Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 74 "Third Times A Charm"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'm going for a shower before I head for work," Becky Sue said as I came out of the bathroom and she collected a towel off the rack by the hall closet. "Are you and Jessie going to breakfast with everyone else?"

"Nope we're waiting for you to leave and then we're gonna fuck," I said as she giggled and gave me a knowing smile. "Too bad you have to work."

"Tell me about it," Becky Sue said as she slipped into the bathroom and turned on the shower and I returned to my room to find Jessie still laying on my bed.

"Is everyone gone?" I asked her as I sat down and found something weird laying on the other side, my FeelDoe.

"Yes they are," Jessie said as she followed my eyes and grinned. "Taylor said they'd be going shopping afterwards and to meet them at the Parmatown mall if we wanted to in about an hour."

"So you think we're not gonna meet them?" I asked as she picked up the FeelDoe.

"I do think that," she said as she rose and kissed me. "And guess how I planned we would spend the time?"

"Becky Sue is still here so don't start," I said as Jessie giggled.

"Why don't we get naked and start and let her catch us?" Jessie suggested. "See if she can resist the urge."

"She said she had to be to work," I informed my ever horny girlfriend as she stood and pulled me up before adjusting the vibrating head on the FeelDoe to on. "No."

"Like you can actually resist me?" Jessie asked as she pushed my shorts down a bit and put the knob of the FeelDoe to my pussy and smiled when I moaned my approval. I wanted to resist but it just felt so good that I let her slide the knob into place. And she was right I couldn't resist her as she kissed me and my mind went blank as we began to strip each other. Though I did manage to get her over to the door in a feeble attempt to close it for some privacy, it didn't work, as she trapped me against it and got on her knees and started to suck my (FeelDoe) cock. "See told you couldn't resist me."

"We are gonna get caught..." I warned her and just like clock work (or so it seemed) open popped the bathroom door and out came Becky Sue. Jessie giggled as I tried to push her away and a struggle ensued just long enough to get us caught. "...oh fuck!"

"I want you to look what I caught you two doing," Becky Sue said as she eyeballed our current state. She wore only a towel herself and looked remarkably dry after her "shower". "Is my invite to join in still good Jess?"

"It sure is," Jessie said as she reached over and jerked down Becky Sue's towel and just like that the full glory of Rebecca Suzanne Martin was revealed. WOW!

She simply grinned and lowered down to her knees to join Jessie before the two began to softly kiss in front of me. My hormones ignited in a heartbeat and made me interrupt them and guide my cock between their lips and into Becky Sue's willing mouth it turned out. The two then took turns sucking me before kissing again as I guided them back to their feet and to the bed. I waited at the end of the bed and stroked my cock as Becky Sue and Jessie kissed softly at the top of the bed. Becky Sue slid backwards down the bed after a few more moments and got her knees under her as she looked back at me with a horny smile. I simply lined my cock up with her asshole and sent shivers down her back when I slid inside and moaned out loud with her. Jessie slid her hand into Becky Sue's hair and encouraged the girl to lick her pussy as I pressed my thighs to Becky Sue's ass cheeks and was now buried deep inside her asshole.

"MMMMM yeah lick my pussy, lick my smooth tan pussy baby," Jessie cooed to Becky Sue as our mutual lover did exactly that. She licked up and down Jessie's pussy softly and lovingly as I placed my hands in the middle of her bare back and started butt fucking. My thighs began to smack at Becky Sue's ass cheeks, and made them jiggle, as I started expertly pulling out till my cock caught on her asshole ring and plunging back inside in a moan filled rhythm. Jessie lay perfectly still above us as she watched Becky Sue intently, gently shook and as she held the girl's blondish locks in a make-shift ponytail. My ass clenched on each stroke as I made Becky Sue's ass cheeks jiggle steadily. "MMMMMM baby, does that asshole feel good on your cock?"

"Oh yeah my butt fuckin cock feels so good," I moaned as I leaned forward a bit and really started pounding in and out now. I watched Becky Sue's tongue work in and out of Jessie's spasming pussy as both girls moaned in unison and I joined them. "MMMMMM and your tight little asshole is taking this butt fucking so good, Becky Sue."

