Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 12 "Standing on the Edge of Goodbye"

Written by: TVM (



So it's been a few days since the proposed poolside orgy and Mom, Dad, Matty and Jennifer are still in Vegas. While I am still holding down the fort at home and dealing with the fallout of the orgy that didn't happen. What fallout? Well like Kacey and I pretty much breaking up (I really miss her) and deciding to take a few days apart and just see how things looked once the dust settled. And being that there was no school we had the time to.

"I wonder why I can't get a hold of Ali or Stacey?" I asked as I hung up from just having called Stacey and gotten no answer. Lucy barked happily as she met me by the bottom of the steps. The little pup had been on an adventure herself as she'd been staying with Lila and Vanessa for the past few weeks. The weird things my Dad decides to do. Lucy barked and ran towards the door and barked once more. "What is it girl? Did Timmy fall down the well?"

"Ruff," came Lucy's whimpering reply and soon she was pawing at the door. So figuring she had to pee I opened the door and was shocked, at one, how cold it was out, and two, to see someone huddled up in a ball and laying on our porch swing. Hood pulled over their head and only a few stray hairs viewable as I looked in confusion at them. That's when she looked up looked up and I saw it was Ali.

"Ali?" I asked as she struggled to get up and was shivering from head to toe as she came over to me without a word and hugged me around the neck. "What are you doing here? You're frozen solid."

"Al... most," she chattered. "Please... let... me... come... in?"

"Of course you can come in. No way I'd run you off," I said as I pulled her inside and Lucy came in with us as I closed the door. I now knew why the pup had been so insistent on going outside. I pulled the wool blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around Ali as she shivered still. "Are you OK?"

"Cold... very... cold," Ali said as she wrapped it around her and tried to warm up.

"How long have you been out there?"

"Long... time... maybe days," Ali said as I laughed and rubbed her back (a Mom move) and prompting her to snuggle into me for some more warmth.

"Why didn't you ring the doorbell?" I asked.

"Because I didn't think of it," she said as she got her shivers under control. "I just wanted to see you and realized once I got here that you were already in bed or you were at Kacey's."

"My car is in the garage," I said. "You OK now?"

"Still cold but a lot better," she said.

"Why were you so upset?" I asked as she followed me into the kitchen and I fixed some hot cocoa as we talked.

"Stacey and me are kind of over," she blurted out as she settled in at the kitchen counter.

"Why are you guys... wait you're kind of over?"

"I don't exactly know what we are," Ali finally said as I sat down opposite her. "She picked me up last night at around midnight and we went out and just got something to eat. She snuck out and she just came out and told me."

"Told you what?"

"That I was a whore and she couldn't respect me anymore," Ali said as I gave her a disbelieving look.

"Has she lost her fuckin mind? Why does she think that?" I asked as I poured the hot cocoa and joined Ali on her side of the counter as she took my cup and sipped it with a devilish grin and handed it back to me.

"MMMMMM warm now," Ali commented as our knees rubbed together.

"Answer the question?"

"Oh yeah," Ali said. "I'm a whore because I wanted to fuck you. According to Stacey I've wanted to fuck you every since that day you took up for me in the parking lot against Jesse."

"That's just stupid," I said. "She's crazy."

"And she's right," Ali said as my eyes opened wide in surprise in an almost comical fashion. "It's more like I wanted to be Kacey."

"Why Kacey?"

"Because she has your heart," Ali admitted. "And because I've had a thing for you since that day in the parking lot. Remember I kissed you in her bedroom?"

"I remember that alright," I said. "What was so big about that day at school though? I just took up for you."

"You took up for me even though I had been unbelievably mean to you and the one you loved," she explained. "You stopped Jesse from really hurting me and then took my side again later that same day when Jesse started her bullshit again."

"You couldn't fight back you had a broken nose and bruised cheek bones," I said. "Besides there was 5 of them on you. They'd have killed you."

"Thanks to you they didn't," Ali said with a smile. "So thanks."

"No thank you necessary," I said as her cold hands slipped under mine and she grinned. "What are you doing?"

"My hands are cold dummy," she giggled. "I'm not hitting on you just in case you were wondering because you do, after all, have a girlfriend."

