Kiss My Ashlyn


Episode Six

Copyright 2007

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Summary: Miranda and Ashlyn make a show out of the not-so-surprising announcement that they have become more than friends. Approval quickly comes from some (Rebecca and Mr. Steele), whole others offer nothing but disdain and hurtful remarks and in the end, actions to match those words. It is soon revealed that Vanessa is no longer the leader of the 'Pathetics' and the new leader makes it her job to confront the newly in love twosome. Finally being forced to reveal a very hurtful fact to a shocked and devastated Ashlyn.

Original Airdate: Monday, October 22, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex

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"Mom..." I said as I came into the living room and saw Mom already in her waitress uniform sipping a cup of coffee. Ashlyn followed me as she smiled proudly at her creation, a Tye-dye shirt that perfectly matched the one she was wearing only mine had the name 'Ashlyn' emblazoned on the back. "...nice huh?"

"Yeh you and your girlfriend are making a show out of this huh?" Mom asked with a smirk as I almost fainted.

"Yeh we sure are" Ashlyn said as she hugged me proudly and I had to blush and smile as she asked in a sweet voice, "Can I tell her?"

"Go ahead" I said as I rolled my eyes but secretly loved the moment.

"I am in love with your daughter Rebecca" Ashlyn said proudly.

"Yeh and I like her some too" I said as Ashlyn's lip dropped and she spun me around and kissed me softly on the lips and made me kiss her back for a long moment. A sizzling, tantalizing start to the morning. "WOW!"

"You were saying?" She asked with a huge smile.

"I am in love with her too mom" I said as I kissed her again. Not caring now who saw me do it, what they thought or anything else. Because this morning seemed like a fresh start in my life, with 'my girl' by my side.

"Yeh big surprise with you two" Mom said in a giggle as we both looked at her. "I would have never known."

"Bite me Rebecca" I said as she flashed me a middle finger and both of us laughed.

"I got work and you two have school" Mom said as she motioned for us to follow. We dropped Mom at work and headed for school, both aware of the possible effect our tandem show of affection could cause. But looking at Ashlyn's freshly painted Mustang, knowing that was likely the worst of the pranks. Pulling into the main parking lot, Ashlyn gunned the engine and slowly took her usual spot as I spotted a very unusual site, 'the Pathetics' were standing by the flag pole and Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. All seemed to be gathering around a new girl at their center. I was just about to ask Ashlyn if she knew the girl when she turned and I saw it was Lila. Vanessa's friend, and I guess Ashlyn followed my eyes and said in surprise, "Lila Matthews is the new leader of the Pathetics?"
"Who's Lila anyway you know her?" I asked before I realized I did know her or at least recognized her from when she tried to back Vanessa down.

"Another ex-friend of mine, who's a nicer version of Vanessa but still nasty and stuck up" Ashlyn said. "Expect nothing to change."

"But things are changing" I said as I touched her hand, "Know what I mean?"

"Yeh I do my girl" She said as she got out and so did I. Seeing most of the eyeballs now on us and our new creations, sporting the others name. She met me at the back of the car and I reached for her hand and made a show out of lacing our fingers together for the crowd. To no ones surprise Lila started making her way towards us as Ashlyn pulled me along, not wanting a confrontation I'm guessing with Lila. All eyes were on us as we made our way down the hallway hand in hand. I even saw a girl or two making eyes at me as I trailed closely behind a proudly smiling Ashlyn. We finally stopped by our lockers, now next to each other. "I gotta use the bathroom, be OK without me?"

"No, but I'll survive" I said as she started to walk off when I touch her arm and as she turned back I kissed her softly. A simple sweet kiss that was fuckin electric hot in it's intensity. Her lips moved against mine in a perfect rhythm for a long moment before we parted and smiled at each other. "I love you."

"I love you too" She said with a smile, walking off just as I spotted the last person in this world I wanted to see. Vanessa of course. I turned my back and tended to my duty of filling my book bag and pretended that I never saw her.

"I like your shirt" I heard a voice say softly from behind me. Thinking I was receiving a compliment I turned to see a nervously smiling Vanessa.

