Kiss My Ashlyn

"Coming Home"

Episode Nine

Copyright 2007

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Summary: After the life changing events in the Kersh's front yard just a few hours past, Miranda forces the issue of Ashlyn's father. Begging Ashlyn to at least give the proposed idea of her moving in with her father and his new family a chance. Later, both are surprised to be greeted by not one member of the Kersh family but all of them as Miranda gets to know the 'sane' side of Ashlyn's family. A meeting that ends up with a very surprising revelation concerning Ashlyn's half-sister and her.

Original Airdate: Monday, November 12, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed an ALL NEW 'Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers)')

Story Codes: no sex


"Hey Nessa" Ashlyn said as she picked up her phone after it had rung about 6 or 7 times.

"Can you come pick me up?" She asked nervously. "I wanna see the kittens."

"You keep coming by everyday and Mr. Parker is gonna get attached to you" Ashlyn said.

"So, at least someone likes me without automatically judging me" Vanessa said. "Yes or no?"

"Yeh let me deal with my family first and we'll roll by k?" Ashlyn asked as we sat in her now parked Mustang at the end of her father's street. Before the phone call she had been silent for the better of ten minutes before answering the phone. I had to almost force her to come after the insane drama with her psycho mother the day before. But she knew I wasn't gonna give in on this and finally agreed, if I came with her, like I was gonna let her come alone, so here we were just a few hundred feet away. She hung up with Nessa and looked over at me and I knew she was about to put on her best and last pleading defense so she wouldn't have to do this. So I braced for her next words.

"Look, Randa can't I just stay with you for a few days more until Rebecca comes home and do this then?" Ashlyn asked with pleading in her eyes. Just as I had expected.

"You know I want you with me" I said as I touched her face gently, "Let's just meet him and we'll see what happens from there. It's been a long time right?"

"Months and he doesn't wanna see me I bet" She said.

"Start the car please? I bet he does" I said as she finally gave in and started the car and slowly drove the final few hundred feet down the road as we spotted a little girl playing in the front yard with a German shepherd. Ashlyn pulled to the other side of the street, directly opposite that very house and looked over and pointed and said, "That's Dad's youngest Matilda, Matty."

"She's cute" I said as I opened my door and got out. Walking slowly around the car and opening Ashlyn's and taking her hand, "Come on my girl, I'm with you on this."

"You won't leave me?" She asked as she now stood in front of me.

"Not even for a second" I said with honesty in my eyes as I touched her cheek and we kissed for a long moment. "I Love you."

"You better" Ashlyn giggled. "Cause after what happened yesterday you are stuck with me."

"And you love me" I said as she laughed and said, "Of course I love you."


"What?" Ashlyn asked as she took my hand and laced our fingers as we made our way across the street. Matty being the one who screamed I noticed as she met us on the sidewalk. Her dog sitting protectively by her side as he looked up at us with suspicious eyes.

"I know you" She said as she pointed to Ashlyn with a smile. The dog apparently wasn't convinced as he let out a nasty sounding bark. "It's OK Max, I know her. She's my sister."

"Then what's her name?" I asked with a smirk as Ashlyn smiled.

"Ashlyn dumby" She said as we laughed. "You come to see me?"

"You and my dad"

"He's my dad too" She said proudly.

"No he's not" Ashlyn said as she squated down and smiled, " were a special delivery by the drunk stork."

"Yeh right and big bird on Sesame Street can fly" She said as Ashlyn laughed. "Why you been gone and did someone hurt you on your neck?"

"Yeh they did Matty" Ashlyn said as Matty looked mad and said, "I don't like mean people so whoever hit you I don't like them."

"It's OK they got what they deserved" Ashlyn said with a smile. "Wanna meet someone special?"

"Her?" Matty asked as she pointed to me and Max came over and rubbed his head on my thigh as if to 'hi and pet me'. Which I did gladly.

"This is my girlfriend Miranda Asher" Ashlyn said.

"If you get married your name will be Ashlyn Asher" Matty giggled as Ashlyn laughed and poked her in the belly. Matty laughed and backed away as Ashlyn crawled after her. Matty squealing and laughing as Max turned and went to protect Matty as Ashlyn caught her. Max started to jump around and bark as Ashlyn tickled her step-sister. I couldn't help but smile as I watched and saw a very handsome older man come out of the house in a rush.

