News room don't show up."

"What are you babbling about?" Carolyn asked.

"You know..." I started before morphing into a scary voice, "...the war on Christmas."

"I wonder when the Liberals and the ACLU are gonna come and take the tree away?" Grandpa asked as everyone laughed. "They'll sue us soon."

"We can be the next screaming headline on Fox Noise," I said. "Family in Cleveland has Christmas tree and... no one cares."

"Film at 11," Carolyn added in as the laughter continued. "So, Hal, when you gonna tell Taylor what you got her and Laney for Christmas?"

"Yeah, how about a real clue," I said as I looked at him. I noticed Grandpa and Carolyn share a knowing smile. "You told Carolyn?"

"Yes, he did and I'm not telling so give it up," Carolyn said with a finger point.

"We'll see about that," I said as I stared her down.

"No we will not," Grandpa said as he sat down in the chair by the Christmas tree and unfolded a copy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "And if you drag it out of her with your pestering I will send both of them back."

"Damn it," I said as I stomped my foot in protest. "At least give me a decent clue."

"You can plug an MP3 player into it," Grandpa said. "That narrow it down?"

"Yes, you're getting me an MP3 player dock," I said. "And note, I don't have an MP3 player, yet."

"That's what I got you," Carolyn said as I looked to her and saw this devious grin on her face. "Oops, did I say that?"

"Damn buncha noisy ass workmen," Becky Sue grumbled as she came stomping down the steps into the living room. "When are they gonna be done with that garage of yours, Gramps?"

"A few more days," Grandpa said without ever looking up. "Some of us get up before noon."

"And some of us don't have to work for a living," Becky Sue fired back.

"Like acting is work," Grandpa said.

"It is!" Becky Sue declared.

"I saw her show in New York and I agree with her," I said as I looked out the window and noticed something odd. Ryan and Alex were working on the building. "Grandpa you hired Ryan and Alex?"

"I did. I like to hire someone that I can hold accountable when, and if, they screw it up," Grandpa said. "Looks good so far."

"Why are they building in two levels?" Becky Sue asked.

"First level is a garage and the second level is for a reading room for me," Grandpa said. "Or a place for Laney and Taylor to hang out some if they want."

"Make a nice apartment," Becky Sue said with a yawn. "Wanna see what the guys are up to?"

"Sure," I said as I joined her by the door and we both slipped on our shoes and winter coats as we stepped outside and into the lightly falling snow. I crossed the street as Reggie whined from the other side of the door. "We'll be back Reggie."

"She's spoiled rotten cause we take her every time we leave the house," Becky Sue commented.

"True," I agreed. Alex and Ryan took a break to come over and join us. "Hey handsome."

"Hey beautiful," Ryan said as he leaned down and kissed my cheek as I laughed.

"Get away from me you big charmer," I said as he smiled. "How's it coming?"

"Pretty good," Alex noted. "I think we can have it finished in about two weeks."

"Definitely before Christmas," Ryan said as Alex shot him a warning look. "Or maybe just after."

"Any reason you need it finished before Christmas?" I quizzed.

"No, and stop asking motor mouth," Alex said to me. "Drop it, please?"

"OK," I said with a defeated look. I saw Darcy came around the side of the building with a surprise, Elizabeth in a (over the shoulder) Baby carrier. "Darcy? What are you doing here?"

"Schools out and all so I volunteered to babysit little ET," Darcy said as she pointed to my namesake, Elizabeth Taylor James. Who was as happy, warm and snug as a bug too, as could be in her pink Princess snow suit, insulated. She kicked her feet happily.

"Laila just let you take her baby for the day?" I asked as I started playing with Elizabeth.

"Michael's in the back hooking up the heating unit," Darcy said. "So I'm in charge, kind of."

"She's so adorable," Becky Sue said as Elizabeth smiled at her.

"You should see this one with her," Alex said as he pointed to his boyfriend. "She was being fussy a couple of days ago..."

"... and Ryan gets up and starts dancing for her..." I laughed. Mickie had told me the story.

