Kiss My Ashlyn: 2 Girls 4 Kaylyn - Episode 9 "Like A Virgin"

Written by: TVM (



I came down the steps this morning still thinking about the 'logo' incident and checked my car (peace of mind) and was relieved to see that the NEW cherry red paint job was untouched and still looked as new as it did the day it rolled into my Grandpa's driveway. Though Officer Morton had still not called to give any further info other than the usual "investigation is continuing" line. I hoped we'd hear something by later today. The phone buzzing in my pants made me jump and think that it was hopefully the news we'd been waiting for. It wasn't.

"Hello?" I asked as I opened up my cell phone just as I came into the kitchen.

"Hi Kaylyn," came the sweet voice from the other end. I knew instantly it was Miranda and Ashlyn's little girl, Becky.

"Who's this?" I asked as Mom (Kay) looked over as I sat down at the kitchen counter. I realized from the slight echo in the background that Miranda had most likely put it on speaker phone so they could hear.

"I'm Becky Asher-Kersh!"

"Oh I remember you," I said.

"You should," she said. "Mommy say call you."

"And you know my number?" I asked.

"Yes I do," Becky said.

"And what is my number?"

"5," Becky said as I covered my mouth and laughed. 5 is the number on the speed dial for the phone.

"And what did Mommy want you to call for?" I asked.

"Beats me," Becky said as I again laughed.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to come out for a few days over spring break?" Miranda said from across the room. "You and Matty."

"Why would I wanna do that?"

"You come see me," Becky said. "Please?"

"OK," I said as Becky clapped happily.

"Spring break is in a few weeks right?"

"It is," I said. "About a week or so actually."

"Well Ashlyn is coming in with the groceries right now so I'll call you back," Miranda said as we hung up.

"She had to go?" Mom asked as she came over.

"Ashlyn was bringing in the groceries," I said. "And she wants me and Matty to come to California for spring break."

"I don't think so," Mom said. "I don't want you to be exposed to their homosexual lifestyle."

"You're nuts," I said as she laughed. "Please tell me I'm really adopted."

"You're really the milk man's baby," Mom said as I laughed as Dad (David) came into the room and said, "That's what I've long suspected."

"My parents are so embarrassing," I said as both laughed. "I'm gonna go and spend the day with Kacey."

"So you two are officially dating?" Mom asked.

"Not officially," I said. "But neither of has any scheduled dates with anyone else."

"I wonder how many other girlfriends she has," Dad said as he pushed my head playfully. Matty waltzed into the room in her new bikini and ready for a day of fun with Jennifer in the pool. "Or boyfriends."

"Well two that I know of," I said as I played along. "Both are smokin hot too."

"And they're planning an orgy," Matty said and smiled smugly as she took a bite of a muffin.

"And Matty is planning to get some off Jennifer," I said as Matty's eyes grew wide and she spewed bits of muffin all over Mom's newly cleaned kitchen table. "Right Matty?"

"Very funny," Matty said and of course she had to try and one up me by saying, "I already did."

"You two drop the sexual banter, it's really creepy," Mom said as we laughed.

"AWWWWW Mom," Matty and I whined in perfect unison.

"I've already had enough of these two," Dad said. "Are you ready, Kay?"

"Where you two going?" I asked.

"Check out the yard sales and to the flea market," Dad said. "Then probably out to a late lunch. We'll be back in a few hours."

"And you're going to Kacey's?" Matty asked me.

"Leaving in a few minutes, why?"

"No reason," Matty said with a horny smile. "Jennifer and I just got some plans is all."

"Well you'll have the house all to yourself," Mom said.

"Well we're off," Dad said as he took the picnic basket off the table and headed for the front door. Mom soon followed as Jennifer appeared on the back deck in her bikini and came in the door.

"And what are you two mini lesbos planning for today?" I asked as both of them gave me a dirty look. "You gonna try pussy for the first time?"

"Yes we are," Matty said with a confident smile.

"No, we are not," Jennifer declared. "Matty invited me over because my parents are gone to visit relatives for the day."

"Well I'm off to see Kacey for a while," I said. "Call me if you need me."

"Wait, wait..." Matty said as she came bouncing down the hall and met me by the front door. "Can you take me to the tanning place later?"


"Well I just like it when I have a tan," she said as she lowered the side of her bikini bottom a bit and showed me her tan lines.

"Sexy," I said as she giggled. "And if I get back in time and you remind me we both will."

"Cool," Matty said as she ran back off to the kitchen. Her bikini bottom clung to her butt as she did. "She is definitely growing up."

