Kiss My Ashlyn

"Two dates for Ashlyn"

Episode Four

Copyright 2007

written by: TVM (

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Summary: Rising the next morning, Miranda remembers the 'close shave' in the bathroom the previous night and discovers it has shed a new light on several things, in particular her relationship with the cute girl she shared a shower with. Finding out that Rebecca ("The Mom") approves of her and Ashlyn's relationship, Miranda is surprised to also find out she might have found a way out of her family's financal struggles right under her nose. Which as always leads to yet another, the most surprising to date, meeting with Vanessa.

Original Airdate: Monday, October 7, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex

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So I know you're dying to know what happened as the last episode ended, well let's just say I now have a smoothie to match the one on the girl who shaved me. And I'm already convinced it's worth the effort and Ohmigod, if you've never tried it, you need to. Ashlyn wasn't kidding when she said the first time you touch the skin after it's bare, it'll make you wanna scream in pleasure. I waited till after our shower (more on that later) and ran her out of the bathroom on some bogus excuse of wanting two minutes to myself. She knew what I was gonna do, I know that. But I was desperate to try it, even if she did know. I sat down and spread my legs and hoped it would be as good as she said, the first touch sent shivers up my back and made me draw my thighs shut around my hand it felt so heavenly. Let's just say I turned the water back on in the shower to hopefully cover up my moaning as I rubbed one off that was so good I was almost crying when I was done. Shaking and almost numb at how good it had felt. I slept damn good after that. Ashlyn by my side, sharing my bed. The next morning...

"Oh god can't I go back to bed for another hour or seven?" I asked as Ashlyn giggled and pulled me out of my bed. "I don't like you no more."

"Yes you do" She said with a bright smile, "I can tell."

"OK, yeh I do" I said as she grinned and kissed my cheek softly as we both laughed. "Seeing you this early is...a nice surprise."

"HMMMMM" She said as I smiled at her and couldn't deny it any longer, this cute girl (yeh I said that) standing in front of me was making me like her and possibly more. In that moment, there was only one thing I wanted to do, and without regard I leaned in and saw her smile and back away with a giggle. Seeing the smile on her face as she took a step back, I knew this was a game and she wanted me to chase her. "What was that?"

"Beats me" She said with a flirty smile and loving the fact that she had my attention on her now. "What do you mean?"

"I was know..good morning" I said as I stepped in front of her again. "What did you back away for?"

"I don't like you that way" She said as she stuck her out tongue and I blushed. "Believe me don't you?"

"Honestly with you, I'm not sure of anything" I said softly. "But that would have been a good way to find out."

"Well the fact that you wanted to tells me a lot" She said. "Besides Rebecca is in the living room and I don't wanna get her all hyper about you and me until we figure it out. That make sense?"

"Rebecca?" I asked as she laughed.

"Yeh I got up early and we had pizza and soda's and chatted for a while" Ashlyn said, "I like your mom she's uber cool, unlike you."

"Ohmigod, that's it you're ass is getting suspended cause you're getting an F from me" I said as she laughed. "Think I'm kidding?"

"Calm down Randa, you're not uber cool cause you're more than that to me" She said as my heart beat faster. "These past few days and last night in particular have been the best I've had in a long time. You just don't know how much I think about you and how good you make me feel. Knowing now I have a friend to depend on when things go screwy in my life is more important then you'll ever know."

"Are you trying to say..." I asked and wondering if this was some kind of speech that would led to the "Big L" popping out. Three Little Words?

"I'm saying as of this moment you're my best friend" She said as I relaxed a little and hugged her around the neck as she hugged me back.

"Are you two dating or something?" Mom asked with a smile from the door. I instinctively started to pull away when Ashlyn held me tight in her arms and we both looked at my mom.

"What if we were?" Ashlyn asked and I felt myself wanting to know the answer to that question myself. "Would you be cool with us?"

"You couldn't do much better" Mom said as we both smiled, as much as knowing now we had her approval.

