Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 1 "99 Pounds"

Written by: TVM (



Well it's been a while folks (almost 7 years). Maybe too long for you to remember who I am, so let me introduce myself again, I'm Kaylyn Kersh. Yes, the little sister of Ashlyn Kersh. Yes that Ashlyn, the one whose name is in the title up there. And of course you remember her love, Miranda Asher right? I thought you would. They're pretty unforgettable. But this story isn't really about them, though I will be updating you on their lives from time to time (like them moving to California and having a baby?), this is about me, my horny little sister, Matty (and her friend Jennifer) and how I became friends with the girl who moved into Miranda's old apartment. And... oh yeah don't forget my strange relationship with the two hottest girls in school, Stacey Rosewood and Ali "Alisha" Curtis.

It all began pretty innocently one morning with me rising early (like 5 a.m.) and getting a quick shower before logging on to the internet to check my email. Nothing appeared to be very interesting until I came across a link from Matty's friend, Jennifer, inviting me to watch her and Matty's new video. I clicked the link and proceeded to laugh my ass off as I watched the two diving into the pool one after another. At the very end Matty came over to the camera and grinned knowingly before flashing the camera and laughing as she turned it off.

"Well she doesn't have boobs yet," I noted as I closed the page and stumbled upon another video in the 'recommended' section that always sits to the left of the comments section. It was a dance video from an account named, StaceyisAli. I recognized the girls right away as they started bouncing around in the bedroom to the beat of some song I'd never heard. As I watched them dance around each other slowly and paw each other suggestively I got the idea that these two were either good actors or they really really liked each other but were afraid to take it to the next level. The best part of the video, though, was the last 30 seconds as both girls flashed their g-string style thongs to the camera, briefly. It ended with the most suggestive moves of all as Ali shook her ass and dropped down to the floor and laid back and let Stacey do a dangerously sexy crawl up and over her body. Both smiled into the camera as it faded to black. "Very interesting."

"Who the hell would be calling this early?" I asked as I picked up my cell phone and saw that it was a text message from Miranda reading, "Still think going to public school was a good idea, dork?"

"Yes I do, cunt," I wrote her back and laughed as I sent it. What my new sister-in-law (legally married to Ashlyn in California) was referring to is my decision to give my Mom (Kay) her life back and go to public school for the first time since I was 10. Mom had home schooled me since then and was reluctant to let me go back to school even though she desperately wanted to go back to work. She finally agreed. Even taking Ashlyn's prized classic 65 Fastback Mustang out of storage and letting me drive it. Though having the coolest car didn't help me make any friends on my first few days in school. I mostly spent those sitting alone in the lunch room despite being one of the 'rich kids' as I've been tagged.

"Hey, you up already?" Mom asked as she popped her head into my room after she tapped on my door.

"Yeah just checking my email," I said as Mom came in and sat down on the end of my bed. "What's up?"

"How is school going?" Mom asked with a worried look on her face.

"Pretty good, I've got three dates for the prom already," I said as Mom rolled her eyes. "Two girls and what I think is a guy."

"You and you're sister kill me with those smart ass comments," Mom said as she laughed. "Now be serious."

"It's going," I said simply.

"This is what I was worried about," Mom said.

"Mom chill," I said. "I've got a couple of girls that I eat lunch with and I don't regret going back to school."

"I hope so because I really love working again," Mom said. "It's so nice being out of the house during the day."

"You don't love me anymore," I pretended to cry as Mom laughed.

"Move out already," Mom said as she got up to leave the room and left me laughing as I got up to get ready for school, heading for the kitchen an hour later where I said goodbye to Mom (Kay) and Dad (David) as they headed off for work. I peaked out the window to make sure it wasn't raining or anything, then turned around and almost had the life scared out of me by my little sister, Matty, who was now standing directly behind me at the kitchen counter.

"Good grief Matty stop my heart," I said as she grinned victoriously. "What do you want?"

"A ride to school," she said as I took a bite of my muffin and rolled my eyes. "You said you would when you turned 16."

"And I will but you gotta start acting your age," I said to her. "And just so you know that's 11 and not five."

"OK," she said in confusion.

"That means when I talk to a guy you don't sit in the passengers seat and giggle the whole time," I said as she blushed. "Uh huh you know exactly what I'm talking about."

"OK, so you want me to grow up right?" she asked from across the counter.

"Not too fast, but yeah," I countered.