"Funny Barbie, look I'm feeling good this morning can we avoid the usual exchange of witty insults?" I asked.

"But I like that about you" She said as I looked at her in confusion. "You come up with some good insults."

"And you use the same old tired lines" I said, "So no I don't like that about you and could you please just lay off the shirt OK?"

"I said I liked it" She said and trying to be nice I thought. So as much as it pained me I thought why not try it in reverse and see what came out of this little situation.

"And you know it cost less than 50 bucks, it's homemade" I said as she laughed.

"I kinda thought it might be with Ashlyn's name on the back" She said, "Not gonna find that at Wal-mart."

"Won't find you there either" I said and noticed her glare at me for a second before she seemed to calm.

"I get it now OK?" She asked in a deliberate attempt to change the subject, "You love her and she loves you."

"Good cause it's a fact Barbie" I snapped. "And now when you and your pack of pathetics start shit I'm gonna be in your face with her."

"Barbie and the Pathetics no longer exist" She said calmly. "It's now Lila and the Pathetics."

"Sounds like a rock band" I said as we both laughed for a moment. "Well it does."

"Weird moment" She said as I agreed. "I think when you smacked me yesterday you rattled something loose."

"About that..." I said, "I don't usually hit people..."

"And you had a right me with my mouth" She said. "Look, yesterday was a serious wake-up call for me and that slap and tackle was all part of it."

"So you're no longer friends with that gang of pathetics?" I asked.

"Nope they found out something about me and ran me off" She said and looked to be on verge of tears.

"Yeh?" I asked as she looked down the hall and saw Ashlyn coming and suddenly got nervous and looked to me and said softly, "Please be good to her?"


"Ashlyn" She said, "She deserves it."

"Sure" I said as she walked off in the opposite direction.

"What did the bitch say this time?" Ashlyn said with a worried look on her face. "More poor jokes."

"No I think I slapped some sense into the bitch" I said as Ashlyn laughed and looked at me in confusion until I explained about the conversation I had just had with Vanessa. "Girl has some issues and a juicy secret."

"Yeh she's probably in love with me" Ashlyn said as I laughed.

"Nooo I doubt that seriously, but I know I am" I said as I put my arms around her neck and she pulled me to her and kissed me softly. Both smiling as we parted and I just knew someone was watching us. And looking at Ashlyn's eyes and seeing a nervous smile on her face as she looked at the person standing behind me. I turned and was almost relieved to see Mr. Steele. "Hi, Mr. Steele."

"Ladies" He said and barely able to contain a smile. "Are you getting along?"

"No we're not, she's driving me crazy" Ashlyn said as I felt her hug me from behind and pinning my arms to my side as I looked at her in mock horror. "See, I can't stand her."

"You can kiss my Ashlyn" I said as she laughed out loud.

"So have we figured out that it's better to be friends than enemies?" Mr. Steele asked.

"We're more than friends Sir" I said as Ashlyn got her giggles under control and said, "Yeh we found a lot more than friendship sir. Thank you for punishing me."

"Well there's a first time for everything" He said with a smirk. "No one has ever thanked me for punishing them before."

"Well it's a good thing" She said. "I get to hang out with Randa now whether she likes it or not."

"Turn around for a second ladies?" He asked as we did and he saw the handiwork and smiled. "Well those are quite fetching."

"Fetching?" I asked as we turned back to face him. "Is that good or bad?"

"In my day it was a compliment" He said. "Lets see if I can translate for you, uber cool? I heard that one yesterday and some nice young lady explained it to me."

"Yeh uber cool is like the best cool of all" I said. "They're homemade and the names are Ashlyn's own work. Just dye and Clorox."

"HMMMM would you ladies like to make some extra money designing t-shirts for the school volleyball team?" He asked.

"That would look so cool" Ashlyn said, "Like for uniforms?"

"My thinking exactly, yes" He said. "Do you think you can have 12 shirts ready by Monday with a similar design to that one?"

"UMMMMM yeh I think so" I said. "How do we pay for the materials?"

