Moonlit Temptations
Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

My name is Natalie and I am fifteen years old. It was just approaching the early evening when I got up from my living room couch and stretched out slowly. It was one of the many Saturday nights where I found myself alone in the house and stuck with nothing to do. The moon was out in full bloom, shining a tranquil light upon the quiet neighborhood outside. Naturally, I walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge to see what I could snack on seeing as how my parents weren't due home until Sunday afternoon. Things were normally quiet around my house even when my parents were home but since they weren't I took advantage of their absence by blasting some of my music through the large stereo system in the living room. Even from the kitchen I could feel the floor lightly shake below my feet.

I pulled out what was left of the strawberry ice cream package and set it on the counter just as I heard the phone ring. I quickly ran over to the other side of the kitchen, banging my hip into the counter in the middle of the room just as I answered the phone.

"Dammit!" I yelled, grabbing my side tightly with my free hand.

"Well hello to you too girl." the voice said.

"Oh, I'm sorry...hello, who is this?" I asked.

"Guess, silly."

I smiled, momentarily forgetting about my little injury.

"Oh hiya Sam'! What's goin' on over there?"

My best friend Samantha always had a habit of calling me right while I was in the middle of doing something. I called her "Sam'" for short a lot, mostly because of my nickname "Nat'" which always reminded me of the actual gnat insect for some reason. We had a million ways of annoying each other, but we were still closer than ever.

"Nothin' much," she answered. "Are you home alone?"

"Ya, why?"

There was a short pause, I narrowed my eyes and smiled more.

"Wanna do something tonight?" she asked.

"It's kind of late don't ya think, girl?"

"Well, we could have a sleep over then silly, it'll be great!" she said, happily.

"Hmmmm, let me think," I said. "Well I would have to ask my parents first but seeing as how they're not here..."

I continued to stall Sam' playfully, listening to her groan into the phone as usual.

"You are so dead when I get there Nat." she said, still in-between my decision.

"Oh, so now you're deciding for me, you think you're in charge or something?" I asked, giggling a bit.

"Not yet girl."

"We'll see about that when you get here then Sam'." I replied.

"Well then, I'll be over in a few Nat', don't wait up." Samantha said, making a kissing sound into the phone before hanging up.

I finished giggling and hung up the phone, immediately remembering my hip and grabbing it tightly. I walked back over to the open carton of ice cream and closed it up.

"You'll just have to wait." I said to the box, smiling.

I threw the ice cream back into the freezer and closed the door, looking down at my body for a moment. I was wearing a loose pair of white sweat pants and a red tank top, a little less than the usual for when my parents were around but just right for when I was alone and feeling as unusually horny as I was. I reached behind my head and untied the band holding my braided hair up, letting it fall almost to my shoulders. I had dark blonde hair and green eyes which I had taken a break from putting behind a pair of glasses seeing as how I was home alone and didn't mind seeing things a little out of focus. As I walked back into the living room and laid out onto the fold-out bed of the couch I promised that I'd keep myself in check when Samantha arrived. The thought of being a little naughty right off was still buzzing around in my mind though.

I pulled out a small sucker from the small pile of junk food I had collected and placed next to the bed and turned on the TV as I waited. Sure enough, about ten minutes later, the doorbell rang about seven times before taking a rest. I jumped up from the bed and headed for the front door, making sure not to clumsily bang into something along the way again. I opened the door to find Samantha waiting on the step, all bundled up in a big coat along with a baggy pair of snow pants. I raised my eyebrow for a second just looking over her outfit, it wasn't even that cold outside but it had become considerably darker.

"Well, hello and Merry Christmas to you too girl." I said, sarcastically.

Samantha gave me a smirk and walked inside slowly, as if she were modelling the latest trend in fashion. I closed the door behind her and locked it.

"How do I look?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Like you've just come from the north pole Sam'," I answered, smiling. "What's with all the clothes?"

As I finished asking my question Samantha unzipped her coat and let it fall to her feet. She was wearing a rather tight black t-shirt that was obviously too small for her and her stomach was in full view. She then pulled down the snow pants to reveal a pair of jean shorts that ended just above the her thigh. I looked up and down her rather skimpy clothing for a second and grinned.

"Oh that's why. You would have froze out there in that girl." I said.

"Well, at least it's nice and warm in here."

I put my sucker back into my mouth. Samantha kicked her coat and pants aside and walked into the living room, carrying her sleep over bag behind her. Sam had brunette hair with just a hint of blonde in it and she happened to have her hair tied into a ponytail as well. Her eye color was a perfect match to her hair too, I loved noticing all the little things about her. I walked into the room after her and slumped onto the bed alongside her.

"You look hot tonight Samantha, too bad you don't have a date to spend it with." I said, hoping to break the ice with some sexy conversation.

"Who said I was looking for a date girl?" Samantha replied, playing with her hair for a second.

I could tell now that we were both beyond horny, our body language was almost yelling it out. I lied back onto the couch part of the bed while Samantha lied on her stomach near the foot of the bed, almost putting her feet in my face as she stared at the screen. I didn't want to be the first one to say that I felt like fingering myself, so instead I used my advantage which happened to be the TV remote control. I picked it up and began flicking the channels forward, not looking for anything in particular but knowing what channel was soon to follow. We happened to have a small satellite hook up so we got all sorts of channels that I loved watching, some were a little more "adult" in nature.

"Hmmm, there's gotta be something good on Nat'." Samantha said, reached over the side of the bed to grab a piece of candy.

I continued to flip through the channels slowly until I found something perfect. The sound came in first and it was easily recognizable, a woman moaning and screaming as someone was obviously having sex with her. Immediately Samantha looked up from the side of the bed, dropping what was in her hand. I flipped past the channel, playing as if I wasn't interested.

"Wait, turn it back girl, that was hot!" she said, gazing at the screen.

I continued to change channels randomly, still finishing off my sucker.

