Kiss My Ashlyn

"A Close Shave"

Episode Three

Copyright 2007

written by: TVM (

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Summary: With the question of whether her and Ashlyn are friends or more still burned onto her brain, Miranda soon has another worry, a more pressing one at that. And as she expected, her worst fears are realized when she finds out Rebecca ("The Mom") has gotten wind of her new friendship with Ashlyn, thanks to Mr. Parker. Having no choice but to explain the whole situation she's relieved to find her mother is not only excepting of the situation but even gets a kick out of it. Little does Miranda know but this won't be the last time on the night that she has to deal with the questions surrounding her and Ashlyn's new friendship.

Original Airdate: Monday, October 1, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex

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"What are you doing up young lady?" Mom asked as she came through the door in her waitress uniform.

"Watching a porno, they cut the cable off again" I said as she groaned.

"I'm sorry honey, I'm doing my best, that pay check only goes so far" She said.

"I know" I said as I took a seat at the counter and she joined me on the other side for a drink, cold milk that is. "Cable's not that important, besides we were only two days late. They are such assholes."

"Cool it with the language Randa" She said with a frown and calling me by my pet name, Randa. "You can't be much of a lady if you use those words."

"No big deal" I said as I took a drink of my milk and almost spit it out all over the counter when Mom went on and asked me something I just knew she would find out about.

"Mr. Parker tells me you have a new friend" She said as I froze and hoped Mr. Parker hadn't told her anything more, but knowing him he did. "Said you two looked like you'd grown close. Someone you should tell me about?"

"We're just friends" I said.

"Well duh I know that" She said and I realized, to my relief, that she didn't know the full details. "Who is this girl and why have you not told me about her before?"

"Settle in it's a long story" I said as she listened, "Her names Ashlyn Kersh, and until a few days ago we were seriously the worst of enemies and she was to say the least not nice to me. She's the girl that pushed me down the stairs and broke my reading glasses."

"Wait, where are your reading glasses?"

"I don't need them anymore, Ashlyn made me go to the Len Crafters down by the video store and they gave me some drops and my vision isn't blurry anymore" I said, "I didn't realize it until now but the glasses didn't help really. Doctor Fagan said who ever diagnosed me was sadly mistaken, his words."

"Well thank the lord for small miracles" She said as she touched my hand and we both smiled. "Now back to this Ashlyn Kersh girl, why are you suddenly friends with someone that's so against you."

"Well see, she picked on me one to many times and I paid her back by throwing paint on her shirt and boots" I said as Mom laughed, "She deserved it."

"Well I know you pretty well and if you say she did, I bet it's true" Mom said.

"Well, Mr. Steele, our principal, said he was sick of us fighting and the punishment was we have to be together at all times on school grounds and it's gonna be that way for the rest of the school year" I said as she laughed. "Yeh I know."

"He seems like a real creative guy" Mom said, "Sounds like your lucky to have him he should have just suspended you."

"Well that still might happen, at the end of each week we have to give each other a letter grade based on our treatment of the other and if either of us fails, we get suspended for 3 days" I said. "So if she does me that way I'll just pay her back."

"You got yourself into this, I hope you don't expect me to ride to the rescue?"

"No, you have enough to worry about Mom" I said as she looked at the shirt I was wearing and asked, "You been bugging them at the mission again?"

"No, Ashlyn bought it for me" I said, "She did Mom, she bought all kinds of stuff and let me pick whatever I wanted."

"And you young lady are not to take advantage of this girl" Mom said. "She's trying to make up for her past right?"

"Right, she is" I said, "But it's not like that. She offered to buy me stuff, other stuff and I said no. This was only 3 bucks."

"Well you're gonna pay her back" She said firmly.

"No" I said in a demanding voice, "She bought me this as a friend, OK she was trying to make up for some stuff, but if I try to pay her she's gonna be hurt. She said this was a gift."

"OK, OK, you are old enough to make these decisions, besides I am to tired to fight with you" She said, "I'm going to bed, and you need to be also."

"Night Mom" I said with a kiss to the cheek, "Love you."

