Kiss My Ashley - Episode 10 "Rain Storms and Rainbows"

Written by: TVM (



"Woohoo Barbie" I said in a giggle as Vanessa came out of her house in an outfit that would have made my pecker hard, if I had one. Skin tight jeans and the Tye dye t-shirt that we had made with her name on the back. No make-up either, just a simple curl of her blond hair and she looked stunning. "Damn girl, you trying to impress someone?"

"Not really" She said and trying to hide a smile as she met me by the passenger side door of Ashlyn's Mustang. "But if this Emily girl is interested..."

"She'll be drooling" I said as Vanessa bit her lip and said simply, "Thank you."

"You're welcome" I said with a smile as I moved the front seat forward and she crawled in the back with her book bag.

"You look smokin Nessa" Ashlyn said as Nessa smiled and noticed KayLyn sitting beside her. "This is my sister. KayLyn this is Nessa, Vanessa."

"Hi" KayLyn said as Vanessa smiled.

"Aren't you a little young to be going to high school?" Vanessa asked as I got in and Ashlyn pulled away from the curb.

"Maybe" KayLyn countered. "But I'll bet I'm smarter than you."

"That wouldn't take much" Ashlyn said as she laughed and Vanessa flipped her off.

"I'm not as dumb as you've always thought Ash" Vanessa said seriously.

"You act stupid Nessa, I know you got a big brain when you decide to use it" Ashlyn said as Vanessa seemed to agree. What surprised me was in the next few minutes, while me and Ashlyn listened, Vanessa and KayLyn became engrossed in a conversation about video games. Who knew Vanessa had a clue about that. But KayLyn mentioned that we were planning a sleepover at my apartment and KayLyn invited her before we could. We dropped KayLyn off at her school and headed for the high school. Ashlyn doing the usual roaring of the engine to signal our arrival. All eyes on the lesbians I thought and had to giggle to myself as we piled out. Only to be met by a very upset Brian Falcon as he met Ashlyn by the drivers door.

"You stood me up you fucking whore" He said as he jumped in front of her.

"Fuck you, get off me and I never agreed to go anywhere with you" She said as me and Vanessa watched in shock.

"That boozy bitch of a mother of yours tried to fuckin grope me when I came to pick you up" He said as he stood over her now. I just had the worst feeling that something terrible was about to happen. "Where the hell was you?"

"With my girlfriend the same place I been all the time since we hooked up, it was all over school" Ashlyn said. "And you never asked me, jerk, you simply told me I had a date with you. By the way I'd rather not."

"Well next time you better be there bitch" He said as his anger seemed to boil over as he grabbed her shirt and I ducked back inside the car and snatched the mini-baseball bat from under the driver's seat as Ashlyn again pushed him back.

"GET OFF ME" She screamed as I scrambled back out the passengers side. "I'm not one of your cheerleader whores you small dick loser."

"GET OFF HER" Vanessa screamed as she boldly ran around the car and grabbed Brian's arm. He pushed her roughly to the ground. She landed hard and started crying with her arm.

"Little teasing ho, I'll just take what I want, I got a rep to protect" He babbled and I was froze as I watched in horror, he leaned down and put a slobber filled kissed on my girlfriend before Ashlyn smacked his brains out. Staggering him back and shaking back me to reality as I watched him raise his hand to hit her back.

"GO AHEAD!" I screamed as he froze and looked at me as I came around the car and towards him and running on adrenaline by now. "YOU HIT MY GIRL AND YOU'RE BASKETBALL CAREER WILL BE OVER."

"Huh?" He asked as I showed him the bat and wrapped my hands around it as I came towards him and he backed off.

"Come on small dick Brian" I said as I backed him down. Ashlyn grabbed me from behind in a bear hug to stop me. "You don't know who you're dealing with you brain dead ass wipe. I'LL FUCK YOUR LIFE UP IF YOU MESS WITH HER."

"Bitch you're crazy" He said as I broke away from Ashlyn and chased him as he scrambled and fell on a rather large pile dog crap in front of the next car over as the parking lot erupted in laughter. I swear I thought he was gonna cry as I caught up to him and he sat in the dog shit. I put the bat to his chest and said, "Now you apologize to my girlfriend for calling her a whore, small dick Brian."

