Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 13 "Hot"

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"You up?" Ali asked as she came back into my bedroom just as I rolled over in bed and saw her come in the door with a cup in hand, wearing my pajama bottoms and 'Silence I Keel You' t-shirt, and her hair was in a make-shift ponytail and splayed out everywhere. Not that it's news or anything but I realized then that I was for falling for her.

"Yes I am," I yawned. "And what have you got?"

"Me and you some cocoa," she said as she sat down beside me and I sipped out of the cup right after she did. "You look adorable."

"No I don't I look awful," she said. "No make-up, my hair is a mess and you can see my acne."

"What acne? That zit you had in what third grade?" I asked as she laughed.

"OK, no acne but I still look horrible," she said.

"You look..." I said and pausing to kiss her cheek. "... adorable."

"If I look so hot then kiss me on the lips," she said as I shrugged and did just that. Nice way to begin the morning.

"Wanna kiss me a little bit lower now?" she asked with a horny smile.

"Is that all you ever think about?"

"When I'm this close to you... yes," she said as she sipped the cocoa again. "I'm sorry."

"What am I saying? I got the best looking girl in school in my bed wanting me," I commented. "I must be doing something amazingly right."

"I am not the best looking girl in school... you really think that?"

"And it's not even close," I said as she grinned.

"Do you like the hottest girl in school?" Ali asked. "HMMMMMM?"

"More and more every minute I get to spend with her," I said as she smiled and blushed.

"I'm heartbroken and happy at the same time," she said. "I just wish we could stop the world and stay right here forever."

"I don't cause I'll have to pee eventually," I said as Ali started laughing as I rolled onto my back and laid my head on her thighs. "I wish it could be simpler too."

"You really truly like me?" she asked.

"Yes I do Alisha," I said as she blushed.

"No one calls me that."

"Can I? It's pretty," I asked.

"Yes you can Kaylyn Kersh," she said as she leaned down and kissed me. A soul soothing tongue-on-tongue kiss. "MMMMMMM you are a good kisser."

"And you have really soft lips," I said as she smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. "I could easily stay here and do this all day."

"I don't believe you, prove it," Ali challenged me as I laughed.

"I would but we have to go and see Kacey before she leaves," I said.


"She wants to see you too," I said as I sat up and took a last sip out of the cocoa.

"Save me some," Ali said and got the last sip. "You're so easy."

"If you're good to me then I'll be good to you," I said as I took her hand and pulled her up.

"I can see that," she commented as I slipped on my shoes at the door to the hallway and felt her stop me as she passed the mirror. "What?"

"I told you I looked horrible," she said as she frowned into the mirror.

"You look beautiful," I said with a kiss as she smiled again. OH man I'm gonna be crazy about her in no time. "Now why don't you stop arguing with me constantly and give me another reason to like you more."

"I am not arguing with you..."

"Yes you are, Alisha," I said as she smiled. "Now one more word about you being ugly and no love making tonight."

"You were gonna make love to me tonight?" she asked, stunned.

"Not if you keep arguing with me," I said as she grinned and stopped me at the door to my room and slipped into my arms and kissed me. Such a perfect kiss too. She fed me her tongue softly and the sensations as mine met hers was alarmingly hot. "Damn girl."

"I believe that should keep you thanking me the rest of the day," she said confidently as she laced her fingers with mine and pulled me along down the hall. We locked up the house and arrived in the driveway just as our kindly, though nosey, neighbor Ms. Burcham came by with some mail that had been delivered to her house by mistake. I made Ali giggle when I reached around her and took the mail as Ms. Burcham smiled at us.

"I take it that you're quite fond of your lovely friend here," Ms. Burcham wondered aloud.

"She is lovely," I said as Ali wrapped my arms around her more completely. "But she thinks she looks horrible. What do you think?"

"I think she looks like a girl in love," Ms. Burcham said. Literally stunning both of us to silence. "Though somewhere along the line she looks to have had her heartbroken."

"OK, I'll stop saying I look horrible," Ali said as Ms. Burcham smiled and walked off happily. "Are you ready?"

"Yes I am!"

We made the usual trip across town to Kacey's place in about 10 minutes and found her on the sidewalk with her bags already packed. We quickly loaded down the car and headed for the airport. We arrived just an hour or so before her flight was to leave (cutting it close). She went to check in as Ali and I waited by the ticket counter.