"Then tell me how to masturbate!" she blurted out, causing me to choke on my muffin as I looked at her in total disbelief.

"Are you fucking crazy?" I finally replied. "Tell you what?"

"Masturbate," she repeated with an innocent look. "I've been reading about it online and apparently I'm not very good at it."

"Then why are you asking me for?" I asked.

"Let's see, my friend Jennifer, is as confused as I am, Mom would drop dead of embarrassment and Dad would send me to military school," she replied. "And those are the only people I trust enough to ask. Except you."

"Kid, you sure know how to win an argument," I said as she grinned. "What do you wanna know?"

"What's the easiest way to do it?" she asked.

"I cannot believe I am telling you this," I said and covering my eyes with my hands, "By rubbing your clit."

"I don't think I have one," Matty said as I laughed. "Stop making fun of me."

"You do to have one," I said quickly. "But it may be hiding."

"See, again I'm totally confused," she said.

"OK, look I am gonna tell you but I am not, under any circumstances, gonna show you," I said. "All you gotta do is wet one of your fingers and stick it in a little bit right at the very top and you should feel it."

"And I can.... you know..."

"Get off?" I asked and watched her nod. "Should be pretty easy."

"OK," she said as she turned to leave the room. But being that this girl was the sister of both me and Ashlyn you know she'd have to have something to add to that to make it just a bit more embarrassing. "Do we have time for me to try it now?"

"GET YOUR BAG, NYMPHO!" I screamed after her as she ran down the hall laughing. "That was a nice way to begin the day. By talking to my little sister about masturbation."

Matty arrived back downstairs a few minutes later and we headed out for school. Since I now had the privilege of driving Ashlyn's former car, a 65' Mustang painted cherry red with white interior and all of its original parts with exception of my CD player, I dropped Matty at her school and headed onto the high school. I revved the engine as I came into the parking lot (a classic Ashlyn move) to get everyone's attention and pulling into Ashlyn's former spot, right by the entrance. Ha Ha.

"Maybe someone will finally notice I go here," I said to myself as I got out and locked it up and sensed that someone was behind me. Turning, I saw a pair of faces that I had, literally, seen just a couple hours before on the net, Stacey and Ali, only now the two were trailed by their pack of pathetics. "Yes?"

"Nice car," Ali said as she joined me and gave me a smile that ran all the way through me. "You're new here, no?"

"No, I've been going here for three days," I said with a smirk. Several of the Pathetics giggled.

"Very funny," Stacey retorted. "You may wanna take this seriously because we're thinking about letting you run with us."

"I'm sorry but I'm not a tag-along," I said. "Maybe you don't know who my sister is?"

"Your sister used to be the leader of this group," Stacey said. "Before she lost her mind."

"Yeah she fell in love with a great girl," I said. "I got classes."

"I'm not giving up on you just yet," Stacey said with a grin. "You've got money and us girls need to stick together."

"That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard," I said under my breath as Stacey and Ali and the Pathetics walked away and gave me pause as I gawked at the girls legs and then up a bit to what I'd seen in a thong just hours before, ass. The girls were wearing matching hot pink skirts that flew dangerously high as they walked. "WOW!"

"I like your car," a girl said as she walked by and smiled as she stopped for a moment. "Classic."

"It's actually a remake," I said as she laughed.

"That's funny," she said. "I'm Kacey."

"Kaylyn," I said as I picked up my bag and joined her for the walk inside.

"You're new here?" she asked.

"3 days now," I said. "And you are the first person to even talk to me."

"That's not true, I saw you talking to Stacey and her girlfriend," Kacey said as I laughed.

"The first person that talked to me that mattered," I said. "Those two are snobs."

"Stacey more than Ali," Kacey said as the bell rang. "Hey, you wanna eat lunch together?"

"If you sit with me and talk I'll buy you lunch," I said as she grinned.

"See ya then," Kacey said as she ran off to class.

"And how are we adjusting to our first days back in school?" Mr. Steele asked as I came by the office.

"I think I'm getting a handle on it," I said as he grinned.

"Come by and talk to me if you need too," he said as I nodded my head and went on my way to class. I was thinking if it were any other Principal that I might not even consider it but since it was Mr. Steele (one of Miranda and Ashlyn's favorite people) I'd most likely take him up on that offer.