"I'm sorry, it was all my fault she's a nice girl" He said as he tried to get up but was met by me as I shoved him back down roughly with the bat as a crowd formed.

"That's the fuckin loser that couldn't even hit the hole" An Angry female voice said as the crowd groaned. "He's only got three inches too. And that's when it's hard."

"Now you're gonna apologize to her for having a small dick, small dick Brian" I said as he looked at me and seemed to be about to refuse before I drew the bat back and threatened to blast him. "SAY IT NOW."

"I'm sorry for having a small dick, it's really small and I can't keep a hard on for very long" He said as I flipped him off and the ground erupted in laughter as I walked off to cheers. He scrambled to his feet and ran for his car and seconds later disappeared off campus. Believe it or not, we never seen him again. Ashlyn met me with a hug and kiss. Vanessa, now holding her arm, joined us as I hugged her and said, "Thank you for trying to help."

"For once I wanted to do something to help not stand there and be useless" She said as I kissed her cheek.

"You did, that was pretty brave" I said as she smiled.

"Excuse me..."

"Emily hey" I said as I turned to see Emily smiling nervously. "This girl has been talking about you all weekend."

"Miranda, ohmigod" Vanessa said as I smiled. "I could kill you."

"You have?" Emily asked as Vanessa blushed and didn't offer a denial.

"Emily Davenport, Vanessa Rosewood" I said as I pulled Vanessa beside me and then pushed her in front of Emily. "Say Hi."

"Hi" Vanessa in a blushing giggle as Emily smiled but didn't look away.

"Hi" Emily said in reply.

"Hi" Vanessa repeated as I almost laughed. Then giving Ashlyn a warning finger point not to say something stupid.

"Emily you should get to know this girl" I said as both looked at me. "You should she's really nice."

"So yes or no?" Emily asked and even I was confused as to what she was referring too. "Thinking about me all weekend?"

"She has a really big mouth" Vanessa said as I laughed. "She told me you were interested and of course I'm gonna wonder all weekend about what you wanted."

"I'm glad you got a big mouth" Emily said to me in a giggle and then looking back to Vanessa and asked pointedly, "If I buy you lunch will you sit with me?"

"WOW" Ashlyn mouthed to me.

"You don't have to buy me anything" Vanessa said. "If you want me to sit with you I will."

"Whatever it takes" Emily giggled. "See you at lunch then?"

"You know it" Vanessa said as Emily picked up her backpack and walked off with a huge smile on her face, one that matched Vanessa's at that moment. Emily stopped by the door and turned as she asked loud enough for most everyone to hear, "Is this for real?"

"YES!" Vanessa screamed over the crowd as Emily smiled and disappeared inside and Vanessa covered her face. Blushing as both Ashlyn and I hugged her and laughed at her reaction. "Now everyone knows I'm a lesbian, god help me."

"Not yet but they will now" Ashlyn said as she gave me a devilish look and mouthed to me behind her hand and out of Vanessa's sight, "Kiss her cheek."

"What?" She asked as we both giggled and kissed one of her cheeks. "Ohmigod."

"MMMMMMM Nessa, can we share you?" Ashlyn asked in a giggle as she nuzzled her friends neck and I played along and did the same.

"No please stop, I don't wanna cause trouble with you and Miranda" She said seriously as she squirmed away.

"Huh? We were kidding Nessa" Ashlyn said as she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. "See."

"Forget it" Vanessa said as she tried to walk off and Ashlyn moved in front of her and asked, "What's up with you? You went all serious on us."

"Look if you find out it's gonna be weird between us three and I don't want that" Vanessa said with a smile towards me. "I love you...I mean, I like you, you're my best friend and Miranda is making an effort to let me be her friend now, so..."

"You said love..." Ashlyn said as a look of shock and a feeling of numbness came over her face. I was still totally confused as Vanessa looked away and Ashlyn staggered a couple of steps back and into my arms as I steadied her. "...why did you say that?"

"Figure of speech?" She asked as Ashlyn shook her head.

