Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 4 "Another One Bites the Dust"

Written by: TVM (



"Where have you been spending all of your time lately?" Mom (Kay) asked as she came into the kitchen to find me munching on a muffin and sipping a cold glass of milk at the counter.

"Nowhere?" I asked in confusion.

"You run off early every morning and pick up this girl named Kacey, Matty told me that, and then after school you go running around with her again until all hours of the night," Mom said.

"By all hours of the night do you mean 9?" I asked.

"That's plenty late for a 16 year old who is not dating anyone," she said. "Or are you?"

"Are you?" I asked as she rolled her eyes.

"Of course not, I'm married," Mom said. "Is this you trying to avoid a direct question?"

"Yep," I said with a smirk and slid off the stool I was sitting on and went running down the hall giggling. Dad (David) met me at the bottom of the steps and grinned as I hugged him good morning. Matty appeared at the top of the steps and laughed when I snaked Dad's wallet out of his jeans pocket and ran off with it to the other side of the room. "Missing something Dad?"

"Give me my wallet back," Dad said with a finger point that meant business, or so he wanted us to think. I quickly lifted 20 bucks out of his wallet and tossed it back at him as he stomped his foot at me. "Now give me my money back you little sneak thief."

"OH come on Daddy-O you gots lots of bank so why not share it?" I asked as Matty snuck in behind Dad as the old man stuck his wallet in his back pocket.

"You had best get in that car and go on to school," Dad warned me as Matty lifted his wallet too and I held his attention by dancing back and forth. He finally realized what was happening after she had stole a fifty dollar bill... and started giggling. "You little sneak thief. It runs in the family."

"It sure does," I said as I snatched one of dad's shoes and fired it down the hall to distract him and let Matty escape. He turned and chased us out onto the porch and into the front yard. "Thanks for the loot daddio."

"You two have to come home tonight you know," Dad said. "And once you do they may not see you again."

"I'm really scared," Matty said as I laughed. "Besides I need the money."

"And what do you need the money for?"

"Condoms," Matty said as I fell against the car laughing.

"Kaylyn, if you take her with you can just keep the money," Dad said as I pulled Matty along into the car and pulled out into the street as Dad went back into the house. Jennifer waved as we drove down the road towards her house.

"I said she could ride with us this morning," Matty informed me in a 'oh-yeah-by-the-way' type of voice. I stopped and looked at her. "What?"

"You don't tell people they can ride in my car without asking me," I said.

"It's not your car, it's Ashlyn's," Matty shot back.

"It's my car, smart ass," I said as Jennifer tapped on the window. "Let her in."

"Morning," Jennifer chirped. "Thanks for the ride, Kaylyn."

"From now on if you wanna ride in with me you ask me, not Matty, OK?"

"Sure," Jennifer said.

"Because as of now Matty can't invite anyone else to ride," I said.

"If this is a problem I can catch the bus," Jennifer said.

"It's not," I said as I drove off. "Just letting you and Matty know the score."

"Jennifer, this is Kacey," I said a few minutes later as Kacey climbed into the car and Matty crawled over the seat into the back.

"Hi," The two said in unison and then giggled.

"And that's Kacey, Kaylyn's girlllll friend," Matty said with a devilish tone to her voice. But I was ready for her this time.

"And Jennifer is Matty's girlfriend," I said to Kacey as Matty blushed and Jennifer protested.

"Chill Jennifer, I was just kidding," I said as she gave me a sour look.

"Did you guys hear about this one day in high school thing?" Kacey asked as she showed me the flier.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a day long thing where students in high school show around middle school students to show them what it's gonna be like in high school," Jennifer chimed in.

"We're both already signed up," Matty said. "Can I stay with you all day Kaylyn?"

"Wait, you're in the sixth grade and they want you to see what's it gonna be like in high school?"

"I asked the same thing but Matty thinks it'll be fun so I signed up too," Jennifer said.

"Matty just wants to get out of school for the day," I said as my little sister grinned. "And I guess I can spare the time to show you around... maybe."

"Glad you think so cause I signed both of us up," Kacey said and I gave her a warning look as she giggled.

"You're impossible," I said as she grinned.