"No way Sam'," I said. "You know I don't like that stuff."

Samantha turned on to her back and sat up, looking at me with her annoyed expression though I could tell she was faking it.

"Ya right Nat', you probably finger yourself watching this stuff more than I do!" she said, smirking at me. I folded my arms and stuck out my tongue at her. "Give me that remote, girl!"

"Come and get it, Miss 'I'm in charge'." I replied, defiantly.

Swiftly, Samantha jumped up and crawled on top of me as quickly as she could, reaching for the remote while trying to pin me down at the same time. We both began to laugh out loud, our struggling was indirectly tickling us both and I couldn't contain myself.

"Stop it," I said, in-between laughs. "I can't stand it!"

I dropped the remote near my hip and tried to reach for it again, immediately causing Samantha to pin my wrists on to the couch on either side of my head. She then re-positioned herself so that her legs were wrapped around my waist, firmly holding my body down.

"There, that's better," she said, grinning at me brightly. "Nothing like a little bondage to get what you want, huh?"

I gave her a sneer. "'ll have to let me go to get the remote Sam'."

Samantha narrowed her eyes and continued to smile, watching my struggle slowly fail.

"Mmmm...I kind of like this position Natalie, don't you agree?"

I continued to suck on my candy while giving her a dirty look. As Samantha bent over me her chest, covered in her tight black t-shirt, came very near to my own. She then licked her lips for a moment, staring into my eyes.

"What is it Samantha?" I asked, softening my expression a bit.

"I don't believe I've ever been this close to you before Natalie, do you like me on top?"

I laughed. "I may be horny Sam', but not that horny."

"Oh, you think so huh?" she answered. "What if I did this..."

Slowly, Samantha lifted herself up from my waist and began to run her crotch up against mine, teasing me with her movements. I widened my gaze for a moment, surprised by her actions. It felt so incredibly hot, I began to squirm a bit.

"Mmmm...that's kinda nice Sam'." I whispered, staring down along with her.

"Are you feeling horny now girl?" she asked.

"I...mmm hmm...ya...a bit." I said, slowly.

"Only a bit," she asked, playfully. "What about now..."

Samantha lowered her head towards mine, hoping that I wouldn't pull away, and I didn't. I felt a little nervous but at the same time more excited than ever before. Her ponytail slipped over her shoulder and down near my neck as our lips approached for the first time ever. I had kissed boys and my parents countless times before, but this was unimaginably different. Samantha ran her tongue across the edge of my lips first before entering my mouth to explore. We both closed our eyes and just let it happen as if we weren't in control, neither one of us choosing to end it even after ten seconds. I began to tingle between my legs, feeling the heat seemingly irradiate from my sweat pants. We both pulled away at the same time. As Samantha lifted herself back up she left a small amount of her saliva on my lip, I started to smile again as I licked it up.

"Ohh my...that was sooo hot Natalie." Samantha said, amazed.

"I...I don't know what to say Samantha."

"Do you feel horny enough now girl?" she asked, speaking into my ear.

"Ohh god yes Sam', I think I'm wet." I replied, breathing in deeply.

Samantha sat back and propped herself up comfortably once more.

"Now, if I let you go are you going to be a good little girl?"

Instead of answering with words I narrowed my eyes and shook my head, trying not to smile along with her. After a short pause Samantha lifted my hands from by my head and guided them to her hips, letting my fingers slide under her t-shirt.

"I've never felt like this before Sam', it's strange." I whispered.

"Do you like how it feels Natalie?"

"Yes..." I answered slowly.

"Wanna have a little naughty fun?" she asked, innocently.

"You mean fuck? Girl, ever since you took off your coat and pants that's all I've been thinking about." I answered, beginning to giggle again.

Samantha perked up, waving her shoulders back and forth seductively.

"Ya I know, I seem to have that effect on everyone." she said, proudly.

"ha, ha." I stated.

Samantha got up off me and sat on the edge of the bed. I reached for the remote and turned the TV back on to the couple having sex, now moaning loudly.

"Set the mood a little bit." I said, turning down the volume.

", get up and come over here Nat', you're gonna do a little dance for me."

"Oh, I am, am I." I answered, sitting up.

"Mmm hmm, you just need a little music to help you get started." Samantha said.

She reached for the stereo remote on the floor and turned up what was playing, waiting for me to step in front of her which I did.

"Now what?" I asked, standing there awkwardly.

"Now, strip it girl, show me some skin if you're so hot." she said, playfully.

I returned with another dirty look, but immediately smiled. My first instinct was to make her wet for me and I knew I could. As I became more familiar with the beat I began to dance on the spot in front on Samantha, looking funny at first but slowly becoming more sensual with my movements. We both began to giggle yet again as I ran my hands down my body, acting like a professional erotic dancer playfully. I reached one hand into my sweat pants while putting the other into my hair, working it down until I let a single finger slip inside my mouth. Samantha pulled a couple of pillows behind her and lied back, pretending to be some kind of theatre goer, critiquing my performance with her facial expressions but failing to hide her smile. As both of my hands slid inside my sweats Samantha mimicked my movements with one of her hands, narrowing her eyes.

"Hot enough, Samantha?" I asked, doing a little twirl for her.

"Mmmm...keep going Natalie, you're getting there." she said, looking down at herself now.

I pulled my sweat pants down a bit, teasing Samantha with a small view of my white panties. Her entire hand was now inside her shorts, I began to blush profusely at the sight myself. I removed my hands from my sweats and placed them on my hips, making slow rhythmic motions which allowed my pants to fall further down. At my knees, I pulled one leg out and kicked off the other, still dancing well with the music in the background. Samantha licked her lips and lifted her t-shirt up a bit, placing her free hand on her bare stomach. I watched as her legs spread farther apart which each of my movements. Samantha licked her lips and let out a quiet sigh, trembling with her fingers causing small bulges to appear on the outside of her shorts.

"Am I good Samantha?" I asked, innocently.

