Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 8 "Stupid Girls"

Written by: TVM (



So it's been two weeks since the whole Jesse suspended thing dropped and school has been peaceful for the first time in months. Lots of stuff has changed too, Kacey's sling came off and so did Ali's headgear. Ali and Kacey also have become friends and even Stacey and I have hung out a few times at my house (though neither has mentioned that kiss since). So getting up this morning I was rather nervous that the shit was gonna hit the fan again with Jessie's suspension over and her and the Pathetics back in school full time. Boy did it ever.

"Are we going to the store after school?" Matty asked as she walked down the steps to the first floor. The sun was just barely beginning to come up for the day.

"We are and no I didn't mention it to Mom," I said back in a low voice.

"What store are you two going to?" Mom (Kay) asked as she popped out of the living room and smiled knowingly at her eaves dropping.

"You're nosey," I said as she smiled.

"And why do I have to eaves drop on my own children to keep up with an important development like that?" Mom asked.

"Since the last time you got me in T.J. Maxx and squealed, OHMIGOD Matty Kersh you look so cute in that bra," Matty said. "And then finished it with, my baby will have boobs in no time."

"What's embarrassing about that?" Mom asked with a wry smile.

"Being seen in public with you," Matty said as her and Mom exchanged dirty looks and I laughed.

"Buy something simple," Mom advised. "And at least show it to me when you get home?"

"I won't be wearing it when I do," Matty said as I laughed and we followed Mom into the kitchen as Dad came in and kissed each of our foreheads good morning. We had a quick breakfast and then a shower for each Matty and me and we were about ready to head for school. But first Matty pulled me into her room and whispered as she spoke. "Kay, I got a weird question."


"I've been reading online about shaving," Matty started. "And I was wondering if I should do it?"

"Your legs? Under arms?" I asked. "Where?"

"The other place," Matty said. "Down there?"

"You haven't got hair down there yet so why are you wondering about it?"

"Actually I do," Matty admitted. "Last couple of weeks and it's really gross."

"Matty you're too young to be shaving," I said.

"It's my decision," Matty said. "If you're gonna act like Mom I just won't ask you anything else."

"OK, I guess you're old enough to make that decision," I said reluctantly. "But give it a couple of months first?"

"I'll be 12 by then," Matty said as we exited her room and walked down the steps. Mom and Dad said goodbye from the back deck as they enjoyed their day off. "OHMIGOD look what someone did."

"What?" I asked as I walked onto the porch and looked in horror at what I saw. It was seven years ago all over again. My prized 65 Fastback Mustang was parked in the driveway with a BRAND NEW logo across the hood that read, FAGGOT. "What the fuck?"

"Who would do that to your car?" Matty asked as we thundered down the steps to inspect the damage. "They ruined it."

"I know kid," I said as I looked at the damage and just started to cry in frustration.

"They did Ashlyn the same way, didn't they?"

"They sure did," I said as I dried my tears and spotted a nervous looking Jennifer coming our way. "Jennifer missed the bus I guess."

"No, I was waiting on you guys," Jennifer admitted as she came up the driveway.

"Need a ride?" I asked.

"If you don't mind," Jennifer said as she reached into her back and took our her HDD camcorder and placed it in my hand.

"What's this for?"

"I saw who did that to your car," Jennifer said as she pointed to the logo on the hood.

"But how?"

"I got up to see who the dog was barking at and saw them get out of a car and start painting," Jennifer said. "Just so happens my camera was laying on the table by the door and I caught them doing it for like 10 seconds. I might have even got their license plate number."

"You did not," I said as I opened the camera and Jennifer pointed to the video and clicked the button to start it. She even had it zoomed in so you could see the girls were white but couldn't quite make out their faces. Though just from the blond hair on two of the three girls' heads I immediately suspected Donna and Michelle, the two whores who run with Jesse. The end did indeed catch the plate number but it was shaky and blurry and was hard to make out. "You are my hero."

"Really?" Jennifer asked as I smiled and cupped a hand around the back of her neck and pressed my lips to hers. "WOW! Nice kiss."