"Love you too, night Randa" She said as she left the room and closed her bedroom door behind her. I was about ready to go to bed myself when the head lights of a car flashed through the window and I wondered who exactly it was coming in this late. Most of our neighbors would have long been in the bed by now I reasoned. I shrugged as I turned the tv off and briefly saw a shadowy figure disappear around the side of the building and thinking nothing of it I headed to my room. Freezing as I heard a light knocking at the front door, I nervously made my way back to the door and wondered who in the world would be visiting us at this time of night. I stood on my tip toes and peaked out the peep hole and couldn't see anything, completely dark which made me even more nervous. Jumping back as a louder knock came and I figured if it was anyone I knew they'd be OK with telling me who it is.

"Who is it?" I asked and heard nothing for a long moment. "Look I'm not opening the damn door until you tell me who it is."

"It's me" The Voice said and I could swear I know the voice. "Open up."

"Who's me?" I asked and heard a laugh and thought it sounded a lot like Ashlyn, a smile spread across my face and my heart raced, but wondered why she would be here at this time of night.

"You are that hot little Miranda Asher" She said in a sultry voice as I blushed. "You gonna let me in or not?"

"It's 11:30 and I still don't know if you are some psycho come to kill me and my lovely mother" I said and heard her laugh.

"I'm not a psycho, my mother is, but I'm just crazy...about you" She said as I smiled and knowing pretty much who it was, opening the door and laughing as she fell into the room with a thud.

"OWWW DAMN IT" She said as she looked up at me and saw me start to laugh so hard I fell against the back of the closing door. "Stop laughing I think you broke me."

"You....go....boom!" I laughed as she grinned and got back to her feet. "Where you hanging on my every word?"

"Funny, very fuckin funny" She said with a smile. That's when I saw them, the dark bruises on her collar and down her right arm.

"What happened?" I asked as my smile faded. "Vanessa jump you?"

"No, the handiwork of my mother going ape shit and throwing me against the bedroom wall" She said and jumped as I touched it.

"Watch it that hurts" She said as she jumped away.

"I'm sorry, here let me see OK?" I asked and was relieved to see she was able to move her arm and shoulder. "You OK?"

"Yeh a lot better now" She said with a sweet smile. "I wanted a reason to see you anyway."

"So you started a fight with your mom so she'd beat you up and you could come spend the night here?" I asked with a smirk.

"Pretty much" She said as we both laughed. "She was being a bitch so I told her what I thought of her."

"Well I'm glad to see you" I said as she smiled and welcomed my hug. Holding me in her arms as our eyes met again, not that I minded. "You can crash here tonight, it's no big deal."

"Yeh it is a big deal" She said as she touched my cheek and I flinched for a moment and relaxed as I felt her gentle touch. "My life sucks with the exception of you."

"Yeh?" I asked as she smiled and nodded as she leaned forward and to my shock, she kissed me softly on the lips. I felt my heart race and my knees go weak a little as her soft lips moved against mine one time before she pulled away. "Oh wow."

"Yeh I get that feeling too" She said as I nervously smiled.

"You don't have to do that, you can stay here..."

"I kissed you because I wanted too and because I think you wanted me too" She said softly, "Not because I'm trying to get something out of you."

"I'm really starting to believe that" I said as our foreheads touched and both of us smiled. I was only a second or so away from making my own move on her and kissing her when a cracking sound sent us jumping apart. My mother emerged a moment later from her bedroom in her night shirt and eye balled Ashlyn.

"Randa who's this?" Mom asked.

"Randa?" Ashlyn asked with a smile towards me, "That's so cute, Randa."

"Shut up" I said as I blushed and said to Mom, "Mom this is Ashlyn Kersh."

"Oh good lord sweetheart what happened?" Mom asked as she saw the bruises on her arm and moved closed.

"I'm OK, it's my mom's handiwork" She said softly as Mom hugged her.

"What could you have done to deserve that?" Mom asked.

"I'd say nothing" I said as Ashlyn grinned at me.

"Well, that woman needs an ass kicking and if she comes here looking for you tonight, she's gonna get it from me."

"Thanks" Ashlyn said with a bright smile.

"We don't have much but you're welcome to it" Mom said. "Just know you don't have to buy us things to make us like you. Randa was raised to know better."