"So fuckin hard, you're butt fuckin me so hard," Becky Sue moaned back to me as she shook from the fuckin I was delivering. Her back was now covered in a thin film of sweat. While she had Jessie's pussy now spasming wonderfully with her tongue work. My thighs smacked loudly at Becky Sue's ass cheeks as I pounded in and out and all three moaned in unison. I watched every stroke in and out and tried my best to hold out a bit longer but as I heard Jessie's moans, I looked up and saw her orgasm take over and gave in as mine did the same. Becky Sue moaned into Jessie's sweet pussy as she became number three in a trifecta of orgasms. I don't know if I've ever felt an orgasm that long before. It was as powerful and long lasting as any I've ever had. I left Becky Sue shaking from head to toe and now covered in a thick film of sweat as I butt fucked her till the last twinges of pleasure subsided. "So wonderful, such a wonderful butt fucking. Ass to mouth now?"

"My second favorite thing," I moaned as I pulled out of her asshole and let her slide back on the bed and get on her knees in front of me on the floor as we quickly tried to get my cock into her mouth. A bit of fumbling followed before it successfully slid inside and she started to suck it eagerly. Her head bobbed up and down with ease now as she immediately started to deep throat me. I moaned in pure pleasure as I clenched my ass and stiffened up with Jessie rising to join me. She softly kissed me as my free hand squeezed her tanned ass cheeks. "MMMMM you're next?"

"I sure am," Jessie said as she stopped Becky Sue for a moment. "And it's gonna be on top of Becky Sue..."

"MMMMMMM yeah," Becky Sue moaned from below. "And tell her where."

"Down the hall on your Dad's bed," Jessie said as my eyes bugged out. "Yes we are before you say no. That is if you wanna feel my tight little asshole on your cock."

"Ohmigod you know I do," I moaned as Becky Sue went back to sucking me harder.

"So no protest?" Jessie asked.

"We will get caught..." I moaned in protest.

"Suck harder Becky," Jessie instructed her as my ass clenched tightly as Becky Sue did just that. I slid both hands into Becky Sue's hair as my pussy spasmed so wonderfully now with her jaws drawing in on my cock and sucking the fuck out of it. "Now are you ready to butt fuck me on your dad's bed?"

"OHMIGOD so good, no Jessie... we can't..."

"Harder, Becky, make her cum," Jessie instructed Becky Sue, who began deep throating me again and made my body quiver in pleasure as I got ready to cum, thinking that this was supposed to convince me? But as Becky Sue's cock sucking drew me closer she began slowing down and right as I was about to cum she stopped completely. OHMIGOD the frustration was intense. "So ready to give in yet?"

"I need to cum so bad right now," I moaned as Becky Sue rose back to her feet and I knew then they were in control. Both slipped into my arms as my hands slid down to their asses in unison.

"And you can cum..."

".... yes you can," Becky Sue added.

"... but only while your butt fucking me on top of Becky Sue on your dad's bed," Jessie said firmly. "That's where we're going."

"But..." I groaned in frustration as they slipped away from me and out the bedroom door and down the hall. I followed, reluctantly, and figured if we were gonna get caught we might as well go out in epic style. I got to the door as they were already on the bed and getting into a 69 for me. The frustration from my near orgasm was now stronger than ever as I gave in and joined them. I got onto the bed and slid in behind Jessie as she grinned victoriously and watched me. I wasted no time as I lined my cock up with her asshole, just as Becky Sue's tongue found her pussy and began to lick it softly, and I slid inside her asshole. One long, moan filled stroke and my thighs were pressing against Jessie's ass cheeks and her asshole was filled with my cock. "You like that now baby?"

