Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 5 "You Wanna What?"

Written by: TVM (



"Where's your girlfriend been hiding?" I asked Matty as we came down the steps.

"She's been busy she says," Matty said. "I don't know."

"Your little hearts broken, huh?" I asked as we reached the front door and collected our jackets and put on our shoes.

"No, why?"

"You said you wanted to get some off her," I said as Matty blushed. "Did you?"

"Not yet," Matty said as she raised her eyebrows suggestively. I thought in that moment that no one could get one over on my little sister. Dad's plan as he came in through the front door would change my opinion.

"Morning girls," Dad (David) said. "How are my thieving daughters?"

"50 bucks richer," Matty said as I laughed.

"Yes I know that very well," Dad said. "Did you buy the condoms you little nympho?"

"I sure did," Matty said. "And we're already out."

"Well now you've got me worried about you becoming pregnant," Dad said as he put his arm around Matty. "I'm so worried that I'm gonna drive you to school today."

"Dad, no," Matty said in protest.

"Yes I am," Dad said. "And I'm gonna hug you and kiss you goodbye in front of the school so everyone will know not to mess with my little schnooky-ook-ums."

"Help!" Matty said with alarm in her eyes.

"Don't look to me I'm afraid he'll wanna do that to me too," I said as Dad nodded his head.

"HMMMMMMMM," Matty said as she thought for a moment. "OK, I'm fine with that Dad. But I forgot something in my room. Be right back."

I quickly snuck out of the house without another moment wasted and headed for school, thinking there was no way that dad would actually do that. And with not having to pick Kacey up (three day suspension for slapping Stacey) I actually made it to school about 15 minutes before the warning bell, revving the engine and taking my space as usual by the front door. I got out with my back pack and stopped when I saw Jesse and the Pathetics surrounding Ali by the fence separating the road and parking lot.

"That doesn't look good," I said and fought the urge to get involved... yet again. But what changed my mind was watching Jesse pushing Ali's nose guard and hearing the girl begin crying as she tried to make her getaway. But she was blocked by the group and then pushed back and forth in the group as they laughed. I wondered in that moment what the fuck was going on being that Ali used to be a member of this pack of tag-alongs. "KNOCK IT OFF!"

"Stay out of this Kersh," Jesse said to me as I set down my book bag and fished Ashlyn's mini-bat out from under the front seat and kept it close to my side as I walked towards the group. "I told you once already."

"You OK?" I asked Ali as she pushed by two of the Pathetics and moved behind me. Very weird moment. Though when she hugged me I could feel her boobs press into my back and that got my motor running. I need help.

"Fine protect the little faker," Jesse said. "But you're not always gonna be around."

"Come on, let's go," Ali pleaded as she pulled me back and I walked away with her, feeling bizarre.

"What the fuck was that all about?" I asked as we now stood by my car. "Those are your friends, right?"

"Not anymore," she said as she took off her nose guard.

"Did they hurt you?" I asked.

"My cheek bones are still sore," she said. "She was trying to hurt my nose but the airhead was too stupid to do it right."

"I don't get it why where they were picking on you?"

"I guess you could say I've been tossed out of the group," she said as she put her nose guard back on.


"Well... what the fuck you're gonna find out anyway," she said as she dropped the entire facade of "Ali" and finally came clean. "I'm not rich and Jesse and her little friends finally got sick of covering for me."

"They were covering for you?" I asked in mass confusion.

"Stacey was covering for me actually," Ali admitted. "She was pretty much my only friend in the group. And her being the leader, they couldn't kick me out until she was."

"So Jesse's leading the Pathetics now?" I asked as Ali laughed.

"I never thought that nickname fit until now," Ali said as I giggled. "And Stacey got kicked out too. Jesse convinced everyone to vote her out."

"A democracy of airheads."

"You're funny," Ali laughed.

"Why did they kick her out?"

"She embarrassed them by being suspended for 2 weeks," Ali said. "That's also why Stacey hates your friend so much."

"That makes no sense," I said.

"Try telling that to Stacey Rosewood," Ali said. "She can be soooo infuriating."

"Girlfriends can be that way," I said absentmindedly, not realizing until after the words left my mouth that I hadn't even confirmed that Stacey and Ali were dating.

