Kiss My Ashlyn

"The Last Hurt"

Episode Eight

Copyright 2007

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Summary: Ashlyn, with Miranda's insistence, finally gives up on a relationship she had fought to maintain for far longer than she cares to admit. Realizing that no amount of reasoning or explanation will help her back into the heart of the person she now knows hates her. Problem is, this person is not so forgiving and forces a horrible confrontation in the front yard of the Kersh's home. Miranda now finding herself being the object of the wrath as she tries in vain to protect the person she loves most in the world. A fateful and shocking ending will leave every person involved changed for the rest of their lives.

Original Airdate: Monday, November 5, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(following an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex


The kittens popped out fine as Mr. Parker, err, Ronald put it and the mother, my namesake, is doing just fine thank you. She had 3 boys and a girl and one that didn't make it. Vanessa was beside herself with joy as we watched and stayed late with Mr. Parker, making sure Princess Miranda and the new babies were fine. Ashlyn finally came to look for me after her and Mom got worried as Vanessa and I said goodbye to Mr. Parker. Ashlyn seemed to be worried about something and Mom mentioned later that her mood had changed after she had gotten a phone call about 20 minutes before she came to find me and Vanessa. The weirdness continued as Ashlyn mumbled some excuse about needing to get home and before I could even protest she kissed me quickly and headed home with Vanessa.

"Well I'm off to bed" Mom said, about three hours or so after Ashlyn and Vanessa had headed out. "Not that I need to, cause now I have a real job."

"I think Ashlyn is good for us Mom" I said with a huge smile as I laid on the couch. "So many good things have happened since we made peace and well, fell in love."

"Satellite, my new job, your eyes" Mom said.

"My deal with Mr. Steele over the t-shirts, I don't get picked on at school anymore" I said, "And I fell in love."

"I'm glad it was her" Mom said with a smile.


"Mmmm-hmmm" She said, "She can't get you pregnant at 16 and ruin your life. And lords knows what you two have done already."

"Kiss" I said honestly as I sat up. "That's it."

"Well I'm off to bed before you say anything that gets me worrying again" Mom said as I laughed. "Goodnight."

"Night Rebecca" I said as she laughed and didn't offer a response. "Now for some satellite time."

You have no idea how much time it takes to turn through 400 or so channels on the satellite, well I do now, one hour and 47 minutes to be exact. I did that before I noticed a little button on the top that read, 'guide', hitting that popped up a guide to the entire system. Boy did I feel stupid after that. But with some much great TV to watch it quickly became a non-issue. We got everything too, all of the HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and every other channel they offered. Including about a hundred and fifty music channels that mostly suck but Mom would end up loving. I laid there for the longest time and watched movies on one of the pay channels and drifted off to sleep with the remote in my hand. That is till a loud banging came at the door and shook me from my peaceful slumber and a dream about Ashlyn.

"Who is it?" I asked in a yawn and figuring it was the cops again from the way they knocked. Not an uncommon occurrence in this neighborhood.

"'" The Voice said and I realized it must be Ashlyn. Opening the door, what I saw shocked me, her clothes were shredded and a dark bruise was forming across her chest.

"Not again" I said as I met her in the doorway with a hug as she held on to me. "She did this?"

"She found about you and me" Ashlyn cried as she wrapped her arms around me and I felt her almost begging me not to let go. "She tried to fucking kill me."

"You're safe now" I said as I got her to look at me. "I love you now, she won't do you this way again, cause you are not going back there."

"OK" She said as she nodded her agreement. "If nothing else you can stay here for a while. You OK?"

"My chest is hurting and so is my head" She said softly. "But I'm OK."

"You're still beautiful" I said as I pushed the door closed behind us and she smiled. "Want me to make you feel better?"

"You're happy to see me, you already are" She said as she kissed me. "Let me spend the night?"

"Try and leave and see what happens" I said as I grinned and touched her face gently and wiped away a few of her tears. "I just don't know how anyone could do you that way."

"My dad called and got her all hyper as usual" Ashlyn said, "Said he was gonna force me to come live with his prick ass. He caused all of this shit to start."