"No I don't," I admitted as Ali gave me a shocked look. "We're taking a few days to see where things are after our first time."

"The first time was upstairs in your bedroom," Ali said. "What really happened?"

"We figured out we didn't have much chemistry," I said with a shoulder shrug. "Bad sex will do that to you."

"I'm sorry," she said as I squeezed her hands in mine. "And I'm also sorry about leaving that day before you two came back down. That was wrong."

"Why did you two leave?" I asked but already really knew.

"Stacey suddenly decided she didn't wanna do it," Ali said. "Even though she was insanely horny for you and me. I know cause I can tell when she's like that."

"I was so insanely horny that I was just determined to focused on the hormones," I said. "So we were gonna do it anyway. But you guys were gone."

"Insanely horny for who?" Ali asked as she looked at me directly.

"This girl I know who is tan and smooth all over and gives new meaning to the word perfect," I said as she gave me an 'are you serious' look. "In case you haven't figured it out it's..."

"Hillary Rodham Clinton?" Ali asked as I laughed. "Condoleezza Rice?"

"EWWWWWW," I said as she laughed. "That is... she's not at all hot. I was talking about you."

"And what about Stacey?" Ali asked.

"Stacey is hot too," I noted. "Would so love you two tag teaming me."

"And I wanted to so bad I could almost taste it," Ali said. "But it was that day of non-fun that made Stacey think I was a whore. She hasn't touched me since then."

"Why did she pick you up last night then?"

"I begged, pleaded, turned on the water works," Ali said. "Anything to get her to see me just so I could apologize and promise to never see you again. It didn't work."

"I'm sorry for what happened," I said. "I really am."

"And I'm sorry for what happened with Kacey," Ali said. "It must suck to figure out that far into the game that the person you're with is not the one you love."

"We never said we loved each other," I said as she finished the last of the cocoa we had been sharing. "So how did you end up on my porch several days ago?"

"It was not days ago... wait I did say that didn't I?" Ali rambled as I laughed. "It was actually just a few hours."

"I figured..."

"... Anyway, Stacey kicked me out of her car half way cross town and I caught the last bus to the corner down there and walked here," Ali said. "Wishing I had brought my jacket too."

"That fucking bitch kicked you out with no way home?" I asked.

"Thankfully the bus driver took pity on me when I didn't have any money," Ali said. "So when I got here and no one was home or so I thought I just curled up on the porch and hoped I could survive until morning."

"Next time you better beat on that door until someone answers," I said. "Do you hear me Alisha?"

"You know my name," she said with a smile.

"Of course I do," I replied. "Did you hear me?"

"OK I will," she said. "Maybe there won't be a next time."

"Yeah maybe Stacey will come to her senses and take you back," I said. "Right?"

"Not gonna look back and hope for broken promises to be fixed," Ali said as she slipped off the stool she had been sitting on and turned her back to me and wrapped my arms around her. "I'm looking forward."

"Are you suggesting that me and you...?" I asked.

"Only if we're naked and you've got a hard cock pumping in and out of me," Ali said as I gave her a shocked look and she laughed. "Gotcha."

"You're mean to me," I said as I pushed her away and she laughed again.

"I'm trying to say that you can have me if you want me," Ali said. "Anyway you want me too."

"I've been thinking that I don't really like girls," I said as she laughed. She came back over and pushed my shoulder in protest and sent me hurdling to the floor and landing with a loud thump. I looked up at her as she looked down at me in shock and asked, "OHMIGOD, are you OK?"

"I am..." I confirmed, "But you're not gonna be in a minute."

"NOOOOO!" Ali screamed as I shot back to my feet and chased her out of the kitchen. She detoured up the steps as I slid past them and crashed into the door and gave her another reason to laugh. She actually waited on me until I recovered and chased her up the steps and down the hall before she disappeared into my bedroom. I reached the door and found that she was missing. Though I quickly found her when I entered the room and spotted her behind me in the mirror. She tried to slip back out the door as I turned and latched on to her tickle spots. She squealed so loud that it hurt my ears as I dug my fingers into her waist and she fought to get lose. "OHMIGOD! STOP! I'M GONNA PEE!"