"What do you mean girlfriends?" Ali asked. "Did you ask Kacey to be your girlfriend?"

"No," I said nervously.

"You think Stacey and me are... why would think that? We don't hold hands or kiss or anything in school," she said in a panic. "I mean it's not like we do that anyway cause we're not in love or anything. I mean we're friends and that's all... I gotta go."

"I know about Stacey's tattoo," I said as she turned to walk off and froze. The first bell sounded in the background. But the look on Ali's face as she looked back at me told the whole story. She was in shock.

"Stacey doesn't have a tattoo," she said.

"I saw the picture of it in that tattoo shop downtown, the one called Tattoos and Spurs," I said. "They put their latest work in the window as promotion."

"They have a picture of Stacey's butt in their window?"

"It's only of the tattoo," I said. "I thought you said she didn't have one?"

"We just got them a few days ago," Ali admitted. "Wait, what did it say?"

"Two way street?" I asked with a smirk.

"Meaning Stacey likes anal?" Ali asked as I nodded my head and we both laughed. I almost hoped in that moment that she would give some kind of sign that Stacey did like it. "For real?"

"It said Stacey hearts Ali" I finally said. "So does she like anal?"

"You're terrible and I am not telling you that," Ali said as I grinned and she blushed.

"OK, she does," I said as if that confirmed it. "And what about you?"

"I didn't say that," Ali protested. "You have a dirty mind."

"So both of you do, huh?" I teased as she groaned in frustration.

"If I say yes will you let me change the subject?" she asked. I simply nodded eagerly. "We're both dying to try it. Happy?"

"On the level serious? No jokes?" I whispered and she nodded her head to confirm and I could feel my pussy begin tingling in anticipation. Oh good lord what a great moment.

"Anyway, about the tattoo, how did you know it was us?" Ali asked as she looked around at the deserted parking lot.

"How many people do you know named Stacey and Ali?" I asked.

"Would be rare," she said. "But that doesn't explain why you were so sure about it."

"The picture showed some of Stacey's birthmark," I said.

"And Kacey has seen that birthmark," Ali said. "Stacey told me she thought Kacey was gawking at her in the shower."

"In Kacey's defense you've probably seen Stacey naked and do you blame her?"

"You won't repeat what I say?" she asked. "And that includes your pestering me about..."

"Between me and you," I said.

"I don't blame her at all," Ali said as we grinned at each other. Ali then practically sang the next word, "Amazing!"

"Ladies are we coming in?" Mr. Steele asked as we blushed and joined him by the door. "And should I be concerned about this little grouping?"

"I don't think so," Ali inserted. "We're not exactly friends yet but..."

"...I don't think we're enemies anymore either," I finished as Ali nodded her agreement and Mr. Steele showed a smug smile. "Go back into your office."

"Off to class ladies and my office for lunch," he said.

"Yes sir," we said in unison and then began giggling as we headed off to class.

- - -

"You two together and not fighting?" Vanessa asked as Ali and I arrived at the office for our lunch meeting with Mr. Steele.

"Weirder things have happened," I said as Ali nodded. "Besides after yesterday we kind of put some stuff behind us. So we're... not enemies anymore."

"Good to hear," Vanessa said. "And just so you know Ali, Stacey has been grounded by my Mom."

"Barb is mad, huh?" Ali asked Vanessa, referring to Vanessa's Mom, Barbara.

"She's madder at Stacey than I've ever seen her," Vanessa said. "Seriously pissed."

"Is she mad at me?" Ali asked.

"Why would she be?" Vanessa asked.

"I'm Stacey's friend and all," Ali said.

"Stacey took the heat from everything I could hear," Vanessa said.

"Ladies, afternoon," Mr. Steele said as he came out of the office. "Shall we?"

The three of us sat down to another fine meal, this time prepared by Mr. Steele himself at home, and got down to discussing the events of the day and how Ali and I ended up hanging out together for the day. Eventually Mr. Steele brought up the topic of Ali and Stacey's friendship and why they were friends despite the fact that Ali is not rich and does not fit the prototypical mold for a Pathetic. Ali explained it this way:

"Stacey wanted me to be in the group so at first she lent me some of her old clothes so I could dress better and look like I was rich. But that could only last so long until she ran out of clothes and I had to try and buy them myself because you can never, ever, wear the same outfit twice. That's when I started stealing from stores at the mall to keep up my image. And Stacey knew all about it but she knew I had to keep up my image."