"Are you insane?" I asked, "She beat you have to death and it's you're dad's fault. No it is not, OK he made some mistakes in the past but maybe going to live with him is best. He won't beat you."

"No I'll just feel like the family outcast" She said with hurt in her eyes.

"Then you can come here and hang with me and...Rebecca till late" I said. "Just go home long enough to sleep."

"Maybe, I dunno maybe I can work things out with Mom" Ashlyn said as my anger rose.

"Nooo" I demanded as I walked off to keep from smacking her brains out at her own stupidity. Turning back from the living room I went on, "You wanna fight Kersh I'll kick your ass if you even talk about going back there again."


"I am fuckin serious" I said, "She beat you like a rag doll tonight and you come crying to me. Thank god you did. But if you keep going back to her for more I can't handle this."

"So it's you or her?" She asked pointedly and in that moment it was the way things appeared.

"I love you so much already" I said as I moved back in front of her and gently touched her face. "Please choose me and the I way feel for you. She doesn't love you. I do. Please?"

"I hate her" Ashlyn said as she hugged me and fought back tears. "Why won't she just love me?"

"I do, with all my heart" I said as I made her look at me. "I'm gonna keep saying that until you get it."

"I choose you" She said as she wrapped me tighter in her arms and kissed me softly. "I choose my love for you over her hatred, I love you."

"I win, ha ha ha" I giggled as she laughed. "Love you so much."

"You too Randa" She said with a bright smile.

Mom got up not to long after that and was shocked at what she saw across Ashlyn's chest. She wanted to beat Ashlyn's psycho Mom down herself but was begged out of it by Ashlyn. So come Saturday morning I finally got Ashlyn to call her dad, David, and after some begging and pleading from me and him, she agreed to live with him for a little while. While Mom took care of Ashlyn's bruises, we had a surprise visitor, of all people, Vanessa showed up. She rode the bus across town, yes Barbie rode public transportation. She wasn't exactly here to see me or Ashlyn but she had come to check on Mr. Parker and Princess Miranda. It was so nice seeing someone trying so hard to change and doing everything they could to heal the pain of the past. Vanessa was doing exactly that it appeared, although she spent most of the day with Mr. Parker it was still nice having her around. Another interesting event took place, the head of the law firm Mom was hired at called and requested that she take a training course for 3 days. Mom obviously agreed and then dropped the bomb that she'd be gone for those three days out of town for the seminar. Why the hell does it take three days to learn how to answer the phone?  

"I am in love with you" I said with an adoring smile to Ashlyn. We were standing outside by Ashlyn's mustang on this early Sunday morning and waiting on Mom to get ready so we could drop her off at the bus stop. "You do like me too right?"

"Little bit" She giggled as I blushed. "I love you too."

"So are we going by and meeting the father today?" I asked as she grinned.

"Any wonder why I love you?" She asked with a sweet smile. "And oh yeah will you go with me and get some of my stuff at Mom's?"

"Yeh of course" I said as I kissed her. "I go where you go."

"By the way Dad said he was OK with me and you" Ashlyn said as I smiled.

"I go where you go" I said again as she hugged me. "Can't wait to meet your sane parent."

"Thank god someone is finally on my side" Ashlyn said as she hugged me tighter. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be" I said as we parted just as Mom came out of the apartment looking like a million bucks. Ashlyn whistled and Mom blushed and hugged us both as she climbed into the car. She was on cloud nine the whole ride to the bus station I noted. Kissing both of our cheeks and saying, "You two better be good, hint hint."

"I like her a lot" Ashlyn said a few long minutes later as Mom's bus pulled away from the station and we were finally alone. She grinned at me and kissed me. We stood there for the longest time and did just that. But realizing we really did have to go and get this over with, we finally parted and with a deep breath of nervousness we headed across town. A few long tense minutes later we pulled up in front of a huge house on the city's southside. Ashlyn got out as I did and looked down the street to see a Grey haired gentleman walking his dog, Mr. Patterson. Ashlyn waved and he returned the favor as the front door opened and out staggered what looked to be an older alcholic version of Ashlyn. I moved around the car and got behind Ashlyn and hugged her.

"Stay behind me in case she starts OK?" She asked as I nodded and we nervously made our way to the door.