"Yes, yesss you are magnificent honey." she said quietly, looking down at her own motions every few seconds.

I slipped one hand inside my panties without warning. Immediately Samantha's eyes widened and her smile returned.

"Do I make you wet, girl?"

Instead of answering Samantha reached down from her stomach and began to unzip her pants, breathing more heavily now and sighing quietly with every passing moment. Knowing that the right moment had come, I placed my other hand inside my panties and slowly began to remove them from my body. Samantha let out a tiny moan, losing herself in the first sight of my mound. After a few seconds my small patch of fleece came into full view, I began to feel much warmer despite the gradual discarding of my clothes. Samantha shook her head and pushed the hair out of her face, staring at my young sex which was now almost completely revealed to her. Finally, my underwear was released from the warm, moist flesh it covered, leaving behind a small amount of my wetness on the white material. The last piece of clothing covering my lower body lightly fell to the floor where I slowly stepped out and flicked them aside, standing now in only my red tank top and nothing more.

"Ohhhh you are so beautiful Natalie. Mmmmmmm..." Samantha moaned.

As the music approached it's finish, I let one hand reach between my legs and soak in a small bit of my juices which were now flowing more than I had ever thought possible. I smiled, running my fingers across my hot, sticky pussy lips slowly. My legs trembled a bit but I quickly regained my balance. I then brought my now dripping fingers back up to my face and dug them into the left side of my hair, slicking it back almost like a gel in front of Samantha. I didn't know why I did it, but it felt so sensual and even naughty. One side of my hair was now weighed down and soaked with my juices while the other remained dry and slightly flowing in the warm air from the heaters nearby. The temperature of the room had seemingly doubled. I felt the hot sensations run up and down my body, adding a small glimmer to my slightly perspiring body. A small trickle of my juices began to run down my inner thigh, I was so wet.

The music finally came to an end as Samantha slowed her fingers a bit, watching me approach her.

"Now it's your turn Samantha." I whispered.

"My turn for what?" she asked, a little surprised.

I knelt before her and placed my hands just outside her legs which were now together again. Samantha looked at me, a little nervous at first but growing more excited as I moved my face towards her. I gave her a small kiss near her knee, repeating the action over and over along her leg in a small area. Samantha stretched her arms out and let out a quiet whimper, overwhelmed with the feeling of my touch. I waited until her hands met with mine and I guided them to the waistline of her shorts.

"Ohhhh Natalie..." she said softly, anticipating my next move.

I aided her hands as they began to pull her jean shorts down inch by inch. To my surprise I found that Samantha wasn't wearing any underwear at all. Instantly I was hit with her sweet aroma which was infinitely more prominent than my own, which was still definitely present though. Her perfectly trimmed patch of hair pointed to perhaps the most beautiful part of her body as her shorts passed her knees. I peered inside the garment and saw the interior material wet with her own juices as well. When her shorts reached her ankles I left them on, standing up over her and grinning, still with half of my hair slicked back from my juices.

"You have such a beautiful pussy honey, it's so hot." I said.

Samantha licked her lips once more, and without warning she then kicked off her shorts and wrapped her legs around mine, pulling me on top of her instantly. My knees met with hers and the same with our hips and breasts. I slowly spread my legs so that I was a little bit more comfortable. Our warm mounds were meshing together ever so slightly, I made my first quiet sigh of the night. It was then that our eyes met directly, only inches away from each other. I could feel her warm breath against my face as we stared at each other, nearly naked and more horny than we had ever felt in our lives.

"Let's make love Samantha," I whispered. "For the whole night."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, probably expecting to wake up. A small kiss on her nose from me showed her that what I said was not a joke.

"Yes, Natalie, I've always wanted to do this." she answered.

"I need to cum, right now sweety. Right now."

"Then bring that cute little pussy up here and we'll see what we can do." Samantha said, grinning at me through narrowed eyes.

I lifted myself up from on top of her and rearranged myself so that my back was lying on her stomach and my head was facing the ceiling between her legs. Samantha looked down and watched my cunt oozing before her, begging to be satisfied for the first of an infinite number of times. She lifted one hand and reached it towards my sex, between my spread legs. I felt her two fingers lightly tap my pink lips, making a small sloshing sound against my dripping slit.

"Ohhhh god yesss, I'm so close Samantha, just a little more..." I moaned loudly.

Samantha pulled her fingers away for a moment, watching my pussy quiver with giddy excitement, so close to heavenly satisfaction. With her middle finger she gently slid between my lips and pushed inside me while still rubbing softly against my outer labia with her remaining fingers. I let out a small yelp of joy the moment I felt her middle finger slowly and steadily push deeper inside. Samantha began to giggle at her motions, realizing how good they made me feel and knowing that in minutes she would be experiencing the same sensations. Her fingers remained slow and sensual, teasing me as it continued to build the most wonderful feeling within my body with her soft thrusts. With her knuckle Samantha leaned her hand forward a bit, just barely coming into contact with my swollen clit momentarily. I felt a huge jolt of ecstasy pulse through my soaked cunt, enough to send me over the edge for the first time of the night as I began to scream out loud.

"Ohhhhhhhh Fffuck!! Sam' I'm Cumming!!! Uuunngghhhhhh!!!"

I threw my lower back away from Samantha's stomach and grasped the bed sheets tightly as the orgasm sped through my body from head to toe. Samantha withdrew her middle finger almost immediately, allowing a hot spurt of my nectar to pour out and onto her warm body beneath me.

Samantha stared at my still flowing juices dripping from my trembling pussy and smiled. "Whoa, now that's a climax, girl."

Still moaning loudly and unable to speak, I brought my hands between my legs and dipped my fingers into the final drops of my girl cum and lifted my head up as best I could. I still felt incredibly hot even with my own sticky juices coursing between my fingers. Samantha reached up once more and grasped both of my hands, breathing softly while my own chest heaved with exhaustion. At first I moved my lips to speak but nothing came out. Then, after another deep breath I was able to quietly whisper back to Samantha.