A few hours passed, filled with classes, and I had settled into my usual seat in the cafeteria and hoped I'd see Kacey soon. I got worried when I didn't spot her in the incredibly crowded room for a long few minutes. Though I did spot Ali as she came swaying in and drew the attention of the football team, the basketball team and even the cheer leading squad as most everyone was gawking. She got in line with the rest of the students and caught my eye and had to know I was practically drooling over her (I was). She gave a quick flirty wave as I smiled back but soon snapped my eyes away when Stacey arrived on the scene.


"Hey!" I said as I looked up and saw Kacey. "Sit down?"

"I can't," she said. "My English lit teacher has something for me and by the time I get back lunch will be over."

"Here then, take my desert so you don't starve," I said as I handed her my apple turnover. She took it and grinned as she took a bite of it and walked off. "I like her."

I honestly thought that would be the highlight of my day as I walked into 5th period (P.E.) and found that I was on the same team as Ali in volleyball. I spent most of the hour behind her and playing anything she missed as I stared at her ass in those amazingly short shorts. She knew I was too, I think. Though she only said one or two things to me the entire period and I exited before everyone else and disappeared into one of the bathroom stalls for a long moment to compose myself. I played with my hair in the mirror as most of the girls took showers and went back to their regular schedule while I remained behind. Finally, thinking I was alone, I stripped down to my birthday suit and enjoyed a few moments of solace in one of the two person shower units as I washed my hair.

"Can I share your shower?" came the voice just as I was washing the soap out of my eyes. I barely got them open before the girl came in. "You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all," I babbled in shock as I saw it was Ali. She smiled and looked me up and down. Obviously I was naked, and unfortunately she showed not much reaction. Making me think that my rather tame tan, firm but small breasts, flat stomach and smoothie wasn't much for her to look at. I assumed she was probably straight anyway. "The other showers out of hot water?"

"You know it," she said as she took off her towel and made me re-think my stance about liking guys more than girls. She had the single best tan in the history of ever. Dark, rich, from head to toe. She then turned to hang the towel up on the same nail that mine was on. She stood on her tip toes for a few seconds as she did and brought my attention to her ass, the perfectly tanned heart shaped ass that now stood at full attention with her on tip toes. Such a beautiful pair of legs too, I noted, as I stepped back into the spray of the shower and watched her turn. She had to have been a cheerleader somewhere along the line. The view was even better from the front though as her big titties were so firm, down her flat rippled abs to a smoothie that made my mouth water. Is this what perfection looks like? "Move over?"

"Sure," I said as she joined me and purposely, I think, rubbed her ass against my inner thigh and made me wanna scream. I had to stop her from moving back any further and my hands ended up on the smooth skin of her lower back. She simply grinned over her shoulder and moved forward a bit. I finished a few moments later and simply watched her for the longest time as she washed her hair and then soaped up and rinsed off. What a phenomenal way to spend fifteen minutes. Far better than any porn I've ever watched.

"Thanks for sharing," Ali chirped as we exited the shower and she disappeared out of the shower room and left me thinking that she had just convinced me to join her little group. If nothing else to just have the chance to hang around with her and maybe, if she ever decided to try it, catch a date with the hottest girl on planet earth.

"I think I really like school now," I giggled as I drove away at the end of the day and spotted Kacey on the corner as she waited for the bus. I waved and was gonna offer her a ride home but got stuck in traffic and lost her in the crowd as she boarded the bus a moment later. Thinking aloud about Kacey then, I muttered, "She's the quiet type I guess and I could definitely use a friend like that."

I pulled into the driveway at home and found Jennifer and Matty doing cannonballs into the pool out back. Dad's new security fence was now shining brightly in the sunlight. I watched for a little while as I relived the moments of the day. That shower, though, was the event that left me needing a good orgasm to satisfy the desire I now had for that unbelievably hot Ali girl.

"Come join us," Jennifer said with a wave as I motioned I'd rather not. "Why not?"

"She's horny and needs to run and masturbate," Matty said from the diving board as Jennifer cracked up. I flipped Matty off as she laughed and returned the favor as she went airborne and did a full twist before crashing to the water below. Matty's suggestion though did spark an even greater yearning for just that as I quietly slipped away up the back steps into the house to my bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes and settled in at my computer and headed over to check my email and again was able to find the link to the dance video I'd seen early this morning of Ali and Stacey. That was what I needed as they started dancing around I used a thin candle to work my pussy over and was really pumping it in and out at a blistering pace when the thong shot came up. I paused the video and focused on Ali's hot little ass as I blasted off into the stratosphere and had an awe inspiring orgasm.

