Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 6 "Let's Go Bang"

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"Now, ladies, we all know today is a special day in the life of our young attendees and I want every one of you to make an effort to keep a close eye on them today," Mr. Steel said to the collected crowd in the hallway. This being that, most unusual of if you ask me, day where the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students get to spend the day tagging along with a high schooler. Matty, naturally, was my charge and Jennifer, Matty's bestie, was with Kacey for the day. "Now if any of our young visitors have any problems or get lost you can always come back to the office and talk to me or Vanessa. OK?"

"OK!" Came the collective response.

"Have a great day and I hope to see every one of you in one to three years," Mr. Steele said.

"He makes it sound like we're going off to prison," Matty commented as I laughed.

"I guess it did sound that way," I said as Matty trailed me into my first class. "So what happened yesterday when Dad took you to school? You never did tell me."

"OH, I thought I'd told you," Matty said. "He did what he said. Hugged me and called me his little shnook-e-something..."

"Schnooky-uk-ums," I said.

"Yeah that and he just kept hugging me and kissing my forehead and making these weird baby noises as all my friends, Jennifer included, watched and laughed," Matty said as we giggled. "Anyway, you remember I had to get something out of my room before I left?"


"I got the whistle that Mom gave me to alert anyone if a stranger was around," Matty said.

"OHMIGOD you didn't do that to him at school!"

"He embarrassed me so bad, sooo when he wouldn't stop making those kissing noises I pulled out my whistle and blew it really loud and started screaming stranger, stranger," Matty said as I laughed and so did everyone listening. "That stopped him."

"What happened?"

"He grounded me for two weeks," Matty said as I laughed harder. "Oh you meant at school. OHHH the security questioned him for like 5 minutes before I admitted who he was."

"That's why he decided to have me pick you up," I reasoned.

"Uh huh," Matty said. "Was gonna tell you about it last night but just didn't find the time."

"Classic," I said as we exchanged a high five. "So two weeks?"

"No, Mom actually made him drop it when she found out what he did," Matty said. "She said he was just mad cause I got one over on him."

"You always do," I said as she smiled just as class began.

"Hey you," Kacey said, about three hours later as she met me in the hallway between classes. "Your day going OK?"

"It's been interesting," I said as she leaned against the locker next to mine. "So where's Jennifer?"

"Getting a snack with Matty," she said. "Matty was coming in the bathroom while we were leaving."

"UMMMMM weird question, but do you have any idea if we are supposed to eat with Mr. Steele again today?" I asked. "With this not being a normal day and all."

"Vanessa told me earlier that he still expected us," Kacey said. "All of the middle schoolers will be eating at one table so we wouldn't be sitting with them anyway."

"Great!" I said. "Another 45 minutes with Stacey the bitch."

"I don't wanna see her either," Kacey said. "Still try not to cry when I think about the last time we met."

"She's a little viper alright," I said as Kacey nodded her agreement. "New subject, has Jennifer asked you about... anything interesting?"

"You mean about being gay?" Kacey whispered as she moved closer and I touched my head to hers as she grinned. I simply nodded. "Quizzed me about it all morning. I finally made her admit that she was questioning if she was."

"HMMMM Matty sure will like it if she is," I said and Kacey laughed. A moment of silence loomed as we just looked at each other.

"UMMMMMMM... I don't know... well, if you don't want to just say so.... but... can me and you go somewhere after school and just hang out?"

"You know it," I said simply. She smiled and I noticed, maybe for the first time, how much I'd come to adore her smile. "I really love your smile."

"Thank you," she said as she snuggled a bit closer and my arm slipped around her and we enjoyed a long moment of just talking with her eyes. A pair of giggles, preteen giggles, broke that up.

"AWWWWW," Matty and Jennifer giggled from in front of us. Kacey and I both blushded. Matty asked, "You two getting married?"

"Yes and are you two?" I asked as they laughed.

"We got lunch with Cruella and her girlfriend," Kacey announced a few minutes later. Matty and Jennifer ducked into the cafeteria and joined the other middle schoolers as we headed to the office. "I don't wanna do this. Ali's bad enough but Stacey is gonna cause me to kill her."

