Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 7 "The Best Damn Thing"

Written by: TVM (



"Dad, Lila and Nessa said they were on their way and they'd stop and pick up Mr. Parker and Kacey's Mom, Alex," I said as I came down into the kitchen from changing into my new bikini. Kacey was changing in the bathroom at the moment.

"Be good to see Ronald again," Dad said as he motioned me over.

"Yeah?" I asked as he looked at my current attire, bikini and flip flops. "Dad it's a bikini, all the girls are wearing them now."

"That doesn't mean they have to be so revealing," Dad said as I groaned.

"Stop that. One minute you're cool and modern and the next minute you're father time," I commented as Dad prepared another plate of burgers for grilling.

"I won't make an issue out of it but that don't mean I have to like it," Dad said. "Anyway, while I've got you alone I wanted to ask you something."

"Yes, Dad, I really do like Kacey," I said. "Just like I told you and Mom ohhh 'bout 10 minutes ago."

A rattling came from upstairs and I figured it was Kacey as she was changing into one of my old bikinis.

"I just don't want you cutting off all of your choices for this one relationship," Dad advised. "I hope you'll do something that Ashlyn didn't and keep an open mind about the opposite sex?"

"Dad to be honest I have," I said. "I just never found anyone I connected with like Kacey."

"Well since you're open minded I do know a few young men who work at my office you'd just love," Dad said as I rolled my eyes.

"Only older men Dad, please, I'm a mature 16," I said confidently as Dad laughed. He took his tray of burgers and headed on back out to the patio as Matty came into the room in a bikini about two sizes too small and struggling with it. "Having problems?"

"Yes," Matty complained. "How do you keep your boobs in these stupid things?"

"When you get some you'll find out," I said as I moved behind her and adjusted the top so it was more comfortable.

"AHHH that's better, thanks Kay," she said as I hugged her and kissed the back of her head. "What was that for?"

"I don't tell you I love you enough," I said simply.

"I love you too," Matty said as she hugged me. "UMMMMMM, can I ask a favor?"

"Sure," I said as Kacey came down the steps and Matty clammed up. "What is it? You can ask in front of her."

"Can you take me shopping for a bra?" Matty blurted out. "Mom is so embarrassing."

"That I agree with," I said as Matty grinned. "And we can go after school tomorrow. I pick you up anyway so we'll just ride over before coming home."

"Cool," Matty said as Jennifer appeared at the door to the patio and flipped off my little sister and the chase was on. I laughed as Matty chased her down the steps to the pool area and into the yard. I turned back to see Kacey looking at me like a hungry girl.


"Now I know I'm gay for sure," Kacey said as her eyes roamed up and down my body. "You're gorgeous all over."

"Damn, so are you," I said as I openly gawked at Kacey in my old bikini and saw that the girl had curves I'd never expected. "That bikini fits you perfectly."

"So does yours," she said as she stepped closer. "And oh yeah I invited Stacey and Ali."

"You did..." I started to ask when she kissed me softly and then grinned. "MMMMMMMM!"

"Uh huh!" she said as she stepped closer and pressed her body to mine as we started a make-out session. One designed to fog my mind up so I wouldn't question why she had invited Ali and Stacey to a family cookout. It didn't work, completely. "What's wrong?"

"Why did you invite Stacey and Ali?" I asked finally.

"Nessa and Lila were over at Barb's when you called them and Ali over heard and asked if she could come," Kacey explained. "And you like Ali and well, I didn't wanna make her feel like we can't be friends."

"How did you talk to Ali?"

"Your cell phone was ringing when I went into your bedroom to get the flip flops you said I could borrow," she said. "I answered it, so sue me."

"You're nosey," I said and kissing her as she grinned. "And you Kacey Ericsson can answer my phone anytime you want."

"I knew you liked me," she said as my arms slipped around her. "Wanna show me how much?"

"Is that all you think about?" I asked as she giggled.

"I finally found a girl that gets my motor running and I'm sick of being a virgin," Kacey said with a kiss. "And don't even tell me you've not been thinking about it too."

"After seeing you in that bikini I am," I said as Kacey grinned knowingly. She then pushed my hands down her back to her butt and let me squeeze the cheeks in my hands. "WOW!"

"Now let that sink in for a few hours and then come talk to me," Kacey said as she walked off and left me standing there with a serious case of raging hormones. I swallowed and took a deep breath as I walked back out on the deck (it wraps around the house) and saw that Vanessa's car had just pulled up. Her, Lila, Mr. (Ronald) Parker and Alex (Kacey's Mom) got out and came around the side of the house and joined the party.

"Kay toss your old dad down the A-One sauce?" Dad asked as I nodded and headed back inside to get it and dropped it down to him from the side of the deck. "By the way what do you think we should name the new puppy?"

