Kiss My Ashley - Episode 11 "Lacey, Lila and Love Making"

Written by: TVM (


We arrived back at the apartment as the rain slacked a little. Me looking out and seeing the skies still dark and thinking it would be best to make a run for the apartment. I don't know why I thought that, especially considering that I was already soaked to the bone. Regardless, both of us jumped out of the car and after Ashlyn locked up we went running across the grass headed towards the front door. She slammed into me as we got onto the walk and hugged me from behind to keep me from falling as she balanced me. Giggling as she asked, "You OK?"

"You just tried to knock me down, don't you love me?" I asked as she had me turn in her arms as yet more rain came down on us.  

"Yes I do..." She said with an adoring smile and leaned in and kissed me softly. "...I would never hurt you."

"I know that" I said as my hands froze in her hair and I kissed her back. "I love you so much, do you know that?"

"I feel it every time you kiss me" She said with a smile that melted my heart. "I love you too."

"Good to know" I said with a soft kiss and taking her hands as I turned and backed away and pulled her along towards the front door. Thinking it was a good thing that KayLyn called and said David was picking her up as Ashlyn giggled and followed me inside a moment later. Me planning to grab the shower first as I stopped in the kitchen and stripped off my jacket and hung it up on a rack over the sink. Turning back I got a shock, Ashlyn already had her jacket, shoes and socks off and just as I looked her shirt went with it. I watched as her soft flat stomach came into view and found all those desires that I hadn't had a chance to experience since our first shower come back in a flash. I almost prayed she'd strip off completely and I guess the good lord likes me cause she did. Her bra going after her shirt, and god her breasts look so good and so perfect for her. Next her water logged jeans went down her smooth thighs and with her back now to me as she held onto the wall I got a breath taking view of her white lacey thong as her jeans joined the rest of the clothes on the floor. Finally to my disappointment (momentary trust me), she caught me looking and stopped.

"What?" She asked as she held her hands up. "I thought we'd just take a shower together."

"OK..." I said and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it first. God she was beautiful and oh my god I never saw anything as sexy as that thong on her. It made my whole body come to live in an instant. Thinking with my hormones for a moment I heard my mouth say "...can I take your thong off?"

"Randa my girl..." She said with hands on hips. " like my thong?"

"Damn" I said as she smiled and walked slowly over to where I stood and turned and gave me a close-up view. I placed my hands on her back and slid my hands down and to her butt as she grinned and squirmed a little at my touch as I squeezed her cheeks firmly in my hands. "MMMMMMMMMMMM."

"WOW" She said as she grinned back and I slowly slid down to my knees and found myself now eye to eye with that thong. God my hormones were running wild in that moment, I, for whatever reason, leaned forward and kissed one of her butt cheeks softly and felt the velvet like skin beneath my lips and that only served to make me wanna do it again to her other cheek as she grinned and slightly squirmed each time. "You like Kissin My Ashlyn?"

"MMMMMMMM baby, you don't know how much" I said in a tone that I prayed sounded as sexy as I wanted it to be. The look of surprise in her eyes soon changed to one of a knowing smile as she felt my hands on her butt again and this time pulling down her thong slowly and letting her step out of it a moment later. She turned and looked down at me as I held up her thong and showed it to her and now found myself in a position I had never intended to be, my eyes roamed down her flat sexy stomach and to the mind numbing site of that baby smooth patch of skin between her thighs. My tongue immediately found my lips and a small amount of drool began to form on them. Just as my natural instinct to pull away and turn those feelings off it hit me, but this time I resisted and looked up and touched the bare skin of her outer thigh as my hormones surged again with the feeling of her bare skin under my fingers. "That is so beautiful?"

"You mean...this?" She asked as she pointed between her thighs.

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMMM" I said with an eyebrow raise and a soft licking of my lips. In those few brief moments all of my wildest desires had come rushing to the forefront and I now wanted to do something I had never even thought about before meeting Ashlyn, and had refused to let myself fully enjoying thinking about up until this moment. "So beautiful, if you asked I might be willing to..."

"To do what my girl?" She asked as she touched my face gently and smiled down at me. "Make me forget about everything bad in this world and get so lost in you, I'd never wanna come back?"

"I don't know if I could do all that but I'd sure try my best to show you I love you" I said as I slid closer and joined my first hand with my second and stroked both up and down the outside of both of her thighs. "Just ask and I will, I promise."

"Come up here" She said as I felt a twinge of disappointment shoot through me as I rose. But that all changed as she cupped her hands around my neck and kissed me like no one had ever kissed me, not even her. She immediately ask for my tongue and as mine met hers as I slipped my hands to her flat sexy stomach and wanted to scream it felt so good under my hands, with the thought of who I was kissing and the situation we were currently in, my mind went offline and I let my hormones take over as we massaged tongues in a feverish attempt to extract more pleasure out of the moment. My hands sliding up her stomach and for the first time I tentatively caressed the other side of her breasts and finding no resistance I cupped them and squeeze them softly. So firm and oh my god it felt good under my fingers. Her lips on mine were like heaven in that moment as we were in such a perfect rhythm it was intense beyond anything I'd ever known. She pulled away and said in a panicked voice and I knew the hormones had taken over her too, "Oh my god I'm so in love with you, please make me feel like you said, please?"