15 minutes later I turned the final corner headed for Kacey's apartment and flew right by Ali as she was walking in the same direction. I slowed and pulled over and waved her up as she smiled and started jogging towards the car. Her bikini top was barely able to contain her big titties as she got closer to the car and slid into the passenger's seat a moment later.


"Hey to you too," she said as I pulled out again. "You headed for Kacey's?"

"Uh huh," Ali said. "And it's so fuckin hot out that I figured I'd wear my bikini top over."

"No one is complaining here," I said as she grinned.

"No cause you were still drooling an hour after I flashed you," Ali said.

"So when are we gonna do the deed so I can see them again?" I asked as I pulled up in front of Kacey's apartment building.

"As soon as we can talk Kacey and Stacey into it," Ali said as she popped open the passenger door.

"Well at least we can tease each other about it," I said as I joined her for the walk inside.

"True," Ali noted as I noticed her thong showing a bit from above her cut-off blue jeans. Which she noticed as we rounded the corner and found that Kacey's apartment door was open but no one appeared to be inside. "Yes it's a thong."


"The thing your eyes found interesting," Ali said. "It's a thong."

"Interesting," I said as we checked Kacey's bedroom. "Wonder where she is?"

"Vanessa and Lila came over earlier to visit Mr. Parker and I think Stacey said Kacey was cleaning out her closet," Ali said. "I guess Stacey was gonna help her."

"Think they could have made a run to the dumpster?" I asked.

"It's all the way down on the other side by the mailboxes so it's probable," she said. "So you wanna fuck while we wait?"

"I'd say you're getting plenty from Stacey considering that I gave her that gift I got," I said as we sat down on the end of the bed.

"The FeelDoe?"

"Yes duh," I said as she laughed.

"Stacey is not coordinated enough to use that," Ali announced.


"She doesn't have the stamina for it," Ali said. "I can say that with confidence."

"I used to do gymnastics so I've got good stamina," I said off-handedly. Ali grinned at me in a certain way suddenly that made me giggle.

"Stop that," I said as she giggled, "I guess when she didn't bring it back that I assumed."

"Nope," Ali said as she fiddled with the shag carpet for the moment on the floor and gave me a moment for some side view boobage. "Besides neither of us can find the time to do anything much lately."

"Why not?"

"Stacey's Aunt Barbara has been keeping a close eye on us since she found out we were dating," Ali said with a tired sounding sigh. "And my Mom is always home now with my little brother being sick with the flu. She hardly ever leaves the house with Dad back at work."

"Too bad you're not like Kacey and your Mom works nights," I said as Ali grinned. "Alex (Kacey's Mom) goes in at like 5 o'clock and is gone till the next morning the last few weeks."

"Maybe I can work out a deal with Kacey to borrow her bedroom for a few hours," Ali said.

"To be with Stacey or me?" I asked as she pushed me down on the bed in protest as I laughed. I shot back up and poked her in the ribs as she jumped off the bed and backed away into the corner, where I trapped her and caught her in my arms when she tried to push by me. A struggle ensued as she squirmed around and ended up turning so we were face to face. I felt her smooth skin under my fingers now, and fuck did the hormones come on all at once. She grinned as she felt me caress the skin of her waist gently. She just kinda grinned at me and then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I couldn't believe it. But she did. My lips slowly moved against hers for a long moment and the chemistry was off the hook. We both jumped apart and looked at each other in shock. "That was a pretty amazing kiss."

"We sure do have good chemistry," Ali pointed out. "Just imagine how good it would feel if we did get it on."

"WOW," I said as we grinned. "I can imagine."

"Can you?" she asked as she looked to make sure the coast was clear and lowered her jean shorts and showed me her thong clad butt which was perfectly tanned. She took my hand and (ala Stacey) placed it on her ass and smiled when I squeezed it a bit. "Well can you?"

"MMMMMMMM I've been thinking about it since you showed me the goodies in the shower," I said as she nodded and pulled her shorts back up. "And that FeelDoe sure gave me some ideas."

"Would those be anal ideas?" Ali asked as I simply nodded with a confident smile. Kacey and Stacey arrived back in the apartment and gave Ali and me strange looks as they spotted us. Both of us were now acting like we'd done nothing wrong.

"What are you two doing?" Stacey asked.

"Making out," I said as the air left Ali's lungs in shock but everyone laughed and the moment passed without notice.

"When did you get here?" Kacey asked.

"5 minutes ago or so," I said. "I picked Ali up on the way over."

"Thought we'd help you clean up," Ali said.

"Thanks," Kacey said as she pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips. "MMMMMMMMM."