"Well this is it," Kacey said as she came back over and showed me the ticket. "I'm officially moving to Saint Louis."

"I'm gonna miss you like crazy," Ali said as she hugged Kacey first. Then grinned devilishly as she kissed her lips. "MMMMMM."

"Tell me about it," Kacey said as she kissed her back. "Why the hell couldn't you have done that weeks ago?"

"I had a girlfriend?" Ali asked as both laughed. "And you sorta did too. Her?"

"I remember," Kacey said as Ali gave us a moment as she walked off. "You gonna miss me?"

"That ticket is a round trip," I said simply as she looked at it. "You can come back and visit whenever you want. That tell you anything?"

"Tells me you're not cheap," Kacey giggled as we hugged for a long moment. "Thanks."

"You know it," I said as she kissed me one more time. Ali came back over and hugged me from behind.

"You take care of her," Kacey said to Ali. "And I mean that."

"I sure will," Ali cooed as her and Kacey shared a smile.

"Final boarding for..."

"Bye guys," Kacey said as she hugged us both one last time and just like that she was gone. I guess I should have cried or something, but I just didn't feel like it was that big of a deal. She was coming back to visit and we could talk on the phone. So it just felt like, well...I can't explain it. Safe to say the ride back to the house was rather quiet. We arrived with an ominous sign sitting in the driveway. Stacey's classic steel blue Mustang was parked in my usual spot and we could see her sitting on the bench on the front porch. Looking more nervous every second as she saw us get out and slowly come up the steps. Ali asked as she we reached the porch, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I'm a stupid whore and I'm sorry?" Stacey asked. I had to admit that I was shocked.

"Huh?" Ali asked.

"I'm sorry," Stacey repeated. I became worried that Ali would fall back in to what I viewed as Stacey's trap and I'd lose her. "I've been doing a lot of thinking the last couple of days."

"And?" Ali asked.

"I think I know why I got so crazy about you liking Kaylyn," Stacey said.

"Because you thought I was falling in love with her? You're right I was," Ali said as I smiled and she returned it.

"And you don't think that killed me?" Stacey asked as she stood to join us. My eyes roamed up and down her legs and I wondered if they could get any more perfect.

"It probably did," Ali admitted.

"It did until I realized something," Stacey said.

"And this is?"

"I wasn't crazed because I lost you. I went Tea Party nuts because I wanted both of you," Stacey said as my eyes opened in shock and Ali's did too. "I made out with Kaylyn at the pool party and ever since then I've wanted to get with her."

"You did what?" Ali asked as she turned to me. Suddenly my fantasies of a dream threesome were turning into a potential nightmare.

"She kissed me just like you did," I said in my defense.

"You kissed her too?" Stacey asked Ali. "When?"

"A few weeks ago at Kacey's in the bedroom," Ali admitted as Stacey laughed. "We made out for like 10 minutes."

"So did we," Stacey said, referring to me and her. "I don't know about you but I'm getting the idea that our friend Kaylyn is a player."

"You kissed me," I said as I pointed to Stacey and then to Ali and repeated the same fact. "I was with Kacey at the time and thought I really loved her."

"So why didn't you push either of us away?" Ali asked as her and Stacey looked at me with hands on hips.

"Hottest girls in schools," I said as both blushed. "You're both impossibly hot. And I'm... OK looking I guess. But no way I'd ever expect both of you to like me."

"Kaylyn you are hot," Ali said as my ego zoomed higher.

"Gotta agree baby," Stacey said. "She gets my motor running."

"Me too," Ali said as she slid over and made me giggle when she crashed into me and kissed me. "So hot it makes me crazy."

"WOW!" Stacey said as she joined us with a horny smile. "I didn't think I'd like seeing you kiss her... but damn that's hot."

"Too bad you treated me like dirt or we could all have some fun like we planned," Ali said.

"What I did was wrong and I'm sorry," Stacey said. "You got to admit you've never heard that one before. At least not so quick after the fact."

"I think our little Stacey is growing up," I said as she blushed.

"Good point," Ali said as she hugged Stacey. "I'm sorry too."

"So what are we gonna do about this little problem we have?" Stacey asked as she wrapped her arms around Ali and I again worried that I was about to lose Ali. But things were about to make a life altering course correction.