"I love you too" I said with a kiss as I lifted my arms and she smiled as she lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. Kissing me again for a long moment as our lips fell back in time with the others, she unsnapped my bra and pulled back once more and let me shake out of it. Her smile told me she liked what she saw as much as I did when I looked at her. "You like?"

"So beautiful" She said as she kissed my lips once more and took hold of my jeans and let her lips linger near mine as she unbuttoned them and kissed me again before slipping them down and taking my panties with them. I kicked off my shoes as she held me steady and I stepped out of them and now stood before her naked as well, oh my god the look in her eyes was enough to make me cream on the spot. She wanted this more than me I believe, she smiled as her hand slid to my own flat stomach and stroked the skin in a way that I knew only she could, so soft and gentle that it sent shivers down my back and made me wanna beg for more. She moved down to the top of my still bare sex and looked to me for approval before touching me in that way. "Can I please? I'll be so gentle."

"Yes you can" I said in a whisper as I tensed for a moment when I felt her touch for the first time. The tip of her middle finger working into my lips as I moaned, a bit louder than I wanted and felt my knees go weak for a moment as the first bit of pleasure ever given to me by someone else flowed into my body. She moved her finger up and down as she rose and kissed my cheek and slipped around behind me and to my mind numbing joy she wrapped me in her arms and kissed my shoulder as she worked her finger a little faster up and down and I moaned louder. Laying my head back against her shoulder and shaking gently as I felt the incredible sensation of her finger sliding between my lips and beginning slow rhythmic motions in and out, I moaned again, now no longer caring about anything else and I wanted her to know I was loving this so much. "MMMMMM wow so good, Ashlyn so good."

"I love you" She whispered in a tone that made my skin go flush and a hot flash flood my body as the pleasure simply took over and I felt her quicken her pace and started to pump in and out as she held me to her with a hand on my stomach. I looked down for a moment and watched and heard Ashlyn moan into my ear softly as she did it yet harder and my inner walls started to respond in the most wonderful of ways. I moved my hands, almost involuntarily behind me and to her butt cheeks and started to squeeze my fingers into them as she responded to my own touch and pumped her finger now in a feverish attempt to bring me pleasure. A long moment later I finally gave into the pleasure and let her take me to places I had never known, it felt so good and she seemed to know exactly what to do at the exact moment I needed it. Quickening the pace to a mind numbing charge when I peaked and then letting up when I came down on the other side still shaking in bliss. Kissing my shoulder and moaning again into my ear as afterglow set in, "MMMMMM I told you I love you."

"MMMMMMM oh my god Ashlyn, my girl I love you so much" I moaned as I felt her finger leave me and I opened my eyes just as she brought it up to my lips. Something I never thought about doing before, but in that moment it seemed so naughty and perfect, she gently rubbed her finger across my bottom lip and let me lick and damn that's like honey. I opened my mouth and invited her to let me have the rest and she did. I sucked my own girl cum off her finger until the taste was gone as she kissed my shoulder and watched. "MMMMMMMMM."

"Not gonna let me taste huh?" She asked as I blushed and pulled away and took her hand as I looked back and replied, "You're about to yeh."

She smiled in surprise as she followed after me into the bedroom. Stopping me at the foot of the bed and kissing me softly on the lips as she wrapped me in her arms and our lips fell into such a perfect rhythm. I wrapped my arms around her neck and slipped my hands into her hair as she slid her tongue gently into my mouth and kissed me with such a passion that it just set me on fire all over again. Her hands moving up and down my bare back and down to my butt and in something that would normally get someone slapped, she squeezed them in her hands softly as I moaned into her mouth. Our tongues working feverishly against the others now as I felt Ashlyn pull away and slip to her knees on the bed and kissing me again and again as I crawled with her to the top of the bed as she laid down I ended up between her thighs in the missionary position. I pulled away and smiled down at her as she caressed my cheek and kissed me again and no words were needed in that moment to know what she needed so desperately. I kissed her softly again and told her with my eyes how I felt as I slipped down her body a bit and to see if she stopped me but she didn't. I softly kissed each of her breasts and then between them as she smiled and watched my every movement as I slipped farther down to her stomach and kissed it a few times softly. She laid back and spread her legs for me as I finally got between her thighs and was now on my stomach and looked at the most beautiful patch of baby smooth skin I had ever seen up close and personal. God she had it so smooth it looked like she was 10 years old, meaning never had any hair. I circled my arms around the outside of her thighs and was about too...well you know.