"I bought her those things cause I wanted her to look nice" Ashlyn said with a smirk, "I mean I gotta be seen with her, so I want her to look hizot."

"I'm not your friend anymore" I said as she laughed and Mom smiled.

"So what ya got good to eat?" Ashlyn asked.

"Slim pickings" I said.

"Yeh it's the end of the week and two more days to pay day" Mom said. "I'd say you don't know what that's like."

"No not really" Ashlyn said softly, "Can I help? I mean you guys are putting me up tonight, can I at least order me and Randa a pizza?"

"Pizza" I said as Ashlyn grinned at me. "My tummy is suddenly in the mood."

"What about the rest of you?" Ashlyn said as she stuck out her tongue at me and I blushed and covered my face.

"Oh good lord, I'm going to bed" Mom said, "Save me a piece for breakfast?"

"You got it" Ashlyn said as Mom hugged her warmly.

"You are welcome here anytime young lady" Mom said as she headed off to bed. I picked up the phone and handed it to Ashlyn as Mom's bedroom door closed.

"Yeh, I need 3 super large with..." Ashlyn said into the phone a moment later, motioning for me to tell her what I liked.

"Ummm....pepperoni and extra cheese?" I asked as she smiled.

"One deluxe, one with extra cheese and one meat lover" She said, "OK yeh, 21458 East Staton Ave. apartment 3c and if you get it here in 20 minutes there's an extra 50 in it for you."

"3 super large?" I asked as she hung up. "No way we can eat that much."

"So we'll have left overs" She said as she laid the phone down.

"You just feel sorry for the poor starving girl" I said with a poke to the stomach.

"So?" She asked, "Trust me you are not starving..."

"It shows, I do eat to much"

"Noooo" She said as she took my hand and spun me around as I giggled. "You're perfect the way you are and don't argue with me."

"Well it must be true then" I said, "Cause you sure seem to like kissing me."

"Yeh like you're fighting me" She said with a teasing smile. "You were gonna kiss me back before your mom came out."

"Yeh right" I said as she laughed and for some reason she let the topic drop as we got lost in conversation on a completely unrelated topic for the next few minutes. That pizza sounded so good, and right on cue, it arrived 20 minutes later. We tore into it and downed a better part of the meat lovers before we were filled and lay on the couch resting from the workout our mouths just had.

"So what's up with the TV?" She asked softly as I looked at her laying next to me on the couch.

"Mom's waitress job don't afford a lot of extras" I said, "But we paid it for last month and we were just two days  not sure why they cut it off so soon."

"That sucks, wait, do you guys have Delphi cable down here?" She asked.

"I think so" I said as I pointed at the bill and she sat up and looked at it. Her mouth opening in shock as she said, "56 fuckin dollars, geez Randa these crooks are butt raping you guys, no one pays that much a month."

"We do" I said.

"Not anymore, I'm gonna fix this if you'll let me" She said with a questioning expression. "Or I'll try too."

"Sure go ahead" I said as she smiled and reached for her phone and picked up the bill and found the phone number.

"This is Ashlyn Kersh and you know who my dad is, David? So if you know what's good for you, you'll put that fat jelly roll of a husband of yours on the phone now Alexandria, I don't fuckin care, you bitch, you wanna get my dad involved?" She asked in an almost rage into the phone. I sat and touched her hand and saw her calm as she looked at me, the rage returned though when she heard the voice of an angry man on the other side of the phone. "Don't you dare start your mouth on me jelly roll, you know my dad will put you out of business if you fuck with him. What the hell are you doing charging my friends 60 dollars a month for cable? Answer me, it's..."

"What's your mom name?" She asked.

"Rebecca Asher" I said.

"Rebecca Asher you dumb fuck, yeh look it up" She said, rolling her eyes as she looked back at me. "What do you mean they're always late so you charge a late fee, I'm looking at the fuckin bill it don't say nothing about late fees."

"She's lost her mind" I giggled to myself.

"No shithead you are not gonna reduce their bill by 10 dollars..." She spat and I thought to myself that would make it easier on us. "'re gonna have a satellite put in for them and you're gonna pay for it as long as they keep it for screwing them over. You FUCKIN CROOK. Go ahead test me, my dad can't stand your sleazy ass or your fat wife. You got 24 hours to fix this problem."