"What problem? You dumped me," Ali said to her EX.

"We both want Kaylyn," Stacey said as her and Ali both looked at me. "Can't we share her?"

"UMMMMM... share me?" I squeaked as both girls laughed.

"OHMIGOD that would be heaven," Ali cooed. "But we're broken up Stace."

"Then let's undo that huge mistake," Stacey said. "And invite Kaylyn in."

"You think there's enough of her for both of us to love?" Ali asked as my hormones started pumping like fuckin crazy.

"She says she has good stamina," Ali said as she hugged up with Stacey and both looked to me with hunger in their eyes. "I bet she could handle both of us."

"So we're back together?" Stacey asked Ali.

"If she's included," Ali said as she held out her hand and I took it and soon found myself in the arms of both girls as my fantasy started to play itself out. Stacey grinned wickedly as she leaned in and kissed my lips softly. She fed me her tongue as we Frenched for a long moment. "MMMMMMMM I guess that means yes. My turn."

"OH god in heaven this is gonna be wonderful," I moaned as I kissed Ali in the same way. Just enough of her tongue against mine to make me scream for joy. Ali touched her forehead to mine as I, brazenly, slid my hands down to either girls' ass and squeezed the cheeks in my hands. Their reaction? To kiss each other in a slow steady, smoke producing fashion as I watched from inches away. Both smiled as they parted and kissed my cheeks as I continued to massage their ass cheeks. "Sweet babies feel so good in my hands. Why don't we all go inside and get this party started?"

"OH god keep talking to me like that and you can talk me into anything," Stacey said as she kissed me on the lips softly. We then separated as we headed inside and stopped at the entrance to the living room as I wrapped them both in my arms again and we shared a few moments kissing softly between us. Me and Stacey, then me and Ali and then the two of them as I watched. They parted as Ali and Stacey's hands began to slip my shirt up my stomach as they kissed me one at a time and I raised my arms eagerly so both of them could lift it up and over my head. Stacey tossed it aside as she kissed my shoulder and led Ali to do the same. Soft, hot, tantalizing kisses down my arms brought me to the horniest moment of my life and it also cost me my bra as the horny twosome pulled down the straps along with the kisses. Stacey tossed that aside too. Both girls played with my small titties as they took turns kissing me over the next few moments. "Now you realize that you have to pleasure and satisfy both of us right?"

"I do realize that," I said with a kiss to her gorgeous lips. "And do you know I've been fantasizing about this very moment for months."

"I figured you had," Ali said as she unbuttoned my blue jeans and acted shocked. "Look what I did."

"I can top that," Stacey said as she unzipped them. I simply smiled.

"Well now they have to come off too," Stacey said as the two girls left my arms and dropped to their knees and pulled down my pants and held me steady as I stepped out of them (shoes and socks still on). They then had me turn and each kissed one of my ass cheeks as they pulled down my thong and let me step out of that. I was now naked with my two fantasy girls. "MMMMMMM fuck I knew she'd be hot but this is way better than I hoped for."

They rose back to their feet and each kissed me for long, long moments as my hands explored their perfect bodies. I had just pulled away from Stacey when she lifted her arms and I grinned as, with Ali's help, I took off her pink shirt. Her big titties bounced into view as I smiled. I leaned down to kiss each one of them and softly suck on each nipple as Ali kissed across my shoulders. My hands roamed down to Stacey's ass then as I pulled her frilly short skirt down and it fell to the ground. Believe it or not, she was naked.

"You had plans today huh?" I asked as Stacey nodded knowingly and let me take in the amazing sight that was Stacey Rosewood as she spun around for me one time. She then helped me with Ali's clothes. We tag teamed her t-shirt which came off rather easily and that was soon followed by her pants as I held her steady and Stacey pulled them away from her feet. Ali was now naked as well. "I never actually thought this would happen."

"We didn't either..." Ali said, "... but we are so glad it's about to."

"OH yeah," Stacey said as she kissed me and for the first time I slid my hands down to the girls' bare butts and squeezed the perfectly tanned ass cheeks and moaned in wonder. "Come here Kaylyn."

