Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 10 "Don't Cha Wanna Ride?"

Written by: TVM (



"Mom?" I asked as I came into the kitchen and saw she (Kay) was chatting on the phone. She motioned she'd be off in a minute as I took a seat at the table. Matty practically bounced into the kitchen on cloud nine and came over to me. She sat down in my lap and said, "Hi there my favorite sister."

"Morning Jennifer's girlfriend," I said as she laid her head on my shoulder and grinned knowingly. I had to wonder at that moment if she knew that I had watched her and Jennifer the previous night. "Something good happen?"

"MMMMM wouldn't you like to know," Matty said as Mom hung up the phone with a perplexed look on her face. Matty bounced over and hugged her and said, "Mom, I love you."

"Always love hearing that," Mom said with a smile. "But at risk of blowing a nice moment, what has gotten into you?"

"I don't know I just feel wonderful today," Matty said as I covered my giggling with a munch on a muffin. "So relaxed and... the world just seems perfect."

"Well whatever has you feeling like this I'm all for it," Mom said as I burst out laughing and spewed muffin bits all over the table. "What is so funny, Kaylyn?"

"If you only knew, Mom," I said cryptically. Matty gave me a confused look.

"If I only knew what?" Mom asked.

"Mom can Jennifer spend the night?" Matty asked in an attempt to change the subject. That only got me to laughing more.

"Sure, sure," Mom said. "Kaylyn Kersh what has gotten into this morning?"

"I got laid last night mom," I said and looked directly at my little sister as her eyes went wide with shock. "That explains it."

"Oh hush," Mom said. "You two and your silly games."

"Who was that on the phone?" Dad (David) asked as he came into the room in a business suit. Matty joined me at the table and gave me a certain look but I turned my eyes away deliberately.

"Oh yeah, that was Officer Morton and he needs me and you to come downtown and meet with him over the damage done to Kaylyn's car," Mom said as my ears perked up.

"Did they figure out who did it?" I asked.

"No word on that he just said he wanted us to come down and meet with him," Mom said. "You and Matty head on to school and we'll call you if anything you need to know happens."

"But I could just go with you," I said.

"School Kaylyn," Dad ordered. "No more protest."

"Fine," I said. "I do need to talk to you guys about something though."

"Well it's gonna have to wait cause your mother and I have to get downtown and then I'm off to the office and so is she," Dad said as he took Mom's hand and dragged her along. Matty moved to the kitchen entrance and watched to make sure their car pulled out and drove away before she turned to me and asked, "What do you know?"

"I know you're not a virgin anymore," I said as her face showed the surprise.

"But how? You were gone, everyone was," Matty protested.

"When you do it in the living room it's hard to miss," I said.

"OHMIGOD you seen us," Matty said in horror.

"Wasn't trying to but you two apparently wanted to put on a show," I said.

"I wasn't thinking about where we were," Matty said. "How much did you see?"

"I know Jennifer went first," I said with a shrug.

"You're gonna tell Mom aren't you?" Matty asked. "Or make me think you are to pay me back for something I did to you?"

"Nope," I said. "But if you two little nymphos get caught I will not be coming to your defense."

"Fair enough," Matty said. "No speech about me being too young?"

"Nope," I said again. "But two things..."

"Yeah?" Matty asked.

"Don't ever do it in the living room again because I don't wanna make a habit of watching that," I said.

"And two?"

"If you ever even think about doing it with a boy I will make you wish you'd never met me," I said. "And then I'll tell Mom and let her have what's left."

"OK," Matty said with a hard swallow and, for once, she had no smart mouth remarks.

"So slut how was it?"

"It was soooo good," Matty cooed as I put my arm around her neck and we headed for the car.

Today was the day that Alex (Kacey's mom) left for stewardess training I wanted to get to Kacey's a bit early so Matty and I left a few minutes early. I dropped Matty at her school and turned towards Kacey's and arrived just as Alex came out with her final bag and locked up the apartment. Kacey grabbed shotgun and Alex packed her stuff in the trunk and we headed for the bus stop.

"Now are you sure your parents won't make a big deal about Kacey staying with you?" Alex asked me.

"I'm gonna stay with Ali, Mom, not Kaylyn," Kacey said. "You didn't want me staying with her remember?"

"My brain is so incredibly fried this morning that I'm lucky I'm even conscious," Alex said as I laughed and her bus signaled it was time for departure.

"Take care of her please?" Alex asked as I smiled and hugged Kacey from behind and kissed her neck.