"Fuck...I needed that Sam'. Thanks..."

Samantha then pulled my arms towards her, helping me sit up and face her once more, still sitting on her stomach. My eyes were almost completely dilated and my vision was hazy to boot, but my body already craved more excitement. With partially closed eyes I smiled innocently at Samantha who was still sliding her fingers between mine and soaking in my juices.

"I wonder how many more you can take Nat', I think I'm Too good at this." she stated, grinning at me.

I leaned forward and licked my lips as though I were preparing to devour an expensive meal.

"I'm going to make you cum so many times you'll forget who you are, Samantha."

"Not before I do it to you girl." she replied, giggling with her words.

Feeling the strength to stand up once more I rolled off of Samantha and stood up, still a little weak in the legs but able to walk. Immediately I stumbled forward, almost losing my balance as if I was drunk. Samantha laughed out loud while I giggled at her, trying to walk normally.

"Would you like a towel Natalie? You're dripping all over your carpet." she said, looking between my legs.

I looked down and noticed that there was indeed a small dripping coming from my wet pussy lips, falling to the floor every few seconds as well as sliding down my inner thigh. I returned my gaze to Samantha and brought my legs together.

"Ya, ya, whatever." I said, watching her smile at her accomplishments.

Samantha grabbed the remote and turned the TV off, and stood up from the sheets, walking over to me. The sight of us both only wearing my red tank top and her tight t-shirt made me feel all tingly inside though Samantha was acting as though she walked around half naked all the time. As she passed by my shoulder she walked behind me and put her arms around my body and onto my stomach. I placed my wet hands on top of hers and closed my eyes while she blew softly into the wet side of my hair and ear.

Her whispers were almost completely silent in my ear, so soft and sensual. I found myself only making out the words which were arousing in nature, looking down at her warm hands on my skin.

"Would you like to pleasure me Natalie?" she whispered slowly.

My legs trembled again for a moment as I heard her tongue run across her moist lips only inches from my ear. My legs rubbing together began to become moist once more as I stared at the floor, smiling and lost in a new found sense of euphoria.

"Definitely, Samantha." I replied, turning my head to the side and looking at her out of the corner of my eye.

Samantha gave my hand a small squeeze and let go of it, letting me turn around to face her once more.

"Come on then." she said, turning towards the kitchen.

"Where are we going?" I asked, following closely behind with one hand between my legs just for fun.

"We're going to have a little snack, girl."

We both walked into the kitchen and immediately noticed the cool tiling of the floor against our bare feet. I also noticed the edge of the counter in the center of the room I had hit earlier on the phone and smiled to myself. Samantha turned to me and put her hands on her hips, seemingly checking out my body yet again.

"Okay, now off with the tank Natalie." she said, sounding as if she were my commander giving an order.

I grinned at her defiantly and crossed my arms.

"I've already had my turn girl, now it's time for you to moan for me."

"Oh, you think so huh?" she answered, remaining still.

I walked over to her slowly and stood directly in front of her. We were almost the same height but Samantha was just slightly taller than I was. I puckered my lips a bit, looking as if I was about to give her another long kiss on the lips. In return, Samantha did the same and closed her eyes to wait for me. As soon as I saw her eyes leave mine I fell to my knees slowly and pulled her body towards me, causing her to gasp for a second from surprise. I stuck out my tongue and ran it from the highest part of her thigh all the way until I reached her wet pussy lips, noticing her legs shake similarly to mine.

"Ohhh god...Natalie, honey, yesss..."

I puckered my lips again and let myself give a small, soft kiss to her warm sex as if it were her face just as she placed her hands on my head. A single stream of her juices slowly poured out as I pulled my face away, running down her left leg slowly. I rose to my feet and gazed into the eyes of a very surprised, very wet Samantha.

"Yes...I do think so," I said softly. "Now take off that shirt and let me make love to you."

Still a little dazed from my first licks, Samantha reached for her shirt and began to pull it over her head, keeping her eyes closed. As soon as her shirt was up to her neck I took a step towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pushing my thigh gently against her mound affectionately.

" what Natalie?" she said, finally getting rid of her shirt and tossing it aside.

I turned around and peered at the counter in the center of the room.

"Lie down on the counter here for me, and keep your eyes closed." I said, letting go of her waist.

Samantha opened her eyes momentarily and helped me clear off the few dishes which were scattered on the counter top before she got up on top of it and lied on her back, cupping her breasts to stay warm.

"It's a little cold." she whispered, holding her eyes closed tightly.

I smiled to myself as I turned towards the refrigerator, conjuring my next actions carefully. I opened the fridge door and peered inside, looking for something that I could use for my little surprise. Milk, ice, champagne...too cliche, I thought. Samantha started making small moaning sounds as she writhed upon the counter top, impatiently waiting to be touched and loved.

"Just a minute, girl, be patient." I said, closing the fridge door and opening the freezer above it. Almost immediately my eyes focused in on the perfect thing to use, the strawberry ice-cream which I hadn't been able to eat earlier because of Samantha. I grabbed the box and closed the freezer door, turning to Sam' with a scoop in my other hand.

With her eyes still closed, Samantha had no idea what I was about to do with the very cold dessert as I walked back over to the counter and opened the box.

"Natalie?" she asked.

"Yes?" I replied, pulling out a large scoop and bringing it over top her stomach.

"What are you doing?"

I began to tip the scoop over, only inches from her warm, smooth stomach as I answered, "This..."

The small chunk of strawberry ice cream dropped from the scoop and landed directly on top of Samantha's naval, immediately causing her to gasp loudly and tense up.

"Whoa! Fffuck, that's cold Natalie. Ohhhh..."

"Shhhh, girl. Just a few more scoops, relax." I whispered, reaching back into the box with my scoop.