"It worked," Ryan said smugly.

"When does school start back by the way?" Becky Sue asked.

"We only have two more days before Christmas break," Darcy said. "The snowfall put the kibosh on the last week pretty much."

"We'll make up for it later," I said as Elizabeth giggled at a face Becky Sue made. Sammi rounded the corner that Darcy came around with Mikey dressed identically to Elizabeth only in a blue. He too was in a baby carrier. Michael followed them around. "Hey!"

"Mickie's coming over as soon as she finishes breakfast," Michael said to me as everyone else laughed.

"Hey, Mikey is talking to you," Sammi said as I looked down to see those big gorgeous eyes looking up at me.

"Hey there gorgeous," I said to him as he grinned.

"Mr. James, I really wanna thank you for the help with the heating," Alex said. "Most bosses wouldn't come out like this."

"Well, Hal was good enough to give us this job so I want everything done right," Michael said. "Course with two new kids it's not easy to just pick up and go."

"We told you, we can take care of them for the day," Sammi offered. "You go spend some time with Laila."

"Keep an eye on your little namesake and her biggest fan for me?" Michael asked me as I grinned and happily agreed. Sammi gave Michael a sour look as I laughed. "I'm off to spend some much needed time with my wife."

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Is she here yet?" Rae asked as she poked her head of the bathroom with a towel on her head and one wrapped around her tanned body. Her skin glistened from the water still on her body.

"Nope," I said as I kissed her gorgeous lips. "You looking forward to Sierra coming over, huh?"

"I'm horny," Rae declared as she kissed me back. "And I've never had an older girl like that want me before."

"You gonna leave me for her?" I asked.

"No way, I love white girls with a tan and big titties, like you," Rae said as I laughed. A knocking came at the door as Rae grinned excitedly and ducked back inside the bathroom and I went to answer the door. Sierra stood nervously on the other side as I opened it.

"Come on in," I said as she came in and showed me a paper bag. "What's in the bag?"

"Booze," she said as she slipped out a four pack of wine coolers.

"I don't drink," I said.

"At all?" she asked in surprise.

"My Dad was, is, an alcoholic and I guess I'm kind of anti-drinking because of him," I said.

"Understandable," Sierra said as we walked into the living room. "So you or Rae neither one drink?"

"Rae has a glass of wine from time to time," I noted as we sat down on the sofa. "But I never touch the stuff."

"Guess I should have asked," Sierra said. "Thinking with my hormones."

"So you were planning to get us drunk and fuck us?" I asked as she started laughing.

"First, no, and second, you can't get drunk on wine coolers," she pointed out. "Well not one."

"True," I said as Rae came out of the bathroom in a bra and panties and made Sierra's eyes nearly pop out of her head. "Oh yeah, Rae, Sierra's here."

"Hi," Rae said nervously. "I better get dressed."

"Don't bother, you look just fine the way you are," Sierra said as Rae blushed. "Sooo fine."

"She was just telling us that she was gonna get us drunk so she could fuck us," I said as Sierra gave me a dirty look.

"I'll fuck you just to shut you up," Sierra said with a push to my shoulder as Rae giggled. "So which do you prefer? Tongue or cock?"

"Depends on which hole you're talking about," Rae said as she came over and sat down in my lap and gave Sierra a moments view of her pussy. "Which one?"

"Pussy," Sierra said as she leaned forward a bit and peaked a second time at Rae's pussy. Before I covered it with my hand. "MMMMMMM."

"So you don't do it in the other hole?" Rae asked.

"Oh I do, and got it there recently," Sierra said. "Got it so good I had trouble walking the next day."

"Seriously?" Rae asked as I listened intently.

"Very," Sierra said as she stroked a single finger over the smooth skin of Rae's thigh. "Come to think of it you know the girl who did me that way."

"We do?" I asked.

"Laney McCoy," Sierra said as mine and Rae's ears opened in interest. "She's really good at it."

"We heard that from another source too," I said as Rae nodded. "Maybe you can set-up a meeting?"