"I sure will," I said as Kacey smiled back at me. "Now go so you can get that new job."

"Bye," Alex said with a hug to both of us and then ran for the bus.

"I am so gonna miss her," Kacey said as she turned in my arms and hugged me. "Do we have to go to school?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

"No," she said with a kiss and took my hand and led the way back to the car. She held my hand the whole way as we drove the several miles to the high school. I gunned the engine as we arrived to a vacated parking lot and the second bell just ringing as I pulled into my regular spot by the entrance. I just then noticed that a police car was sitting in the spot directly behind us. "What are the cops doing here?"

"Could be somebody has drugs in their locker again," I said. "Happened a few weeks ago."

"I knew the girl who that happened to," Kacey said as we got out and made our way inside. "She lived in my building for a while."

"What the hell?" I asked as Kacey and I both stopped as we saw Officer Morton coming down the hallway with Jesse in handcuffs. "Why are they arresting her?"

"You have got to be kidding me," Jesse said as she spotted us and tried to jerk away from Officer Morton's grasp. "You're doing this to humiliate me."

"Is this about my car?" I asked.

"It is, " Officer Morton said as Mr. Steele appeared on the far end of the hallway and was escorted by two other officers with Donna and Michelle in tow and in their grasp.

"I didn't do anything to her fuckin car," Jesse protested. "There's no telling who did it with her parading around here with her homo girlfriend."

"We have video of you doing it," Officer Morton said as I laughed. "We've also verified that your friend Michelle's car was the one used in the crime."

"A video? A fuckin video? What kind of a sicko video tapes people at three in the morning?" Jesse asked.

"What kind of a sick person destroys a car because they're a homophobic bigot?" I asked as Jesse glared at me with a look that could kill.

"YOU'RE DEAD YOU FUCKIN BITCH," Michelle screamed in a rage and had to be held back by both officers. I thought first she was talking to me or Kacey but a vicious kick that landed square into Jesse's ribs told me otherwise. "You made me do this. OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER!"

"OWWWW I think she broke my ribs," Jesse said as she slipped to the floor.

"Take those two outside now," Officer Morton commanded. Donna walked with her head down, not saying anything or even making eye contact with us.

"Ms. Witherspoon are you OK?" Mr. Steele asked as she stood.

"No," Jesse said. "I just wanna see my Mom and Dad."

"What did they charge her with?" I asked a few moments after Officer Morton had taken Jesse away.

"Vandalism and destruction of private property," Mr. Steele said. "And she's 17 so this will likely result in jail time or possibly community service."

"Should lock her bigot ass up until she moves into the 20th century," Kacey said as she hugged me protectively.

"Everyone has a right to free speech Ms. Ericsson," Mr. Steele said. "Some may terribly abuse that privilege, but in the end, it is still protected free speech."

"So me calling her a Nazi is still free speech?" Kacey asked.

"It is outside those doors," Mr. Steele said. "But on my campus you know I frown upon these things. Political, religious and culture wars have their place and it's not in the halls of education."

"Oh come on can't we get a class on the War on Christmas?" I asked with a smirk.

"All things mythical are usually left out of the curriculum," Mr. Steele said as we laughed. "Now enough conversation it's time for you two to get to class."

We indeed headed off to class and it was, as predicted, a rather uneventful day though the whole school was still buzzing about the arrests made early in the morning. I decided to get away from the action inside, for lunch, and camped out on the other end of the parking lot under the big oak tree and was busy reading (on my laptop) and munching on a sandwich when a curvy shadow appeared above me to block my light.

"Hey hottie body!"

"Huh?" I asked as I looked up and saw Ali standing above me. This was after 3rd period

"I said hey hottie body," she repeated.

"Hey to you to even hotter body," I said as she grinned down at me. "I thought you were eating with Kacey and your girlfriend?"

"I thought I'd come find you," Ali said as she sat down by me.

"So you're not gonna try and seduce my girlfriend while she's staying with you?"

"I have a girlfriend," Ali said. "Besides Stacey and I have already decided that we want you first."


"As in before Kacey," Ali said as she scooted a bit closer. I could literally smell her perfume and it was really intoxicating.

"Why me?"

"You said you had good stamina," Ali noted. "And Stacey and I are both dying to feel that new love tool you got."

"Then use it," I said.

"Not coordinated enough and Stacey's... well we discussed that," Ali said.

"Well I don't know what to tell you," I said.

"I'd let you stick it anywhere you want," Ali cooed into my ear. I gave her a questioning look. "Yes I mean there too."