"It sure was," I said as she grinned widely.

"Anytime you need a ride to school you got it," I said as she smiled brightly. "DAD!"

"Yo?" Dad asked as he came onto the porch and stopped and looked in horror at the new logo. Mom arrived a few moments later and having the same look on her face.

"Not again," Mom said as she hugged me and Matty as Dad inspected the damage. "Some religious zealot probably trying to make a point."

"Or some bitch from school that hates me," I said. "I'm pretty sure it was her and her friends."

"Well I called the cops," Dad said as he put away his cell phone. "Said they had an officer in the area and he'd come on by."

"Jennifer is the hero here," I said a few moments later as Mom and Dad watched the video on Jennifer's camera. A patrol car pulled into the driveway behind mine just then and a familiar face popped out, Officer Morton (as in Ashlyn's friend, Kenny Morton). "Hi!"

"Howdy yourself," he said with a smile and looked at the car as I moved aside and he saw the damage. "WOW! That what you called about?"

"Yeah, it happened last night about 3 a.m." I said.

"Well I can tell you from personal experience that cases such as these almost always go unsolved," Officer Morton said as he carefully inspected the damage. "Unless you have some type of physical evidence."

"Like a video?" I asked.

"You have a video of the perpetrators?"

"Right here," I said as I handed him Jennifer's camera and Mom put her arm around the girl. "You think you could find out who it is."

"We could analyze it on the computer at the forensics lab and possibly figure out who it is," he said before his eyes popped open at the last frame. "That's a blurry license plate isn't it?"

"Uh huh," Jennifer said from beside Mom. "Sorry I couldn't get a better shot."

"You did more than anyone could have asked of you," Officer Morton said as he pulled out his laptop and sat it up on the front of his police cruiser. Connecting the camera to the laptop (with the cord that Jennifer had in her back pack) and transferred the video to his laptop. "Well I think I have all the information I need to open up a preliminary investigation."

"Hey look at this," Matty said as she pointed to what looked like a cap to a can of spray paint. "It's even got yellow paint on it."

"Don't pick that up," Officer Morton advised as he crouched down and lifted it off the ground with a pen and looked at it closely.

"You think it could come from the people who did this?" Mom asked.

"There's a possibility, you don't buy much spray paint?"

"I can't remember buying any in years," Dad said as Officer Morton put on a glove and looked at the cap more closely. "It looks brand new."

"And it comes from a brand that I know is sold almost exclusively at the Dollar General," Officer Morton said. "I'll take this with me and maybe we'll strike gold."

"Why don't you take my car for the day and I'll take the Mustang and get it painted," Dad suggested a few moments after Officer Morton had left.

"No," I said firmly. "I want Kacey to see this. She was involved in it as much as me. I also want Mr. Steele to see it."

"Always the brave one Kaylyn Kersh," Dad said as he and Mom reluctantly went back into the house as me, Matty and Jennifer headed across town to Kacey's. I expected her to be standing out front and waiting impatiently on me and being exactly right. Though she was standing out front talking to Mr. Parker.

"What the fuck? Who did that to your car?" Kacey asked as I got out of the passenger side door and she met me with a hug.

"We don't know for sure but Jennifer got a video of it and the cops have it now," I said as Kacey touched her forehead to mine and said the one thing I'd never have expected, "I'm sorry."

"This is not your fault," I said as I slipped my arms around her. "You're more important to me than the car is anyway."

"You saving you love me?" Kacey asked with a grin, only to be interrupted by a giggling Matty and Jennifer. I wondered seriously if I did at that moment and feeling a case of mass confusion. "You two shut up."

"Maybe," I said with a kiss to the cheek as Kacey looked back at me in confusion.

"What a horrible group of people it took to do this," Mr. Parker commented and brought the attention to himself. "I hope I live to see the day when people like that are forced by societal standards to stop being bigots. It happened with racists."

"That will be a long while," I said as I joined him.

"Well no one should have to look at that," Mr. Parker said. "You take that cardboard box over there and spread it over the damage and I'll go get some duct tape and we'll at least cover it up for now, OK?"