"Well as luck would have it, Mr. Cartowills, a former teacher at this school left us a large sum of money in his will and I have been given the task of deciding what to do with it" He said. "And what better way to spread the good will than to help out my students. This would serve a great need in making our top ranked volleyball team stand out."

"We actually thought about selling these" Ashlyn said. "They sell at the flea market for like 25 dollars a piece."

"Well you two come by my office after school and we will get down to some nuts and bolts negotiations" He said.

"You got it" I said as he walked off and I felt Ashlyn kiss my cheek and say, "Designs by Randa?"


"The name for your company with me as your primary investor?" She asked, "I like it, you?"

"How about Kiss My Ashlyn Incorporated?" I asked with a smirk.

"That could work too" She said with a giggle. "But your name should be in the title."

"Designs by Randa huh?" I asked.

"I like it" She said softly.

"Excuse me, can we talk?" A Voice asked as me and Ashlyn both looked back. I recognized this girl as one of the girls who I had saw checking me out earlier, making eyes at me is a better way to put it. "My names is Emily and you are Miranda and Ashlyn right?"

"Yeh" I said. "Can I help you?"

"The girl you were chatting with earlier, do you know her very well?" She asked and looked to be very anxious.

"Names Vanessa" Ashlyn said, "Better known as the bitch. Why? You gonna kick her ass?"

"No, heavens no" Emily said. "I was wondering if do I say this?"

"She's not very bright so you'll have to break it down barney style for the bitch" Ashlyn said as Emily seemed to be getting annoyed by Ashlyn's constant insults.

"Can we please just call her Vanessa, I'm sure she's not that bad" Emily said softly and saying to me, "You must like her more, she was laughing with you earlier."

"Weird moment, first time ever" I said. "Trust me Ashlyn is mostly right."

"Then maybe I shouldn't bother then" Emily said with a hurt look.

"Bother with what?" I asked.

"I heard a rumor about her and she's really pretty and I was wondering if she liked girls" Emily said as my lip dropped. "OK guess not."

"Vanessa like girls?" Ashlyn asked as she laughed, "She barely likes herself."

"That's mean, but funny" Emily said as she tried to stifle a giggle. "So no chance?"

"Wait, what rumor did you hear?" I asked.

"BITCH" Came the screeching female voice from just down the hall as my attention diverted to another person. Lila, and she was marching towards me and Ashlyn with her pack of Pathetics in tow. "You Miranda, poor girl."

"FUCK YOU" I screamed as Ashlyn stepped in front of me and picked up her book bag. "What's your problem?"

"You're my problem" Lila said. "You and this nickname you started about me and my friends."

"I'll see you guys" Emily said as she slipped away and Lila went on, "We are not pathetic, that would be you."

"She didn't start that I did" Ashlyn said as I put my arms around her. Something I just knew was gonna get a rise out of Lila. "And it's true, you the only one out of that group with a brain of your own Lila and why you want that bunch of tag along with you is beyond me."

"You're next on my shit list, and you need to hush before I deal with you now" Lila said in a nasty voice. "I am not Vanessa and I won't back down from your idle threats."

"Then deal with me now" Ashlyn said as she opened her book bag and to my shock showed Lila her mini baseball bat. "You the one who will hurt when you go after my girl."

"Typical trash, has to resort to violence to solve their problems" Lila spat as her Pathetics laughed. "As for you poor girl, I want it to be known I hate fags. And you are number one on my shit list."

"Good thing I'm not one then Princeess Layusall" I said as Ashlyn laughed.

"Oh how cute did you work on that one all night?" She asked.

"No but I heard you studied for your blood test all night and still failed" I said as Lila glared at me. "Was it hard?"

"No it wasn't...I mean fuck you" Lila said as Ashlyn laughed harder.

"I always thought you were the smart one Lila, I guess not" Ashlyn said in a fit of giggles.

"FAG" She screamed in a bitter tone.

"I got it Lila, lets me and you have a battle of the brains" I said, "I'll take mine out and we can start even. OK?"

"Ha ha ha" She said as a couple of her Pathetics laughed.