"Maybe," Sierra said as she slid closer. "Maybe I can get some first?"

"Oh so we have to convince you to set-up the meeting?" Rae asked in a coy voice.

"Yes you do," Sierra said as she took Rae's hand and guided her over across her lap.

"I thought you wanted to get to know us a bit first?" I asked as Rae rolled her eyes.

"What's to know?" Sierra asked. "You're both tanned, and perfect, and my favorite age. So what more do I need to know?"

"I knew you liked younger girls," Rae said as Sierra quickly leaned up and kissed her lips. I then took my turn to kiss Sierra as I unsnapped Rae's bra and Sierra had her stand so she could pull down her thong. She kissed Rae's stomach before she slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of my girlfriend and softly licked her pussy. I moved behind Rae and wrapped her in my arms as Sierra licked the smooth patch of skin between her thighs like a hungry girl. Rae moaned in a wonderful tone as I squeezed her titties in my hands and she held onto Sierra's shoulders to keep herself balanced and shook gently for the next few minutes as Sierra patiently worked on her pussy. Finally, Rae laid her head back on my shoulder and started to shake in orgasm as Sierra brought her off. Sierra and Rae kissed as the older girl rose to meet us. "That was wonderful."

"I agree," Sierra said as she directed us into the bedroom and found that Rae and I already had plans for tonight as the newly purchased FeelDoe was laying on the night stand. Sierra and I got naked as Rae retrieved it. Sierra grinned, gladly excepting it as she slipped the knob into her pussy and moaned as she felt the vibration inside of her. "MMMM this feels so good. Very familiar."

"You've used one before?" I asked as Sierra laid back on the bed and motioned for me and Rae to join her.

"Many, many times," she said. "And tonight I'm gonna fuck both of your pussies with it."

"Never rode a girl before," Rae said a few moments later as Sierra lay lengthwise on the bed and Rae got into the 'catchers position' position over her cock. Sierra and Rae moaned as she took the cock into her pussy and started to bounce up and down. I was now sitting above Sierra's head and watched Rae start to pound down onto Sierra before the older girl guided me forward over her face and started to eagerly lick my pussy. I could have cried at the pleasure I felt with her expert tongue pumping into me. I leaned forward onto my hands as my thighs quivered in joy and as Rae's pussy (and mine) spasmed in pure pleasure as she rode Sierra's cock. Rae put her hands down on Sierra's stomach and pounded a bit harder as she drove herself towards orgasm and moaned louder and louder. "OHMIGOD my pussy feels so good."

"Mine too," I moaned as Sierra started sliding her tongue up and down over my clit and made me moan louder and drove me towards an orgasm that I now needed soooo bad. It would only be a few more seconds before all three of us would get what we so badly needed. A monstrous orgasm. I cummed in Sierra's mouth in one of the most wonderful moments of my entire life and simply rolled off and lay on the bed shaking in bliss. "Now that was a wonderful way to cum."

"It sure was," Sierra said as she crawled over and kissed me. Rae joined us as she kissed me and then Sierra. "And I will definitely have a talk with Laney about her and Jessie coming over for a night."

"Is she really that good at butt fucking?" Rae asked.

"Best butt fucking I've ever had," Sierra said. We both grinned, looking VERY forward to the visit.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Mr. Kennedy," Jessie said as she walked up behind him as we arrived in the assembly hall for the Friendship Inc, abstinence event.


"Am I still going on last?" Jessie asked.

"According to the club President," Mr. Kennedy said. "I didn't know you were a member."

"I'm actually the ex-girlfriend of today's special guest," Jessie said. "He's gonna be happy to see me I bet."

"You remained close after your break-up?" Mr. Kennedy asked.

"Sure," Jessie said as she took her seat at the far end of the stage and in the second row of seats as to hopefully avoid an immediate confrontation with the unaware EX of Jessie's. I joined Taylor and Mickie in their seats off to the sides as the members of the school's Friendship, Inc. club came in and took their seats on the stage. And here's a shocker, each one of them came over and said hi to Jessie.

