Kiss My Ashlyn

"Wal-Mart Barbie"

Episode Seven

Copyright 2007

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Summary: Miranda awaits word on Lila's condition and blames herself for the incident in the school hallway just hours before. Little does she know but the object of her rage from just a few moments past, feels much the same as she does. Later, Miranda tries to sooth the waters of a troubled relationship by reaching out to a suddenly very excepting Vanessa as she invites her over. One that ends in Vanessa making a new friend in the most unlikely of places. While Miranda is met by several surprises of her own once she gets home.

Original Airdate: Monday, October 29, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex


"Please tell me she's OK?" I asked as Ashlyn came out of the emergency room. "She's OK right?"

"Yeh they think so" Ashlyn said as I wiped my tears from my eyes and she pulled me up and hugged me. "It's OK Miranda it wasn't your fault."

"I was screaming at her, who's fault could it be?" I asked.

"I know what happened" She said as she kissed me. "I just know she's OK."

"She just got me so fuckin mad" I said, "The way she hurt you..."

"I know, I love you too" She said as she touched my face. "This might be a wake-up call for us all."


"Vanessa and Lila are talking for the first time in months like friends" Ashlyn said. "And Lila doesn't blame you."

"Can I at least apologize?" I asked. "I won't stay long or get her upset."

"She wants to see you actually" Ashlyn said as she took my hand and we walked silently through the huge double doors and into Lila's temporary room.

"Look Lila here she comes, now say something stupid" Vanessa giggled as we walked in. "Go on."

"Shut up" Lila said with a smile.

"I am so sorry for what happened" I said from beside Ashlyn. "I had no idea..."

"Why are you apologizing?" Lila asked. "I was the one who started with you and pulled that stupid stunt with Ashlyn's car. I was just trying to make people think I was a bad ass. Now I know I'm not."

"I'm still sorry, really sorry" I said. "Are you OK?"

"Panic attack" She said softly, "Felt like a heart attack though."

"I am sorry" I said as I walked over and hugged her and felt her hug me back and say into my ear, "I'm sorry too, please forgive me?"

"Only if you forgive me too" I said as I sat down on the edge of her bed and found her take my hand gently. "Deal?"

"Mmmmm-mmmmm" She said. "All those stupid poor girl jokes are over now. I won't bother you and Ashlyn again."

"Maybe if you try and give me a chance we can be friends" I said, "I'm tired of constantly fighting with you and Vanessa."

"I'm for that plan" Vanessa said as a nervous giggle ran through the room and Ashlyn sat down by Lila in the chair. "Lila and me settled some stuff already. Right?"

"Yeh I'm OK with her chooses and she's OK with me trying to except it" Lila said softly. "And I promise I'll try my best to except you guys too OK?"

"Except what?" I asked in total confusion.

"You and Ashlyn's relationship" Lila said. "I don't really hate that you're together, I hate that she choose you over me and Nessa."

"Well you can't blame me for that" I said as Lila held my hand and said, "I don't blame you anymore, I know what happened. Now if we can all just stop trading stupid insults maybe we can find some common ground."

"Well there is no trading insults with you, you suck at it" I said as I stuck out my tongue and got her to laugh. "Want me to buy you a book on insults?"

"No" She said as she laced our fingers and showed Ashlyn, "I wanna get to know you like Ashlyn did. Cause if she loves you so much, you have to be pretty great."

"I think I am" I said as everyone laughed. Vanessa sitting on the other side of Lila now as she said, "I agree with what she said."

"Why don't we all hang out one night and troll for girls at the mall?" Ashlyn asked with a wry smile.

"I'll have you know I am straight" Lila said, "Unlike you three."

"HUH?" I asked in shock as Vanessa gave Lila a 'I could kill you look'. "Three?"

"Ohmigod, Nessa likes pussy" Ashlyn said as she fell out of the chair laughing and I watched Vanessa cover her face in embarrassment, Lila laughed and I sat there stunned. Hearing no denial from Vanessa it for some reason struck me as not that shocking and for the life of me I couldn't place my finger on exactly why it struck me as that. That thought turned into one about this morning and that Emily girl. "Licky licky Nessa."

"Shut up, you've always been a turd" Vanessa said as she blushed a deep red.

"Oh shit yeah, someone asked about you this morning" I said as Vanessa moved her hands away from her face and asked with her eyes if I was talking to her. "Yeh you, girls name is Emily. She asked if you liked girls so maybe you wanna..."