After only a few seconds I noticed the ice cream beginning to melt on top of Samantha's stomach, creating a small pool in her belly button and slowly building around it as well. She began to breathe faster, still holding on to her breasts and tweaking her nipples which were starting to become hard from the cold. I brought the second scoop past her stomach until I was just above her breasts before I gently dropped it between them.

"Ohhhh...yesss...that's so nice honey." she moaned, opening her eyes slightly to look at herself.

"Just one more sweetheart, stay still." I said, digging into the carton one last time.

Both scoops were now melting on top of Samantha's glistening body. The first scoop by her belly button was now melted just enough for some of it to begin running towards her quivering pussy.

"Aaahhhh...cold, cold...hurry Natalie." she said between moans.

The final scoop of ice cream dropped just above the first one on her stomach. I set the box aside and pulled Samantha closer to me so that her knees were at the edge of the counter top and her legs could dangle just a bit. Taking a deep breath I leaned over top her and opened my mouth, taking hold of the first melting scoop of ice cream on her belly button. Samantha let out a giggle and moved her hips around slowly as I kept my lips on the scoop and began to move it up and down her skin, swallowing some at the same time. Her smooth flesh slowly continued to melt it as I ran it up and down her stomach, moistening her body with the cool strawberry cream. Not able to hold her own actions back any longer, Samantha reached for the scoop between her breasts and began to rub it around her beautifully developing mounds, squishing it between her fingers and moaning out loud in approval.

"That's good sweetheart, get it all nice and wet for me to lick up." I said, seductively.

As the first scoop of ice cream finally melted completely in my hand I reached for the third one which was still sitting higher up on Samantha's partially covered stomach. I swallowed what was left of the dessert in my mouth and let my hand touch the half melted scoop, running it over the untouched areas of her warm skin slowly. Then, with no area left uncovered on her abdomen, I lifted the ice cream on to Samantha's left breast, watching her hold in a squeal of excitement almost immediately. I pushed the scoop in circles around her erect nipple, watching it harden and become wet and covered in the light pink liquid as it ran down her breast at the same time.

"Ohhhhhh Natalie, lick me...please!" Samantha moaned, squirming with her now creamy body ready to be tasted at last.

With only a tiny bit of unmelted ice cream left in my hand I brought it to my lips and swallowed it, leaving my hand still covered in cold strawberry cream. Then, thinking that it had become somewhat of a kinky little custom, I ran my dripping fingers through the already wet side of my hair once more, this time soaking it with the new liquid. Samantha slipped two fingers into her mouth and began to suck on them, holding back her loud moans for the time being as I moved over top of her again. My warm breath made the melted ice cream trickle down her body and onto the counter top as I brought my lips over top her nipple and took it into my mouth. I let myself suckle on it as if it were more of the junk food still lying on the carpet in the living room. The taste was wonderful in my throat, so cold but also warm from Samantha's intense body heat.

"Fffff...that's so good Natalie, don't stop!" Samantha yelled, removing her fingers from her mouth and reaching down past her stomach slowly. Immediately I could tell she was immensely craving attention in a certain wet place between her legs. Finally, I pulled away from Samantha's hard nipple and turned my attention to fully lapping up every last drop of melted ice cream which covered her trembling body. The second I began to giggle once more Samantha joined in, now running her two fingers along her pussy lips just below my tongue. I let myself make large slurping sounds as I sucked up the remaining liquid which filled her belly button, loving every second of the incredibly erotic scene we had created so effortlessly.

"I wonder if your pussy tastes as good as this ice cream sweetheart." I said softly.

Samantha looked up at my hair, covered on one side with girl cum and now melted strawberry ice cream, and smiled.

"Only one way to find out Natalie," she replied. "You're going to have to fuck me with your tongue."

I felt a huge tingle of excitement from her words, so dirty, naughty, and perfect for the moment. With my breath travelling down Samantha's body towards her waiting sex I let my tongue make one last circle around her naval, teasing with my slow movements. Neither of us were exactly experts at pleasuring anyone except ourselves so that intense feeling of adventure was definitely a major driving force of our lust for sure.

" hot and creamy." I said, staring at Samantha's exposed cunt without blinking.

I let my face reach in-between her legs at last, placing my tongue just to the side of her dripping slit which seemingly cried out for stimulation. Inhaling deeply I then started to make circles around her moist lips slowly, making first contact with her already aroused clit.

"Unnghhhh...fuck yesss, right there Natalie! Ohhhhh..." she moaned warmly.

I pushed softly against her, applying a small but gentle amount of pressure, causing yet more moans and profanity to leave Samantha's lips with every passing second. Her incredible scent made me want to laugh out loud, I couldn't get enough of it. I began to feel a little light headed but continued to run my tongue across and in circles around Samantha's swollen clit, loving every word that came from her mouth in return.

"Yesss, oh god please more honey!"

Feeling that I had temporarily finished with my tongue, I pushed my mouth farther into Samantha's soaked pussy, gently beginning to suck on her clit in a similar fashion as I had with her nipple. I immediately thought of the strawberry ice cream flavor which had been in my mouth from her breast, but quickly realized that Samantha's warm juices were infinitely better somehow. Then, without warning, her hips quickly drove up from the counter top and forced my mouth to push harder into her beautiful sex. Samantha let out a quick scream which I almost thought was the beginning of her climax but she quickly returned to her moaning as I helped her behind back onto the counter with my hand. I could tell she was close as her hips writhed and bucked forward every few moments. Samantha's moaning had graduated into yelling which was already louder than mine had been.

"Fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhh make me cum!!" she yelled at the ceiling, trying to grip the counter with her hands as I had with the bed sheets.

Samantha spread her legs further apart, allowing me to gently hold her down a bit and stopping her from pretty much bouncing off the walls with her movements. Her yelling had become a combination of intense moaning, swearing and laughing, sometimes all at once. I continued to bury my chin into her pussy while still sucking on her clit and bringing her closer to her first orgasm of the night. The heat against my skin was intense and mixed with her constant flow of juices I felt a sense of bliss overwhelm myself as well. Samantha grabbed the back of my head with her hands and held on tightly, signifying her imminent release which followed seconds later.

