Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 76 "Christmas (2)"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I worked my ass off yesterday and I'm exhausted," Becky Sue complained as I rolled out of bed at first day break and was all ready to open some presents. "I am not getting up."

"You have two weeks off to rest up," I said as I jerked the blanket off her. "Now lets go running down the hall and screaming to get everyone up."

"No, not yet, hold on," Becky Sue said as she reluctantly got out of bed and fished her enormous travel bag out of my closet and pulled out a box with a simple purple bow on it and brought it over to me. "This is for you."

"Thank you," I said with a huge smile as I tore the box open and nearly fainted when I saw what was inside.

"It's my original script from the first episode of According to Preppy," Becky Sue said proudly. "I had everyone sign it."

"Connie Britton, Allan Kayser, Max Baldry, Doris Roberts and John Ingle," I read the signatures as I looked over it in a daze. "This is mine for real?"

"Merry Christmas," Becky Sue said as I smiled so wide it almost hurt my face.

"I will cherish this," I said as Becky Sue smiled. "You rock, Beckster."

"Now where's mine?" Becky Sue asked as I laughed.

"I hope you like it cause it's pretty simple," I said as I went to pull it out of it's hiding place in the top of my closet. Finally pulling it down and not even having time to get down off the step ladder before Becky Sue tore the paper off and stared at it in awe. It was a hand painted portrait of a picture that I had of Becky Sue and I from a couple of weeks ago. "I sent in that picture of me and you and they just painted it like a portrait."

"WOW!" was all she could get out.

"Don't like it, huh?" I asked with a wry smile.

"Best present ever," Becky Sue said as she hugged me. "This is the first thing that's going on the wall in my new apartment. Whenever I get one."

"No time to look, huh?"

"Nope," Becky Sue said as she hung up the portrait on the wall and grinned proudly. "Probably be able to after the new year though."

"GET UP!" Laney screamed from the other side of the door as she banged on it. Reggie barking in protest as she excitedly sprang awake from her place by the dresser and Becky Sue opened the door. "Mickie's already downstairs waiting on you."

"She is not," I said as Laney giggled. "She would have called me already."

"I don't know about that," Becky Sue said as she slipped into the hallway and giggled when I slapped at her butt.

"Someone get the door," Carolyn said from the door to her and Dad's bedroom.

"Hey Mickie, hey Mickie, you so fine, you so fine..." my ringtone sounded as I smiled and snagged it off the bed and already knowing it was Mickie.

"Hello?" I asked as I picked it up.

"Come let me in lover," Jessie said in a sultry voice as my ears perked up. "I tied Mickie up in her room and came to see you."

"That sounds fun," I said as she giggled. "Be on down."

"My girlfriend is hitting on you again, huh?"

"Yes she is," I giggled as I went thundering down the steps and saw Mickie was already on the porch. I opened the door as she grinned and gave me a strange look as I slipped past her and looked down the street. "Is Jessie with you?"

"Yeah, she's still in the car," Mickie said as Laney and Becky Sue arrived on the porch. Jessie slipping out of the car across the road and grinning as she saw me and came up the steps a moment later and slipped into my arms. "Knock it off."

"She called to tell me she was coming to see me," I said as Jessie and I both looked to Mickie.


"About 30 seconds ago," I giggled as Jessie showed Mickie her phone.

"You left your phone in the car," Jessie said smugly to her sister.

"And I am your girlfriend," Laney said as she pulled Jessie away from me as Mickie did me the same way.

"Lover," Jessie said as she reached for me and I did the same to her.

"I'm on my way to fix breakfast," Carolyn said as she arrived at the front door with Reggie trailing her. "Any requests?"

"Yeah that we open presents first," Becky Sue said as she lead the charge to the living room and the Christmas tree. Laney, Becky Sue and I quickly dropping to our knees and rummaging through the boxes for a few moments before we heard an ear piercing whistle that stopped that allocation.