"Thanks," I said as we did just that, leaving for school a few minutes later with the dual concern of how I felt about Kacey (I almost admitted I loved her and honestly I'm not sure I do) and the logo on the hood of my car. safe to say the drive to drop Matty and Jennifer off at their school and the rest of the way to the high school was rather silent. Surprisingly though we weren't late as we arrived just as the second bell was sounding. And who do you think was the first person I saw after pulling into the parking spot by the entrance, Jessie and her 'Pathetics'. She came by, keeping her distance, and waved with her fingers as I glared at her and Kacey hugged me proudly from behind. "I know you did this."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Jesse said innocently. "You mean that awful cardboard on your hood?"

"The word you wrote under it in yellow spray paint," I said.

"You can't prove I did anything," she said. "You and your girlfriend have pissed a lot of people off at this school with your lesbo show."

"Bitch you will pay for this," Kacey threatened her.

"Chill," I said to Kacey. "You don't wanna get in trouble over this."

"But she did that to your car and... let me beat her ass for you, please?" Kacey begged. "I care about you Kaylyn Kersh, I do, and I'll show that little Nazi bitch what it's like to fuck with someone."

"And I don't need you to fight for me."

"I will anyway," Kacey said as she kissed me.

"EWWWW go back into the closet," Jesse demanded.

"Go fall down a man hole and make the sewer sick," Kacey fired back.

"Food stamp queen," Jesse snorted back.

"Trailer park beauty pageant runner-up," Kacey fired back as I laughed.

"Corner working whores!" Jesse said with her fists clenched at her sides in anger.

"Mommy and the milkman's love child," Kacey fired back as I started laughing.

"Poor little Kacey and her pathetic old cripple of a grandfather," Jesse said as I froze at the cruelty of that comment. I figured Kacey would slump to the ground crying at that remark. But not this time as she pushed by me and got in Jesse's face and issued a direct threat.

"If you ever bring up my grandfather again I'll make sure the next time you're seen will be on a milk carton under the heading of have you seen me," Kacey said as Jesse's eyes grew wide in fear and she backed away a step or two. "Say something else about him, or say something about Kaylyn and find out how bad you'll be hurt by this poor girl."

"Good one dumbass," Michelle finally said to a suddenly terrified Jesse. "Back in school ten minutes and you've already got us in trouble."

"AHEM!" Mr. Steele said firmly as he came out of the entrance. "Who is gonna be first on my detention list? Or would you like to abandon this now and head off to class."

"Take a look at what these three bitches did to Kaylyn's car," Kacey said as she pointed. Mr. Steele lifted the cardboard and tape as he looked and closed his eyes in frustration.

"You can't prove we did that," Donna said in protest. "Can he?"

"Of course not," Michelle said. Jesse nervously shifted from one foot to the other but remained silent.

"I'm afraid they're probably right," Mr. Steele said. "And miss Ericsson it's unwise to accuse someone of such a crime without prove."

"SHHHHHH," I said to Kacey. "He's right."


"SHHHH let's just go," I said as I took Kacey's hand and pulled her along as we headed to class. Fortunately, the drama concluded after that and the rest of the day was rather uneventful up until lunch.

"Hey!" Ali said as she sat down beside me in the cafeteria.

"Hey," I said with a lot less enthusiasm.

"Can I ask something?" Ali asked and I nodded. "You don't think that new paint job you got was by me and Stacey, do you?"

"Not even," I said. "You like me more than that by now."

"Good," Ali said with a deep breath. "And you're right."

"We got a video of who did it anyway," I whispered to Ali. "Jennifer, Matty's friend caught them in the act."

"Holy crap," Ali said with a smile as she bumped my shoulder. "The police got it now?"

"Yes and don't go spreading that around," I said. "K?"

"Stacey is the only person I really talk to."

"Well you can't even tell her," I said and following it with a poke to Ali's exposed tickle spot.

"Stop fucking tickling me!" she demanded as she jumped to her feet and I grinned. "GRRRRRRR."

"If I don't will you show me your boobs again?" I asked as she blushed a deep crimson color. "Huh?"