"Natalie!! Ffffuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!"

I felt a warm spurt of girl cum quickly gush from Samantha onto my chin while her fingers dug harder into my hair to brace herself from her first taste of ecstasy from another girl. I felt like stopping to let her calm down but instead I kept on licking and slurping, running my mouth and tongue across her soaked pussy lips which still continued to squirt onto my face. And just when I thought things were about to slow down I felt Samantha arch her back a second time and moan restlessly, hit with a second orgasm which was a perfect continuation to her first. Samantha had already exhausted her vocal chords with her first climax and was only able to let out loud moans followed by a long whimper in response to such intense pleasure. I could tell she was close to fainting almost. Her hands dropped from my head and her body went limp, leaving only her chest in motion as it heaved up and down quickly.

"Oh my god." I whispered, a little bewildered myself.

Instead of answering, Samantha let out a quick breath from her nostrils, signifying that she was still at least conscious but definitely weakened from her orgasms. She took a deep breath and placed one hand on her glistening stomach.


"Pretty good for my first time at licking pussy huh Samantha?" I asked happily.

"Mmmm hmm." she answered quietly.

I lifted my head up from the counter top and peered at the scene we had created. Samantha's body was covered in her own sweat, melted strawberry ice cream and most likely some of my drool as well. I quickly remembered that the same contents of Samantha's skin were in my hair as well and giggled to myself. The kitchen's darkness and the calm heat were a perfect combination to help keep us both hot and excited. Only a faint light from the full moon peeked in from the window above the kitchen sink, partially shining upon Samantha's beautiful naked body.

"Okay, I'm ready again." I said, sounding as if this were the kind of thing her and I did every single night.

Samantha jumped down from the counter, letting the fluids run down her body carelessly.

"Still frisky, huh? I've got the remedy for that."

Naturally I assumed that we were going back out to the couch bed in the living room but as soon as I turned around to walk away Samantha said, "And where do you think you're going?"

"To the bed," I answered. "Isn't that where we're going?"

"We're doing an equal amount to each other, right? So that means get over here girl." Samantha said, grinning devilishly.

I turned back to her and took small, proud steps toward her as if I were on the runway. When I stepped right up to her Samantha cleared her throat and started to look at the floor, giving an order without having to speak the words. I gave her my usual look for thinking that she was in charge of me but eventually obeyed her gesture and lowered myself to my knees before her.

"I want you so badly Samantha. No, I need you." I said, longingly with a huge grin on my face.

Sam' then made a gesture for me to raise my arms so I did. She lowered herself down just a bit and took hold of the bottom of my tank top, pulling it off very slowly. I wanted to giggle along with her but instead I remained momentarily obedient and allowed her to remove my last article of clothing at last. My first reaction was to cover myself up with my hands. I reached up and quickly covered my bare breasts, feeling that first jolt of shyness from being entirely naked in front of someone else. Samantha seemed pleased with my actions but quickly threw my tank top away, gently taking hold of my wrists.

"Now...Get up on the counter and close your eyes Natalie honey, I'm going to pleasure you."

The way she spoke her last few words made me want to laugh out loud. Her voice was so quiet and sensual, but showing her giddy playfulness with every syllable. I stood up from the floor tiling and jumped onto the counter just as she had a few minutes earlier. Seeing as how I was going to be on the receiving end this time I could hardly hold back my excitement and I began to breath rather quickly. Samantha made one last gesture for me to close my eyes and I did.

"What are you doing Sam'?" I asked, hearing her rustle through cupboards and open the fridge a second time.

"Don't ruin the surprise sweetheart." she said in a very sexy voice. I placed my hands near my lap and let my legs dangle back and forth on the side of the counter playfully. Apparently finding what she was looking for Samantha said, "Mmmm...perfect."

I kept my eyes closed tightly, restraining myself from spoiling Samantha's surprise by peeking. Whatever she had it wasn't from the refrigerator so I made a sigh of relief knowing that it wasn't going to be anything cold. But no matter what I did I was still unprepared for what happened next.

"Samantha?" I asked, noticing she had become silent.

Before I had finished speaking I felt something gently come into contact with my stomach area, slightly cool but definitely not cold. My first thought was that it was some kind of milk or juice, but as Samantha let more pour out onto my stomach I realized that it was way too thick to be any kind of drink. The excitement was overwhelming, I began to feel light headed once more in return.

"You can open your eyes now honey." Samantha whispered.

I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling first. The kitchen was still shrouded in darkness but the tranquil moonlight was just enough for me to see what Samantha had applied to my skin. I looked down to find my abdomen almost completely covered in chocolate syrup, so thick that it was hardly running at all. My eyes widened at the sight, so intensely erotic and naughty, like nothing I'd ever seen before. I began to laugh out loud, caught up in the euphoric feeling.

"Ohh my god Samantha!" I said, desperately feeling the urge to bathe my hands in the chocolate mix.

Without speaking Samantha brought one hand to my inner thigh, stroking it lightly, while the other made it's first dip into the thick syrup covering my stomach. Her hand moved effortlessly across my body, quickly spreading the chocolate to untouched areas and smearing it very close to my yearning mound but not quite. I felt my own juices begin to run from my trembling pussy lips from the growing sensations almost immediately. Samantha finally nodded her head and allowed me to join in with my own hands, smearing the sweet fluid to more of my body. I felt her finger pass over my clit, almost causing me to scream right then and there.

"Good girl Natalie," she whispered. "This is the hottest sight I've ever seen."

"Samantha...I want you to lick all over my body, everywhere. Make me cum again sweetheart." I said softly, narrowing my eyes for her.