"One more like that please," I said with a giggle as I recovered. I then absentmindedly clicked on an ad at the top of the video page that turned out to be for a porn site. "Good lord, what the fuck is this? WOW that's hot."

I had accidentally clicked on a page called, 'Sandwich it', a niche porn site that featured all girl threesomes with a unique sexual position. Basically two girls 69 and the one on top gets butt fucked by a girl with a fake cock (strap-on; FeelDoe). Though upon first viewing the vid it looked like a chick-with-a-dick was doing the anal. But I soon found out that the girl with the cock just wasn't using a traditional strap-on but using something NEW that's called a 'The FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Harness Dildo'. A fake cock with NO strap. Very sexy.

"OH WOW!" I moaned as I watched the preview trailer that featured the above mentioned activities with three girls. Two younger ones (18-ish) and an older woman who kept moaning about loving young ass. She sure did as she plunged her cock in and out of the blond on top until the small preview ended. "OK, we know it's a rip off but I'm horny and I'm rich, well my parents are, and I'm gonna join."

30 dollars, a used credit card and few seconds of verification later, I was the newest member of 'Sandwich It'. This is when you can say I turned into an asshound, so-to-speak, as every moment of the next hour was spent watching the 8 or 10 videos I downloaded from the site. The last one though was the best as it contained a girl who didn't look very much different than me with two tanned cute blondes with mouth watering bodies much like Stacey and Ali. And the best part was the threesome made excellent use of the poolside mats in their video. I came with the girl using the FeelDoe twice as she butt fucked each girl. I so wanted to live out that fantasy in real life. Though I was spent.

"KAYLYN," Dad bellowed as he banged on my door. I snapped awake from my after school nap and shook the head phones off my head and said, "What?"

"Dinner is ready," Dad (David) said as he popped his head into my room. "You hungry?"

"Starved," I said as I got up to join him for the walk downstairs and the kitchen. He put his arm around me and asked, "School going OK, my girl?"

"I met a nice girl today," I said and thinking of Kacey. "She wants to be friends I'm pretty sure."

"We have a breakthrough," Dad said. "I was worried you were hopeless."

"If you don't stop picking on me I'm gonna come home one night with a 6 foot 8 biker with a beard and beer gut," I said as he laughed.

"Male or female?" he asked as we both laughed.

"I don't know, which do you prefer?" I asked as Dad pointed at me as a warning that I'd got him good.

"You wanna watch movies with us?" Jennifer asked as she came into the kitchen as I was flipping through a magazine and getting ready for bed after dinner.

"Lesbian hikers part four?" I asked as Jennifer gave me a sour look.

"Nooo," she said. "Some Mel Gibson, Matt Damon movie."

"Maybe next time," I said as I walked with her back to the living room and detoured up the steps as she rejoined Matty. I definitely needed a good night of sleep and that was what I got. I woke up early again as this time dad poked his head in to tell me that he'd scheduled an appointment for me with Mr. Steele to chat about ideas for the upcoming charity drive first thing this morning. So that was the first place I headed when I arrived at school a couple hours later.

"Where is everyone?" I asked I arrived inside to find that my meeting with Mr. Steele had been delayed due to a disciplinary problem. I listened for a moment at the door to his office upon hearing voices coming from the other side.

"Ms. Rosewood this is the third time you've targeted Ms. Ericsson for one of your pranks," Mr. Steele said. Ms. Rosewood being Vanessa's cousin, Stacey, "Now what do you expect me to do?"

"It was a simple prank," Stacey explained in a flirty voice. "And Kacey simply took it the wrong way."

"You mean the wrong way by falling down the stairs?" Mr. Steele asked. "You broke her arm for a prank?"

That piece of news certainly changed my view of Stacey in an instant. A door opening drew my attention as I looked back to see a pretty girl that I recognized as Kacey coming out of the nurse's office with her arm in a sling. She sat down in the chair just outside, looking around nervously. Her last name must be Ericsson I noted mentally. But why would Stacey try and break her arm? Kacey seemed so nice.

"What the hell do you mean I am suspended for two weeks?" Stacey asked back in the office.

"I mean you are suspended for two weeks and after that time I have something in my mind for you that should be very beneficial," Mr. Steele said.