"We're gonna eat first," Dad said with a commanding authority to his voice.

"Yeah right," I said as everyone (except Dad) laughed.

"I think I see one for me," Jessie said as I looked over and saw that it was my present for her.

"If one person opens one present I will cancel Christmas," Dad said aloud as Grandpa Hal arrived. "We are at least going to wait until the others get here."

"Who else is coming?" Becky Sue asked.

"Mavis and her family are on the way," Grandpa said as he sipped on a cup of coffee.

"And my two spoiled brats are also coming," Carolyn chimed in.

"And if either of my Granddaughters doesn't follow Richard's words I will send back their presents immediately," Grandpa said.

"I think you're bluffing old man," Laney said as a knock came at the door and Carolyn went to answer it. "They're ain't a present under here from you to either of us."

"This is true," Becky Sue added. "I know, we snooped last night."

"Merry Christmas," Mavis said as she came in with Sammi, Darcy and Alex.

"Merry Christmas," We said in unison.

"What's everyone waiting on?" Mavis asked as Laney nudged me and handed me the present that we'd picked out for Grandpa's significant other.

"Richard and Harold holding us hostage," I said as I rose from the floor.

"Richard, Harold," Mavis warned them as Laney and I giggled.

"Fine, have at it," Dad said as the free-for-all started.

"Hold on, we got you something," I said as Laney and I joined Mavis and handed her a present.

"You shouldn't have I don't need anything," Mavis said.

"You never do, Grandma," Alex said as he politely kissed my cheek and then Laney's. "Merry Christmas, ladies."

"Thanks you, you big hunk of man," I said as he grinned and walked off to join the fray of opening presents.

"Well my heart be still, what a thoughtful gift," Mavis said with a huge smile as she unwrapped the knitting kit we'd gotten her.

"It's something you love doing, right?" I asked as she smiled.

"Yes it is," Mavis said as she hugged me and Laney for a long moment. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Grandma," I said with a smirk as Mavis touched her heart and walked off to join Grandpa. Ruby and Raegan coming in just at that moment and looking noticeably nervous I noted as they were not sure what to do. Mickie sensed that as she dug out, somehow, the presents that we'd gotten them and brought them over. "These are for you guys."

"You already got me something," Raegan said to Mickie.

"And now we did," I said as Raegan took it and ripped it open as I giggled.

"This is for me?" Ruby asked with a huge smile as I handed her one.

"Yes it is my soon to be new sister," I said as she giggled and started ripping it open.

"The L Word season one?" Raegan asked as she realized what we'd gotten her. "Very funny lesbos."

"What you don't like it?" Mickie asked as she tried not to laugh.

"The laugh is on you cause I already have seasons three and four," Raegan said as everyone laughed.

"Hey, I wanted this movie," Ruby said as she uncovered her present. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I said as she hugged me.

"I told you she'd be a good sister," Raegan said to Ruby. "And thanks, Taylor, and you too Mickie."

"You might be a redneck if you got me the perfect gift," I heard Jessie say as I turned to see her holding up her new t-shirt. Mickie kissing me before her, Raegan and Ruby joined the fray once again. "This is so cool."

"You like?" I asked as Jessie hugged me.

"I love it," Jessie said. "And the jeans are my size too. Thanks."

"I wanted to make sure they showed off your butt," I whispered to Jessie as we both giggled.

"Laney will love that," Jessie said.

"So will I," I agreed as we exchanged a horny smile.

"Hey, I found it," Mickie said as she came back over and handed me a small box with Jessie's name on it.

"It's from me," Jessie said as I smiled and opened it. Finding a Radio Shack (The Shack) gift card inside. "I didn't know what else to get you."

"And she got it for free with that mypoints.com thing," Mickie added as I laughed.

"You shut up," I said to Mickie as she giggled. "And Jessie, thank you. I'll put it to good use."

"Merry Christmas," Jessie said as she hugged me and I hugged her back. "I love you."

