Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 8 "Strawberries and Honey"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Laney McCoy you are not gonna cause that sweet mother and father of Taylor's trouble are you?" Grandpa Hal asked as I packed my bag and nervously glanced at the clock and realized I only had about six hours or so to get to the airport a hundred or so miles away.

"Grandpa, I'm gonna be fine and I'll be good I promised you" I said, "You better be too you horny ole goat."

"Elaine Michelle McCoy" He said with a finger point and smile. "That smart mouth..."

"Reminds you of my mom?" I asked as I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Darling it sure does" He said with a smile. "I still miss her every minute of every day."

"Not dad huh?"

"Laney, your father was a difficult man to love" He said and he was telling the truth. My Dad (Baron McCoy) was a lifelong military man and lived that life in and out of the service until the day he died. While my Mom (Mischa) was the opposite and more than made up for Dad's short comings as a father. Still I missed them both so much it hurts at times.

"I know, but he did like you" I said honestly. Remembering my dad telling me in confidence one night over a glass of cold milk that he liked and respected Grandpa Hal, even if he couldn't say it to his face. "He didn't hate you."

"I love it when you call my name..." My ring tone sounded as Grandpa Hal rolled his eyes and went to finish helping me pack. I flipped open my cell, figuring it was Taylor but getting a major surprise. "Hello?"

"Can I see you before you go?" Sammi asked. "Please Shell?"

"Sammi, I'm moving a thousand miles away and this is..."

"Fine, forget it" She said softly as my heart sank and I wanted to seriously hang up and just move on with my life but I heard what I thought sounded like crying. "OK, Sammi, come on, OK?"

"Really?" She asked in an excited voice. "I don't care if it is cause you feel sorry for me, I'm coming..."

"OK..." I said as the other end of the phone went dead. I'm hoping you remember Sammi, she's the girl who I did that threesome with. Ever since then she's been calling me and trying to do anything she could to get my attention, not that I minded, because she's unbelievably hot. She's also really sweet and caring, but she has a boyfriend who's been uber nice to me and I don't cross those boundaries to try and satisfy my own selfish needs. So when the news came a few days ago that I was leaving for Cleveland to stay with Taylor's family, it was somewhat of a relief to me. But Sammi had a meltdown on the phone and told me she had feelings for me and that she knew I had them for her too. I do. But she's got a boyfriend and now whether I like it or not I'm moving north and starting a romance under those circumstances would be insanity.

"You better be good" Grandpa Hal told me an hour or so later as we stood in front of the house. We hugged and he seemed to be misty eyed as he touched my face and disappeared back inside before he could cry. I smiled as Purvis, our family driver, came up to take my bags and a moment later loaded down the limo as I took a deep breath and headed for the car. He got in the front and just as I was about to do the same in the back, I heard a loud tire screech and the words, "SHELL, PLEASE."

"Sammi?" I asked as she emerged from that classic steel blue Pontiac that I adored. Running around the front and coming to meet me. I took a deep breath and was almost knocked down as she hugged me. "Nice to see you too."

"You're leaving?" She asked as our eyes met. "Please say no, please?"

"No, I told you I was, my Grandpa..."

"I don't care what that horny old goat wants for you" She growled. "You can't leave me."

"You have a boyfriend, Jeff?" I asked as she smiled and replied, "Not anymore, I dumped him and said I was wanted to be with you."

"That's insane, he didn't deserve that" I said as her smile disappeared.

"No he didn't, but I didn't deserve what you did to me that night we did the threesome" She said, "You made me fall for you. No one has ever paid me that much attention and gone so slow and loved me soooo right. I don't moan like that for anyone else, and I mean no one, god you almost killed me Shell, you just don't know how good it was. And...hush...I'm gonna finish. You wanted to see me again and not just to fuck me and that changed my mind and my heart. I am in love with you, and if I'm not then it's the most intense crush of all time."

"Whoa" I said as she smiled. Honestly I didn't know she felt this strong. Funny thing is, now that she's completely free to be with me, I'm insanely fucked, because I'm feeling the same way too. I knew nothing else to do in that moment but kiss her, so I did. "Oh shit, I am so screwed."

"You feel the same now don't you?" She asked with a huge smile as she pulled me into her arms.

"Miss, we should be getting going" Purvis said softly as he looked back at us, now standing by the drivers side door.

"Yeah, OK be right there" I said as he smiled and turned back to see Sammi giving me a hurt/shocked look. "What?"      

"After what you just admitted you still gonna leave me?"

"I have no choice" I said, "My Grandpa made that decision and I'm only 16 and can't just decide to stay here."

"Fine, you know you didn't have to say those things if they weren't true" She said.

