Kiss My Ashlyn

"My Girl"

Episode Five

Copyright 2007

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Summary: The most horrible of pranks, this one involving Ashlyn's prized classic Mustang, finally brings to the surface several events that had till now went undisturbed. Both involving Miranda and Ashlyn's now apparent arch-enemy, Vanessa. Determined to get some answers from her former friend, Ashlyn takes Miranda along to visit 'the bitch' at home, partly to reveal the damage to Vanessa's parents and partly to finally reveal her true feelings for Miranda. Which comes out as a part of a heated screaming match (and later a physical confrontation) that unfolds in the front yard of Rosewood's house.

Original Airdate: Monday, October 15, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex

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"OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK?" I heard Ashlyn scream from a few feet ahead as she starred in disbelieve at something just outside the main hallway doors. I had stopped to tie my shoe when she went on ahead to start the car. She then stopped in her tracks and looked shocked out of her mind. I grabbed my book bag and ran to meet her as a crowd began forming around her. Struggling through the crowd and seeing it myself I was heartbroken as I saw what some cruel person had done. There was yellow paint sprayed on her classic red mustang, spelling the word, "FAG".

"OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK?" I heard Ashlyn scream from a few feet ahead as she starred in disbelieve at something just outside the main hallway doors. I had stopped to tie my shoe when she went on ahead to start the car. She then stopped in her tracks and looked shocked out of her mind. I grabbed my book bag and ran to meet her as a crowd began forming around her. Struggling through the crowd and seeing it myself I was heartbroken as I saw what some cruel person had done. There was yellow paint sprayed on her classic red mustang, spelling the word, "FAG".

"What the hell?" I asked as tears streamed down Ashlyn's face and she looked at me with a cold stare and I swear in that moment I thought she blamed me for all of this. I ran my fingers through my hair and finally decided to make a bold move and stop this from progressing any farther. I had to get her out of here or she was gonna have a meltdown on me I thought as I pulled her hand and made her follow me. Opening the driver's side door I pushed her in and as quick as I could I made my way around to the passenger's side and got in. "Drive, Ashlyn don't start with me this is not my fault now drive."

"Huh?" She asked as she started the car and a bunch of the crowd stood laughing in front of the car as she tried to pull away.

"FUCKIN MOVE YOU BUNCH OF WHORES" I screamed in my most threatening voice as Ashlyn pulled away and we finally left that place and drove in silence for the next few minutes until she turned onto my street and I figured this was the end of our relationship but I wasn't going out without a huge fight. She stopped in front of my house and turned the car off which threw me. Saying nothing I got out and circled around the car and pulled her out too and hugged her. Only thing I could think to do. To my relief she hugged me back and started to cry. "I'm sorry for all of this."

"So you do think this is your fault?" She asked softly as our eyes met.

"You were giving me a pretty cold stare back in the parking lot" I said.

"I didn't see you until you hugged me I was stunned" She said. "I no doubt had this coming for hanging out with Vanessa all those years and then thinking I could be friends with you."

"Noooo we are friends and don't you fuckin dare start acting stupid and push me away cause I will fight you right here if you do Ashlyn Kersh, look who's name is on your shirt and who you have a date with tonight and by god you're gonna take me out whether you like it or not" I said in a demanding voice as I turned and walked a few feet away in frustration before I turned back to her. "Say something already."

"Man I like you" She giggled as I blushed. "No one said I wasn't going out with you tonight. You're paranoid Randa."

"Since when did I tell you, you could call me Randa?" I asked with a challenging smile.

"I think it's adorable" She said, "And you Randa Asher can bite me if you don't like it. Cause the word painted on that car refers to both of us. So are you still in this with me?"

"Yeh it does huh?" I asked as I took a deep breath. "I don't care, hell you've called me worse than that."

"I said I was sorry and I've tried to make up..."

"You did" I said softly, "And I am in this with you. And tomorrow if those fuckin Pat Robertson, Southern Baptist Convention hypocrite homophobes want a show they're gonna get one. Tonight we're making a another shirt like that one and your name is gonna be on it."

"And why?"

"Cause I'm wearing that one tomorrow" I said as she smiled and I moved back in front of her. "Like I said they fuck with you they fuck with me. We'll show them what's up."

"Show them you're my girl?" She asked as she smiled and touched my face gently.