"Thanks Mom" I said.

"I was talking to Ashlyn" She said as she laughed and headed back to her bedroom to get ready for work.

"Well how about that?" She asked as I smiled and offered no reply or no initial resistance as she now leaned in and tried to kiss me as I slipped away and started giggling myself.

"What was that?" She asked in confusion.

"Beats me" I said, stealing her line from earlier as I turned and walked to my closet. "What do you mean?"

"OK, OK, stupid game" She said. "Truce?"

"Truce" I said as she smiled and crossed over to close my door before taking a seat on my bed and watching me change. Not that it was any surprise after the previous night and the 'shaving'. I didn't mind either, it was like that barrier between friends had been broken and we were far more comfortable with each other. After the 'shaving' we had taken that shower and for once I enjoyed my shower time. It felt so good to have someone wash my back and hair and not have to strain to do it myself. Weird thing is after the first minute or so it began to feel natural almost, like we were just friends having a shower and none of that stupid need to grope someone. Don't get me wrong, I figured out last night that I could be attracted to her in that way, and OK I was pretty sure now that I was. But I still didn't feel the need to touch her in a way I don't believe either of us is ready for. Just think of the possibilities even if we end up being only friends.

"So how does it feel?" She asked as I slipped on my panties and stopped as I followed her eyes and saw they were trained on the spot between my thighs. An area that is now bare and smooth as a baby's butt. I pointed nervously and asked, "This?"

"Duh" She said as she laughed and I pulled my panties up.

"It feels OK I guess, still kinda weird" I said as the sensation of the panties made me jump as they rubbed against my bare skin. "Whoa."

"I didn't mean that, I meant last night in the bathroom and what you did after I left" She said with a knowing smile.

"You were fucking watching me?" I hissed as I moved to the edge of the bed and she stood, "Through the fucking peep hole I bet."

"Noooo, nooooo Randa no, not like that" She said, "I heard not seen. I would never violate your privacy like that."

"Yeh OK" I said and realizing now that I had as much as given away the fact that I was doing what she had suggested. "You still eaves dropped."

"Oh yeah, try not to hear that" She said as she stopped me from walking away with a gentle touch of my arm. "I heard you in the living room, you moaning like someone was hurting you."

"Oh damn, I thought the water...would.. drown it..." I said as my hands covered my face as a deep crimson masked covered my whole body. "I am such a dim bulb."

"I told you it would" She said gently moving my hands away. "Feel that good? I saw the way you jumped when your panties rubbed it."

"You heard me" I said as she grinned devilishly.

"Best you've ever had?"

"I was shaking for ten minutes after it was so intense" I said and not believing I had admitted that out loud.

"Sounded that good I know" She said as she moved closer and whispered, "So I was right about...the first time you touched it, after?"

"Oh wow yesss so right" I said. "It like shot straight through me."

"Now see aren't you glad you know me?" She asked as I smiled and pushed her away playfully as I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on as she watched still and laid back down on the bed.

"You look great" She said as I buttoned up my jeans. "I'm sorta of getting into this whole dress down thing."

"You mean being poor?" I asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Nooo, I don't" She said as she picked out a Tye dyed t-shirt from my closet and asked, "You made this right?"

"Yeh, bought it for 25 cents at a yard sale and dyed it" I said.

"You could sell this for like 20 bucks at school" She said, "You could."

"Then do it and get to the point" I said as she grinned and took her shirt off and posed for a second for me as I boldly took in the beauty that was Ashlyn Kersh topless. Reaching for her bra and putting it on and then slipping on the Tye-dye shirt and showing me.

"Yeh so?"

"The point is, I realized at the mission yesterday that I could dress in normal clothes and still look like...well nice" She said, "Or wear something like this and be comfortable."

"I like that shirt on you, the swirls of blue and purple match your eyes" I said as she smiled. "I can make you one of your own."

"Wait, wait, what about my idea? Selling these" She said. "We could so make a bunch and sell them for like 20 bucks a pop and even more for specialized ones."