"No, this whole psycho bitch thing with you and the pathetics over Miranda was looney tunes and OK you've had moments like that but you're not that evil unless you're seriously..." Ashlyn commented. "...Oh my god I get it, now...the whole scene with you and Miranda in your front yard when I told her I loved her. You look crushed and said something like you can't be in love with her...ohmigod..."

"Are you in love with her?" I asked as I finally clued in and I know it no doubt should have dawned on me earlier but it didn't for whatever reason. I watched Vanessa show her frustration and I saw fear in her eyes. I think in that moment she feared her whole world was gonna come apart if she admitted this. That I'd hate her and so would Ashlyn. "Vanessa?"

"I'm begging you to drop it" She said as she cried now. "I'm tired of hurting people before they even get to know me."

"It's OK" I said as I surprised with a hug. "It's OK Vanessa you have real friends now."

"I wanna know" Ashlyn demanded. "I deserve the truth after all the shit you put me and Randa through."

"Ashlyn, my girl, chill" I said as I hugged her now. "It's not that important. You love me now."

"Yes it is important and yes I do love you now" Ashlyn said and hugged me around the neck. "I wanna know the truth."

"It broke my heart that day in the yard" Vanessa said. "There you happy?"

"Noooo" Ashlyn said as she slipped in front of me and had me hug her from behind. I know she likes that. "I wanna know why it broke your heart. I wanna hear those words come out of your mouth."

"I'm in love with you" Vanessa said as I felt Ashlyn tense and I had the worst fear run through at that moment. But that soon proved to be for nothing as the scene took a drastic turn.

"You fuckin bitch" Ashlyn said, "You put me through hell over me and Miranda cause you were in love with me?"

"Calm down Ash" I said as I pulled her back and felt her cry.

"You suck" Ashlyn said in a bitter tone. "You have always been an evil little..."

"Stop, please?" I asked as I covered her mouth and got in front of her. "It's over, OK? Hurting over someone can make you do stupid things."

"She had no right to do that" Ashlyn said as I kissed her softly.

"SHHHHHH" I said as I kissed her again. "Everything will be OK."

"You should be mad too" Ashlyn countered and I knew she was making a determined effort to stay mad.

"Yes and miss perfect I could still be mad at you too" I said pointedly as Ashlyn's eyes showed a bit of fear. "But I feel in love with you instead."

"I'm sorry" Vanessa said softly and surprising me that she was still there. "I told you it would cause trouble."

"Let's meet at lunch and give everyone time to download?" I asked as she laughed and smiled and touched my hand.

"You are so much different than I thought" She said to me. "I'm sorry for all those stupid jokes and..."

"Apology excepted" I said as she smiled and walked off.

"I swear she ruins everything in her path" Ashlyn said in a bitter tone.

"How did she ruin us, you in love with her now instead of me?" I asked as she looked shocked.

"No, god no, not even" She said as she hugged me. "She's..."

"Going through a lot right now" I commented as Ashlyn seemed to agree.

"Can we please just sneak off early during free period and go to your place and spend the rest of the day together?" She asked. "We both have a free period last of the day right?"

"You just wanna get little ole me alone in that big ole apartment" I said as she grinned and kissed my cheek.

"Sounds so bad?"

"We'll talk about it when we get back to my place" I said as I heard a clearing of the throat and turned to see a very handsomely dressed Mr. Steele as he smiled at us.

"Morning Ms. Asher, Ms. Kersh"

"Morning sir" We chimed together as Ashlyn went to open her trunk and I and Mr. Steele followed.

"Have you got something for me I hope?" He asked as I smiled and nodded as Ashlyn pulled the shirts out of the trunk and held one up as he smiled and I knew instantly that he approved. "And the back? WOW, ladies you have out done yourselves."

"12 shirts, all personalized just as the girls asked" I said as we showed him one by one.

"OHMIGOD their here" A Blond girl said as she run up from across the parking lot. "I'm on the volleyball team have you got one for a Brittany Valentine?"

"Brittany?" Ashlyn asked as she looked through the shirts, finding it and handing it to her, Brittany squealed.

"So cool, Mr. Steele you are the best principal for buying these for us" Brittany said as she admired it. "We're gonna win state for you this year. And we'll be wearing these when we do."

