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I was afraid to look in the mirror; I knew I was a mess after another long night of partying. Even though I was still drunk I had to drag myself to school this morning for dance practice, I was already on my captain's bad side. She was just waiting for a reason to keep me out of the next performance. She's talks big, but we both know she needs me more than I need her, this team would be nothing without me.

I hesitated, I knew that I would have to look in the mirror at myself eventually, but the thought scared me. I hated to look at myself when I was anything less than perfect. I slowly opened my eyes. I stared closely at my reflection. My beautiful brown eyes were bloodshot; I also had large dark circles under them. My usually clear brown skin looked dry and my glow was gone. Basically, I look like death, and that was putting it nicely. I sighed deeply; my breath still reeked of alcohol. It was going to take awhile until I could make myself look presentable.

After a long warm shower I started to sober up a bit and feel slightly better. I was glad that I was starting to feel better but I didn't want to be sober, at least not yet. Being sober meant that I would have to deal with everything, like all the thoughts that were constantly racing in my head. I didn't have the energy to deal with things; I was doing good just to make it through the day.

I grabbed my comb and began to fix my mid-length wavy dark brown hair. I had just recently had it high and low lighted, the results were amazing, my hair has never had as much depth and beauty before. I carefully applied my make-up leaving no room for error; after all, your face is the first thing people notice about you so it has to be perfect. Once I was satisfied I walked over to my closet to decide what I would wear. When you hangout with the type of people that I do, what you wear is very important. Not only that, you should never repeat an outfit, but if you do it cannot be within three weeks of the previous time that it was worn. Not only do I make the rules, I also adhere strictly by them.

I finally decided on a pair of light blue flare leg jeans with a peach colored three quarter length top. Peach brought out the golden brown color of my skin and made me look stunning. My next decision was which undergarment set I would wear, because what you wear under your clothes is just as important as what your seen wearing. My black lacy bra and thong set would do the trick. Once I was completely dressed I check myself out in the mirror. My jeans fit perfectly over my perfectly trim lower body; they clung in all the right places. They even made my almost nonexistent butt look great and that was no easy task. My shirt emphasized my thin waist and hourglass shape. I just wish that I had larger breasts to properly fill it out. Ever since my last diet my breasts may as well have been invisible, I went from a 36c to a 33b and I was not happy about it. I grabbed my dance bag and my backpack and headed for school. Hopefully the day would go well.


As soon as I arrived at school I went straight to the girls' locker room, which was my second favorite place in school. How could it not be? With tons of beautiful girls stripping down to their underwear, it was like heaven on earth. The best part was that you could look all you want to and no one thought anything of it. And why would they? Women are naturally social, and when we socialize we look at each other, to not look would be rude. I walked over to my locker and began to change into my practice clothes, as I was changing my friend Sarah came over to join me.

"Hey beautiful." Sarah greeted me with a smile and a hug.

"Hey yourself beautiful." I replied back.

Sarah was a hottie I thought to myself as she began to undress. She has a nice pear shaped body. She was athletic; her muscle tone gave her great curves in all the right places. It also didn't hurt that she had a great rack. I couldn't help but stare at her, everything about her enticed me. From the way her long curly auburn hair always fell on her shoulders in a sexy way, to her gorgeous green eyes that seemed to sparkle every time she laughed. Even her pale creamy complexion looked good, it made her sexy freckles on her nose stand out.

"See something you like Braelyn?" Sarah asked with a smile on her face to let me know that she was joking.

That comment caught me off guard, I no idea that I had been looking at her for that long. I quickly turned myself away from her before she thought I was gay or something. That was my secret and I'll be damned if I let ANYONE find out.

"You wish." I said as I put my belonging in my locker.

Sarah and I parted ways, she went to one of the gyms for cheerleading practice and I went upstairs to the cafeteria for dance practice. On my way up there I couldn't get the image of Sarah's perfect breasts out of my head. They were just so perky and cute looking in teal blue bra, and I swear that when she noticed I was looking at her, her nipples perked up to the occasion. Was Sarah like me? Did she secretly like girls even though she dated and slept with guys? I could only be so lucky.

When I got to the gym I joined the other dancers and started stretching. Just imagine a room full of girls with perfect bodies in skimpy dance wear. What more could anyone want? I would have to remember to thank my mother again for enrolling me in dance school when I was too young to protest, who knew it would turn out to be this great. Once we went through our usual warm ups we started to learn the choreography for the upcoming Homecoming game. Like always I was right on point, there was no eight count that I couldn't master within seconds. Every time I nailed a move I made sure to looking into the captains eyes and smirk, as soon as that bitch graduated I'd have her position, not only that I would be even better at it then she was, I'm sure she knew it to.