"My Aunt Barbara is gonna have the final say on this one," Stacey declared. Barbara being Vanessa's Mom and now Stacey's guardian.

"Your Aunt Barbara pleaded with me not to have assault charges filed against you," Mr. Steele said as I heard a clearing of the throat and tapping of the foot that signaled, what I thought, was the arrival of a teacher, but was actually Stacey's best friend, Ali Curtis. She half smiled as she realized it was me, before going into full flirt mode and smiling at me as I smiled back at her. I spotted her thong, just barely peaking out the top of her skin tight jeans.

"What are you doing here?" Ali asked.

"I had a meeting with Mr. Steele and it turns out that Stacey attacked Kacey," I said as I pointed to Kacey behind Ali. Her smile faded as she glared at me through narrow eyes and barked, "Little poor girl started it."

"If you say so!"

"What are you looking at poor girl?" Ali asked as she turned her venom onto someone who couldn't defend herself.

"Nothing," Kacey said. "You already hurt my arm why can't you leave me alone?"

"Because you squealed on my girl you bitch," Ali demanded as she marched into the hall. I groaned and tossed down my bag and trailed her as she towered over a scared Kacey now. "I'm gonna beat you for having the nerve to even look at me."

"Knock it off," I demanded as I stopped behind her. She looked at back at me and sighed.

"Stay out of this Kersh, it's none of your business," Ali advised me and honestly I still wanted to be friends so I could hopefully find out if she was into girls. "You don't wanna get on mine and Stacey's bad side."

"Oh you and Stacey? I heard you two were lesbians," I blurted as a comeback to her threat as Kacey giggled in the background and Ali fumed.

"Screw you crooked nose," she finally said and half smiled at her victory. My nose isn't perfectly straight due to a football pass that I neglected to catch about two years ago (thanks a lot Ashlyn!).

"Oh, so you wanna talk about oddly shaped body parts do you?" I asked. "Why don't we start with your watermelon shaped head and that bad dye job that sits on top of it."

"My head is not shaped like a watermelon," Ali declared.

"And let's not even talk about your boobs," I said as I pointed.

"What about them?"

"Who's sock drawer did they come out of?" I asked as Kacey started laughing out loud as Ali looked at me with an evil stare and clenched her fists into balls at her side in a fit of anger.

"My breasts are perfectly normal," Ali said through clenched teeth. And I have to agree with her on that.

"You might wanna try water balloons tomorrow, they have a much more realistic texture," I said as she screamed in anger and stomped off as I laughed. "THEY LOOK GREAT THOUGH!"

"OHMIGOD I've never laughed so hard in my life," Kacey said as she rushed to my side with an ear to ear grin. "You played her like Charlie Daniels plays a fiddle."

"And who is that?"

"He's a musician," Kacey said. "My mom, Alex, loves him. You should come over sometime and I'll play you some of his songs... on second thought... never mind. You probably have hundreds of better things to do."

"You'd be surprised," I said. "Wanna ride home after school and we can maybe do that? I don't have any other plans?"

"Really? OK," Kacey enthused.

"But we do have to stop and pick up my little sister, Matty, at the middle school first," I said. The Principle's door opened and out popped Stacey as she locked on Kacey.

"You got me suspended for two weeks," Stacey said as Kacey moved behind me. "You will pay for this."

"You already broke her arm and now you're threatening her again?" I asked. "And no I won't stay out of it."

"Fine!" Stacey practically screamed. "Get involved Kersh. And find out what happens to the both of you."

"OHHH I'm shaking," I said as Stacey glared at me with a hate filled look.

"You got two weeks Ericsson and when I get back I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."

"Stutter in confused stupidity?" I asked.

"Fuck you whore," Stacey fired at me.

"You're cute and got great boobs, so OK," I said with a flirty smile.

"Seriously? I mean... FUCK YOU," Stacey said before storming off herself.

"I'VE GOT A BAG I CAN COVER YOUR FACE WITH!" I hollered after her, while Kacey again cracked up.

"Kersh 2, Pathetics 0!" Kacey summarized.

"Those two are so easy," I said. "Stacey and her 3rd grade insults."

"You realize they're gonna try and get you back," Kacey said.

"So I'll out smart them again," I said as Kacey shrugged. "We might have to stick together though."


"Yeah, cause if I know those two and their friends, they would love to catch either of us alone," I said as Kacey looked worried.