"Where's Jessie's EX?" Taylor asked.

"I don't see him anywhere," Mickie said as she looked around. "Maybe he's late."

"Hey," Sammi said as she came up and sat down beside Taylor. "I just heard from Allen that the guest speaker is running late."

"He probably found out that Jessie was speaking after him and decided not to show," Mickie said as I laughed.

"It's starting," Sammi said as she pointed to the stage and Allen as he stepped up to the podium.

"Thank you all for coming to today's assembly, my name is Allen Spier, president of the Cleveland wide chapter of Friendship Incorporated," Allen said. "It's nice to see such a large turnout. Now we have a few speakers that wanna relay their stories to you and then, hopefully, we'll have our guest of honor, Kenneth Longfellow join us."

"Is it me or do all of these people give God credit for everything?" I whispered to Taylor (some hour or so later) as she giggled.

"By the way they make it sound, all God has time for is their lives," Taylor giggled back.

"Oh boy, the shit is about to hit the fan," Mickie said as she pointed to the back and a dorky looking guy with glasses came down the central isle. He was dressed in a cheesy looking suit.

"Ladies and Gentleman, just in time, here is our guest of honor, president of the Omaha chapter of Friendship Incorporated," Allen said as he introduced Kenneth to a rousing ovation.

"Thank you, Allen, for the invite and thank you to everyone here today," Kenneth began, "I come here to today to tell you the story of my life. My life as a strict adherent to the lifestyle of abstinence. A vow I took at 9 years old and have lived by ever since. I, today as an 18 year old man, am still a virgin."


"Jessie's about to go off," Mickie giggled as she rubbed her hands together.

"Excuse me?" Kenneth asked as he looked to the crowd and froze when Jessie emerged from the crowd. "Holy shit."

"Hi, Kenny," Jessie said as he looked pale white and like he'd seen a ghost. "Miss me?"

"How in the fucking hell did I end up in the same high school as you?" Kenneth asked.

"Watch your language," Allen demanded, "And Jessie? You're Jessica Elizabeth James?"

"I am, and I only got one question for you, Kenneth," Jessie said. "Since when can you be a virgin when you cheated on me over two years ago?"

"You're a lying whore," Kenneth snapped. "Allen she is lying. She's my bitter ex who ran to Cleveland after she dumped me for not wanting to have sex before marriage."

"OHHH I cheated on you?"

"Yes you did," Kenneth said as Allen listened.

"So the four girls who told me they had sex with you, two of them at the same party, were lying whores to?" Jessie asked as a shocked gasp came from the crowd.

"You... lying..." Kenneth stammered.

"This slug is my ex-boyfriend from Omaha," Jessie said to Allen. "He dumped me because I wouldn't screw him. Because at the time I was what he claimed to be, a strict adherent to the lifestyle of abstinence."

"Liar... lair..." Kenneth said as he fumed.

"I hope you're still a member of the club!" Allen said to Jessie as I came on stage.

"Are you kidding?" Jessie asked. "Abstinence is a sham. You don't give people the knowledge they need to avoid getting diseases, all you do is preach about how sex is bad."

"I told you, Allen, she's a whore," Kenneth said as the smile left Jessie's face and she glared at Kenneth as I came up behind her. "I'll bet you've fucked half the guys in Cleveland."

"And I'll bet you have too," Jessie said as the crowd laughed. "Male whore."

"Stop, with the language," Allen demanded.

"You know you really broke her heart when you dumped her like that, you piece of crap," I inserted as Jessie looked back and smiled when she saw me.

"I can't help it that she felt differently than me," Kenneth said. "But I have my principles and intend to live by those."

"I wonder what your old girlfriends back in Omaha would think of this?" Jessie asked.

"You would probably talk them into repeating the nasty lies that you made up," Kenneth said.

"This assembly is over," Allen said firmly. "And you Mr. Longfellow, we need to talk."