"I love you too," I said as we smiled at each other and rejoined the growing mess in the living room.

"Thanks Mickie," Ruby said as she stood with a new movie in her hand and a huge smile on her face. "Wanna watch it with me?"

"I sure do," Mickie said. "We'll have a girls night at my house and you can come and we'll watch it then."

"That sounds fun," Ruby said as she sat back down by Lassie (the cat) who was now having himself a ball with the wrapping paper he was smacking around. While Carolyn opened what I thought was my present for her, Reggie was happily wrestling with Grandpa as he tugged on a new toy he'd bought her. I sat down by Carolyn as she unveiled her new frames for everyone to see.

"For your artwork," I said as she smiled proudly. "I know you wanted to hang them up."

"I wanted to but Richard and I thought it'd be best to wait a little while longer," Carolyn said as she admired the frames.

"It's your home now too," I said as she hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered back. "You like them?"

"Had my eye on these myself," Carolyn confirmed.

"I thought so," I said as we smiled at each other.

"Did everyone get me movies?" Ruby asked aloud as everyone laughed.

"I didn't get you anything," Raegan said as she beaned her little sister with a wadded up piece of wrapping paper.

"Hey," Dad said as he sat down beside me with my present to him in hand (a drill). "Nice choice. Thanks."

"You're welcome, now maybe you can get going on some of those projects you've been putting off," I said as he nodded his head and hugged me.

"Not a chance in hell," Carolyn giggled as I laughed.

"Don't move," I heard and looked to see that Grandpa had uncovered my present to him, a digital camera. Carolyn and Dad snuggled in for a photo op as Grandma clicked away. "Thank you, my favorite adopted Granddaughter."

"You're welcome," I said as I hugged him. "And I want you to use it and not just leave it sitting."

"You're wish is my command," Grandpa said as he stepped back and snapped a pic of the chaos in the living room. Reggie making everyone crack up when she barked to get Grandpas attention and then posed for a picture. "Reggie my girl you're a ham."

"I just realized I haven't opened a single present of mine yet," I said as Laney came over and handed me the one from her. "A good place to start."

"You're not starting there," Becky Sue said as she grinned. "Remember the script I gave you?"

"Yes I do," I said as I tore open Laney's gift and she did the same to the one she had from me. "Noise canceling headphones!"

"A 4 gig MP3 player," Laney said in reply as we grinned at each other and hugged. "I love it, my girl."

"Me too," I said. "I wanted these so bad too. Thank you."

"Just hook up already," Carolyn said as everyone laughed and Laney and I glared at her.

"I wanna lodge a complaint," Darcy said as she held up her t-shirt beside a giggling Sammi. The "I'm with stupid" t-shirt. "This is not cool."

"But it's so funny," Sammi giggled. "And yes Darce you are wearing it."

"They're calling you stupid..."

"No we're not," Mickie said. "The shirt says I'm with stupid."

"You're over sensitive when it comes to me," Sammi said to her best friend.

"Get used to it," Darcy said. "You've finally got someone in your life that is not gonna let you take crap."

"Kiss her," Alex said from beside Mavis as everyone laughed.

"Alexander," Mavis warned as Alex clammed up.

"Mom, here," Raegan said as she came over and handed Carolyn a box. "From me and Ruby."

"It's a great gift too," Ruby said from beside Mickie as she tried to keep from giggling for some reason.

"Thank you," Carolyn said with a smile as she ripped off the wrapping paper. While Grandpa used his new camera to make a video of Lassie smacking around a piece of wadded up wrapping paper bigger than he was. "What in the hell is this? An underwater mobile phone case?"

"Yes," Raegan said with a straight face as I flashed back to the story she'd told yesterday about her getting Carolyn a USB toaster. Becky Sue talking to Grandpa for a moment, before she left the house with her coat, on a mysterious assignment. "You're always ruining cell phones in water. At least three I can think of."