The long drive from Kacey's apartment to the middle school gave me time to think and the first thing that came to mind was Jennifer's odd question a couple of days ago about how do you know if you're gay. See since then she hadn't been over much and I hadn't had a chance to discuss it with her. Not that I had any more answers than she did but maybe just talking to her would have helped. But when you spend most of your time with one person (Kacey) you can't really have much time for anything else. And my time with Kacey is... well... a story for a later time. So anyway this struck an idea that was golden.

"You know Jennifer if you wanted to you could probably have Kacey show you around on your day," I said. "At least you know her a little."

"I haven't been assigned anybody else either," Kacey said as she looked at her in the rear view mirror.

"As long as you don't mind if Kacey is gay," I said as we pulled into the waiting/drop-off area for the middle school. Kacey gave me a confused look as Jennifer's eyes popped open in interest and she quickly agreed.

"You're really gay?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes I am," Kacey said. "I hope that's not a problem."

"Not at all," Jennifer said excitedly. "I'll go into the office at first break and sign up for your name."

"You do that," Kacey said as Jennifer quickly followed Matty out of the car and we drove off. "Why did you tell her that?"

"Because she's having trouble figuring out if she's gay and I'm clueless in that area so I figured that you might be able to help her," I said.

"Maybe I could help her," Kacey reasoned. "But next time you ask me before you tell anyone that."

"Deal," I said as she grinned.

"Do you always have to signal our arrival with that?" Kacey asked as we pulled into the school's parking lot and I revved the engine to do just that. Everyone looked up, including two people I'd hope we'd never see again in Stacey and Ali, to watch our entrance. "Oh no, I forget they got off suspension today. OHMIGOD look at Ali's face."

"I know, she looks great," I said as we spotted the evil troll dolls standing together by Stacey's car, Ali wearing a protective nose guard.

"You're terrible," Kacey giggled as I pulled into my usual spot right next to the entrance. "What is that thing on her face?"

"It's a protective nose guard," I said. "I had to wear one a few years back when I had my own nose broken."

"I had no idea I hurt her that bad," Kacey said with a heartbroken look.

"And her and Vanessa's evil twin didn't hurt you at all?" I asked as I pointed to the sling that Kacey was still sporting.

"I know what she did," Kacey said. "Doesn't help me feel any better."

"Then go apologize," I suggested.

"And have Stacey attack me? No thanks," she said as we got out of the car. This time no one came our way or even looked our way it seemed. But what was weird was the Pathetics seemed to now be lead by, no not Stacey, but Jessie as she walked past us with a dirty look and disappeared into the school. "What's up with that?"

"Stacey and Ali have been kicked out of the Pathetics?" I asked.

"Who cares," I said as Ali and Stacey swayed by and never even bothered looking our way. But I sure did notice them as Stacey passed my eyes locked on her legs, her tanned and toned cheerleader legs. What a gorgeous sight those where. And they were showcased perfectly by the frilly pink shirt she was sporting that was barely legal by the school's dress code. Then there was Ali who was wearing a pair of skin tight jeans that had her thong on display just above the bell loops with a shirt that showed off the lower part of her flat, also very tanned, stomach. OHMIGOD those two are hot together. So hot in fact I even briefly let myself picture myself using the FeelDoe on them as they 69'ed for me. What a thrilling fantasy that is.

"Have you ever noticed that Stacey has a really great set of legs?"

"You should see her in the shower," Kacey said as my eyes opened and she grinned victoriously. "No tan lines and a very cute smoothie."

Maybe I should tell her what Ali looks like naked, too. Ya think?

"Seriously?" I asked as she nodded and leaned in and kissed my lips. "MMMMMMMM!"

"You like?" Kacey asked.

"Suddenly this lesbian thing is sounding better and better," I said as she grinned and I, lost in a moment of hormones, leaned in and kissed her this time. A slow tantalizingly hot kiss that featured her offering her tongue and me gently massaging mine against hers for a long moment.

"WOW that was hot," Kacey cooed. "I should have told you what Stacey looked like naked weeks ago."

"Shut up," I said as I took her hand and she giggled as I pulled her along inside the school. Our innocent hand holding got some looks from the school's gossip whores as we walked by. "Well now we are officially dating."