"What do you need the money for?"

"I don't really, but I'll help you get started and you can cut me in on the profits" She said, "What ya say? Cause I got no clue on how to do this. I bet you do, matter of fact I know you do."

"Well it would help pay some of the bills" I said as I pulled down two other Tye-dye shirts as she smiled and took them.

"These are so cool" She said as she held it up. "Can I wear the one I got on?"

"Sure, dress like a bum day eh?" I asked as she groaned at me as I laughed.

"Hey, if I buy you another one can I have this? I got an idea and I'm not sure how it'll work" She asked as I shrugged and watched her leave the room just as Mom came out. Ashlyn made a direct path to the kitchen and grabbed the Clorox by the washing machine and motioned for both of us to follow her into the bathroom. Taking a cotton swab out of my cup on the sink she poured some Clorox in a paper cup and set the bottle aside. Slipping the shirt back off and laying it in the bath tub.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she spread the shirt out on the bottom of the tub and dipped the cotton swab into the Clorox and started dragging it along the shirt as the Tye dye colors started to fade in her path. "Good idea ruin the shirt."

"Hush and just watch it's working" She said as she made a very pretty looking 'M' with the Clorox and dipped it again before she went back to work and made an I next to the M. Clueless me had no idea what she was doing until she finished spelling and I recognized my name was now spelled out on the back of the shirt. My name in white created by the Clorox fading out the Tye dye colors looked so cool. "It worked."

"Check this out" I said as I proudly showed mom. "Is that not cool?"

"I love that" She said as Ashlyn smiled. "Make me one? I can wear it at work."

"You know it" Ashlyn said as Mom smiled. "You want Becky or Rebecca on it?"

"Becky and I want it just like that if you can get it" She said.

"We're gonna make a bunch and try to sell them at school" I said.

"Might make you some spending money" Mom said.

"I can help with the bills too"

"Honey no, my job is enough to take care of that, I'm getting a raise soon, so if you can make a few dollars just keep it" She said.

"Yeh once it takes off we can give you an allowance" Ashlyn said as Mom shot her a warning look.

"School both of you, me work" She said in a stern voice as she left the room and a few minutes later, as I dried Ashlyn's new Tye-dye creation with a blow dryer to prevent runs, Mom headed out for work.

"I thought you wanted this one for yourself" I asked as she took it from me a few minutes later.

"I do" She said as she slipped it on with a smile.

"But it's got my name on the back of it" I said as she smiled.

"Yeh, and everyone at school already thinks you're my girl" She said with a smirk as I blushed, "So now this pretty much"

"That's it, take it off" I said as she laughed and grabbed her pants and slipped into them as she literally backed towards the door. "I mean it, now, gimme back my shirt."

"No" She said as we started to wrestle by the door, both now lost in a fit of giggles.

"Fine then ask me to be your girlfriend then" I said as she stopped cold and looked at me seriously.

"I don't know what to say..."

"Don't say anything" I said as I covered her lips. "Stupid idea."

"No it wasn't" She said with a smile. "At least I don't think it was."

"Let's just see where things go" I said as I opened the front door and both grabbed our book bags and headed out now in silence. Neither knowing how to respond to the previous exchange in conversation. The entire ride to school was silent as well as I contemplated what exactly an announcement like that would include. Did it mean I had given up on guys or now I was suddenly gay. OK, breath Miranda, breath. OK, I'm better now, the few things that I do know for sure are, I love being with her and feeling like I got a friend I can count on. I also can't deny two things about last night, I loved what I seen in the shower and loved how she looked at me in return. Right as I was about to finally break the silence, Ashlyn gunned the engine as we pulled into her regular spot in the parking lot and brought all attention to us. And of course who comes running across the parking lot to pick a fight, why Vanessa of course. Sans her airhead friends for some reason. Ashlyn groaned as she spotted the little witch and told me to stay put as we had done the previous morning, she circled the car and stood in front of me as Vanessa came up. "Chill, Ashlyn, something feels odd about this."