"But they are true, Sammi you are seriously the first person in my life to make me stop thinking about my parents from daylight to dark" I said as she smiled. "It's true, I am so into you already."

"Me too Shell" She said and kissed me softly. "You are so beautiful and strong, damn it, I wanna be the one who gets to take your heart, not some big city whore or male whore."

"Then move to Cleveland with me" I said as I touched her face gently and kissed her again. "You and Jeff are over and nothing is keeping you here..."

"Don't kid me cause I will" She said softly. "I will, Shell."

"OK" I said with a huge smile. "Let's go."

"You get me a place to crash for a few weeks so I can get on my feet when I get up there and I will" She said as my heart raced. "All I need is a running start and I can do it."

"Oh my god" I said with a huge smile, one that perfectly matched hers in that moment. "I will, I'm almost sure that Taylor's family would let you."

"Cell phone" She said as she showed me hers and I showed mine. "Go, and call me when you land."

"I will and you better be serious" I said as she kissed me one more time.

"And you better be serious too" She said as she backed away. "I'm going home now, gonna get online and look for apartments and a job in Cleveland."


"Bye" She said with a wave as I slipped into the car and closed the door. Purvis opening the divider window as he looked back and I joined him.

"Are you ready Miss?"

"We sure are Purvy my boy" I said as he smiled. "I think I'm in love with the cute blond you saw me talking to."

"Well Miss I'm sure she feels the same" He commented as we zoomed off towards the airport.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey y'all" Jessie said in her best southern draw as person after person came through the main gate and into the waiting area.

"Will you knock off the hillbilly" I said as she grinned. "It only sounds good when I say that."

"MMMMMMMM I agree" She said with a sultry tone to her voice as I blushed. Her laughing.

"Mickie is gonna think you like me if you keep that up" I said.

"So? What if I do, you two are together, I'm just a flirt" She said. "If you can't handle it then say so."

"Grrrrrrr Jessie James" I said as she grinned.

"TAYLOR, MY GIRL" Laney screamed, drawing my attention away from Jessie. I spotted her as she rounded the counter and practically ran to greet me. Dropping her bag and hugging me around the neck. I couldn't believe she was here, I hugged her back like I never wanted to let her go. Our eyes met and I could see a certain twinkle in them, one like I see in Mickie's all the time. "WOW, you look so hot."

"Do I now?" I asked as we both laughed.

"I'm so in love" Laney said with a huge smile as Mickie walked up to join us finally. She had been parking the car while me and Jessie walked on inside.

"With me?" I asked in shock.

"You wish Tay" Laney giggled and I for one breathed a sigh of relief. Laney seemed about to go on when she spotted Mickie and Jessie and asked, "Friends of yours?"

"The cute tanned one is Jessie and this..." I said as I took Mickie's hand and pulled her, giggling, to beside me, "...is Mikala James, my girlfriend."

"WOW, hi, Tay you went for the 5 star package the first time out huh?" Laney asked, confusing me but apparently not Jessie and Mickie. Mickie grinned and blushed slightly as Jessie started to laugh. Finally after a moment I clued in.

"Yeah she is five star" I said.

"She sure is..." Jessie giggled. "Complimentary breakfast every morning huh Taylor?"

"OH my god you're dead tanned one" I said as Jessie laughed and covered up as I started poking her in the ribs.

"It's nice to meet you" Mickie said as I wrestled with a giggling Jessie and started to rejoin my best friend and girlfriend when Jessie did something I never expected of her. She fuckin groped me, up my shirt even and grabbed of my boobs through the fabric of my bra. I could have killed her as she pulled away and ran off laughing. "You done flirting with her?"

"She fuckin groped me" I hissed as Laney started to laugh.

"I like her already" Laney said as she spied Jessie now hiding behind a large sign pointing the way to the exit. "Maybe she'll wanna grope me too?"

"I doubt that, she seems to only have eyes for Taylor" Mickie said as I groaned and she laughed.

"Fuck you Mikala James" I said as I walked off and heard her laugh harder as she helped Laney with her luggage. I walked by the huge sign and just knew that Jessie was gonna jump out and grab me. Wrong again, she simply fell into step beside me.

"I'm sorry" She said with a barely contained giggle. I looked for help, hoping Mickie would save me from having to have this conversation, but she was already lost in conversation with Laney. "Come on you can't be mad at me..."

"You know what, if I weren't with Mickie, I'd love to have your attention on me" I said as she smiled. "But I am."

"So now you think I'm in love with you?" She asked pointedly and I was about to respond when Mickie crashed into me from behind and kissed me neck. Laney joining us also as she smiled at Jessie for a moment. "Jessie James, Laney McCoy."

"Jessie James?" Laney asked with a smile. "Very cool name, you a bandit?"