"Emily Davenport?" Vanessa asked as she grabbed my arm excitedly. "Girl is hot."

"EWWWWWWWW" Lila said as we all laughed.

"Well she is pretty" I said, "Want me to introduce you?"

"Yes, yes, yes please?" Vanessa asked. "I'll be your best friend if you do."

"You gonna stay and talk for her too Randa?" Ashlyn asked as her and Lila laughed and Vanessa seemed hurt.

"Cool it that's not funny" I snapped and then saying to Vanessa, "If you want me too I can help you get a conversation going I don't mind."

"I suck with talking to people I'm into" Vanessa said.

"Hey Nessa it was only a joke" Ashlyn said. "Didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"It's OK" She said softly. "Will you really help me talk to Emily, I think she's so pretty and she might even give me a chance."

"I said I would, but you gotta stop being a bitch" I said with a smile as she grinned.

"Gotcha" She said.

"You ready?" Ashlyn asked an hour or so later as we then said bye to Lila. Vanessa rode home with us and for the first time I got to know the real Vanessa, and she was trying to be nice and not say something stupid and hurtful and I respected that. So I made the same effort. Heading to my house originally, until Ashlyn decided to go ahead and stop by Wal-mart and get the stuff we needed to make the Tye-dye. It was probably the first time Vanessa had ever allowed herself to go inside and she was like a kid in a candy store as she looked at the clothes and then the prices.

"That's only 15 bucks" She commented in amazement as she held up a spaghetti strap top and admired it. "They sell this at Brock's on the mall for 80 dollars, I know I've got it."

"Yeh now instead of two, you can buy one in each color" I giggled as she blushed and seemed to be biting her tongue and trying not to say something stupid.

"You like this?" She asked.

"Poor girl loves that" I said as she flipped it to me.

"Peace offering?" She asked as I smiled and looked at it. "Huh?"

"No, cause you can't buy my friendship" I said as I hung it back up. "Ashlyn never had too."

"OK, sorry" She said with a nervous shrug of the shoulders. "Just trying to be nice, it's new for me. Around the people I was friends with you learned to be anal and protect you're turf."

"Here's a tip" I said as she looked at me, "If you think it's sounds mean and hurtful then don't say it. Same thing with most everything in life. Like the old saying goes, it is better to remain silent and have the allusion of genius than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

"Remove all doubt?" She asked as she laughed. "I've done that with you a few times huh?"

"Yeh" I said as I smiled. "Those food stamp jokes are old."

"But that one you had, about me being mom's AA sponsor?" She said.


"I laughed at that one later" She said. "Sorry about all the poor girl jokes and..."

"Stuff it, I don't wanna hear it" I said firmly. "Until you can prove you wanna be my friend, you got no reason to apologize."

"Yes I do, I feel more horrible every minute you're nice to me" She said, "So I am sorry for all that shit."


"You don't forgive me do you?" She asked.

"No I don't" I said, "Some of that stuff really hurt and I don't know if I can ever really forgive you."

"Fair enough I guess" She said as Ashlyn came up with a buggy full of stuff.

"No bruises, no blood?" Ashlyn asked as I smiled. "I think we're making progress."

"She apologized and I think we might be...making progress" I said as she smiled. Ashlyn paid out and Vanessa bought me that spaghetti strap anyway and insisted I take it as we drove towards my house. The car filled with the sounds of chatter as for once we talked like old friends.

"You live in this neighborhood?" Vanessa asked as we turned on to my street.

"Yes I do and most of the people are nice" I said as I looked back at her from the passenger's seat of Ashlyn's Mustang. "Unlike most of your friends..."

"Ex-friends and that was not a knock on this neighborhood" Vanessa said, "I'd rather live down here among the real people over that bunch of snobs on Crane Street. Something I kinda realized recently."

"So I did smack some sense into you?" I asked as I stuck my tongue out and she did the same as we laughed.

"You two had better stop flirting now" Ashlyn said with a smirk as she looked first to me and then to Ashlyn in the rear view mirror.

"I'll have you know I'm not attracted at all to her" I said, "No offense Vanessa."

"None taken, same here" She said as she flipped me the bird and we laughed again. "Oh yeh, can you make me one of those shirts? Like you guys are wearing?"

"Nooo I won't" I said as she looked at me in confusion and then seemed to settle up on the fact that I was gonna make it hard for her to be my friend. Which in all seriousness I should do, but I'm forgiving and as long as she was trying I would too. "You can."