"We are?" Kacey asked.

"According to the school gossips we are," I said as Kacey laughed.

"Ladies, Ms. Kersh, Ms. Ericsson won't you be kind enough to join me?" Mr. Steele asked as we passed by the office and he motioned us in, where we found that Ali and Stacey were already inside. "Now ladies."

"What's the problem, sir?" Kacey asked as she laced her fingers with mine and for that moment I wasn't complaining because it made me feel a bit better.

"I just wanted to inform you and Ms. Kersh along with your friends, Ms. Rosewood and Ms. Curtis that you four will be having lunch in my office today, with me," Mr. Steele said.

"Are you kidding?" Stacey asked. "No!"

"I agree with her," Ali said and I could swear I spied them holding hands behind their backs.

"You always seem to Ali," Mr. Steele said. "That's the problem."

"Why do we get dragged into this?" I asked.

"Because it was your involvement that two weeks ago turned my school into a war zone," Mr. Steele said.

"Those bitches pushed me down the stairs," Kacey declared.

"You deserved it!" Stacey fired back.

"What did she do Stacey?" I asked. "I'd love for you to tell me what she did to deserve that."

"Shut up," Mr. Steele commanded with a rattling THWAP! of his hand on the desk. "This is exactly why I am having you four meet me for lunch this afternoon at 12."

"This is not right," Stacey demanded. "My Aunt..."

"...agrees with me that you need an attitude adjustment," Mr. Steele said. "I have no idea, Stacey, why you harness so much ugly hatred towards someone who has done, to the best of my knowledge, nothing to you. Now, shut up, you will be here this afternoon, and every afternoon that follows, or I will begin processing your papers for expulsion."

"You are crazy," Stacey practically screamed.

"I'll be here sir and she will too," Ali said softly. "I think you make some good sense."

"Ali..." Stacey protested but those were silenced by a pleading look from her "friend" as Stacey sighed and gave in as she said, "Fine, I'll be here."

"I do? Well of course I do," Mr. Steele said as we began giggling. "Now off to class the four of you and no one had better forget."

- - -

"What do you think I should do?" Kacey asked me as we made our way to the office for 'lunch in hell' as it had been dubbed. "Apologize or no?"

"It's your decision and I won't be mad at you either way...," I said, "... but no I wouldn't."

"Hey there, Mr. Steele will be back in a minute, he's running late," Vanessa said as we came into the office. Mr. Steele came in right behind us with a five stack of Styrofoam take-out meals looking to be steaming hot. "MMMMM meatballs and spaghetti from Romeo's. You girls are getting the good stuff today."

"Yeah no cafeteria food for you girls today," Mr. Steele confirmed as my belly began to rumble. "Come on in and have a seat on either side of the table. I'm hoping we'll see the appearance of my other two guests any moment... and here they are."

"Yes, here we are," Stacey said as she trailed Ali reluctantly and took a seat on the sofa across the room.

"Ali please close the door," Mr. Steele said. "And Stacey don't get to comfortable because you won't be sitting there. You two have places already reserved for you right beside my other two guests. Come on."

"I am not sitting next to them," Stacey declared as she stood.

"Expulsion for you then Ms. Rosewood?" Mr. Steele asked as Stacey fumed.

"Not for me," Ali said as she sat down next to Kacey and opposite me, nervously.

"Now Ms. Rosewood," Mr. Steele demanded and directed her to sit next to me. Which she finally did. "Now was all of that drama really necessary?"

"Apparently," I said as Kacey laughed.

"And none of your sarcasm, wise cracks, condescending remarks, put downs or backhand compliments," Mr. Steele said to me. "We will have a pleasant time whether you like it or not."

"I just want this to be over," Stacey said.

"Me too," I said. "See Mr. Steele we're getting along better already."

"Just so you know I intend to do this every day you are on my campus for the remainder of the school year if that's what it takes to get you to stop this childish war," Mr. Steele said as we looked at him in horror. "You are 16 years old ladies, it is time to grow up and realize that your actions have consequences."

"You know what I'd rather you expel me than have to go through this living hell every day," Stacey said as she stood defiantly. Mr. Steele finally passed out the food.