"Keep flirting with me and find out" Jessie said with a smile.

"Jessie's gone les" I giggled as Mickie laughed and I figured in that moment that Jessie would glare at me or at least offer a denial. Nope not this girl.

"I'm not les, but if you asked me out and a way cute guy asked me right after that I'd go with you because you asked me first" Jessie said to me seriously. "It's the truth, labels are for canned food not people."

"What about me, if I asked you?" Laney asked.

"You said you were in love with someone already" Jessie pointed out. "So no. But if you weren't we could talk."

"See I'm obviously her first choice" I said as Jessie blushed and Mickie laughed.

"Looks that way" Mickie said.

"You'll never know" Jessie said mysteriously as we all turned to make our way to the car.

What in the hell is going on with the scorching hot strawberry blond that is Mickie's cousin Jessie? Oh wow, if that girl were into me the way she acts, lord I might have problems with resisting that invite for very long. That was the very thought that clouded my mind for the entire ride back to my house. Mickie and Laney chatting non-stop about video games and leaving me and Jessie to begin a stupid game of 'pokey' in the back seat. How I ended up in the backseat to begin with is beyond me, but here I am. So she'd poke me and I'd poke her and before I knew it we were again wrestling. No groping this time but wrestling. Mickie pulled up in front of the house and parked. Jessie volunteered to help me and Laney with her luggage as we piled it just inside the front door. Only to see Dad with a very worried look in his eyes.

"Dad is something wrong?"

"UMMMM I just got a phone call from work" He said before noticing Laney and saying with a smile. "Come on give me a hug kid, you doing OK?"

"A lot better now" Laney commented as she hugged him.

"Dad, work?"

"They need me to fly to Seattle tonight and try my best to save the deal that may keep the company afloat" He said. "But with your mother gone I'm in an impossible situation."

"Go, I'll be fine, I got Laney to keep me company and this is your job it's important" I said as I hugged him. Now with an arm around each of me and Laney, he smiled. "We'll be fine."

"Wait, what happened with your mom?" Laney asked as I took a deep breath and was about to reply when Dad interrupted.

"Before we go into that, can you handle this?" Dad asked me. "I maybe gone for two or three days."

"Yeah, I can, and cell phone so you can call 20 times an hour" I said as I kissed his cheek. "Go, I promise me and Laney will be good and no parties."

"Slumber party OK?" Jessie asked from the doorway. "And I'm Jessie, Mickie's cousin, and if you would trust me I'll make sure I keep my eyes on them."

"I don't like you" Mickie said as Jessie laughed and to my surprise Dad did also.

"Behave young ladies, I am trusting you both, all of you" He said with a warning finger point.

"Gotcha..." Mickie said as my phone started ringing. Pulling it out I checked the caller i.d. and handed it to Mickie as she smiled. "Hello?"

"Uncle Mike?" Jessie asked as I nodded.

"I better get packed and everything, so Taylor, you are in my trust don't do something stupid" Dad said as I kissed his cheek and he soon disappeared upstairs.

"Dad is a bitch" Mickie said as she closed the phone and playfully stuffed it back into my shorts as she kissed me. "I gotta go, Dad's mad about the dishes and crap."

"Wasn't my night" Jessie giggled as Mickie glared at her for a moment. "I told you he'd be pissed."

"Shut up before I hurt you" Mickie said as Jessie jumped behind me and hugged me to keep Mickie from killing her. I laughed as I tried to keep them apart.

"Stop, will you two stop" I said as both laughed and Jessie pulled me away as Mickie grabbed my hands and a tug of war ensued as I laughed.

"She's my girlfriend, now get off" Mickie said as Jessie laughed.

"No she loves me now, Mikala" Jessie said as I almost fainted in embarrassment. Seeing Laney watching with an amused smile on her face. I said, "I don't want either one of you two skankies."

"What did you call me?" Mickie asked with a devilish gleam in her eye.

"Yeah, OK I'll agree she is, but I'm as pure as the plowed snow" Jessie said as we all broke up laughing.

"Jessie is dying to get really get plowed huh Cuz?" Mickie asked as she pushed Jessie into me. I grabbed her to keep from falling as we both laughed and again Jessie had the most shocking comment of the moment when she replied, "Yeah by your girlfriend."

"UGH" I said as Jessie laughed and I pushed her away. "Go, and call me later and let me know your dad didn't kill you."

"Don't worry I will" Jessie said as she kissed my cheek and ran off laughing.

"I don't wanna hang out with her anymore" I said as Mickie laughed. Kissing me and smiling and saying, "I love you, remember that."

"Every second since you met me, I love you too" I said as she smiled. Leaving a few moments later with Jessie.