"You mean like this?" I asked as I clicked on the video from the 'Sandwich It' website. The one with two young, very tanned blondes (Kimmy and Tawny) in a 69 and a girl not much older (Rikki) pounding out a rhythm inside Kimmy's ass with her FeelDoe. Ali's eyes opened with intense interest as we watched the entire pool side scene play out from the first stroke to the last. Rikki successfully butt fucked both girls to massive orgasms. "So?"

"WOW!" Ali said as she looked at the screen still. "That's the hottest thing I've ever seen. Only me and Stacey have better tans than that."

"And my FeelDoe is bigger," I said as I pretended to stroke it as Ali giggled.

"I so want you doing that to me and Stacey," Ali said as she pushed my hand away from my imaginary cock and pretended to take over.

"If I had one you'd have just made my cock hard," I said as Ali grinned. "But I am dating Kacey and under no circumstances will I cheat on her."

"Technically you already did by kissing me," Ali said and that moment from a few days earlier sprang back into my mind. And thinking I'd also done that by kissing Stacey also. OH boy. "Not cheating if she joins in though and no one is telling her unless you are."

"And you haven't told Stacey?" I asked.

"She already thinks I got a thing for you," Ali admitted. "And before you ask no I don't. I was trying to get a rise out of you when I said I did."

"I thought so," I said and then tried my best to put it out of mind. "Are you seriously floating the idea of a foursome?"

"Well Kacey and I did discuss it last night on the phone."

"You did not," I said.

"We did," Ali said. "Not really seriously but I got her to admit she's always wanted to watch two or three girls fuck."

"Even if one of those girls is her significant other?" I asked. "And I am gonna ask Kacey about this."

"Well it's not like you're gonna be making love to us," Ali said. "Stacey and I plan to tag team you."

"Tag team?" I squeaked.

"Tag team," Ali repeated as my pussy spasmed a few times in delight. "As in you pleasure us both at the same time."

"There's no way I could do that," I admitted.

"You'd be surprised," Ali said. "But first you and Kacey need to seal the deal. I propose tomorrow night at her place and you spend the entire night."

"No way," I said as Ali grinned and confirmed with a head nod. "But how?"

"Easy. You tell your Mom you're staying with me and Kacey tells my Mom she's spending the night with Stacey," Ali said. "We'll cover for you if you promise to do us a favor in return."

"And that would be?"

"Me, you and Stacey in a threesome while Kacey watches," Ali said. "If Kacey agrees."

"Deadly serious?" I asked.

"So serious you'll see heaven multiple times before we're done with you," she said as I smiled and started to imagine the possibilities. "Gotta run, talk to Kacey and let's get this going."

"OK," I said as Ali smiled knowingly and got up to walk away when my eyes landed on her ass. "HEY!"


"You said anywhere?" I asked as she looked down at her ass and smiled.

"Stacey and I are both hoping you do stick it there," Ali said before walking off.

"MMMMM WOW!" I said as I bolted to my feet and headed directly for the first floor bathroom to rub one off... and it was epic.

School was a daze after that and even as I drove Kacey home later I was rather distant from the effects of the mind blowing orgasm from some three hours earlier. I did manage to explain the conversation I'd had with Ali earlier (leaving out certain parts). But all Kacey did was nod her head and agree with my thinking (we should take a few days to consider it). It left me wondering if she already had plans with the two girls and was planning to set me up so I'd have to do it.

"You still gotta pick up Matty?" Kacey asked as I dropped her on the sidewalk in front of her building.

"Yeah," I said. "I'll come by Ali's later and see you. OK?"

"Who says I'm gonna be at Ali's?" Kacey asked. "When you drop Matty off just come back here."

"You and Ali gonna be waiting on me?" I asked as Kacey shrugged and grinned knowingly.

"You better hurry back and find out," Kacey said as she waved and walked off towards her apartment. Visions of me Kacey and Ali getting it on filled my mind and made me consider another rub job right then and there. A loud horn blast stopped that and prompted me to drive away. I reached Matty's school a few minutes later and found Jennifer sitting on the front steps reading a magazine.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as she looked up and saw me getting out of the car on the far side of the road.

"I go here, duh," she said as I joined her on the steps. "And waiting on you to tell you Matty got detention."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she asked me to," Jennifer said.

"Not that," I said. "But we both know you'll do anything Matty asks."

"Pretty much," Jennifer said as I giggled.

"I was asking about detention," I said.