"I thought you and Ali kind of made peace yesterday?" I asked in confusion. "You let her hang out for a while."

"For you," she admitted. "But I have a lot of history with her and I'm honestly not ready to trust this change in attitude yet."

"Point taken," I said as we reached the office. We found Stacey standing by Vanessa at the desk and looking straight down. Ali was sitting behind the two in Vanessa's chair. "What's up?"

"Now I'm only gonna tell you one more time Anastasia, apologize," Vanessa said in a cold steel tone which meant that Vanessa meant business. Stacey remained silent. "In 10 seconds I call my Mom and have her fax your enlistment papers for military school."

"You wouldn't dare," Stacey said to her cousin.

"What's this all about?" Kacey asked.

"Stacey is going to apologize to you and put this stupid feud behind her or she's going to Alabama and Military school," Vanessa said.

"The last time we talked she hit me so hard my ear hurt for two days," Stacey said.

"Did you forget the unbelievably horrible thing you said just before that?" Ali asked.

"Maybe," Stacey said.

"They already know we're dating," Ali said as Stacey's face showed the horrified shock that you'd expect.

"That was our secret Alisha," Stacey said as tears of betrayal slipped down her cheeks. "How could you do that to me?"

"You two are dating?" Vanessa asked as she sat down in the chair next to me. "Girlfriends had me fooled. Wait till Lila hears this one."

"Kind of hard to keep a secret when you got evidence tattooed on your butt," Ali said. "I told you that was a stupid idea."

"I did that because I love you with all my heart," Stacey cried. "And what does that tattoo have to do with you outing us?"

"She figured it out," Ali said as she pointed to me.

"I saw a snapshot of it in the tattoo parlor downtown," I said.

"Tattoos and Spurs?"

"That would be the one," I said.

"I let him take that pic," Stacey said. "I am truly a blond."

"He took what pic?" Vanessa asked.

"It's a pic of the tattoo you can't even tell it's on her cheek," I said as Vanessa nodded.

"I'm begging you Nessa to not let Mom send me away," Stacey begged. "I can't leave Ali."

"Then drop this feud with Kacey and move on with your life," Vanessa said.

"No," Stacey declared, only this time with much less force in her voice.

"You make me wanna choke your brains out, you're so hard headed," Ali said. "Why do you even hate her so much? And if you say you're not telling me I swear I'll break up with you."

"But..." Stacey said with a helpless look. "But..."

"I'd like to know why you hate me too," Kacey said. "I figured you hated me because you overheard me telling the guidance counselor I was gay. But you have a girlfriend too so that can't possibly be it."

"I hit on you at Kevin Costner's party on Halloween and you flirted with me," Stacey said to Kacey. "You came dressed as Cinderella that night."

"That was my costume," Vanessa said. "Mr. Parker borrowed it for a dear friend of his he said."

"I wondered who he got that from," Kacey said, looking directly at Stacey. "I don't remember you hitting on me."

"I was dressed as Frankenstein that night," Stacey said.

"She looked great," Vanessa said. "Lila did her make-up."

"That wasn't you, was it?" Kacey asked. "We talked forever and I gave you my number but you never called."

"Because I talked to you the next day at school and was gonna tell you everything and you blew me off," Stacey said.

"You didn't tell her who you where?" Ali asked.

"I thought she knew and was cool with it," Stacey said. "Everyone at the party knew it was me."

"Except me," Kacey said. "You're fucking crazy. Why the hell didn't you tell me you liked me?"

"I heard you tell the guidance counselor a few days later that you were gay," Stacey said. "And I figured you were just blowing me off."

"So you decided to make my life a living hell because you can't handle rejection?" Kacey asked. "Which, by the way, it wasn't."

"Ladies, sorry I'm running late, and I hope we're having a productive talk," Mr. Steele said as he arrived in the office.

"I don't know, Stacey, are we?" Vanessa asked.

"Yes," Stacey said as she rubbed her bruised ear. "I think, considering the alternatives, that... moving on is the best way to go."

"Now this is progress," Mr. Steele said. "Can we maybe transition to a lasting peace with this silly feud?"