"I'm just coming to get my stuff Mom" Ashlyn said as we neared the front porch and watched her mother sit a drink down and sneer at us.

"My name is Rosemarie, who is this your whore?" She spat.

"She is my girlfriend she is not a whore" Ashlyn said as I hugged her to keep her calm. "I'm moving in with dad today and you can have this house."

"You think you're coming back in my house with your whoring girlfriend you're wrong" She said in a bitter and nasty tone. "And you are not taking anything out of my house."

"I'm taking my Cd's and pictures that's all I want" Ashlyn said as she tried to push past her mother and to my horror, Rosemarie pushed her hard back into me and we both went tumbling down the steps.

"Oh god" I heard Ashlyn groan as she came to rest beside of me, both of us in pain. Her worse I thought as she held her stomach with tears coming down her cheeks.

"Now you wanna try that again?" Rosemarie asked as she came off the porch and dumped her drink on Ashlyn, "I said you are not taking anything out of my house, you little whore."

"Come on Ashlyn get up, let's go you OK?" I asked as Ashlyn rolled onto her side and coughed as she held her stomach, I barely got to my feet and started to help her up when with a thud Rosemarie smacked me across the back of the head.

"I'll beat some sense into you too since you wanna stick your nose in a family matter" Rosemarie said as she grabbed my hair and jerked me back to my feet and smacked my face. I blocked her second attempt and tried to pull away and screamed in pain as I felt my hair about to rip out. "No, no, you wanna make my daughter a homo I'm not done with you yet."

"FUCK YOU" I screamed in a rage as she pushed me backwards and I felt my head slam into someone who turned out to be Ashlyn. For a moment as we both tumbled to the ground I was dizzy and knew we were both gonna get killed if someone didn't intervene. Ashlyn wasn't moving I saw to my horror and blood was dripping out of her nose and mouth as I rolled over and tried to get to her. "Please wake up baby, Ashlyn don't do this to me. GET UP."

"She's not getting up but you are" Rosemarie said as she jerked me up to my feet and even in my dazed condition I had the brains enough about me to use an old 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair move and poked her in the eyes. She screamed and grabbed her eyes as I slumped back to the ground and shook Ashlyn and felt her move and cough as her eyes opened. "YOU LITTLE FUCKIN WHORE I'M GONNA KILL YOU."

"Get...the bat" Ashlyn said as she sat up and pushed me towards the car and drew her mother's attention to her as I crawled away. Hearing a loud smack I saw Ashlyn's head snap back as I jumped up and ran for the car. Slipping and falling and looking back as Rosemarie again rose her hand to smack an again motionless Ashlyn. I screamed, "STOP YOU FUCKIN WHORE, I'LL KILL YOU."

"Let's see you try that" She said as she got to her feet and I scrambled for the car and opened the door just as she reached me. Grabbing the bat I felt her try and slam my head into the metal facing on the running board but somehow resisted. She spotted my hand on the bat and went for it, easily pulling it away from me as I now feared for my life. A gun shot rung out at that very moment as a pair of barking dogs seemed to be coming closer. Rosemarie looked back in shock as I grabbed the bat from her. Drawing her attention back to me as I swung at the one thing I could see in my vision, her hand on the door. I blasted her hand and felt the bone crunch under the bat and heard a blood curdling scream as she fell to the ground and screamed. I got to my feet and saw Mr. Patterson just coming into the yard with his gun in hand.

"THIS IS FOR ASHLYN YOU WHORE" I screamed as I swung the bat again as Rosemarie covered up and I felt it hit something as her cries of pain grew louder. I threw the bat down and got on top of her and clinched my fists into her hair and I shook her head as hard as I could. Violently back and forth and screamed every filthy word I could think as Mr. Patterson finally arrived to pull me off her. I had a death grip on her hair and I remember the screams of intense pain as he pulled me away, her hair ripping out in my hands. "LET ME GO, SHE DESERVES THIS, PLEASE LET ME KILL HER."

"OH GOD MY HAIR, MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR" She screamed from the ground. "OHMIGOD she was trying to kill me. They attacked me for no reason, James."