"MMMMMMM you know I do," Jessie moaned as I started to pound away and stroked my hands up her back as she lowered her head and started returning the favor to Becky Sue as she licked her pussy now. The intense frustration of needing to cum was now subsiding into pleasure as my thighs began smacking at Jessie's tanned ass cheeks as Becky Sue held her in place with her arms around her. My hands came to rest on Jessie's shoulders as I pounded her harder and shook her naked body on top of Becky Sue. Becky Sue's tongue was now fucking in and out Jessie's pussy and making it spasm harder as I watched Jessie's lips draw in on her clit and suck it harder. "Butt fucking like this makes me feel so good."

"OHHH it makes my butt fucking cock feel so good too," I moaned as I poured it on with a burning desire to cum now consuming me. I slapped my thighs at her ass cheeks as I drilled into her asshole non-stop and held her in place on top of Becky sue. Jessie's thighs quivered and her pussy spasmed insanely as she sucked harder at Becky Sue's clit and made the girl's ass clench as it lifted off the mattress. My ass was clenching as well as I got close to cumming. A cum I needed worse than any I could ever remember. "Ohmigod I'm gonna cum so good."

"No ass to mouth this time?" Jessie asked as I stiffened up and felt my orgasm seconds away as she then drove Becky Sue over the edge.

"No baby, not this time, butt fucking you just feels too good," I moaned as my orgasm finally took over and surged me into places of pleasure I'd never known. So powerful and long lasting. Jessie soon joined me as I slumped forward as my orgasm gave way and she cummed in Becky Sue's mouth. I milked her cum out with my last few strokes as she sucked out Becky Sue's cum from below. I finally pulled out and laid down behind the two to take a break. I was not sure at that point if I could go on. But as Jessie and Becky Sue joined me and Jessie took my cock into her mouth and started to suck I knew I could.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"So what did you get me for Christmas?" Rae asked as she came up behind me as I was putting a present under our small Christmas tree. The tree which was now sitting on the end table.

"A thong that reads cumming soon," I said as she laughed and peeked at the present once more. "Besides that one's not for you. It's for Carrie."


"Yes, our friend downstairs?"

"I know who it is," Rae said as I giggled. "Why did you buy her something?"

"Because everyone deserves to have at least one Christmas present," I said as I kissed Rae. "And she might not get anything else."

"Hello, she has two parents that love her," Rae said. "And that's two more than you and me have combined."

"I meant from her friends," I said. "And me and you are pretty much it."

"I got her something too," Rae said.

"I knew you did," I said as I kissed her. "And I got you something also."

"You better have," I said. "What is it?"

"Yeah like I'm gonna tell you five days before Christmas," Rae replied. "You can wait."

"I'll tell you," I said as I hugged her arm and leaned in and whispered, "You wanna know?"

"Yes!" Rae said as I kissed her cheek and went on, "It's a... present."

"I already knew that," Rae said as I laughed and walked off. "What kind of present?"

"One you don't know anything about," I said as she groaned and I got to laugh.

"I don't really wanna know what it is anyway," Rae admitted. "Ruins the surprise."

"That's the best part," I said as I came out of the kitchen just as a knocking came at the door.

"Carrie!" Rae and I said in unison before laughing as I went to answer it. But I didn't find Carrie, or even a girl as it was Rae's Uncle Chuan-Li.

"Come on in," I said as I motioned him inside.

"Hey, Uncle Chuan-Li, something wrong?" Rae asked as I joined the two in the living room.

"Now why does something have to be wrong?"

"It doesn't," Rae said with a grin. "Maybe this is good news?"

"Yes it is," Chuan-Li said. He then fished a pair of keys out of his pocket and handed one to Rae and said, "Merry Christmas."

"You got me a key for Christmas?" Rae asked with a disbelieving look on her face.

"Talk about your low-budget Christmas presents," I giggled.

"It's the key to my house for you and Lynsey to take care of for me while I'm gone," Chuan-Li said. "You can stay there as much as you want."

"Cool," Rae said as I joined her. "And you said take care of?"

"Oh great now we're maids," I said as Chuan-Li laughed.

"I am simply asking you to clean up after yourselves," he said.

"Oh OK," Rae said with a smile as she hugged him. "And how do you propose we get out there? No car and that's a long bus ride."

"That's what this key is for," Chuan-Li said as he handed me a key this time. "It's to my car before you ask. It's parked down in front already."