"They already hurt my arm why can't they leave me alone?" Kacey asked.

"I don't know," I said with a shrug. "But I got a feeling that we're both on their shit list now."

"Ladies," Mr. Steele said as he came out of the office and saw us standing by the door. "How are you, Ms. Ericsson?"

"It's not broke but it's bruised really bad," Kacey said.

"What exactly happened?" Mr. Steele said.

"I was sitting in the hall down by the soda machines and Ali and Stacey came by and saw me," Kacey said. "They started calling me names and when I tried to walk away they started pushing me and I fell down the stairs."

"I don't tolerate violence on my campus," Mr. Steele said. "And that includes your already planned, I'm assuming, retaliation."

"Retaliate? I just want them to leave me alone," Kacey said. "If they do that we'll be fine."

"There's a familiar face," I said as I looked back and saw Vanessa (Ashlyn's old friend) swaying down the hall towards us with a smile. She was now working as Mr. Steele's secretary. "Hey!"

"Hey," Vanessa said with a friendly smile. "What happened to you Kacey?"

"You're evil troll doll of a cousin jumped her," I said as Vanessa took a tired breath.

"I told Mom that the girl was going down the same path as me," Vanessa said.

"Is Stacey still staying with your mother, Barbara?" Mr. Steele asked.

"Yeah she is," Vanessa said. "She's actually got my old room."

"The evil fumes have infected her," I said as Vanessa pointed at me with an amused smile. "Right Nessa?"

"You got a mouth just like your sister," Vanessa said to me.

"Thanks," I said with my best smirk. Mr. Steele laughed.

"I know this is a long shot but do you think there's any chance you could maybe have a talk with Stacey?"

"Mr. Steele, I've already tried that," Vanessa said. "She's so damn hard headed it's incredible. I even had Lila talk to her and she didn't get anywhere."

"So weird that you're dating dating Lila now," I commented. Referring to Vanessa and Ashlyn's old friend, Lila Matthews. You'll probably remember her as the girl with the heart problem. Well she had surgery about 8 months ago on it and right after that her and Vanessa started dating. "I thought she was like straight as an arrow."

"I guess she saw that I would do anything for her after she had surgery," Vanessa said with a smile.

"Well you give Lila my best," Mr. Steele said.

"Will do," Vanessa said as Mr. Steele walked off in what looked to be deep thought.

"So have you heard from that whoring sister of yours?" Vanessa asked me.

"Yeah and she said to tell you that her pimping business is down and wanted to know if you were still thinking about a comeback," I said with a poke to Vanessa's ribs as Kacey laughed.

"If you don't hush I'm gonna give you detention," Vanessa threatened me.

"Ashlyn did call and say hi," I said. "Her and Miranda just moved into a new house on the coast in Marina del Rey."

"I don't know how they did it," Vanessa said. "They took a business they started in Miranda's bath tub and transformed it into a million dollar business."

"When you can charge 80 dollars per shirt you can make a million bucks really fast," I said.

"How's baby Becky doing?" Vanessa asked.

"Almost four now and starting to be a smart ass and all that good stuff," I said. "Miranda put her on webcam last time we talked and she waved to me."

"Miranda surprised me when she wanted the baby and then going through everything they did to have it was awesome," Vanessa said.

"They didn't adopt?" Kacey asked.

"Nope," I said. "Miranda was artificially inseminated and she carried it to term. And then she named the baby, well her and Ashlyn named it, after Rebecca."

"Who's Rebecca?" Kacey said.

"That's Miranda's Mom," I said. "She was killed about five years ago in a car accident."

"She must have loved her mom a lot to name a baby after her," Kacey said.

"Rebecca was special," Vanessa said. "Hey have you been by to see Mr. Parker lately?"

"Not in a long time," I said. "He calls my Mom all the time though."

"Mr. Parker? I live around the way from a Mister Parker," Kacey said.

"Where do you live?"

"Down past the tracks in the old grey complex?" she asked as my eyes opened in surprise. She lived in the same building that Miranda used to live in. "Why?"

"What apartment?" Vanessa asked.

"3C," Kacey said.

"That's the same apartment Miranda used to live in," I said.

"Are you kidding?" Kacey asked. "That's so cool."

"Yeah it is," I said.

"Is it Ronald Parker you know?" Vanessa asked Kacey.

