Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 11 "Remember the Ride"

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"Now you know the house rules about boyfriends and girlfriends being over," Dad (David) said as we stood by the SVU and he, Mom, Matty and Jennifer got ready to leave.

"Be sure they stay the night?" I asked.

"And cook them breakfast in the morning," Mom (Kay) said. I laughed.

"They don't stay the night," Dad said. "I'm trusting you."

"Gotcha," I said as Dad and Mom got into the car and I walked back up the steps and down the hall into the kitchen where Matty and Jennifer came out. Mussed hair and unbuttoned jeans told me the story of what the two had been doing behind the cover of the side of the fridge. "Horny ass mini lesbos."

"You're just mad cause I'm getting more than you," Matty said as Jennifer laughed.

"Well then maybe I should hit on Jennifer and get some too," I said as Jennifer grinned so wide I had to giggle. Matty flipped me off in protest. "She is a good kisser."

"So are you," Jennifer said as we exchanged grins.

"We gotta go," Matty said to me as she took Jennifer's hand. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Considering you two lesbos have did it all, I can't," I said as Jennifer blushed and glanced to see that Mom and Dad weren't able to hear.

"We haven't done it all," Matty said and then whispered, " but we're gonna do a lot more in Vegas."

"We sure are," Jennifer confirmed.

"So you're finally gonna admit to liking pussy?" I asked Jennifer.

"Matty tastes sweet," Jennifer said with a horny grin.

"She does too," Matty said before the two little nymphos ran off down the hall laughing. I then heard the car pull out and drive away and just like that I was alone. I made myself a snack and settled in at the counter as I sipped on some juice and absentmindedly picked up Matty's SLR camera as it sat a few feet away. I was not expecting to find anything but being floored by what my bubble headed little sister (and blond friend) were up to now.

"Can they be anymore boring?" I asked as I watched the first video of her and Jennifer jumping into the pool out back. It wasn't that one that shocked me it was the next one that made my jaw drop. It began innocently enough.

"Are we really gonna upload this on the internet?" Jennifer asked as she carried the camera into Matty's bathroom and set it down on the shelf that overlooked the mirror. She adjusted it (as the camera rattled) when Matty came into the room. "Are you listening to me?"

"Yes we are gonna put it online just for a few minutes so I can prove Veronika wrong," Matty said as she cleared the sink off and adjusted the camera to her liking. "You don't want to?"

"It'll just be a few minutes so she can see it and that's all?" Jennifer asked.

"Uh huh," Matty said as she moved in front of Jennifer and grinned before the two began sharing kisses back and forth and acting like they knew what they where doing as they sloppily pawed each other. She then stopped abruptly and said, "We have to do it with our clothes off, I guess."

"Yeah cause if we don't she'll say we didn't do it right," Jennifer said, my eyes bugged out as the two sluts started stripping in front of the camera. Jennifer was directly in front of it as she took her shirt off, then her pants and following that with her thong. Matty giggled from off-camera as Jennifer gave her a dirty look and covered up partially. "Take them off or I won't do this."

"Fine," Matty said as she got naked as well. The mirror showed her taking off her shirt, then her pants and then her panties. Another peck like kiss and Jennifer leaned back against the edge of the sink as Matty got on her knees in front of her and looked into the camera and adjusted it once more. "OK Veronika you whore, this is prove that I've done what I told you."

"I bet you've never done it," Jennifer said to the camera as Matty nodded her head in agreement and turned back to Jennifer. Matty moved over so her mouth was now in line with Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer tensed up a bit and waited patiently as Matty first kissed her stomach and made Jennifer jerk a bit in delight. Jennifer swept Matty's hair out of her eyes and stuffed it behind my sister's ear. Matty then kissed Jennifer's pretty bald pussy and licked it softly. Jennifer smiled and held onto the sink behind her for support as Matty licked softly at her pussy over and over again. Jennifer's thighs quivered after a few more strokes and her ass clenched as the pleasure filled her body. Matty's head was now bobbing up and down a bit faster as she licked her friend eagerly. "MMMMM Matty that feels so good. You gonna tell Veronika how good it tastes?"

"Her pussy is really sweet," Matty said to the camera before she quickly went back to licking her friend. She dipped her tongue into Jennifer's folds and licked the girl's clit on every pass now. Jennifer moved both of her hands into Matty's hair and moaned out loud as she clenched her ass once more and looked down as Matty brought her off in a shudderingly real orgasm that had Jennifer shaking in delight. She spent a few more moments then licking up the cum that oozed and bubbled out of Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer giggled when Matty came up to kiss her and then turn the camera off.

"WOW, Matilda we are gonna have a serious talk when you two get back," I said as I closed the camera and decided to store it in my room so no one would stumble upon it.. I had just dumped it on my bed when my cell phone began ringing in my pants.