"Well I suppose it would make sense," Carolyn said as Ruby lost it and started cackling as she laid back on the floor. "What is so funny?"

"Look at the back," Raegan encouraged her Mom as I covered my mouth to keep from laughing.

"A underwater laptop case, and one for a fax machine and a chair..." Carolyn read before she suddenly caught on and gave her daughter a death stare. "If this is what I think it is you're going up for adoption."

"It is, it is," Ruby squealed as she held her stomach in laughter and Carolyn opened the box to find a GOTCHA sign pop out. Raegan lost it then as she started laughing so hard she was holding her sides.

"Bummer, I'd love to get one of those underwater laptop cases for swim class," Laney said as everyone laughed and Carolyn fumed.

"Like it, Mom?" Raegan asked.

"Well at least you got me a real present," Carolyn said as she pulled out the real gift and smiled. A portrait of Raegan, Ruby, me and Laney all together. "This is beautiful."

"My stomach hurts now," Ruby said. "I laughed too hard."

"That was very colorful," Alex chimed in.

"I wish I'd have thought of that," Darcy said.

"OK, OK, I can see that it's time for my Granddaughters to take center stage and open their gifts which have been saved to last, on purpose," Grandpa said as he and dad pulled them out from behind the tree and handed them to me and Laney. Mickie's to me being first as I tore it open and found it was a license plate that read "ILuvMik".

"What do I need with a license plate?" I asked.

"It's for the new car I bought you," Mickie said as I laughed.

"Very funny," I said as I kissed her. "This is my real present?"

"Yep," Mickie said as I gave her a perplexed look.

"Floor mats?" Laney asked as she opened her present from Dad. Something that would match mine in a moment when I opened my present from Dad. "Seat covers?"

"I got those two," I said as Carolyn's gift got opened.

"You get me a license plate too?" Laney asked as she opened Mickie's gift and laughed when it turned out to be exactly like mine only reading, "ILuvJes".

"Floor mats, seat covers, license plates, now the only thing we need is the actual car," I said sarcastically. "Or do we put these on skateboards?"

"This is like the year we got socks and underwear," Laney said as I laughed but was feeling seriously confused at this moment.

"Why don't you stop complaining and go to the window over there and see what I got you two for Christmas," Grandpa suggested. Laney jumped up and pulled me up as we ran to the window and looked out to be see Becky Sue standing with the doors open to the new garage across the street and two brand spankin new cars, with bows on them, flanking her.

"No way," Laney and I said in unison. "Ours?"

"Yes they are," Grandpa said as we screamed in shock and hugged him like never before. His big strong arms holding us tight for a long few moments. "Happy?"

"We love you, we love you, we love you," We squealed in unison as he smiled and we went running for the door and our coats. Rumbling down the steps and across the road as Reggie ran after us barking happily and the family followed after her. We arrived to both hug Becky Sue and find out the incredible was really true. We had each gotten a brand new car for Christmas, not only that but it was a Tesla Roadster (the all-electric Tesla). One that Grandma explained had like a 200 mile range on a full charge and was loaded with every option you could think of. Dad, in his usual style, was not very happy when he found out the, per month, lease price but as Grandma explained sometime later, "It's my money Richard and with it I will do as I please."

What an awesome Christmas present. And it looks like now I've got to get serious about getting my license.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I want my present and I want it now," Rae said as she came out of the bedroom. "You've made me wait long enough."

"When Carrie gets here," I said (again).

"She's probably watching porn downstairs and won't be up here for hours," Rae said as I laughed and got up to answer the door when a knock came. "Thank god it's her."

"I hope so too I wanna know what you got me," I said as I stopped to kiss her lips. "Don't go peaking."

"Tell Carrie to get her ass in here," Rae said just as I opened the door and looked in surprise at our visitors, Mr. Powers and KT (our neighbor). "Who is it?"

"Hey, is something wrong?" I asked as they came in.