"We can keep it?" I asked in surprise.

"For a few months," Chuan-Li said. "Until I get back from the homeland."

"You're going home to China?" Rae asked her Uncle.

"Spend Christmas with my parents for the first time in 10 years," Chuan-Li said with a proud smile.

"You can do that?" I asked. "With the Government the way it is."

"You have to go through a lot of paperwork and red tape but it's not too awfully bad," Chuan-Li said.

"Like living in the old USSR," I commented.

"I think modern China enjoys a few more freedoms than did Russia," Chuan-Li corrected me. "Course I won't know until I land and find out for myself."

"Wish I could meet Grandma and Grandpa Chan," Rae said.

"It's OK Rae Yan," Chuan-Li said as he hugged her. "They wish they could meet you too."

"Do they know about Mom abandoning me?"

"I told them, yes," Chuan-Li said. "They say she's no longer welcome in their house."

"She's not welcome in this one either," I said as I hugged my girlfriend from behind and kissed her neck as Rae smiled.

"Well, I have packing to do and a flight to catch," Chuan-Li said as he hugged both of us. "You have my keys?"

"We do," Rae and I said in unison.

"Mr. Powers assured me he'd keep an eye on you two," Chuan-Li said.

"He always does," I said as we followed him to the door.

"Bye!" Chuan-Li said as he made his exit.

"Bye!" Rae said as we watched him the corner and disappear. "Well that was a nice Christmas present."

"It sure was," I said as we both giggled and started doing a happy dance right there in the hallway.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Becky Sue's head bobbed up and down a few last times as I moaned and watched her pull off my cock (FeelDoe) as I still lay on the bed. Jessie took hold of my cock as Becky Sue moved across my thighs below it and lifted up into the 'catchers position' and lined my cock up with her asshole again. Jessie held it steady as Becky Sue sunk it inside the hole and my ass clenched as both of us moaned. I knew holding onto Becky Sue at this point would be useless as she was dripping with sweat so I simply laid back and let her start bouncing. Her big titties then grabbed my attention as they finally started to sway up and down the way I sooo wanted them to.

"So good butt fucking you while your titties are bouncing," I moaned as Becky Sue pounded up and down now and took all of my cock deep in her asshole. Her titties jiggled wildly every time her ass cheeks smacked into my thighs. I moaned as loud as I ever had as did Becky Sue as the pleasure was insanely wonderful. Becky Sue's hands rested on my stomach for leverage as she pushed off each time. "I love watching your titties bounce like this baby!"

"MMMMM I knew you would," Becky Sue moaned back to me. She then slowed and stopped a moment later and leaned to the side so my cock could pop out of her asshole and go into Jessie's waiting mouth. I tensed up as I watched Jessie's head begin bobbing up and down and leaned up to kiss Becky Sue for a long moment. Jessie's jaws drew in as she sucked harder and made me jerk in delight from the effects. "Oh WOW she really loves ass to mouth, huh?"

"My baby sure does," I moaned as Jessie deep throated me several times before pulling off and held it steady as it went back up Becky Sue's asshole and she again started bouncing on it. Her titties swayed up and down harder as Jessie patted her ass cheeks and moaned to her, "Make Laney cum now Becky."

"Oh yeah I'm gonna cum," I moaned as I laid back once again and shook from the pounding from above I was taking. I watched Becky Sue's big titties continue bouncing as she moaned to match mine and we both felt this intense long lasting pleasure sweep over us that was so fuckin addictive.

20 minutes later...

"Are you sure everyone is gone?" Becky sue asked as we reached the top of the steps. "Because all three of us are naked and our clothes are gonna be upstairs."

"Downstairs on the couch is the only way you're gonna get your butt fucked and a pussy licking at the same time," I moaned to Becky Sue as I kissed her softly. With that we made our way downstairs. My hands were on both girls' ass cheeks as we came into the living room and Becky Sue and Jessie stopped for a long moment to kiss by the couch. They then turned to kiss me one at a time. I pumped my fist up and down my cock as I watched Jessie, to my shock, pull open the living room curtains and look outside. The street was abandoned on this snowy day it appeared. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"We're gonna give the neighbors a show," Jessie said as Becky Sue moved me back to in front of the opened curtain and kissed my lips. "Well if anyone walks by they will at least."