My request was met with Samantha's movement to one, or rather two uncovered areas of my body with the now warm chocolate syrup. Her hand travelled up my right breast, engulfing it almost instantly with the thick liquid. I let my other hand do the same to my left breast by myself, tracing a circle around my nipple and leaving it until last. I began to moan, finally losing my self control and reaching both hands onto my stomach to rub them all over my body. The scene was more delicious and more sensual than anything we and most likely many other girls had ever experienced. Samantha finally worked up the courage to move in, drawing her mouth ever closer to my chocolate covered nipples, something I thought I'd never see or even think of doing to my body.

"Lick me, caress me, anything Samantha!" I moaned, waiting for her first touch...longing.

Her lips locked around my hard nipple at last, sucking softly and tasting the endless amount of sugar that had been applied to it. I quickly realized that all this sugar was going to make us both hyper, perfect for more late-night love making. Her tongue circled around my breast, taking in more chocolate and replacing it with a little saliva. I felt like kissing her so much. I was going out of my mind with ecstasy.

"You are so delicious honey." Samantha whispered, ready to move on to my other breast.

Unable to hold back my passion any longer I wrapped my arms around Samantha and pulled her directly on top of me. Our stomachs meshed together, spreading yet more chocolate syrup and I felt her thigh press up against my dripping cunt. Her face came close to mine, our eyes lost in each other. Samantha opened her mouth and let her tongue fall out, covered in chocolate. Without even thinking my first instinct became my action. I opened my mouth and lifted my head slightly from the counter top, beginning to suck on her tongue directly. We were both completely mad with lust now, unhindered and full of energy.

"I wish we could...stay like this forever." I said, holding back my moaning for a second.

I waited for an answer from Samantha but instead she continued to lick and caress my face, while returning her hand between my legs. Our bodies smelled like candy now, reminding me even more of how sweet and tasty I had come to find her wonderful pussy. I let myself writhe beneath Samantha, aiding her fingers to penetrate my dripping slit once more. Licking my lips I gripped Samantha's back with my hands, holding on as if I were in pain though the intense feeling was quite the opposite.

"Uunnhhhhh! Samantha, yes...fuck me, fuck me!" I yelled.

Swearing wasn't so much my thing as it was Samantha's but yelling out to her seemed to add to the intense pleasure of the moment. With each thrust I tightened up as best I could, forcing her to pump her fingers in harder and faster. I lowered one hand down between my legs to caress my hard clit at the same time, amazed that I hadn't climaxed yet but also realizing that I was so very close. I continued to moan and yell and swear for her, feeling my juices ooze onto her fingers as they moved in and out rhythmically. I let my hips dance from side to side and also up and down, allowing Samantha's fingers to travel deeper and push up against my inner walls.

"Cum for me Natalie, cum hard sweetheart." she said into my ear.

The chocolate was now warm and mixed with perspiration from our bodies meshing together. The sticky syrup felt almost like my own juices on my body, it was certainly just as tasty for sure. Our bodies made sounds as we writhed on top of each other, moaning and breathing heavily in preparation for my oncoming orgasm.

"I'm going to...aaaghhhh...cum! Don't stop!" I yelled, closing my now watering eyes.

Her fingers pushed deep inside my throbbing cunt, forcing themselves against my soaked walls as I rubbed my own fingers hard against my clit. The excitement approached it's peak almost instantly. Just before the orgasm built to it's final stages I threw my free hand into my hair, holding on as tightly as I could.

"I'm Cumming!! Samanthaaaaa!!!"

A small stream of my warm nectar immediately enveloped Samantha's fingers, bursting forth as soon as she released them from my quivering pussy. I lifted my back completely off of the counter and lifted her up as well, tossing my hips forward in total ecstasy. My whole body violently shook, moving in and out of the single beam of light from the window and continuously exposing my chocolate covered skin to the moon. The seemingly endless river of my girl cum splashed onto the counter and began to run off the side. Samantha brought her face to mine and kissed me passionately to stop my screaming as it continued with no end in sight. I was unable to restrain myself from drooling out of the side of my mouth as her lips locked with mine, but even that was no match for the amount of liquid bliss I had allowed to gush from my pussy before finally coming to a stop.

"Ohhh fuck, I never thought being with another girl could be so hot Natalie."

I took a few huge breaths, keeping my eyes closed, trying to answer. I was only able to make very soft gestures, more quiet than whispers with my voice. Samantha leaned forward near my ear to listen.

"Of course sweetheart," I said. "This is what we were meant to do to each other."

Samantha smiled, a little surprised that I still had any energy in me at all.

"Shall we rest, or are you ready to fuck again Nat'?"

I smiled at her query and took a deep breath before answering, "If you're up to it Sam'. I promise I'll never tell you to stop."

Samantha smiled at me, looking as if she had fallen in love which was most likely the case. I felt exactly the same way. I never wanted the moment to end, but I was just as happy knowing that it would be duplicated an infinite amount of times yet to be determined.

"Oh Natalie, I think I'm in love." she whispered affectionately.

"I don't Think Samantha, I Know." I replied quietly.

Samantha got up off of me and stared at me, a newly made work of art in a way. My hair was filled with too many substances for me to remember, my face was covered in drool from us both, my breasts and stomach in chocolate syrup, and my pussy and thighs in my own girl cum. I wished we had a camera at that moment, it would have made a wonderful snapshot.

"I'm ready Nat'." she whispered.

"Get up on the counter and lie down again Sam'."

Samantha quickly responded and got up onto the counter into the exact position I had been only moments earlier.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Spread em' girl." I said, playfully.

Obeying my request, Samantha spread her legs apart, expecting me to dive in with my tongue though that wasn't what I had in mind yet. I took her left foot into my hands and rubbed off some of the chocolate directly onto her toes, never taking my eyes off of hers as I did so. Then, when they were completely covered, I lifted her foot up to my face and slipped her pinky toe into my mouth. Samantha let out a small laugh, giggling from my ticklish actions as I sucked the chocolate off of each of her toes one by one.