"I think so," I offered to get the ball rolling. Ali smiled at me as she repeated the exact words.

"Add me to the growing chorus," Kacey said as she bumped my shoulder.

"Stacey?" Mr. Steele asked pointedly.

"Say yes and mean it or go home single," Ali said calmly.

"I think so too," Stacey said immediately with a nodding of the head as Ali grinned at her accomplishment.

"I think we're making some real progress now," Mr. Steele said. "If this continues I can soon have my lunch hour back."

"You can have it back now," I said. "We're done with it."

"The always witty Kaylyn," Mr. Steele observed. "Shall we have some lunch anyway?"

"If we must," Stacey said with a begrudging smile. And despite the fact that Stacey apologized and the tension was much less in the room it was still not something I was looking forward to. Though Kacey and Ali seemed to be moving further in their relationship as Mr. Steele sent them to get some sodas for the group and when they returned they could be heard laughing from down the hall. A positive sign.

"I am so glad school is over for today," Kacey said as Matty and Jennifer climbed in the car and Kacey met me at the front.

"Me too," I said as Stacey and Ali came out and stopped for a moment.

"Come on," Ali said as she dragged a reluctant Stacey along to meet us.

"Why do we have to be friends with them?" Stacey asked. "I'm sure they want it as little as I do."

"Because I want you to have real friends," Ali said.

"UMMMMMMM Hi?" Kacey asked.

"I don't need friends I've got you," Stacey said as I laughed.

"Is that a good thing?" I asked as Ali shot me a questioning look.

"You're picking on me?" she asked.

"Pretty much," I said.

"That means you like me," Ali said as she grinned. "So now you have no choice, Stace."

"Look, I agreed to drop my grudge so why do we need to be friends?" Stacey asked.

"Because everyone else hates you?" I asked as Stacey glared at me.

"She's right," Ali said. "Because of that stupid group we don't have any real friends. I'd like to have someone to call in the middle of the night if I need someone to talk to."

"I'd like to bow out now," Kacey said.

"Well bite me," Ali said as she pushed Kacey and dared her to do something back. Kacey, not sure what to do, hesitated for a moment so I struck, with a finger poke to Ali's tickle spot. She jumped away and gave me a shocked look. "You stop that."

"She hates to be tickled," Stacey admitted as Ali pushed her girlfriend in protest.

"That was a secret," Ali said as she moved in front of her girlfriend and turned her back to me. "You have a big mouth."

"I'm sorry?" Stacey asked as she hugged her.

"Can we go or are you four planning an orgy?" Matty asked as she stuck her head out of the car.

"I'm up for that," Ali said as everyone looked at her in shock. "Just no tickling."

"I'm in also," I said with a grin towards Ali. "And I know one thing I wanna try. Can you guess what that is, Ali?"

"If we did, you could, but you don't have the right parts so you can't," Ali said as I felt my hormones take off with that announcement. Most everyone else seemed confused.

A moment later the peaceful, even playful, calm that had come over us was shattered when a pissed off Jesse came storming out of the school with two members of her group with her and saw us. She had a look on her face that would kill and even though her two friends, Donna and Michelle, tried to stop her she came charging our way. Ali jumped behind Stacey as Kacey reached into the car and took hold of the mini-baseball bat just in case.

"You fucking whores got me and my girls suspended from school for two weeks," Jesse said as her flunkies caught up with her. "Which one of you lied on me? All of you?"

"No one lied on you bitch," I said. "Mr. Steele saw you attack Ali in the parking lot."

"Yeah I'll bet," Michelle snorted.

"You two whores are first on my shit list," Jesse said to Ali and Stacey. "I can just imagine what kind of lies you told him."

"Yeah I can imagine," Donna mimed.

"No you can't, Donna, you only think what people tell you," Stacey said.

"You will pay for all of this," Jesse said and then turned to me. "And you rich bitch with the sad excuse for a girlfriend. You'll pay too."

"I'm so scared, cunt," I said in reply as Mr. Steele appeared at the entrance and cleared his throat as a warning to Jesse. She looked back and glared at him before saying to me, "I'd watch that pretty car of yours. Something bad might just happen to it."