"No we are not," I said as I attempted to close the curtains. "Doing it in the living room is crazy enough."

"I said yes because there's no way anyone's gonna catch us with a day like this," Jessie said as Becky Sue joined us in front of the window and got down on her knees. I knew what was coming next. "Now Becky Sue is gonna suck your cock until you agree."

"MMMMMM OH god," I moaned as Becky Sue started doing exactly that. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on it and I clenched my ass over and over in pleasure. Becky Sue's hands lightly stroked up the outside of my thighs to add extra sensation as my stomach bowed in and I moaned louder. My pussy spasmed around the vibrating knob inside as the ridges worked on my clit and I got ready to cum. But once again just as I was on the verge Becky Sue stopped and looked up at me. "OHMIGOD I need to cum so bad now."

"That's the plan," Jessie said as she lead the way to the couch and laid down lengthwise as I guided Becky Sue to get on her knees above Jessie's head. I got on my knees behind her and slid my hands up to her huge titties and squeezed them as I moaned to her, "Love your big titties, Becky."

"You loved making them bounce for you, huh?" Becky Sue asked as I kissed her shoulder and nodded my agreement. She then slid forward and planted her pussy on Jessie's face and moaned as she got her pussy licked up and down. Looking back, she watched as I moved in closer and lined my cock up with her asshole before sliding inside. Becky Sue moaned with me, loudly, as I sank inside and pressed my thighs to her cheeks and she leaned forward onto her elbows and into a 69 with Jessie. I glanced to make sure no one was coming as I leaned forward over her back and started her butt fucking. "MMMMMM ohhhh Laney, I think I found something you love more than making my titties bounce."

"Yeah butt fucking," I moaned as I began to slap my thighs at her ass cheeks as she lowered her head and started to lick Jessie's pussy while I watched. My ass began to clench in pleasure on every stroke as my pussy spasmed around the vibrating knob of the FeelDoe. Becky Sue moaned out loud as she sucked at Jessie's clit and Jessie did her the same way. I looked down to watch my cock pump in and out as sweat began to drip off my naked body. The ridges on the FeelDoe shaft doing a masterful job of working my clit as I continued to pound away inside Becky Sue's asshole. Jessie now fucked her tongue up into Becky Sue's spasming pussy and made the girl's thighs quiver in pleasure as she shook gently. "God butt fucking feels so good on my cock."

"OHMIGOD! I knew you would be good but I didn't think it would be this wonderful," Becky Sue moaned between long moments of sucking on Jessie's clit. I pounded home a few more times and then stopped as Becky Sue groaned and looked back at me and smiled as I pulled out of her asshole and got to my feet and circled around in front of her. Becky Sue rose from on top of Jessie and got to her feet before kissing me and then dropping to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. I guided her with a hand on the back of her head and clenched my ass in pleasure as she quickly began to deep throat my cock over and over again. I moaned, "So good at sucking my butt fucking cock."

"MMMMMMMM HMMMM so good to let me," Becky Sue said as I pulled her off and she rose back to her feet. I pointed out the window to the deserted road as Becky Sue giggled. "You better hurry and finish butt fucking me before we get caught."

"MMMMM really good advice," I said as I guided Becky Sue back into a 69 with Jessie.

"Make this pussy cum now," Jessie said as she began to lick softly again at Becky Sue's smooth pussy and watched me slide back inside the girls asshole. I quickly leaned forward over Becky Sue's back and started pounding like always as she moaned louder and lowered her head to again lick Jessie's pussy. I watched that scene for a long moment as my thighs spanked at Becky Sue's jiggling ass cheeks before looking one more time down the road and seeing a startling sight, a large rent-a-center van was headed this way. The pleasure though was too strong to stop as a thrill ran through me and Becky Sue and Jessie started cumming below me I gave in and closed my eyes and started cumming as well. An orgasmic peak that was awe-inspiring. Becky Sue squirted her cum in Jessie's mouth and Jessie in turn got her cum sucked out by Becky Sue.