"You lying whore I'll kill..." I said as Rosemarie picked up the bat as she got to her feet and I feared I was gonna now be on the other end of a beat down.

"Not so bad without a weapon huh?" She asked as she came towards me when Mr. Patterson aimed his gun at her and finally spoke.

"I'll blow you straight to hell without a second thought if you don't put that bat down" He said to Rosemarie as she stopped and dropped the bat. "You've attacked your child for the last time Rosemarie. I'll give my life to save that sweet child you've tried to kill, if I go to prison for murder at least you'll be my victim you heartless drunk bitch."

"W-w-w-w-w James they...attacked...oh dear god" She said as I grabbed the bat and she backed away. I swung and missed as Mr. Patterson tried to grab me but I ran after Rosemarie. I saw Ashlyn try and stand as Rosemarie ran away. Rosemarie moving a few moments later between the opening in the gate at the back of the house and feeling for something it looked as I stopped and watched in horror and shock as suddenly her eyes went wide with the fear of death. A murderous scream escaped her lips and she disappeared over what I figured was a hill in the backyard. A few muffled screams of intense pain, a loud heart stopping thump and then nothing. Dead silence as I felt someone hug me and as I turned I saw Ashlyn. Not caring what happened to Rosemarie at the moment I kissed the girl I loved and wrapped her in my arms. I vaguely remember Mr. Patterson and his dogs running to the back of the house as I led a still groggy Ashlyn away from the carnage and prayed it was finally over.

"Please tell me you're OK my girl?" I said as I hugged her and held her steady now in front of the porch.

"I'm fine just got a headache thanks to you" She said with a smile as I gave her a look and she grinned, letting me know she was OK, then kissed me. "Your head is hard as fuck Randa my girl."

"Fuck you, so is yours" I said as we both laughed and hugged. A few moments later, a siren sounded in the distance as Mr. Patterson appeared from around the side of the house with a devastated look on his face. "What happened?"

"She's gone" Mr. Patterson said somberly. "The fall."

"Dead?" Ashlyn asked in shock.

"I'm afraid so my dear, she's not breathing" Mr. Patterson said and I feared in that moment that this was gonna be my fault in Ashlyn's eyes. "She was threatening your friend here and I chased her to close to the edge. I'm so sorry."

"Nooo you didn't" Ashlyn said softly. "Miranda..."

"I love you and she tried to kill me and you..."

"And you defended me with your life" Ashlyn said as she hugged me and I hugged her back and held on to her for dear life. A patrol car and ambulance pulled up and for the next hour it was controlled chaos as Ashlyn sat in my arms on the porch and remained silent as she watched. I kept kissing the back of her head every few minutes and was relieved when she smiled and always pulled me tighter around her. Mr. Patterson gave his statement as did Ashlyn and I and several of the other neighbors who came by to help. Ashlyn turned her head away as they brought the body of Rosemarie back up and I covered her face with my hands and looked away myself. They loaded it into the ambulance as a somewhat familiar face came over with a tired smile on his face.

"Ladies" Officer Morton said softly. "I hate to bother you but if you could please sign this, I think we can wrap up the preliminary investigation."

"What happens now?" I asked as I hugged Ashlyn.

"Ashlyn is finally free of that witch on the stretcher" He said. "She terrorized you for the last time."

"You know her?" I asked and just then recognizing him. "Lens crafters?"

"My usual beat" He said with a smile. "Ashlyn waved to me that day like always."

"She said you were cute" Ashlyn said as I blushed. "Way cute."

"Did you now?"

"I'm sure you got a girlfriend or a wife" I said, "Besides I'm taken."

"Guilty, wive and two kids" He said with a sweet smile.

"Can you make sure they keep my girl's name out of this?" Ashlyn asked. "She was only trying to protect me."

"Mr. Patterson explained what happened in great detail" He said. "I'm gonna make sure this one goes away. I can do that."

"You are way cute" I giggled as he smiled and heard Ashlyn clear her throat. Looking down I saw her eyes giving me a warning. "Sorry my girl he is. But you're cuter."

"Let me know if you need anything" He said as he touched Ashlyn's cheek and a few moments later he was gone.