Ali, not wanting to be outdone, pulled Stacey over and kissed her on the lips in the same fashion. Kacey and I watched the two softly massaging one's tongue against the other in a fashion that made me hot as fuck. Stacey was obviously getting lost in her girlfriend as her hands first slid up Ali's nearly bare back and then curved around to the front and momentarily got a feel of the girl's boobs. Ali jumped away in shock as Stacey blushed.

"What the hell Stace?"

"I'm sorry you kind of caught me off guard and I let my hands wander," Stacey said as Kacey and I gave her a knowing smile. "You two hush."

"Well I'm pretty sure one of them liked watching that, Stacey," Ali said as I shrugged and grinned. "And the other one probably did too."

"So what if they did? You're practically naked so how can you blame me?" Stacey asked.

"She has a point," Kacey agreed. "Not that I'm complaining about your attire or the show."

"True," Ali admitted. "But I do look really hot this way."

"Very," Stacey said as she kissed her girlfriend's shoulder and slid a hand across the girl's flat tanned stomach and kissed her cheek. "Hot!"

"If you keep that up you're gonna get me in the mood," Ali warned Stacey. "And we both know we can't do anything."

"You can't rent a hotel room?" Kacey asked.

"Who's gonna rent to a 16 year-old girl?" Stacey asked as she touched her forehead to Ali's.

"No one," I noted. "Though Ali did say she wanted to borrow your bedroom one night when Alex is working."

"You have a big mouth," Ali said to me as I giggled.

"What? You told me you guys can't get any time alone and it's true," I said.

"I don't have a problem if you guys just wanna borrow the bedroom for a few hours," Kacey said. "It must suck."

"It does," Ali said as Stacey hugged her from behind. "When we were keeping it a secret we had no problem being alone."

"Told you that was a better idea," Stacey said as everyone laughed. "But this is much better because I don't have to pretend not to love you."

"Love you to, boo," Ali said as she kissed Stacey.

"I agree I think everything is better," Kacey said as she wrapped herself in my arms and I giggled.

"Oh yeah, speaking of getting better," Stacey said. "When will your Mom be home Kacey?"

"Should be any minute now, why?"

"My Uncle Richard, Aunt Barbara's ex-husband told me he needed a new secretary and I immediately thought of your mom," Stacey said as Kacey grinned. "The job would pay a lot more but she wouldn't have to work 16 hours a day."

"That would be good," Kacey said.

"Wait? No it wouldn't either," Ali said in protest.

"Why not?" I asked.

"If she's home we can't use your bedroom for a few hours, right?" Ali asked.

"Good point," Kacey said. "Sorry."

"It's more important that Kacey's Mom get a better job," Stacey said.

"But that means no orgy too," Ali said as everyone laughed.

"You really wanna fuck Kaylyn don't you?" Stacey asked.

"No," Ali said as she kissed Stacey. "I wanna fuck you and them. Ha."

"I'm for that," Kacey said as I looked at her with a quizzical look. "What?"

"Well that's two of us that's in," Ali said with a horny smile. "Whatta ya say Stace?"

"I did not say I was in," Kacey protested.

"Kaylyn said she has the stamina to use the FeelDoe," Ali announced.

"Shut up," I said as Ali laughed.

"You did say that," Ali said with a finger point.

"Use it on me then," Kacey said as I smiled at her.

"And me," Ali said and squealed when Stacey attacked her tickle spots in protest. "STOP!"

"I know, you hate being tickled," Stacey said with a devious look.

"Yes I do," Ali declared "Now knock it off or you won't get any when we can be alone."

"Sorry," Stacey said immediately.

"Your Mom is home," I said as we all made our way into the living room to find Alex seemingly in shock.

"Something wrong Mom?"

"I got a new job," Alex announced. "As a Stewardess."

"Like a flight attendant?"

"Exactly," Alex said. "I'll be gone two or three days at a time but I'll only have to work 85 hours a month. And I'll make 3 times what I make now."

"YES!" Kacey squealed as she jumped into her Mom's arms and hugged her. "You'll be home the rest of the time?"

"I sure will," Alex said as she hugged Kacey. "But I will have to go through training and that'll take six or 8 weeks."

"Can you do that and work too?"

"No they're paying me to go through training," Alex said. "It's such a huge chance."

"Congrats Alex," Ali said with a smile.

Alex smiled and invited everyone to stay late as we ordered some pizzas (my treat) and turned it into a celebration before we got back to work on the closet. We went through all of the boxes slowly and tossing out everything that Kacey didn't want or had never seen before. She did admit somewhere along the line that some of this stuff had been left by the previous tenant. So an hour after that as the sun went down I kissed Kacey once more time and decided I'd better head home and see if Mom and Dad had gotten back yet.