"Yep," Kacey confirmed. "He comes over for dinner every Friday night. Mom just loves him and he tells the funniest stories."

"Has he told you the one about the old lady and her grandson sitting on the porch during the flood and the hat going up and down in the water?" Vanessa asked.

"That one is so funny," Kacey said and joined Vanessa as they said in unison, "Your grandpa said he was gonna mow the grass come hell or high water."

"That is funny," I agreed as all three of us laughed. "I'm gonna go see him tonight."

"Mind if I tag along?" Kacey asked.

"Of course," I said. "Meet me in the parking lot after school and we'll hit it."

"Why would you wanna hit your car? It's nice," she asked as Vanessa giggled.

"It's so funny when someone gets you," Vanessa said as she laughed at me.

"I'll see you two hyenas after school," I said as I turned and walked off.

I didn't think much about my now forgotten meeting with Mr. Steele or the morning adventures with the pathetics and their brainless leaders. You could say it was a very average day of high school... until the very end. When I was pulled into Mr. Steele's office and informed that he had also suspended Ali for two weeks for her role in what happened to Kacey. What he didn't mention was that he had only informed her of this after school and with my meeting with Mr. Steele I was delayed reaching the parking lot. That was not bad for me but it would be for Kacey.

"Get up NOW poor girl and take your beating like a woman," Ali said as she stood over a fallen and crying Kacey with clenched fists. I sprinted to the spot of the attack and watched Ali (like a coward) back off. Her pack of pathetics did the same as I knelt down to check on Kacey. She immediately crawled behind me as I saw the blood coming from her nose and the fear in her eyes.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked Ali from my knees. "You're so fuckin pathetic you have to attack a girl with one arm."

"That mouthy little bitch got me suspended for two weeks," Ali said as she came back towards me and I did the only thing I could, I jumped to my feet and swung wildly and hit her with a glancing blow. "What the fuck? GET HER!"

Her pack of pathetics came in full force as I felt myself being pulled back and towards the car door by Kacey with her arm around my waist. She managed to get the door open before I swung again at one of the girls (Jesse Witherspoon) and missed before she crashed into me and crushed Kacey between both of us and the car door. Then it was a non-stop barrage of foul mouth insults followed by a few punches as I began to cry myself at the pain that produced. And don't you know it would be Kacey who might have saved us as she covered my body with hers and took several shots to the head before she realized they weren't gonna quit and she went for broke. A growl left her body as she exploded from on top of me and speared Ali to the ground with a resounding thud (Ali's head hitting the pavement).

"Holy fuck!" I said as I watched Kacey mount Ali and proceed to beat the wholly hell out of the girl with her good arm. Even 5 other girls couldn't stop her as Kacey slugged one girl after another, in a rage like I'd never seen, when they attempted to protect Ali. The tables had certainly turned I thought as I scrambled to the car and brought out Ashlyn's mini baseball bat and swung viciously at any of the pathetics who came near. By now Ali was screaming for mercy as Kacey pulverized her with punch after punch to the stomach, face, neck, head or anywhere they landed. "STOP! Kacey stop!"

"She deserves it..." Kacey said as I pulled her off finally but couldn't stop her from kicking violently (and connecting) at Ali's body once more. I forced her into the Mustang and peeled out of the parking lot and down the road moments later. "She tried to kill me and then she tried to hurt you to for helping me."

"And you beat the stuff out of her," I said as I pulled into the parking lot of Lens Crafters. "I think you won."

"I wanted to kill her," Kacey said. "Her and that fucking whore Stacey. They're both evil."

"Tell me about it," I said as I leaned back in the seat and relaxed. "I thought sure they were gonna kill us both."

"Thanks for helping me and all," Kacey said quietly. "I don't have any other friends that would do that."

"Don't worry about it," I said as I closed my eyes to relax for a minute. But sensing someone hovering over me, I opened my eyes and saw Kacey. "What are you doing?"

"Thanking you properly," she said before shocking me to my core and softly kissing me. "MMMMM!"

"What the fuck was that?" I asked as she giggled and smiled confidently at me.

"A kiss, duh," she said as she smiled knowingly from the other side of the car. "One which you didn't resist, Kaylyn."

"That's it, I'm taking you home," I said as she laughed out loud and I had to fight back a smile and wonder where this journey I had found myself involved in was gonna take me next. It was gonna be interesting that much I knew.