Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 9 ""

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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"MMMMMMMMMM Taylor you taste just like strawberries and honey my girl" Mickie moaned softly from between my thighs before going back to softly licking at my pussy lips. Oh my god she was so good at this and I needed to cum so bad in that wonderful moment. But right as I reached my summit and was so ready to be pushed over I looked to the right of me for some odd reason and saw a shocking, almost heart stopping site, my mother watching with a disgusted look on her face. I screamed in shock and jumped bolt upright and looked around at the dark room and realized it had only been the most bizarre dream of my entire life. I felt my body shaking in and I felt numb from head to toe after that. In that moment every single horrible thought came rushing to me as I slumped to the bed and began to cry in sobs. The fight with Mom, the horrible things she said to Mickie and then about Laney's parents (which she now knows about) and then her and dad's showdown. It was all my fault. Everything was and now I had torn my family apart. I felt my chest tighten and my stomach churn as I cried and felt a panic attack come over me as I screamed again. Jumping nearly out of my skin when my door flew open and Laney appeared.  

"What's wrong Tay?" She asked and looking to see me laying in bed and took a deep breath I noticed. "Taylor, oh my god you're white as a ghost, what's wrong?"

"Horrible dream, everything is my fault" I said as Laney crawled on to the bed and laid down beside me.

"No it's not Tay, my girl that woman is a witch" Laney said as she touched my still shaking hand gently. And yes I told her everything about the incident in front of the house. "Why you stressing about her?"

"She's my mom, you know what's it's like to be without one" I said as Laney nodded. "You're stronger than me, I can't deal with that."

"Well you're gonna have to" Laney said as she pushed me onto my side and slipped under the covers behind me. Pressing her chest to my back and wrapping a protective arm around my waist. "You got me and I am not gonna let you go down that road."

"What road..."

"SHHHHHHHH...sleep" She said softly as she laid her head beside mine. Suddenly all of the churning pains in my stomach slowed and my panic faded as I felt her breath hot on my neck and her arm almost protecting me from the world outside of her touch. I pulled her closer as my eyes grew heavy and I soon drifted back to sleep. Dreaming peacefully this time about Laney and me as kids back home in Arkansas, skinny dipping up at Old Man Kelsey's Lake. A felt so free and didn't want it to end but soon, too soon, the daylight streamed in through the window in my room and woke me from my slumber. Still wrapped in Laney's arms as she slept behind me. She shifted and opened her eyes as I rolled over. "Morning, you seem better."

"Bad dream is all" I said softly. "Thanks."

"Anytime, it's what real best friends do" She said as I smiled. "Now you gonna gimme some?"

"Strawberries or honey?" I asked, never missing a beat, knowing Laney loves to go for the 'rise' every chance she gets.

"Strawberries at first, fresh ones" She said as I listened, "And then honey when you make me go pop."

"Pop? Like Pepsi?" I asked as she laughed out loud and I blushed.

"Cum, when you make me cum" Laney said. "Sammi calls it going pop, sometimes."

"Would you go first if we did?" I asked and for some reason loving the new freedom we had to talk about subjects such as this one.

"Hell yeah, cause how else will you know how good it really feels" She said as she playfully stroked her finger down my nose. "And that you will fall in love with."

"Is it really better than a guy can make you feel?"

"Good question" She commented. "I like guys, but no one has ever done me like Sammi did, she was so patient and took it slow. So you'll have to judge that for yourself but, I think so."

"The more I hear the more I wanna try it" I said as she grinned.

"It's not scary and you love Mickie, and don't you forget that cause your mom is being a psycho about this" She said. "You hear me? No more panic attacks over her."

"She can't deal I guess" I said softly. "I want her to except me and my choice to be with Mickie. Dad does..."

"Your Dad is cool and has a huge heart" Laney said. "No one cares more about you than him, besides me."

"Yeah right" I said as I pushed her away. She gave me a mock horror look and wrestled me onto my back and quickly pinned my arms down as I got lost in a fit of giggles.

"Now you gonna take that back" She demanded, "Or you're gonna get it."

"Get what...laid?" I asked as she again had a shocked look on her face. I laughed harder and then squealed as she attacked my tickle spots and rolled off beside me as she dug her fingers in and made me scream for mercy as she tortured me. I finally slipped out of her grasp and ran for the bedroom door, slipping outside and closing it as she crashed into the back of it. Me holding the door knob tightly as she struggled to open it. "COME ON COME AND GET ME LANEY."

"YOU'RE DEAD WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE" She screamed from the other side of the door. Me feeling the tension release from the other side, knowing she was playing me for a sucker now or attempting too. So I slipped away down the hall and ran down the front stairs, laughing as I made my way into the kitchen and watched closely to make sure she wasn't gonna bull rush me. Pouring myself a glass of juice and closing the fridge I froze as she charged into the kitchen and stopped, glaring at me with a smile. "I told you...now you're gonna pay."