"Oh OK" She said.

"I'll help" I said as she smiled and Ashlyn pulled up in front of the house and parked as we got out.

"Man I'd hate to live in that dump" Vanessa said with a smirk and looking at my building.

"Fuck you Barbie" I said as I pushed her playfully and she pushed me back and for some reason we both started giggling as we wrestled and Ashlyn rolled her eyes as she pulled the Wal-mart bags out of the trunk.

"Wait, wait" Vanessa said as she saw the Wal-mart begs sitting on the bag of Ashlyn's car. "Can we go back there tomorrow or are they open? Wal-mart I mean."

"Barbie they stay open 24 hours day" I said as Vanessa blushed and laughed as she covered her face. "Barbie's advertising with her hair again."

"Ohmigod" She said as I laughed and smacked my arm as we again started to wrestle. Mr. Parker appearing from between the buildings as he again chased Princess Miranda, who was waddling slowly our way. Looking like she was about to pop any moment. "What a pretty cat."

"You mean you don't think it's a dog Wal-mart Barbie?" I asked as she flipped me off and sat down on the curb. Princess Miranda seemed hesitant at first but then slowly came over and rubbed on Vanessa's hand.

"Grab that feline" Mr. Parker said as he arrived at the edge of the sidewalk and Princess Miranda crawled into Vanessa's lap and laid down. "Well she's found a new friend."

"Looks like it" Vanessa said with a beautiful smile as Princess Miranda purred and obviously enjoyed having Vanessa's attention on her. "I know she's pregnant right? And no peanut gallery comments."

"Gonna pop any moment" Mr. Parker said. "Miranda sweety if you're still interested you get first pick."

"I want the first one no matter how adorable the others are" I said as he smiled.

"And I get number two" Ashlyn said, "Right?"

"If you choose to take one sweety" Mr. Parker said.

"I think she likes me" Vanessa said.

"Well who is this charming young lady who's got my Princess Miranda playing?" Mr. Parker asked as we watched Vanessa and Princess Miranda wrestle playfully.

"Vanessa Rosewood sir" Vanessa said as she rose with Princess Miranda still in her arms and extended her hand to Mr. Parker. "Nice to meet you."

"She's my friend, the one who...well...we're friends" Ashlyn said as Mr. Parker shook Vanessa's hand.

"Nice to meet you too, a friend of Miranda or Ashlyn is always a welcomed visitor" He said.

"Do you need some help getting her home I don't mind" Vanessa asked. "I think she likes me now."

"Well yes if you have a moment" Mr. Parker said with a gentle smile as he and Vanessa walked off.

"Hey Barbie, I live right here" I said as Vanessa rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Now Miranda I may be old and senile but I think even I can direct this lovely young lady back to your residence" Mr. Parker said Ashlyn and I collected the bags off the trunk of her car and made our way towards the house.

"I really like him" Ashlyn said with a smile as I opened my front door to a surprising sight. A man with a 'dish network' shirt was crouched behind the TV and setting up some wires. Mom was just coming out of the bedroom when she saw us and smiled.

"We got satellite now" She said. "He showed up and said it was compliments of the cable company. Delphi cable and handed me a case of creme rolls from some guy named Jeffrey 'Big Fat' Holland."

"Ohmigod it worked" Ashlyn said as she grabbed me and kissed my cheek excitedly. "I told you."

"You did this?" Mom asked.

"Yeh she called a few nights ago and threw her dad's around and..." I said as Ashlyn covered my mouth and said into my ear, "Careful what you say around the dish guy."

"Long story short, I scared the fuck out of him" Ashlyn said proudly.

"Well thank you" Mom said with a smile. "You hang around, I like you."

"Me too" I said with a smile.

"Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I quit" Mom said proudly.

"Why?" I asked in confusion as a huge bolt of worry surged through me.

"I got that job at Miller, Johnson and Sons law office" She said as I squealed and hugged her. "I start Monday. Three times the pay and medical if I stay for six months. Finally have your shoulder looked at."

"Your shoulder still bothering you?" Ashlyn asked softly.

"No it's OK, tight but it's fine" I said.

"I did this and if you need to we can go to any doctor you want to on me" She said as she moved in front of me.

"My shoulder is fine, it cramps sometimes but that's it" I said as I hugged her. "You've more than made up for that."

"Ladies we are good to go" The Dish Guy said as he met us by the kitchen counter. "Here is your remote and please call us anytime if you need assistance."