"Yeah let's really have some fun," Ali said as I sat down between the two on the couch and they guided me to lay back and relax. I put my arms behind my head and moaned as the two took control and started rubbing my bald pussy. Ali was first as she leaned down and exposed my clit for Stacey to lick. OHMIGOD the wondrous sensations that produced were body quivering. Stacey licked it roughly over and over and I moaned as I squirmed my hips and my thighs quivered. Stacey then held it for Ali to do the same thing and the pleasure just got more intense. I bucked my hips slightly as she sucked it for long moments and then traded off with Ali. I laid my head back and covered my eyes and just shook gently it felt so good. "Look at her cute little clitty, Stace, it's standing at attention for us."

"MMMMMM so cute," Stacey said as she licked it and made jerk in delight. This sparked a wonderful idea.

"You two sexy babies need to suck at the same time now," I said as they nodded in agreement and did just that. Ali's head came to rest on my stomach and Stacey's on my thighs as the two of them sucked it at the same time and worked it over with their tongues. That was an unbelievable way to cum. I guess you could say I realized then that I was in charge and they both wanted me insanely bad.

On shaky legs I then lead them on to the back deck. They both grinned. And OHMIGOD, all thoughts of anything else disappeared when I saw both of them naked and looking so tanned, smooth and perfect from head toe in the bright sunlight. "OHMIGOD you two are so sexy."

"And you can do whatever you want with us Kaylyn," Ali cooed as she picked up the FeelDoe (retrieved earlier) and gently inserted the knob end into my pussy and kissed me again as the vibration started inside my pussy and that drove my hormones as I pulled Ali and Stacey back into my arms and slid my hands down to their ass cheeks and squeezed them in my hands. "MMMMMMM I can't wait to butt fuck both of your little assholes."

"And you're not gonna have to wait much longer," Ali said as Stacey leaned in and kissed her and looked down at my cock and smiled. "And don't forget Stacey too."

"OHHHH no I'm not," I said as I had both of them turn so I could see both girls cute little ass. Marked by tiny matching tattoos on their right ass cheeks. I slid my hands up their thighs and to their ass cheeks and moaned when I felt them. After a few moments we all headed down to poolside, naked from head to toe, and so horny you could cut the hormones with a knife.

I looked down at Ali's pussy then and smiled as I moved my hand to it and felt the bald skin was so smooth. Ali grinned as she kissed me and made my knees a bit weak. She moaned into my mouth as I fingered her pussy a few times and decided I had to taste it. But I first turned back to Stacey and did her the same way. Testing it for smoothness and then fingering it a bit. I lowered to my knees a moment later as Ali grinned down at me as I licked her slit up and down. Soooo sweet.

Stacey sat right beside me as she pumped my cock up and down and held my hair in place for me.

"OHMIGOD Kaylyn," Ali moaned as moaned as I licked her clit now softly over and over and she held onto my shoulders for support and soaked in the pleasure. Stacey pumped her fist up and down my cock as I licked Ali more roughly and made her thighs quiver and her stomach bow in. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks and gently squeezed them as her ass clenched in pleasure and she watched intently from above. Licking more and more roughly I made her jerk in delight for the first time and drew her close to an orgasm after only a few more licks. "MMMMMM gonna cum. OHMIGOD never felt this good."

"Sweet pussy tastes so good," I cooed before licking her a few more times and pushing her over the edge into orgasm. A moaning, shaking orgasm that left her weak in the knees (momentarily). I licked her cum up softly and then rose to join her. She recovered as she kissed me softly. "Your pussy is addictive."

"Seriously?" she asked as I grinned. "You like it that much?"

"If we had the time I'd show you," I said as she kissed me again. "But we have other things to try right now."

"Like my pussy?" Stacey asked as I nodded my head and she rose as her and Ali simply traded places. I licked Stacey's sweet pussy up and down as she trembled in pleasure and held onto my shoulders as Ali had done. I licked her clitty over and over roughly as her thighs quivered. My pussy spasmed as Ali's fist pumped my cock up and down fast as I worked over Stacey's pussy. Her stomach bowed in with pleasure as her pussy spasmed and her honey sweet flavor coated my tongue. I moaned into her pussy, now needing another cum sooo bad. I began to fuck my tongue as Stacey squealed and I slid my hands up and squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands over and over. "My pussy is sweet too huh, Kaylyn?"

"MMMMMM so much like honey sexy baby," I moaned to her as she shook in pleasure and gently guided me back to her sex and encouraged me to make her cum. I did just that a moment later as I licked her clit roughly and pushed her over the edge. I licked her cum up then as she sat on the mats by the pool to rest. I wasn't so lucky.