"Hey little sister," Ashlyn said. "Mom and dad gone yet?"

"Yeah they just left," I said. "What's up?"

"This weekend is my gift to you," Ashlyn said cryptically. "Well my second one."

"What in the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"Matty told me you were dating this girl named, Kacey, that used to live in Randa's old apartment," Ashlyn said. "So I sent you a gift a few weeks ago. The FeelDoe?"

"To do what?" I asked.

"To use on your girlfriend half-wit," she said. "I know you got it but must have been confused about where it came from."

"To say the least," I commented. "So what's the other gift?"

"Me getting Mom and Dad out of your hair for the weekend," Ashlyn said.

"But how did you know that I'd volunteer to stay behind?"

"That was dumb luck really," Ashlyn said. "Randa wanted to see Mom and Dad anyway and I knew that Dad had ordered that big ass washtub..."

"Hot tub dimwit," I said as she giggled.

"... I saw online that it was scheduled to be delivered this coming Monday and figured that you'd all love to come out," Ashlyn said. "But once I got to thinking about it I thought you might wanna take the chance to lay your girlfriend. Ain't I smart?"

"Not really," I said. "But thanks for the effort."

"You're welcome," Ashlyn said. "I'd have killed to have the opportunity you've got now. Take advantage of it."

"I'm gonna go pick up my girlfriend right now," I said as Ashlyn laughed. "Not my girlfriend officially but she's the one I care about most."

"And who is this is Stacey and Ali? Vanessa mentioned you guys had become friends," Ashlyn asked.

"Stacey is Vanessa's cousin..."

"Yeah I knew that," Ashlyn chimed in as if she should have already known that.

"... and Ali is her girlfriend," I said. "We became friends a few weeks ago and now they're wanting to do a threesome with me. So ha."

"And Kacey is OK with it? Cause if you cheat on her I'll kill you," Ashlyn said.

"You've never met her..."

"... you said you loved her, wait no you didn't," Ashlyn said. "So that means you don't?"

"I don't know really," I said and wanted to change the subject. "But I'm pretty sure that Kacey is gonna be OK with the threesome. She's kind of already set it up for me."

"Now that's the kind of girl I'd want if I didn't have Miranda," Ashlyn giggled.

"You've always been a secret slut huh?"

"Well if I had two girls who looked like Stacey and Ali after me I would be," Ashlyn said. "Matty also sent me some pics she took of them the day of the pool party."

"Tan and smooth all over," I said simply. "So fuckin hot."

"I agree with that," Ashlyn said. A door opened in the background and Becky said, "Hi Mommy."

"Hi my little muffin top," Ashlyn said as she put the call on speakerphone. "Say hi to Kaylyn."

"Hi Kaylyn," Becky said.

"She's waving at the phone," Ashlyn chimed in as I giggled.

"Why you not come visit me?" Becky asked.

"I'll come out in a few days, OK?"

"I miss you, I love you too," Becky said. "But OK."

"Holy crap!" I said as I spotted a large truck coming down the road slowly with the name 'deluxTubs' on the side of it. "I think the fuckin tub just got here. Four days early."

"Well there went your orgy plans," Ashlyn giggled.

"Cover Becky's ears for a second," I said.

"OK done," Ashlyn said in confusion. "Now what?"

"Fuck you!" I said as she started laughing and I hung up right as I heard Becky say, "What her say, Mommy?"

"This the Kersh place?" the burly guy named Taggert asked as he got out of the truck.

"Yes it is," I said. "I thought you said you wouldn't be here for like five days?"

"Well as it turns out we had one in stock," he said as I followed him to the back of the truck. He handed me a cluttered clipboard as he climbed on the back of the truck. "Sign at the bottom pretty lady."

My spirits had obviously plummeted by this moment as I watched him untie the colossal tub from the side, bottom and back of the truck. That's when I noticed the paper said 'Ivory Silver' which is not the one we ordered. That shot my spirits up.

"Hold on dude," I said. "We ordered the Black Gold deluxe tub. Not this one."

"This is the right one sweet thang you just don't worry you're pretty head," he said.

"It says right here that one is the Ivory Silver," I said. "No DVD, no iPod dock or anything."

"I have been doing this for 20 years and have never made a mistake," he assured me. "Now just sign it at the bottom and we'll unload it."

"Why does it say on the box that it's an Ivory Silver Executive model?" I asked as I pointed.

"What?" he asked in alarm as he looked closely at the box. "Someone put your tub in the wrong box. I'll be damned."

"And you'll be stupid too if you think I'm gonna sign for this," I said as I tossed the clipboard onto the bed of the truck. "Now take that damn thing away and bring me the one I ordered."