"Matty are you OK?" He asked as he stopped when he spotted Ashlyn now laying on the grass with Matty on her stomach and Max sitting next to them. "Ashlyn?"

"Hey pops" Ashlyn said as Matty giggled.

"Finally decide I was good enough to visit?" He asked as Ashlyn closed her eyes and took a deep breath and I inserted myself into the conversation to break the developing tension.

"David Kersh, right?" I asked as I moved in front of him and held out my hand.

"Yes it is" He said as he shook my hand.

"Miranda Asher" I said as he released my hand and smiled. He was cute for an older guy. "Ashlyn's girlfriend and I hope you can except the fact that I love your daughter."

"I know who you are" He said with a smile. "Ashlyn explained what happened."

"You got big boogers" Matty giggled as Ashlyn started to tickle her again and Max again began to bark and nudge the two with his head to keep playing.

"Well since she's more interested in talking to her sister than me, can I ask why you're here?" He asked.

"Something terrible happened yesterday" I said as Ashlyn hugged Matty and rose from the ground with the girl in her arms and said, "Hold on Randa, this is my job to explain."

"I don't mind"

"I don't care who tells me, please someone tell me" David said.

"Mom's..." Ashlyn said and looking to Matty and setting her down and saying soothingly, "Go get me a soda?"

"OK, don't leave OK?" Matty asked as Ashlyn smiled and said, "I'll stay for a while."

"What about Rosemarie?" David asked as Matty disappeared into the house with Max on her trail.

"The bitch tried to kill me and Miranda this morning" Ashlyn said as she moved behind me and hugged me. "I got the bruises to prove it."

"Well if you think you're going back there tonight you are crazy" David snapped. "I have begged you..."

"SHE'S DEAD" Ashlyn screamed as David's face went pale white. Ashlyn started to cry as she hugged me and I sensed she couldn't go on.

"She was trying to hurt Ashlyn and I chased her..."

"Hush" Ashlyn said as she cut me off. "Mr. Patterson chased mom away from us and she fell down the back steps and broke her neck. He had a gun and had to threaten to kill her to keep her off me and Miranda."

"Oh good lord" David said as he, to my shock, hugged both of us warmly. I wondered why she had decided to tell that version of the story. But it slipped my mind as David went on. "She hated you because I left, when it was her own fault. I wish every day of my life that you would have listened to me and come to live with me."

"You didn't want me..."

"I am sick of fuckin hearing that" He snapped as he pulled Ashlyn around me and hugged her. "We had plenty of room and both me and your step-mom begged you to leave that crazy bitch."

"She's thick headed" I said as Ashlyn glared back at me for a moment. "You are, I love you, but it's the truth. I almost had to break up with her to get her to come here."

"Like your not?" She snapped as she moved in front of me.

"You made me go get my eyes checked and might have saved my vision and now I am returning the favor" I said as she smiled. "Thick heads like us gotta stick together."

"What did the police say? Do you need me to call somebody?" David asked.

"No, it's pretty cut and dry" Ashlyn said as she hugged me.


"What KayLyn?" David asked as a slightly older version of Matty appeared from beside the house and smiled as she asked, "Can you get my basketball down?"

"Don't go anywhere" David said as he pointed to us, "Please make her stay?"

"You got it" I said as I hugged her and watched him disappear around the side of the house. Thinking for a moment then about the story Ashlyn had told her father about Rosemarie's fall. "Why did you tell him that version of the story about the fall this morning?"

"Because you had nothing to do with her dying and he is not gonna look at you weird" She said as she kissed my cheek. "You are the only person who has ever tried to help me and I won't have him think otherwise."

"Keep treating me good and I'm gonna start to like you" I said as we both laughed. Matty came crashing back out of the door with Max in tow as she stopped in front of Ashlyn and me out of breath.

"Pepsi...OK?" She said between pants as she handed it to her.

"Perfect" Ashlyn said as she picked Matty up and hugged her. "I love you is that OK?"

"You love me?" Matty asked as Ashlyn smiled proudly and kissed her cheek.

"I sure do" Ashlyn said as I spotted David coming back around the house as Matty hugged Ashlyn tightly. "I'm your big sister kid and from now on I'm gonna be around all the time."