"You really wanna see my titties bouncing huh?" Ali asked as I moved back and sat down on the chair by the pool with my cock (FeelDoe) sticking up at her as I stroked her smooth thighs and guided her over me.

"Fuck I sure do," I moaned as she then lowered down a bit and let me rub my cock at her pussy before she took it inside. I kissed her chest between her titties as she began to gently bounce on it and take it deeper in her pussy all the time. She placed her hands on my shoulders as I gripped her waist and started bouncing her up and down at the pace I wanted. Her titties finally started to jiggle up and down as she landed on my thighs over and over again and the cock went deep in her pussy. She moaned and arched her back to make her titties bounce more and let me control the pace as I bounced her aggressively up and down. "I got your titties bouncing now Ali. I love that baby."

"OHHHH fuck you're making my pussy feel so good," Ali moaned as she impaled herself on my cock time after time now. My pussy spasmed and hers did the same around the cock inside her. I watched her titties bounce a few more times for me as both of us moaned in unison and enjoyed a pair of wonderful orgasms. Ali and I kissed softly as she now sat across my thighs as we both panted for breath.

After a few minutes of recovery, the tag teaming officially began.

Stacey and Ali stroked my body as I took turns kissing both of them and laid back on the mats once again and moaned as Stacey took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me with a bobbing of her head. Ali moved in above my head and leaned down so we could kiss (upside down) and I could moan into her mouth softly as the vibrating in my pussy seemingly got stronger. Ali squeezed my titties in her fingers as I placed hand on the back of her girlfriend's head and guided her up and down for a few more seconds before pulling her off.

"Come here Stacey let me feel that sweet pussy," I moaned as I held my cock steady and Stacey crossed her legs over my stomach and rose into the catchers position and impaled herself on my cock and started to bounce up and down. I moaned and took hold of her waist and watched her titties sway up and down for me. I then laid my head back and looked up at Ali as she rubbed her tanned baby smooth pussy just above me and reached for her. "Come here Ali, let me lick that sweet pussy for you."

"OH fuck yeah," Ali moaned as she scooted forward and planted her pussy on my lips and I started loving it for her. She softly licked the smooth folds up and down and working her clit on every pass. My body shook as Stacey pounded up and down on my cock and made my pussy spasm harder. I sank my tongue into Ali's pussy and made her thighs quiver on either side of my face as I started to fuck it, making her walls spasm around it. My ass clenched in pleasure and my hole body tensed up as Stacey continued fucking my cock like a porn star. A moment later I started to softly suck at Ali's clit and made her squeal as she shook on top of me. I slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed the cheeks in my hands as I sucked harder and in longer deeper breaths. "OHMIGOD so good Kaylyn."

"My pussy loves your cock Kaylyn," Stacey moaned as Ali shifted to one side momentarily and let me watch Stacey pound my fuckin cock hard and make her titties bounce for me up and down. I moaned as my orgasm was coming on quickly and wanted desperately to know for sure if I could make two girls cum at the same time. So I laid my head back down and got Ali back on top and started sucking hard at her clit as she trembled on top of me. Her moaning got louder, as did Stacey's, as her thighs squeezed around my cheeks in delight and she felt my tongue slide back inside her and fuck it a few more times. That was all she could handle as she started cumming a nanosecond before Stacey and I did. All three of us settled down as Ali cummed in my mouth over the next few moments. "OH made my pussy feel so good."

"She made my pussy cum so good too," Ali moaned as I continued to lick her pussy up and down. So sweet!

"You like my girlfriend's pussy do you?" Stacey asked as Ali finally slid off. I grinned and replied, "It's very sweet, what can I say?"

"MMMMMMM thank you," Ali moaned as she leaned down and kissed me. "But Stacey's is just as sweet."

"Well come up here and let me try that again," I said as Stacey grinned and let me guide her on top of me and into a 69. I eagerly began to lick her sweet baby smooth pussy, pressing my tongue into the folds of her pussy as she moaned. Ali getting above my head on her stomach and softly licking at Stacey's tight little asshole. Stacey shivered in pleasure and took my butt fucking cock into her mouth and started to suck me again.