"I sincerely hope that you are done with that," Mr. Steele said.

"The Pathetics kicked me out earlier in the day," Ali admitted. "And Kaylyn, for whatever reason, helped me out by stopping then from... whatever they were gonna do."

"It's made my day to see the progress that you two have made in your transformation from bitter enemies to... well... to today," Mr. Steele said with a smile.

Fortunately the rest of the day passed off without a hitch and by day's end I was ready to pick up Matty and go see Kacey for a new minutes and forget about all of this Ali vs. Jesse and the Pathetics drama. But that was not to be on this day as Jesse started her crap again. That happened just as I came out of the school and the mouthy airhead was swaying my way and looking for a fight.

"Jesse save us both some time and just go dye your hair again," I said just as Ali's exit from the school drew my attention. Seeing the Pathetics massed at the gate and Jesse coming my way, she made a calculated decision and came over to me. I think at that moment I was just thankful for some sort of back-up.

"Ha ha ha so funny," Jesse said as Ali, to my surprise, stopped in front of me. "Poor girl move or be moved, I'm talking to the rich whore behind you."

"How exactly can you go from being friends with someone to hating them in five seconds?" I asked Jesse.

"I never liked her," Jesse said simply.

"That explains it," I said with a giggle.

"Now move before I break your nose again," Jesse said in a demanding voice to Ali.

"Why the fuck can't this just be over?" Ali reasoned. "Stacey and me are out of your group, now move on with your life."

"Your new bestie behind you has a new girlfriend that ratted us out and got all of us into trouble with Mr. Steele," Jesse fired back.

"So you're gonna do what?" I asked as I stepped in front of Ali. "Keep beating people up till you get your revenge?"

"Payback is a bitch," Jesse said simply.

"I never liked you either," Ali said as she glared at Jesse. "You're a bigot, a homophobe, racist and pretty much everything that's wrong with people these days."

"I am not..."

"And if those girls you run with weren't so damn stupid they'd realize what a loser you are," Ali said as I grinned and Jesse glared at Ali.

"You're calling me stupid?" Jesse asked. "You got like a 4 on your last test."

"She didn't call you stupid," I inserted. "She said racist, homophobic, bigoted, and a loser."

"And so I don't get great grades you don't either," Ali said. "Who was it that cheated on her last Math test? I think that was you."

"Shut up about that," Jesse growled.

"And who was it that tried coke at that party about four months ago?" Ali asked.

"I swear to god I'll hurt you..." Jesse said as she started forward and I pushed her back.

"Your mom would love to hear about those little adventures of yours. Keep fucking with me and I'll ruin your life," Ali said as Jesse clenched her fists at her side in furious anger. I thought for a moment that she was gonna shoot smoke out of her ears.

"GO TO HELL!" Jesse screamed as Mr. Steele appeared at the entrance and cast a questioning eye on the activities. Jesse followed my eyes and reluctantly, VERY reluctantly, walked away and rejoined her friends as they disappeared. I simply touched Ali's hand and motioned for her to get in.

"Why did you offer me a ride?" Ali asked a few minutes later.

"You were gonna ride the bus?"

"Probably," she said.

"I got a feeling Jesse would have rode the bus today just so she could get a shot at you," I said as Ali nodded her agreement. "Besides I gotta pick up my little sister anyway so I can drop you off if you need."

"I actually live not too far away from Kacey," she admitted. "I can actually see her house from the deck on my apartment building."


"Uh huh," Ali said. "About a half mile away."

"How did you keep up the charade for so long?" I asked as I turned into the school parking lot and saw Matty come running towards the car. She slowed and gave me a strange look as she saw Ali.

"It wasn't easy," Ali said as she popped the door open and let Matty crawl in the back.

"Who's this? The new fill-in girlfriend?" Matty asked as Ali blushed.

"Matty this is Ali," I said.

"Hi," they said in unison as I turned towards Kacey's place, figuring that I'd just drop her off first and let Matty visit with Mr. Parker for a while.