"It's a girl right?" I asked as a car pulled up behind Vanessa's car (a steel blue classic Pontiac) and a nervous looking Stacey and Ali got out.

"It is," Dad confirmed. "And we can't name it Max part two as Matty suggested."

"How about Lucy?" I suggested. Just then the afore mention puppy came over to Dad and looked up at me and barked. "She likes that name."

"Then Lucy it is," Dad said as a knocking came at the front door. "You get the door?"

"It's Ali and Stacey," I said.

"Nice to see you again honey," Mr. Parker said as he spotted me for the first time as he sat down by Mom.

"You too and you better have some good jokes for me when I get down there," I said before heading to answer the door. I opened the front door a few moments later to find a nervous Stacey and Ali. "Come on in."

"If you don't want us here just say so," Stacey snorted as the two stepped inside. Ali's eyes zeroed in on my body as she smiled knowingly at me. "You wanna wipe up the drool now or later, Ali?"

"Later," Ali said as we both giggled. "And she's wearing a bikini so me not looking would be rude."

"Very true," I said as we exchanged grins. "So can I return the favor?"

"Show me where to change," Ali said as Stacey gave us both a dual dirty look for our flirting.

"Do it here?" I asked.

"No way you don't get to see the naughty bits just yet," she said. "Maybe later if you're good."

"The bathroom is upstairs," I said as she grinned and headed off to change, leaving me and her none too pleased girlfriend alone. "What?"

"You both think you're so cute," Stacey said.

"It's called flirting, Stacey," I said. "We were just goofing."

"I know," she said with a tired sounding sigh. "I just don't know how to make friends I guess."

"Can be tough," I commented as Lucy barked from the kitchen and came prancing into the living room happily, only to be frightened when Stacey screamed and jumped into the recliner in horror. Lucy whimpered and ran behind me and peeked out at Stacey. "What's wrong?"

"Dog, scared," Stacey babbled. "I'm terrified of dogs."

"Of her?" I asked as I pointed down at Lucy. "She's a puppy."

"Doesn't matter I don't like dogs," Stacey said as I picked up Lucy. "Stop, don't bring her over here."

"Why not? She won't bite, she's friendly," I said as I carried her closer. "Pet her and see."

"No," Stacey said firmly. "Last time I was near a dog he bit me."

"She's whimpering because she wants you to like her," I said as I sat Lucy down and she stood on her back paws as she held onto the recliner and gave Stacey those pleading eyes to get the girl to be friends with her. "She's cute huh?"

"Maybe," Stacey said as she took a deep breath and sat down in the recliner and tentatively petted the excitable Lucy. "She's.... friendly."

"She also likes you," I said as I set Lucy in the recliner by a still nervous Stacey. "Which means you can't be all bad."

"Very funny," Stacey said as Lucy laid down and rested her head on Stacey's thigh. "She's nice."

"She is," I said as I rubbed Lucy's belly and she happily rolled onto her back.

"How do I look?" Ali asked as she came into the room and stopped to pose with her arms over head. I looked back and could have drooled myself at the gorgeous sight before me.

"Hubba hubba," I said as Ali blushed. "Wanna be my new girl?"

"For one night maybe," she said as we both laughed. "And what is this? How did you get Stacey to pet a dog?"

"She's a miracle worker," Stacey said as I laughed. "But Lucy, that's her, is nice."

So with that bit of drama resolved Ali and I headed for the party while Stacey went up to change. Dad's burgers (Omaha Steak variety) were just peaking on the grill as we arrived poolside with Lucy happily joining dad for another bit of anything he "accidentally" dropped. Mr. Parker soon had everyone rolling as he told the story of 'Come Hell or High water' for like the millionth time, though Mom, Dad and Jennifer had never heard it. Kacey then dragged me off to the diving board with her and we spent some time taking turns doing that with Jennifer and Matty joining in soon thereafter. The only thing that really broke that up was Vanessa trying to get Lila to go swimming and facing fierce opposition. Though Vanessa did manage to get her girlfriend to come to poolside and dip her toes in the water. And as it turns out it wasn't Lila or Vanessa who made the decision about who was going in, it was Matty.

"Come on, Lila, it'll be fun I promise," Vanessa reasoned. "You're only wearing shorts so we can just go in like this."

"No I don't wanna get wet," Lila whined.

"You two are annoying," Matty said as she walked up and gave the two a certain look. "You should both just go for it."

"Stay out of this," Lila and Vanessa said to my little sister in unison.

"Bad decision to boss me around," Matty said with a shrug as she charged both of them and a moment later all three went splashing into the pool. Everyone else laughed as Matty swam away victoriously and Lila fumed as she got out of the pool, now soaking wet. "You needed to cool off anyway, Lila."