"Gonna spank me?" I asked as she came closer and backed me into the corner by the back door, the glass of juice still in my hand. I watched her gently take the juice and braced for her to splash it in my face (done that before), but she simply took a drink and smiled at me. She's so sweet, but I'm not. "Good?"

"Very refreshing..." She commented with a smile as she tipped the glass up again and began to drink. Me laughing as I pushed the bottom higher and sent it splashing into her face, up her nose and down her night shirt as she screamed in shock. "...OH MY GOD THAT'S FUCKIN COLD."

"I wouldn't know" I said as I ran for the door but found her still standing there and slowly turning as she smiled. "Yum yum?"

"That was a good one" She said with a laugh as she picked up a towel and dried off. "I deserved that huh?"

"You did that to me once before" I said.

"That was mean and I'm sorry" She said with an honest smile and holding out her arms for a hug.

"You must think this red hair is a dye job and I'm really a blond" I said as I leaned across the counter. "You are not that convincing."

"Yeah like I can come up with a plan that soon to get you back" She said. "I just wanna a hug."

"No thanks" I said as I turned to walk out of the kitchen when she chased me. Both of us now tearing down the hall and headed for the stairs, her slamming into me when I stopped short at the ringing of the telephone. Both of us laughing out loud as she grabbed me in a hug to keep us both from falling. I balanced us against the wall as I reached for the phone. "Hello?"

"Is your father there?" Mom asked as my heart sank and the smile left my face. "If he is just give him the phone you don't have to say anything."

"He's not" I said softly and hoping I could control my anger for the usual confrontation with Mom. "Gone on a business trip for the next couple of days. Anything else?"

"Are you serious?" She asked.

"Yeah something about this being important to his job and he left late last night" I said.

"And he just left you there all by yourself?" Mom asked.

"No, it's me and Laney" I said softly.

"Just hang up on her Tay" Laney said and I knew she could feel me literally tensing in her arms every time I had to answer one of Mom's questions.

"I swear that father of yours is one of a kind" Mom said, "Well I'm on my way home, lord knows what kinda of damage you two have already caused."

"A glass of juice got dumped on Laney thanks to me" I said and to my shock I heard Mom laugh. "And no doubt she'll pay me back, but nothing else."

"Well I best be there anyway" She insisted.

"How about if I don't want you here?" I asked as my mood turned to anger.

"Well that is not your decision" Mom snapped. "I am still your parent and..."

"Mommy gonna ground me from seeing Mickie? I asked in my most mocking voice. "Huh Mommy?"

"You have the smartest mouth I have ever seen" She said in a bitter tone. "If it wasn't for your father you'd be on the right track instead of..."

"Fuck...you" I said deliberately. "You wanna respond to that?"

"Oh my lord..."

"I had a panic attack this morning that felt like a heart attack over you and Laney calmed me down, it felt like I was gonna die or something" I said, "All because I choose to love someone other than a happy handed ass clown boy that you approve of. I don't wanna be knocked up at 16 and have my whole life ruined. At least with Mickie there's no pressure to put out..."

"SHHHHHHH...Tay it's not worth it" Laney said softly as she touched my face.

"Why can't you just give it a try for a little while longer?" Mom asked in what I thought sounded like a panicked voice. "I just want you to be normal."

"I am in love with a wonderful person who adores me" I said, "She gave me her heart and you are not gonna make me break it cause you can't deal."

"If I say so..."

"YOU LOST CONTROL" I screamed into the phone as those same feelings from this morning began over taking me. Tightening chest, stomach chruning, tears streaming down my face. Laney pulled the phone away from my head and slammed it down as she pulled me over to the steps. "She hates me..."

"Fuck her" Laney growled. "I am here now, and you are not gonna have a break down because of her."

"Ok" I said simply and feeling the panic slowly began to fade as the moments passed and Laney joined me on the steps.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'll get that" I said softly as I heard the phone begin ringing again and I prayed it was Sammi or Mickie or even that Jessie girl, but knowing good and well that it wasn't as I got up with one last touch of my hand to Taylor's. I checked the caller ID and saw the number. "216-431...please tell me that's Mickie or someone else?"

"Nope that's Viera's sister, the level headed one" Taylor said with a tired look in her eyes.

"Papa John's" I said as I picked up the phone, watching Taylor laugh.

"Very funny, you listen to me, you don't hang up on me Taylor Mackenzie Raynewater..."

"Lady do you wanna order a pizza or not?" I asked as Taylor laughed harder.

"Stop playing around, I am serious you smart mouth" Viera demanded.

"So am I" I said, "How about a bitch special? With a side order of careless cunt?"

"Well I can guess who this is with that kinda mouth" Veira said.