"You take me out tonight and show me a good time and I just might be this time tomorrow" I said as she started bouncing around excitedly as I laughed and spotted Mr. Parker coming down the walk slowly. Looking to be having a tough time keeping up with the cat that was strolling ahead of him and obviously trying to keep out of his reach. "Mr. Parker you need some help?"

"Would you and your friend be kind enough of to corner that feisty little mother to be" He asked and pointed at the cat.

"I got this, what's her name?" Ashlyn asked as she sat down in the cat's path.

"Princess Miranda" He said with a proud smile.

"Come here pretty girl, come on Princess Miranda" Ashlyn said as the cat looked at her suspiciously and then back to Mr. Parker and decided she liked option one better and strolled over and laid down in Ashlyn's lap casually. Ashlyn smiled proudly and petted her. "You named her after Miranda?"

"Well of course" He said proudly.

"Thank you sir, she's beautiful"

"Just like her name sake" Ashlyn said with a smile to me and I saw in that moment that she looked at me in a way no one else ever had. She had this sort of dreamy look in her eyes that was so beautiful I just wanted to melt into her arms.

"That I will agree with" Mr. Parker as Princess Miranda looked up at us and meowed. "Apparently she agrees too."

"Of course she does" Ashlyn said gently as she petted her and watched Princess stretch out on her lap and lay down as if she were perfectly at home. "Is she really pregnant?"

"No genius she just eats to much" I said playfully as Ashlyn gave me a dirty look and rose with Princess Miranda now in her arms.

"You hush or no date tonight" She said as I zipped my lip and petted the cat as she purred.

"Yep she's gonna be a momma any day" Mr. Parker said. "You and your mom should take one of the kittens, Miranda."

"Can I have one too?" Ashlyn asked with a smile

"You gotta get here early to get your pick" He said as Princess Miranda happily jumped into his arms. And Mr. Parker noticed the handiwork on the hood of Ashlyn's car, "Well good lord child what an awful thing for someone to paint on such a beautiful car."

"Yeh I know" Ashlyn said. "All because I'm friends with Miranda and my ex-best friend can't handle it."

"You think Vanessa did this?" I asked in surprise.

"I know she did, the only reason the airhead didn't spell the whole thing is she's too dumb to spell it right" Ashlyn said as I laughed.

"I hate that bitch" I said as Ashlyn smiled and took my hand and laced our fingers together and asked Mr. Parker. "You really think the world of Miranda I can tell, do you approve?"

"I sure do" He said with a smile. "Now I must be off before Princess Miranda takes another fit and runs off again. Have a nice day ladies."

"You two Mr. Parker" I said as he walked off.

"You think we can postpone that date?" Ashlyn asked as my heart nearly stopped.

"Nooo I don't" I said in a demanding voice as she smiled. "No fuckin homophobe is gonna keep you from buying me dinner tonight. Got that?"

"Yeh I got that" She said as she smiled at me. "Well I guess we gotta go get my car painted now."

"I have a friend downtown at Maaco" I said, "He's nice and I'm pretty sure he'd give you a good price."

"Can we go somewhere else first?" She asked.


"Vanessa's house" She said as my mouth dropped opened in shock.

"Ashlyn why?"

"I'm gonna show her what kind of damage she did and then let her parents see it" Ashlyn said.

"That bitch had something to do with this you think?" I asked. "Seriously?"

"I'm pretty sure her or one of the airheads she runs with did" Ashlyn said.

"But her parents are different and once they see this I think it'll be a different story" She said. "Go with me? I need you."

"Who's name is on your back?" I asked as she smiled and said, "Miranda, the person who's soon to my girl."

"Huh?" I asked as if I were shocked. "You wish, I don't like girls."

"No you like me" She said as she stopped me from pulling away from her hand as I giggled and fought to get lose. "Admit it Randa, you like me."

"NOOOOOOO" I screamed as she pulled me into her arms and we fought playfully in front of the car. "I don't like you, you're an icky girl."

"Then why did you kiss me?" She asked as I froze and she grinned as we looked at each other. "And slip me the tongue."

"You can kiss my Ashlyn" I said as her lip dropped and I started to laugh. Both at my unintentional use of her name and the way she reacted. "You heard me."

"Well I just might do that if we ever get that far" She said and it was my turn to feel the shock of a comment so bold and naughty it started to make me horny. "Cause you got a really pretty...Ashlyn."