"Should I make you pee?" I asked as I stopped and she slipped away to the corner but was still trapped from an easy exit. "Huh?"

"I hate being tickled," she said with a warning finger point. "I hate it."

"Oh you poor baby," I said as I rubbed my eyes like a sleepy 2 year old. "If you can't stop me then what are you gonna do?"

"Cell phone," Ali said as I reluctantly picked it up and said, "Hello?"

"Hey," Kacey said in a defeated voice. "What are you doing?"

"Chasing Ali's goofy ass around the house," I said as Ali joined me.

"Ali's there? Why?"

"We're just hanging out, Kacey," I said. "Her and Stacey are going through some stuff..."

"I already know," Kacey admitted. "Stacey came by this morning and hung out for a while."

"Stacey ended up at Kacey's apartment this morning," I mouthed to Ali.

"So? After what she did to me I don't care," Ali said as she walked off down the hall.

"Look, I don't wanna get involved in what's going on between them," Kacey said. "But I got bad news."

"What it is?"

"Mom called last night and said the company wants her to move to Saint Louis," Kacey said as my heart skipped a beat and my stomach fell out. "To be closer to her job."


"I'm afraid so," Kacey said. "And I guess now that we're pretty much done that there's nothing keeping me here. Right?"

"I can't promise you I would ever feel the way we wanted to," I said softly. "So..."

"I leave this weekend," Kacey announced bluntly. "Can you at least come see me one more time?"

"Of course I will," I said honestly. "I'll buy you a ticket to fly down if you want me to."

"I'm gonna take that offer," Kacey giggled. "And it better be first class."

"Second class, maybe third," I joked as she laughed. "Come to think of it I got a huge box in the basement that would fit you. UPS?"

"Fuck you," Kacey said as we both laughed. "I'll walk before I do that."

"You gonna be coming back at all?" I asked.

"Once we get settled in and Mom completes school and starts her job," Kacey said. "I can probably fly up sometime."

"Just keep me updated, OK? I better go and check on Ali," I said. "She's hurting."

"Stacey told me it was over," Kacey said bluntly.

"Are you serious?"

"What she said," Kacey confirmed. "Stacey was like I already know she's in love with... well... you."

"WOW," I said in surprise. "I kind of guess she told me that earlier..."

"It's OK if you love her too," Kacey said. "I don't mind. I just want you to be happy."

"You too," I said. "I better go."

"Talk to you later," she said as we hung up. I found Ali sitting on the front porch huddled up under a cover and crying into her hands.

"You OK?" I asked as she looked up and smiled. She leaned forward and offered me the spot behind her. I took it as she covered both of us up with the blanket and laid back against me. "Stacey seems to think it's over according to Kacey."

"Fine," Ali said softly. "She wants to just push me away then she can."

"Kacey's leaving for Saint Louis," I sat after a long silence.

"Her Mom moving down there?" Ali asked as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Yeah," I confirmed. "She'll be closer to her job."

"I guess I should get home," Ali said sometime later as she sat up and then stood. "I need some sleep and all."

"Take my bed," I said as I stood to join her. "Nobody will bother you here. Well maybe Lucy."

"Hi girl," Ali said to Lucy as the puppy came back onto the porch as Ali yawned and stretched. "You don't mind if I take a nap?"

"You can take a shower to if you want," I said as she smiled. "Make you feel better."

"Maybe you come join me when I do," Ali said as she walked past me back into the house. "Would you like that?"

"Well you are single now," I noted as Ali smiled confidently.

"But maybe we should go on a real date first," I said. "I like that idea more than just fucking you in the shower."

"OK when I get up tonight you can take me to dinner and movie?" she asked.

"You go get some sleep and we'll work out the details later," I said as she came back over and grinned as she delivered a sizzling, tantalizing kiss to my lips that promised a preview of what was to come tonight. She giggled at the awestruck look on my face as she walked away and went up the steps to my bedroom. I took a deep breath and picked the blanket up before spotting Lucy still sitting close by. I tossed it over her and laughed as she started barking and squirming around to get it off her. I finally pulled it off her and she gave me a happy look as if to say, "Why did you stop playing for?"