"You damn right it's me, Laney McCoy, you've always hated me huh?" I asked.

"I am not talking to you right now and under these circumstances" She said. "Put Taylor..."

"Taylor is currently crying her eyes out on the steps in the midst of a mental breakdown because of you and your bigotry and hatred" I said, "Now answer me, you hate me?"

"You've always been a bad influence on my daughter..."

"You sick bitch" I spat, "My parents have nothing to do with this and if you ever raise their name again, no one will stop me from putting you beside them in the FUCKIN CEMETARY."

"No one...no one said anything about your parents..." She said in a shocked stammer.

"You did, you brought their name into the fight with Mickie and Taylor" I said, "My Mom and Dad died in a car accident and I cry myself to sleep every night over it. I miss them like crazy and to have someone say I'm glad their dead is about all I can TAKE. I swear to god I'll hurt you if you come near me or Taylor, yes I am threatening you. Do you wanna try me?"

"Ok, Laney calm down" Viera said. "I never intended to bring your parents into this sweety."

"You did you bitch and now you wanted a reason to hate me, you got one" I said. "You come near this house and what Taylor did to you will be the start. I'll take every bit of pain in my heart over my parents out on you. I HATE YOU."

"Oh good lord what have I done?" Viera asked as tears streamed down my face and rage took over as Taylor hugged me from behind and tried to calm me.


"Don't you dare call back" Taylor said in a sinister voice into the phone as she took it for a moment.

"I'm sorry...Taylor honey listen..."

"FUCK YOU" I screamed as I took the phone back and started beating it violently on the desk. As hard as I could as Taylor backed away, not sure what to do I think.

"STOP LANEY, STOP" Taylor begged me as I ripped the phone out of the wall and smashed it on the floor in a blind rage. Starting to cry harder and I slumped against the wall and felt my heart breaking again, for what seemed like the millionth time in just the last year. Taylor hugging me and forcing me to hug her back. "Call down it's over, you are here in my arms and not Langston, Arkansas all by yourself."

"I miss them so much, it still hurts so bad" I said. "How can anyone be that cold hearted?"

"I have no idea" Taylor said softly.

"I just want the pain to stop" I said.

"It will, it takes time" Taylor said as she touched my cheek. "We're both in the same boat now. No mother. But we can share my dad."

"That is sick my girl" I said as we both broke up laughing. You know it's weird how this just struck me as odd, the way I've always called Taylor, my girl, like in my best friend or well it could be taken another way honestly. But it's always been that way, she's been my side kick and tag team partner now for as long as I can remember. Now it just sounds natural to say it. "Make a great porn story though huh?"

"Yeh it would" Taylor said as we laughed. Weird as it sounds now but that stupid perverted joke about her dad broke the tension and allowed us both to actually feel good again. Mickie called sometime after that and of course Taylor disappeared into her room and talked to her 'love' for a little while. While I settled into the living room and thought about how much my life had honestly changed in the last few days. A knock at the door interrupted that. Opening it a moment later I nearly creamed my panties at the hunk of man who stood before me.

"Hi handsome" I said in my most flirty voice. "You come to take me away?"

"You must be Laney?" He asked in a charming voice.

"Uh huh" I said as I made eyes at him openly. "How did you know? You stalking me I hope?"

"No, but if you were my type I would" He shot back as we both laughed. "Your Taylor's friend from Arkansas?"

"Yeh, you can't hide this hillbilly accent" I commented. "Who are you?"

"Alex Marvel" He said as he gently shook my hand. "Taylor commented that you were having some emotional trouble and that you might be in need of a friend to talk to."

"So you just come over in case I needed a friend huh?" I asked with a wry smile. "Do you do that to all the neighbors or just the ones with hot girls?"

"And guys" He said as I almost fainted.

"You're gay..." I said as I started to laugh. "God I am such a loser, flirting with Taylor's gay friend."

"I didn't mind, I just prefer guys" He said with a sweet smile. Offering me the seat beside him on the front steps, which I gladly took.

"It's cool, I sorta have a girl back home and it's complicated but I'm a flirt" I said, "So don't take me seriously?"

"Not even" He said as he looked at me intently. "Crying?"

"Yeh, me and Taylor both" I said as we both sat down on the steps. "Her mother called."

"Seems like such a lovely woman" Alex commented, "Ms. Raynewater I mean. We had the most interesting conversation a few days ago until I was enlightened to the fact that it was only due to her need to introduce me to Taylor. I didn't really appreciate that."

"And I'll bet you didn't say one word huh?"

"Angry words don't usually cross my lips" Alex said. "Not for the people of this world who refuse to let one love who they choose. Taylor and Mickie are so much in love that it's easy to see."

"Yeh I kinda get that too" I said. "I love that girl with all my heart, she's my rock. Taylor has been there for me more than anyone."

"May I ask a personal question?" He asked as I nodded.