"You mean my...ummm...butt?" I asked.

"Yeh duh" She said as I laughed nervously. "What you didn't think I noticed?"

"I didn't think anyone noticed" I said.

"Well news flash, I did" She said. "That shower?"

"I noticed to" I said as she smiled devilishly and wrapped her arms around me. "So you likey?"

"Likey?" I asked as she laughed and blushed. "I said..."

"You likey Randa" Ashlyn said as she kissed my cheek. "You're so beautiful. From head to toe."

"OK, so are you" I said and believing I had just said that with so much ease.

" think...we might someday?" She asked and I had no idea how to answer that. Now numb from the effect of her simply asking.

"Do you want to...with me?" I asked as some of the numb wore off.  

"Until that shower I didn't wanna" She said, "But now..."

"Kiss My Ashlyn" I said as I cut her off and we both laughed. Me desperately wanting time to think and process everything that had just been said and try to figure out if this is what I want or if I could really do that with her. She seemed to be a little relieved too as she made no attempt to open the subject again and just took my hand and lead me to the car. I dreaded another meeting with the leader of 'Whore-R-Us' but I had already heard the best argument available for me going with Ashlyn on this adventure, that she needed me. WOW, that sure tells me a lot. Oh god, I so need time to think. Thankfully the ride to Vanessa's place was quiet and if I'm not mistaken, I believe that Ashlyn was no doubt thinking about me. I hope she was at least.

"What am I gonna do?" I asked inside my head as I ran my fingers through my hair and tried in vain to clear the million thoughts running through my mind in that moment. I wanted to scream as we made one last turn down a street filled with an endless series of seemingly million dollar houses. We drove by and several people stopped to look at the handiwork on the car. We pulled into what looked like the biggest house on the street and Ashlyn jumped out and I was afraid of what she honestly might do as I got out to and ran to meet her by the front of the car. "There is no reason to fight."

"She's got one more time to fuck with my girl or my car and I will" She said as my eyes opened a little in surprise at the 'my girl' part of that last comment. "Yeh OK I called you my girl you wanna correct me?"

"UMMMM..." I stammered and was fortunately or unfortunately cut off by the sound of a voice from behind me.

"Ashlyn honey?" A Female Voice asked as I turned and around a saw an older looking version of Vanessa. Damn that girl was gonna be a looker even in 20 years. Her mom looked like she was 25. "Longtime no see."

"Hi Ms. Rosewood" Ashlyn said with a pleasant smile.

"I hear from Vanessa that you've been suffering some difficulties in your private life and it's causing you some emotional stress" She said. "And you know you can call me Barbara."

"God that daughter of yours is a non stop lying machine" Ashlyn snapped as she turned me around and pointed to me and said, "This beautiful young girl here is my emotional stress, Barb."

"Oh WOW, I don't think I understand" She said, "Unless you mean romantically?"

"No we're not there yet, but I think it should be my decision and hers when we do, not your daughters" Ashlyn said. "Look what she did to my car."

"OH good lord, if she did that she's one dead little Rosewood" Barbara said as she glared at the handiwork on Ashlyn's hood. "She knows we don't talk about people like that."

"All because of this" Ashlyn said as she turned and showed Barb her shirt. The one with 'Miranda' written on the back.

"Miranda?" She asked.

"Me" I said as Barb smiled. "It was stupid and really not a declaration of love, just us being silly. And that happened."

"What's going on?" Vanessa asked as she strolled out of the house and stopped dead in her tracks as she saw me and Ashlyn. "I got stuff to do."

"GET OVER HERE VANESSA" Barb demanded of her daughter. Vanessa stopped and groaned as she made her way down to the car. "Now you tell me yes or no did you do that to her car? No lip either, yes or no?"

"Do what?" Vanessa asked as I moved and let her see as her lip dropped open in shock. "Holy shit, who did that?"

"YOU DID YOU LITTLE STUCK UP BITCH" Ashlyn screamed as I grabbed her around the waist and stopped her from going after Vanessa. "I'm sick and fuckin tired of you mouthing off about Miranda, you just can't stand it that I have a real friend who's not a judgmental hypocrite who thinks money is the fuckin end of it all. YOU BITCH. And now you fuck with my ride, you know this car means the world to me."

"FUCK YOU" Vanessa fired back.

"Now I want both of to calm down and stop with that vulgar language" Barb said as she pulled her daughter back by the arm, me holding Ashlyn from going after Vanessa still.