"She's lying on me," Kenneth said. "She's a pathological liar."

"And you've got three inches hanging between your legs," Jessie said as a laugh rippled through the crowd. "According to your girlfriends, at least."

"GO TO HELL!" Kenneth screamed as he rushed towards Jessie and pushed her into me and we both went tumbling to the floor. Both my head and Jessie's smacked the floor with a thud. "Now you know who's... OHMIGOD!"

"What in the world?" Allen asked in shock. Taylor and Mickie ran onto the stage and were met by Mr. Kennedy. "You crossed the line so far you're lucky I don't hurt you."

"Knock it off, Mr. Longfellow, the cops..." Mr. Kennedy began before he looked up and saw the police coming down the isle following Jane Reynolds. "... who called them?"

"You OK?" Taylor asked me as she helped me up and Mickie helped Jessie. I nodded my head yes as Jane, yes timid Jane, took control of the assembly as she stepped up to the microphone.

"This assembly is over and I want everyone out, please make your exit orderly and as quick as possible," Jane said. No one, though, was taking her serious until she boomed, "NOW!"

"Ms. Reynolds," Mr. Kennedy asked. "What is this all about?"

"I'm the school president and this assembly was my problem because I gave the clearance," Jane said before she then pointed to Allen and said, "That's Allen Spier."

"What is all this?" Allen asked as the two officers took hold of his arms and the assembly hall emptied out.

"I'm Officer Osment and that's Officer Kershlan, and you are under arrest for the rape and sodomy of Alisha Bryant," Officer Osment said as he placed Allen in handcuffs.

"Holy shit!" Kenneth said.

"None of this is true," Allen said to his fellow club members (the few that remained) as they watched on in shock. "I promise you this is all a misunderstanding."

"You've embarrassed this school with your selection of guests for this function and you've brought shame on the Friendship Incorporated network," Jane said as all attention turned to her.

"This is all lies, all of it, every bit of it," Allen said.

"Did you know that by doing a simple Google search that you'd find out that your guest of honor was kicked out of the Omaha chapter?" Jane asked as she held up a printout. "He hasn't been a member for over a year now."

"So they wanted God out of their school..."

"They kicked you out because you slept with three of the members," Jane said to Kenneth. "I'm not having this tarnish the image of Von Adams high. As of this moment, Friendship Incorporated is disbanded as a club."

"What?" came the collective response of the club members.

"You can't do that!" Allen demanded.

"I just did," Jane said with no emotion. "And my decision is final."

"You will regret this," Kenneth said to Jane as Officer Kershlan took Allen away.

"Back off," Officer Osment said to Kenneth.

"He's already knocked the fuck out of me and my girlfriend so you better watch him," Jessie said as Kenneth saw red and foolishly tried to come after us again. Only this time he was caught by the, much larger, officer and wrassled to the ground. His head smacked the wooden floor face first and blood spewed from his nose as Officer Osment put him into cuffs.

"You're under arrest for assault and resisting arrest," Officer Osment said.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Kenneth soon got taken away and we got to give statements when Jessie insisted she wanted to press charges against her lying, abusive ex. No doubt a result of what he had done to her back in Omaha (not to mention here).

"Hey Dar Dar," I said as Sammi and I came out of the assembly hall a few minutes later. Laney and Jessie were still giving their statements to the police.

"Why did they take that slug Allen away in handcuffs?" Darcy asked.

"He's been accused of rape," Sammi said.

"Shit!" Darcy said in surprise. "For real?"

"Alisha Bryant accused him of it," Sammi said. "Did you know he did that?"

"How could I know that?" Darcy asked.

"You make a colossal stink about me going out with him," Sammi said. "Did you know?"

"I made a stink because I had an awful feeling whenever I got around him," Darcy said. "I was worried about you."

"Thank god you were," I said as Sammi smiled. "Could have been you instead of Alisha."

"I know," Sammi said as she hugged Darcy. A long moment passed as Darcy hugged her back and the two stayed cheek to cheek like that for what seemed to me to be an hour.