"Whoa, hold up my girl, here" She said as I felt her hands on mine and after a moment I realized what she wanted, I held my hands up and she pressed her palms to mine and we laced our fingers together as she smiled. I asked her with my eyes if it was OK to go for it and she nodded her head a little as I lowered my head and got my first taste. A long slow streak straight up the center of her lips, not only was it sweet as honey but feeling her squirm a bit in delight and squeeze my hands as I started a slow and steady rhythm made it so perfect you just can't imagine. My head bobbed softly as I focused on the basics and pressed my tongue softly into the folds and repeated it in a rhythm I knew she was absolutely loving. Her soft moaning and squeezing of her fingers around mine told me everything I needed to know. Dipping my tongue inside a bit more each time now I didn't realize until I hit it that her clit was now in my path. That's when I truly got to see the girl I was in love with in so much pleasure it made her shake, I licked it as softly as I could and felt her squeeze my hands tightly after every trip I licked it in the same manner. Her moaning seemed to increase with every pass of my tongue over it and she arched her back a bit and whimpered as her body became filled with the most wonderful sensations she could ever feel or I could ever give her. After a few more long moments I finally decided to focus on that as I now knew that was her favorite part. I licked across it softly and slowly and let her experience each shot of pleasure fully before doing it again as her eyes rolled back in her head. She squeezed my fingers even tighter and started to shake in pleasure as her moaning got a bit louder. "MMMMMMM Randa, I love you so much."

"MMMMMM me too my girl" I said in a voice I knew she heard as I licked softly over her rosebud again and again until she couldn't take anymore and gave into the desire. I felt her thighs squeeze around my head as her fingers squeezed mine and her moaning growing louder as she shook in bliss for what seemed like forever. Still jerking slightly as she came down and feeling me licking the reward up as it came bubbling and oozing out of her. I watched her bottom lip tremble as she lay there shaking now. I finished licking up her girl cum in the next few moments and kissed her lips once more as I released her hands and crawled up her body and kissed her softly and let her taste the reward still on my lips. We must have kissed like for an hour or maybe two and her sweetness was still on my lips as we finally came up for air. "I do good?"

"You are so good to me" She said as she smiled. "I have never felt anything like that in my life. MMMMMMMM so good, please tell me you'll do that again."

"As long as you return the favor baby" I said as I stroked my fingers through her hair and kissed her. "And to this point you've neglected to do that."

"Hey no fair, you went first before I could volunteer and I would have..." She said before I kissed her softly. Almost sounding as if she were trying to convince me that she wasn't neglecting me. "I was kidding."

"Well I'm not" She said as she rolled on top of me and made me squeal in delight. Kissing me again softly before we both groaned with a knocking at the front door. "I am not moving."

"It might be somebody important" I said with a soft kiss, "Let me answer it and then we can get back to you and me, all night long."

"All night long?"

"Yessss my girl" I said as I kissed her again and we both slid off the bed and after a few moments of slipping into some clothes. Her wearing my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and me wearing the baseball jersey that she had left behind a few nights before and shorts. I was the first to the door as I peaked out, expecting to see Mr. Parker but seeing a rather surprising face on the other end. I opened the door to a nervously smiling Lila on the other end. "Lila?"

"Hey...ummm oh boy..." She said as she looked at mine and Ashlyn's current attire and the apparently mussed conditions of our hair and smiled knowingly as she said, "You guys look awful comfortable."

"We are" Ashlyn said as she proudly hugged me from behind and kissed my neck as I smiled at Lila. "What are you doing here?"

"UMMMMM OK...yeh here" She said as she handed me a white envelope. I about fainted when I took it and saw the stack of 20 dollar bills inside.

"Holy shit knobs Ash look" I said as Ashlyn's lip dropped and Lila smiled. "Lila what's this for?"

"The girl from the Volleyball team, Brittany Valentine? I think, anyway she asked me if I knew you and I said I thought I remembered Ashlyn saying you lived down here" Lila said, "So she drafted me into riding with her. That's the upfront money and the paper inside is the lists of all the shirts and the sizes."

"Thank you so much" I said as I hugged her and felt her hug me back.

"You're welcome" She said with a smile.

"Will you help us?" Ashlyn asked.

"You are more than welcome to hang out" I said as she smiled.

"Brittany girl..." She said and pointing to the parking lot.

"Tell her to come on no big deal" I said as Lila shrugged and headed off to get Brittany and I turned only to be met by Ashlyn and finding myself back in her arms and her lips on mine. A long slow kiss followed and nothing else in the world mattered anymore. No one could hurt me and nothing could harm me in her arms. "I love you so much my girl, I love you with all my heart."

"I love you too" I said with another soft kiss. I know she felt the same way I did and she showed me too, later that night we made love again and again and again...well you get the idea. And now I can say with pride that anytime she wants me to I'll 'Kiss My Ashlyn'.