"My Mom had to work and Mr. Powers thought it best if I came up here," KT explained.

"It's not that I don't love your company KT, I do, but Lynsey and Rae would be much better hosts than me," Mr. Powers explained. "OK?"

"I can go if you guys have plans," KT said.

"Rae told me their plans were simple for tonight," Mr. Powers said.

"I did," Rae confirmed. "You can hang out with us KT, it'll be fun."

"Yeah you can watch Rae whine about her present," I said as KT giggled. "Welcome to stay too Mr. Powers."

"Well I do have a tray of fresh made brownies on the warming tray downstairs," Mr. Powers said.

"They were for me," KT chimed in.

"And now they're all mine," Rae said as she poked KT in the belly and ran off laughing as KT chased her into the bedroom.

"Well what are you waiting for?" I asked Mr. Powers as he smiled. "Hurry up with the brownies."

"I'll do just that," He said as he headed off to his place. Passing by Carrie as she finally made her grand appearance now with a digital camera hanging from her neck.

"You took your sweet time," I said to Carrie as she laughed.

"It took me forever to find my memory card for my camera," Carrie said. "I want some pictures that this actually happened."

"And just what do you think is gonna happen?" I asked with hands on hips.

"Me, you and Rae," She said with a smug smile and making me blush. "Or just me taking some pictures of my friends to send to my internet friend in Texas."

"You still talk to her?" I asked as Carrie came in. "I thought that was the friend who sent that stuff to Taylor about you."

"She said someone hacked her computer and got all of her yahoo messenger files," Carrie explained. "And she seems to know everything about computers so I guess they did. Besides Taylor would never tell me where she got them from so I have to believe her. Her being, Alexa, my friend."

"Weird, very weird," I noted as Carrie shrugged and snapped a quick photo with her camera. "Stop that."

"Let me go," KT grunted as Rae carried her back into the living room in a bear hug that had KT's arms pinned to her sides. Carrie took a picture of that too.

"Isn't she so cute when she's captured?" Rae asked as KT struggled in her grip.

"Let her go and let Mr. Powers in," I said as Rae giggled and let me pull KT to safety as she let in Mr. Powers. Carrie snapping a picture of his entrance with the brownies.

The brownies were soon devoured and so was the remaining hot cider from the previous night as the five of us settled in for Christmas evening. Mr. Powers reading his newspaper quietly as the rest of us went about playing a board game to determine who got to open the first present. I won.

"OK, give it to me," I said to Rae as she rose from the floor and made her way into the spare bedroom and came back out with a frame wrapped in colorful paper. "How original."

"I wanted it to be something personal," Rae said as she set it in my lap. "And it wasn't easy finding time to work on it."

"How did you?" Mr. Powers asked from his corner seat.

"When Lynsey was doing laundry and babysitting KT or helping you with cleaning," Rae said. "But I did finish it."

"Last night at my place," Carrie added in. "It's unbelievable."

"It sure is," I said with a stunned smile as I tore off the paper and saw a water color painting of me and Rae sitting on the couch and her laid back in my arms. Smiling at each other as she caressed my cheek and I wrapped a strand of her long black hair around my finger. So many details and so unbelievable that I literally was moved to tears as I looked at it.

"Well you certainly captured her likeness," Mr. Powers commented after he'd seen it, "Just more of your amazing work, Rae."

"Thank you," Rae said with a proud smile. "Now where's my present?"

"It's not as good as the one you got me," I said as I pulled it out from under the tree and handed it to her. Smiling as she tore it open and screamed as she saw what it was.

"It's the lens I wanted!" Rae squealed as she admired it and kissed me as I sat down beside her. "How did you know?"

"It might have had something with that magazine page you stuffed in your jeans pocket for her to find," Carrie said as everyone laughed.

"Just for that I'm gonna give KT my old MP3 player and not you," Rae said as she handed it to KT.