"I didn't do that to your fuckin car" Vanessa said, "I don't have a problem with you it's that pathetic piece of trash you've adopted as your new charity case."


"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU" Barbara said as I moved in front of a shaking Ashlyn and hugged her.

"Ashlyn calm down" I said softly as I touched her face and saw tears coming down her face. "You have me now too."

"I would do anything for you" She said with an adoring smile as she touched my face and I smiled as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. "I'm in love with you."

"WOW" I said as a smile crossed my face and suddenly my whole body felt so warm and I knew then that I felt the same way or close to it. "Yeh me..."

"WHAT?" Vanessa screamed. "You can't fuckin love her."

"Why not, cause she doesn't have enough money for you?" Ashlyn asked as I hugged her and refused to let her go after Vanessa. "I hate you, I swear to god I hate you."

"Noooo" Vanessa said as she started to cry and I knew something was wrong. "I didn't do that to your car I swear on my heart Ash, never in a million years would I do that to your ride. I know your Grandpa bought that for you before he died. I know the story, never would I do that. Please I am begging you not to hate me."

"Why?" Ashlyn asked in shock at all that Vanessa had just said.

"Forget it, you've got her now and the little poor girl has got you convinced I'm a horrible person..."

"YOU FUCKIN BITCH, I'M SICK OF YOU CALLING ME POOR" I said as I lost it and charged her and tackled her on the grass with a thud. I landed one good shot as I got to my feet. A smack dead to her face before Barbara pulled me off and Ashlyn hugged me and held my arms and pulled me away. "My mom tries her hardest to get me the things I need, it's not her fault she's not rich you stuck you bitch."

"FUCK YOU FOOD STAMP GIRL" Vanessa said as Ashlyn pulled me back to the car and refused to let me go. Vanessa's face marked by a red hand print now.


"OK that is enough" Barbara said, no doubt still in shock at what had happened. Turning to Vanessa she said, "You are gonna get a lot worse than that from me if you ever talk about someone that way again."

"She fuckin started it" Vanessa said.

"Do you think I'm blind and stupid?" Barbara asked. "I see the venom in your eyes for that girl. Why must money always be the determining factor in a friendship for you."

"I just say that shit to hurt her" Vanessa said.

"Well congratulations" Ashlyn said, "You did hurt her."

"Good" Vanessa spat back.

"And in the process you've hurt me worse you will ever know" Ashlyn said softly as she wrapped me tighter in her arms. "And you destroyed a 15 year friendship."

"Me? You fuckin just dump me for poor girl and I'm the one who ruined it?" Vanessa said as Barbara threw her hands up.

"You're just mad cause I finally started standing up for myself and I hope it does hurt that Ashlyn is on my side now" I said as tears slowly came down my cheeks. "YOU HEAR THAT YOU JEALOUS BITCH? SHE LOVES ME NOW."

"GO TO HELL" Vanessa screamed back as she came towards me and I was ready to fight when Barbara grabbed her daughter and Vanessa started to break down and just fell against her mother crying like her heart was breaking.

"Come on let's go" Ashlyn said as she pushed me into the car as Vanessa slipped to her knees and cried as Barbara tried to comfort her. We drove in silence for the next hour. Neither knowing what to say about everything that had just happened. Ashlyn pulled into a place downtown and mumbled she'd be back in a moment as she got out and ran inside. It was a place a lot like Maaco and I knew why we were here. I got out and took a breath of fresh air and found myself smiling as she came back out. She slowed from a jog and looked at me and smiled back. "What are you grinning at?"

"My girl" I said as my heart beat faster and I no longer had any doubt in my mind about how I felt.

"Me?" She asked as she joined me on the passenger's side.

"You Ashlyn Kersh" I said as I kissed her softly. "You are my girl."

"WOW" She said with a dazzling smile. "I love the sound of that."

"How about the sound of this..." I said as slipped my arms around her neck and paused for a moment as I kissed her for a long moment and felt her wrap me in her arms and pull me closer. "...I love you too."

"I was hoping you did" She said, "I was hoping with all of my heart you did, my girl?"

"I am now" I said as she bit her lip and said, "Pardon me for one second?"

"OK" I said as she pulled away and ran to the middle of the almost vacant street and screamed, "I AM IN LOVE WITH MIRANDA ASHER."