"OH god that butt fucking was wonderful," Becky Sue moaned to me as I finally looked to see that the truck had stopped down the block to turn around.

"Third times a charm," I moaned as I looked down and watched as I pulled out of Becky Sue's asshole. I got to my feet as Jessie and Becky Sue looked down the street and saw what I did.

"Third times a charm I guess," Jessie said as her and Becky Sue stood to join me. Both were now sporting a thick coating of sweat.

"If we get caught we'll all three get killed," Becky Sue said.

"And the thrill has never been this intense," Jessie said with a mind numbing kiss. "You're gonna butt fuck me on top of Becky Sue, right now, Laney McCoy."

"We are gonna get caught..." I protested as Jessie grinned and dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock as I moaned. Becky Sue kissed me as I gave in and started to squeeze her big titties in my hands again. I moaned as Becky Sue kissed me for a long moment before asking, "Have we changed your mind?"

"We will get caught..." I protested again even as my ass clenched in pleasure from the cock sucking Jessie was delivering. "... MMMMMM, I'm gonna have to do it hard and fast then."

"Yes you are," Jessie cooed as she rose to kiss me and guided me to get on my knees behind her as she got back into a 69 with Becky Sue. I kept an eye on the gathering down the road while at the same time sliding into Jessie's asshole and feeling her shake between me and Becky Sue. It's hard to describe how horny that made me and it prompted me to start hammering home as I leaned forward over her back. My thighs spanked at her ass cheeks as she got her pussy licked eagerly by Becky Sue now. Jessie shook in between us as she lowered her head and started softly licking at Becky Sue's pussy now. My moans got louder as I looked down and watched every stroke off my cock for a few long moments as my pounding strokes got harder. "MMMMMMM so hard in my asshole, Laney."

"I know baby cause I'm the one fucking it so hard," I moaned as I slapped my thighs at her ass cheeks a few more times and watched them jiggle before I slowed, like always, and sunk inside as far as I could get and then pulled out. I got back to my feet and waited for Jessie as she got to her feet a moment later and kissed me as I squeezed her tanned, slick-with-sweat ass cheeks in my hand one at a time. Dropping down to her knees then, Jessie took my cock into her mouth and started to suck as I moaned and stiffened up from the pleasure. I looked down and moaned from the sensations produced by Jessie's cock sucking. Jessie's hands stroked up and down the outside of my thighs added that extra bit of sensation that pushed me towards an orgasm. I finally had to pull her off and guide her back to her feet as we kissed again. She quickly got back into a 69 with Becky Sue as I settled back in behind her. I lined my cock up with her asshole and slid it back inside. I got back into my former position over her back and started the butt fucking again in earnest. "MMMMMM your little asshole never gets tired of being fucked, huh Jess?"

"You're so good at butt fucking that's why," Jessie moaned back to me as I pounded home now and watched Jessie and Becky Sue work each other into a frenzy. Jessie's moaning matched mine as she squirmed on top of Becky Sue in pure pleasure. Jessie now sucked at Becky Sue's clit as I spanked my thighs at her ass cheeks and all three of us neared orgasm. My ass clenched tighter as the vibration from the knob of the FeelDoe made my pussy spasm so hard it had me shaking. My orgasm came on a few moments later as I gave Jessie a few last butt fucking shots and made her cum as she did the same to Becky Sue. I moaned in grunts as my own cum drained on to Jessie's ass cheeks. Becky Sue and Jessie sucked each others cum out as I slowed and finally pulled out before getting back to my feet. Jessie rolled off Becky Sue and let her sit up as I leaned down to kiss her lips.

"Oh yeah let me suck the cock you just butt fucked Jessie with," Becky Sue moaned to me as she got on her knees in front of me and took it into her mouth. I moaned my approval as she started to suck. Jessie stood to join me as we kissed softly and my hands went to her ass cheeks and titties and squeezed them in unison as I moaned into her mouth.