The sound of a truck then drew my attention down the road as I spotted the same truck I'd seen a few days ago coming up the street. The one with the moron who swore the factory had put our new hot tub in the wrong box. The same guy, Taggert, got out again along with several of his friends in a trailing truck. I met them by the back of it as he handed me the clipboard again to sign.

"You brought the right one this time," I noted with a smart ass grin.

"I know, I know, rub it in," Taggert said as his crew laughed. "Where do you want this monster at?"

"On the back deck," I said. "You can take it through the side gate."

"Gotcha," Taggert said as they did exactly as I said. Little did I know what kind of a task it would be to get it on the deck. But they never the less managed to do it after an hour or so. Then came the running of the pipes for the plumbing and the electricity. Four hours later and they were seemingly just getting started. "Well it's almost lunch and I'm ready to eat after this adventure."

"Hey what about if I fix everyone some sandwiches and sodas?" I asked. "Short rest and back to work?"

"I think we should take a two hour lunch," Taggert said to get a rise out of me.

"And after your fuck up you shouldn't offer any more suggestions," I noted as the other guys laughed. "Sandwiches?"

"Yes ma'am," Taggert said sheepishly as I went to make a mess of sandwiches and collect a 12 pack of sodas from the fridge. A half hour or so later I was sitting on the deck and listening as the workers ate and discussed the issues of the day (the NCAA basketball tournament). Lucy barked from the bottom of the steps as I went to check on the disturbance. I found a revived looking Ali coming down the steps and smiling when she saw me. I asked, "You feel better?"

"I feel great," Ali said as she spun around in front of me and then wiggled her butt as I smiled. I noticed then that she was wearing a t-shirt of mine and a pair of shorts that looked to be Matty's (very tight).

"What are you wearing?"

"Your shirt and a pair of shorts so tight you can see why I had to squeeze into them," she said as she slid over and crashed into me and made me wrap my arms around her to steady her. "MMMMMMMM aren't we friendly."

"And you slept in this?" I asked.

"No I didn't," she said as she wrapped her arms loosely around my neck. "I was actually only wearing that tan you love so much."

"You were sleeping in my bed naked?" I asked as she blushed and giggled.

"Was hoping you'd come and join me," she said and it was my turn to blush. "Long shot I know."

"You're gonna get me in so much trouble," I said as she simply nodded her head in agreement. The loud banging finally drew our attention as Ali looked down the hall and saw one of the workman 'ogling her goodies'. She squealed and jumped from my arms to the cover of the stairs as I laughed. "Example number one."

"That pervert was gawking at me," Ali protested.

"I was too and you didn't mind," I said as she gave me a dirty look. "And you're barely dressed so can you blame him?"

"No," Ali admitted. "I'm gonna go change. Wait, what are those workman doing here?"

"Putting in a hot tub," I said as Ali's eyes shot open in interest. "A 12 person hot tub too."

"OH WOW!" Ali said. "Are they about done?"

"I'm thinking it'll be tomorrow," I said. "Lot of plumbing and electrical stuff they had to do."

"Damn," Ali said. "You think I could use it once they get it finished?"

"As long as you're not wearing anything," I said as she grinned and laughed as I chased her up the steps and into my bedroom, which is where she changed as a ringtone I'd never heard before sounded. Ali, now dressed in her jeans again, pulled a phone out of her pocket and looked at the caller ID. "When did you get a phone?"

"Stacey bought it for me but I rarely carry it," she said. "Speaking of the bitch."

"It's her?"

"Hello?" Ali asked as she nodded her head to me to confirm that it was Stacey. "Why do you wanna talk for? You already told Kacey it was over."

"That's what she said," I muttered to myself.

"Yes I am with her," Ali growled. "And I am her whore now cause she's already satisfied me more times than you ever could."

"I'm good," I said under my breath.

"Fuck you too" Ali practically screamed at the phone as she threw it down on the bed and broke down in tears. "Every time I start feeling good she drags me back into this fucking bullshit."

I honestly had no idea what to do as I watched her cry. Her heart was breaking.

Regardless, I slipped to me knees behind her and found her more than welcoming as I gently pulled her into my arms.