"Merry Christmas to me," KT said in awe as she showed it to Mr. Powers. "Thanks Rae."

Safe to say that, despite the odd collection of friends, it turned out to be a really nice Christmas. Everyone got a little something so they could feel special and no one had to be alone on the best day of the year. It's weird how things work out.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"This bad boy rides so smooth," I said as Taylor turned onto my street in her brand new electric blue Tesla Roadster.

"It's a dream to drive too," Taylor said. "I think I'm in love again."

"Me too," I said as she turned into the driveway and turned the car off. "I can't even tell if it's still running."

"Nope it's not," I said as I pointed to the space age center console and it now having gone dark.

"Well what have we here?" Mom (Laila) asked as Taylor and I got out and she stared in shock at the car.

"It's my brand new Tesla Roadster," Taylor said as she hugged Mom. "It's so gorgeous, right?"

"I'll say," Mom said as she walked around the car and admired it with wide eyed interest. "Where's the gas tank?"

"There's isn't one," Taylor said as she pointed to the place where you plug in the charging cable. "It's 100% electric. And it goes like a bat out of hell."

"Now you're not driving recklessly are you?" Mom asked Taylor.

"Not now it's turned off," I said as Mom laughed and Taylor gave me a dirty look. "No we weren't."

"That's it, I have to go for a ride in this thing," Mom said as Taylor smiled and nodded her head excitedly.

"Get in," Taylor said as she kissed me before jumping into the car and starting it up again and zooming off with Mom inside.

"Where did Laila go?" Dad (Michael) asked as he came out of the house with Elizabeth in his arms. "I thought I saw Taylor in this shiny new car."

"You remember me telling you she was getting a new car for Christmas?" I asked Dad before he nodded and Elizabeth reached for me. "Well, she got it, loved it and so did Mom so Taylor took her for a ride. They may be gone for a while."

"You're mother is not gonna like it that you told me and not her," Dad said as we walked back inside and I took Elizabeth in my arms.

"Dat my cute little alien baby sister," I said to Elizabeth as she grinned widely. "Yes her is, yes her is."

"I can see that Laney didn't get to drive her new car," Dad said a moment later when he spotted Laney and Jessie pulling up in my car with Sammi and Darcy in tow.

"Yeah, Laney can't drive yet so she has to wait till she gets her license," I said as they came in the door. "Isn't that right Elaine?"

"What?" Laney asked as Elizabeth's eyes popped open when she saw Sammi.

"That you can't drive yet?" I asked.

"I'm taking drivers ed in school but not doing to well," Laney said. "Carolyn promised we could go out tomorrow and drive some."

"I'm always available too," Jessie said as she kissed Laney.

"Da da boo," Elizabeth cooed as she smiled at Sammi and reached for her.

"Merry Christmas little ET," Sammi said as she took Elizabeth in her arms and started to dance around with her.

"Dad what time are we going to Taylor's for dinner?" I asked.

"Whenever your mother and her daughter-in-law get back from joy riding," Dad said as I laughed. "Can someone go get Mikey up from his nap?"

"I will," Laney said as she came by and took my hand and volunteered me too, "And Mickie will help."

"Why am I helping?" I asked as I followed after her up the steps.

"So she can take advantage of you," Darcy said from the living room as everyone laughed.

"Answer me."

"I wanted to give you a present," Laney said as we reached Mikey's room and found him already awake and happily playing with his feet.

"You did?" I asked as Mikey saw us and grinned and reached for me. Laney fishing out a piece of paper from her back pocket and handing it up to me as I picked up Michael.

"What's this? A receipt from a porn shop?" I asked as she grinned widely. "What is this?"

"I ordered something for you and Taylor but you gotta pick it up," Laney said in a low voice as Mikey reached for his bottle.

"Ba ba," Mikey said as he pointed and Laney handed it to him.

"160 dollars?" I asked as Laney shrugged. "You spent that much on me?"