"You'll pay for that Matilda," Lila warned my little sister.

"Sweetie, you can change into some dry clothes in my bedroom," Mom said to Lila a moment later.

"Good one sister," I said as I smacked a high five with Matty.

"Was so funny," Jennifer said as she swam over to our side of the pool. Lila reluctantly headed inside to change clothes as Vanessa got out of the pool to and came over to where we were. "Enjoy the dunk?"

"I did but Lila sure didn't," Vanessa laughed. "What do you say we do Mr. Parker like that next?"

"Go on and try it, Nessa, and let me see how far he throws you," I said as Vanessa laughed.

"I'd like to see that myself," Stacey said as she came over to join us. "I think Nessa would fly a long way."

"Why don't you start acting like the old Stacey and go the fuck home," Vanessa said as her and Stacey stuck out their tongues at each other. Kacey, Matty, Jennifer and I laughed at the two.

"COME AND GET IT!" Dad called as everyone now descended on the grill and he began to hand out the burgers and grilled fries (soooo good). I snagged my plate and moved in behind Ali and waited my turn. In the process I noticed a small red heart, the bottom of it anyway, sticking out the bottom of Ali's bikini bottom. I looked a little closer and I guess was leaning to the side a bit when she noticed and gave me a pair of knowing eyes that told the whole story. We both collected our hamburgers and I followed her to the table where Kacey and Stacey sat chatting. Yes, I said chatting.

"Kacey your girl toy is staring at my ass," Ali said as I blushed. "Not that I minded cause I do know what she likes."

"You shut up and I was not," I protested. "I was looking at that red thing..."

"On my ass," Ali whispered as I blushed and she pointed to the spot. "Is that what you wanted to see?"

"No," I lied as she stood up and made sure none of the adults were watching and raised the side of her bikini bottoms a bit and showed me the tattoo, the one that read 'Ali Hearts Stacey'. "Oh that's what it was."

"Yes and Stacey has one just like it," Ali said as she sat back down. "Show her Stace."

"Yeah show us Stace," Kacey said with a giggle. Stacey glared at all of us as she showed us her own tattoo quickly before sitting back down. A few laughs could be heard at the table around the other side of the bushes that featured the adults (Vanessa included). "So there's something I don't get about this whole tattoo thing."

"What's that?" Ali asked.

"You guys were keeping it secret that you were dating but still got matching tattoos," Kacey said. "What exactly where you thinking?"

"I wanted to keep our relationship a secret..." Stacey started.

"Yep," Ali chimed in as she stole one of my French fries. I gave her a warning look.

"... and Ali wanted to just come out," Stacey continued. "And when I kept refusing she got it in her head that I didn't really love her, and I do..."

"Can you blame me?" Ali asked me as she snagged another of my fries as I munched on my hamburger.

"No I don't and leave my fries alone," I said as Ali giggled.

"Anyway, I decided to get a tattoo to show her how much she meant to me," Stacey said as she drew the attention back to herself.

"Figuring after that she couldn't question your feelings anymore?" Kacey asked.

"Exactly," Stacey said as her and Kacey smiled at each other. A genuine moment... only interrupted by the French fry thief, Ali, striking again. I shot her a warning look and she stole another and made me do what I did next. A poke right to her tickle spot. She squealed and jumped up and glared at me. All three of us giggled as Stacey said, "You asked for that."

"I hate being tickled," Ali declared as she struck back and got me good in return.

"You're gonna get it now," I said as I sprung up from the seat and chased Ali around the pool and along the fence that lines the house to a... dead end. Ali, reaching the end of the fence, stopped and looked back as I got ready to pounce. "Now what are you gonna do?"

"Beg for mercy?" she asked. "I pee myself really easily if I get tickled."

"Oh good a floor show," I said as I came closer and prompted her to panic and do the one thing I never thought I'd see at the party... she flashed her tits. She jerked her bikini top up and they bounced free and looked so firm and tanned (the rest of her is too) and showed them to me in all their glory. What an incredible sight to behold. She giggled as I stood there froze in place and let her make her escape as she ran off. "WOW!"

"You two children done playing love taps?" Alex (Kacey's Mom) asked as I came back around the corner as she was headed up the steps to get some more soda.

"Sure Mom," I babbled as she laughed and shook me back to reality.

"Already calling me Mom, huh?" Alex asked as I blushed. "Help me?"

"Sure," I said as I needed a break from the other three and followed after Alex as she went up the steps and into our kitchen. I pulled the twenty-four pack of Coke out of the fridge and Alex poured the ice from the bag she'd taken out. "You having fun?"

"I sure am," Alex said. "Your Mom and Dad are wonderful hosts."