"Mmmmmm...that's nice Natalie." she said, closing her eyes for a moment.

When I was finished with every one of her toes I guided her foot back down, appearing to be finished. Just before her foot returned to it's original position I pulled it up against my warm cunt, letting her toes feel the moisture and my heat firsthand. I let out a small moan myself, loving her soft touch against my still aching pussy.

"Yesss...can you feel that honey, how wet I am?" I asked, seductively.

"Mmmm hmm..." she answered.

"Now I want your mouth to feel my heat Samantha, lie back."

As Sam' slowly rested her shoulders back against the counter top I climbed up myself and blew her a quick kiss. I then positioned myself directly over top Samantha's face with my legs on each side, feeling her hot breath blow against my dripping sex. The aching from my previous orgasms hadn't yet subsided but I still craved for more stimulation and I slowly lowered myself onto her face so she could deliver. I giggled as I felt the first touch of Samantha's nose, pushing against my clit, taking in my sweet aroma. Even as I began to moan once more I wanted to return the favor to Samantha so badly, I wanted us to both cum at the same time as a glorious finale for our first evening of hot girl love.

I slowly leaned forward, allowing my face to dive into Samantha's wonderful scent, acting almost as a stimulant for my excitement. Her tongue drove deep into my cunt, rubbing up against my inner walls, attacking my senses with an arousal I knew I could only get from another girl. My mouth was now directly over top Samantha's moist pussy. I blew softly against her pink lips, watching them glisten and tingle with excitement. Her hips slowly moved back and forth, almost like the pendulum off a grandfather clock, waiting to be touched or fucked as Samantha so profanely liked to put it.

Samantha withdrew her tongue from my pussy for a moment, speaking in slurred, lustful words.

"Fuck my pussy Natalie. Make me cum like only you can."

Her voice was so seductive, so enticing. I blinked my eyes for a moment and finally complied with her request. Slowly, I leaned forward and kissed Samantha's wet lips, sucking on them like I had with my candy. I then lifted my head away just a bit and let my own saliva coat her slit, watching it run down from my mouth. Samantha moaned under her breath as she continued to drive her face into my mound. I spit onto Samantha's pussy, immediately laughing to myself. I was surprised at how dirty I felt for some reason, but I also felt more sexy with Samantha than I ever had in my life. Wasting no more time I finally let my tongue run up and down her pussy lips at last, making small circles around her clit and slowly dipping in between her lips with each pass. I started to let my voice raise above quiet moans, giving into Samantha's wondrous thrusts inside me.

"Unnhhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Ohhhhh yesssss!!" I yelled.

I closed my eyes and took Samantha's swollen clit into my mouth, sucking off my own drool which had been applied to it seconds earlier. I heard a quiet squeal come from between my legs telling me that she was close, and so was I. My arms wrapped around Samantha's legs and kept them from flailing in every direction. Her flesh had become almost as moist as her dripping pussy. Our bodies meshing together made the temperature of the kitchen seem almost like a sauna. Beads of perspiration ran quickly down our skin and made our hair wet, especially mine which was still filled with a whole bunch of tasty things. Each braid was covered in something, almost making it look as if it wasn't blonde.

I held my breath and let my tongue drive hard and deep inside Samantha, gripping her thighs with my hands and filling my mouth with her flowing juices. She quickly returned the favor by doing the exact same thing to my own pussy, pulling my hips harder against her face. I felt a quick spasm of excitement, I was about to climax and I couldn't stop it. I threw my head up and arched my back into a large curve, driving my cunt into Samantha's tongue as hard as I could screaming her name and telling her to fuck me more. A gush of my nectar splattered onto her face, soaking into her hair quickly. I let one of my hands free itself from gripping Samantha's thigh and thrust it into her own pussy in hopes that she would finally cum with me.

Samantha's body jolted with excitement as she lifted her behind up from the counter, forcing my fingers to pump deep inside of her.


Her scream was muffled by my own pussy but the volume was no less prominent. Samantha's lips quivered as a hot spurt of her honey poured out onto my hand. I felt as if I was going to pass out, but Samantha wouldn't stop licking my gushing pussy. My heart was beating madly within my chest, my arms became weak. I dropped forward and turned my head to the side, allowing my cheek to land directly on top of Samantha's slit.


My second orgasm hit me with more force than the first and began a second and final flow of my girl cum onto Samantha's face. At the same time her own juices tickled my cheek as they continued to pour out onto the counter. My vision went totally blurred just as my muscles turned to liquid. I was going to pass out but I was forcing myself not to for just a few more seconds.

Our bodies made oozing sounds as they writhed against each other, exhausted and aching almost painfully with satisfaction. I moved my lips to speak but, naturally, I didn't have the strength. I half expected Samantha to be feeling the same way but instead she was able to maneuver herself out from under me and step onto the kitchen floor. I waited for her to step into my blurred gaze but instead heard a quiet thump. She had fallen over. Quickly, she stood up and giggled and I immediately joined in. She looked almost drunk. Drunk on hot girl sex, and I was completely wasted. Samantha stepped before me and smiled, looking at my sopping wet body from head to toe, waving back and forth while trying not to fall over again.

"That was the greatest sex you've ever had, wasn't it?"

I struggled to nod and was eventually able to.

"Mmm hmmm."

"Of course it was," she said. "It was with me after all."

I made a sarcastic gesture with my face and then returned her smile. My head was beginning to spin. The moonlight against my skin was more bright than ever. Slowly it began to darken as I drifted away into a sleep of quiet bliss.

Just before I dozed off I watched Samantha lean over me and whisper one last gesture into my ear.

"You sleep now, I'll take good care of you while you're out Natalie, I promise."

My eyes gently closed, left with a final blurry vision of Samantha's beautiful brown eyes staring directly into my own as the last thing I saw. And just before my mind drifted away as well I heard Samantha open the refrigerator, looking for something. 'For what use' was a question that could only be left to my imagination...


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