"My day cannot get any worse," Taggert said. "I don't know how I'm gonna explain this fuck up to my boss."

"I don't think this is gonna be the surprise you think it is," I commented as I walked away. He was probably flipping me off as I drove away in my Mustang a few minutes later.

I crossed town and headed for Kacey's but got trapped in a stupid traffic jam when a UPS truck got side swiped by a moron in a hillbilly mobile. No one was hurt and the truck was empty so the delay was only fifteen minutes or so. I stopped by the 7-11 before the turn that lead to Ali's place and grabbed a soda. My hormones though caused a momentary detour as I spotted a girl at the counter with an ass that made my mouth water. Clad in a pair of Daisy Dukes and with her thong sticking out just a bit at the top it gave me pause as I imagined myself doing what Ali had insisted her and Stacey would love me to do. I snapped back to reality when the girl turned and it was... Ali.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked.

"Looking for you," I said with a smile.

"Sure you are," she said. "Heading for Kacey's?"

"Uh huh," I said as I took her soda and set it on the counter and paid for it with mine.

"You don't have to buy me stuff," Ali said with a smile as I handed her soda to her. She fished out a crumpled dollar and stuffed into my hand and walked away. I rolled my eyes as I chased her outside and caught up to her. I stuffed the dollar back inside the back pocket of her Daisy Dukes and sneaking in a squeeze of her cheek. "What are you doing?"

"Hitting on you," I said as she grinned. "And I have news."

"Yes?" she said as she pushed my hand away from her butt.

"My parents went to Vegas for the week and took my little sister with them," I said. "That means I have the house all to myself."


"Well your plans may just come true," I said. "The foursome you and Kacey talked about?"

"You'd wanna do that?" Ali asked. "I mean I honestly didn't know."

"If we can work it out..." I said and then leaned in and whispered in her ear, "After you told me what you wanted me to do I'm so fucking horny I would attack a mountain lion for pleasure."

"Bring it on then," Ali said as she caressed my cheek and whispered back, "Me too!"

"OK hands off," I said as I backed away and she giggled. "We need to make sure our significant others are down with this."

"Then we can get down?" Ali asked.

"Down to what?" I just had to ask.

"You between my legs? In my tight little pussy? In my tight little ass?" Ali asked as I felt the intense need to rub one off but resisted.

"All of that," I said as she gave me a horny smile. "Wanna come with me and talk to Kacey?"

"I wanna cum with you so bad," Ali said as I took a deep breath and decided if we talked anymore that I'd have to do something to relieve the pressure. So... we headed for Kacey's. I found her standing on the sidewalk and talking to Mr. Parker as we drove up. "Hey!"

"Hey girl," Kacey said as we joined her on the sidewalk and Kacey happily slipped into my arms.

"Good to see you two have decided it's right," Mr. Parker said with a smile.

"We have," Kacey said. "Or rather... well not officially."

"Ask her to be your girlfriend dummy," Ali chimed in as I gave her a dirty look.

"Yeah ask me to be your girlfriend dummy," Kacey giggled.

"OK" I said. "Wanna be this dummy's girlfriend?"

"Of course I do," Kacey said as she kissed me.

"Well it's official," Mr. Parker said. "Let me be first to say congrats on that."

"Me too," Ali said as she pulled Kacey away from me and hugged her as she gave me a look that spoke volumes.

"Well you be sure to let me know if the plans for you moving are going ahead," Mr. Parker said to Kacey.

"Will do," Kacey said as Mr. Parker walked off in the direction of his apartment.

"You're moving?" I asked in confusion.

"Maybe," Kacey said as she slipped back into my arms.

"I hope it's not far," Ali said with a worried look. A roaring car engine signaled the arrival of Stacey in her vintage steel blue Pontiac as she pulled up next to my Mustang and got out. "Hey baby."

"What are you doing here?" Stacey asked as she was met by Ali with a kiss.

"Kaylyn picked me up at the store down the road and brung me here so we could fuck," Ali said with a gotcha smile. "You wanna watch or join in."

"I'm so sure," Stacey said as she slipped her arms around Ali and kissed her. "That'll be the day when we get that lucky."

"Where are you moving?" I asked Kacey pointedly. I wanted to hear the continuation of the Ali/Stacey convo but feeling the sudden need to find out what Kacey hadn't told me.

"No moving right now," Kacey said. "Mom said if she gets the job as a stewardess that she's gonna look for a house for us to move into."

"OHHHHH," I said and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Think you can help us find one?" she asked.

"Aunt Barbara is a Realtor," Stacey offered. "So she can and even get you a good deal on one."

"Suddenly I like you," Kacey said as her and Stacey giggled.

"And what was this about you two gonna fuck?" Kacey asked as she pushed a giggling Ali.