"Well Mommy and Daddy are still out buying other people's useless junk," I said as I pulled into the driveway and saw that Mom's car, the one they left in, was still gone. I let myself in the basement and went up the backstairs where I found, half way up, several pieces of a discarded bikini. "Someone fell out of their clothes."

That's when I heard the voices coming from the living room and realized that Jennifer was still in the house. Normally I'd have walked on up the steps and let them know I was home but it was what Jennifer said just as I reached the top of the steps and could see into the living room without being detected that made me stop and listen for another moment. Just to note that both were wearing long night shirts and had wet hair (likely post shower) and were now lounging on the living room sofa off to the side and in perfect view of the stairs.

"Well maybe I'm not gay," Jennifer said.

"But you said you asked Kacey all about it," Matty said.

"I did and she told me that it took her a long time to figure it out," Jennifer responded. "So I figured it might take me that long too."

"So you don't like girls at all?"

"I didn't say that exactly," Jennifer said. "I said I wasn't sure. And I'm not."

"Oh OK," Matty said.

"Why were you hoping now that we were alone that you could get some off me like you told Kaylyn?" Jennifer asked with a poke to Matty's side.

"Noooo," Matty said as she returned the poke. "I only said that to get a rise out of Kaylyn."

"I think she's the one you want," Jennifer said as I covered my mouth and laughed. Matty gave her friend a seriously dirty look.

"No she is not," Matty said. "But I sure bet you'd love her."

"Oh yeah," Jennifer said. "I'd lick her pussy like a lollipop."

"EWWWWWW," Matty said as Jennifer laughed and grinned victoriously. "You're gross."

"If I'm so gross then why are you trying to talk me into giving you some?" Jennifer asked with a push to Matty's shoulder.

"Because you suggested it first," Matty said. "You remember the day that Kaylyn walked in on us and you ran for the bathroom and I covered up in bed?"

"But we didn't do anything," Jennifer replied.

"If she hadn't come home we might have," Matty pointed out.

"I doubt it," Jennifer said. "I've been reading online and people say that pussy can taste nasty. So even if I was gay I'm not sure I'd wanna do that."

"I tasted my cum and it was good," Matty said. "So I don't think it tastes that bad."

"I did too," Jennifer reasoned.

"And I make three you horny nymphos," I said under my breath.

"And it didn't taste nasty at all," Matty said. "Admit it."

"Kinda sweet but in a dull way with a bit of tang," Jennifer noted. "Weird though."

"I guess I was kinda hoping we would do something today," Matty finally admitted. "But if you don't want to it's cool. You're my best friend and I wouldn't do anything that makes you feel weird."

That would usually put an end to a conversation like that but in this case it seemed to make the final decision for one of the pair.

"You're my best friend too," Jennifer said. "So if you wanna do it we can."

"Are you nuts?" Matty asked as Jennifer laughed.

"No, I'm curious just like you," Jennifer said. "But if you don't really want to it's OK."

"You go first," Matty said.

"OK," Jennifer said as she slid her knees under her and said. "But what if it does taste bad?"

"Then we can stop," Matty said as she laid back on the couch lengthwise as Jennifer waited for her to get comfortable. Matty took one last deep breath before she raised her hips and pulled up her night shirt and showed she wasn't wearing panties. Jennifer gave her a quizzical look and asked, "You told me you had hair down there."

"I shaved it," Matty said. "It was gross."

"OH OK," Jennifer said as she took hold of her own night shirt and slipped it up and over her head and tossed it aside, revealing a slender body that was beautiful. Jennifer made Matty giggle when she raised her eyebrows suggestively. "Take yours off too."

"Oh OK," Matty said as she did it in a nanosecond and tossed it away and laid back as Jennifer got on her stomach in between Matty's thighs. She nervously touched her tongue to Matty's newly bald pussy and flinched as Matty jerked a bit, but apparently liked the taste. Jennifer swept her long blond hair to the side before she licked up Matty's pussy in a long smooth stroke. "MMMMMMM oh WOW! Is it good?"

"Tastes really fresh and sweet, but kinda salty and tangy," Jennifer said. A moment later as Matty watched on with intense interest Jennifer went to work seriously. Licking long smooth streaks up the center of Matty's spasming pussy and finishing each time with a soft licking of the girls clit. Matty by now was totally in love with the pleasure this was giving her as she had hands on her hips and squirming a bit back and forth each time as it kept feeling better and better. Jennifer's hand moved to Matty's stomach to keep her in place as she licked her clit more roughly now and made Matty really moan and jerk in delight. Matty said nothing as she squeezed her thighs against Jennifer's cheeks and blocked my view of the licking but watching her over the next few moments showed what happened... Jennifer made her cum and really good too.

And oh yeah, Matty returned the favor (and no they didn't get caught).