"YAY!" Matty screamed as the soda went flying and crashed down in front of Max and started to spew it's contents all over the walk as Max panicked and ran a few feet away barking as we all laughed. David laughing as he smiled proudly at his two daughters. Matty looking up at her father as she said, "Can Ashlyn come live with us?"

"If she wants too" David said as Matty squealed excitedly and asked Ashlyn, "You gonna live with me?"

"We can try that" She said as I breathed a sign of relief.

"You movin in too?" Matty asked as she pointed to me and I laughed.

"Nope, I got my own place and if your Dad says it's OK you can come with Ashlyn and visit me" I said as she held her arms out and I took her as she hugged me.

"Well Dad?" Matty asked as she looked back at David. "Please?"

"I don't see why not" He said as he tentatively hugged Ashlyn. "This time young lady I am not asking I am demanding you give us a chance to love you."

"What's going on?" A lady that looked liked an adult version of Matty asked from the door. Matty excitedly turned in my arms and said, "Mommy come here, I want you to meet my new friend."

"Kay, Ashlyn is coming to live with us" David said as he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. "Rosemarie was killed last yesterday."

"Oh my lord, Ash..."

"Don't even say you're sorry, cause I'm not, she hated me for things I couldn't control and she tried to hurt me and the most important in this world to me, her" Ashlyn said as she pointed to me. "That's Miranda..."

"She's my new best friend" Matty said proudly.

"It's nice to meet you" Kay said.

"You too" I said softly.

"So Kay..." Ashlyn said as she brought the attention back to her. "...I'm only giving this one chance, if you wanna be my mother and try and love me I'll let you. But you have to accept Miranda as a part of that package too."

"You are so much like your father it is incredible" Kay said as she touched Ashlyn's face, "I have wanted to love you since the day I met you. Me, you, Matty, KayLyn and David are gonna be a family finally."

"Don't forget Miranda" Matty announced as I couldn't help but hug her as she giggled and everyone laughed.

"I won't forget her" Kay said gently. "She must be special if you like her so much already."

"She said I could come and visit her with Ashlyn some at her place" Matty said.

"If it's OK, we'd love to have her" I said as Kay nodded. "She's no doubt mean as fire too huh?"

"Lord you have no idea" Kay laughed.

"HEY!" Matty said as I covered her mouth and we laughed.

"Daddy..." KayLyn said as she nervously joined the rest of the group in the front yard and looked up at Ashlyn. "...Hi."

"KayLyn?" Ashlyn asked as she smiled.

"Uh huh, I'm 10 I'm your other sister" She said and suddenly it dawned on me what her name must mean.

"Lyn as in Ashlyn" I asked.

"Yeh that's it" Kay said.

"You named her after me?" Ashlyn asked as Kay smiled and nodded and Ashlyn hugged her.

"It was her idea too" David said as Kay hugged Ashlyn back.

"I wanted to name her babblyn" Matty giggled.

"You weren't even born when she was" I said as she looked back at me and stuck out her tongue. "So you need to hush."

"Bite me" Matty said as I laughed and started playfully biting her neck as she squealed in laughter.

"I can be your sister too" KayLyn said as Ashlyn pulled away from Kay and touched her sisters face.

"We don't have a choice, you were named after me" Ashlyn said as KayLyn smiled. "They screwed you up from birth."

"Well you're not so bad, so I'm in good company huh?" She asked with a wry smile as Ashlyn laughed and hugged her. "Who made those bruises?"

"My other Mom" Ashlyn said softly.

"Then you should live with us, Mom never hits us" KayLyn said.

"I don't know what will happen but I can guarantee you I'll never do that to you" Kay said as my heart soared with Ashlyn smiling.

"Thank you" Ashlyn said.

"Wanna see my room?" Matty asked as she looked up at me with hope in her eyes.

"Of course I'm gonna share your room" I said as she laughed.

"No, my room ain't big enough" She said.

"Well then you can live with Max"

"DAD!" Matty said in protest as I laughed.

"How about we all go inside and set down to our first dinner as a family?" David asked and then pointing to me said, "That means you too."

"Gonna have to run me off" I said as Ashlyn took KayLyn's hand and led her over to us.

"Lyn this is my girlfriend and I love her very much" Ashlyn said as KayLyn smiled. "Miranda."

"I'm going to visit her with Ashlyn right?" Matty asked.

"I'm still considering" I said as Matty gave me a dirty look. "Yes your coming, and soon too."