"Excuse me?" Ali objected. "And where does that leave me?"

"Never mind," Stacey said as her anger was zapped.

"Glad we got that cleared up," Mr. Steele said as three of us laughed while Stacey sulked.

"OK, now that we have this delicious meal, I'd like to hear some lunch time chatter," Mr. Steele said. "Come on, anything that's on your mind with exception of religion."

"UMMMMMMMM can I say something?" Kacey asked.

"The floor is yours Kacey," Mr. Steele said as we began eating but what Kacey did next almost made me choke to death. She turned in her seat and gently laid her hand over Ali's and said, "I'm sorry for what I did and hurting you like that. I feel horrible and maybe some day you can forgive me."

"Huh?" Came the collectively stunned response as Kacey simply went back to eating.

"You're apologizing to me?" Ali asked.

"Quiet Stacey," Mr. Steele demanded when he sensed an interruption was forthcoming.

"I know it doesn't help anything..."

"I attacked you," Ali said. "Me. Not you attacking me. I started it and you simply fought back. You don't have anything to apologize for."

"All I got was a fat lip and bruised shoulder," Kacey said. "I didn't wanna hurt you..."

"I forced you to," Ali said. "You were only defending yourself."

"It would be a nice gesture to return the apology if it's sincere," Mr. Steele offered to Ali.

"You're right Mr. Steele," Ali said as she took off her nose guard for a moment. The swelling and puffiness around her nose and eyes had gone down for the most part. "This was my fault, not yours. I'm sorry for my part in pushing you down the stairs. It was an accident really."

"For real?" Kacey asked.

"For real," Ali said. "I don't have any other excuses either."

"Apology excepted," Kacey said as Ali half smiled.

"Me too," Ali agreed.

"Now that is progress," Mr. Steele said. "I'm getting good at this."

"That and a dollar and half and you can buy a Pepsi at Wally World," I said as Mr. Steele laughed.

"So what else is going on in my school that I should know about?" Mr. Steele asked as everyone returned to eating. But Stacey was still stewing over something.

"The teachers are giving too much homework," Kacey said as her mood continued to brighten.

"Besides that," Mr. Steele said as we giggled.

"Oh yeah, Ashlyn, called a few days ago?"

"How is she doing?" Mr. Steele asked. "Last I heard she was starting on the renovations for her and Miranda's new house."

"That's what she told me a couple days ago," I said in surprise. "She calls you?"

"She sure does," Mr. Steele said. "Look forward to those calls too. That lovely little one they have, Becky, is a sweet one."

"So, what do they call you now? You're Uncle Mr. Steele?" I asked as everyone (except Stacey) burst out laughing.

"Ever the witty one, Kaylyn," he said with a fork point. "Anything else you ladies would like to discuss?"

"How about we talk about Kacey's family?" Stacey finally asked in a bitter, cold voice.

"What about my family?" Kacey asked as the good times came to a startling stop.

"How about we talk about your pitiful old Grandpa and how he died of cancer before you could say goodbye?" Stacey asked with a wicked smile as Kacey crumbled and started to cry.

"Stacey that's enough..."

"Wanna talk about him some more Kacey?" Stacey teased.

"That was private, between me and the guidance counselor," Kacey said in sobs. "YOU EAVES DROPPING WHORE."

"Ohhhhh poor baby," Stacey said in a mocking tone.

"Knock it off!" Mr. Steele boomed as Stacey leaned across the table and rubbed her eyes as if she were crying. Mr. Steele stopped me with a hand on mine or I'd have punched her. But what happened next was unthinkable. Kacey dropped her hands from her face, tears streaming down her cheeks, and swung viciously with an open hand and smacked the spit out of Stacey's mouth. That one shot snapped Stacey's head around as far as it would go and sent her slamming back into the chair and then she screamed for her life, it seemed, as she crashed to the floor. Silence. "OHMIGOD!"

"Get up and say that again, BITCH!" Kacey screamed at Stacey as the girl lay crumpled on the floor sobbing and holding her face.

"Three day suspension for both of you," Mr. Steele said.

"It was worth it," Kacey said as I laughed and Ali checked on Stacey.