"Well..." Laney said with a huge smile on her face, the two of us alone for the first time in god only knows how long. "...alone at last."

"This is true my best friend in this world" I said, holding my arms open, "You gonna hug me?"    

"Yes" She said as we hugged and for the longest time neither wanted to leave the others arms. It felt so natural and right to finally have my better half back in my life. Laney smiling as our eyes met as she touched my face gently and said, "I missed you so much."

"Me too" I said, "And now you better come and talk to me when you get down about your Mom and Dad."

"I'm gonna be so annoying" She said as I laughed. A horn blowing outside and me figuring it was Mickie, started to go for the door. But hearing my Dad come rumbling down the steps, carrying a suitcase with him I stopped.

"My cab, here's pizza money, keep the doors locked and no parties" He said in a ramble as he handed me a twenty dollar bill. "Please tell me you got this Taylor?"

"Yes we do, now go so you can get back" Laney said in a firm voice as she kissed his cheek. "You know I'll keep that hell cat daughter of yours in line."

"OK, change of plans I'll just stay here" Dad said with a smirk.

"Grrrrrrrr shut up, you're not helping" I said as Laney giggled. "So if you wanna have that orgy we got planned, ya best pipe down."

"Taylor Mackenzie Raynewater that is not funny" Dad said as Laney and I both laughed out loud.

"Well we're not gonna get knocked up pops, it's all girls" Laney said as she fell against the wall laughing.

"What am I getting myself into?" He asked as the cabs horn blowed again. "I asked Ms. Marvel to keep an eye out for you two."

"Dad it's fine, no parties, just Mickie and Jessie, tops" I said, "Please don't pull a mom on me and refuse to trust me. You gotta give me a chance and if I fuck up you can kill...I mean..."

"Ground both of us" Laney said as she hugged me protectively. "I promise you, best behavior."

"I love both of you" He said as he kissed my cheek and Laney's as she grinned. Then saying to me, "Keep an eye on her, she's been through a lot."

"My better half" I said as he smiled and a few moments later was gone in the cab headed for the airport.

"So pizza and movies?" I asked as she grinned and jumped onto my back and I laughed and went running into the living room and dumped us both on the couch.

"Can it be just me and you tonight?" She asked after we both got our giggles under control.

"That is so OK with me" I said as she turned and laid back down, her head now on my thighs as she grinned.

"Damn Tay" She said as she looked at me intently.


"Maybe it was because I never let myself feel it or whatever..." She commented and pausing to do a typical Laney McCoy move, let the drama build before she delivers some horrible joke. "...but I see it now, you're hot."


"You are and oh my god that smile kills me" She said, "I'll bet Mickie would walk over hell and half of..."

"Arkansas?" I asked as we both laughed.

"...Yeah, just to see you smile" She said softly. "You're so the girl I'd be into if we had figured this out when you were back home."

"Are you serious?"

"Completely Tay, my girl" She said with a sweet smile. "And I'll bet I'm not the only one who feels that way."

"Oh yeah I know, you can read my mind" I said as she laughed.

"Not you, that Jessie girl" She said as I froze, "Don't start your shit about you having no idea."

"OK, I won't" I said but not saying anything further.

"She's totally into you"

"That was just..."

"Beep, beep, beep, Langston, Arkansas bull shit detector" Laney said in an announcers voice, "Don't try and bull shit me, you know I'm right."

"I have a girlfriend and I don't wanna talk to you anymore" I said as I pushed her off me into the floor as she laughed. "Fuck you Laney McCoy, just go the fuck home already."

"TAYLOR RAYNEWATER, THE HOTTEST NEW LESBIAN IN CLEVELAND" Laney screamed after me as I got up to leave the room. Me stopping and turning and thinking a long moment before I went on. "Huh Tay?"

"I am not a lesbian" I said confidently. "I'm in love with Mickie."

"OK, cool, but you do like pussy" Laney said as she looked up at me and I could have killed her as I blushed. "Huh?"

"Virgin, unlike you, slut" I said as she grinned.

"You're going too" She said and left me confused as to what she was referring to. "Mickie's gonna expect that sooner or later."

"OH wow, Yeah I guess so" I said as I sat down on the arm of the couch. Suddenly worrying about that fact that I truly might not like doing that.

"It's so good" Laney said as she rose and got beside me on the couch. "Seriously."

"Yeah?" I asked as she nodded. No mocking grins, just my best friend calming my frazzled mind.

"And when the girl is like Sammi and knows what to do, it's feels so good" She said, "It does Tay."

"WOW" I said softly.

"Think...strawberries and honey" She said as I looked to see if she was serious. "Strawberries and honey..."

"MMMMMMMMMM" I cooed as we both giggled.