"Can I? I know you don't know me but..."

"Yesss" I said, "How about a sleepover?"

"We could invite Vanessa and Lila too right?" Ashlyn asked.

"Mom will love that" I said as Ashlyn laughed and agreed.

"Never been to one, but OK" KayLyn said.

"Might even get you a girlfriend" Ashlyn said as KayLyn blushed and shrugged.

"Hey, excuse me I'd like to have at least daughter to bear me some grandchildren" David said as we laughed.

"What are you talking about pops? I already knocked Randa up" Ashlyn said as she flipped her father off and David chased her as Ashlyn squealed and took off running down the lawn. David chasing her as she ran into the street and squealed even louder when he caught her and started tickling her. I sat Matty down and watched her and KayLyn go running to their sisters defense. The smile on my face could not have been any bigger in that moment I don't think. Thinking in that brief moment that Ashlyn had finally found a family that would love her. My ears became filled with the laughter and squeals of the moment as I laughed at David as he chased his daughters around Ashlyn's Mustang.

"HELP ME ASH" Matty screamed as she ran to Ashlyn who picked her up protectively for a moment and then handed her to David as her and KayLyn ran off laughing. "HELP, HE'S TICKLING MY FUNNY BONE, MOM!"

David kissed his daughter's cheek and whispered something in her ear as he pointed to the other two. Matty giggled and agreed as David sat her down and they chased after Ashlyn and Kaylyn, who where now hiding behind David's car. Kaylyn suddenly turned on her own big sister and pushed Ashlyn into David and Matty's path as she laughed and ran off. She ran as she looked back and I saw my opportunity as I grabbed her in a bear hug and she screamed in surprise as she looked back at me and smiled.

"ASH COME GET HER" I screamed as KayLyn's eyes went wide as Ashlyn broke away from David and Matty and charged towards me and her sister, stopping and starting to tickle a defenseless KayLyn as I held her arms and she squealed in laughter.

"DADDY!" KayLyn screamed as David arrived on the scene and pulled KayLyn free as Ashlyn jumped behind and hugged me. David trying to get at her now as I held my hands up to defend any attacks. Then screaming myself when Ashlyn turned on me and started tickling me as we tumbled to the ground in a fit of laughter. I only then realized that Ashlyn was being attacked to, by her own step-mother. She fought to get lose as did I as Kay tickled her. She finally broke away and crawled off only to be tackled back onto the grass by a giggling Matty and KayLyn. I felt an arm around my shoulder as I tried to get up and help, but looked to see Kay smiling at me. She had the biggest smile on her face as she sat up to meet me and asked softly, "You had a lot to do with her coming here?"

"I did, she's thick headed" I said as Kay laughed.

"David Kersh straight up and down" She said with a smile. "Thank you for getting her to come."

"I just knew this was something that might make her feel loved" I said. "By someone other than me."

"David has wanted to love her every day I've known him and she just wouldn't let him because of me and her mother's poison" Kay said, "Now, finally she has someone on her side that's not out to hurt her for sport."

"You know we hated each other until just a few days ago really" I said as Kay's face showed her surprise. "Yeh, the principal, Mr. Steele, at school made us start hanging out with each other as punishment. We finally started talking and she realized a lot of stuff was wrong in her life and I stood up for her and she did the same for me. Before we knew it, this happened."

"I'll have to thank this Mister Steele" She commented. "He seems like a smart man."

"Yeh very creative" I said as we both laughed. "I owe him a lot because he gave me the opportunity to fall in love with that amazing girl over here."

"You've got a good Mom?" She said as she cleared the hair out of my eyes. A 'Mom move' if there ever was one, I thought.

"Yeh she tries her best" I said, "We don't have a lot but we got it honest and she loves me with all her heart and she adores Ashlyn. She's away training for a new job right now."

"Well your more than welcome to stay in the guest room while she's away" Kay offered. "Don't want Ashlyn worrying about you being all alone."

"Sure, why not" I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Cause I expect to see a lot of you" She said as she kissed my forehead. "Ashlyn may have never come if it were not for you."

"MIRANDA HELP!" Ashlyn screamed in a giggle as David held her and both Matty and KayLyn poked her now. "HELP MY GIRL!"

"Be right back" I said as I charged into the street and grabbed both Matty and KayLyn as they squealed in laughter.