"Mr. Parker's having fun too," I commented.

"He's in rare form," Alex replied. "He's such a great storyteller when he's got a captive audience."

A loud squeal came from outside as Matty had just pushed Mom into the pool and then almost got her comeuppance when Dad picked up her and teased throwing her in next. But Jennifer, in a bid to protect her friend, pantsed my Dad. His boxer shorts shown to the world, he sat Matty down and was about to pull them up when Matty and Jennifer fired his ass into the pool. There was a loud round of applause for the sneaky efforts of our two youngest members as Mom and dad got out. Lila was probably laughing the hardest of all it seemed. With that drama concluded I helped Alex finish preparing the sodas and ice and getting them on the tray. The doorbell sounding5 just as Stacey came up the steps into the kitchen.

"Hey you need something?" I asked Stacey as Alex headed back to the party with the drinks. The doorbell sounded again as I went to answer it and could have swore Stacey was staring at my ass as she trailed me into the living room. Pushing that thought aside I opened the door to find Brittany Valentine (the Volleyball player who bought all those shirts from Ashlyn and Miranda) who was now a DHL delivery driver. "Hey Brit you sexy diva."

"You hush with that," Brittany said with a blush and handed me a package as Stacey joined me at the door. "This one's for you."

"It is?" I asked as I looked at the box and saw it read my name and address. "It sure is. No idea what's in it though."

"You didn't order anything?" Brittany asked as she made some notes on her pad.

"Nothing recently," I said. "How's your baby?"

"He's walking and talking now," Brittany said with a proud smile. "His first word was fart."

"OHMIGOD," I said as Stacey and I both laughed. "What babies won't say."

"True," Brittany said. "You guys having a pool party?"

"We are," I confirmed. "Want a burger to go?"

"Better not," Brittany said. "Tell Miranda and Ashlyn I said hi and to send me another one of those shirts."

"I will, bye Britt," I said as she left down the steps.

"You seriously didn't order anything?" Stacey asked as she eyeballed the box.

"No," I said. "And what are you doing up here?"

"Ali was laughing about flashing you her boobs," Stacey said with a wry smile. "Wanted to see what you thought."

"Was a moment I'll never forget that's for sure," I said as Stacey grinned.

"Great tits huh?" Stacey asked with a suggestive tint to her smile.

"Best I've seen in person," I said as Stacey smiled knowingly and then, looking to make sure no one could see, pulled up her own bikini top and flashed me her boobs. So firm and bouncy and perfectly tanned. Bigger than Ali's too. "Damn girl."

"Nice?" she asked as I stared at them for a long moment before she lowered her bikini top back down.

"Fuckin beautiful," I said, and looking for a way to change the subject from my hormones I asked, "I wonder what's in this?"

"Open it and find out cause now you got me interested," Stacey said. I quickly opened up dad's utility drawer in the hall closet and found his razor and sliced open the box with one quick motion. But once I pulled out the oddly shaped package I was dumbfounded. "OHMIGOD."

"What? You know what this is?"

"Yes I do," Stacey said. "I can't believe you ordered a FeelDoe."

"That's a FeelDoe?" I asked and looked to make sure no one was coming. I recognized what it was after I had time to actually look at it.

"It's a strapless cock for lesbians," Stacey said. "I've seen them online."

"I know what it is," I said and did very well from watching the 'Sandwich It' videos.

"I didn't order this," I said as I showed Stacey the packing slip. "The last four digits on my card don't match that."

"If not you then who?"

"I don't have a clue," I said with a shrug. "You want it?"

"To use myself or to keep until you use it on me and Ali?" Stacey asked with a pointed look. I knew then that Ali had told Stacey about our little convo.

"I was kidding with Ali to make her blush," I lied.

"No you weren't," Stacey said as she wiggled the package at me. "You wanted to know if we'd try anal so you could masturbate to the idea."

"You're sick," I said as she laughed but knew she had me dead to rights. But what she did next I will never ever forget. She turned and lowered her bikini bottom just a bit and took my hand and placed it on her perfectly tanned ass and cooed as I squeezed it in my fingers. OHMIGOD. "So nice."

"UH Huh," she said as she pulled her bottom back up and eyeballed my body now. "So when you're laying in bed tonight you can think about what you'd to do that with this FeelDoe if you had the chance."

"I would butt fuck it so good for you," I whispered in Stacey's ear.

"And Ali's too?"

"Back to back," I said as she grinned and then... and then she kissed me dead on the lips.

"MMMMMMMM and that would feel so good on your cock!" she cooed as she walked away with a certain look in her eye.

With those thoughts running through my mind and Stacey now out of sight I ran to the bathroom immediately and proceeded to rub one off that was freakin awe-inspiring.