Once practice was over Jenna, our captain pulled me aside. I could only wonder what this bitch wanted now. As she began to talk to me I gave her the fakest smile that I could muster up. She was not happy with me at all.

"I know your social life is demanding and all, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't come to practice hung-over anymore." She said trying to sound like she had some kind f authority over me or something.

"Actually sweetie, I'm still drunk." I said in the phoniest voice I could.

That caused her blood to boil, I could swear that her eyes were about to pop out of her head; it made me laugh out loud.

"Have some respect Braelyn; I am your captain I call the shots."

"Whatever, can I go now captain Jenna?"

"Go, and I plan on talking to coach about your attitude this afternoon." She called behind me as I was leaving.

I could have gave a crap less what she told coach, I had her wrapped around my finger tighter than a 19 karat diamond ring. Little did Jenna know, I called the shots around here not her.

When I got back to the locker room I looked for Sarah before I got in the shower, I couldn't find her anywhere; her practice must have run late. Oh well, I thought to myself I'd have to find another hot body to look at. I took off my sweaty clothes, wrapped my towel around myself and walked to the showers. I loved group showers, wet soapy bodies all around in their full glory, there was nothing better than this. As I glanced around I realized that the majority of the girls in here were considered the "it girls". We were all popular, beautiful and envied by our fellow peers. They admired us; they wanted to be us because we were high school royalty, the chosen ones.

"Hey Brae, that party last night was killer, I'm still recovering!" Amber said to from across the showers.

"I know, I'm still feeling it too. My stupid captain just gave me shit about." I told her.

"How's that boyfriend of yours? You guys looked great last night." Amber asked as she bent over to wash her calves.

As she was bending I got a good glimpse of her butt. It was perfect, nice and toned no dimples. As I watched her continue to shower I thought about how great she would be in bed. She's had many years of gymnastics, and I bet I could help her put it to good use.

"Adam? He's fine. I'm meeting him as soon as I'm done here." I said to her as I broke out of my trance. I couldn't let this blond beauty distract me any longer; I had to get dressed and met my boyfriend.

"I'll catch you later Amber, I gotta get out of here." I said to her as I wrapped my towel back around myself and made my way back to my locker.

I finished drying myself off and put my street clothes back on. I put my damp hair in a ponytail and reapplied my make-up. When I was finished there was still no sign of Sarah, I wonder where she could be. I picked up my school stuff and made my way to the Student Lounge to meet my boyfriend and the rest of my friends.

When I entered the lounge I saw Adam was standing near the entrance waiting for me with a cup of coffee. We smiled as we made eye contact. Adam wasn't bad looking for a guy. He had great dark blond hair and pretty brown eyes. He had a great body from playing a sport every season and spending a lot of time in the weight room. I was surprised when I heard from a friend that he was interested in me. Guys like him, handsome, popular, preppy, didn't usually go for girls like me. When I say girls like me I mean African American girls. I expected him to find some pretty white girl instead. I never planned on dating a white guy, but living out this far in the suburbs I didn't have much choice. I never allowed myself to get to close to Adam, just in case he should change his mind about me.

"Morning." I said to him as we hugged and had a quick kiss. Adam was an awesome kisser, for a guy anyhow.

He gave me the cup of coffee that was in his hand and lead me to the table that all of our friends were sitting at. I took a sip, it was a double cappuccino my favorite. When we arrived at the table we were greeted by everyone. Most of the people around the table looked wiped out from last nights party. There were girls with no make-up on and guys with un-ironed shirts and red eyes. I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one that was still recuperating after the nights events.

We were a good looking group, my friends and I; even at our worst we still looked better than most at their best. We mainly joked around and told stories of lasts nights events as we waited for the bell to ring that would tell us that it's time for homeroom. Adam gently squeezed my hand as sat on his lap playing the role of his trophy girlfriend. At times I loved this role; it made me the envy of many girls in the school. But at other times it made me sad, I was sad because I wasn't being true to myself or to him. I really wanted a girlfriend but I knew that it just wasn't an option for me. My group was not exactly accepting of such things, and if I wanted to keep my status, I would have to hide my true self. I was lucky enough that they allowed anther ethnic girl to be part of their group. I often wonder, if I wasn't beautiful, or if my parents didn't have money would they have even let me be friends with them? The answer to that question scared me so I never asked.

"What's on your mind pretty girl?" Adam asked me when he noticed how quite I was.

"Jenna's giving me crap again." I told him.

"She's just jealous." Adam said to me as he put his arms around me and held me closer to his chest.

I loved it when he did that, especially when we were in a crowded room. I loved how the girls around would sigh and think to themselves what I could have done to get such a great guy. I leaned my head into Adam's chest; I could smell his signature cologne. I felt safe in his arms, but I also felt empty. As great as this was it wasn't what I wanted, but it would have to do for now.