"You missed the turn," Matty squealed from the backseat a few minutes later as Ali and I chatted and I found myself having to now turn in at Kacey's apartment complex instead of dropping Ali off first. Ali commented that she could just walk home from Kacey's place. "Stop thinking about Kacey naked and pay attention."

"OHMIGOD!" Ali giggled in shock as Matty smiled victoriously.

"I was not picturing Kacey naked; it was Ali," I said.

"What? You... were doing something to my butt in that fantasy?" Ali asked as I blushed a color of red I'd never known existed.

"Say what?" Matty asked as she pushed my shoulder and giggled when I pulled into a parking spot in front of Kacey's apartment. I then turned on Matty as Ali opened the door and slid out the passenger's side. Matty squirted out behind her as I crashed into the backseat and groaned at missing my target. Matty was now teasing me from in front of the car with her tongue stuck out. I got out as she ran to the other side and kept giggling. "I thought you were gonna get me?"

"HEY!" Kacey screamed to get my attention from the side of the building that lead to her apartment.

"Hey you," I said as she grinned and I gave up on my pursuit of Matty and joined Kacey by the door. But her smile faded when she saw Ali who emerged from behind my car. "What is she doing here? You been with her?"

"Jesse tried to hurt her this morning with her pack of Pathetics," I said as Ali nervously kept her distance and followed Matty as my little sister spotted Princess Miranda and went to visit with her. "And I got involved again."


"Apparently Ali and Stacey have both been kicked out of the group," I said as Kacey's eyes opened in surprise. "And guess who confirmed they were dating?"

"Ali admitted that?" Kacey asked with a huge grin.

"Even said she had a tattoo also," I said. "Matching I'm assuming."

"So they're seriously dating in secret?"

"Yep and very much in love," I said. "Stacey is sort of her protector."

"Just like you with me," Kacey said with a smile and I couldn't help but smile back.

"You're the one who fought off five girls," I said as Kacey blushed.

"If they tried to hurt you I'd do it again," Kacey said in a soft tone.

"What if it was six girls?" I asked as she giggled.

"I wouldn't let them hurt you," Kacey said as she tickled me under the chin and I laughed as I latched onto her hand. "OWWWWW OWWWW don't hurt me you big bully."

"Then don't tickle me again," I said as she purposely laced her fingers with mine and grinned. Such an adorable grin too. "Or I won't come see you anymore."

"You can't stay away from me Kaylyn Kersh," she fired back. "You like me."

"I only came to bring you your homework," I said as she giggled. "Nothing more."

"Yeah and hoping I'd give you some," she said.

"Well if you're offering," I said as I turned and pulled her along around the side of the building to her front door as she laughed and pulled on my hand to stop me, then crashing into me when I stopped short and we came face to face. "You were offering?"

"If my arm wasn't in this sling I would give you some," she said defiantly. "Does that make your pecker hard?"

"All 8 inches of it," I said as she laughed in shock. "And it's hard right now."

"MMMMMMM," she said as the giggling stopped. "Can I put it in my mouth?"

"You could probably deep throat it," I said as she gasped and smacked at my sleeve in protest. "Gonna let me cum in your mouth?"

"You have a filthy mind," she said with a finger point. She had no idea how filthy.

"You wanted to put it in your mouth," I pointed out.

"Even if I did why would you wanna do that with someone you don't even like?" she asked.

"Because, I'm a whore," I said as she laughed and tensed up as I slipped my arms around her and said, "So you gonna gimme some?"

"Tell me you like me and I will," she said.

"I like you a lot, OK?" I said softly. "The more time I spend with you the worse it gets."

"Lucky me," she said as she turned in my arms and touched her forehead to mine. "Take Ali home and come back for a while?"

"Ali only lives a little ways from here she said she could walk," I pointed out as Kacey grinned. "So what are you planning for tonight?"

"This..." she said as she kissed me sooo perfectly. "... without clothes on."

"Oh boy," I said as she giggled as we kissed again.

"UMMMMMMMM... hello?"

"What?" I asked as Kacey jumped away and blushed a deep red when she saw her Mom, Alex, standing there with a rather shocked look on her face. "Hi Mom."

"Well look at the time I better be going," I said as I started to walk off when Kacey blocked my exit and we were soon wrestling as Matty and Ali came around the side of the building and laughed as they watched. Alex did much the same as the other two.