"SHUT UP" She boomed to them as the giggling stopped.

"Or Lila will hurt herself trying to think of a comeback other than the standard stuck up bitch humor" I said as she gave me an evil stare. "How about using some fresh material like, how does Lila turn the lights on after sex?"

"I dunno how?" Ashlyn asked in a barely controlled giggle.

"Opens the car door" I said as Ashlyn laughed.

"I've never been in the back of any guys car" She spat back. "But I'll bet you two have, couple of whores, at least that's what I heard."

"I heard you were a whore too" Ashlyn said as Lila looked to be ready to fight any second. "Are you ready Miranda? She's no challenge."

"True" I said as we both picked up our book bags and walked off.

"I see you got your Mustang painted" Lila said in a snort as we both stopped. "Something happen to it?"

"Yeh" Ashlyn said as she turned and saw a victorious smile on Lila's face as the 'Pathetics' laughed knowingly. "Lila please tell me you didn't do that."

"Then I'd be lying" She said with a smile as I moved in front of Ashlyn to keep her from going after Lila. But she never moved. She seemed stunned by the betrayal. "Did you like it? I thought it was very nicely done."

"After all the shit we been through with Vanessa and the way I made her let you hang out with us..." Ashlyn said as she fought back tears. " fuck up the most important thing in this world to me...wait, no scratch that, Miranda is the most important. But that car means the world to me, you know that. And that paint job was original. My Grandpa painted it. Someone you met. He liked you so much..."

"Yeh?" She asked, the smile gone from her face as Ashlyn cried in my arms. She finally pulled away and glared at a still stunned Lila as she walked off. I was about to chase her when I felt someone touch my hand and I lost it and swung as hard as I could and felt the back of my hand connect with thud again Lila's face. She dropped like a load of bricks as I glared at the 'Pathetics' and knew I was in trouble if they come after me but I didn't care.

"BRING IT ON PATHETICS" I screamed as they backed down and Lila rose with a hand print on her face as tears came down her face and I confronted her wanting her to hit me so I could really fight her for Ashlyn. Saying directly to her face, "You broke her heart just now you hate filled little Nazi. I swear you want war with this poor girl, you fuck with her ride again and I will not stop till I hurt you. I mean hospital hurt you crooked nose, gap teeth barbie doll. This poor girl has finally got someone in her life that has my heart, and I will FUCKIN KILL YOU FOR HER."

"Jesus calm down" Lila said with fear in her eyes, which for some reason I was glad to see. I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the lockers as she groaned. "OWWWWWWWWWWW GOD YOU DON'T HAVE TO KILL ME."

"Why her car you bitch? HUH ANSWER ME" I screamed in a rage. "You're supposed to be her friend."

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I'll never even look your way again" She said now scared I was gonna do exactly what I had threatened. One of the Pathetics attempted to intervene as I turned on her and landed a punch to her face as she crumbled.

"GET UP YOU FUCKIN BARBIE DOLL YOU WANTED TO HURT ME I DARE YOU" I said as she cried and scooted away as I turned back to Lila. "Now you either answer me or I am gonna hurt you. NOW!"

"MIRANDA STOP" Vanessa said as she ran down down the hall and shockingly stepped in between me and Lila. "Stop, please?"

"Why? She started it" I said as Vanessa backed me down.

"She's all mouth you're gonna hurt her worse than you know" Vanessa said as I saw Lila holding her chest. Ashlyn came running back down the hall and saw what was happening and burst in between me and Vanessa.

"Get your hands off her" Ashlyn said as Lila slumped to the floor.

"LILA!" Ashlyn screamed as Lila slumped over unconscious.

"Oh god please no" Vanessa said as Ashlyn ran to Lila's side and I wondered what in the hell had just happened.

"What's wrong with her I didn't even..." I said as Vanessa began to cry.

"She has a heart problem" Vanessa said as I felt my heart almost stop.

"Oh my god" I said in shock as Ashlyn screamed for someone to help.

"HELP, SOMEBODY GET THE NURSE" Ashlyn screamed in an all out panic.