"I know" She said as I stood and wrapped an arm around her protectively, holding her by the stomach. "What do you want now Vanessa?"

"What the hell are you wearing? You look like her" She spat as she gave me a dirty look.

"I think it brings out her eyes and I like it" I said as Ashlyn smiled.

"You would poor girl, did Mommy sell all of those pop cans she had so you could buy that shirt?" She asked with a smirk.

"She made this you dumb barbie" Ashlyn said as I laughed. "And what is no wrong about not being rich, you sure ain't got it no better."

"Of course she does Ashlyn" I said as she looked back at me. "All that money and she can't buy a personality."

"Fuck you welfare baby" She spat back.

"Love child of mommies milk man fling" I shot back as Ashlyn laughed.

"What? That's fuckin stupid"

"She's trying to say you're the milk man's baby you blond" Ashlyn said as Vanessa got it finally and started fuming, her hands clutched at her sides into fists as she glared at me.

"Has to wear shit from the homeless shelter cause her worthless mother is to pathetic to hold a job that pays anything, no doubt uneducated trailer trash too" She spat with a evil grin, thinking she had wounded me. But with Ashlyn on my side it didn't have the same effect I noticed.

"Grow up Vanessa, but tell me what is your mother like? Is she a cocaine addict or just a fuckin drunk?"

"Neither..." She said with a proud smile.

"She has to be, that's the only way to explain how you got here" I said as she give me an evil stare.

"I know her mother, it's both" Ashlyn said as I laughed.

"IT IS NOT" Vanessa screamed back as she looked to be about to cry and suddenly turned and walked off.

"WOW, I've known that girl for 15 years and never seen her like that" Ashlyn said.

"You wanna go check on her, I wasn't..."

"I know, Randa, it's OK, fuck her she so deserved that for the all shit she said about you" Ashlyn said as she turned to face me, "I know I did too..."

"I forgive you" I said as I hugged her warmly. "You got my back?"

"Your names on my back on now" She said with a smile. "I have to be your girl."

"Play your cards right and I might just consider it when you do ask" I said as she smiled and was about to say something when a rather good looking guy approached from behind and said, "Ashlyn Kersh?"

"Yeh who wants to know?" She asked as she turned and faced him and to me seemed unimpressed.

"Me, Brian Falcon, star of the Pierce high basketball team" He said with a swagger as he leaned on her Mustang. "Me and you tonight, dinner and movie, pick you up at 7 babe, be ready."

"OK?" Ashlyn asked as he walked off without another word.

"Just like that you're going out with that jerk?" I asked as she turned around and suddenly I felt my jealousy over come me. "He barely even looked at your face, staring at your fuckin boobs the whole time, LOSER."

"Cool your jealous jets Randa" She said as she touched my face softly, "Who's name is on the shirt I'm wearing?"

"Mine" I said with a smile forming on my face.

"Exactly and the name on this shirt is who I am hoping will say yes to the following question" She said with a nervous smile.


"Will you go out with me tonight?" She asked and I wondered if she meant on a date or just as friends. In that moment I know I could have cared less what the invite was for as long as she was with me. Yeh I guess I knew then that I was into her.

"A date?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" She said and asking me with her eyes to please answer.

"I never thought I would but...yes" I said as she smiled and hugged me excitedly as I laughed. "But what about that dumb ass who just set up a date with you?"

"Oh him" She said as she glanced back for a second and spotted 'dork' on the other side of the parking lot smacking high fives with his fellow earth dwelling cavemen. Looking back to me she said with a smirk, "If you notice I didn't get a chance to say anything before he walked away. The OK you heard was me saying like huh?"

"He's not gonna be happy when he shows up tonight and you're gone with me"

"I know" She said with a smile, "Wait till he meets my lovely mother, I bet he won't ask me out again."

"Probably not" I said as we both laughed.