"I got my house all to myself for the next few days and we were just talking about what you two talked about a few nights ago," I said as Kacey blushed.

"Matty and everyone is gone?" Stacey asked.

"Completely deserted," I said with a smile.

"WOW," Stacey said as she imagined the possibilities and kissed Ali. "Can we maybe come over?"

"Well Ali has already said she wants to come with me," I noted as Kacey kissed my cheek and said, "Me too. And I'm first."

"Me three," Stacey commented.

"Three girls and me?" I asked. "I'm gonna be cumming a lot."

"You're gonna be tag teamed," Kacey said as she pointed to the horny twosome in front of her as Stacey and Ali hugged up and grinned innocently. "And have you decided on butt fucking them?"

"Yes I have," I said as I joined Ali and Stacey by the front of my Mustang and slipped in between them and slid a hand down to each of their asses and squeezed them. My hormones blitzed my body in a steady stream. "And I cannot wait to feel it."

"Can we please stop talking and go fuck?" Ali asked.

"I like that idea," I said as I held my hand out for Kacey and she took my hand as we climbed into the car. Stacey and Ali ran for Stacey's Pontiac and peeled out just before us as we followed after them across town. "Did you lock your door?"

"Uh huh," Kacey said. "Mr. Parker was just coming over for the key when you showed up."

"How did you know I was coming?"

"You always come see me after school," Kacey said as I nodded my head. "And speaking of cumming..."


"Can we do it first?" Kacey asked. "I want you before they get you."

"I like that plan," I said as I laced her fingers with mine. "Maybe we let them have the pool and we take my bedroom?"

"Yessss!" Kacey agreed with enthusiasm.

We pulled into the driveway at my house right behind Stacey and Ali, who seemed to be having a rather animated conversation, and got out as the two of them pretended that nothing was happening. They followed us into the house and happily agreed to my and Kacey's plan for us to make love in my bedroom and then come down and join them after we had did the deed. We headed upstairs after a bit and to my bedroom. I again heard Stacey and Ali downstairs as we closed the door to my room. Probably fighting I remember thinking.

Up until this point in the story I guess you're thinking that this is gonna go as expected and Kacey and I will make love and then declare our true undying love for each other... I wish it could have been that way. I really do. But the problem is, it didn't.

We started kissing by the door and she was trying to practically rip my clothes off. I slowed her down and she gave me a weird look as if to say, "What's your problem?"

"I just wanna go a little slower is all," I explained as she breathed a frustrated breath.

"I thought you wanted to just do it," Kacey said. "So we could get downstairs and have some real fun."

"So that's gonna be the real fun and not me and you?" I asked.

"No," she said. "I wanted to be with you and I do."

"Then lets go slow," I said.

"Ali and Stacey are waiting on us you know?" Kacey asked.

"So? Let them wait," I said as I kissed Kacey and she backed away.

"I am horny," Kacey said. "And we had this all set-up and I wanna do it."

"You think I'm not horny?" I asked.

"I know you wanna fuck Ali so bad you can't see straight," she said and I knew then she was jealous.

"You're jealous?" I asked.

"Look at her," she said. "I wanna fuck her too."

"So we agree on that," I said as she nodded her head. "But I am in love with you and want you first..."

"Then let's do it," she said as she kissed me and I let my hormones take over and a few moments later we literally began pawing each other and crawled up the bed and I got on top. The "I love you" rang in my ears as we then started a slow grinding that... felt good... but very odd. Like the chemistry wasn't quite right or something. Kacey kissed me and, I knew, tried to make me believe that she was having the best sex of her life but let's face it, both of us knew that was not the case. We both got off and laid there in silence for a few minutes. "Well that was interesting."

"I know you were faking it," I said softly.

"You were too?" she asked.

"Yeah I guess I was," I said as she laughed.

"We're so pathetic that we can't even get fucking right," Kacey said. "Maybe we're not right for each other."

"I know I don't wanna do that again," I said softly.

"Me either," Kacey said as she crawled over and kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault," I said. "It's both of us."

"Maybe I kind of pushed things a little when I met you," she said.

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to be with you because you had money and I wanted you to want me," Kacey admitted. "And then when you showed interest... I just pushed harder."

"And maybe I didn't push back when I didn't feel the exact same way," I said, seriously just having admitted that to myself.

"I think I already knew that," Kacey admitted. "I just pushed it out of my mind. I mean you never did say you loved me."

"So we slow down?" I asked.

"We break up," Kacey said as I looked at her in stunned disbelief. "We both just admitted that we don't wanna go through that kind of sex again. So what else can we do."

"Not rush into anything," I said. "Take this thing slower and see where it goes. And maybe somewhere down the line we can try again."