"It's actually for you and Taylor," Laney said as Mikey went to work on his bottle. "And I expect you to use it."

"Yeah I'm sure that will happen," I said as Jessie came down the hall and detoured into the room when she saw us.

"Laila and Taylor are back," Jessie said. "We gonna open presents."

"Oh yeah," Laney said as she fished out a card and handed to me. "This is to cover so I can say that I got you and Taylor something for Christmas..."

"...without blowing the cover," Jessie said as she kissed Laney. "I had to come up with that because my hillbilly girlfriend got confused."

"Just for that you're not driving my new car," Laney said to her girlfriend.

"One hillbilly joke to far," Jessie whined as she stamped her foot as I started laughing. "Just one."

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey can I join you?" I asked Taylor as she stood outside the front door on the porch and sipped a cup of hot cocoa.

"Always," She said as I snuggled in behind her. "I just had to get some air with the zoo going on inside."

"Yeah it's a bit crowded alright," I noted as the laughter from the living room could be heard as Becky Sue and Jessie were currently playing tennis on the new WII that Grandpa bought. The laughter coming from Mickie's family, the Marvel's (plus Sammi) and of course our mix match of family. In all we had almost 20 people crowded around the living room for dinner and so. "But everyone is having a great time."

"I know," She said as I hugged her from behind. "It's been an amazing Christmas. And Mickie loved the Cleveland Indians jersey I bought her."

"Did you like my gift?" I asked as she laughed.

"You actually expect Mickie to use a Feeldoe?" Taylor asked. "I don't think she's that coordinated."

"Then you use it," I said as she started laughing.

"I'm not you," She said. "You've grown one permanently."

"Well, Becky Sue and Jessie sure do love it when I grown one," I said as she turned and looked at me in shock.

"You and them two?" She asked as she turned to me. I simply grinned knowingly, "OHMIGOD, the morning we all went to breakfast and left you three here?"

"Yep," I said as she laughed and shook her head in disbelieve. The door popping open at that moment and out came Becky Sue with the biggest smile on her face. Reggie trailing her close behind.

"Guess what, guess what?" Becky Sue asked.

"What?" Taylor giggled as Becky Sue almost knocked her down with a hug.

"Grandpa Hal just gave me my present," Becky Sue squealed.

"What is it?" Taylor asked.

"The apartment over the garage," Becky Sue practically screamed in excitement. "I'm gonna be living across the street."

"YES!" Taylor screamed as she hugged Becky Sue.

"Hey, there you are," Jessie said as she came out to meet us with papers in her hand. "Look what I found."

"Hey this is the smoking gun that proved my mom and dad were still alive," I giggled as I looked at the grainy photo on the first page. The ones we'd received from that Hartford lady a couple of months ago. The one that said it had a hi-res photo on the missing page four. "Where did you find this?"

"In the hall desk," Jessie said. "Figured I'd put it with the rest of the papers."

"Toss it," I said as I wadded it up and threw into the street. Taylor and Becky Sue going back inside.

"Why not," Jessie giggled. "Anyway, can you help me get something out of my bug?"


"A folder I keep under the passengers seat with my insurance in it," Jessie said as she opened the door to her bug. "Grandpa Hal said he could get Michael a better deal on my insurance. Hold the flashlight?"

"Sure," I said as she bent over and started looking for it and I moved the beam of the flashlight to her butt.

"Not on my ass," Jessie said as I giggled and moved it to where it would be useful. "What the fuck?"

"What is it?" I asked as Jessie struggled with a piece of paper and carefully tore it lose from the under side of the seat and looked at it in what I could tell was shock, horror and terror. "Jess?"

"OHMIGOD," Jessie said in a hand shaking daze as she turned the paper around and showed it to me. A high-res photo of a lady in a baseball cap and jogging pants as she crossed some road in front of a church. The lady was a dead ringer for...Mischa McCoy. "Your freakin Mom is alive!"