"OH yeah, Valerie Witherspoon called you a fag during lunch and Matty clocked her," Jennifer said. I started to laugh as Jennifer did a blow-by-blow reenactment of the scene complete with commentary and sound effects. "... then Matty went, you don't call my sister that you snot sucker and WHAM!"

"Nice reenactment," I said as she bowed and sat back down. I then made her blush when I asked, "So you'll do anything Matty asks?"

"Not anything," Jennifer said. "But we are friends."

"And lovers?" I asked as she blushed a deep crimson red.

"Matty told me you knew," Jennifer said. "Go on make your jokes."

"I don't have any jokes to tell," I said as I scooted closer. "But you now have more experience than me."

"I do?" she asked as I nodded. "WOW! So anything you wanna know?"

"Shut up," I said as she laughed. "So you already planning your first threesome?"

"You mean like three girls at once?"

"Yes cause if I ever catch you with a boy..."

"You'll kill me," she said simply. "You act like my big sister you know that?"

"I do," I said. "Avoiding the topic?"

"No, I am not," Jennifer said. "And no I don't have plans for a threesome."

"Why not? Then you'd have two girls to lick," I said as she smacked my arm in protest. "What? Did Matty taste funky?"

"SHUT UP!" she screamed as she got up and started whacking me with her magazine as I laughed.

"Are you two flirting now?"

"What?" Jennifer and I asked at the same moment as we looked up and saw Matty had escaped from detention.

"Are you two flirting now?" Matty repeated.

"No, we are not," Jennifer said firmly. "You're sister was picking on me."

"That means you're family," Matty said.

"It does?" Jennifer asked.

"Pretty much," I said to Jennifer as I jumped forward and jerked her pants down to her ankles.

"OHMIGOD!" Jennifer squealed as she immediately reached for her pants and jerked them up as I took off running around the car and she gave chase. "You're gonna get it, Kaylyn."

Jennifer flipped me off from the other side of the car as Matty motioned with her eyes that she would help me. She snuck in behind Jennifer and wrapped her arms around the girl as I ran to the back of my Mustang and was planning to re-pants Jennifer but when I reached her, Matty pushed her into my arms and as Jennifer latched onto me in a bearhug Matty disappeared behind me. She then jerked down both my shorts and thong to the ground and ran off laughing hysterically. My only reaction: I probably deserved that.

"You're gonna get me back aren't you?" Matty asked from the passenger's seat as we pulled into the driveway at the house sometime later.

"Some day," I said. "And you'll pay me back for something after that. It's why we are Kersh's."

"True," she said as her and Jennifer got out one side and I got out the other to find Dad's SUV was being loaded down with stuff. "Someone going somewhere?"

"Yeah you I hope," I said as I put my arm around Matty and she giggled.

"I'm your best friend, you'd miss me," Matty said.

"Don't spread that around," I said as both Matty and Jennifer laughed and we came into the basement and climbed the steps before heading into the kitchen. Mom and Dad were busily making some sandwiches. "Where we going?"

"Miranda and Ashlyn are taking a week off and we are all going to Vegas for a vacation," Dad said.

"Dad we have school," I said as Jennifer and Matty giggled at my (still) orgasm induced stupidity. "What?"

"It's spring break?" Dad asked as I groaned. "So get your stuff packed... OH NO..."

"Can Jennifer go?" Matty asked Mom.

"We can't go, Kay," Dad said in alarm. "You remember the hot tub we ordered last month? It shipped this morning."

"You ordered a hot tub?" Matty and I asked in shock.

"Yes," Dad said as we screamed in excitement and hugged him in unison. "12 person tub with the jets, TV, DVD, and all the bells and whistles."

"You know I love you?" Matty asked Dad with a huge grin. "And when will it be in?"

"3 or 4 days," Dad said. "So it looks like I'll either have to stay behind or none of us can go."

"I know," I said as visions of me, Ali and Stacey naked danced through my mind. "I can stay and you and Mom take your other two daughters and go have fun. I'll fly out when it's all set-up."

"No," Dad said. "And who is my third daughter?"

"Me," Jennifer giggled as Mom laughed and put her arm around Jennifer proudly.

"Why not Dad? I'm 16 and you need to start trusting me," I said. "You can leave the instructions on how you want it set up. Besides I was in California over Christmas with Ash and Randa. You guys haven't seen them in months."

"We're going," Mom said. "Let's finish packing."

"You win," Dad said as I did a small victory dance and looked out the back doors at the pool and let my fantasies absolutely run wild in those few moments. This was gonna be an unbelievable weekend.