"MMMMMMM oh yeah," I moaned in agreement as I went back to licking her pussy up and down. Ali was now sucking softly at Stacey's asshole and poking her tongue at the girl's asshole ring. Stacey's thighs quivered and her moaning stifled as she sucked my cock. I wrapped my arms around Stacey and held her in place as I worked her clit roughly with my tongue now. Ali sucking a bit harder at Stacey's asshole and making our mutual lover almost scream in pleasure. My ass clenched as the ridges on the cock worked my clit and the knob inside me vibrated and thrust slightly in and out with Stacey's fist pounding up and down my cock shaft. "MMMMMMM gonna cum oh my god."

"Me too MMMMMMM so good, gonna make you cum, Kaylyn," Stacey moaned as she gently bounced her fist off the skin just above my clit as she stroked my cock. I licked her pussy a few last times and Ali licked her asshole and we started cumming at the same moment. I tensed up as my thighs quivered and the wonderful sensations flooded my body in waves.

"That was the best blowjob ever Stace," I said as she slid off and got to her knees as she laughed and helped me up before kissing me softly. Ali and Stacey got on either side of me as my hands immediately went to their ass cheeks and I kissed them once each before asking, "Now what else was it you two smooth tan babies wanted so bad?"

"You were gonna stick that very talented cock of yours in my asshole," Ali said with a sizzling kiss.

"That's called butt fucking my baby," Stacey cooed as she kissed her girlfriend for a long moment. "And then, Kaylyn, you're gonna do me the same way."

"I sure am," I said as I kissed Stacey before rising to my feet with Ali.

"This is gonna feel soo amazingly good on your cock," Ali moaned into my ear as I continued to gently squeeze my hand into her tanned ass cheeks as the FeelDoe kept on vibrating inside me. Stacey took my cock into her mouth, again, and made me moan into Ali's mouth while I then kissed her. I moaned once more as Stacey pulled off and laid back on the mats lengthwise and I said to Ali, "I just hope it feels as good inside your asshole as you promised."

"It feels even better than I promised," Ali said as she turned her back to me and got on her knees as I followed her down and she got into a 69 with Stacey. I immediately slid in behind her and lined my cock up with her asshole and slid inside. She moaned and tensed up all over as I leaned forward over Ali's back and started the butt fucking in earnest. I quickly found out, as my thighs started spanking at Ali's ass cheeks, that the girl was right and this did feel as good as promised. In fact it was so much better than I could have ever imagined. Stroke after stroke the sensations just got more intense. I finally moaned, "AWWWW Ali you're so sexy to butt fuck. This feels so much better than you promised."

"OHMIGOD I can't believe you're finally butt fucking me in the sunshine and it feels this good," Ali moaned in reply as she held onto Stacey's thighs and grinded her pussy on her girlfriend's mouth below her. Stacey moved her lips to Ali's clit and sucked it as Ali squealed and shook gently from the sensations we were both giving her. I fucked her asshole a bit harder and watched every single stroke in a mesmerized, orgasmic daze as I looked down. Her tanned ass cheeks jiggled every time I smacked my thighs at them as my eyes focused on her tattoo for a moment. "This was your fantasy huh, Kaylyn?"

"It sure was" I moaned as I clenched my ass tightly to get deeper as Stacey sucked harder at Ali's clit and made her moan louder. "I wanted to butt fuck the two hottest girls in school. MMMMMM and I'm doing and I'm doing it hard and, OHMIGOD this feels wonderful. I'm gonna cum butt fucking you in the sunshine."

"Me too, OHMIGOD so wonderful" Ali moaned as we both started cumming in an awe inspiring finish to the sandwich. I butt fucked Ali hard till the last twinges of pleasure could be felt and made her squirt her cum in Stacey's loving mouth. After settling down I slowly pulled out and couldn't believe what I had just felt. "So much better than I promised huh?"

"Was fucking amazing," I said as the two got to their knees and took turns kissing me. The mid-afternoon sun reflecting off the pool and our naked, sweat drenched bodies. "And after feeling that I'm gonna have to butt fuck Stacey even harder."

"You do just that then baby," Stacey said in an encouraging voice. "I really need that."

"How bad do you need it?" I asked as Ali laid back on the mats and I stroked my cock up and down.