"Thank you" Mom said as she took the remote and he left a moment later with his tools.

"So now we celebrate huh?" Ashlyn asked. "I got my girl in my arms, her cool mom got a great new job and I made my peace with my bitchy best friend."

"I second that and tonight I am paying" Mom said, "Wait, Soda, pizza and a movie?"

"Yeh sounds good" Ashlyn said, "But first, you wanna help me get started on these shirts?"

"Yeh" I said as we disappeared into the bathroom and started to work on those shirts. I showed Ashlyn how to do it and before we knew it, with Mom pitching in we had 10 shirts hanging to dry in our cramped bathroom. The pizza arrived sometime after and we all settled in for a girls night of pizza and movies. Ashlyn talked Mom and me into watching a movie with Piper Perabo called, 'Lost and Delirious' on HBO. So sad and Mom didn't bitch about the brief nude scene in the middle. Course if she knew what it did to me she might have. Piper is hot. The credits rolled and I was still reliving that love making scene in my mind and wanting something to take it out of my mind and thankfully I remembered Vanessa hadn't come back yet.

"You think Vanessa is OK?" I asked.

"I dunno, I hope so" Ashlyn said. "She's been gone for like two hours."

"Vanessa?" Mom asked.

"Ashlyn's friend, she rode over with us and went to help Mr. Parker with Princess Miranda" I said as I got up. "I'm gonna go check on her OK?"

"Want me to go with you?" Ashlyn asked.

"Nah won't take a minute" I said as Ashlyn shrugged and I watched her and Mom get lost in conversation before I even left the door. I circled around the building and waved to a friend of Mr. Parker's down the way as I came to his door and knocked. Surprised to see Vanessa answer it. "You still bugging him?"

"No he's baking cookies and I am not leaving till he's done he promised me the first one" Vanessa said as I looked at her in confusion. "What?"

"Welcome, welcome" Mr. Parker said as he came back into the living room and Vanessa took a seat back in the recliner. "Have a seat."

"Is she bugging you?" I asked as I sat down on the couch.

"No, I was not, at least I hope not" She said.

"No we've had the best time visiting for the better part of the evening" Mr. Parker said. "Vanessa is a fascinating young lady. If I were 50 years younger."

"You'd still be out of luck, she likes girls" I said as I started to laugh.

"Miranda" Vanessa said as she blushed.

"Chill Vanessa, Mr. Parker is nice he understands some people love differently" I said as Mr. Parker took a seat beside me.

"This is true child, it takes all kinds to make the world go around" He said sweetly as Princess Miranda pranced into the room and promptly jumped into Vanessa's lap and sat down. "She's claimed you as her own."

"So what took two hours?" I asked.

"Ronald was telling me about his days in the army after World War 2" Vanessa said. "And he told me the funniest joke, what was it? The one about hell or high water?"

"Ronald?" I asked as I looked from one to the other.

"He said I could call him that" She said as Mr. Parker laughed.

"You always called me Mr. Parker no matter what I told you" Mr. Parker said, "So don't you say you can't call me that too."

"OK, Ronald" I said as he laughed. "Hell or high water?"

"Oh yes, see Miranda there was one time an older lady and a young boy sitting on the porch after the greatest flood the city had ever seen" Mr. Parker said. "The waters were still up so high they couldn't even leave the porch. So there the two of them sat, the old lady sewing and the young boy reading a comic book."


"Suddenly the young boy notices a hat floating on the water, not to unusual considering the circumstances" He said, "But this hat was floating down the full length of the yard and then back up to the porch and would then repeat the same trip time after time. Finally the young boy asked his Grandma, why it keeps doing that."

"This is so funny" Vanessa said.

"His Grandma replied" Mr. Parker said and changing his voice to resemble one of an old lady before going on, "Well young one, your Grandpa said he was gonna mow the grass today come hell...or high water."  

"Oh god that's good" I said as both me and Vanessa started laughing.

"Ronald look I think she's giving...oh my god I see one of the kittens" Vanessa announced as she pointed to Princess Miranda now laying in her box with what looked to be a newborn kitten by her side. "It happened that fast?"

"It tends too child, she'll be fine, you keep an eye on her and I'll check the cookies" He said as left the room.

"Sooo cool" Vanessa said as she moved to the floor and petted Princess Miranda gently, trying to comfort her I thought.

"Yeh you are kinda cool" I said softly as Vanessa looked up and smiled shyly when she realized I was talking to her.