"Designs by Randa" Ashlyn said as she hugged me proudly and a few other members of the Volleyball gathered around. "Remember that name."

"Well ladies are we pleased?" Mr. Steele asked the crowd of girls that had now grown to 7. Ashlyn went back to handing out the shirts.

"We sure are" Brittany said and looked to me and asked, "You did an amazing job on these. By the way do you do shirts in different colors or just these blue?"

"We can do almost any color" Ashlyn said. "Why?"

"My family reunion is coming up next weekend and I am betting that my dad would love to have one of these for each of the family" She said and me getting excited at the prospect of making another 200 dollars or so, and making 10 t-shirts.

"So what 10 shirts?" I asked as she laughed.

"No, try a hundred? Maybe twice that" She said as my bottom lip dropped. "Can't handle that?"

"I think we could" Ashlyn said firmly.

"We can try" I said and thinking about drafting Vanessa and Lila, and maybe even David, Kay, Matty and KayLyn and then factor in Mom and Mr. Parker and it might just work. "We'd need some of the money upfront and know exactly how many you want."

"I'll call my dad at lunch and let you know for sure" She said, "You got a cell?"

"Nope" I said softly.

"I do, it's..." Ashlyn said as Brittany logged the number into her own phone before walking off.

"Well ladies here is my end of the agreement" Mr. Steele said as he handed me a white envelope. "Just as we discussed, 18 per shirt, correct?"

"You drive a hard bargain sir" I giggled as he smiled. "Thanks, this helps."

"Well thank you and I am also hoping that you will be able to ride with the team next weekend when we go to the state tournament" He said as I suddenly got excited. We agreed as he walked away a moment later and both of us jumping excitedly into the others arms. Sharing a soft kiss as the bell rang. The school day on this Monday seem to fly by in a whirl as I thought about everything that had happened. The final bell rung and the one thing I wanted to do more than anything was to have five minutes alone with my girlfriend. Which wasn't gonna be easy with us having to pick KayLyn up and no doubt drop Vanessa off. But that all soon changed just as a loud crack of thunder sounded across the sky. Vanessa came out of the main doors with Emily and pulled her along to meet us as some light raindrops began to fall.

"I'm gonna ride with Emily OK?" She asked as we met her at the back of the Mustang. "She's gonna show me her apartment."

"Apartment?" I asked.

"Yeh I've got my own place" Emily said with a smile. "It's not big but it's mine and it keeps me out of my parents war of a divorce."

"Have fun Nessa" Ashlyn said with a flirty giggle as Vanessa glared at her.

"I hope you get rained on" Vanessa said as I laughed.

"Oh shit we are" Ashlyn squealed as the heavens opened up and a rain storm began in earnest. Emily and Vanessa scrambling across the parking lot to Emily's car as Ashlyn struggled with the keys to her own car.

"Will you hurry the fuck up" I said as she looked up at me with a devious smile and leaned across the top of the car casually as both of us were getting slowly soaked. "What are you doing let me in."

"No" She said as she walked around the back of the car and met me by the passengers side as the rain came harder and harder. Pounding so hard it was literally bouncing off of the roof of the car now. "Why are you in such a hurry to get in?"

"Because I don't like getting wet" I said as rain began to drip down my face. Car after car now peeling out of the parking lot as we stood there like dummies getting wet. "Now can we..."

"It's life my girl, a rain storm usually leads to a rainbow" She said as she moved in front of me and touched my cheek with her rain soaked hands and smiled. "Like you, our feud led me to you."

"Rain storm, rainbow?" I asked as she grinned and wrapped me in her arms as she kissed me softly on the lips. "I get it now."

"Do you?" She asked as I put my arms around her neck and smiled, my clothes now soaked.

"Yes I do" I said as I kissed her back and our lips fell in time with the others in a perfect rhythm. The rain softening a little as my tongue slipped against hers and we began a slow massaging of our tongues together. It felt so good and so completely perfect that I no longer cared what was happening around me. Breaking a few long minutes later, we touched foreheads and both smiled as Ashlyn uttered the one line that would end up changing our lives forever.

"I need a shower..."