"I need it so bad that Ali is gonna lick my pussy and I'm gonna take your cock in my ass all the way," Stacey said as I guided her to get on top of Ali in a 69 for me. I then lined my cock up and filling her asshole up with it as she moaned with me and tensed up all over. "UHN I need this so bad, I need this so bad Kaylyn."

"MMMMMMM baby you're so smooth and tan all over I can't believe I'm getting to butt fuck two girls this sexy in a row," I moaned as I resumed my former position and leaned over Stacey's back as my thighs started to spank at her ass cheeks. Stacey lowered her head and did the incredible, licking away at Ali's pussy, as I pumped harder and harder in and out and started to shake her body. I lived up to my promise as sweat dripped off my body I pounded my cock home inside Stacey's asshole. "Does it feel good finally doing anal sexy baby?"

"OHMGOD the way you're doing it is wonderful. You're making it my favorite new way to fuck," Stacey moaned as she swept her long blond hair to the side and let me watch as she found Ali's clit and started sucking it as Ali did her the same way. I again looked down to watch every stroke in another orgasmic daze as I actually lifted my knees a bit off the mats below for more leverage as I drilled into Stacey's asshole. Stacey moaned to me between moments of sucking Ali's clit, "Living up to your promise now Kaylyn."

"MMMMM a little harder and I'm gonna make your pussy cum, Stacey," I moaned as I smacked my thighs at her ass cheeks and made them jiggle as I pounded at her asshole and drove us both towards an orgasm. Neither of us could hold out much longer as the vibration in my pussy and the ridges working my clit on the FeelDoe made me feel like I was already cumming. Add to that the sensation of the bare skin above my pussy smacking at Stacey's ass cheeks and it took everything in me to get this far without cumming. Stacey let out one last loud moan as her and Ali lead the way into orgasm and I finally gave in and followed them. I butt fucked Stacey hard the whole time. I had my sixth orgasm in less than hour and the most mind blowing of them all. "That is the most wonderful way I know to cum."

"WOW, so true," Stacey moaned as I pulled out of her asshole and let her and Ali get to their knees. Stacey kissed me softly as I massaged her ass cheeks in my hand and her titties with my other hand. Ali was next as I did her the same way as her hands stroked over my sweat drenched body. "Ali baby are you satisfied?"

"Completely," Ali cooed as she kissed me softly. "And you Stace?"

"Completely," Stacey said as I grinned and kissed her as well. "Looks like we are gonna be in for some fun from now on. Cause now we know that Kaylyn can satisfy us both."

"And two sexy babies can expect that I'll wanna do a lot of butt fucking from now on," I said as both smiled.

"Expect?" they asked in unison. "We demand it."

"You waited a long time to go back to back on us huh baby?"

"And it was worth the wait," I said as I kissed Stacey softly on the lips, then followed it with kiss to Ali's lips. "And I bet I won't have to wait to long before I can do it again."

"We demand it," They again said in unison. What a wonderful, wonderful way to spend an hour.

We spent most of the rest of the day napping after the workout all three of us had endured. We rose around 8:00 so Stacey could call her Aunt Barb and say she was spending the night here and Ali could pretty much do the same though her Mom demanded she be home in the morning. Stacey grinned as I came back into the bedroom with a bowl of grapes. Ali lay on her stomach reading a magazine on one side of the bed and Stacey lounged on the other side. Stacey chirping, "Ohhh grapes, feed me, feed me."

"OK," I said as I placed one in my mouth and crawled up over her body. She giggled before kissing me and taking it from my mouth. "MMMMMMMM."

"MMMM yeah those are good," Stacey said as I fed her another one. "Where did you get these Food Lion?"

"My Uncle Horatio owns a vineyard in Napa Valley and he grows them for wine making," I said as Ali looked up and I leaned over and fed her one too.

"WOW!" Ali said as she crawled closer. "Those are good."

"Best grapes in five states," I commented as I ate one.

"No argument here," Stacey said as I laid down behind her and she scooted back into my arms with a giggle. "Looky where my butt's at now."

"You better not be get me started," I said. "Cause I won't be stopping once I do."

"Bring it on," Ali commented as she ate another one of the grapes.

"Yeah what she said," Stacey agreed. I simply rolled my eyes. "But I got a question."

"Yeah?" I asked as I took another grape myself.

"What are we now? Friends with benefits?" Stacey asked.

"Girlfriends," Stacey Ali said as Stacy leaned back and kissed my cheek.