"JESSE!" Mr. Steele boomed. "Off my campus now."

"You think she'll really do something to you car?" Kacey asked.

"If she does I'll hurt her," I said as we got in and drove off a few moments later. Kacey rode with me as we turned on to my street.

"Hey you gonna introduce Kacey to Mom and Dad, Kay?" Matty asked from the backseat.

"UMMMMMMMMM..." I stammered. "I guess so?"

"Well if we're gonna be going steady I'd have to meet them," Kacey said as I pulled into the driveway while Matty and Jennifer piled out of the backseat.

"Thanks for the advice," Jennifer said to Kacey after we too had gotten out.

"Call me if you want to," Kacey said. "OK?"

"Thanks," Jennifer said with a smile and a hug.

"Tell Mom I'll be at Jennifer's till dinner," Matty said as her and Jennifer ran off.

"So meeting your parents?" Kacey asked as I took a deep breath. "You do want me to?"

"I'm just really nervous," I said as I took her hand in mine and laced our fingers. "I never thought in a million years that this would happen."

"But it did," Kacey said as she leaned in and kissed me. "And I'm in way too deep to get out now."

"Me too," I said as we enjoyed another kiss. A long soft tantalizingly hot kiss. "MMMMM Kacey good kisser."

"I bet Kacey be good at other things Kaylyn will like," Kacey giggled in between small kisses as I blushed. "Wanna find out right now?"

"Yes I do..." I said as a a loud clanging came from around the side of the house. Kacey and I went to investigate and found a rather large puppy was inside the fence surrounding the back yard had turned over Dad's old flimsy grill. "You have a pool?"

"No it's just a mirage," I said as she laughed. "Yes it's a pool."

"Cute puppy, what's her name?" Kacey asked as we came through the gate into the backyard.

"First time I've ever seen her," I said as she pawed at Kacey's legs playfully and barked, more like yelped, when she petted her. "Reminds me of our old dog, Max."

"He died, right?" Kacey asked.

"About two years ago now," I said. "He was a big dog but such a coward unless he was protecting Matty."

"This is gonna be a big one too," Kacey said. "She's so cute."

"She's already adopted you," I said as I sat down in one of the deck chairs and laughed as the puppy, now standing on it's hind paws, gnawed playfully at Kacey's fingers as she giggled.

"OUCH you mutt," Kacey squealed when she bit her and Kacey jerked away. The puppy gave her a pleading look.

"What did you think she was gonna do when you stuck your fingers in her mouth?" I asked with a smug smile.

"Shut up," she said as she picked up a toy laying nearby and let the puppy start chewing on it as she pulled at it.

"That makes a lot more sense," I commented. Kacey giggled as she wrestled with the puppy and she tried to pull it away from her hand. "I wonder where my parents are?"

"Ran away from home," Kacey said. "Looks like me and you will have to raise Matty as our own."

"Are you nuts?" I asked as she laughed. "I might consider living with you but we're putting Matty up for adoption."

"So you're asking me to marry you?" she asked.

"No, I'm not," I said. "I can think of another question I'd ask long before that."

"Like what?" she asked and seemed to be just waiting on me to ask something. She was.

"Like, will you be my girlfriend?"

"I sure will," she said with a smug smile as I closed my eyes and groaned knowing I'd walked right into that one. "So do we announce this to your parents now or you wanna wait?"

"Shut up you tricked me," I said as she grinned ear-to-ear.

"I'll shut you up," Kacey said as she rose as the puppy laid down to rest. Kacey came over and leaned down to meet me, her hands resting on the chair's arm rests. "Want me to show you how?"

"Go ahead," I dared her. She did too, she kissed me. "MMMMM I like being shut up that way."

"Hello there!"

"Who said that?" I asked as I turned to see my Dad (David) standing on the deck with a plate full of hamburger patties ready to go on the grill and Mom next to him. Both with a shocked look on their faces. "Hi Mom, Hi Dad."

"Well look at the time, I better get going," Kacey said as she started to walk off and laughed when I grabbed her by the belt loop in her pants and dragged her back.