"You apparently liked them," she said in return.

"Very nice," I agreed as I rose to meet her and asked. "So can I?"

"The only way you, Kaylyn Kersh, will ever see them again is if we ever did the deed," Ali said defiantly.

"HMMMMMMM," I said as she grinned victoriously. "Maybe Stacey and I could work out a trade for one night. You for Kacey."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Ali asked. I shrugged. "Good cause I got a thing for you."

"Seriously?" I asked as she grinned.

"Why do you think I flashed you my boobs?" she asked. "I think you got a thing for me too."

Damn that girl has a way of staying inside my head when I'm supposed to be thinking about Kacey. That exchange left me thinking about Ali for the rest of the day and was still wondering if she meant what she said as I sat on the front of my car and waited for Kacey after school. She gave me a weird look when I told her about the convo (leaving out the 'I got a thing for you' part) but then seemed to be considering the possibilities of the situation. Not that I honestly expected anyone to take our conversation seriously but Kacey seemed to be. I noticed that she had remained mostly quiet as we headed crosstown to the middle school to pick up Matty.

"You think I'm too young to wear a thong?" Matty asked from the backseat as we turned into the Green Village Shopping Centre downtown.

"I don't wear one," Kacey commented as I found a parking spot.

"I do but I didn't until I was like 14," I said. "Why?"

"Jennifer's Mom bought her one," Matty said. "I was thinking..."

"Mom would throw a fit if you bought one," I pointed out as we got out of the car and I locked it up.

"Probably," Matty said. "I was just curious is all."

"You can try one on and see if you like it," Kacey said. "But I wouldn't advise buying one yet."

"OK!" Matty said as we headed inside. Kacey and Matty took a look at the bras as I looked through the jeans and shirts and found a couple of things I liked. I came back to find the pair gone and had to ask the sales lady if she had seen them. She pointed to the dressing room area. I was relieved when Kacey poked her head out of one of the rooms and said, "In here Kay."

"What are you two doing in here?" I asked as I followed her inside to find Matty in her panties with her back to Kacey as she adjusted the girl's new bra.

"Trying on clothes?" Kacey asked as she turned Matty around and I saw that Matty was now wearing a thong. I covered my eyes as Kacey laughed.

"I didn't need to see that," I said in protest.

"Why not?" Matty asked as she came over and rubbed her butt against my thigh and giggled. "You don't like my butt?"

"No because it's hairy," I said as I pushed her away. Matty then turned and looked at herself in the mirror and rubbed her bare cheeks and said, "No it's not. It's really smooth."

"Even if it is I still don't wanna look at it," I said as Matty grinned victoriously. "Kacey does though I bet."

"I've been rubbing it for ten minutes," Kacey said as I gave her a dirty look and her and Matty laughed. "Grow up."

"You're groping my little sister," I said.

"And I'm enjoying it," Matty said with hands on hips.

"I give up," I said as Matty raised her arms in victory and started dancing around.

"Stop that," Kacey said as she moved behind Matty and adjusted her bra again. "You like this one?"

"Uh huh it's cute," Matty said. "You think I should buy a bigger one?"

"Not yet," Kacey said as she unsnapped the new one and let Matty slip out of it and put her t-shirt back on. "You're gonna need one pretty soon though."

"Where's my pants at?" Matty asked as she looked around and Kacey dropped to her knees innocently and pretended to be collecting the clothes Matty had tried on. She was in reality just waiting for her chance. Her chance to what? Jerk down Matty's thong as she stood directly in front of me.

"OHMIGOD!" Matty squealed in shock as her hands shot to cover her pussy. Not before I caught a peak and saw she was sporting a few new hairs down there. Kacey fell back on the floor laughing out loud and I joined her. Knowing that had to be the first time I'd ever seen someone get Matty like that. "Not funny."

"Yes it was, yes it was..." Kacey giggled.

"Yep!" I agreed as we both laughed still.

Matty growled at us as she blushed from head to toe and fumed over what had just been done to her. I guess you could call this her... comeuppance.