"In all those years you never considered the idea of moving from best friends to more?" He asked.

"Not really" I said. "Back home, being the least bit different is cause for alarm. So even if I had I'd no doubt turned it off."

"Welcome to Cleveland, here people could care less what you do" Alex commented. "Good and bad to that I guess."

"Not everyone is like that" I said as I bumped his shoulder and saw that dazzling smile.

"ALEX" A lady screamed from down the street.

"Your girlfriend?" I asked as we both laughed.

"My grandma, Mavis" He said as he waved to her and she soon disappeared back into the house. "Breakfast is on."

"Not a bad idea" I said as we both stood. "My belly is grumbling."

"Well don't go eating just yet" He said, "I'll be happy to bring you and Taylor a plate, Grandma intends to make sure you two don't starve with Taylor's father away on business."

"Ok, take your time I gotta get changed and all" I said as he smiled and jogged off towards the house down the road. Turning back to head back inside my mind drifted to the events of earlier in the morning and that 'juice' incident. Boy she got me good with that one, not like I didn't deserve it, I did. But payback is still required. Fortunately as I was passing by the living room on my way upstairs two things happened. Taylor came out of her bedroom now clad in panties and a night shirt and disappeared into the bathroom and a commerical on tv sparked a devious plan. I headed into the kitchen quickly and opened the door of the fridge and almost jumped out of my skin in excitement when I spotted what I needed, an ice cold can of whip cream. "You are so gonna hate me after this."

I walked slowly up the steps and stood for a moment by the bathroom door and watched Taylor as she fixed her hair in the mirror. Admiring for the first time in my life the beautiful lines of my best friends body, she honestly has no clue how hot she is. But I sure do bet Mickie has noticed and I know for a fact that her cousin Jessie has noticed. The can of whip cream hiding behind my back as I shook back to reality and slipped in behind Taylor as she grinned and then looked back and said, "What are you up to?"

"Nothing, oh yeah that Alex Marvel guy from down the street stopped by" I said and purposely trying to distract her as I pressed my chest to her back and laid my chin on her shoulder as she grinned.

"Hunk huh?" She asked and I knew she was now distracted to the point of having no idea of what I was about to do.

"I'd so jump that if gave me a time" I said as Taylor laughed and I slipped my free hand around to the bare skin on her stomach. Prompting her to look nervously down and seeing nothing, looking back to me. "What?"

"You're planning something" She said as I brought the whip cream down along my side undetected and grinned innocently.

"Maybe, but what was it I said this morning when you dumped that juice on me?" I asked.

"You said it was fucking cold" She said with a smirk as my free hand clutched into her stomach to hold her and I quickly brought the can of whip cream up to the top of her panty line. Turning it and pushing the nozzle under the trim as Taylor looked down in shock and tensed as I pressed on the nozzle and a huge mess of ice cold whip cream surged out of the can into her panties. I released her and jumped back as she screamed in shock. "Like that?"

"OH MY GOD THAT'S FUCKIN COLD" She said and as I watched she shed her panties right in front of me and covered herself with a towel. Me laughing and watching her shake from the effects of the 'creaming' her panties just got. "I'm gonna kill you."

"WAS...IT...COLD?" I asked in a giggling fit as I dropped the can of whip cream and sat down on the toilet, still laughing. "Burrrrrrr Tay."

"Fuck you" She said with a smile. Cleaning the cream off and slipping into a new pair of panties after a few moments as I continued to laugh. I should have known she'd try and get me back. She slipped by me and picked the can up before I could react. "Look what I got."

"OK let me have it" I said as I held up my hands. "I deserve it after that."

"Nah, I got you first" She said. "I'm gonna put this back in the fridge."

"Good I gotta I use the bathroom, truce?"

"Truce" She said as she turned to walk out of the bathroom, me again admiring her cute little butt. Closing the door I laughed again at her reaction and slowly went about doing my business as I let my mind drift to earlier and was getting lost in my thoughts of Taylor and that bitch of a mother of hers. Refusing to let myself get lost in depression land and beginning to cry. I took a deep breath as I finished and washed my hands. Seeing my jammer shorts now laying in the floor soaked from the water of the shower, I knew I had to change. Leaving me in only a pair of panties from the waist down as I opened the door to the bathroom and walked two or three steps down the hall before I heard footsteps. Before I could even look back a giggling Taylor crashed into me from behind and wrapped both of her arms around me. "I changed my mind..."

"About what..." I asked as I looked briefly at her and felt her hands at the top of my own panty line as she inserted the nozzle from that same can of whip cream under my panties and squirted. Good lord that fuckin shit is cold as fuck on that patch of skin, especially when it's bare as a babies butt. The numbness from the cold washed over me as she laughed out loud and I started jumping around and screaming, "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, SOOOOOOOOO COLD..."