"All of three of us?" I asked.

"Sure why not," Ali said as she finished off the grapes. "Those are freakin delicious."

"More in the fridge," I said as Ali grinned and kissed me and then Stacey as she slid over us on the way off the bed and headed for the kitchen.

"So all three of us are dating?" I asked in confusion.

"I don't see why not," Stacey said. "You like me don't you?"

"Very much so," I said as she giggled.

"Not just the tan and my smoothie," she said as I grinned. "But me?"

"I guess I do a lot more now," I said as I wrapped her in my arms more snuggly. "Stacey like Kaylyn?"

"Stop using broken English," Stacey said as I laughed and Ali came back in the room with a bowl full of grapes. "And yes I do. A lot."

"You do what?" Ali asked as she fed Stacey a grape, followed by one for me.

"I told Kaylyn I liked her a lot," Stacey said. "Trying to convince her not to kick me out of bed."

"You're an awful liar," Ali said to Stacey as I laughed. "There's no way in hell either of us is getting kicked out by Kaylyn. We do her favorite thing."

"You sure do," I said as I slid my hands up under Stacey's shirt and squeezed her titties in my hands as she cooed. Ali kissed me a moment later as I continued to gently squeeze Stacey's big titties in my hands. All three of us grinned as Ali snuggled in next to Stacey and I put my arm over both. "Do you two love my favorite thing?"

"I never felt anything that wonderful," Stacey said. "Doing it hard the way you did was inspired."

"I think you should make that a regular practice on both of us," Ali said as she kissed me. "By regular I mean every time."

"Done deal," I said as I gently rubbed Ali's ass. "Are the grapes gone?"

"Almost," Ali said as she picked up the bowl and giggled as I grabbed it and we got into a tug-of-war over it. Poor Stacey was the victim when the bowl got tipped over and as she squealed when the grapes went all over her. "Oops."

"I'm gonna kill you two," Stacey said as Ali and I began laughing. But instead of throwing them Stacey simply started eating the remains herself. "These are mine now."

"I don't think so," I said as I snatched one away from her and she started to complain but instead simply kissed me. "MMMMMM. No battle?"

"I'm willing to share," Stacey said as she kissed Ali next. "If you guys are."

"2 girls for Kaylyn?" I asked as Ali leaned across Stacey and kissed me for a long moment.

"I think, considering what you did to us earlier, that you need two girls," Ali said as I grinned.

"Me too," Stacey said as she kissed my chin. "MMMMMM me too."

"You know you need two girls to be satisfied Kaylyn Kersh," Ali said.

"I agree," I said as I rubbed Ali's ass again. "MMMM love that."

"Damn it," I groaned as I heard my phone ringing and reluctantly picked it up. "What?"

"Hey," Kacey said as I grinned.

"Hi girl," I said. "How's Saint Louis?"

"It's lonely," she said. "Can you talk for a while?"

"Hi, Kacey my future lesbian lover," Stacey said as I giggled and heard Kacey laugh.

"Is that Stacey?"

"It is!"

"Can I talk to her?" Kacey asked.

"Sure," I said as I handed the phone to Stacey as she smiled and sat up as she said, "Of course I can talk. All night if you want cause it's Kaylyn's phone. What am I doing here? That's a long story."

"That was weird," I said as Stacey slipped off the bed and left the room chatting with Kacey. Ali slipped into my arms happily.

"Not really," Ali said. "Kacey and her kind of bonded and I honestly think they'll probably end up in love."

"What about me, you and her?" I asked.

"That's not permanent," Ali said as I giggled. "We can all have fun for the time being though."

"Lots and lots of fun," I said as I tickled her and she squealed and turned in my arms. "Not complaining?"

"I'm seriously falling deeply in love with you, Kaylyn Kersh," she said before kissing me. "So I figure I might as well get used to it."

"Me too," I said as she grinned. "Things have just been so crazy lately that I've not even had a chance to think for five minutes."

"We were supposed to be together," Ali said.

"What about Stacey?"

"I don't know right now," Ali admitted. "We'll figure it out, OK?"

"I think that sounds good," I said as Ali turned over in my arms and sighed contently when I pulled her closer and she pulled the covers over us. Both of us laughed as we heard Stacey say this, "I am not a whore either, Kacey Ericsson, my two girlfriends are."