"Quite a show" I said with a giggle as she hung up and smiled back at me.

"Not just a show, you got satellite coming" She said, "I'm serious, he's scared out of his mind now. I am so fuckin talented."

"Does your father even know him?" I asked.

"No" She said as I laughed out loud.

"Do you...even have a...father?" I asked amidst a case of the giggles.

"Yes I do, he lives across town in a huge house with his new wife and family" She said. "We don't get along."

"Then how did you know what to say to that ass clown on the phone, you knew their names and everything" I said.

"It says so on the bill" She said as she held it up. I read their names 'Owners: Alexandria and Jeffrey "Big fat" Holland' I lost it as I fell back on the couch laughing. "I just figured I'd give it a shot and throw my dad's name around and act all pissed off and see what happened. This guy was about to pee himself he was so scared."

"Thank you" I said softly as she smiled at me. "I hope they do hook the satellite up."

"I bet they do" She said with a smile and seemingly realizing something as she asked with a teasing smile. "You guys do have running water right?"

"Yes smart ass" I said as she laughed.

"Can I borrow your shower before I got to bed?" She asked.

"Sure just bring it back" I said as she laughed.

"Take a shower with me?" She asked as if it was nothing weird.

"No thank you, my shower time is private" I said.

"Why not?" She asked. "OK, I promise no stupid games, no kissing, nothing like that my shoulders hurting and I can't wash my back."

"Is it?" I asked.

"Yeh, just when I move it like that" She said, "It's not a big deal if you'd rather not just say so."

"Well it's not like I been fantasizing about it" I said with a smirk.

"I'll be good I promise" She said with a almost evil expression on her face. "You know it's not that weird, I used to take showers with Vanessa sometimes too."

"Mommies AA sponsor?" I asked as she laughed.

"That'd be her" She said. "Will you just wash my back?"

"Be good" I said as I got up to follow after her into the bathroom.

"Get the water running I like it hot" She said as she attempted to take off her shirt and groaned as pain shot up her shoulder.

"Here let me" I said as she raised her arms willingly and let me lift her shirt over her head. Her grinning suggestively as we locked eyes again.

"My pants are next" She said looking down, "You might as well strip me."

"You said you'd be good" I said as she put my hands on her pants and said softly, "I am."

"Fine" I said as I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down and slipped to my knees. Helping her step out of them, getting ready to rise again when she took off her bra and dropped it across my head and started laughing. I glared at her as she pushed her panties down and in that moment my world changed, I saw her 'sex' for the first time. God it was beautiful, smooth as a babies butt, my eyes opened as my hands instinctively moved to the outside of her thighs and slowly slipped her panties down and off. My eyes never leaving the sight before me, it was almost mouth watering. She giggled and as I look up I could have fainted as she smiled down at me.

"Now who's the one not being good?" She asked as I jumped up and glared at her. "You think it's pretty Randa? You sure got an eye full and don't try that I was stunned bull shit. You liked it, why not just admit it."

"OK so I did, it's beautiful, a lot better than the forest in my drawers" I said and expecting her to laugh but she didn't. She simply smiled shyly and kissed my cheek.

"We can change that, we can" She said softly, "I'm a whiz with a razor."

"Yeh maybe" I said as she lifted my shirt up my stomach slowly and after a moments hesitation I too lifted my arms willingly and let her slip it over my head. Again finding my eyes drawn downward, no matter how much I wanted not to look at it, I did. She smiled knowingly and didn't once crack a stupid joke to embarrass me as she skinned my night shorts down and off. I wanted to leave my panties on but she pulled them as she slipped to her knees and looked at my 'forest'. "I know..."

"That's a forest?" She asked as she pointed, "Girl you're nuts, 2 minutes and this will be like mine. If you want."

"It isn't that bad?" I asked as I looked again and figured she was being honest.

"Not at all" She said, "I'm not much for the natural look, but at least I don't have to be scared that something's gonna crawl out of there and eat me."

"Oh lord" I said as we both laughed. "Can you? Shave it?"

"Your permission" She said nervously. "I told you I'd be good."

"Here" I said as I handed her the razor from the back of the sink and let her guide me down on the edge of the bath tub.